Neutral Encounters Guide by MWGribbin

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Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen
Neutral Encounters Guide 1.0

Table o' Contents
I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Daddy, What's a Neutral Encounter?
IV. The Neutral Encounter List
V. My Utterly Random and Bizarre Commentary
VI. Ending Pronunciation Arguments
VII. Acknowledgements
VIII. Legal Blah-di-blah
IX. Communication: The Key to a Healthy Relationship

I. Introduction
Someone on the message boards said it would be nice to know the location of 
neutral characters. Well... here it is! I'm playing the SNES version, so all 
you PlayStation fanatics might have some slight problems with this FAQ ("Hey! 
Where's the A button on this controller?") I apologise, and I hope at some 
point in the near future to remedy this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 
situation before it gets any worse and threatens to kill off a third of Europe. 
Or something.

II. Version History
(Note: In case you couldn't tell, I have no idea how to number a version; just 
be happy I made up a number, ok?)
v.1.0 (29/4/03)
I admit, I gathered this information from a couple locations, Ogre Battle: 
Official Secrets and Solutions (Limited Edition) by Ian Osborne of Prima 
Publishing and March On, Black Queen by Eric (I'm sure he has a last name 
somewhere), plus the format is inspired by Osborne's guide. Of course, what 
would the point of an FAQ be if I had simply pilfered everything from other 
authors? I could trust my sources, but what's the fun in that? I'll be checking 
them all on my own. If any of my information is outright wrong, slightly wrong, 
or poorly worded, just send me a message..., screen name 

III. Daddy, What's a Neutral Encounter?
Anyone new to Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen will doubtlessly have no 
idea what a neutral encounter is. It's such a massive game that some moderately 
experienced players might have no idea what they are! Well, that's what I'm 
here to do.
In every stage, when passing over certain types of terrain, there is a certain 
chance a unit will encounter a neutral character. It's pretty hard to miss when 
you hit a neutral character; the game will tell you so, and you'll enter a 
battle against one fully healthy character. Instead of a red background on the 
enemy unit window, you'll see a green one.
There are three main routes to go:
1. Flee. If you need your unit to be healthy and strong because you're in the 
middle of a frickin' war, then by all means, just run! No use wasting time on a 
random monster.
2. Fight It Out! Get a little experience boost. If your unit's fairly strong, 
you'll probably be able to beat up the poor lone monster. Three/four/five on 
one isn't a fair fight.
3. Befriend. At any time during the battle, you can press the A button to bring 
up the usual battle menu. Tarot, Tactic, Animation, Flee... and what's this? 
Why looky there! It's a new command! When selected, one of two possible 
outcomes will occur:
a. Your little monster buddy will flee from your evil barbarians and go crying 
to her/his/its mommy.
b. Join the Rebel Forces!
The higher your unit's levels (particularly in relation to the monster's 
level), the more likely the monster will be to join your cause. Any monster 
that joins will be put in the reserves of your army, ready to be placed into a 
And that's pretty much all there is to be said about neutral encounters. Oh, 
except for where they are!

IV. The Neutral Encounter List
I organised the list in such a manner so that you could easily, say, copy and 
print it out for quick reference. Just the facts.

Stage                   Name             Level      Location

Warren's Castle         Cockatris        8          ?
                        Dragon           8          ?
                        Wyrm             8          ?

Sharom Border           Dragon           1          Mountains
                        Golem            3          Forest
                        Hawk Man         3          Ocean

Sharom District         Gryphon          4          Mountains
                        Giant            4          Mountains
                        Octopus          4          Deep Sea

Pogrom Forest           Imp              6          Mountains
                        Skeleton         9          Forest
                        Ghost            9          Forest

Lake Jansenia           Were Wolf        5          Mountains
                        Raven Man        5          Deep Sea
                        Octopus          5          Deep Sea

Deneb's Garden          Pumpkin          1          Mountains
                        Dragon           5          Mountains
                        Faerie           8          Forest

Slums of Zenobia        Dragon           7          Forest
                        Hellhound        9          Mountains
                        Octopus          9          Deep Sea

Island Avalon           Mermaid          10         Deep Sea
                        Octopus          10         Deep Sea
                        Angel            10         Deep Sea

Kastolatian Sea         Octopus          9          Deep Sea
                        Fire Giant       10         Volcano
                        Devil            11         Devil

Diaspola                Silver Dragon    9          Snow Mountain
                        Ice Giant        10         Snow
                        Angel            10         Deep Sea

Kalbi Peninsula         Rock Golem       11         Forest
                        Silver Dragon    11         Snowy Mountain
                        Ice Giant        11         Snowy Mountain

