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For play on Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Presented by BoredGamer
Version: 4.5
Last Updated: 8/27/03
Phase: Technically Complete.

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2/7/02- I recent withdrew from my Astronomy class.  Usually, I don't 
withdraw from classes, but this combined with my already heavy work 
load from my History and Math classes has had a heavy toll on me and my 
stress level.  I've decided to wait until next quarter to do my 
Astronomy class and now have some free time to FAQ write again.  I've 
decided then to do a FAQ for this game.  Legal Bit is up.  Combination 
list for combining items is up.

-11:00 AM Update
Woohoo!  Head baggers elections start at the Commissary today!  I can't 
wait to vote!  I just added a little to the walkthrough.  Not very 
much.  I also added a little info in there about distributing ability 
points for your robots.  
-5:30 PM Update
3A Completed.  Added some characters to section 1C.
-6:30 PM Update
Section 1D Complete.    
-8:30 PM Update
Added some weapons to Section 3B.  Info given for Sword 1 and Shot 1.  
Walkthrough goes through Forest.  That's enough FAQing for one night.  
It's off to play me some Silent Hill 2.

-4:30 PM Update
Did some title Updates.  IE- Changed Martians to aliens.  Don't know 
why I put Martians, but oh well...  Section 1 completed.  That brings 
the FAQ (in Rich Text form) up to 60K.
-7:00 PM Update
Section 2 complete.
-11:30 PM Update
Section 4 complete.  Added a little to the walkthrough. It now covers 
up to the point where you get the Drill.  Enough of this.  Sleepy time 
for me...

-10:20 PM Update
Added a little to the walkthrough.  Got up to the part where you first 
see Meta Crab and that's it.  I probably won't be adding too much more 
until either later tomorrow night or Tuesday before I go to work.  

-6:45 PM Update
Major reconstruction to the Item section, at least to most of the 
equipment.  Full stat information given for Sword 1 and Shot 2.  There 
was also a little added for Bomb 1, Hammer 1, and Shield 1 (I will keep 
you posted when their stats are complete in the FAQ).  I would do more 
stat updates, but right now I have a big headache and would like to 
rest for a little while. 

-1:00 PM Update
Full stat information for Hammer 1.  Added a little stat info to Axe 1 
and Punch 2 as well.  Added Kotetsu to the character list.  Walkthrough 
goes through the first boss battle and covers a minute amount of info 
afterward.  5A is nearly complete.   

-6:40 PM Update
Section 5A is declared complete.  Full stat information for Punch 1, 
Axe 1, and Shield 2 available.  Added a little stat information for 
Punch 2, Punch 3, and Sword 2.  Walkthrough is up to the point where 
you have to go to the Forest of Illusion.

-2:00 PM Update
No school today thanks to President's Day. To salute our past leaders, 
I've decided to spend today writing my Robotrek FAQ and playing GTA3 
and Gunman Chronicles.  Full stat information for Shot 2, Sword 2, 
Punch 2, and Punch 3 available.  Walkthrough spans through the Forest 
of Illusion. 
-7:30 PM Update
Added a little to the walkthrough. 

-12:00 PM Update
Only added a bit to the walkthrough and added some more information on 
Stone 1, as well as added Light to the item section, and full 
information for Boots 2.  I also threw in just a bit to the section 
when fighting Meta Crab.  It just dawned on me that you can have Shield 
2 before you even fight the creature.  

-4:00 PM Update
A bit more added to the walkthrough.  Right now, it's up to the point 
where you gain access to the Breaker Room in the well.  

-6:30 PM Update
Full stat information for Axe 2, Shield 3, and Power Pack available. 
Walkthrough goes up to the beginning of the Clock Tower. 

-1:45 PM Update
Section 5B of the walkthrough complete (5B covers up to the battle 
against Mamurana and a few small cutscenes thereafter).  Getting a 
start now on Section 5C: Tropical Getaway.  Full stat info for Boots 3 
and Boots 4.

-4:00 PM Update
Looking back on past updates, I noticed the dates said, "5/XX."  How 
that came to be, I have no clue.  They've been changed to reflect 
truthful date, though.  Walkthrough covers up to the part where you 
first enter the volcano.  

-11:20 AM Update
Completed my last college final today and I'm officially on Spring 
Break!  I also have to work like hell these next two weeks, doing 
express work... Bah!  Decided to take "Difficulty Rating" out of the 
boss battles.  My reason being that difficulty really varies as an 
effect of your level.  Walkthrough covers up to the point where you 
enter the Hackers' base in the Volcano.  I'm off to eat lunch and there 
should be another update directly after.  
-10:00 PM Update
Yeah, I said "after lunch."  I didn't say how long after lunch.  What?  
You have a problem with 10 hours?  Did some odds and ends in the 
Hacker's Volcano Hideout as far as the walkthrough goes.  

-7:30 PM Update
I started work today... 6:35 AM.  I got done with work today... 6:25 
PM.  That's the longest workday I've ever had.  I'm aching like hell 
and nothing sounds more tempting right now other than relaxing and 
adding to this FAQ until Yu-Yu Hakusho comes on.  

-12:00 PM Update
A small update to pass the time.  Just added a tiny bit to the 
walkthrough.  I'm not even putting this update online.  
-8:30 PM Update
Another small update.  The walkthrough covers up to the point where you 
enter the Volcano Hideout the second time. 

-1:14 PM Update
It's been a while since I've actually updated this.  I've had a very 
busy quarter this month involving Astronomy and Abnormal Psychology.  I 
think I'm doing very well in both classes.  Finally, back to the 
walkthrough.  Added a little more to the walkthrough.  Right now, I'm 
going to head off to mail something that's needed mailing since last 
month and I'll probably be heading off to do a little gaming (the 
things I do with my days off...).
-7:10 PM Update
Fixed the mistake in the walkthrough section that I just added and also 
added more to the walkthrough.  It now covers up to the point where you 
develop the Chameleon Glasses.  

-2:40 PM Update
Full information for Quick Pack and Celtis 1 available.  Added to the 
walkthrough.  It now covers up to where you must steal money for 
Kotetsu.  Also just added partial info for the Sword 4.  I'll probably 
have full info for it by the next update (if all goes well).  

-4:50 PM Update
Added a tiny amount to the walkthrough.  Full data for Sword 4 up.  I 
would have added more, but dinner's callin'.  Just wait until I'm done.
-5:57 PM Update
Full information available for Sword 3, Axe 3, and Shield 4.  Added 
more info for Bomb 1.  Walkthrough now covers up through the third boss 
battle.  I've put an ample beginning for the fourth section of the 
walkthrough (which has no real information) uncleaverly entitled 
"Framed!!!"  I couldn't think of anything more original, so that will 
just have to do.  

-7:40 PM Update
Found that I'm not done with the 5C portion of the walkthrough and 
added what little needed to be added.  Got a start on Section 5D: 
Framed!!!  Added to the walkthrough.  It's about halfway through the 
Rococo Sewers.  

-8:00 PM Update
It's been almost two months, I figure I should update my FAQ.  Heh, I 
thought the Summer would bring more opportunities to write.  It's only 
kept me away from writing, what with all the free social time I get!  
Added to the walkthrough.  Some info for Bomb 4 is up.

-1:35 PM Update
Yep, you heard me!  I'm updating more today!  Just a tad bit more to 
the walkthrough right now.  Maybe more after I take a shower.

-6:01 PM Update
It's been months since this FAQ has been touched.  I apologize for it 
not being complete by now.  I figure now that the Cel Damage FAQ I was 
writing is complete, I can finally go on to finish this.  There will 
not be any other FAQs going into creation until this one is technically 
complete, or at least the walkthrough is complete.  Walkthrough is up 
the Air Base
-10:15 PM Update
Sidetracked a bit by a phone call.  No biggie.  Section 5E of the 
walkthrough complete.  Also a few items added to the item secion.  I 
also decided to stay up 1/2 hour later just to finish a section for a 
side quest (5F).  

-10:24 PM Update
Beginning work almost right away.  I may not be adding too much 
tonight, though.  I would like to play a little Vice City before going 
to bed.  Added a little to the walkthrough.  Started on the Fortress 
for Section 5G.  

-1:35 PM Update
Added a tiny amount to the walkthrough.  Partial information given for 
Laser 1 (will probably have full info on the next update), Blade 1, and 
Blow 1.  Full information up for Celtis 2 and Turbo Pack.  

-8:28 PM Update
The Fall quarter ended more than half a week ago.  It's finally time to 
try to finish this FAQ before the next quarter starts.  I'm only hoping 
that I can, otherwise... Oh well... Full information available for Shot 
3 and Laser 1.  Added a sparse amount to the walkthrough.
-12:00 AM Update
Walkthrough now covers the first battle with Bugbug.  Also updated the 
definition of Speed. 

-1:33 PM Update
I know, I've really been slacking.  Then again, I've got about 121 
uncompleted games I've been trying to complete (I've completed four in 
the last couple days).  Full information now available for Shield 5, 
Blade 1 (with a correction on level 8), and Blade 2.  Walkthrough 
covers up to the Blacktank boss battle.

-8:35 PM Update
Updated the walkthrough some more.  Section 5G complete.  Walkthrough 
covers up to the point where you have to enter the Forest of Illusion 
in the past.

-10:00 PM Update
My apologies to anyone who was waiting for updates to this FAQ or any 
FAQ-related e-mail.  The main reason that nothing has been done in 
terms of FAQs is that I have been going to school full time and I 
finally got a break for summer.  This has been the roughest year of 
college yet. I did poorly the last couple of quarters, however, I feel 
I recovered quite strongly this quarter.  Enough musing, on with the 
updates.  The walkthrough is coming along well.  As of this update, 
it's about halfway through the cave in the past.  Currently taking a 
break to watch Family Guy.

-12:40 AM Update
Back to updating...  Walkthrough is past the situations involving the 
-3:40 AM Update
Advanced the walkthrough a bit further.  It's now at Choco Lab. 

-4:40 PM Update
Thanks to Karsanow, the weapon section information will be complete.  

-12:40 PM Update
Every night, I say to myself that I'm going to update, then I get a 
call saying, "Hey, let's hang out tonight!"  I haven't had much time to 
myself in the last week.  Finally, here's an update.  I used Sacred 
Hero/Solomon Warrior's guide (with permission, of course) to verify 
what Karsanow already had, just to be extra safe.
-3:30 PM Update
Got sidetracked on other things while doing the previous update (phone 
call, other FAQs, Arc the Lad 3), and didn't add much consequently.  

-4:30 PM Update
Did a little more for the walkthrough.  It's currently to the early 
events in the Hackers' Space Fortress.  Would have put more up if not 
for the needs of the body.  Must have dinner, but will update again 
after I'm done.
-7:20 PM Update
Added Section 1E: General Tips.  I completely forgot to put one of 
these in this guide.

-8:30 PM Update
A little more to the walkthrough added.  At the point where you can use 
the elevator in the Space Fortress.  

-10:00 AM Update
More added to the walkthrough.  Getting closer and closer to finished.  
-1:30 PM Update
Added a little bit about the yellow doors to the walkthrough.  I was 
going to add a whole lot more, but I am on-call for work today and I 
just got called (I don't have to come in if I get called, but I do 
really need the extra money).   
-6:00 PM Update
Meager update.
-10:00 PM Update
Guess what... This FAQ is finally complete!  Walkthrough complete, 
final boss strategy down, etc.  Have a nice day...

Oi vey... This was a long-lasting project...

-10:17 PM Update
New e-mail, and a new message involving the e-mail.  

Reference credit goes to:
The chart that came with the game 
Karsanow and Solomon Warrior for information on the following pieces of 
Bomb 1-4, Blade 3 and 4, Hammer 2 and 3, Celtis 3, Blow 1-3, Laser 2 
and 3, and a few of the packs.

Contents According to Joe
Section 1: Introduction
1A: Goofy Aspiring Inventor vs. Aliens: Details at 11
1B: Gameplay
1C: Characters
1D: The R&D
1E: General Tips
Section 2: Building Robots
2A: The Act of...
2B: Gaining Levels and Inventor's Friends
Section 3: Items
3A: Regular Usage
3B: Weapons
3C: Basic Equipment
3D: Event/Special Items
Section 4: Generating/Combining Items
4A: How to...
4B: Combination List
Section 5: Walkthrough
5A: In the Beginning... 
5B: Home of the Haunted
5C: Tropical Getaway
5D: Framed!!!
5E: Maximum Penetration
5F: The Fever Flower (optional)
5G: Into the Fray
5H: Connection to the Past
5I: Danger is My Middle Name
5J: Final Showdown
Section 6: FAQ
Section 7: Legal Bit
Section 8: Thank You and Goodbye

Walkthrough Notes:
5A: In the Beginning...- Covers the beginning through the first boss 
5B: Home of the Haunted- Covers the events after the first boss through 
the second boss battle.
5C: Tropical Getaway- Covers the events after the second boss through 
the third boss battle.  
5D: Framed!!!- Covers the events in Rococo leading up to the fourth 
boss (that would include the sewers and exposing the fake Mayor).
5E: Maximum Penetration-   Starts after you defeat the fourth boss and 
ends when you obtain the Blimp.
5F: The Fever Flower- Optional side quest.  
5G: Into the Fray- Starts after you get the Blimp.  Still under 
5H: Connection to the Past- Covers all the events in the past.
5I: Danger is My Middle Name- Begins after you return to the present 
and ends after the first battle with Gateau.  
5J: Final Showdown- Final evens and final boss.



For the last couple decades, Enix has brought us some of the best 
RPG's.  Many would argue that they are the end all greatest RPG 
company, even more so than SquareSoft.  Personally, I really don't 
think I could fully decide on who makes the best RPG's, but I will 
agree that Enix has brought us some of the best from Dragon Warrior to 
Star Ocean.  Robotrek is no exception.  While it may not be the best 
RPG created (in my opinion), it is definitely a worthy game.  

A small continent not too far away is home to a very famous inventor.  
His name is Akihabara.  His inventions are considered some of the 
greatest ever thought.  After a while, Akihabara decides to take his 
son and assistant, Nagisa, to a new town.  It is around this time that 
his son can finally start that career as an inventor, just like his 
father.  Akihabara's son (who is not given a default name, which means 
you'll have to name him) does not fully know the situation he is about 
to fall into.  Akihabara decides it's time to take a trip to a little 
retreat he has in the forest.  His son decides to visit him and upon 
arrival finds a strange figure speaking with his father.  It is now 
that a group of evil aliens known as the Hackers make their appearance.  

Not much is known about the Hackers aside from the fact that they are 
ruled by a strange individual named Blackmore.  Their intentions are 
obviously evil (as they so blantantly point out), but what could their 
plans for the human race be?  


If you've played this game before, then you can obviously tell that 
this is an RPG.  If not, then well... Look at the last word on the last 
sentence!  The game layout is a bit like this... You have a regular, 2D  
plane-based environment which your main character moves around on. In 
the regular environment, you character can inspect various things 
around him with the A button.  This can be helpful as you can find 
items and even special books called Inventor's Friends (see Section 

As you leave an area, you will be placed on the world map.  The world 
map looks a lot like Super Mario World's world map.  You see various 
dots next to different structures or land features.  You can then walk 
to those dots and push A to enter the area.

Pushing X brings up your character screen.  Here you can work with 
various different features.  Each of them are indicated below.  

  _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 
 |     |     |     |     |     |     |    
 |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |    


This is where your items are stored.  Please not that you CANNOT use 
healing items from this selection.  Here is where you can equip special 
or event items to use during the game.  To do so, pick the item you 
wish to use and push A to select it and make sure its icon appears at 
the top of the screen.  Then, push Y when and where you wish to use.  


This is where you can use healing items and such.  There are a few 
selections on this screen as well.  The capsule is the arrange icon.  
That allows you to arrange your robots in whatever order you wish to 
have them in.  The next one is Cure.  This allows you to use your Cure 
items, assuming you have any.  After that is Clean, which takes care of 
any adversive effects on your robot.  Finally, there's Repair, which 
fully restores you robot to one whole piece.  


This is where you can check on your status and the status of your 
robots. Your status will display a variety of things.  Experience in 
this game is expressed in terms of Memory (Megs of data).  Just below 
your character's picture is the experience he has gained and the 
experience remaining.  This place also displays the amount of money you 
have (in GP's), your program points (which go towards your robots' 
stats), the item you have equipped, and the items you can develop.

Viewing status for your robots is a bit different.  Below them is their 
base stats.  They are:

Energy: The more energy, the more HP your robots have.
Power: Decides the amount of damage your robot does.
Guard: Decides the amount of damage your robot can absorb.
Speed: Decides how often your robot will evade attacks.  I also think 
this might be your robot's luck, as far as hit rates and critical rates 
(although I'm not sure on that).
Charge: This is how fast your robot's action meter fills up.

This just in on the definition of speed.

"SPEED:  inaccurately named, should be DEXTERITY (DEX).  This stat 
affects the robot's turn order in battle (initiative), chance to 
hit/critical hit  (THAC0), and its chance to evade physical and 
status/effect attacks (saving throw). 
The higher the SPEED number, the better your robot's chances are for 
first turn in battle, fewer misses when attacking, more critical hits 
and fewer successful enemy hits.  Also increases % resistance to status 
effects like RUST and STOP.  Useless under 10 points."

Thanks to virgo1869 for that. 

To the right is also your robot's current stats:

Energy: Robot's HP
Left/Right Arm Strength: The amount of damage that arm can cause with 
its current weapon.  
Back Strength: Assuming a Bomb is equipped, this would be the damage it 
can cause.
Move: How much space your robot can use to move during battle.
Guard: Robot's over-all defense.
Evasion: Robot's dodging ability.  

Finally, there's the robots equipment below the current stats.  

4: RUN

This allows you to program different attack sequences that you can run 
during battle.  These are a MUST in this game!  One of the best, in my 
opinion, is having a triple attack with a melee weapon.  Let's say you 
have a sword in your right hand and you want to use that to attack 
three times.  You would then select a space and enter the program RRR.  
This will allow you to attack three times, but only with a melee 
weapon.  Experiment with different attacks and different weapons, as 
different ones can generate different attacks.  


This allows you to set different preferences you have for this game.  

Message: Your message speed during the game.  The faster your set it, 
the faster text will go.  I recommend fast.
Sound: Set it to stero or mono.
Button Setting: Set the buttons as you wish.

The battle system of this game is quite unique.  The layout is a bit 
like early Final Fantasy games like FF6.  You character will throw a 
robot out (somewhat like Pokemon, except that this game came out before 
Pokemon) and the battle will commence.  There will be several different 
things you see here on the screen.  One of them you might first notice 
is the timer.  Should you win the battle before time runs out, you get 
extra experience!  There are several capsules on the battle field.  If 
you hit the capsules with a melee weapon, they will open and give you 
various different goodies.  You usually, if anything, get items or 
extra experience.  Once in a great while, you can have your equipment's 
level increased by 1.  Sometimes, though, the capsules will just 
explode.  If they explode near you, they will cause damage (very 
little, but still damage nonetheless).   

When you enter battle, you will see a meter building up.  When that 
meter is full, your turn has arrived and you can execute your actions 
(to make the meter fill up faster, push B repeatedly).  Attacking an 
enemy depends on what you have equipped and where it is equipped.  You 
can just walk up to the enemy, push A to bring down the action list, 
select attack, then pick your weapon, but that's a bit redundant.  
Instead, get into proper position and push either L, R, or X.  L will 
execute an attack with your left hand, R will do the same for right, X 
will do an attack with your pack (assuming a weapon is equipped).  You 
don't even need to bring up the menu when doing an automatic attack 
with L, R, or X.  Just push the button and you're set!  Also in the 
menu is Guard, which allows you to defend for a round.  Escape allows 
you to run away from battle if need be.  Finally, there's [Insert Main 
Character's name here].  This allows you to use items for healing and 
such.  There are a few different regular usage items (see Section 3).  
Finally, to execute a run get in proper position, bring up the menu, 
select Attack, then select Run and pick the program you wish to use.  

Button Breakdown

D-Pad: Move character
A: Inspect, advance text
B: Run
X: Bring up character screen
Y: Use equipped item
L: Inspect, advance text
R: No use
Select: Bring up character screen
Start: Pause game

World Map
D-pad: Move character
A: Enter level
B: Run
X: No use
Y: No use
L: Enter level
R: No use
Select: Toggle view mode
Start: Pause game

Character Screen
D-Pad: Move cursor
A: Make selection
B: Cancel
X, Y, L, R, Start, Select: No use

Battle Screen
D-Pad: Move robot when initiated, move menu cursor
A: Make selection
B: Cancel/Move back one menu
X: Attack with pack
Y: No use
L: Attack with left hand
R: Attack with right hand
Select: No use
Start: Pause game


Main Character: Our unnamed hero.  Well, unnamed until you finally name 
him.  He aspires to be a famous inventor like his father, Akihabara.  

Akihabara: The Main Character's father.  He's a famous inventor.  
Teaches his son how to build robots.

Nagisa: The Main Character's mother figure.  Not his true mother, 
although she does bear a strange resemblance to her...  Hmm...

Kurogane: Akihabara's cat.  Doesn't go far from his master.  

Mayor of Rococo: Has a strange infatuation with his new intern.  Um... 
Clinton much?

Rose: The Mayor's new intern.  She's been making jaws drop lately 
around Rococo.  

Carl: A little boy living in Rococo.  He and some others get lost at 
one point and it's up to you to find them.  

Dr. Einst: A pompous inventor.  Believes he's so much better than the 
Main Character.

Kotetsu:  A young man who enjoys exploring and adventure.  He is 
captured early on in the game by the Hackers and it's up to you to set 
him free.  

Mint: A reporter from Rococo.  She goes whereever she can find a top 
story to report on.  

Flavon: An old man who is a partner of Akihabara.  He is injured while 
running from Hackers and winds up at Count Prinky's Mansion

Parsley: Flavon's dog.  

Count Prinky: The owner of the "Old House."  His house appears to be 
haunted by some supernatural force.

Igor: Count Prinky's servant.  

Mamurana: A possessed doll that dwells within Prinky's abode.  It 
teleports through the different areas of his mansion.

Blackmore: The leader of the Hackers.  Has a major evil scheme to 
unleash on the Earth.

Meta Crab: A higher ranking member of the Hackers with a crab for a 
head.  Strange guy who loves to boss around his subordinates.  

Shaman: A powerful shaman of a village on a tropical island.  He seems 
to speak highly of some deity that needs appeasing in the volcano.  

Napoleon: A mysterious being indeed... You learn more about him later 
in the game and that's all that I'll say.  

Dr G: A Hacker scientist who's developing innovative computer equipment 
including a helmet that allows you to go inside a computer.

Polon- A young woman who helps you out in the past.  She finds the main 
character injured and nurses him to health.  

Rask- One of the space travelors.  When his ship crashed, he was badly 
injured and taken in by Polon.

Cookie- One of Rask's companions.  

Gateau- Accompanied by Napleon and Cookie, he came with strange 
interest in the Tetron.  Hmm... 

Tira- Princess of Choco and descendant of Cookie.


Ahh... Research and Development!

Scattered throughout the game are various R&D rooms where you can 
maintain your robot and do many different functions that are quite 
necessary to the game.  Needless to say, you should be getting -quite- 
familiar with this place before you even complete the first dungeon.  
In the R&D is a huge computer that looks like an SNES gamepad.  If you 
investigate the very middle of the gamepad/computer thing, it'll take 
you to another screen with some choices at the top.  They should look 
something like this (numbers will indicate what each selection does):

  _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
 |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
 |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |


Have a new invention that you need to make for a special event?  Or, is 
there an item you need to build for your robots?  This is where you do 
it.  Throughout the game are various inventor's helpers and special 
events that will give the Main Character ideas as far as new items to 
create.  So, I would strongly recommend you search just about every 
bookshelf you see.  


Very useful section.  There are quite a number of items and weapons 
that are very useful for given parts and require you to combine.  See 
Section 4 for details.


Basically, this game's version of selling.  You can't sell items at 
shops, so you must recycle them here and get a little GP in return. 


This selection allows you to build a robot.  You can only have up to 
three robots.  Each robot progressively costs more money.  Try to build 
your robots as soon as possible (yes, all three of them).  It can make 
things a lot easier having three allies to mess with.  


With this function you can fully repair robots, but at a cost.


This allows you to program different attacks into your robots, 
depending on what they have equiped.  See Section 2D for better 
details.  This also allows you to distribute ability points your robots 
get when they are created and when you gain a level.  See Section 2B 
for more details.


Figure it out...


-The further in the game you'll get, the more you'll start to see 
enemies who are weaker/stronger against different types of weapons than 
others.  This is why it's a great idea to give you robots different 
types of weapons.  Aside from just projectile weapons (Shot, Laser), be 
sure to carry some magical weapons (Sword 4, Blade 4) and some melee 
weapons (Axe, Hammer, Punch).  

