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System:		Super NES/Genesis
# of Players:	One
Cart Size:	16-Meg
Developer:	Viacom New Media

	PHANTOM 2040 was created back in 1936 when the Phantom character 
was first featured in a newspaper comic strip by Lee Frank. These days, 
Phantom appears in a highly popular animated TV show.
	In the year 2050, the city of Metropia has gotten totally out of 
control. Crime, terrorism, and smuggling are on the rise. Biotechnology 
that was created by a corrupt company called Maximum, Inc. threatens to 
cause the extinction of animals and disrupt the ecosystem of the entire 
planet. If this technology is used for evil, Maximum, Inc., lead by its 
chairperson, Rebecca Madison, could control the world.
	Madison is evil and wants revenge against the previous Phantom who 
killed her husband Maxwell Madison, Sr. Her diabolical goal is to bring 
her hubby back from the dead and put an end to the current Phantom. With 
the help of her son, Maxwell Madison, Jr., the company's chief of 
security Graft, and other employees of Maximum, Inc., the Phantom will 
face the battle of his life.
	Kit Walker must follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. As the 
24th Phantom, he has the power to overcome evil and save the planet. 
Armed with a selection of tools and weapons, Phantom must single 
handedly conquer all that is evil -- humans and biots (robots) alike. 
Why follow in his father's footsteps? Well, according to Kit, someone 
has to care.
	The Super NES and Genesis versions of PHANTOM 2040 are extremely 
similar. In fact, the game play design is a bit like Super Metroid on 
the Super NES. Each of the seven stages offer multiple routes to follow. 
Depending on the route you take, Phantom's objectives will be different 
and ultimately result in one of 20 different endings. There are only 
four golden endings, however, where Phantom is totally victorious. 
Choosing the correct sequence of final battles will be necessary to 
achieve one of the golden endings.

	Using a 6-button controller is highly recommended, because you'll 
have constant access to Phantom's Inductance Rope, plus be able to 
assign weapons to the A Button and B Button.

Start				Pause the game/Inventory Screen
A Button				Energy Blast / Punch
B Button				Activate Inductance Rope
C Button				Jump/Flip
X Button, Y Button or Z Button	Activate Rope
D-Pad Forward					Walk Forward
D-Pad Forward 					Run
D-Pad Up						Climb (using rope)
D-Pad Down					Duck
C Button -> Forward ->
	A Button + C Button			Jump Kick
D-Pad Down + C Button			Jump Down


Start					Pauses Game/Inventory Screen
X Button					Activate Inductance Rope
Y Button					Energy Blast
A Button					Activate Inductance Rope
B Button					Jump/Flip
D-Pad Forward				Walk
D-Pad Forward -> Forward		Run
D-Pad Down				Duck
D-Pad Down + B Button		Jump Down

	Phantom's Rope is one of his most useful tools. It's used 
primarily for climbing and swinging. To make the rope attach to a wall 
or ceiling, Phantom must be in mid-air when the rope in launched.
	Once Phantom acquires additional weapons and items, to activate 
them, you must assign them to a specific controller button at the 
Inventory screen. When battling biots, you can often conserve valuable 
weapon energy by using punches and kicks. Multiple low kicks will prove 
to be a useful strategy against many of the green biots.

	After completing each Stage, you'll return to this map screen, 
from which you can proceed to your next location. Use the D-Pad to move 
the skull around the map and choose your location. Ultimately, it may be 
necessary to revisit certain locations to explore newly opened areas 
containing power-ups and other useful items.

	At any point during the game, Phantom can activate any of the 
weapons he's acquired by accessing this inventory screen. When you begin 
your adventure, the Energy Gun and Inductance Rope will be all that's 
available. Additional weapons and items must be found and collected.

	Power-Ups play an important role in Phantom's success. There are 
approximately 100 different Power-Ups and weapons available throughout 
the game, including:

Skull (shown) - Replenishes Phantom's Spirit Bar
First Aid Kit - Stores energy for the Spirit Bar for later use
Rope - Lengthens Phantom's Inductance Rope
Weapon - Increases the active weapon's power
Energy Cell - Totally replenished the energy bar
Energy Aid Kit - Stores energy for later use
Energy Length - Increases the length of the energy bar, giving Phantom 
additional stamina
1-Up - Extra life
Boomerang - A weapon Phantom tosses. It comes back after attacking an 
Flash Pellets - Confuse enemies with flashes of bright light

	Additional Power-Ups give Phantom temporary invincibility, 
additional armor, and a power known as Shadow Panther, which leaps from 
enemy to enemy and defeats all that it touches. Some weapons are ideal 
for beating bosses, while others are better for blowing away enemy 
biots. Since the powerful weapons require extra energy, use them 
	Remember, when Phantom is traveling is any type of vehicle, he is 
only vulnerable to attacks launched from overhead, so feel free to plow 
down enemies to either side.

	Throughout the stages, you'll encounter sealed doors containing 
numbers. You won't be able to blast through these doors with a weapon. 
Instead, locate the terminal switch with the number that corresponds to 
the door, then destroy the switch. This will open all doors with that 
number. In addition to opening up new routes, opening up these doors 
allows Phantom to locate additional power-ups that otherwise would not 
be available to him.

	Some walls may appear to be solid, but with a few blasts from 
Phantom's weapon, they'll be destroyed, leaving an open pathway.