Valley of Kastro        Red Dragon       12         Mountains
                        Black Dragon     13         Desert
                        Wyrm             14         Cliff

Balmorian Ruins         Rock Golem       10         Desert
                        Black Dragon     12         Forest
                        Wraith           15         Swamp

Muspelm                 Red Dragon       15         Mountains
                        Fire Giant       15         Mountains
                        Raven Man        15         Mountains

Organa                  Demon            14         Mountains
                        Cerberus         14         Mountains
                        Iron Giant       15         Mountains

City of Malano          Hawk Man         14         Deep Sea
                        Wyvern           15         Deep Sea
                        Fire Giant       15         Deep Sea

The Tundra              Silver Dragon    14         Mountains
                        Ice Giant        15         Mountains
                        Angel            15         Mountains

Antalia                 Cerberus         16         Mountains
                        Phantom          21         Swamp
                        Wraith           21         Swamp

Antanjyl                Werewolf         16         ?
                        Tiger Man        16         ?
                        Vampyre          16         ?

Temple Shangrila        Eagle Man        18         High Sky
                        Cherubim         18         High Sky
                        Gryphon          18         High Sky

Fort Allamoot           Kraken           17         Deep Sea
                        Tiamat           17         Desert
                        Red Dragon       18         Mountains

Ruined City (Shiguld)   Tiamat           19         Mountains
                        Gold Dragon      19         Mountains
                        Red Dragon II    19         Mountains

Dalmuhd Desert          Red Dragon II    17         Desert
                        Fire Giant       18         Desert
                        Wyrm             19         Everywhere!

Ryhan Sea               Kraken           19         Deep Sea
                        Nixie            20         Shallows
                        Pixie            21         Mountains

Fort Shulamana          Salamand         23         Mountains
                        Kraken           23         Deep Sea
                        Phantom          25         ?

Kulyn Shrine            Pixie            23         ?
                        Kraken           23         Deep Sea
                        Cerberus         23         Mountains

City of Xanadu          Cockatris        20         ?
                        Ice Giant        23         Snowy Mountains
                        Platinum Dragon  24         Snow

Zeteginia               Raven Man        24         Deep Sea
                        Cerberus         24         Mountains
                        Tiamat           24         Plains

Temple Shalina          Seraphim         25         ?
                        Ice Giant        25         Snow
                        Gold Dragon      25         Snow

Dragon's Haven          Salamand         18         Mountains
                        Zombie Dragon    18         Shallows
                        Platinum Dragon  18         ?

V. My Utterly Random and Bizarre Commentary
Warren's Castle: These monsters are a bit fabled (i.e. someone found them, but 
no one really knows who). On one hand, they're uber-powerful and terrific for 
team building. On the other hand, THEY'RE FRICKIN' LEVEL 8! If you somehow met 
them early, they would simply pummel you. Befriend? Ha! Why would a Level 8 
Dragon befriend the guy who's best character is a Level 4 Wizard?

Sharom Border: The first REASONABLE place to get Dragons as well as the first 
place to grab Hawk Men. Don't be fooled by the Level 1 status of the Dragons; 
they're already pretty strong, and they'll only continue to grow! Hawk Men are 
convenient for either good or evil fliers. Flying is good.

Sharom District: Some of the second class big beasties are here. Gryphons are 
excellent fliers, Octopi are the rare seafaring creature, and Giants smash 
stuff at various alignments.

Pogrom Forest: Your first chance to grab some undead or Imps (it's a long road 
to Devil, but perhaps worth taking). Also note that killing off the undead is 
good for alignment-boosting.

Lake Jansenia: Were Wolves! Free! Get them while supplies last! Raven Men can 
also be a nice addition.

Deneb's Garden: If you want Pumpkins and aren't willing to sacrifice any 
reputation to get one, this is your only chance. Good luck leveling up a Level 
1 Pumpkin; there aren't many weaker enemies. Also good to get Dragons if you 
need some or Faeries if you want to raise your own Sylph from scratch.

Slums of Zenobia: Yet another chance for Dragons and the first opportunity for 
Hellhounds. Note that the Dragons are already at the right level to get a 
promotion; fool around with the alignment a bit and you'll quickly get the 
Dragon of your choice.

Island Avalon: Mermaids are great for leading sea units and Angels, while 
terrible in the state you'll find them, quickly level up and, at Level 11, with 
the proper charisma and alignment, become Cherubim! Much better, and eventually 
grow into Seraphim!

Kastolatian Sea: DEVILS. 'Nuff said. Oh, and Fire Giants for your evil 
bashing/burning types.

Diaspola: First time you get an already promoted Dragon, the Silver Dragon. 
Pick up Angels if you missed them before or Ice Giants if you need some high 
alignment bruisers and your religion forbids the use of Dragons.