-While engaging a boss, try to get behind them to attack.  You can do 
more damage that way, especially if you hit with a critical shot.  

-Try not to leave your back open.  This is like saying, "Okay, you can 
kill me now."  This especially applies to bosses.  A good number of 
boss attacks will kill you instantly if you leave your back open.  

-Big Bombs eventually become obsolete.  In fact, they do become so 
quite early in the game.  I recommend recylcing them, but if you really 
like them that much, then whatever...

-Always keep a fresh stock of Cures, Repairs, and Cleans.  Cleans are 
not completely important, so don't overstock on them.  If you have too 
many, recycle them to make room for Cures and Repairs.

-Keep your old weapons.  You never know when you'll need them in a 
combination.  Even if the combinations that weapon makes are little 
ones, little ones can eventually become big ones if you become literate 
enough with combining.

-After a while, using your bomb pack becomes obsolete.  So, equip 
whatever on your pack you feel would be best for your robot.  Always 
take into consideration what stats you are emphasizing on your robot.  
You may want to put something to accentuate your stat emphasis and make 
it higher, or to try to compensate for one stat that isn't as 

-Try to end battles as quickly as possible.  Quicker end = More 
experience = Faster levels.

-If you just cannot beat a boss, try one of two things: 1) Buy more 
Cures and Repairs or 2) Build levels.  The recommended levels is only 
the MINIMUM level that I've been able to beat the boss with.  This 
doesn't mean that everyone else will be able to, as playing styles in 
this game could vary.

-Don't give up until you've been defeated.  There was one battle when I 
was fighting De Rose where she maliciously kicked the crap out of me.  
I was down to the last hit on my last robot with no more healing items 
and I said, "Only a miraculous act of God can save me now..."  I took 
one more shot on De Rose and destroyed her.  Just because you think 
you've gotten your ass handed to you does not mean that you're 
completely out of the ball game.  Keep dishing out until all of your 
robots are dead.

-Always check frequently to see if you can make newer, more powerful 
weapons.  When you get a new weapon, see if there's a way you can 
create more or create components to combine to make more.  For example, 
if you have an Axe 1, check if you can create more Axe 1s.  If not, 
then see if you can create the components to make an Axe 1, combine 
those to make another Axe 1, then combine the two Axe 1's.  Combining 
the same weapon repeatedly can make it stronger.  That and it cuts down 
on the time spent having to wait for Equipment Level Up capsules.  The 
only downside is money.  If you don't have much money, this can be a 
problem.  So, fight battles often enough so you can get some money to 
use for such projects.

-SAVE OFTEN!  If you have anything equipped often, MAKE IT YOUR 
TRANSCEIVER!  Save before you make really big decisions, save before 
boss battles, save every time you make some progress in the right 
direction.  Save, save, save.  This is the only time I'm going to 
emphasize it.  I will not remind you throughout the FAQ.  Of course, if 
you're using an emulator and save states, then I probably don't have to 
remind you that much.  



Building robots is the core of the game.  In most RPG's, your party is 
comprised of various characters who join you on your quest or someone 
you recuited.  This game is somewhat like recuiting, except instead of 
actually recruiting, you actually BUILD your party.  The best part is 
that you can build just about any time in the game.  Yes, you can even 
try to go through the game with only one robot (for a good challenge).  
The most robots you can create is three.  While I do recommend that you 
create them as soon as possible, I do indicate in the walkthrough where 
you -should- have X number of robots built.  

Upon building your robot you will be asked to do two things.  The first 
is to name your robot.  The name really doens't matter, but this helps 
you to distinguish your robots from each other.  After naming them, you 
can then allocate the program points (or ability points as I sometimes 
refer to them).  Allocating these really depends on your preferences.  
If you want an all out powerful robot, then of course your major 
emphasis will be on Power.  I usually like to have one balanced robot, 
one all out power robot, and one that has a good emphasis on Power and 
Charge [see Section 1B for details on stats; They can be found under 
the explanation of the Status explanation]

This does not, however, mean that you should completely undermine any 
stats.  You should regularly boost every stat, even Speed.  Each stat 
helps very much in battle.  When leaving main emphasis on one stat, 
that means you should give a bit more to the stat(s) that you wish to 
emphasize.  After that, allocate the rest about evenly to the rest of 
your stats.  Each level brings 10 more program points, so allocate 

Be sure your robot is equipped with some of the best equipment and give 
the best Run Programs.  See the Section 1B and look under the section 
on Run explanation to get more info on Run Programs.  Both good 
equipment and good Runs are helpful.  Powerful weapons can cause good 
damage and using runs to execute more powerful attacks and combos can 
increase the damage you do drastically.  I've found that a triple hit 
combo with a melee weapon from behind can cause massive damage on a 
critical.  Weapon levels also can help.  While it may not be economical 
to go for the highest weapon level, sometimes actually building up a 
weapon can helpa bit.  


As you win battles, you gain megs of data.  This is the game's 
experience system.  As you gain more and more data, you eventually gain 
a level.  Upon gaining levels you gain two helpful edges in the game.  
One is that you get 10 more program points and the other is that you 
can read the next level of Inventor's Friend and learn how to develop 
something new.  

What is Inventor's Friend?  Inventor's Friend is a book that appears on 
various bookshelves throughout the game.  You can only read an 
Inventor's Friend that corresponds with your level or lower.  So, if 
you're level 5 and you read level 4, you will still get the data from 
it.  Reading them allows you to gain ideas for developing weapons and 
items.  Items can be developed in any R&D.  They can all be found in 
these places:

[locations credited to Enix on their chart that came with the game]

Level 1- Father's home; In the back.  Teaches you Boots 1.
Level 2- Your house.  Teaches you Sword 1.
Level 3- Your house.  Teaches you Shot 1.
Level 4- Your house.  Teaches you Bomb 1.
Level 5- Your house.  Teaches you Shield 1.
Level 6- Your house.  Teaches you Hammer 1.
Level 7- Your house.  Teaches you Punch 1.

[the following will have specific locations as this guide progresses, 
except for ones indicated with *]

Level 8- Haunted House. Teaches you Boots 2.
Level 9- Haunted House. Teaches you Axe 1.
Level 10- Haunted House or Fortress. Teaches you Shield 3.
Level 11- Haunted House or Fortress. Teaches you Power Pack.
Level 12- Bio Lab. Teaches you Sword 2.
Level 13- Bio Lab. Teaches you Punch 2.
Level 14- Bio Lab. Teaches you Celtis 1.
Level 15*- Father's home; In the back. Teaches you Shield Pack.
Level 16- Bio Lab or Fortress.  Teaches you Quick Pack.
Level 17- Bio Lab or Hacker Hideout.  Teaches you Bomb 2.
Level 18- Your house or Hacker Hideout.  Teaches you Turbo Pack.
Level 19*- Your house. Teaches you Weather.
Level 20*- Your house. Teaches you Vanish.
Level 21*- Rococo Tool Shop.  To the left of the manager.  Teaches you 
Level 22*- Rococo Tool Shop.  To the left of the manager.  Teaches you 
Level 23*- Rococo Tool Shop.  To the left of the manager.  Teaches you 
Level 24*- Your house.  Teaches you Repair.
Level 25- Hacker Hideout. Teaches you Laser 1.
Level 26- Hacker Hideout.  Teaches you Blade 1.
Level 27- Hacker Hideout.  Teaches you Blade 2.
Level 28- Rococo's Past or Polon's House.  Teaches you Bomb 3.
Level 29- Rococo's Past or Polon's House.  Teaches you Shot 3.
Level 30- Choco Lab.  Teaches you Shield 5.
Level 40- Choco Lab.  Teaches you Boots 6.
Level 50- Choco Lab.  Teaches you Bomb 4.



Restores a little HP to your robots.

Eliminates adversive conditions from your robots.

Automatically allows you to run from battle.

-Big Bomb-
Throw this out during battle to damage all enemies on the screen.  

Fully restores a destroyed robot.

Can be used in combinations to make other items.


One thing you should know about weapons is this: They all have a rank 
and a level.  The rank is expressed within the name (Bomb 1 is a rank 1 
Bomb).  The level is not expressed in the name and all new weapons 
start at level 1.  Weapons can go no further than level 9.  Each level 
is shown on the status screen of the game.  The higher the level, the 
stronger the weapon.  

In this section, I list the weapon's strength ranking at level 9, so 
that way you can see what the best ones can be at their highest level. 
Building levels on weapons isn't hard if you have enough money. 

Long range weapons that take a lot of energy to use.  They are capable 
of causing pretty good damage to enemies, but I usually tend to stop 
using them after the first boss or so.   

Bomb 1:
Creation Cost: 400GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 4
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +15
Lv 3: +20
Lv 4: +25
Lv 5: +30
Lv 6: +35 
Lv 7: +40
Lv 8: +45
LV 9: +50

Bomb 2:
Lv 1: +23
Lv 2: +28
Lv 3: +34
Lv 4: +41
Lv 5: +49
Lv 6: +59
Lv 7: +71
Lv 8: +85
LV 9: +101

Bomb 3:
Lv 1: +28
Lv 2: +33
Lv 3: +39
Lv 4: +46
Lv 5: +54
Lv 6: +64
Lv 7: +76
Lv 8: +90
LV 9: +106

Bomb 4:
Lv 1: +36
Lv 2: +41
Lv 3: +47
Lv 4: +54
Lv 5: +62
Lv 6: +72
Lv 7: +84
Lv 8: +98
LV 9: +114

These are really basic weapons.  However, I'll tell you that Sword 4 is 
one of the best for a while.  

Sword 1:
Creation Cost: 200GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 2
Lv 1: +5
Lv 2: +6
Lv 3: +7
Lv 4: +8
Lv 5: +9
Lv 6: +11
Lv 7: +13
Lv 8: +15
LV 9: +17

Sword 2:
Creation Cost: 400GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 12
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +13
Lv 3: +16
Lv 4: +19
Lv 5: +22
Lv 6: +26
Lv 7: +30
Lv 8: +34
LV 9: +38

Sword 3:
Lv 1: +20
Lv 2: +25
Lv 3: +30
Lv 4: +35
Lv 5: +40
Lv 6: +45
Lv 7: +50
Lv 8: +55
LV 9: +60

Sword 4:
Lv 1: +40
Lv 2: +45
Lv 3: +50
Lv 4: +55
Lv 5: +60
Lv 6: +65
Lv 7: +70
Lv 8: +75
LV 9: +80

Your basic, long range, gun weapon.  Very useful for getting those far 
away enemies without having to waste a lot of energy on a Bomb.  The 
only advantage a Bomb has over a Shot is the fact that Bombs are 
generally stronger.  

Shot 1:
Creation Cost: 200GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 3
Lv 1: +4
Lv 2: +6
Lv 3: +8
Lv 4: +10
Lv 5: +12
Lv 6: +15
Lv 7: +18
Lv 8: +21
LV 9: +24

Shot 2:
Creation Cost: N/A
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +12
Lv 3: +14
Lv 4: +16
Lv 5: +18
Lv 6: +21
Lv 7: +24
Lv 8: +27
LV 9: +30

Shot 3:
Lv 1: +32
Lv 2: +34
Lv 3: +36
Lv 4: +38
Lv 5: +40
Lv 6: +43
Lv 7: +46
Lv 8: +49
LV 9: +52

Very strong sword-like weapons.  Blade 4, if memory serves me 
correctly, has the potential of becoming the strongest weapon in the 

Blade 1:
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +12
Lv 3: +14
Lv 4: +16
Lv 5: +18
Lv 6: +21
Lv 7: +24
Lv 8: +27
LV 9: +30

Blade 2:
Lv 1: +15
Lv 2: +17
Lv 3: +19
Lv 4: +21
Lv 5: +23
Lv 6: +26
Lv 7: +29
Lv 8: +32
LV 9: +35

Blade 3:
Lv 1: +20
Lv 2: +22
Lv 3: +24
Lv 4: +26
Lv 5: +28
Lv 6: +31
Lv 7: +34
Lv 8: +37
LV 9: +40

Blade 4:
Lv 1: +55
Lv 2: +65
Lv 3: +75
Lv 4: +85
Lv 5: +95
Lv 6: +105
Lv 7: +115
Lv 8: +125
LV 9: +135

Very strong weapons.  These actually have potential of becoming some of 
the strongest early in the game.  If you do get these, I advise 
building them at least a little bit early in the game.

Axe 1:
Creation Cost: 400GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 9
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +20
Lv 3: +30
Lv 4: +40
Lv 5: +50
Lv 6: +60
Lv 7: +70
Lv 8: +80
LV 9: +90

Axe 2:
Creation Cost: N/A
Lv 1: +20
Lv 2: +30
Lv 3: +40
Lv 4: +50
Lv 5: +60
Lv 6: +70
Lv 7: +80
Lv 8: +90
LV 9: +100

Axe 3:
Lv 1: +40
Lv 2: +50
Lv 3: +60
Lv 4: +70
Lv 5: +80
Lv 6: +90
Lv 7: +100
Lv 8: +110
LV 9: +120

Also fairly tough.  I really haven't used these ones too much, so there 
really isn't much for me to report. They're probably not one of my 
favorite weapons.

Hammer 1:
Creation Cost: 200GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 6
Lv 1: +8
Lv 2: +11
Lv 3: +14
Lv 4: +17
Lv 5: +20
Lv 6: +24
Lv 7: +28
Lv 8: +32
LV 9: +36

Hammer 2:
Lv 1: +10
Lv 2: +12
Lv 3: +14
Lv 4: +16
Lv 5: +18
Lv 6: +21
Lv 7: +24
Lv 8: +27
LV 9: +30

Hammer 3:
Lv 1: +24
Lv 2: +27
Lv 3: +30
Lv 4: +33
Lv 5: +36
Lv 6: +40
Lv 7: +44
Lv 8: +48
LV 9: +52

I actually used these a lot.  They aren't the best weapons in the game, 
but for some reason I noticed they have a high critical hit rate.  I 
don't know if it's just me or if they really do have a high critical 
rate, but I still like punches just fine.  Recommended early in the 
game, but by the latter scenes, you should have some bigger and better 
guns, so to speak. 

Punch 1:
Creation Cost: 200GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 7
Lv 1: +12
Lv 2: +15
Lv 3: +18
Lv 4: +21
Lv 5: +24
Lv 6: +28
Lv 7: +32
Lv 8: +36
LV 9: +40

Punch 2:
Creation Cost: 500GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 13
Lv 1: +24
Lv 2: +27
Lv 3: +30
Lv 4: +33
Lv 5: +36
Lv 6: +40
Lv 7: +44
Lv 8: +48
LV 9: +52

Punch 3:
Creation Cost: N/A
Lv 1: +48
Lv 2: +51
Lv 3: +54
Lv 4: +57
Lv 5: +60
Lv 6: +64
Lv 7: +68
Lv 8: +72
LV 9: +76

I'll give you a description later.  I haven't played the game in a long 
time and have pretty much forgotten exactly what a celtis is.

Celtis 1:
Lv 1: +12
Lv 2: +14
Lv 3: +16
Lv 4: +18
Lv 5: +20
Lv 6: +23
Lv 7: +26
Lv 8: +29
LV 9: +32

Celtis 2:
Lv 1: +24
Lv 2: +26
Lv 3: +28
Lv 4: +30
Lv 5: +32
Lv 6: +35
Lv 7: +38
Lv 8: +41
LV 9: +44

Celtis 3:
Lv 1: +36
Lv 2: +38
Lv 3: +40
Lv 4: +42
Lv 5: +44
Lv 6: +47
Lv 7: +50
Lv 8: +53
LV 9: +56

These are basically fists that you can shoot off.  I don't know why I 
thought these were trumpets and tubas, but hey, if the shoe fits...

Blow 1:
Lv 1: +16
Lv 2: +18
Lv 3: +20
Lv 4: +22
Lv 5: +24
Lv 6: +27
Lv 7: +30
Lv 8: +33
LV 9: +36

Blow 2:
Lv 1: +32
Lv 2: +34
Lv 3: +36
Lv 4: +38
Lv 5: +40
Lv 6: +43
Lv 7: +46
Lv 8: +49
LV 9: +52

Blow 3:
Lv 1: +64
Lv 2: +66
Lv 3: +68
Lv 4: +70
Lv 5: +72
Lv 6: +75
Lv 7: +78
Lv 8: +81
LV 9: +84

Strong gun-based weapons.  I think that's about all I can say.  I say 
just use them with swords to make various blades.

Laser 1:
Lv 1: +25
Lv 2: +27
Lv 3: +29
Lv 4: +31
Lv 5: +33
Lv 6: +36
Lv 7: +39
Lv 8: +42
LV 9: +45

Laser 2:
Lv 1: +35
Lv 2: +37
Lv 3: +39
Lv 4: +41
Lv 5: +43
Lv 6: +46
Lv 7: +49
Lv 8: +52
LV 9: +55

Laser 3:
Lv 1: +45
Lv 2: +47
Lv 3: +49
Lv 4: +51
Lv 5: +53
Lv 6: +56
Lv 7: +59
Lv 8: +62
LV 9: +65


These add a little defense and can also completely block different 
shots with a certain probability.  It should be noted that Shields 
cannot be combined.  

Shield 1:
Creation Cost: 400GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 5
Added to Defense: +8

Shield 2:
Creation Cost: N/A
Added to Defense: +12

Shield 3:
Creation Cost: 1000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 10
Added Defense: +16

Shield 4:
Creation Cost: N/A
Added to Defense: +20

Shield 5:
Creation Cost: 3000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 30
Added Defense: +34

The better the boots, the further you can walk during battle on a turn. 

Boots 1:
Move: 4
Creation Cost: 200GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 1

Boots 2:
Move: 6
Creation Cost: 1000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 8

Boots 3:
Guard +2
Creation Cost: N/A

Boots 4:
Move: 8
Guard +4
Creation Cost: N/A

Boots 5:
Move: 6
Guard: +16

Boots 6:
Move: 8
Guard: +6

Packs can provide different stat improvements or just give your robots 
an extra edge.  It varies with each pack.  The thing is in order to 
equip a pack, you must sacrifice your Bombs.  I believe it's worth it, 
depending on the type of robot you have.  

Empty Pack
Creation Cost: N/A
Boosts Guard +1

Power Pack
Creation Cost: 3000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 11.
Boosts power on both arms +10

Turbo Pack
Creation Cost: 3000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 18
Boosts guard +2 and movement +2

Quick Pack
Creation Cost: 5000GP
Can be learned from Inventor's Friend Issue 16.
Boosts guard +5

Solar Pack
Creation Cost: 4000GP
Boosts Guard +5
Also said to regain HP


These are items that serve special purposes or can be used a specific 
times in the game.  

This allows you to get hints from Nagisa and save in many areas of the 
game.  You can pretty much save anywhere, but there are some areas that 
won't allow you to save at all. Given to you by Nagisa early in the 

-Surprise Horn-
A new invention of Akihabara that makes a really loud boom.  Given to 
you by Akihabara when you go to visit him after building your first 

-Rusty Drill-
Looks like if it were cleaner (hint hint), it would be able to drill 
through rock.  Found in the Cave Mouth.  

A little hand drill that can break through weak spots in the wall.

-Kotetsu Key-
They only call it "key" in the game, but I wanted to give it a distinct 
name.  This is the key you get from the Hacker's base in the Cave Mouth 
to unlock Kotetu's chains.  

-Stone 1-
Can be used to open the family shrine.  Note that you don't even have 
to equip it, just inspect the shrine after you obtain the Stone 1.  Can 
also be used to lure Parsley out of a room in the Old House. 

Adds a bit to your light radius when equipped.  

Allows you to speak with animals.  Can only be developed.  Idea is 
given to you by Flavon in the Old House.  Costs 20GP.  

-Stone 2-
Gained from your battle against Mamurana.  

-Chameleon Glasses-
Help you to see what cannot be seen (such as hidden doors or even 
motion detection sensors).  

-Stone 3-
Obtained from Napoleon

-Scrap A-
Pieces of a familiar robot friend...

Transforms you into a mouse while equipped.  

-Leader's Badge-
Allows you to get into a classified area in the Air Base.  Obtained by 
helping Meta Crab when he's about to be eaten.  

A note from Carl's father.  Give it to Carl.

Given to you by Carl.  It's for his father.  

-Red Flower-
Is said to cure fevers.  Needed during a side quest.  

A helmet that allows you to go inside computers.  Learned from Dr. G's 
book on his desk after he disappears into the computer.  

-Little Robot-
Something to give to the old bed-ridden woman in Rococo.  

An item that let's you change the weather.  

Allows you to travel between planets.

-Red Jar-
Used to stop the Engine Room.

-Blue Jar-
Used to stop the Engine Room.

-Yellow Jar-
Used to stop the Engine Room.


4A: HOW TO...

Generating... Developing... Creating.  No matter how you put it, it's 
all the same.  In this game, you can (and must) develop items for your 
later usage.  Developing can actually produce some special and event 

There are two ways to generate items in this game.  One of them is 
through development.  As I've explained a few times before, after you 
read and understand each Inventor's Friend, you can develop new items 
by going into the R&D and selecting the first selection on the menu.  
Pushing R while on this menu can bring up another menu to make robot 
equipment.  No matter what you create, though, it will cost money. Some 
things are flat out cheap to create, others can be expensive (but may 
still be worth it).  

Another way to generate items is through combining.  When you go into 
the R&D, you can select the second selection and this will take you 
into your inventory screen.  From here, you can choose from two items 
which may be put together to make another item.  Not all items work 
together (the game will indicate, don't worry).  

One thing interesting about combining is that combining like weapons 
can increase the power of the stronger weapon.  I think you've noticed 
almost every weapon in the game has a number after it.  This number is 
the weapon's rank (so Sword 1 is a rank 1 sword).  Each weapon also has 
a level (from 1 to 9).  The higher the level, the stronger the sword.  

With combining weapons, there are two principles exerted here.  

1) Like weapons with like rank will wind up having a level that is the 
sum of both weapons' levels.  
For example: Celtis 1 (level 6) + Celtis 1 (level 2) will yield Celtis 
1 (level 8).

2) Like weapons with different ranks will wind up having a level that 
is the sum of the higher ranked weapon's level and the 1/2 the lower 
ranked weapon's level.
For example: Blade 1 (level 6) + Blade 2 (Level 4) will yield Blade 2 
(level 7).  If the level of the lower weapon is not even, then it will 
be rounded down.  Higher ranking weapons take precedence over lower 
rank weapons, so your final product will always be a higher rank.

So, with both of those stated, it is apparent that like weapons can 
only improve from combining. 

I have just discovered that Bombs cannot be combined to make stronger 


This list comes with the Robotrek game.  I'm mainly reprinting this for 
anyone who lost the list or has never seen it.  Hence, the contributor 
credit here goes to Enix.