	The Inductance Rope can be used to hang from the ceiling, to climb 
up walls, or to reach items that are high up. Make Phantom jump. While 
he's in mid-air, launch the rope toward the wall you want to climb. Keep 
repeating this process to move up the wall. When Phantom is hanging from 
the rope, use Up or Down on the D-Pad to shorten or lengthen the rope, 
and tap Left or Right on the D-Pad to swing the rope while Phantom is 

STAGE 1: The University

	At the start of Stage 1, you can choose to travel to the right 
where you'll have to destroy a Hypercruiser which continues to drop off 
enemies, or you can begin your quest by walking to the left and entering 
the lab.

	To reach the Hypercruiser, walk to the right and then work your 
way upwards by jumping from platform to platform, or by using the 
Inductance Rope. As you move upwards, be sure to grab the power-ups 
located near the platforms on the right and left side. At the top, 
you'll find yourself near the left side of the screen where there will 
be two platforms. When the Hypercruiser is moving from right to left, 
stand on the highest platform and shoot your weapon directly at the 
hypercruiser's windshield. When the cruiser passes, jump down to the 
lower platform and prepare for the hypercruiser to travel from left to 
right. Again, keep shooting at the windshield. Repeat this process until 
the ship is destroyed. You'll then make your way to the Warehouse.

	At the start, if you take the path that leads to the left, begin 
by searching the lab for the Energy Length power-up, then track down the 
lab assistant that's holding the key card to the Warehouse.


	As you explore the Warehouse, watch out for the automated security 
system that will shoot energy weapons. Also, blast or avoid any and all 
enemy robots. Before leaving the Warehouse, you'll have to beat this 
large blue robotic creature. Begin by aiming Phantom's weapon at the 
robot's large arm. Keep targeting your weapon attacks until the arm is 
destroyed, then aim for the creature's knees and feet. Of course, you 
must avoid this robot's weapon and fire attacks. One avoidance strategy 
is to use the Inductance Rope to hang from the ceiling. Keep blasting 
the robot until it's destroyed.


	Next, you'll find yourself on a gunship that's loaded with an army 
of enemy passengers. As you hitch a ride on this ship, blast all of the 
enemies in your path, and be sure to destroy the ship's built-in 
cannons. Work your way to the right. When the ship docks, hop to the 
right and you'll be in an industrial area. This area is designed like a 
maze. Here, you'll find four terminal switches. Switch #2 and #3 are 
behind break-away walls in the upper-left portion of this area. You'll 
also be able to grab a Rope Extension (which you'll need to exit this 
area), a 1-Up (it's hanging near the ceiling), and a variety of other 
power-ups. Throughout the game, 1-Ups are often found hanging near the 
ceiling or in other out of the way hiding places. The best (and often 
the only) way to reach them is using the Inductance Rope.
	Keep winding your way around the pipes and avoiding the flames 
until you reach the traffic scene above the city. 

	The Boss to beat at the end of this stage is Battle Tracker. 
Defeating him will provide you with the Black Panther and access to 
Stage 2. At the start of Stage 2, you must once again make an important 
decision -- which path to follow. Give the Black Panther to Guran and 
proceed to the Ruins to battle the gang leader and obtain the Boomerang 
weapon, or give the Black Panther to Mr. Cairo, explore the ruins, 
locate an invincibility power-up and ultimately enter Maximum, Inc. 
where you must find and rescue Jack Archer. In Stage 2, you will be 
forced to rely on the Inductance Rope to climb. The gang leader's 
hostages will send you trekking to the Battleship factory. Rebecca 
Madison will be waiting for you as she attempts to build a ship called 
the Prometheus.


	At the start of Stage 7, you must destroy a large red ship while 
standing at the from on a Tube Train. To accomplish this, aim in between 
the robotic claw of this ship and keep switching between the use of 
Homing Missiles, Breakers and other projectile weapons at Phantom's 

	Once this ship is destroyed, you'll encounter another boss 
character who is similar to the dude you met up with back in the 
Warehouse. Once again, start by aiming at the large arm, then it's 
knees/feet, and finally destroy its head. Even if you run out of weapon 
power, if you launch non-stop punch and kick attacks you can be 
victorious. (Just make sure Phantom's armor is activated.) You're not 
done yet! There are additional bosses to beat before your final battle.


	There are four Golden Ending and sixteen other "try again" endings 
along with different story outcomes depending on the decisions you make, 
the enemies you defeat, and the routes you follow. Here's how to 
experience one of the four Golden Endings:

Golden Ending #1: In Stage 6, destroy Triads under Maximum after riding 
in the Hellevator.
Golden Ending #2: In Stage 6, destroy Sean One's Cannon after the second 
Traffic scene.
Golden Ending #3: In Stage 6, destroy Sean One's Computer that's located 
deep within the Orbital's platform.
Golden Ending #4: In Stage 7, defeat Maxwell Sr. after riding the Tube 
Train and beating the army of other bosses.
	After completing each Stage, you'll be given a password that will 
allow you to re-start the game with all of the weapons Phantom has in 
his possession when the password was originally disclosed.



* * * * D T			JVH9TWGZTLDG
* * * * B T			GGB8LNDCG?FW
* * Y F * *			KBGDY79KHYQQ
Y G C T H D			5NCZ?2B9FDD4



* * * D ? T			BBJM51PB3KXF
B R 1 9 D D			8J8DJ?1HN3YW
* W Y L 7 *			KBQDY917JYS8
H T H T M 8			5M1746FV23QT



* * F D ? 5			JBBH33PNHSWF
S 9 1 9 J M			8X?DJ?1JB2JT
X 1 Y W F *			YCQDY1X3JYS7
T 7 J T Y P			5M29ZD2-RNW6