Save State Hacking Guide by Psycloune

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/08/01 | Printable Version

Ogre Battle Saved State Hack 
author:  Psycloune
date:    8-8-01
version: version .5
requirements: Hex Editor and Zsnes Emulator

Short Intro: Inspired by JHuang who made found out the Ogre Battle 
Zsnes saved state item addresses using a hex editor, I found all the 
addresses that enhances the game and boosts game playability. By using this FAQ, 
I am assuming that you know what a hex editor is and how to use it. Use this
FAQ at your own risk. If need be, I will update this FAQ in the future. There 
maybe slight errors or typos in this FAQ without my knowledge.

Table of Contents

I.   Character Stat Enhancements
II.  Character Icon Changer  
III. Miscellaneous
IV.  Closing Remarks



64   - (100) - used for Charisma, Alignment and Luck
FF   - (255) - used for Strength, Agility and Intelligence
E703 - (999) - used for HP  


I. Character Stat Enhancements
15AD Character Current Hit Point

16ED Character Max Hit Point

182D Character Alignment 

FD5B Character Level

FE5F Character Strength

FEFF Character Agility

FF9F Character Intelligence

1003F Character Charisma 

100A3 Character Luck

101CF Equipped Item (look in JHuang's FAQ for Item digits)

10233 Lord Gender (00 for Male # for female)

Note: these are only starting addresses. The Lord starts at each 
one of these addresses.


II. Character Icon Changer

Starting Address: 146D (Your Lord)

Note: Some enemy characters are usable.
Their Graphics are messed up but when they
start attacking, They revert to original and start attacking!

By changing the characters, the class changes as well as the
attacks. Status and name are not affected.

As for enemy characters, positions at the back or front will determine if
they freeze the game or not. Also, combinations with other characters
will freeze the game. For example, I had a 5 part team with the queen as 
the leader and the wyvern as one of the front character and that 
froze the game. 

New things: 
-Use Bosses
-Put 5 big guys in one group (graphics get messy though)
-Beasts/Dragons/Characters who cannot be leaders can be leaders!
 (must change char manually though)

00- Buildings
01- Fighter
02- Knight
03- Paladin
04- Wild Man
05- Evil One
06- Samurai
07- Samurai Master
08- Ninja
09- Ninja Master
0A- Amazon
0B- Valkyrie
0C- Muse
0D- Beast Man
0E- Beast Master
0F- Dragoner
10- Dragon Master
11- Doll Mage
12- Doll Master
13- Wizard
14- Mage
15- Sorcerer
16- Lich
17- Witch
18- Cleric
19- Shaman 
1A- Monk
1B- Mermaid
1C- Nixie
1D- WereWolf 
1E- Tigerman 
1F- Beast Man (Tigerman/Werewolf day form)
20- Vampire Awake
21- Vampire Asleep
22- Princess
23- Pumpkin
24- Holloween
25- Golem 
26- Rock Golem
27- Iron Golem
28- Giant 
29- Ice Giant
2A- Titan 
2B- Fire Giant
2C- Hell Hound
2D- Cereberus
2E- Octopus
2F- Kraken
30- Dragon
31- Red Dragon
32- Silver Dragon
33- Black Dragon
34- Red Dragon II
35- Salamander
36- Gold Dragon
37- Platinum
38- Tiamat
39- Zombie Dragon
3A- Skeleton
3B- Wraith
3C- Ghost
3D- Phantom
3E- Hawk Man
3F- Eagle Man
40- Raven Man
41- Angel 
42- Cherubim
43- Seraphim
44- Imp
45- Demon
46- Devil
47- Faerie
48- Pixie
49- Sylph
4A- Gryphon
4B- Cockatrice
4C- Wyrm
4D- Wyvern
4E- Male or Female Lord (Slice/Iainuki)
4F- Male or Female Lord (Poison/Phantom)
50- Male or Female Lord (Banish/Ice Cloud)
51- Male or Female Lord (Slice/Thunder) 
52- Wise Man (Random Magic attack X 6) - game freezes in front
53- Diablo Head 1 (crash/Fire attacks X 2) - game freezes 
54- Diablo Head 2 (crash/Ice attacks X 2) - game freezes 
55- Diablo Head 3 (crash/fire attacks X 2) - game freezes 
56- Black Queen (Ice/Multiple Strong Magic X 5) - game freezes in front
57- Highlander (Multiple "magic" X 5) - game freezes totally
58- Prince (Uses Enhanced Chop Techniques X 3 ) - game freezes in front
59- Prince (purple cloak - see 58) - game freezes in front
5A- Prince (Chop X 3) - okay to use front
5B- Gemini (Nova/Kick Moves X3)  
5D- Dandy - (Multiple Magic X 3) - freezes game at back
5E- Dandy - (Multiple Magic X 3) - freezes game at back
5F- General (enemy)
60- Jumping General (enemy) - freeze game at back
61- Running Jumping General (enemy) - freeze game at back
62- Red Running Jumping General (enemy) - freeze game at back
63- General (Slice/Iainaku)
64- General (Slice/Blade)
65- Dragoon (Green)

66 through FF - Icons messy and CRASHES Game Play


III. Miscellaneous

There's some weird addresses I've found besides the other useful ones.
If anyone can make these addresses useful, I will add it to this FAQ
and give you credit. Here they are:

19D1 Character Formation (???)
19D6 location of chars in battle and what icons appear?
1B48 ???
1B9D ???
1E18 ???
1A5D Mass Replicated Characters?


IV. Closing

If you find any mistakes on this FAQ that you'd like me to fix, 
e-mail me at Any donations are also welcome.