Sword 1:
Scrap 1 + Scrap 1

Sword 2:
Sword 1 + Scrap 1

Sword 3:
Sword 1 + Scrap 9
Sword 2 + Scrap 9

Sword 4: 
Sword 3 + Scrap 7


Axe 1:
Sword 1 + Hammer 1
Sword 2 + Hammer 1
Sword 3 + Hammer 1
Sword 1 + Hammer 2
Sword 1 + Hammer 3
Scrap 1 + Scrap 6

Axe 2: 
Sword 2 + Hammer 2
Sword 3 + Hammer 2
Axe 1 + Scrap 1
Sword 2 + Hammer 3

Axe 3: 
Sword 3 + Hammer 3
Axe 1 + Scrap 9
Axe 2 + Scrap 3


Blade 1:
Sword 1 + Laser 1
Sword 2 + Laser 1
Sword 3 + Laser 1
Sword 1 + Laser 2
Sword 1 + Laser 3
Scrap 1 + Scrap 10

Blade 2:
Sword 2 + Laser 2
Sword 3 + Laser 2
Sword 4 + Scrap 1
Sword 2 + Laser 3

Blade 3: 
Sword 3 + Laser 3

Blade 4:
Blade 3 + Seed
Scrap 8 + Smoke


Hammer 1:
Scrap 6 + Clean

Hammer 2:
Solar Pack + Scrap 6

Hammer 3: 
Scrap 6 + Scrap 6


Punch 1:
Scrap 4 + Scrap 4

Punch 2:
Punch 1 + Scrap 4

Punch 3: 

Punch 1 + Scrap 9
Punch 2 + Scrap 4


Celtis 1:

Hammer 1 + Shot 1
Hammer 2 + Shot 1
Scrap 2 + Scrap 6

Celtis 2:
Hammer 2 + Shot 2
Hammer 3 + Shot 2

Celtis 3:
Scrap 6 + Scrap 9


Shot 1:
Scrap 2 + Scrap 2

Shot 2:
Shot 1 + Scrap 2

Shot 3:
Shot 2 + Scrap 2


Blow 1:
Punch 1 + Laser 1
Punch 2 + Laser 1
Punch 3 + Laser 1
Punch 1 + Laser 2
Punch 1 + Laser 3

Blow 2:
Punch 2 + Laser 2
Punch 3 + Laser 2
Punch 2 + Laser 3
Scrap 4 + Scrap 9

Blow 3:
Punch 3 + Laser 3
Scrap 4 + Scrap 10


Laser 1:
Scrap 2 + Scrap 7

Laser 2:
Scrap 7 + Laser 1

Laser 3:
Scrap 7 + Laser 2


Shield 1:
Scrap 5 + Scrap 5

Shield 2:
Shield 1 + Clean
Scrap 5 + Clean

Shield 3:
Scrap 5 + Scrap 9

Shield 4: 
Weather + Scrap 9
Scrap 7 + Scrap 9

Shield 5:
Shield 4 + Scrap 9
Scrap 9 + Scrap 9


[NOTE: According to the list, there is no given combination for Bomb 1]

Bomb 2:
Bomb 1 + Scrap 10

Bomb 3: 
Scrap 10 + Weather

Bomb 4:
Bomb 1 + Boots 6

Boots 1:
Scrap 3 + Scrap 3

Boots 2:
Boots 1 + Scrap 3

Boots 3: 

Boots 1 + Scrap 7
Boots 2 + Scrap 3

Boots 4:
Scrap 3 + Scrap 5

Boots 5:
Scrap 3 + Scrap 9

Boots 6:
Boots 5 + Scrap 10
Scrap 3 + Scrap 10

-Regular and Special Items-

Cure + Scrap 7
Clean + Smoke
Cure + Big Bomb
Cure + Clean
Clean + Big Bomb

Repair + Big Bomb
Repair + Repair
Big Bomb + Big Bomb

Smoke+ + Big Bomb
Smoke + Repair
Clean + Clean
Repair + Clean

Cure + Cure
Cure + Repair

Big Bomb:
Bomb 1 + Smoke
Scrap 7 + Scrap 7
Smoke + Cure

Rusty Drill + Clean

Solar Pack:
Empty Pack + Weather

Quick Pack:
Empty Pack + Repair


Know one thing.  I may be referring to directions in terms of north, 
south, east, and west.  In case you're not very keen on your directions 
(not to be condescending, but some people do have trouble with that), 
here's a compass.

   (aka Left) W______|______E (aka Right)


As the game starts, it will ask you to input a name.  Any name will do.  
After that, you will see some text saying you name followed by a bang.  
You will see the main character in bed with his father, Akihabara, and 
the father's cat, Kurogane.  He will tell you to get up and talk to 
Nagisa.  Before going to speak with Nagisa, go up to the dresser next 
to the bookshelf and inspect the right side to get 500 GP.  Now, go up 
and into the next room.  Upper right corner should be a crate for you 
to inspect with a Cure inside of it.  Also go inspect both sides of the 
dresser to the far left to pick up a Cure and a Clean.  

Now, head all the way down into the room Nagisa is in and speak with 
her.  She will tell you to pay your respects to the mayor.  You can't 
go through the door on the right yet, so just head out of your house


Rococo Information

Shops: (only one shop in town)
Smoke: 20GP
Cure: 60GP
Clean: 100GP
Repair: 300GP
Big Bomb: 200GP

Items Hidden:
In your house: Clean, Cure (x2), 500 GP.
Shop: Cure, Repair, Scrap 2, Scrap 5.
City Hall: Scrap 6 (in a hidden room; see the Framed!!! section for 
details), 2000GP (also in Framed!!! section)

Inventor's Friends
In your house: 2-7, 18-20, 24.
Shop: 21-23.

Back to the objective.  Head north of your house and there should be a 
huge building to the right of the poice station.  This is city hall.  
Go inside and you'll see the receptionist at her desk.  Go past her 
into the next room.  You can go right if you want after climbing the 
stairs to talk to some other people, but they really don't say much.  
Go into the mayor's room and you can speak with the mayor, Rose, and 
Dr. Einst.  You'll notice Dr. Einst is quite the pompous... You know... 

Anyway, once you're done here, go back home.  Once you're back in, you 
should notice Akihabara at the table with Nagisa.  Speak to Akihabara.  
He will say a few words to you; Telling you he's leaving with Kurogane 
and that you are basically on your own with Nagisa as your assistant.  
After he leaves, read the book on the table.  After reading it, you 
will be able to develop robots!  You will also get 2000 GP!  Now, speak 
to Nagisa and she will take you into that room on the right you 
couldn't go in before.  

This room is the R&D.  You will be seeing a lot of this room through 
the course of the game.  Walk up to the huge control pad and 
investigate it.  There will be a horizontal list along the top.  Select 
the one with the robot head to build a robot.  

After the robot is created, you will be given the option to name it and 
distribute its ability points.  Distributing ability points is mainly a 
matter of preference and planning.  This really depends on what kind of 
robot you want.  Usually, I go with a balanced robot.  I take 20 points 
away from energy (they start you off with 40 points on energy and none 
anywhere else) and give five points to each other category, but that's 
only if you want a balanced robot.  I do recommend that you give your 
robots at least average power.  In giving them low power, it may become 
harder for them to defeat later, stronger enemies and even bosses.  

If you want an all out powerful robot, then beefing power (duh) would 
be your angle.  One with high defense would require high guard.  If 
you're going with high defense, then at least make the power rating 
average.  Guard can help you live longer, but what advantage is it to 
live longer if you can't defeat your enemies (particularly bosses)?  
Speed and charge are also quite helpful, although I usually don't raise 
robots dominantly on either.  The major advantage is that they can get 
off attacks faster and more often.  This does not mean that charge and 
speed are not important.  They are -very- important.  So, here are some 
good combinations for you...

Power and Guard- If you emphasize these a lot, then you'll be more 
resistant to damage and do some decent damage.
Power and Charge- What could be better than hitting hard and hitting 

Some other considerable ideas...

Speed and Guard- Just make sure you have good enough Power here.  This 
will make it so that you resist more damage and have a better chance of 
dodging other attacks.  
Guard and Energy- Again, with good enough Power.  Stay alive longer 
this way.  

After you're done messing around with the robot, Nagisa will give you a 
Transceiver.  This will allow you to save when you want to.  Of course, 
there are some areas that it won't allow you to save in, but oh well...  
Nagisa will now tell you to go see your father and show him your new 
robot.  Head out of the R&D and out of the house.  Before you leave, 
Nagisa will test out the Transceiver to see if it works.  After that is 
over, leave.  Don't leave town just yet.  Head to the right and do 
yourself some shopping.  Talk to the shop keeper and he'll offer to 
give you some junk.  Accept and then take the door on the left.    

As you reach the room in the very back with the dressers and the 
bookshelf, search the crate at the far right side to get a Cure.  Now, 
head down and inspect the capsules to get some more items (Scrap 2 and 
Scrap 5).  Also check the crate behind and to the right of the capsule 
that had the Scrap 5.  You'll get a Repair.  

Before leaving, I suggest buying a few Cures, but don't spend all of 
your money unless you want to.  It's probably best to conserve just a 
bit, though.  There really isn't much you can currently do with the 
scraps you've just received.  Now, it's time to leave.  Head out of the 
village and onto the world map.  A pathway will clear to a new area.  
That's your father's house.  Head there.


Father's House Information

Items Hidden:
Inside the house: Clean

Invetor's Friends:
Inside the house: 1, 15.

Once you've made it to your father's house, you can explore if you 
want.  There isn't much to see except the tomb at the bottom right 
corner of the area.  Anyway, once you're ready to progress the 
storyline, go through your father's door and you'll see him with a 
rather peculiar figure.  That, my friends, is a Hacker (see Section 
1A). A little scene will ensue here.  [This scene has one of my 
favorite lines: "...But evil is good."]  Akihabara will scare the hell 
out of the Hacker and he'll make his way out of the house.  

Before talking to Akihabara, inspect the left side of the dresser 
behind him to get a Clean.  Then, go into the back room and inspect one 
of the bookshelves and you'll find Inventor's Friends 1 and 15 (you 
should be able to learn how to make Boots 1 with IF1).  Now, talk to 
Akihabara.  After a little talking, he'll give you a Surprise Horn. 

Now, leave the house.  As you leave, the Hacker that was there earlier 
will approach you.  At that moment, you'll have to fight him.  He's a 
pushover really.  If you want to see what's in any capsules on the 
screen, be my guest.  I recommend using Bomb 1 (push X when your turn 
comes) on this guy.  It shouldn't take too incredibly long to finish 
him.  Now, leave the place and head back to Rococo.


As you enter, there will be a little scene between a cop and some 
citizens of Rococo.  Apparently, some of the town's children have 
decided to go on a Goonie-esque adventure through the riverside.  Has 
anyone ever told these kids not to emulate what they see on television?  
Ugh... Anyway, you may have noticed the house to the right of yours was 
impossible to get into before because a kid there named Carl kicked you 
out after you entered.  He's gone now, so you can enter his house.  
You'll find there's no point to it right now.  If you need to stock up 
on some items (which you really shouldn't need to right now), then do 
so and leave Rococo.  To the right of Father's House a new path opens.  
This leads to the Forest.  Go there now.


Forest information

Items Hidden:

Enemies Present:
Mushroom- Killer fungai lookin' to make you die-die. Pathetically weak. 
Attack using their caps or even throwing explosives at you.
Mine- A strange wind-up robot.  Stronger than the Mushrooms, but very 
much weak.  Pinch you with their claws or attack with the drills on top 
of their heads.
Commander (Cmdr.)- Hacker soldiers ready to give their best attempt at 
destroying you.  These are actually the weakest of the bunch.  Use 
their hard hats as weapons.  
This early in the game, you really don't need any strategies towards 
killing the enemies, especially not these ones.  Just hit them once 
with your sword and they are history.  

This is the first area you'll really begin to encounter enemies.  This 
is also the area I would recommend you build your levels.  You should 
notice that you don't gain any money from winning battles.  The only 
way to get money from battles is if you get a capsule with money in it 
from a dead enemy.  Head up and to the left will be a mushroom.  Fight 
it and get whatever you can out of the battle.  I do recommend that you 
try to open the capsules in battle, as they can increase your equipment 
level.  Past that is another Mushroom.  Destroy that one and keep 
making your way upward.  After that is a Mine.  Attack that one and 
destroy them as well.  You should notice that this area is quite 
linear.  Not like the other areas later on.  After killing the Mine, go 
up, but then head back down past the row of trees that were blocking 
you from the capsule.  Head towards the capsule.  You'll most likely 
have to fight the mushroom on the way.  Kill it and go straight for the 
capsule.  You'll find 300GP inside.   

Head back upward and fight the Mine that blocks your path.  After it's 
been defeated, head through the small gap in the trees and out.  A new 
area will open for you.  I recommend buidling some levels before going 
there, though.  I'd say gain up to about level 3 to 5.  After you have, 
head home and read the Invetor's Friends for the levels you've gained.  
After this, you can use the Scrap 2 you found at the shop to combine 
with a Shot 1 that you can make to create Shot 2.  This may or may not 
be better than the Shot 1 you started with, all depending on what level 
your Shot 1 is at.  

If you did decide to go all the way to five, go back home and look at 
Inventor's Friend #5 to learn how to make Shield 1.  I highly recommend 
grabbing a shield early on.  Equip it in place of the weapon of your 
choosing.  While Shot 1 is more powerful, Sword 1 doesn't use as much 

Are you really wanting to know which weapon is the best?  Well, trial 
and error goes a long way in this game (or save state if you're using 
an emulator).  In combining like weapons, you can build your weapon's 
levels.  See the section on combining for more detail and see the 
weapons list for details on what weapons have potential for being the 
strongest or the best.  One thing I should also note that if you choose 
to have a Shot weapon with a shield, you will be inable to open 
capsules during battle.  Capsules can only be opened with melee 

After you've done a bit of this and that, head to the River.


River Information

Items Hidden:

Enemies Present:
Gel- Gelatinous beasts that rain down on your robot. 
Rushbird- Probably among the toughest here (and that still isn't saying 
much).  These are quick birds that can hit from long range.  On lower 
levels, they're quite powerful.

Strategies: Gel is a push over, so no need to worry there.  The 
Rushbirds can be a pain if you're lower than level 4 or 5.  If you are 
a low level, I suggest taking them out with a Bomb.  At a higher level 
(with some decent weapon levels) you should be able to whoop them with 
regular melee weapons.  

As you enter, you will be instantly greeted by a Mine.  After battling 
that, you can head up and to the left on the small stretch of land to 
fight a Gel as well.  Climb the stairs to the right.  There should be a 
Mine there and a Rushbird.  Battle them if you wish, but do move up the 
next staircase and make your way right.  Chances are, you'll have to 
fight the Rushbird before grabbing the capsule.  Inside is 200GP.  
After that, you can defeat the Mine up there if you wish as well.  Head 
back down the stairs and make your way left.  Make your way across the 
bridge and you will see a Mine that you can fight if you wish.  After 
crossing the bridges, head downward.

Head all the way down, even down the stairs.  If you want, you can kill 
the Rushbird on the right.  Either way, head left and upward.  As you 
are doing so, a Gel should pop up out of the ground.  Careful around 
these parts, unless you're like me and you fight everything in sight.  
Keep heading upward and another will appear.  After that one, you 
should be in the clear and out of the stage.  You really don't need to 
do too much level boosting yet.  Upon completing the River, a new path 
should open.  Head directly to that or go back to Rococo and take care 
of business (buy items, develop stuff, read IF's) first.  


Cave Mouth Information

Items Hidden:
Outside: Cure
Inside Cave: Rusty Drill, Cure (x2), Clean, 250GP, Scrap 4, Key, Scrap 

Enemies Present:
Spider- Dangerous arachnids that are actually quite powerful for early 
Cmdr. (Commander)
Cmdr. (Commander) (2)- This one can attack from long range with a gun.  
Cmdr. (Commander) (3)- Same as the first one, except he attacks with a 
Meta Crab (boss)

Strategies: If you really find that using single attacks doesn't cut it 
on the Spiders, then use Runs on them (i.e. three hit combo with melee 
weapon, etc.).  They shouldn't be too much trouble if you have your 
levels past 5.

Before you fight the boss in this dungeon, I highly recommend you have 
a second robot built.  It will cost you 3000GP, but if you fight enough 
(or recycle enough items), you should be able to pull out enough money 
to create a robot.  

You will actually start the area outside.  To the right as you enter is 
a Rushbird for you to fight if you wish.  Either way, head left.  As 
you are doing so, a Gel will jump out of the ground.  After it's 
defeated, head up toward the cave entrance.  Inside will be some people 
with Dr. Einst walk around.  If you stand on the far left side of the 
people a small scene will ensue.  They will eventually ask you to step 
back.  Make sure that when you do, you are still facing foward (the 
scene will only advance once you're facing forward).  Everyone will 
leave and you should too.  

Head left again and confront the Mine.  After destroying it, head up 
into the next screen, then right to pick up a Cure from the capsule.  
Hmm... Now what to do... Well, they did say that they needed a way into 
the cave, but the explosives obviously failed.  Why not run into the 
hole in the ground?  Ah... Gotta love video game logic!  Well, run into 
the big hole and you will fall into the cave.

Once inside, head up.  Inside this room are two Gels.  Fight if you 
wish, run if not.  Go through the door on the upper right.  Squeeze 
through the tight spot and go left.  Open the capsule here and obtain 
the Rusty Drill!  If you want, you can go across the stream.  There's 
nothing really there of use, but you can fight the Gel there if you 
want.  I recommend letting the river carry you out from here.  There 
will be another stream in another room and just let that one carry you 
too.  This should lead back outside.  Leave the area and go back to 
Rococo or Father's House and into an R&D.  Combine the Rusty Drill with 
a Clean and you will get the item Drill.  This can drill through those 
weak areas in the wall.  

Once the Drill is made, head back to the Cave Mouth. Now, go back to 
the large hole in the ground (near where you found the Cure earlier) 
and drop down again. 

So, once you have dropped down the hole, make your way back to the 
stream, but this time attempt to cross it.  This can be done if you run 
straight across the stream, keeping far enough right that you won't be 
swept into the wall.  Do not stop.  Once you're across, use the Drill 
to open the wall.  Remember, there will be a Gel in this area for you 
to fight as well.  After all is clear, go through the new passage and 
open the capsule to get a Cure.  Inside this little area is another Gel 
if you wish to fight.  You should notice another weak spot here.  Open 
it and the children will be inside.  Talking to them and you'll just 
get some whining and crying.  There's another weak spot at the north 
wall.  Drill through that and the kids will suddenly be extatic.  
They'll push you out of the way, leaving Carl behind.  Carl says that 
he will eventually find his way home.  Head out the cave through the 
new path you've created.  This will take you outside.  Exit the area 
and head back to Rococo.


Once you're here, head directly home.  Nagisa will mention your recent 
rescue and says that the mayor now wants to see you.  Exit your house 
and go to city hall.  Talk to the mayor and he will reward you with 
1000GP.  Now, leave city hall.  As you're leaving, the secretary 
(Carl's mother) will say something.  Go speak to her and she'll say 
that Carl still hasn't come back.  Hmm...

As you exit city hall, Nagisa will page you and say that your father is 
on his way home.  Head back home right away.  When you get home, 
Akihabara and Kurogane will be standing there.  Speak with Akihabara.  
He will congratulate you one your recent accomplishment.  After that, 
he'll say that he and Flavon are going on a trip.  With that, he 
leaves, leaving Kurogane behind this time.  Well, now time to find 
Carl.  Head back to Cave Mouth (the initial entrance).


This time, enter the small cave entrance at the beginning of the area.  
You should be in the same place Dr. Einst messed up at.  There should 
be a cop inside talking about someone taking the explosives from 
earlier.  That's not important right now, though.  Drill through the 
area that Einst tried to blast through (take that, Egghead!) and go 
through the passage and head north across the small stream and finally 
through the door.  To the northwest of this next room should be a 
weakened wall for you to drill through.  In front of it is a hidden 
Gel, so be careful (not that Gels are really anything to be worried 
about).  Go up through the hole and open the capsule for another Cure.  

Head back out and now through the northeast hole.  There might be 
another Gel in the room before going through the hole, so stay alert.  
Heading north through the hole, you will most likely encounter a 
spider.  They can be tough if you're a low level, so stay on your toes.   
Head right after the spider and there will be a path heading south.  
Directly right of that first spider is a hidden Gel, followed by 
another Spider.  Just head down until you come to a right turn with a 
Spider near it.  Head right then up through the narrow passage.  Before 
making it to the door, a Gel should appear.  Fight that if you wish, 
then go through the door.  

In this room, you can head right immediately to engage a Gel if you 
feel like fighting it.  If not, then head up (either fight or dodge the 
Spider) and through the door.  Head right and you should come to a few 
passage ways linked together with some Spiders in the main passage.  Go 
up, then take the first right.  Go down and through the door and a Gel 
will appear.  After fighting it, open the capsule for a Clean.  Head 
out and drill a hole through the wall across the way (should be north 
of the little chamber that had the Clean in it).  Open the capsule in 
there now for 250GP.  Head out and make your way towards the door to 
the left.  

It doesn't matter which way you take here.  Both sides are guarded by 
Spiders.  Again, you'll have to cross the stream.  Just don't get swept 
too far left.  As soon as you cross you'll hear an explosion.  Head up 
and a Gel will appear.  Get past that and head through the door.  In 
the next room should be a hole in the ground.  It really doesn't matter 
how you get down, either climb the rope or fall, just get down.  

Head west.  The door is shut tight and cannot be opened until later.  
Continue west and you will see a Hacker and a Spider at the very end of 
the passage.  Engage them or not, but just head down through the door.  
Here, you will see a scene with a rather peculiar creature.  He is 
called Meta Crab.  He isn't a real major character, but he does fill a 
little spot early in the game and even in a few lesser parts later on.  
He'll announce that he's going to take a shower and then leave the 
area.  Go out the door he did.  If you actually paid attention to the 
conversation between Meta Crab and the two Hackers, you might have 
noticed they said something about a Tetron.  Hmm... Buildling a plot 

Have you got a lot of money and some extra time?  If you're at least 
level 6, I suggest you try to learn Hammer 1.  After that, develop some 
Hammer 1's and combine them.  Soon as you've gotten a rank 8 Hammer 1, 
combine it with a rank 1 Sword 1 (Apply math if you have any other 
Sword 1's; So if you have a Sword 1 that's rank 5, you only really need 
to build your Hammer 1's up to rank 4.  Build such that their combined 
ranks make 9.)  Why do I ask you to do this?  To get a rank 9 Axe 1.  
It's probably the strongest weapon you can get right now and it should 
be incredibly useful from here on.  If you can, try to make enough to 
supply your current number of robots.  Anyway, back to the walkthrough.

From the room where you saw Meta Crab, head down through the door.  
Walk around the corner here and head west.  There should be a Hacker 
and a Spider along the way.  Eventually, you should see some water with 
a spider next to it.  Run across the water and you'll most likely have 
to fight a Hacker.  Whoop its tail and head through the door.  You 
should now be at the base entrance.  This is where the Hackers are 
stationed in this area. There is a Hacker at the entrance.  If you run 
up along the left side, you'll see a Hacker guarding the entrance.  You 
can't get him to move, it seems.  Hmm... What to do, what to do...

There should be a little cubby hole to the right of him.  Equip the 
Surprise Horn and blast it in the cubby hole (okay, that sounded a bit 
nasty...).  The Hacker will start moving.  You should then run down 
toward the rock formation to the lower left and wait (make sure you're 
not in his line of vision).  Once the Hacker starts heading right, run 
down, left, and through the narrow passage quickly.  Run to the door as 
fast as possible.  If you are seen, you can just as easily start over 

When you enter, a Hacker will ask you if you're one of the new workers.  
It doesn't seem to matter which one you say (yes or no).  After you've 
answered run past him and he'll run downward to block the entrance.  
Head up and around the corner and through the narrow passage.  Don't 
worry about the Hacker here, he's not an enemy (you can talk to him 
though).  Walk up and talk to the blonde haired prisoner.  This guy is 
Kotetsu.  You're going to be seeing quite a bit of him throughout your 
adventure.  After talking to him, he'll throw you on a trolley while he 
distracts the guard.  Upon getting off, open the capsule to the right 
to get a Scrap 4.  Head through the door. 

As you enter, there will be a spider right above you.  Head right and 
around this area a Hacker will appear.  That might prompt you to fight, 
so be careful.  After him is another Spider; Keep heading right.  
Another Hacker just might appear after that Spider.  Continue on.  At 
the end of the tunnel should be a Hacker guarding a door (another 
Hacker can appear way below the door).  Talk to him twice and he'll 
attack.  When you head into the next room, head to the upper right and 
through the door.  Meta Crab will say something to you.  He wants you 
to turn up the heat on his shower.  Do so, but not just once.  Keep 
doing it until he is silent (.......).  The door will automatically 
open.  Head up to the shelves and grab the key!

Head back to Kotetsu.  Before exiting the computer will fire up and ask 
for Meta Crab.  Walk up to it and push A.  Whoever it is, he thinks 
you're Meta Crab due to the faulty screen.  He/She/It will ask you if 
you've found the Tetron.  It doesn't matter what you answer, just do so 
and head back to Kotetsu (the guy with the blonde hair).  When you get 
back to him equip the key and talk to Kotetsu.  Follow Kotetsu's path.  
Remember when you went down the rope in this cave?  Near that is a door 
that was locked when you first got here.  There's now a Hacker in front 
of it.  Talk to the Hacker twice and he'll attack you.  Go through the 
door, then head east.  There will be a door with a somewhat evil 
lookign insignia in front of it.  Hmm... Remind anyone of Zelda: LTTP?  
Go through that door.  

You'll see Carl throwing bombs at Meta Crab, who seems to have 
recovered from the shower debacle.  Meta Crab will eventually notice 
that you're in the room.  All the mounting frustration has brought MC 
to the snapping point.  He's finally decided that he's taken enough 
crap and it's time to buckle down on a certain pest... YOU!  

Suggested Level: 6-7

If you're finding this guy too tough, then you should try to build up a 
really good weapon (one of the best weapons you can easily get right 
now is Axe 1 by combining Hammer 1 and Sword 1; I've noted this earlier 
in the walkthrough).  Building levels will also do you some good.  At 
this point, you should also be able to make Shield 1.  Combine Shield 1 
with a Clean to get Shield 2.  You may not need the extra defense if 
you're levels 6-7, but it's nice to have anyway.