Kalbi Peninsula: Better Silver Dragons and Ice Giants than before. Not much 

Valley of Kastro: First place to find Red and Black Dragons. Take note: Wyrms 
are already the right size for promotion to Wyvern!

Balmorian Ruins: Ho-hum, though Wraiths are good for alignment growth.

Muspelm: A bunch of fire guys. Nothing you haven't seen before. The Red 
Dragon's only a level away from becoming a Red Dragon II, though.

Organa: If you skipped the Devils or need some full-grown Hellhounds, you can 
always recruit some Demons or Cerberi here.

City of Malano: Nothing to see here... move along.

The Tundra: More high-level Angels if you still haven't gotten your fill of 

Antalia: LOTS o' undead for alignment-building.

Antanjyl: I would like to note this is the only stage where you can recruit a 
Fighter-class character with a leadership job. If you need some things that go 
bump in the night, Antanjyl gives you quite a variety.

Temple Shangrila: Why weren't these Gryphons promoted to Cockatrises about 9 
levels ago? Well, in case you need any Gryphon-class monsters...

Fort Allamoot: NOW we're talkin'! Krakens rule the seas; Tiamats are as good as 
you're going to get from neutral encounters with evil dragons; and Red Dragons 
are ready and able to become Red Dragons II.

Ruined City (Shiguld): In case you don't have any good dragons... here! Take 
two! They're small.

Dalmuhd Desert: More Wyrms that should be Wyverns and Red Dragons II if you 
missed them before.

Ryhan Sea: The ultimate swimmers are both here (Nixie and Kraken), and the 
Pixies can be automatically promoted to Sylph! Very nice if you're in need of 
some good ol' fashioned White whoopin'.

Fort Shulamana: Red Dragons II are good; Salamands are even better.

Kulyn Shrine: Nothing new, though you could get a few more Pixie-Sylphs if you 
so desire.

City of Xanadu: PLATINUM DRAGONS! ::drool:: Nice.

Zeteginia: By this point, why would you be paying any attention to neutral 
characters? You've got an imperial army to defeat, fool! Nothing interesting 
here anyway.

Temple Shalina: Do you HONESTLY need to be recruiting on the last stage? Well, 
OK, Seraphim are nice, ESPECIALLY against the dark forces trampling you.

Dragon's Haven: You'll probably have enough of a time defeating the 90 units 
flying at you, but in case you absolutely MUST get a couple dragons, they're 

VI. Ending Pronunciation Arguments
I don't know about you and your friends, but I and mine have had a few heated 
debates about how to pronounce the names of certain unusual enemies. And 
neutral encounters are all about monsters... so here's the official word!

Kraken: KRAH-ken, not KRAY-ken or KRA-ken.
Cherubim: Exactly as it looks. Don't turn -im into -eem
Seraphim: See above

And our most hotly debated word...

Wyvern: WEYE-vern, not WI-vern or wi-VERN

VII. Acknowledgements
Enix: I love you!

Potomac Video: Thank you for selling me Ogre Battle for less than $10. That was 
definitely an excellent moment in my life.

Some Person: Whoever it was in the message boards that suggested this kind of 
guide, thanks. I'd gladly give you a name if you have one.

Ian Osborne: Thanks for giving me my basic neutral encounter information in a 
pretty darned accurate guide (as far as printed guides go).

Eric: I really wish I knew your last name. March On, Black Queen is a beyond 
amazing website.

God: Yeah, you seem to get thanked a lot. But thanks anyway.

You: I know, a terrible cliche, but what would this guide be without people to 
read it?

VIII. Legal Blah-di-blah
You've seen it all before... but better to just get it all out than find out 
later some ratfink stole my guide.

This guide is copyright M.W. Gribbin, 2003.

All trademarks and copyrights used within this guide are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If, for some bizarre reason, you actually like this guide and want to put it up 
on your own website, please send me an e-mail first to ask for my permission. 
As long as you send me an e-mail beforehand and give me my fair credit as 
author, I'm perfectly fine with you posting my guide elsewhere. If you post it 
without asking me first, I'll probably be more likely to tell you to take it 
down (which I can by copyright law) and not let you use it, so just send me an 
e-mail to check first, ok? Thanks.

IX. Communication: The Key to a Healthy Relationship

I'm not sending this guide out to an empty void lacking any humanity; I'm 
putting this out in reality. Seriously, if you have any questions, comments, 
concerns, flames, whatever, just send me an e-mail ( or an 
IM (Insanerest). I'm dedicated to making this little guide the best it can be, 
so if anything's confusing or useless or just plain wrong, it's better for 
everyone if I know. I'll still be updating, so this is far from the end; this 
is just the beginning.