Meta Crab has some weak offenses.  He shoots different kinds of 
projectile out that sweep across the screen.  Some of them have a 
random chance of putting you in Stop.  He can also shoot out little 
crabs at you which will either generate baby crabs or explode.  Don't 
even worry about the baby crabs.  They really shouldn't be much 

The best way to defeat him is to get behind him.  Do not use a triple 
attack run.  A single, close range shot should do it.  If you think 
it'll help you at all (which it probably won't), you can use Big Bombs.  
I highly recommend either Hammer 1 or Axe 1 when fighting this guy (try 
to get them as high as you can in ranks).  If you can get behind Meta 
Crab, you can cause quite a bit of damage.  I recommend doing so, but 
if you have to settle for the front, then that's the way it goes.  The 
guy probably has around 200-275 HP (the 275 part is probably a bit 
exaggerated).  It shouldn't take too long to take him down if you've 
got a strong enough weapon and a high enough level.

After you've defeated Meta Crab (I keep wanting to call him Meta Crap), 
he change into a crab (!?!?!?!).  That's when the brown-nosing and the 
butt-kissing starts.  After MC pulls his crabby head out of you... 
Um... You know... He'll crawl away.  He'll give you 1000GP.  Carl will 
thank you and ask you to follow him.  Go on, now.

Once outside the room, head toward the left and through the door that 
was previously closed.  Carl will look around and notice the remaining 
capsules have been opened. AWW!  Oh well...  You'll get your choice on 
which of the two remaining capsules you wish to open.  It doesn't 
matter which you do open, you'll get a Scrap 1 either way.  Carl gets a 
Litho.  Well, you've done your duty.  Good work!  Now, leave the 
dungeon and head back for Rococo...

NOTE: The Scrap 1 can be combined with Axe 1 to make Axe 2.  If you 
have A LOT of GP (relative to this part of the game), then you can try 
to build Axe 2 up to level 9 and have a fairly powerful weapon early in 
the game.  Remember, combining Sword 1 and Hammer 1 can make Axe 1.  
Continually combining Axe 1's with Axe 2 will build up Axe 2's level.


NOTE: I recommend having a third robot before fighting the second boss.


Once you're in Rococo, go straight home.  Nagisa will greet you.  She 
says that a "cute customer" is waiting for you.  Go to the back and 
Carl will be in front of one of your bookshelves.  Speak with him.  
Carl will give you Stone 1.  If you wish to mess around a bit with 
weapons and junk, now is a good time to do so.

When you're done at home, leave.  Before you can, Nagisa will tell you 
that she hasn't seen Kurogane around for a while.  She says to look at 
Father's House.  So, leave Rococo and go to Father's House.


Right as you get there talk to Kurogane.  The cat will move you away 
from the house.  Some Hackers will come out.  Hmm...  After they leave, 
follow Kurogane into the house.  You should see the cat at the top left 
of the screen in front of the dresser.  Inspect the dresser and you 
should get Father's Note.  He'll leave you a not-so-heart-warming 
letter.  Ah... Unemotion at its best!  

Walk out of your father's house and head down to the family shrine (it 
should be the tombstone-like structure to the southeast of the house).  
Inspect it and it should open this time, thanks to Stone 1.  


Family Shrine Information

Items Hidden:
Shield 2, Axe 1, 1000GP

Enemies Present:
Monk- Flame creatures.  They seem to be immune to bomb attacks.  They 
can attack using a flamethrower-esque attack or cause a rain of fire 
that can damage your robot and destroy all capsules on the field.  

Strategies:  I arrived here around level 9 or so. Against the Monks, I 
recommend you try to use melee weapons.  Bombs don't seem to have much 
of an effect on them.  I've never tried shoot-based weapons, but I 
guess it's worth a try.  

Head up the far left path.  At the end is a Monk (the fire creature) 
with a capsule next to it.  Open the capsule for Shield 2.  Now, go 
back to the beginning and head along the far right path.  As you're 
going along, a Monk will pop out. If you wish to advance, you must 
fight it.  Defeat it and get to the capsule at the end of the path.  
Open it for an Axe 1.  Now, back to the beginning again and through the 
middle path.  Bypass the door that you come to (if you want the item, 
that is) and head through the path to the lower right of the door.  
You'll probably have to fight a Monk near there, too.  Defeat it and 
open the capsule for 1000GP.  Head back up and go through the door you 
just passed. 

Go up through the next door into the small room.  A person will appear.  
The man is Rask.  Apparently, he claims you are his descendant.  He'll 
tell you a bit about the Tetron and say that he entrusted one of the 
pieces of the Tetron to a man named Count Prinky, who lives in the 
Forest of Illusion (which is east of Father's House).  Exit the shrine 
and leave Father's House.  A new path will open to the right.


Forest of Illusion Information

Items Hidden:

Mole- Burrowing rodents.  You can't see them on the screen until they 
dig out of the ground and head for you.  Can't be harmed while under 
Cmdr. (Commander)

Strategies: The Moles are really nothing if you're a high enough level.  
I recommend being about level 8 or so here.  Only attack the moles when 
their heads are sticking out.  They've got 26 HP (I found this out when 
I killed one with 26 damage, but one survived with 25 damage), so use 
only attacks that do that much or less.  If a mole does go underground, 
try not to stay in the same row as it, so as to save a little HP.    

Right as you enter, head up and almost immediately you will be attacked 
by a Mole.  If you're a high enough level, they shouldn't be too much 
of a bother.  Kill it/them and continue upward.  Two more Moles appear 
at the top of the screen.  After battling, go up into the next screen.  
You can go one of two ways here: Left or Right.  Do not go right unless 
you want to fight the different enemies that are over there.  If you do 
go right, there will be three paths you can take from there, each of 
which takes you back to another path and leads you around in circles 
(the south path will take you to the beginning, the north path will 
take you to the T-shaped intersection right after the beginning, and 
the east path will just keep sending you to the four-way intersection 
that it is currently found on.

Anyway, back to the T-shaped intersection (the second screen on the 
Forest of Illusion), you can fight a Mole here towards the middle of 
the intersection.  Whether you fought or not, head left.  The next 
screen is just a one-way curve towards the south.  There should be two 
Spiders and a Rushbird here.  Avoid or fight; Either way, head south.  
Another straight forward path here. There should be a couple Moles 
here.  Head down and curve east.  Another curve like earlier with a 
Rushbird and two Spiders.  Head up.  

You should see a blonde-haired woman here.  After this point, she'll 
become a regular character in this game.  Walk up an talk to her.  Her 
name is Mint.  When she asks if you want her to join you, say yes.  
From there, head up continually.  There will be several striaght 
forward paths head north.  Mint will add comments here and there.  
Eventually, she'll say that she can see a house.  At that moment, she 
will leave you and head for the house.  Head up out of this screen and 
that's it for the Forest of Illusion.  A path will open to the huge 
mansion above.  Head there.


NOTE: The Old House and the Clock Tower will be divided into two 
separate sections since they practically are different dungeons.  

Old House Information

Items Hidden:
Cure, Repair (x2), Clean, Light, 500GP, Sword 2

Inventor's Friends:
8- Hallway where you have to follow Igor without being seen.
9- Found near the library in the west wing. 
10- Found in the library in the west wing. 
11- Found in the library in the west wing.  

Enemies Present:
Ho Ho- Ghost creatures that can hit from a long range.  They can be 
fairly tough if you don't have a strong enough weapon or high enough 
level.  They can also use ice magic.
Cmdr. (Commander; past types)
Cmdr. (Commander- with machine gun)- This is a newer type of Commander.  
He can hit you from afar with his machine gun blasts.  If you're not 
very high in defense, he can do some good damage.
Plasmoke- Very tough smoke creatures.  Can absorb life or shoot long 
range, projectile attacks.  
Elesmoke- A bluish version of Plasmoke.  Has a bit higher attack and 
defense than Plasmoke.
Cmdr. (medic)- Gives health to your enemies.  

Strategies: There isn't a whole lot of strategy to apply here.  Ho Hos 
are pretty much the type of creature you can easily kill when you are 
powerful enough.  If you are not, I suggest avoiding them or at least 
making sure your robots have Shields.  Melee weapons seem to be enough 
to dispatch them, or you could use a Bomb if you're not close enough.  
My only suggestion on the new Commander is to have high defense.  
Hopefully, you have a high enough rating on your equipment to take out 
the Plasmoke.  Those guys have fairly high defense.  Melee weapons can 
destroy them, as can Bombs, but you'll need to have a necessary power 
rating to be able to take them out.  The same principle should be 
applied to Elesmoke, aside from the fact that the Elesmokes are a bit 
more powerful.  I did just find that Elesmokes can use lightning magic, 
which strikes random areas of the screen.  The medics are really no 
problem.  They can give health to your opponents or even use a light 
attack which damages your robot and destroys all capsules, but it can 
be easily blocked (if it isn't blocked, I've had robots gain status 
afflictions and even take much damage from that attack).

Right as you enter the Old House the door will mysteriously open.  Walk 
through it.  It will appear dark, but slowly a man will appear.  This 
is Igor.  He says he and Count Prinky have been expecting you.  After 
he steps through the door, follow him.  You should appear in another 
room with a staircase just above you.  Walk forward a bit and Igor will 
appear on the right and tell you to use the room near him to rest.  

Ah... In this room, we get our first appearance from Mamurana.  She is 
a possessed doll that you'll be seeing a lot in this section of the 
game.  You can see her up on top of the dresser.  When you get too 
close, she disappears.  Search both front sections of the dresser to 
get a Cure and a Repair.  Crawl in bed and you will have a dream 
involving Rask, Igor, and Prinky (with Mamurana in the back).  When you 
leave the room, you should see Igor walk in front of a door and 
disappear.  Go through that door.  Note that there is a staircase to 
the left of the door that takes you to another door on the west wall.  
You cannot go through this door yet, though.  You will be able to later 

After you've gone through the door Igor went through, you will appear 
in an elaborate hallway.  You should see Igor walking.  DO NOT FOLLOW 
CLOSELY BEHIND HIM.  If you do, he may spot you and send you back to 
your room. Wait in front of the door until he is about to round the 
second corner.  Before rounding the second corner, he will look behind 
him.  Once he starts moving again, round the second corner and wait 
(make sure Igor is still in your sight).  He should take a right turn 
and when he reaches the corner on that right turn, he will look behind 
him again.  From there, he should move upward through a narrow hallway.   
Wait just around the corner of the hallway.  He'll head left now.  Head 
just a ways up the narrow hallway, but do not round the corner.  Wait 
around the corner again because he will be looking back once again.  
Now, he should head up to a door and look behind him again.  Then he 
will disappear.  This gives you free reign over the hallway. 

                                          _____   __ 
                                         |  D  | | I|
                                    __   |     |_|  |
                                   | M|  |________ C| 
                                   |  |           | |
                                   |  |           |4|
                                   |  |    _______| | 
                                   |  |   |         |
                                   |  |___|    3    |
                                   |______         B|
                                          |     ____|
                                    ______|    |
                                   |        2 A|
                                   |    _______|
                                   |   |
                                   |   |        ____
                                   |   |       |    |
                                   | 1 |       | S  |
                                   |___|       |____|

Above is an ASCII rendition of the hallway you follow Igor through.  
Letters A-D are places that Igor will stop in alphabetical order.  
Numbers 1-4 are the places you should stand correspoding with each 
number (When Igor gets to A, you stand at 1.  When he's at B, you stand 
at 2 and so on...).  M is a special book you can read.  Nothing 
special, just builds the story a bit. S can be reached through a door 
and gives you a Shot 2.  I is Inventor's Friend Issue 8.

Before you go through the door Igor went through, you'll here him and 
Prinky talking.  Go through the door.  Walk up to the middle of the 
room and Mint will walk in.  She'll tell you to go back to your room.  
Do so.  On the way back you'll hear Mint yell. Go back inside.  You 
should see a couple different books that are a different color from the 
rest.  The one on the left isn't anything special, but does set the 
story a bit.  Read the one on the right and it will take you to a cut 
scene where Prinky gives you a tour of the mansion, so to speak.  After 
it's over, a hole will open in the middle of the room.  Drop down the 

You will fall down the hole.  Mamurana will appear and head towards you 
and speak.  After she leaves, you will be surrounded by Monks.  
Usually, you would be given the option to fight or run, but in this 
situation you must defeat the Monks.  So, kill all four Monks (they all 
seemed to drop items for me, but I don't know if that's guaranteed or 
not).  There is a capsule to the right, but you can't grab it yet.  
After you defeat the Monks head up to the door and press A.  Mamurana 
will be a bit surprised that you won, then she will open the door for 

As you head through the door, you will see Mink and an elderly man.  
When you get close enough, Mint will speak to you.  It seems the old 
man needs his dog.  Now, walk up and speak to the old man.  He is 
Flavon, a friend of your father.  He'll tell you that he's hurt and 
needs medicine from his dog's pack.  His dog is named Parsley and he 
likes shiny objects.  Hmm...

Head left and step on the button.  This will lower the barricades in 
front of you... and elsewhere.  Head back to the previous room real 
fast (where you saw the blocked-off capsule).  You can get to the 
capsule now; Open it for a Clean.  Head back into the room with Flavon 
and go out the door just north of the button.  You'll come into a long 
hallway (with a small room to the right with a capsule in it).  As 
you're running along, a skull will appear.  These skull-creatures are 
called Ho Hos, and they're actually ghosts (as you will see when you 
fight them).  Run up the hallway and through the door.  You should 
notice that the door just above you is blocked (as was the capsule you 
saw the the right).  Head right.  Before you can quite head up, a Monk 
will appear.  After you've killed or avoided it, head up.  As you head 
through the door, you may notice a button on the left.  You cannot get 
there yet.  Head all the way north, towards the door up that way.  You 
will most likely be attacked by a Monk on the way there.  The next room 
is very small, but there is a chain on the north wall.  Climb the chain 
and into the next screen.

You should be in the middle of Prinky's Mansion, exiting via the well.  
Up north is a door for you to head through.  Do so.  Head up the 
staircase and once you reach the top, you will be approached by Count 
Prinky.  He'll tell you that there is a white pest in the room.  It's 
your turn to go in and take care of it.  You'll see a small, white dog 
in there.  That is Parsley!  Remember that he likes shiny objects?  
Equip Stone 1 and talk to Parsley.  He'll say BOW WOW WOW!  With that 
profound statement made, he'll begin to follow you.  Take Parsley back 
to Flavon.  As you approach Flavon, Parsley will be happy and join his 
master.  Talk to Flavon.  A bit more story info will be given (nothing 
you really haven't heard before except that the Hackers are at the 
mansion doing something).  Mint will leave and you and Flavon will 
continue talking.  After he's done, speak to him again and he'll give 
you a Light.  Equipping the Light will increase your light radius, so 
you can see more.  Flavon will tell you where he can be found from here 
on.  Now, head back to the staircase where you saw Count Prinky. 

Once at the stairs, Prinky will appear again.  He will ask you if 
you've looked at the well, then saying that looking at the source of 
light will take you to a new path.  He says your friend lies waiting 
there.  He also warns you of Mamurana (even though he says "dolls," but 
it could be that either this is a translation error and Mamurana is 
truly the only doll or that there are many dolls and Mamurana is the 
leader).  According to Prinky, there is also something Rask left behind 
around here.  Head up through the door behind him (where you found 
Parsley), and finally through the door at the north wall in there and 
you will be at an R&D!  If you need anything developed, don't hesitate.  
If you haven't yet gotten Shield 2's for all your robots or Axe 1's or 
2's, then I suggest trying now.  The next objective I have in mind for 
you right now is saving up your money to build a third robot (if you 
haven't already and want to).  A third robot may prove helpful in 
future battles, both regular and boss battles.  

[THIS JUST IN: Some technically useless information.  Okay, so there is 
more than one doll.  Whether or not any or all of the dolls you have 
been seeing are Mamurana is questionable.  The reason I forgot that 
there was multiple dolls was that I haven't played this game in so 
long.  I found this out through a small scene in the Clock Tower.]

Anyway, go back to the room where you spoke with Prinky and head left.  
You'll be in a long structure connecting the north part of the east 
wing to the north part of the west wing.  Just head straight, there's 
nothing here except Mamurana watching you.  When you're in the next 
room, you will notice that Hackers are about.  You will most likely be 
attacked since one is so close and they moves so fast.  There should be 
a bookshelf above you with another book written by Rask.  It'll tell 
you of Rask naming a doll Mamurana (!).  Head left and then down 
through the door.  There will be two more Hackers in here, and just 
beyond them is the door you should head to to go the next room.  

You will appear in a hallway with a library on the other side of the 
wall on the left.  Head down the hallway and eventually a Monk will 
appear.  After that, head all the way down and into the next room.  You 
should notice a Ho Ho to the right as you enter.  The big question here 
is what to do first.  I recommend heading directly left.  You should go 
into a small room where there are two other doors, one to the north and 
the other to the west.  In this small room a Plasmoke will appear just 
to the south as well.  Head through the west door and into the bedroom.  

Inspect both front portions of the dresser at the top left.  There 
should be 500GP and a Repair inside.  Now, head back out, but this time 
go north.  You should appear in a hallway with a bookshelf at the upper 
left and a door on the other side.  If you want to read what's on the 
bookshelf, you'll have to fight a Plasmoke first.  It's worth it as 
this does teach you Axe 1.  Now, go back down and take the right turn, 
heading for the northeast door.  A Ho Ho should appear, so remain 
alert.  Walk up through the door and into the library.  A Ho Ho will 
appear.  Also found in this library is a Plasmoke.  So, what's so 
special about the library?  More Inventor's Friends!  In here should be 
Issues 10 and 11, which teach you Shield 3 and Power Pack respectively.  
There's also another volume of "My Life with Prinky."  Not necessary to 
read, but if you want a little plot builder, be my guest.  

Head out of the library and back to the area where you first saw the 
Plasmoke (or at least where I first mentioned it in this FAQ).  Head to 
the right and get out of that confined area and head down.  Just beyond 
the overpass (on the other side of the overpass are a couple Monks and 
a Plasmoke and a door to the bottom right that leads you to the east 
wing).  to the right, a Monk should appear right before you make it to 
the staircase.  If you head left and down after that, you will see a Ho 
Ho and a door leading to a room.  This room is empty now (sorry if you 
came here reading my directions; I just wanted to make you aware of 
this place).  I recommend heading down the stairs.  Take a right after 
that and go up, passing under the overpass.  A Plasmoke should appear 
just before you reach the door.  Head for the door and enter it.  

Inside, you'll see a little robot.  Talk to it a few times and it'll 
say a few different things.  Search the pillar in the middle of the 
room for a Sword 2.  After you've done all this, head back to the 
inside of the well.  Near the north end of the well should be a door on 
one side of a wall, but nothing on the other side (note that there is a 
Monk nearby).  Search the wall directly in-line of the door with the 
Light equipped.  A passage will open.  Once inside walk on the button 
and the barricades will go down.  Head south to the previously blocked 
off capsule with a Scrap 3 inside (there's also a Ho Ho to the left of 
the capsule).  Head back up, go left and up through the previously 
blocked door.  

As you walk into the next room there will be three Hackers talking 
amongst themselves.  You need them to get out of your way and they seem 
to be scared out of their wits by their exchange of ghost stories.  
Equip the Surprise Horn and give it a blast.  They'll all practically 
crap their pants and run away.  Now, walk into the door that they had 
blocked off and into the next room.  Just a small, one-way room leading 
to another door. Go through that and you're in the breaker room.  Just 
above you should be a small room.  Enter it and a cut scene will ensue 
between Mint and a Hacker in another small room.  The only way in is 
locked, though.  In the room you went into to initiate the cut scene 
should be a small switch on the north wall.  Continually flip the 
switch with the A button until finally the Hacker comes out (you will 
hear the door open).  Now, turn the light on and go talk to Mint.  She 
will tell you that Parsley seems to have something the Hackers want.  
After that, she will take off looking for Flavon.  Now, time to find 

First, you want to look for Flavon.  You want to be in the south part 
of the west wing (where you have the overpass and the room with the 
robot).  Flavon should be in the room directly to the left of the 
entrance to the south portion of the west wing (assuming you came from 
the north).  Go into that room and you should see Flavon in bed with a 
Hacker right next to him.  After the Hacker speaks with him a bit, he 
will notice you and attack.  Defeat the Hacker, it shouldn't be a 
problem.  After you have, he'll suck up to you and you'll be able to 
get some info out of him.  He'll tell you that his boss, Blackmore, has 
plans to grab something called the Tetron.  After that, the selection 
will pop up again.  From there, you just need to select the second 
selection and let him by.  Now, go talk to Flavon.  

Flavon will tell you that Parsley hid an item called the Clock Tower 
Key.  Flavon then gives you and idea for an invention called Relay.  
This will allow you to speak with animals.  Now, head out of here and 
go to the R&D and develop a Relay.  Now, equip the Relay and go outside 
to area with the well.  You will see Parsley walking around.  With 
Relay equipped, you can talk to him and he'll tell you where the key 
is.  It should be right in front of the well.  Inspect the area and you 
will obtain the Clock Tower Key.  Now, you can head to the Clock Tower.   

Before going to the Clock Tower, there are a few things you should do.  
First is beef up. Get yourself to about level 9 or so (I was level 12 
by this point, but I had also done a bit extra leveling on the side).  
Also, be sure you have your third robot ready to go.  If you don't 
already have any Axe 1's (at least) for your robots, I highly recommend 
you get them.  If you saved the Scrap 1, you can combine that with Axe 
1 to get Axe 2, although it really isn't worth taking the time or 
spending the money to boost this up to level 9 to replace a level 9 Axe 
1 since there is only a 10 point difference in strength between the 
two.  By now, all you robots should have at least Boots 2.  If you 
want, you could make a Power Pack for a Power-centered robot, but for 
3000GP to raise Power only 10 points is a bit like highway robbery in 
my opinion.  Therefore, I don't highly recommend it.  I would also 
recommend your robots have Shield 3.  

Once you have everything read, go back to the beginning of the Old 
House and leave out the front door.  Head all the way around the house 
to the back and you'll see a locked up structure.  This is the Clock 


Clock Tower information

Items Hidden:
Cure, Scrap 1, Scrap 6

Enemies Present:
Mummy- Wrapped undead beasts.  Fire projectile shots.  They can also 
become invisible.  
Franken- Creatures that look like Frankenstein's monster.  
Ho Ho

Strategies: The Mummies can be taken down with a Bomb if you're close 
enough and strong enough.  I recommend using melee weapons, though.  
Those can do more damage (assuming they're strong enough, and they 
should be by now) and don't use up as much charge time.  When/If 
Mummies go invisible, remember their position because they will stay 
still.  They cannot be harmed when in this state, however.  Frankens 
can be tough if you're a low level.  If one hit cannot make them 
succumb, use a triple-hit combo. 

No, there's no Scissorman in this Clock Tower.  Just Mamurana.  Equip 
the key and use it on the locked door to get into the Clock Tower, then 
go inside.  You'll see a locked door with a switch to the left.  Hit 
the switch to open the door and go through.  This place can be somewhat 
complex, but not extremely.  Anyway, here is the layout to this part.  
In the small room you're currently in, there are paths to the left and 
right.  There's also a couple of Mummies in this room.  To the left is 
a locked door with an Elesmoke in front of it and to the right is a 
blocked off area behind a door (and a Mummy in front of the door).  The 
only place to go is straight up (through the door with the plaque next 
to it).  In this little area should be an Elesmoke to the left and a 
Mummy to the right.  After you've finished them off or retreated, go up 
through the door on the left (which should take you to the second 

You should see a door on the north wall.  Go through it and it will 
take you to a very small ledge with a capsule and an Elesmoke.  Open 
the capsule for a Cure.  Head back out and start heading south.  There 
should be a couple of Frankens that appear in your path.  Go through 
the door on the right.  A Ho Ho should appear in this small section.  
Head down through another door.  There should be a locked door to the 
right and a blocked off path directly to the south.  Head right and 
down, taking the path in front of the locked door (there should be a 
Mummy that appears) and go through the door here.  This should lead to 
a very straight-forward path heading left with a Plasmoke in your way.  

Through the door to the left here and you will be brought to an O-
shaped room.  There should be a plaque on the wall and a switch next to 
it.  Flip the switch and head back the way you came.  Remember that 
last locked door you saw?  It's now open!  This is the only locked door 
that is currently open.  The other at the beginning is still closed.  
Head through the newly unlocked door and you will see a Ho Ho appear 
and a drop-off on the left side of the ledge.  Drop off the drop-off 
(novel idea!) and you will land in the area on the first floor that was 
previously blocked off.  Step on the button and it will lower the 
barricades below.  Go north through the door.  

You will see Mint is cornered by a mouse.  If you speak with Mint, 
she'll ask you to get rid of the mouse.  Equip the Relay and speak with 
the mouse and she will tell you one of her babies is trapped inside 
Mint's bag.  Mint will let the baby out and the mice will leave.  Mint 
will soon leave and that will be your cue to flip the switch to the 
left and head out of the room.  That will open the locked door to the 
left of the entrance.  Go through it and you will get a Scrap 1 from a 
capsule (upon opening the capsule, a Monk and an Elesmoke should 
appear).  Head back up to the second floor- You should be able to get 
past the barricades that were there.  If you return to this room, 
you'll see the young mouse.  Speak to him with the Relay and he will 
tell you to search the left wall.  Go through it and you'll see a 
capsule with Scrap 6!

Cross the downed barricades (they should be right after you get past 
the two Frankens and the Ho Ho) and head left through the door (note 
the Mummy that appears just below the barricades.  You should be heaing 
left down the path and a Mummy will appear near the top of the path.  
There should also be a locked door on the west half of the path.  Head 
through the door on the west wall.  You should come to another O-shaped 
room with a plaque and a switch.  Go back out and up through the locked 
door (which should be open now) and through the door to the third 

Here on the third floor, a Plasmoke should appear to the right.  Hit 
the switch to the right of the plaque and go through the door.  A small 
cut scene will happen and the dolls will prevent you from going 
further.  You will be thrown out of the room.  Re-enter and the mouse 
you helped earlier will help you out in turn (If you haven't helped the 
mouse out yet, then I suggest you look about two paragraphs up).  You 
can now go through the door.  In this room, you can climb down using 
the left chain.  Walk over to it and climb all the way down.  Head up 
through the door into a strange-shaped hallway.  Here, go up through 
the narrow hall on the right and push the switch to open the door.  
Now, go through the door and watch the small cut scene between Mamurana 
and the Hacker.  Walk up to the middle of the room.  Mamurana will 
speak.  She seems to know why you're here... And she seems pretty 
pissed off!

Recommended level: 11-12; Although higher definitely wouldn't hurt. 

Our sweet and lovable doll from Hell has become a gigantic killer bee-
butterfly-moth-monster-...thing.  She has some odd attacks... If you're 
robots aren't very powerful, then Mamurana will just walk- er... fly 
all over them.  One ability she possesses is the ability to clone 
herself. Her clones are significantly weaker than her, but can range in 
stats.  If you're high enough of a level and have good weapons 
(again... Axes!), you should be able to take out the clones with a shot 
or two.  I've also noticed that if she spawns a clone where you're 
standing, it will automatically die.  Mamurana also loves to do her 
lightning attack, so if you have to guard, then do not remain in the 
same line with her.  She also has a pollen attack that she shoots out 
in front of her which can put status (I believe) afflicitions on your 
robot.  All over her attacks can do quite a bit of damage.  That is why 
I recommend having the best defense possible before initiating this 

Notice a few things to your advantage.  First off, she is much weaker 
when hit from behind.  Also, she cannot change lines.  She is 
apparently confined to a line and her only true means of changing lines 
is when she clones herself. So, if she does no cloning, then she can 
not change lines.  Hit her with single shots using a melee weapon.  
Using a robot that is Power-centered might also help. Using my Power-
centered robot, I was able to do about 100 damage (of course, I was 
level 13).  Just be sure that your Power robots have decent enough 

It is not necessary to try to kill both clones.  Just work on one 
Mamurana at a time; The others can't hurt you.  If one dies, then move 
to another one.  

Bombs have little effect on Mamurana, so I recommend not using those.  
Triple shots and most Run attacks also seem to do nothing.  You'll get 
~50 megs of data for defeating Mamurana.  

Mamurana will speak... Then shut the living hell up!  Inspect her 
inanimate body and you will get Stone 2!  The Hacker you just saved 
will thank you, announce that he is quitting the Hackers, and leaves.  
Leave the room and Mint will be just outside.  She'll say that she's 
got a top story to write now and leaves.  Follow her and as you leave 
you'll see Prinky and Igor appear behind you and say a few things.  
Outside this room you will see Flavon.  He will speak to you and the 
two of you will automatically go back to Rococo...



You will be in Flavon's house.  He'll speak with you and a cutscene 
will ensue.  After it's over, Flavon will say something about a South 
Island.  Hmm... There's nothing in Flavon's house, just leave.  Head 
back home and Nagisa will tell you that you got an invitation to an 
island resort and that the boat leaves shortly.  Now, do anything that 
you really need at the moment (such as buy supplies or make items) and 
get ready to leave.  As you leave, a new path will clear to the left of 
Rococo.  Head there.


There is no information for this place because there really isn't much 
here.  Head toward the docks to the left and make your way to the boat.  
There should be a tribal guy standing in front of the boat.  Speak to 
him to make him move, then board the ship.  You're well on your way to 
the South Isle.


Much like before, nothing much here.  You will exit the boat as it 
docks at the pier.  Speak to the tribal as you get off and he'll escort 
you to the village.  Just leave this place, there's nothing special 
here except the boat (which can take you back to Rococo whenever need 
be).  As you exit the pier, a new path will open to the right.  Go to 
the village, now.


Village Information

Smoke Bomb: 30GP
Cure: 90 GP
Clean: 150GP
Repair: 450GP
Big Bomb: 300GP

The first duty I place in your hands is to explore.  There are only 
four buildings here: The tool shop and inn at the south end of town, 
the shaman's house at the northwest corner, and the elder's house at 
the northeast corner.  You may also notice that the Rococo mayor and 
Mint are also here.  Mint will tell you that all who have received 
invitations have turned up missing.  Hm...

After you've explored and normed yourself with the area (which 
shouldn't take long), head to the elder's house.  You will see a 
conversation between the elder and the shaman.  When they are done 
talking the shaman will leave and push you out of the way.  Now is the 
time to speak with the elder if you really wanted to (although he 
doesn't say a whole lot).  Exit the elder's house.  You can also go to 
the shaman's house, although there really isn't much there, either.  
When you've had enough, head to the inn and hop into bed (your bed 
should be the one on the left).   

You will have another of those dreams.  You should see a strange, 
robot-like figure on what appears to be the nearby volcano.  He'll say 
a few intriguing things, then a tribal will come up and scream, then 
run away.  The dream sequence will end and...

Head outside the inn and just to the right and a bit below should be a 
red-haired tribal.  Speak to him and he'll escort you now to the 
volcano.  Leave the village and a pathway will open to the volcano.


Volcano Information

Items Hidden:
Outside Volcano: Celtis 1, 300GP 
Inside Volcano Cave: 500GP, Repair
Trash Chute Area: Cure

Enemies Present:
Powermole- A suped-up version of the original mole.
Gator- Small, but fierce alligator monsters. 
Bosstoad- Giant, toads that hop around upright.  
Turbo- Suped up version of the Mine. (See Volcano Base section for 
Gold Cmdr.- (see Volcano Base section for details) 
Quickbirds- High powered versions of Rushbirds.
Maskers- They appear invisible on the regular screen.  
Beret- Invisible like the Maskers.  Guys with cannons.
The Powermole is basically just a powered up version of the regular 
Mole.  So, just apply the same prinicples, except taking into 
consideration higher stats.  I've noticed that higher forms of boots 
are quite helpful this early in the game.  I don't quite remember the 
regular Moles having this attack, but it seems the Powermoles have the 
ability to cause great fissures that damage you and all capsules.  So, 
if you really want to open capsules, go for those first.  Gators can be 
a bit nasty.  When you first encounter them, they may be able to do 
loads of damage if you havne't been leveling up.  They have one attack 
in which they drop a weight on you that can do damage even in 
relatively higher levels.  They don't have very high defense, though, 
and can be take out just as easy as any other enemy.  They also use 
projectile attacks that really aren't much to worry about.  Pray they 
use those more than the weight attacks. 

The Bosstoads have one aspect to them that makes them a bit formidable, 
but one fatal flaw.  They have high defense and relatively high attack 
(they can do a bit of damage), but they are just so damn stupid!  I 
think their AI might have been programmed stupid on purpose.  I was 
actually allowing one to get hits off on me and he just kept 
maneuvering around me and stopping in completely different rows than I 
was or pointlessly attacked capsules.  Use this stupidity to your 
advantage.  Just make sure your attacks do a good amount of damage or 
you're screwed.  The Quickbirds can be very deadly.  Even at level 17 
with some relatively good stats, they were taking off half of my HP.  
They still died with one hit, though.  If you're not ready for 
Quickbirds, RUN!  Just one peck almost dropped one of my 'bots.  I've 
also noticed that their pecks CAN destroy your robots quite easily.  
Level 17 and one of my robots was hit for 45 damage when most enemies 
around this time were doing 1-5 damage.  Maskers are probably the 
deadliest of them all.  You cannot see them when walking around, but 
when you do initiate more than one, run.  They can easily decimate your 
group with their powerful water balloon attack.  On the flip side, they 
have just under 30 HP, so if you can cause that much damage and you're 
only fighting one, give it a try.  Two is a bit iffy and three you 
should just run unless you feel like repairing your robots.  I've also 
noticed that bombs do very little against them.  Berets are even worse 
than Maskers.  These guys have high defense AS WELL AS high power.  
They do have low HP, however.  I was able to take one out with about 18 
damage (two blows of 9 damage each).  I recommend leaving these guys 
alone all together, though.  

Soon as you arrive at the volcano, head right.  Open the capsule that 
you should eventually come to and you will get a Celtis.  Head back to 
the beginning, only this time head north.  Pass the stairs and head 
toward the capsule that should appear.  Open it for 300GP.  Now, head 
up the stairs.  Head right and up another set of stairs, then up and 
left toward the tribal.   Speak to him.  He'll give you access into the 
volcano.  Descend into it.  Walk around a bit.  In fact, purposely walk 
to far and the tribal will take away the rope.  Don't worry, this is 
supposed to happen.  

If you feel like challenging everything in sight, you could head down 
the path to the left and battle the Powermole in the small, confined 
area.  Just for experience and whatever you could get from the battle, 
I do recommend it.  That and it's a good way to test the waters of this 
area; A good way to assess your robots' power against modern enemies.  
Either way, you're going to have to head right (which is the direction 
in which you trigger the rope to disappear). 

Okay, there should be several different pathways to go.  If you head 
straight down from the spot that triggers the rope event, you will come 
to a Spider and a door leading to a pathway heading east.  You will see 
a capsule at the end of the pathway, but there's also a Powermole 
guarding it (it's hidden underground, so you can't immediately see it).  
Battle the Powermole, then open the capsule for 500GP.  Head back out.  
It seems your only option is to go right of the area that triggered the 
rope event.  There are two pathways to the right: Up and Down.  Down is 
only for the sporty types.  It leads to a confined area with a couple 
Spiders.  Up will take you to a narrow path, followed by a small room 
with a Spider and a door.  Kill the Spider if you wish and head through 
the door.  

After heading through the door, know that there is a Powermole hidden 
to your left.  Before doing anything on the left, though, go across the 
land bridge just up above you.  On the other side, a Powermole should 
appear, so stay alert.  There's another land bridge just to the north, 
but it leads to nothing so just leave it alone.  Take the path to the 
far right and head up.  You should notice a capsule at the end of the 
path.  Guarding the capsule is another hidden Powermole.  It doesn't 
look like you'll be able to avoid this one easily, so just kill it.  
After you've finished off the pesky rodent, open the capsule for a 
Repair.  Head back to the start of this area.  Head toware the path 
that is west of the first land bridge.  You should notice that there 
are actually two paths west of the land bridge: One heading left and 
the other heading up.  The one heading left is another for the sporty 
people.  There's nothing there but a few Powermoles.  Up takes you to a 
strange, metal wall with a door in it.  Go through the door and... 


Volcano Base Information

Items Hidden: 
Cure (x2), 600GP (x2), Key, 800GP, 400GP (x2), Scrap 4, 298GP (x2), 
Scrap 7, Clean, 5000GP (don't get too excited, you'll be losing it 
soon), Sword 4

Inventor's Friend
12- R&D
13- R&D
14- Secret Room
16- Dr. Einst's room
17- Secret Room

Enemies Present:
Gold Cmdr. (Commander)- Same Commanders as before, but stronger.  These 
ones are also more likely to call reinforcements, so stay alert.  
Minicom- Small Hackers.  Can pack quite a punch for their size.  They 
also have a highly damaging attack that occurs when you kill them.  Be 
thankful they don't have a whole lot of HP (< or = 30)
Gunrobot- Bouncing, one-eyed robots.  They can do a bit of damage if 
they hit you from behind, so don't leave yourself too widely open.  
Biolion- Mutated lions.  
CannonX- Robots with huge cannons on their backs.  

Strategies: Noting much to apply to Turbo except the usual level rule.  
They basically have the same attacks as a Mine, except with higher 
stats.  Good levels and weapons will dispatch them with one shot.  The 
new Commanders (the gold ones) are a bit of the same.  No new attacks 
and they can be easily taken out.  Be sure you have good equipment for 
this area.  The Minicoms can pack one hell of a punch if your robots 
are weak.  They're bomb attacks can be devestating and they can be pain 
to take out if you don't have high levels (if you don't, then I 
recommend running).  The one thing I recommend the highest when 
fighting Minicoms is long range weapons.  Why, you ask?  When they die, 
they crumble apart and their parts do TONS of damage to your robots.  
Even at level 16, they were tearing my robots apart with their crumble 
attacks.  Bombs may not be the best choice, but if you're a high enough 
level they can take them out.  So, I do recommend having at least one 
robot in this area with a long range weapon.  Gunrobots are fairly weak 
for the most part, especially if your levels are high.  They have two 
attacks: a charge attack (the more powerful of the two) and a laser 
attack.  If you really want to cause some damage, wait until they get 
close enough to you, then hit them from behind.  I've also found that 
they are fairly strong against bomb attacks.  The Biolions are much 
like Gunrobots, except a bit weaker.  Just apply the same basic 
strategy to these guys as Gunrobots.  Same thing goes for CannonX.  The 
only difference with CannonX is that these guys can absorb life.  They 
also tend to absorb relatively good sized amounts.  

You'll be inside what appears to be a Hacker base.  How do you know 
it's a Hacker base?  Well, there is a Hacker standing right there 
talking to you!  He'll recognize you as "the new sacrifice guy."  
Sounds like a Rob Zombie song title, no?  Well, you're in the new 
"shop" and if you try to run, you'll be thrown into the volcano 
according to the Hacker.  From here, head down.  You will see a Turbo 
with a long pathway heading south.  There's nothing down there, but if 
you want to kill the other two Turbos down at the end of the path, be 
my guest.  It's nice to gain some experience.  Anyway, you should 
notice a door to the left.  Go through it to enter a room with a Turbo 
and a capsule.  Open the capsule for a Cure.  

Head back up into the shop where you were sent to earlier.  You should 
notice a switch to the right of the right treadmill.  Press the switch 
and the treadmills will reverse.  Walk on one of them through one of 
the doors and into the next room.  You will come to a very complex room 
indeed.  You should see Hackers pacing around throughout this area.  If 
one sees you, you will be sent back to the beginning.  

First thing's first.  Go into the path to the right of the sign 
proclaiming this month to be Work Build-Up Month.  Wait out of the view 
of the Hacker pacing above.  He should pass you on his way to the left 
and then pass you again while heading right.  After he passes you while 
heading right, run out from behind him (press the button if you want, 
but you won't be needing it just yet) and head down into the hiding 
place created by the crates.  Run around to the far right side of the 
crates and when he begins heading left, run out and up the corridor to 
the right of the button.  Keep heading up until you come to a room with 
a Hacker patrolling in a rectangular pathway.  Try not to let him see 
you (possibly even follow right behind him or just run when he's not 
looking left), but head to the upper left.  Run down the stairs and 
head right.  Pass the door and keep going past the overpass.  You 
should come to a capsule in a corner.  Open it for a Cure.  Head back 
to the door you just past and go through it. 

You'll be in a bathroom.  A couple of Hackers will be taking a leak and 
talking.  Eventually, one of them will turn around and run towards you.   
He seems a bit panicky because he slipped something he shouldn't have.  
You will be given two choices.  The first one does nothing at all and 
just causes him to repeat the process.  Pick the second choice and 
he'll put a stamp on your hand.  With this stamp, you can be admitted 
into various secret rooms and labs throughout the base.  Head back out 
of the bathroom.  Head back to the first guy I had you sneak past (the 
one guarding the button).  If you haven't pressed the button yet, do so 
now and head up the treadmill.  You'll notice that you will stop with 
another treadmill to the left of you and a Hacker patrolling just 
above.  Head right because there's nothing above, it's just a trap.  
Now, you will be caught in an area with three treadmills around.  The 
one to the right you just came from.  One below you leads down and 
another leads to the left.  Take the one leading the left.  You can 
only head down from here.  Sneak past the guard and head straight down 
and through the next treadmill (which should be heading down).  There 
should be another switch to the right.  Be quick, though.  There is a 
Hacker running around in this area.  Hit the button and make it go red, 
then head back up through the treadmill you just came on.  Sneak back 
up to the treadmills above and take the one that leads up.  Run across 
the overpass and into the room.  There should be a Hacker guarding a 
door to the left.  If you have a stamp on your hand, he will let you 
pass.  If you've been following the walkthrough, you should have a 
stamp by now.  Go through the door.

Notice the new enemies?  Hackers as usual, only one of them is gold and 
the other is a tinier version of the regular Hackers.  Careful for the 
Minicom (the small Hackers that run around).  They can be very powerful 
if you're not very strong.  If you do plan to fight Minicoms, use long 
range weapons.  It seems that when you kill them, they break apart and 
can do massive damage to your robots.  After you get past the first two 
enemies you see in this area, head down the hallway that you see just 
below the door you entered.  You should come to a little area with 
another Gold Hacker and a Minicom patrolling the area.  To the left 
should be a door leading to a little room with a capsule in it.  
Whenever you can, get to the capsule and open it for 600GP.  If you 
haven't destroyed the enemies and would like to, go right ahead, then 
go through the door on the far left wall.  

You'll see a locked door with the evil looking insignia you saw before.  
You really can't do much, but run up to the door and inspect it.  
You'll actually spy some words of a conversation between a couple 
different villains in the game.  After a while, they'll kick a Hacker 
out and sentence him to 100 years of toilet cleaning and he'll scramble 
out of the area.  Nothing more you can do here after that.  Head back 
to the area with all the treadmills and head straight to the bathroom 
you were in earlier.  There should be a Hacker in there walking around 
(quite possibly the one that was sentenced to toilet duty).  Speak to 
him and he'll walk into the other room.  After he comes out it's... 
Kotetsu!  Talk to Kotetsu and go follow him into the next room.  He'll 
be standing on the right side of the screen.  He'll tell you that if 
you wish to escape, you have to use the door just behind him.  It's the 
trash chute.  Go through the door and down the chute.  


You're back in the Volcano, and you've got to escape.  For information 
on this area, just look back at Volcano Information.  Items will be 
listed under "Trash Chute Area."  Anyway, after falling down take a 
left.  You'll see some strange crocodile-like creature bouncing around.  
These are Gators.  Defeat that then head left some more.  Another new 
creature.  It should look like a giant, biped toad hopping around.  
These are called Bosstoads.  There's not much to worry from them.  They 
have probably the worst AI program in the game (I think they were made 
that way on purpose, too).  After the first Bosstoad, head down.  Along 
your way down should be another Bosstoad and a Spider to the right.  
Don't go right just yet though.  Go down.  Battle the Bosstoad on the 
way down may be inevitable.  Battle your way past it and just to the 
south should be a capsule being guarded by a Gator.  Again, battle may 
be inevitable.  Kill the Gator and take the Cure from the capsule.  

After you've gotten the Cure, head back up and go right (where you see 
the Spider walking around).  There's nothing in taking the path just 
south of the Spider, so ignore it and continue right.  The pathway will 
curve downward and along the path heading down are a Spider and a 
Bosstoad.  Get past them and... Two more Bosstoads!  From here, the 
path begins to move left.  So, after the Bosstoads here, head left and 
you'll come upon another Gator.  You should notice that just down from 
the Gator is a door.  Also, just to the left is another Spider and a 
door just down from it as well.  Only take the one below the Gator if 
you really badly want to battle the Bosstoad on the other side.  Other 
than that, there is nothing there.  So, after getting past the Spider, 
head through the door just below it.  

You should be to the left side of a lava flow dividing the room in 
half.  You will be instantly greeted by a Bosstoad as you enter.  Get 
past this one and continue downward.  The path will curve right for a 
few steps, but there is a Gator impeding your way with another Gator 
just south of it.  Fight or whatever, just keep heading down until you 
reach the door.  Run through it.  You'll appear in a small room with a 
Spider nearby.  Get past that and head down through the door.  There's 
nothing to the right.  Head down, fighting or passing the two Spiders 
that will appear, then head right.  Head to the right now and you'll 
see a Gator and a Spider patrolling.  There's nothing to the north but 
a strange, sealed temple of sorts.  You can't get inside... yet.  
Continue right and through the door.  

Right here is where you want to be careful.  You cannot see them, but 
there are enemies in this room.  They're invisible, and quite powerful.   
They're called Maskers.  Even at high levels, they can take your team 
out easily.  Even at level 18, they were able to kill one of my 'bots 
with just one attack. I highly suggest running if you are attacked by 
one.  If you feel gutsy, give it a try but save first.  Head straight 
to the door and you will be taken to another room.  This one also has 
an invisible surprise.  It's called Beret and it's -worse- than the 
Maskers.  I recommend just running from these guys as well.  Head 
straight for the door.  Ah, finally out!


You should appear in the Shaman's Hut.  Walk out of the hut and you'll 
scare a villager.  Guess he's never seen a dead guy walk before... Head 
to the elder's hut and speak to the elder.  After a bit of talking, 
Mint will walk in.  Before long, the villagers will be packing you and 
Mint into the crate and offering you as a "sacrifice."  


Back here again.  This time you'll be in a shrine-like area, still in 
the box.  Before long, some Hackers will come along and take you back 
to the base...


Yep, you're here again.  You and Mint will walk out.  Mint will inspect 
the area a bit.  Take a few steps and Dr. Einst will appear.  He'll go 
face-to-face with Mint and run off, prompting Mint to follow him.  Open 
the capsule at the top of the room for a key.  To the left is also a 
bookshelf with Inventor's Friend 16 (which teaches you Quick Pack).  
For giggles, you can also run over to that strange knob in between the 
two statues and inspect it.  The Shaman will note that "the Diety's 
voice sounds different."  Get out of this room.  

This should all look familiar from here.  This is the door you couldn't 
get through earlier.  Heading through the door to the lower right will 
take you back to the hallway full of gold and tiny Hackers.  Once 
you're in that hallway, head north and through the door at the upper 
left.  Yep, now you're back in the huge room full of conveyer belts.  
If the button you see after entering this is red, push it so that it is 
white and make your way through the belts again.  You'll want to move 
as if you're heading toward the bathroom from earlier.  Yep, that's 
your destination.  

Head inside and talk to Mint.  After that, head into the next room and 
you should see a Hacker walking around.  Don't worry, he's benevolent.  
Go into the Exec. Toilet.  Inspecting the toilet should take you to a 
new area.  Head out and you should see some rather unfamiliar 
surroundings.  First, head right.  You won't be able to go into the 
room above.  There is a sign saying that it's the room with the 
Earthquake Machine.  Awkward... Head down.  Open the capsule for 400GP.   
Head back out of this room.  To the south should be a narrow walkway 
with some white things on it.  You cannot see it with the naked eye, 
but there is a motion detection beam streaming between the two.  Should 
you walk between the two detectors when the beam is active, the door 
above you will open and some Hackers will come out and attack you, so 
be careful.  Head across the bridge of sorts and into another room.  
You should see the familiar boss insignia on the floor.  Inspect the 
wall near it and it'll mention something strange.  Head back to the 
Exec. Toilet.  After you land back where you came from, head out and 
speak to Mint.  She'll wander off again.  Head out of the toilet.  Do 
you remember the locked door with a mouse near it?  It should be just 
to the right of the bathroom (it's on the upper level).  Go there, 
equip the key in your inventory, and use it on the door.  Head through.

The first thing you should see is a couple of Turbos walking around.  
Do with them as you wish.  You should also see a sign at the top of the 
screen.  This sign should read that the door next to it leads to the 
lunchroom.  Enter this area.  You can talk to any Hackers here, but 
most importantly talk to the one on the very far right.  It's Kotetsu.  
He'll tell you that you can benefit from owning a pair of Chameleon 
Glasses.  He won't give them to you, either.  He says you must head to 
the R&D.  So, how do we get there?  Simple.  Head back out of the lunch 
room, but this time go right.  You should be in an area with railings 
in different locations.  There should also be mini-Hackers and gold 
Hackers all over the place.  Just head right.  At the end of the hall 
should be a sign.  It will give you directions to different areas of 
the base.  Notice the top one shows that there is an R&D just to the 
north!  Head through the door.

The first thing that will most likely catch your eye here is the new 
type of enemy.  The one-eyed jumping robots are called Gunrobots (very 
original and mindblowing name, no doubt).  To the right of the first 
Gunrobot you fought should be a capsule with 800GP.  Head up.  You 
should see a couple of motion detectors on either side of the walkway. 
If you really want, you can head left although there isn't anything 
that way except a couple of Gunrobots.  Instead, go through the door 
(you'll have to open it with the A button).   

As you enter this new area you will see some new enemies yet again.  
The new one will look like some weird, deformed lion with fly wings.  
These are called Biolions.  They shouldn't be incredibly strong, so 
don't worry.  Another thing that should be brought to your attention is 
the new type of robot in this area that looks just like the Gunrobot on 
the field screen.  These guys are called CannonX. After getting past 
the first Biolion and CannonX that you see, head left and then up.  
After the narrow walkway should be some more motion detectors.  Just 
north of the detectors is a capsule guarded by a couple of enemies.  
The capsule contains 400GP if you can reach it.  You should know that 
the way you want to go is northwest of the motion detectors; Through 
the door.  

Running all the way left and... YOU'VE MADE IT TO THE R&D!!!! ...Only 
to be told that you're not allowed in.  Feh.  You'll have to deliver 
lunch to these guys.  Before you do, though, there's a few things I 
recommend doing first...

There should be a staircase just west of the door you came through 
(there should be a Biolion just near it).  Notice that all around this 
staircase on the floor you're on, there really isn't anything but 
enemies.  If you'd like some experience, jog around this area and take 
out the enemies as you go.  Then, head down the staircase.  To the left 
should be a CannonX and a door right beyond it.  After the door should 
be a capsule with 600GP inside.  Go back out the door and head right.  
Go through the door and into the next room.

You should have already been in this room before, just not on this 
level of the room.  There's a Biolion just near you, and just to the 
north of it, beyond the overpass, is a capsule.  Inside is a Scrap 4.  
After that, head east past the overpass.  You should see another 
Biolion and a closed door here.  Open the door and enter.  3 capsules 
await you inside.  Open them: Two have 298GP (nice round number, no?) 
and one has a Scrap 7.  Go back outside.  Head back towards the door 
you came through originally (where you saw the first Biolion in this 
room and head down into the next room.  

Head right.  After the CannonX should be some Hackers in a straight 
line.  Ignore them for the time being and grab the capsule just to the 
south.  There should be a Clean inside.  The Hackers to the right will 
not let you in or even budge, so just ignore them.  

What you want to do right now is head to the kitchen in the lunchroom 
and speak with the cook.  He'll give you lunch to give to the guys in 
the R&D.  Now, head all the way back to the R&D.  He'll let you in now.  
In here, Inventor's Friend Issues 12 and 13 can be found.  Read the big 
red book to learn how to develop the Chameleon Glasses.  Now, head into 
the R&D and make some Chalemeon Glasses (they should only cost 10GP to 

Once you have the Chameleon Glasses made, equip them.  Everything will 
go to a redder tint, but you should now be able to see certain 
invisible things in the game (such as the motion detector rays and even 
the invisible enemies from before like Masker and Beret).  Your next 
goal is to get all the way back to the Exec. Toilet and warp back to 
the hidden area, then go to the room where you saw the boss insignia on 
the floor.  This time, if you have your Chameleon Glasses on, you 
should notice the bright red outline of a secret door.  Open the door 
and walk through.  A small, empty room.  First thing you should do is 
read the two Inventor's Friends on the bookshelf (14 and 17).  Those 
will teach you Celtis 1 and Bomb 2 respectively.  Now, read the red 
book on the table.  After you've thumbed through it a bit, Dr. Einst 
will walk in.  He'll walk over and push the white button on the back 
wall, turning you into a mouse.  Bah!  You should see a small slot to 
the left of the bookshelf.  That is a mousehole.  Enter it.  

Run up and take a right.  You can't go through the pipe heading north, 
though.  Head all the way right, then south into the next screen.  You 
can take the west turn here and go up to talk to the other mouse here.  
He'll tell you about the manager of the Earthquake device, mentioning 
that he must be a mouse as well.  Head back out and go along the route 
you were just on; Heading south, west, then south again into the next 
screen.  You should now be in the area with the hidden door.  You won't 
be able to go back inside through the door, so just leave this area.  
Go through the door on the left and continue until you come back to the 
narrow walkway with a couple of motion sensors.  All the same stuff 
you've seen before.  However, if you remember properly, there should be 
a door at the top right side of this room that leads to a locked door.  
Now that you're a mouse, you can sneak through the mousehole here.

The passage ways look just like they did before, so just follow that 
same basic design.  There is also another mouse in here you can talk 
to, but he really doesn't say anything to incredibly important (you can 
still talk to him if you wish).  As you come out on the other side of 
this passage, you should see Mint in front of the Earthquake device.  
Talk to Mint when she's done talking.  Continue to talk to her until 
Kotetsu comes in.  Kotetsu will then ask you (as he believes you are 
another human victim of the Chief) to chase Mint.  Repeatedly talk to 
Mint until she runs away.  Kotetsu now wants you to steal him some 

The first thing you're going to need to do is find a particular 
mousehole. This hole is found on the way to the R&D.  Basically, go to 
the room just before the lunch room, head right and go all the way to 
the end of this area and into the next room.  Finally, you should see a 
mouse hole in this room (where you first met Gunrobot).  Go into the 
hole and speak with the mice in there.  I'm not sure if you have to 
speak to them twice or speak to a certain one, but one of them will 
tell you "1000 times no" and not let you pass.  However, he will also 
say that he'll let you pass if you go to the lunchroom and get some 
food.  Go to the lunchroom.  You'll see that it's overrun with mice, 
all of them scared out of their wits.  Speak to the Hacker and he'll 
challenge you.  Defeat him and he'll leave the lunchroom, giving free 
reign to the mice.  Now, go back to the hole where you met the two mice 
and speak to them.  They'll rejoice in your victory and run off to chow 
down.  Make your way through the tunnel now.  There will be 3 capsules.  
The one at the top will have 5000GP.  Don't get too worked up.  This is 
the money you'll be parting with by giving it to Kotetsu.  You will 
also get Scrap 9 and Sword 4!  Both of these items are highly useful.  
I recommend equipping Sword 4 onto one of your robots (most likely the 
well balanced one).   You may find that it's a bit weaker than what 
you're using, but not only can it become very strong, but it hits all 
enemies in battle with a bolt of lightning.  This thing can be highly 
effective when used with a triple attack on enemies, as it can wipe out 
an entire entourage.

Head out of this area and walk all the way back to where you met 
Kotetsu.  For a brief overview, that's back to the bathrooms, through 
the Exec. Toilet, into the hidden area, and where you found the 
Earthquake machine.  Speak to Kotetsu.  You'll give him the money, and 
then he'll tell you to meet him at the secret lab.  Remember where that 
is?  It's the place where you needed the Chameleon Glasses to see the 
door; Where Dr. Einst turned you into a mouse.  It's not too far away 
from the Earthquake machine, in fact.  Once you enter, Kotetsu will be 
standing there.  Kotetsu will turn you back into a person, then give 
you some info on shutting down the Earthquake machine.   

Head to the lunchroom.  On the far right should be a mouse.  Equip 
Relay and speak to him.  He'll tell you how to shut down the Earthquake 
device.  He says to turn the right switch 3 times and the left switch 
HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT FROM THIS AREA.  After you've destroyed the 
Earthquake machine, you can never return to this base.  Anyway, make 
your way to the Earthquake machine.  There should be two little white 
buttons on it.  Push the button on your right three times, then the one 
on your left twice.  The machine should explode.  Exit the room and 
Mint will be outside.  She'll take you out of the area and a cave-in 
will occur, blocking off the entrance to the Volcano Base.  Mint will 
walk off after some talking.

Exit the Volcano by heading south.  Once in this room, head to the 
right and climb up the rope.  You should know your way pretty easily 
from here.  Just be aware of the moles that are now around the volcano 
premises.  Exit here and head to the village.


Right now is actually a golden opportunity to powerup any weapons you 
have or even build new, more powerful stuff.  You will be encountering 
the third boss soon, just so you know.  If you have the opportunity, I 
highly suggest upgrading Sword 4, making at least one Axe 3 (Axe 
2+Scrap1), and possibly making a Shield 4 (Scrap 7+Scrap9).  You'll 
find that the Sword 4 will be incredibly helpful when powered to level 
9.  Be sure that if you do make an Axe 3, that you bring it to level 9 
as well.    

As you can see, the villagers have been turned to mice.  There's 
nothing much here, so head to the Elder's hut.  The shaman will be 
holding a conversation with the Elder.  You'll notice that the Elder's 
guards will be turned to mice.  Eventually, the shaman will turn his 
attention to you, and no much later will he mysteriously be turned into 
a mouse while the guards are changed back.  Speak to the Elder and 
he'll tell you what to do next.  Now, speak to one of his guards, it 
doesn't matter which, and they'll take you to the temple.


Temple information

Items hidden:
Clean, Stone 3, Scrap A

Enemies Present:
Poison- A highly powered mushroom that can poison your robots.  
Gelgel- High powered gels.  

Strategies: Both Poison and Gelgel are nothing to fear.  However, both 
can also poison your robots.  Use a Clean if you need to.  I recommend 
using basic attacks on these guys.  Assuming you went through with my 
heedings and gave a robot a high-powered Sword 4, you can easily take 
these ones out. 

They'll do a dance and open the entrance to the ruins, where the 
treasure is.  You can leave this area if you wish.  You also don't have 
to go through all the trouble to find your way back if you do leave.  
Simply speak to the guards again and they'll bring you back here.  
Enter the door that just opened. 

Before you can, someone will speak out.  It's Dr. Einst!  He'll speak a 
bit, then walk up to you and do some really lame looking kick and push 
you aside.  With you out of the way, he enters the room.  Follow him.  
You'll enter into a room with two doors and a switch.  Currently, you 
can only really go anywhere through the right door.  That will only 
take you to a plaque.  This should give you a clue to the puzzle you 
need to solve.   Head back to the switch and step on it to move it to 
the left.  Now, go through the left door.  

You should eventually come to a capsule with a Clean in it.  There are 
also a few doors near the capsule.  None of them are open.  You have to 
pick the right (as in "proper", not right as in "right or left") door.  
You could head left, but that will take you to a dead end (for now, 
let's worry about the doors).  I think it is worth mentioning that a 
Poison and a Gelgel lie in that direction though.  Anyway, back to the 
doors.  If you pick the furthest left door, you will be attacked by 
Gelgels.  The middle door will just take you to the beginning.  The 
furthest right door is what you want.  Search it and you'll hear a 
ding-dong.  The door will then open.  Go through it and into the next 
area.  Make your way to the door to the very north.  The plaque is 
almost pointless.  I'm sure you can guess what to do in this room.  
Just step on the switch and that will bring up a piece of floor back 
outside.  Exit and cross.  You should see the familiar boss insignia.  
Open the door and enter.

Dr. Einst will be searching some strange thing (person?  armor?)  If 
you think back, you may actually recognize this from the dream that the 
main character had a while back.  After a while, Dr. Einst will stop.  
Walk up and talk to him.  It seems he's been prepared for a showdown 
with you for some time.  He's created his own robot.  He named it... 
Big Eye.  Okay, so he didn't exactly go all out with the name, but he 
did create a solid robot.  

Recommended Level: 20, possibly higher

Big Eye can really be a pain in the ass.  If you aren't prepared, he 
can rip your robots to pieces.  I highly recommended having one robot 
use Sword 4.  You may notice this sword is pretty weak against him.  
However, it seems to do more damage if you use a triple-hit Run.  Just 
hope that Big Eye doesn't block one of the attacks.  However, do not 
(or at least try not) use close-range robots.  I'll tell you why in a 
minute.  I should also note that Bombs seem to be useless.  

Big Eye has a few attacks that are all pretty devestating.  First, he 
has his laser attack.  This only hits two rows, and the row he tends to 
miss is random.  So, all you can really do is pick a row and hope it 
doesn't it.  Should it hit and bypass your shield, it'll inflict a bit 
of damage.  Big Eye also has a medium range attack in which he throws 
his hands at you.  This does just slightly more than the lasers, 
assuming he hits.  The attack can also knock you all the way back.  The 
worst attack he has is a close-range one (hence the reason I told you 
to avoid close-range robots).  It isn't so much that the attack does 
more damage than the others.  This attack sends Big Eye flying across 
the screen... Putting him right behind you!  This means your incredibly 
vulnerable.  He'll then fire a laser, which can do TWICE the damage 
from behind as it can from the front.  This can quickly put your robot 
down for the count. 

My suggested strategy is to get a robot with Sword 4 or another 
incredibly powerful long-range weapon and power it up.  Then, beat the 
living crap out of Big Eye with it.  When your robot drops below 30 HP, 
heal.  Make good use of charging up your meter with the B Button.  You 
may not be satisfied to know that only one hit with the Sworld 4 does 
about 1-3 damage, however, hitting more times (using Runs, again) can 
increase the damage quite a bit.  Another strategy I have involves a 
lot of repairs.  

Say screw off to the long-range robot and bring out your best short-
ranger.  Send him head on with Big Eye.  Assess your own HP.  Should 
you have a high enough amount of HP (over 30), then attack Big Eye.  
Should you have less than 30, use a Cure.  If that robot is destroyed, 
then use a Repair when your next robot is spawned.  Repeat the process, 
except try to keep all your melee robots in for the most part.  If you 
run out of Repairs and your melee robots are dead, then you'll have to 
depend on the long-range robot.  

Keep alive and perservere and Big Eye should be brought down and ready 
for the junkyard.  Remember, if any of your robots fall in battle, you 
always have repairs.  You can also build levels if you can't seem to 
defeat Big Eye. 

Dr. Einst will storm out, furious.  Speak to the armor thing in the 
middle of the room.  It'll reveal itself as a character named Napoleon.   
He'll then give you Stone 3, which is another part of the Tetron.  The 
room will shake and Napoleon will lead you out.  Follow him.  He'll 
find that the pathway out is blocked and the floor you once had that 
left you there has been moved.  He'll then go back inside after you 
speak to him.  He'll stand in front of a peculiar door that you may 
have noticed at the back of the room.  Napoleon will break through it.  
Follow him again.

Keep following and talking to Napoleon all through this area.  Napoleon 
will break through each wall.  On the last one, he'll explode in an 
attempt to open the door.  Search his remains and you'll get Scrap A.  
Now, head back out.


You should be inside the volcano once again.  Finding your way out 
shouldn't be too hard.  You may know it by now, but just in case: Head 
all the way left from your position and south through the door.  Keep 
heading south from here, past the Bosstoad, and through the door all 
the way down.  Continue downward and head east until you see a door.  
From here, it's pretty obvious (just wear the Chameleon Glasses so you 
can see the invisible enemies).  


You're back here again.  Exit the hut you're in.  A man outside will 
tell you to go see the Elder.  Head to the Elder's hut and speak with 
him.  He'll tell you someone in front of the inn saw a strange man 
leaving.  Speak to the villager in front of the inn.  He'll tell you 
someone escaped using the hidden bay behind the volcano.  Leave this 
area.  A new area should open up to the north.


Inlet information

Items Hidden:

As you enter, you should see Mint and a capsule.  You can speak to 
Mint, but you really don't have to.  She'll basically tell you that Dr. 
Einst has escaped.  Open the capsule for a Change (see item list for 
details).  Now, Nagisa should call you up and tell you to head back to 
Rococo...  Thus concludes this section of the walkthrough (after having 
a good-sized fallacy in the last version of this FAQ).



Obvious as this sounds, head back to Rococo.  Return home and there 
should be a police officer inside your house.  Before much else 
happens, you are placed under arrest and sent to the jail.  The officer 
also takes away all three Stones!  Crap!  First, we've got to work on 
getting out.  If you search the walls along the back, you'll find 
something written that gives you a clue to solving this part.  It'll 
say something about "wishing I were a mouse."  Here's what to do.  
Equip the Surprise Horn (that thing that makes the loud blast) and use 
it.  Quickly, go back into your inventory and equip the Change device 
taht you just found.  This will instantly turn you into a mouse while 
it is equipped.  The police officer will walk in and note that you're 
not in your cell.  He'll then walk out of the way, leaving your exit 
clear.  Run through the door and out the police station.

When you are outside, be sure to stay in mouse form.  For the hell of 
it, you can speak to the boy in front of City Hall and the dog on the 
far right and they'll both chase after you.  At any rate, head home.  
You should see Carl inside your house this time.  Turn back into a 
human and speak to him.  Carl will tell you that a room south of the 
police station can lead you to the Mayor.  If you're really careful, 
you won't need to change back into a mouse to get there.  Head along 
the southwest side of town, then head north.  You should see a very 
small building (I believe it used to be blocked off and is now open).  
Head inside.  Carl will be standing in front of a blocked off doorway.  
He'll tell you that he needs a push to open it.  Help him push the door 
open by pushing up along with him.  After a few tries of doing this, 
the door should finally open up.  Carl will step out of the way, 
allowing you to enter.  


Rococo Sewers information

Items Hidden:
Scrap 5, Cure, 1500GP, Scrap 2, Empty Pack, Axe 3

Scrap 1- 1500GP
Scrap 4- 1500GP
Scrap 5- 1500GP
Scrap 7- 1500GP
Cure- 90GP

Enemies Present:  
Shell- Crab-like creatures that carry their "homes" on their back.  A 
bad pun of nature.
Cmdr (Harpoon)- A new type of commanding Hacker.  Appear in wet suits 
with diving helmets and all the gear.  Use harpoons as weapons.  
Cmdr (Laser)- Just like the others, except they have a laser weapon. 
Apply the same strategies.
Angler- Big killer fish.  Attack with electricity.
Luckstar- Seastars that appear out of nowhere like the Gels.
Urchin- Another sea creature.  Appear as little spiked balls with eyes.  
Octopus- Giant octopus creatures with a jug on their head. 

Strategies: Shells are quite annoying little creatures.  A lot like the 
last boss you faced, Big Eye, they can randomly block an attack.  They 
also seem to be a bit hard to hit.  Top it off, they love to run away.  
Getting a hit off on these guys is next to impossible.  I recommend 
possibly trying to defeat these guys if you can, but maybe not going to 
such great lengths to do so.  However, should you succeed, a good 
amount of experience will be your reward.  I was able to kill one once 
using a melee weapon.  I got a critical shot using a three-hit Run.    
Commanders can be easily taken out with the Sword 4's attack.  Anglers 
seem to be strong against just a single attack from a Sword 4.  Anglers 
can also slowly tear you down, as they can do anywhere from 10-20 
damage, depending on where they hit.  Kill them either with multiple 
Sword 4 shots (as in a Run) or a single melee weapon shot.  Luckstars 
seem to be incredibly strong against Sword 4, even in multiple hits.  
These guys can be formidable, but one solid melee weapon shot will take 
them down instantly.  One thing I recently found that is worth noting 
is that they do a star rain attack that seems to vary greatly in damage 
depending on which side of your robot it hits.  It seems to do much 
more damage from the front (most of my 'bots took 26 damage from 
frontal hits).  Another thing I found worth noting is that it seems the 
Luckstars can drop capsules during battle.  I still haven't been able 
to see if they give you any goodies or if they just explode on you.  
Urchins are of practically no threat defense-wise.  Even one shot from 
Sword 4 or other melee weapons can easily take these ones down.  Octopi 
can be killed using a three-hit run for a Sword 4 or a single melee 
shot.  These guys are not incredibly strong, but they can blow you 
back.  They also have the ability to darken the battlefield and move 
yours and their positions in that short instant.  

In the beginning, you'll see a lot of crab-like creatures called Shells 
around.  These guys are pathetic, but actually almost impossible to 
kill because of how timid they are.  They do, however, have a new type 
of Hacker with them that will randomly appear.  You should notice a 
closed door at the very top of the screen when you first enter this 
area.  Go up to the door and open it.  There will be a mouse inside.  
Either equip change or Relay and speak with the mouse.  He actually 
sells items!  The only items he sells are Scraps 1, 4, 5, and 7, which 
is good if you can find a good combination with those scraps (let's 
also not forget the Cures you can buy from this guy).  Sword 4 can be 
combined with Scrap 1 to make Blade 2 (although I wouldn't recommend 
using your current Sword 4 to do so; Make a second if you can).  Scrap 
2 (assuming you have one) can be combined with Scrap 7 to create a 
Laser 1.  You can also buy more Scrap 7's to make Lasers 2 and 3.  
Boots 4 can also be made by combining Scraps 3 and 5.  Grab whatever 
you need.  You can also ask for information from this little guy.  

Leave the shop and get past all four shells in this area.  You'll want 
to head left and through the door.  You'll come to a little area with 
an Angler right in front of you.  Continue left from here.  You'll bump 
into another Angler and along the way left a Luckstar should appear.  
Luckstars can be a bit annoying, as they just seem to appear out of 
nowhere.  Heading left a little more and you'll see a door near another 
Angler and a Luckstar that appears within the same screen of the door.   
Head up through the door.  You'll see an Urchin hopping along.  These 
guys really aren't much to worry about.  Head right now.  Along the 
way, a Luckstar should appear, so stay alert.  

You should see a door on your way to the right.  There should also be a 
door just south of it with three Urchins in front of it.  Head toward 
the south, but don't go through the door just yet (also note that there 
is a Luckstar to the right of the door before you enter).  Head left, 
making your way past the Urchins previously mentioned.  Go through the 
narrow walkway and open a capsule beyond it to receive a Scrap 5.  Now, 
go back and head through the south door.  You'll be greeted by two 
Anglers.  After them, head right and a Luckstar will appear.  There 
will also be a door just above you.  Go through the door.  There will 
be a small room through it with a Luckstar, an Angler, and a capsule.  
Open the capsule for a Cure.  Now, head all the way back to the door 
that you weren't yet told to enter.  To the right is nothing. Just go 
through the door.  

There will be a capsule in here with 1500GP in it.  Grab it and turn 
yourself into a mouse and got through the tight area above the capsule. 
Go through the piping and you'll emerge in a new area with some giant, 
purple octopi.  These creatures, naturally, are called Octopus.  
Although they look powerful, they're nothing.  Just get past them.  
Head up through the door.  There's another Octopus beyond it, with two 
more just beyond that in the back of this room.  There is a door 
directly to the right, but there's nothing beyond it but a couple of 
Shells.  Only enter if you're a sportsman type.  There are two other 
doors here.  One at the very top and one to the right of that.  The one 
at the top leads to a locked door, so don't worry about that one yet.  
Head through the one just to the right of that.  

Walking along this path, you should bump into a Shell and an Angler 
along the way.  There's also a door for you to go through.  Do so.  
Through the door are three Hacker commanders.  They're easy to kill, so 
no real frets needed.  Even though the walkway here is narrow, it can 
easily be crossed.  Cross it and enter the door beyond it.  Two more 
Anlgers here, and a capsule right after them.  This capsule contains a 
key.  Get the key and head back to the room that I told you had the 
locked door.  There should be some Urchins in this room.  Equip the key 
and use it.  

You should now be in what appears to be a small area.  This actually 
leads a nice route up north.  Before you are a Shell, a Luckstar, and 
an Angler.  If you look up, you should see that there is a door and a 
weakened part in wall (door to the left, weakened part on the right).  
Head up the right first, equip the drill, and drill through the wall.  
You may have to fight your way through the Anlger and the Luckstar.  
Drill through the wall and head through the opening.  There should be a 
Hacker just after that.  After taking out the Hacker, open the capsule 
for Scrap 2.  Head back down and take the door to the left of the hole 
you just drilled.  After going through it, you should bump into a 
Luckstar.  Get past it and cross the bridge.  Another Shell?  Avoid or 
fight, you choice.  Get past it and head through the door that to the 
north of the Shell.  Heading right, you will see various octopi 
scattered about this area.  As you get all the way right, there should 
be another situation with a door and a weakened area in the wall (same 
positions, too; Door on the left and weakened area on the right). 

Which one to take first?  The right, of course.  Drill through the 
right and head along the pathway.  It should be pretty straight 
forward, complete with two octopi along the way.  Take them out and 
keep going.  You should eventually come to a capsule with a weakened 
wall near it.  Open the capsule for a key.  Now, drill the weakened 
part.  Heading through it should reveal a small room with an Angler and 
a mouse hole in the back.  Kill the Angler and equip Change, then go 
through the hole.  Make your way through the piping and eventually into 
another small room.  In there should be a capsule with an Empty Pack in 
it.  Head back out, all the way back to the door that was to the right 
of the hole you had to drill (two holes ago).  

Head back up through the door and meet the Octopus on the other side.  
Another pretty straight forward winding path.  Along the way, you 
should come across three more Octopi.  Eventually, after a short trek 
you should come to a door.  Head through it.  You'll come out in a 
small closed area with another Octopus there.  Just head through the 
door to the right.  Entering will take you back into a room you've been 
in before.  There should be a couple Hackers and an Angler.  In any 
case, head through the door on the right.  A nicely composed and large 
room awaits you on the other side.  The first thing you'll see is a 
Luckstar.  There is nothing to the right except an Angler and a 
Luckstar for those of you looking for a fight.  The place you really 
want to go is up.  There should be an abrupt turn left.  Head that way 
and go past the bridge heading up with a Shell in front of it (you will 
have to backtrack there after you get the next item, though).  Head all 
the way left and up.  Past the Shell and through the door, then past 
the Hacker is another capsule with Axe 3 in it.  Now, head back to the 

Cross the bridge and you'll meet an Angler.  Get past it and equip the 
key, then unlock the door.  Go up through the door and you'll see a 
Shell (it should be back in the corner) and a Hacker.  Cross the bridge 
there and another Hacker should be just to the left.  Go through the 
door. Finally, THE WAY OUT!!!


You'll be back in Rococo. Notice that you're near City Hall.  Go 
through the door and enter City Hall.  There really is no reason to go 
back outside from here unless you want to go the store and stock up on 
items.  First, allow yourself some time to explore the facilities again 
and talk to any NPC's you see.  Mint will be at the front office.  You 
should notice that there's a Hacker blocking a room.  Head right of the 
Hacker and into the door.  Head up and left through a door and you 
should see a mouse hole.  Equip Change and go through it.  

There should be a couple distressed workers to the right.  They say the 
Hackers are impeding there work.  Head left and you should see another 
Hacker guarding a door. Unequip change or all he'll say is, "Mice are 
cute." Keep talking a few times to him and he will get pissed and fight 
you.  That should open the door behind him as well.  Walk through it.  
There should be a door just to the north of you.  To the left of it is 
a hallway with a mouse hole in between some plants and a door even 
further left that leads to an empty room.  The door to the lower left 
side that will eventually take you to the roof.  Now that you're 
familiar with the area, equip Change again and go through the mouse 
hole.  After you come out the other side, check the dresser to the 
right for a Scrap 6.  Now, unequip Change and speak with the Mayor.  
Equip Change again and head back out through the mouse hole.  Go back 
to the front desk (where Mint is) and talk to Mint.  Mint will then 
head through the door to the Mayor's office.  She will then come back 
frustrated...  Head outside of City Hall. There should be a dog to the 
right of the buliding.  Speak with the dog and it will follow you.  
Take it into City Hall and Mint will come up with a plan to expose the 
fake Mayor for what he really is.  Take the dog into the Mayor's 

Mint will conduct the interview.  Talk to the fake Mayor.  He'll slip 
up and say the dog you have with you is cute.  The original mayor hated 
dogs.  He'll come clean and say that he is the Vice-Commander of the 
Hackers (and Rose's biggest fan).  And it is in the name of Rose that 
he plans to kill you...

Recommended Level: 23-25

Papamecha has a couple different attacks up his sleeve.  First is the 
torpedo attack.  It's pretty weak, so there really isn't much worry in 
that attack.  The one that does more damage is the jump attack.  That 
will not only knock you back, but does almost 20 damage (that's with my 
main character at level 25).  The one that you really want to worry 
about is his rapid fire attack, which will hit all rows with bullets.  
This attack actually hits criticals quite often, ranging from 20-40 
damage, depending on your robots' guards.  Try not to allow him to hit 
your robots from behind with this attack. 

Single hit Sword 4 attacks do VERY little damage.  By very little, I 
mean 1-2 damage.  Triple hit Sword 4 does a bit more, but 20+ damage 
isn't exactly the ideal type we're striving for.  So, if you have a 
Sword 4 toting robot, either put the Sword 4 away or keep the robot out 
of battle.  Hopefully, you have a very powerful melee weapon.  Get 
behind him and give him a nice single hit with an Axe or even a more 
powerful weapon (assuming you've happen to come across one by now).  I 
usually try not to use Cures very often, since those can take up a turn 
that you could be using to whoop him.  If a robot breaks down, repair 
it.  If you have no repairs, use Cures.  Papamecha may be a bit tough, 
but he's not impossible.  Stay persistent and keep hitting him and 
eventually he'll bite the dust. If you find Papamecha too hard, head 
back to the sewers and build levels, or just get yourself some better 

After you've defeated Papamecha, Mint will run off. It's time to find 
the real Mayor.  Search the desk where he was just standing to find the 
key.  I should note that the Hacker blocking the small office can be 
defeated if you defeat the guard that was to the right of the two 
scared employees.  Find the locked door with the Mayor behind it and 
unlock it.  Enter and talk to the Mayor.  He'll tell you the 
whereabouts of the stones.  Head out and to the left and through the 
door.  Remember he said they were in the fireplace.  Search the 
fireplace for a secret passage.  This will take you to Stone 1. The 
screen will then go black and Rose will steal Stone 1.  Head out and 
Mint will be standing there.  She'll tell you where Rose is.  Head to 
the roof.  
Rose will be on the roof.  She'll say a few departing words and then 
just leave.  Head back inside.  Walk to the place where the two men are 
sitting in desks (it should be on the way out).  Talk to the one with 
the facial hair and he'll tell you where you can get some easy money.  
Go back to the room where the fireplace is and search the dresser to 
the right of the fireplace for 2000GP.  


Now that you've foiled the plans of the Hackers in Rococo, it's time to 
hit 'em good where it counts; On their own home stadium!

Head south from City Hall and some children will be gathered near the 
front of Rococo.  Get close enough and they'll talk about some crab and 
run off.  Hmm... Take care of what ever crap you can right now and 
leave Rococo.  Head to the Harbor.


Take notice just to the upper left.  You should see some kids gathered 
around a crab.  Talk to the crab and he will not only call you 
"master," but ask you to help get get kids away.  Speak to the kids and 
they will agree to leave him alone... For a price!  Equip the Surprise 
Horn and talk to the kids.  You'll lose the Surprise Horn, but the crab 
will not be free!  In case you haven't guessed by now, It's Meta Crab 
(the first boss).  He'll give you a little info on the Hacker's HQ.  
Now, head up and walk into the house.  Talk to the fisherman.  He'll 
tell you that he'll take you to Snow Mountain.  All you have to do now 
is head out to the dock and take the boat on the right.


Nothing here at all.  Exit through the south.  You should appear on the 
world map.  A pathway will open to Snow Mountain.  Head there.


Snow Mountain Information

Items Hidden:
Secret Cave: Bomb 3, Boots 3, Cure (x2)

Enemies Present:
Tackler- Huge football player-like Hackers.
Quickbird- Golden birds that chase after you very quickly if they see 
you on the main screen.
Cmdr. (Commander)

Strategies: Tacklers seem very weak.  In fact, I was able to take an 
entire group of them out with one Sword 4 (level 9, of course) attack.  
They all took 60+ damage and died (I've noticed that their HP is 
between 64 and 67, because 63 damage didn't kill one, but 67 did).  Not 
much there.  They also use a tackle attack (imagine that) that pushes 
you backward.  The Quickbirds are also just as weak. They can be easily 
taken out with one attack, even Sword 4.  I've noticed they have a peck 
attack that can do a bit of damage when hit from behind.  If you have a 
good enough shield, then the projectile attack they also do should be 
of no worry to you whatsoever since it seems to get blocked quite 

As you enter, there should be two Tacklers and a Quickbird there to 
greet you.  Also notice that there's a path leading up and a path 
leading left.  The left path is the one you want to take first (it'll 
lead to some hidden items).  Naturally, head left.  You'll meet another 
Quickbird and a Tackler along the way, just so you know.  See those 
little mounds on the ground?  Running on those will slow you down.  
Hey!  I'm a poet and didn't give a- Shut yo' mouth!  Anyway, when you 
need to head upward, do so.  At the very end of that path (where the 
next Quickbird is), you can turn left onto a new screen.  Keep heading 
left.  There should be three Tacklers and a couple Quickbirds leading 
to a cave.  Go into the cave.

There's three capsules in this cave.  Head straight up.  Notice to the 
left that there is a weakened part in the wall.  Drill there and enter.  
Wait a minute!  The capsule at the end doesn't open!  Sorry to lead you 
here, but I just wanted to bring it to you attention.  Leave this 
little area.  From the cave's entrance, head all the way right and up.  
Drill through the wall there as well and enter.  You should see a 
Hacker in front of a capsule.  Talk to him.  Talk to him a couple times 
and he'll give you some info on the Hackers.  Now, open the capsule 
behind him for a Bomb 3, and head to the left of him and down into a 
small room for Boots 3 in another capsule.  Now, the Hacker told you 
that there's a "Jeweled Box" that you can open.  Remember the capsule 
that wouldn't open?  You can open it now... For a Cure!  That's it?  A 
sealed capsule and it's just a Cure!  Also, not that it's of any 
importance, but it's something to do, you can find a hidden NPC in this 
room.  From the entrance, head up and there should be a hole to the 
right.  Go through it and equip the Chameleon Glasses and there will be 
a hidden robot in the middle of the room.  All he does is tell you 
about scraps 9 and 10 and that they have special powers.

Exit the cave and head back to the entrance of Snow Mountain.  

From the entrance of Snow Mountain, head north.  Up that way will be 
two more Tacklers and two more Quickbird.  Get past them however you 
wish and further up north will be two ropes on the side of a cliff.  
The question is which one to pick... Take the right as the left will 
lead you to a dead end.  Heading up the right rope will take you to two 
more ropes.  Head up the left rope here and open a capsule for a Cure.  
Climb back down and take the right rope now.  Right away you should be 
on a screen with three Quickbirds and a couple ledges and ropes; 
nothing too comlex, though.  Get by the first Quickbird, climb down the 
first rope, get past the other two and make your way up.  After 
climbing that, you should be done with Snow Mountain.

Out on the world map, a pathway will clear heading up.  This should 
take you to the Base Entrance.


Hacker Base information

Items Hidden:
Key, Leader's Badge

Enemies Present:
Cmdr (Commander)- All the different types of Hackers will be present.  
The only difference is that the Hackers here will be wearing berets.  

Strategies: The commanders are, as always, the usual wash, rinse, 
repeat strategy.  There are, however, commanders with a golden blade 
that cannot be killed with the same routine.  I've found that these 
ones can be killed with multiple hit combos.

Welcome to the deluxe, luxurious Air Base!  The home of 16-bit 
monsters, prisoners on dinner menus, and (of course) evil!!!  Just how 
hard is it to get into a huge complex like this?  You must be thinking, 
"Utterly impossible.  I'm probably going to have to sneak in Metal Gear 
Solid style, beat the crap out of a bunch of Hackers, possibly have to 
develop some strategy involving an event item, and raise my stress 
level..."  So, how do you enter?  Well, through the front door, of 
course!  As you head up and search around, you should see a Hacker 
building a snowman.  He doesn't give a flying crap that you're here to 
storm the base and attempt to score a victory for the good guys, he's 
just going to sit there and build his snowman in peace.  In the 
meantime, you can head right through the open door into the base.  Ah, 
bad guys that obviously spare no expense when it comes to security!  
Gotta love Hackers! [thus concludes my obvious sarcasm at what was 
somewhat meant to be not-so-obvious sarcasm in this fine game...]

The base acutally is quite complex by the looks of it.  Don't worry, 
though.  It's still fairly easy to get through.  You don't have a whole 
lot of options to go to just yet.  To the right and up is a locked 
door.  Head left and up.  All the way left leads to nothing at all.  
You should see a strange UFO type creature as you're heading up.  These 
are not enemies.  Rather, they are the defense system of the base.  
While the Hackers may not have all that great of exterior security, the 
security for the inner sanctums is impeccible.  What you want to do is 
not get too close in front of this thing's eyes.  Just creap on past it 
while it's not looking, heading all the way left and up through the 

You should be in a room with some people in it.  If you talk to the 
people, you should learn that someone is building blimps for the 
Hackers.  Hmm... Head out of this room.  There will be a rather small 
room behind the people with a capsule in it.  Open the capsule to 
receive a key.  Now, remember the locked door I told you about when you 
first entered the Air Base?  Go there and unlock it using the key.  

After heading through the door, you should be in an area with a couple 
Hackers wandering around.  Get past them however you can, and head 
right.  Now, more decisions.  Heading up just takes you into a bathroom 
with a Hacker taking a leak.  Talking to him is pretty much useless, as 
all he says is, "Hey, wait your turn!"  If you stand in front of the 
urinal next to him, he'll look at you in wonderment (a message will 
even pop up that says something along the lines of "................").  
I guess you can enter the bathroom if you really feel like dinking 
about.  At any rate, heading through the south door just below the last 
Hacker in this area is where you want to go.  

You should see a Hacker stading guard with a bunch of other Hackers 
sitting down to a big feast.  He'll tell you he can only let soldiers 
buy.  Here's where you use Change and transform into a mouse.  All 
he'll say then is, "Mice are cute."  Succinct and utterly brainless.  
Just sneak past him from there.  Notice that the Hackers are about to 
sit down to a CRAB dinner.  Not just any crab, but poor old Meta Crab.  
Well, it looks like you're going to have to save him.  Unequip Change 
and you should become a regular human again.  The Hackers will not even 
notice you.  In fact, the cook will tell you to sit down.  On the right 
side of the left table should be a place for you to sit.  Stand there 
and the Hackers will begin to speak of Meta Crab as their former leader 
turned traitor.  After a bit more talking, the Hackers will recognize 
you as the inventor and attack.  

Stupid thing about this scene: In my playthrough while writing this 
FAQ, the random battle I got was a single commander.  After killing 
just one commander, all the Hackers in the area are magically gone!

Anyway, after you win the battle Meta Crab will crawl over to you.  
After a bit of talking, he will give you the leader badge.  Enter the 
door to the furthest right of this area.  Head straight up along the 
walkway with the computers everywhere and there should be a Hacker 
guarding a door.  He'll tell you only leaders can go in.  If you 
haven't already done the above stuff to get the leader's badge, then 
please scroll up and read it, then come back to this.  If you have, 
equip the leader's badge and talk to him.  He'll move aside and let you 

More Hackers in this area.  At first, you should only see a mini-Hacker 
and a regular Hacker walking around.  Get past them and head right.  
Two more Hackers should show up before you reach the door at the end of 
the hall.  Do as you wish with the Hackers and walk through the door.  
There should be a man in here.  He will reveal himself to be Carl's 
father.  Speak to him.  He'll tell you this and that.  Talk to him 
again and he'll find out that you know Carl.  He'll then type up a 
letter to Carl for you to deliver.  Well, now this just might piss you 
off a little, but you have to head to Rococo and come back... So, leave 
the base and get where you need to go.


Go to Carl's house and give him the letter.  After reading it, he'll 
just say you're very nice.  Phooey... Leave his house.  Carl should 
give you the Litho that he found earlier.  He wrote a letter to his 
father on it.  Nice!  Now, head back to the Air Base.


Make your way through all the of the Air Base again.  You shouldn't 
need to be walked through it since it's all pretty straight forward.  
Get back to Carl's father, equip the Litho, and speak to him.  He'll 
reveal that the Litho itself is plans for an engine!  You will now be 
transported outside.  Carl's dad will be out there, too.  Speak to him 
and he'll give you the Blimp, which you can use to reach the tower.  
You now have this game's version of the airship in your possession!

NOTE: There is a side quest available right now.  

5F: THE FEVER FLOWER (optional side quest)

If you really don't feel like doing the side quest, then skip to 5G.  
Note that I'm not adding any information for the new areas available.  

Using the blimp, head to the secluded island to the southeast.  On this 
island should be a hut with Dr. Einst inside.  He'll be pissed off at 
you for defeating him.  Oh well.  Now, get out of here and head to the 
other secluded island to the southwest.  There should be a couple from 
Rococo.  The woman is sick with a fever.  Her husband says the only way 
to get rid of the fever is with the Fever Flower.  Head back to Dr. 
Einst's island and speak to him.  He says he'll give you a fever flower 
if you get him a Scrap 7.  Where exactly can you get a Scrap 7?

If you don't already have one, head to the show in Rococo Sewers and 
buy one there.  It should be only 1500.  Now, take it to Dr. Einst.  
Yes, you will have to equip it.  After doing so, Einst will run away 
and tell you that it grows on a tree behind the house.  Go out behind 
the house and there should be two trees protruding from the rest.  
Search the one on the left and you should get the Red Flower.  Take it 
to the couple, equip it, and speak the husband.  You will get 3000GP 
for your reward.  

The quest itself almost isn't worth your time, especially if you had to 
buy a Scrap 7 (in which case you truly only made 1500GP).  Oh well, 
it's nice to actually have a side quest, though.


Whereever you are, equip the Blimp and use it.  Head jsut west of the 
Air base and you should see a huge tower with a dot below it enclosed 
in mountains.  That's where you need to be.  Land on the dot and enter 
the area.


Fortress Information

Items Hidden
Celtis 2, Scrap 3, Cure (x2), Key, 1200GP, 2500GP, 2000GP, 5000GP, 
Blade 2, Scrap 9, 1500GP, Scrap 5

Inventor's Friends
10, 11, 16-18, 25-27

Enemies Present
Cmdr. (commander)- Same old, same old.  The only new ones are one with 
a rocket launcher and one with a mortar that brings down ice crystals 
when he shoot it. 
Pumpy- A strange tire creature that inhabits the Fortress.  
Faceman- Soldiers with large heads. 
Knight- Armored terrors that attack with a mace and spear.  They can do 
a devastating jump attack (a la Kain from FFIV). 
Beret- Invisible enemies with cannons or ground-shakers.  Can be 
disposed of with melee weapons.
Masker- More invisible enemies that appear with either jackhammers or 
Redpixy- Annoying little faeries.  Use trumpets to damage your robots.

Strategies: The Hackers with rocket launchers are pretty much the same 
as all the others, save for the fact that you may have to hit them a 
few times before they go down.  Same goes for the one with the mortar.  
Pumpy is quite a pushover.  I recommend using Sword 4 above all, 
though.  Melee weapons seem to do just a bit less damage than it.  
Pumpy also has a regular attack that's virtually useless and a laser 
attack that does moderate damage if you're hit from behind.  It 
shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you're almost dead and 
incredibly cocky.  If you're going to nail the Facemen with Sword 4, do 
so with a triple shot.  A single shot only seems to do 1-5 damage where 
a triple shot does around 300+ damage.  They have a couple different 
attacks.  The heart attack is nothing to worry about.  However, should 
they nail you with their sword from behind, it can cause a bit of 
damage, so be careful and don't leave yourself open.  The Knights are 
actually a bit more powerful.  My advice as far as getting rid of them 
is to use a triple shot Sword 4 or a single shot from a really powerful 
hand weapon like an axe.  Their spear is nothing to fear (hey hey a 
rhyme!), but their mace and jump attack (the latter, especially) are 
both pretty powerful (the latter incredibly devastating if it hits you 
from behind).  Berets can be much more formidable.  Their attacks can 
be quite devestating, but don't seem to hit too often if your speed is 
high enough.  They can be easily dispatched with melee weapons like 
axes.  The same strategy applies to the Maskers and RedPixies.

It's finally time to take some names, kick some booty, and chew some 
bubble gum.  If you're all out of bubble gum, though.  Chew some snow, 
it's all around.  From where you start, you can head upward the 
entrance to the fortress.  Along the way are a couple Hackers and a 
mini.  Do whatever you wish, but at any rate enter the fortress.  

Despite the fact that you see Hackers all around, you can do nothing 
except run straight up.  So, head north and into the door there.  
Before doing much else here, I highly recommend running left, climbing 
the stairs, then running right to get a Celtis 2 from the capsule.  As 
you search this room out, you may notice that there are four doors 
being guarded by four Hackers in the positions listed below:


     4   3      1

Hacker number 1 can be easily removed by just talking to him.  However, 
doing so will block your only way out. 2-4 will not be shaken by way of 
idiocy.  Just talk to 1 and go through the door he was once guarding.  
Open the capsule he was guarding for a Scrap 3.  Exit and equip the 
Leader's Badge.  Now, talk to number 2 and he will move out of the way.

You should now be in a meeting room.  In here should be Dr. Akihabara, 
Rose, a bunch of Hackers, and Jack Pumpkinhe- I mean, Blackmore.  Talk 
to Dr. Akihabara a couple times.  He'll tell you to leave him alone.  
Now, stand in the very middle spot of the bottom row of Hackers and 
Blackmore will give a speech.  You will be automatically pulled out of 
the room.  All of the Hackers that were guarding doors are now gone, so 
you can go through doors 3 and 4.  It really doens't matter which you 
go through because they both connect, although 4 will take you to an 
area of the room closest to the capsule.  There should be enemies set 
up as follows: Lower level- Minicom and a Hacker; Upper Level- Two 
Hackers and two Minicoms.  Do as you wish, but definitely open the 
capsule on the west side of the room for a Cure.  The only thing left 
to note about this room is the locked door on the east side, as well as 
an open door below it.  Go through the open door. 

Not surprising to find Hackers, is it?  Get past the first Hacker, 
heading right.  There should be a Minicom in your way now.  Just get 
past that and head up, winding around the square in the middle of the 
room.  Take a left and another Hacker should be there.  Head up again 
and take another right.  The last Hacker in the room should be there in 
front of the door.  Get past him and through the door.  The next room 
should have a door that's locked from the inside.  Don't gripe, you can 
still get in.  Equip Change and go through the mouse hole to the right 
of the locked door.  The pipes should be a straight shot to get 

You should enter a room now with Dr. Akihabara, Rose, and Blackmore 
holding a conversation about the Tetron.  After it's over, you have 
free reign over this room!  If you missed Inventor's Friends 10, 11, 
and 16, they are on the bookshelves in this room.  Also, don't forget 
to open the capsule to receive a key.  Now, make your way back to the 
locked door (not the one next to the mouse hole, as you are in that 
room already, but the one a couple rooms ago where you found the Cure).  
Equip the key and unlock the door.  Behind it should be another Hacker 
and a capsule with 1200GP in it.  Now, go through the doorway to the 

Two more Hackers here.  Take care of them and go through the door at 
the bottom left of the screen.  There should be another of those UFO 
things hovering around.  Sneak past it and run all the way to the 
right.  Open up another capsule there to receive a Cure.  Now, go down 
the stairs and stay clear of the next UFO thing.  Get past it and creep 
through the door to the right.  

From strange to stranger... A new enemy appears here.  Those tire 
creatures are called Pumpy.  Kill it and proceed north.  Here is where 
you're torn on several different areas to go.  You have the road behind 
you, but we're not going to worry too much about that.  If you really 
want to just proceed ahead, head directly north past the next Hacker 
there and through the door.  Just skip on from here to the next 
paragraph.  However, if you really want to explore (highly recommended, 
seeing as how you're going to need to go through a couple of those 
areas later anyway), stay on this paragraph for now.  Head east instead 
of straight north.  There are a couple of paths along the way, but 
they're just dead ends.  You want to reach the furthest east where the 
Pumpy is and head up from there.  Go up the stairs.  Taking a left from 
here will take you to a couple Hackers and a capsule with 2500GP 
inside.  Now, head back to the stairs and you can go through the door 
just above them.  That will take you into a small lab with some Hackers 
in there.  They aren't malevolent, so don't worry.  You can speak with 
them.  However, notice the door at the upper left side of the screen.  
That takes you to an R&D.  If you really need to do some development, 
etc., then go in there and get it taken care of.  Head back out and 
take a right.  Wind your way all the way around the room, fighting 
Hackers and Pumpies along the way.  There should be a door on the far 
west side of the area.  Go through it.  There should be a few 
bookshelves.  Investigate them for Inventor's Friends 17, 18, and 25.  
Head out.  When you're done exploring all there is about this area, 
head back to the doorway that I told you would advance you along in the 

Heading into this new room should reveal a small area with two Hackers 
and a set of stairs.  Do the usual and head through the door after the 
stairs.  Next room will have a door and a couple new enemies called 
Faceman.  Choose whatever you wish with the Facemen.  Yet another 
small, straight-forward room with two Pumpies in it after that.  Just 
kill them and go through the door.  We finally come to a much larger 
room.  Initially, you should see two Hackers and a Minicom lurking 
about.  Head right since down is a dead end.  You should notice now 
that there are several different ways to go.  There is a locked door 
just ahead with an open door to the right of it and a Hacker guarding 
it as well.  Below that door is another door, but you can't get to it 
yet.  A ways below that one is yet another door that you can go through 
with another Hacker in front of it (there's also another Hacker on the 
way to it).  The topmost door that isn't locked should be avoided 
unless you want to fight the Pumpy that's behind it (that's all there 
is).  The southern door is where you want to go for now.  The only 
thing after that is a single Minicom and that's it.  Head through the 

A familiar room.  A couple Pumpies and a door.  Do just the same as you 
did before and head through the door.  Yet another semi-familiar room 
with Facemen and a door just ahead.  Go through that door now.  You 
should see a Hacker guarding a door.  To the far east of this door is 
another door.  Talk to the Hacker twice to get him to move.  In here, 
you can read Inventor's Friends 26 and 27 to learn Blade 1 and 2.  Dr. 
Akihabara is in there wandering around, but you won't get much out of 

Leave this room and head right (if you want some money right now, about 
7000GP; otherwise you can just skip this paragraph, but do keep in mind 
that there is a locked door in this room).  There should be a couple 
enemies in the next room that look a bit like Shredder from Ninja 
Turtles in this room.  These are Knights.  Finish these guys off and 
advance into the next room.  Explore around a bit.  You should notice 
no enemies, a locked door, and two capsules with money (one with 5000GP 
and the other with 2000GP). 

After you've raided this room, if you chose to (you can do it later), 
head back to the lab that came right before the R&D where the Hackers 
were gathered around a computer.  Speak to the middle Hacker (Dr. G) 
and he'll tell you he's looking for a test subject, preferably a mouse.  
Change into a mouse and speak to him.  Dr. G will grab you and place a 
contraption on your ears that will send you into the computer.  

You should now be in the computer.  There's nothing to do here.  Run 
around a bit, then run back onto the black dot.  That should take you 
back out of the computer.  Dr. G will be amazed that you came back out.   
Dr. G and his assistant will then go into the computer.  Read the book 
on the desk now and you will learn how to make Cyberjack.  Now, go into 
the R&D and make a Cyberjack.  It's only 100GP.  After you have, speak 
to the remaining Hacker in the lab and he will say that Dr. G hasn't 
come back yet.

Now, exit the R&D and the lab.  Head back to the room just to the west 
of here with all the Inventor's Friends in it and you should see a 
computer there.  Equip the Cyberjack and enter that computer.  As you 
walk around, you should notice some different black circles like 
before, except these ones have what look like pillars of ice or 
something.  These are your warp points.  You use them by examining them 
(that is, pushing A while facing them).  

Now, starting from this point, take the furthest right warp point.  
Head up and use the left warp point.  Head left and you should see Dr. 
G and his assistant.  Speak to Dr. G and when he gives you a choice of 
what you want, say information.  Now, they want you to show them the 
way out.  Take them left and go through the warp point.  This will take 
you back to the circle that leads to the lab.  Go through the circle.  
After a bit of chatter, Dr. G will say that Akihabara's memory is 
stored in the computer and you can get it back if you defeat the 
computer's "protector."  You'll have have to jack in to a different 
computer (jack in... I feel like I'm talking about Mega Man Battle 
Network).  Dr. G will give you a key before you go (make sure your 
inventory's got an open spot).   

Now, remember the locked door near here that's next to the flooded 
floor?  Not the one after the two Knights, but way before all that.  
Head back to that locked door, equip the key, and use it on the door.  
You should now have access to this room.  Equip the Cyberjack and enter 
the computer.  Use the red warp point to the left, then work your way 
around the corners in the next room to enter the only other warp point 
here.  In this room should be a rather interesting looking character.  
This is the next boss.  His name is Bugbug.  Speak to him and after a 
little chit-chat he'll battle you.

BUGBUG (Round 1)
Recommended level: Late 20's-30's

This boss really isn't that hard if you're in the level range given 
above and you have very powerful weapons.  I noticed fully powered Axe 
2 and 3 can deliver major punishment.  What's more is that this is one 
fo the few bosses that takes more damage from a triple shot than a 
single shot.  If you have a Sword 4 character with the weapon fully 
powered, you can do about 100 damage (which isn't bad considering 
Bugbug's got about 1000HP; that's 1/10 of his life).  When Bugbug's 
attacks do land they can cause good damage.  That means you should 
stock up on Cures and Repairs before this battle.  I recommend mostly 
using melee characters.  It may take a few hits, but if you're lucky 
enough to land a critical, he's toast.  

The only really hard part about Bugbug comes in the form of his 
attacks.  His zap attack does major damage, even if it hits you from 
the front.  A behind attack without guarding is practically fatal.  
Same goes for his cannon attack, which isn't nearly as powerful as the 
zap but does supply a good amount of damage.

On a side note, one of my robots had a Guard rating of 61 when I fought 
this guy and Bugbug's zap attack only did 1 damage from the front.  So, 
if you don't have really good shields, I suggest finding a way to get 
them or just beef up your robots' guards. 

Pretty much stick with what's above.  Late 20's or so as far as levels 
(I'd say about 28 or 29) and really powerful melee weapons like the axe 
are enough to defeat eater of memory.  On top of that, do not leave 
your back exposed.  If you have a shield equiped, it helps a lot.  
Bugbug's attacks don't hit nearly as often (or for as much) if you 
don't leave yourself open.  

Just like other villains in RPG's, Bugbug will give a quick excuse for 
his shortcomings in battle, then disappear.  He will leave behind a 
warp point.  Go through it.  Head back around the elaborate corners 
again and through the other warp point here.  The yellow block things 
that kept you from going anywhere are now gone.  You can freely roam 
about without being held back.  With that said, head right two warp 
points over.  In this area should be a warp point to the north with a 
crystal and one without.  Go through the one without.  This should take 
you to a secret room with a capsule.  Open it to receive a Blade 2.  
Exit out and back to the warp point that takes you to the main computer 
(should be just to the left).  

Go back to the room where you saw Dr. Akihabara and speak to him.  
Defeating Bugbug has restored his memory to normal.  After explaining 
what has happened recently, he'll ask you to follow him.  Exit the room 
and head to the right.  You should see him in front of a door.  Speak 
to him and he'll continue on.  Get through the Knights in the next room 
and work your way to the next one.  If you haven't already come into 
this room, there are a couple capsules with money in them (as indicated 
earlier).  After you've secured a little more green, speak to Akihabara 
in front of the door.  He'll open the door and continue on.  The next 
room has a couple of Pumpies guarding a staircase, which is where you 
should go next.  

The next room is... empty?  No, if you put on the glasses, you should 
notice a couple of invisible enemies here.  These are Berets.  They can 
be a bit more powerful, but not too hard.  If you are attacked by one, 
use melee weapons to destroy them.  Heading into the next room, head 
around the corner and make your way upward.  Akihabara should be there 
in front of another door.  Speak to him and he'll tell you the plan.  
Now, head as far down as you can, then right.  You should eventually 
bump into two doors.  One of them (the south one) leads to an empty 
room with a capsule holding Scrap 9.  Grab that, then head into the 
east room.  It's pretty much a straight shot from there to the 
waterworks controls.  Flip the switch on the right side of the room to 
lower the water level in the base.  Head out.

On the way out, in the hallway, you should notice that Hackers are 
matieralizing in front of you.  There doesn't seem to be an easy way to 
avoid the first two in the hall.  After the hall, another appears to 
the right.  This one is easier to avoid though (if you choose to 
avoid).  I usually just fight anyway.  Heading back to where Akihabara 
was, there should be quite a few more Hackers just popping up.  Head to 
the staircase near the room you last saw Akihabara and head down them.  
Even down here, more Hackers pop up.  Head around all the corners and 
open the lone capsule at the end for 1500GP.  Head back up the stairs. 

Remember where the main computer was?  The one you entered to fight 
Bugbug... Head back to that.  If you remember, there was a staircase 
leading down that was originally blocked by water.  It's now open.  
Head south and to the left to get to another room with a Knight in it.  
Past the Knight is another room with Scrap 5 in it.  Grab that and head 
back to the stairs only this time head right, through the door.  Head 
up the stairs and get past the Pumpies.  There should be a door just up 
north.  This should be a familiar room, despite the fact that you've 
never been on this level of the room.  Work your way around the corners 
and defeat the Hackers that pop up.  To the northwest corner of this 
area should be a door you can go through.  The next room should have 
one of those little UFO things.  Try to get up the stairs and sneak 
past it.  It may seem almost impossible, but if you're patient enough, 
you can do it.  

Head past the room with the Knights.  You should be in another room 
with inivisible enemies, only this time it's Maskers.  Get past those 
and head through the door.  This should be the last room before 
reaching the next boss.  It's got four Facemen in it.  Get past them 
and save just before the next door.  Now enter.  A cutscene should 
automatically ensue with Blackmore and Rose.  Head upward after it is 
over and Blackmore will approach you.  After a few words from him and 
Rose, Blackmore will spout out some bad translating and attack you.

Recommended Level:

To this point, this should be the hardest boss you've faced.  He has 
some rather devestating attacks that actually hit more than often.  One 
of them is a huge bomb attack where he drops gigantic bombs on you.  
This can take off more than half of your life, should it hit.  Another 
one that's just as devestating is one where he drops a bunch of 
exploxive robotic troops.  Don't worry, only the first one that hits 
you does damage.  To top it all off, you really can't get too many good 
melee hits on him because he has a bash attack that can totally destroy 
your 'bots (he damaged me for about 90 damage on robots that were level 
31 with HP in the mid 70s).  The unfortunate thing to this is that 
melee weapons seem to be quite effective against him.  

There are several different strategies to use against him.  I found 
that using a fully powered Sword 4 can do about 100+ damage.  However, 
this can take quite a bit of time to wear him down.  When your robot 
takes damage, use some cures or wait until he dies and use a repair.  
The other strategy I used was to send my melee characters in and have 
them take a good shot at Blacktank.  Try to take a shot behind him, if 
you can.  This can actually cause a bit more damage.  After taking that 
shot, your character will more than likely be dead.  After your 
character dies, just have the next one revive the last.  This can be 
inefficient and costly, but can get the job done.  

If you can efficiently wear down Blacktank, more power to you.  There 
are more powerful bosses coming in the future.  

After you've defeated Blackmore, head into the door behind him.  In the 
next room are a Knight and a Faceman.  Head progressively to the left, 
where you will meet Knights along the way.  You should eventually come 
to a door heading south.  Go through the door into a familiar shaped 
room with a couple Knights in it.  Get past that and into the next 
room.  Another familiar room.  Put on your glasses in this one so you 
can see the invisible enemies.  Head straight up through the hall and 
along the walkway.  You should eventually come to a door with the boss 
insignia in front of it.  Don't worry, there isn't a boss behind the 
door.  You've already fought both of the bosses in this area. 

Enter the next room and you will see Rose with the Tetron laying in 
front of her.  Speak to her and she'll tell you a little of her plans.  
Blackmore will walk in and interrupt Rose.  The next thing you will see 
is a big explosion as your character phases off the screen.  


Yes, in case you couldn't have guessed, that's supposed to be a 
reference to Zelda.  

No, you haven't gotten a game over.  Yes, it looks like the game over 
screen, but you haven't lost.  Just watch.  You should appear in 
familiar surroundings.


Past Rococo Information

Inventor's Friends-
Level 28 and 29 (both in Polon's House)

Yep, you're in Rococo of the past.  You should appear right in front of 
a child, in fact.  The kid will get scared and run off.  The place is 
now yours to explore.  The first thing you should probably do is enter 
the shop at the bottom right of the town (same place it's in in the 
present Rococo) and talk to the shopkeeper.  He'll say he can't open 
his shop and he needs about 5000GP.  If you have the money (which you 
should if you've been fighting regularly and finding money as a result 
of extensive exploring), spot him the cash.  You can also head up to 
the northern part of town and give up to 1000GP each time to the 
construction of the Mayor's House.

Now, remember where your house was?  That is now Polon's house in this 
time.  She's the one who rescued you.  Enter the house to the left of 
Polon's and speak to the woman inside.  This will open a passage to 
another area.  Exit the town once you feel you'v explored enough and 
head to the next area.  


Forest Information:

Items Hidden:
Scrap 10

Enemies Present:
Poison- Just like all the mushrooms from before.

It's the same old forest you went through before, except new enemies.  
As such, there really is no new strategy to apply.  All the enemies are 
actually very easy to kill.  Like before, this should be a straight 
shot.  There will be a few Quickbirds and Poisons on the way.  Do not 
pass up the opportunity to open the capsule on the right.  It's got 
something new in it this time (Scrap 10).  Exit at the top to open yet 
another area.  


River Information:

Items Hidden:

Enemies Present:

Same story here.  Same old area, new enemies and items.  As before, 
there is no use for new strategies.  You should be able to tromp all 
over the baddies in this area.  
Defeat the Gator as you enter.  Shouldn't be much of a challenge and 
it's easy experience.  You can also see Quickbird up the stairs, if 
you're interested.  Other than that, there's nothing up there.  Don't 
climb the stairs (unless you want to fight the Quickbird) and head 
left, crossing the log.  Along the way to the left side of the area, 
some Gelgels should appear out of the ground.  When you've made it to 
the left section of land, head down and left again.  You can climb the 
staircase and fight the Gator and Quickbird on the way to a capsule.  
Open it for a Cure.  Head back down the stairs and all the way left, 
then up.  Kill the Quickbird and Gelgel along the way and you should be 
safely to the goal of the area.  Another road should open.


Cave Mouth Information:

Items Hidden: (inside the cave)
Repair (x3), Clean, Scrap 8, Scrap 5, Light, Drill, Blow 2, 3000GP

Enemies Present:
Big Fan
Cmdr. (commander)

Big Fans are not just your typical Hackers, but ones that are 
infatuated with Rose.  These guys can be killed almost like normal 
Hackers, except for the fact that they can block some attacks.  They 
shouldn't be incredibly tough, but their attacks can add up to some 
good damage after a while of fighting them.  

There should be some more Gators as you enter.  Deal with them as you 
like and head left.  Yep, more Gators along the way.  No matter, they 
should be major pushovers.  Now, enter the cave.  Once inside, you 
should see Polon talking to a Hacker.  The Hacker will eventually turn 
around and attack you, claiming to be a member of a "theft ring."  You 
have no choice but to win.  After that, Polon will take you back to her 


Polon will speak of rest and chicken soup and all that other healthy 
crap.  After that, she'll disappear into the back room and scream.  
There will be a guy in her bed that looks "just like you" (in a super-
deformed sort of way).  After that, she'll leave the house.  You can 
speak to the guy, but you don't get much out of him.  While you're at 
it, you can read the Inventor's Friends on Polon's shelf in the upper 
right of the room.  Now, exit the house and head to the shop once 
again.  You should see a woman inside.  Speak to her and she'll call 
you Rask.  She will also mention one name that you will hear a lot of 
from here on: Gateau.  I won't tell you exactly why... You'll find out.  
After that, she'll leave.  By now, a new road should have opened up for 
you.  Exit here and head to the Forest of Illusion.


Forest of Illusion Information:
Enemies Present: 
Cmdr. (commander)

Look familiar?  Well, it should!   This one is actually easier than the 
original.  So much that you can almost question its name...  Head up 
and past the three Powermoles into the next screen.  This is pretty 
much a straight shot.  From the beginning on, you should notice that 
this place (as in the forest as a whole) is practically crawling with 
Powermoles.  The worst part is you don't even know where they are.  
They'll just pop up out of nowhere and great with you a lovely punch to 
the face.  Just in this one screen, you should bump into three.  Head 
up and into the next screen.  The only way you can go here is to the 
right.  Beware the Quickbirds as you do.  Another straight shot after 
that, except this time you're surrounded by Spiders.  Fight or flight, 
whatever, just head up.  That's it.  Your done with the level.  This 
should open a path to... Another Forest of Illusion?  WTF?

As soon as you enter the world map, head down to the second Forest of 


Forest of Illusion Information:

Nothing to detail... Nothing at all...

Nothing to be scared of here.  There are not enemies.  You may, 
however, recognize the two men you see when you enter.  Yes, it's Igor 
and Count Prinky.  If you talk to them, they'll tell you that there is 
something odd about the area you're currently in.  If you walk up, you 
may notice at several areas that you cannot pass, as if something 
invisible is in your way.  Hmm... Put on the glasses in your inventory 
and a spaceship can be seen on the ground.  Enter the ship.  

You won't be able to enter the two rooms on the right and left.  So, 
enter the center door.  In this room, you should see some people having 
a conference of some kind.  Sit back and watch the conversation.  They 
will mistake you for Rask.  After the conversation, you can talk to 
them.  Once you're done, leave.  As you attept to, Cookie will stop 
you.  They'll ask you to do something for them.  Afterwards, exit the 
ship.  Prinky and Igor will say a few more unimportant things, then 
leave.  Why don't you follow suit and head back to Rococo?


As soon as you enter, go straight into Polon's House (the house right 
in front of you as you enter, in case you couldn't remember).  Head 
into the back and Napoleon will immediately run to Rask.  Talk to 
Napoleon and Polon will enter the room as well.  Watch the cutscene and 
Polon should eventually leave.  Talk to Napoleon. He will lead you into 
another bout of dialogue, then leave.  After that, speak with Rask as 
well.  He'll ask a favor of you.  Now, leave Rococo.  If you head back 
to the spaceship, Cookie will tell you that Gateau and Napoleon went to 
the cave.  Time you should do the same.  


Once you're back, enter the cave immediately.  You should have free 
entrance the conventional way.  Head north, past the flowing current 
and into a room where a couple of Big Fans are spinning around.  Kill 
them and equip the drill and break through the wall on the upper left 
corner.  Head straight through the wall and deal with the Big Fan on 
the other side.  Tread through the water, heading left, and a bunch of 
Big Fans should running around near there.  No matter, continue your 
progression left.  There should come another small body of water.  Head 
to the south through the narrow walkway (yes, there're more Big Fans 
here after being barraged with them just a second ago), and head 
straight to the door.  

Another narrow walkway... Head up and meet the Big Fan there.  Head 
right and another will greet you.  Continue heading all the way to the 
right and through the walkway heading down.  From here, go through the 
door into a small room where a capsule and a Big Fan are waiting.  
Punish the victim and open the capsule for a Repair.  Head back out and 
straight up, taking on another of Rose's fans.  After that, you should 
come to another couple of weak spots in the wall.  Drill through them 
to obtain a Clean and another Rpeair.  After that, head left of the 
weak spots and head up.  You should see a Hacker running around and 
another off color weak spot in the wall.  Talking to the Hacker doesn't 
seem to reveal much.  The Hacker won't do anything while you're 
apparently present.  So, turn into a mouse and wait for a bit.  
Eventually, he will walk up to a certain point in the wall just to the 
left of the weak spot and the spot itself will open like a door.  
Change back and push the hidden switch on the wall where the Hacker 
did. Head through the weak spot.  

Walk upward a little bit and a cutscene should ensue.  Rose will speak 
to you, mutter a few angsty things, then you'll drop into a pit.  From 
here on, you'll have to do without your Light and Drill.  They are gone 
for now.  You'll first be treated to a double attack by Big Fans.  Head 
up through the right path and take the long route left, fighting more 
Big Fans along the way.  Head straight down when the time arises and 
open the capsule there for a Scrap 8.  If you have the ability to 
create a Smoke or have a Smoke on you, then I HIGHLY recommend you 
combine the Smoke with Scrap 8 to make Blade 4, which is (or can be) 
the strongest weapon in the game.  Head back to the beginning, only 
this time take the left route.  On the way back to the beginning of 
this screen, you may have noticed a hole in the northern wall.  Ignore 
this hole, unless you just want to go in there and fight a couple of 
pointless battles.  Fight your way to the hole at the end of the path 
and fall down it.  

Fight the enemy at the bottom, then head to the right and up through 
the narrow walkway.  Cross the body of water near the next enemy and 
open the capsule for a Repair.  Head through the door to the right of 
the water, kill the enemy if it's in your way, and head through the 
door on the northern wall.  Inside, you should see Napoleon and a 
Hacker conversing.  After a little yapping, the Hacker will turn around 
and notice you, then engage you in battle.  It's a pretty easy one.  
Pretty much all that you've been fighting all through this level.  
Dispose of him and speak with Napoleon.  He says that he's been 
damaged.  Equip a repair and speak to him again (do not try to use it 
on him, it won't work that way).  When the choice comes up to fix him 
or give him sympathy, fix him.  As long as you have a Repair equipped, 
it should fix him.  Napoleon will follow you around now and act as not 
only your Light, but your Drill as well. 

Head down along the east wall, past the Big Fan and enter the room down 
there.  There should be another of those pests.  Do what you will, but 
examine the weak spot at the bottom left of the screen.  Napoleon will 
destroy it for you, giving you access to a capsule with Scrap 5 inside.   
Exit back out and work your way to the place you landed when you fell 
down the hole a few minutes ago.  From there, continue left and work 
your way to another weak spot.  Once again, Napoleon will open it for 
you.  This should lead to a tiny, closed-off room with a capsule 
containing your Light!  Move past yet another Big Fan while you 
continue north into the next room.

Pretty much just a straight shot here.  Work your way left amidst all 
the Big Fans in the room.  Go through the door once you get there. 
Another small cutscene will ensue.  Napoleon will head upward and begin 
to speak a bit.  After that, he'll walk away.  Head up and open the 
capsule to get your Drill back as well!  Napoleon is no longer with 
you, but you do (or should) have your Light back.  Equip that.  Work 
through the winding tunnel and through the door.  The next area has a 
good amount of Big Fans littered about it.  Just work your way through 
the winding tunnels some more and kick ass every step of the way.  When 
you come to the crossroads, you can head up to go to an R&D (in a 
cave?).  Once you're done there, head back down.  You should recognize 
this place.  This is where you dropped down the last hole.  Head 
directly right as you enter and you might notice the fallen rocks on 
the northern wall (it's all the way right).  Drill 'em and head 
through.  Another enemy waits you behind the wall, and a doorway with 
the boss insignia in front of it.  Hmm...  Go through the door and you 
should come to a small area that looks like a normal, striaght shot.  
Just a warning that there are invisible enemies in here.  Do what you 
can and head down through the door.

Gateau and Rose will be having a conversation here, with the Tetron in 
between them.  After a little cutscene, Gateau will run off with 
Napoleon following him, and Rose will shut the door and once again 
proclaim her hatred for you.  I hope you're prepared for a slightly 
frustrating battle.  

RECOMMENDED LEVEL: Mid 30's-Mid 40's 

De Rose has a devestating close-range attack in which she launches her 
head at you.  If you're back is turned, look forward to this attack 
doing nearly 100 damage.  She also has a decent long-range attack 
(dropping bombs) that does not do quite as much.  She also has a very 
devestating blast attack that she emits from her mouth.  If any of your 
robots are hit with this, it should take off about 2/3 of their life.  

From the git-go, you should notice that Sword 4 does not do much.  At a 
fully powered level with average Power, my Sword 4-toting robot was 
doing about 60 damage per hit with single strikes and a mere 1-2 damage 
on triple shots.   What I suggest is getting out your best melee 
attackers and doing only single shots.  I was able to do about 90 or so 
damage to her.  The trick is to position yourself such that she will 
not back up.  In other words, put yourself on the screen to where she 
will leave herself wide open after attacking, then hit her from behind.  
This actually does quite a bit more damage.  If your robots die or are 
dying, repair/heal them.  If you're finding this battle just a bit too 
hard, try gaining some levels or buying a ton more repairs. 

Rose will piss and moan a little more, then leave the room.  
Afterwards, you should here (or rather read) a satisfying scream, 
followed by a loud THUMP!  Heh, serves her right.  Open the capsules 
for a Blow 2 and 3000GP.  Head down through the door and you should be 
in familiar surroundings.  From here, head ouf the caves.  Once you're 
out on the world map, head back to Rococo.


Enter Polon's house and into the back room where Rask is.  Cookie will 
leave after speaking with Rask.  Speak to Rask and he will give you yet 
another favor.  Now, leave Rococo and head back to the ship.


Enter the ship (use the glasses if you need to) and talk to Napoleon.  
He'll move out the of the way of the door.  Enter it and speak to 
Gateau.  He will attempt to use the Tetron, but all will backfire...



You should wake up in bed with Dr. Akihabara right next to you.  After 
a bit of speaking to you, you can get out of bed.  Try to exit your 
house and a quake will start.  Nothing really, just a factor of drama.  
Exit the house.  A short cutscene will take place just outside in which 
a policeman announces that he's going to check a strange light that 
crashed near the river.  

After they're done talking, explore the place.  If you want, you can 
head over to second far west house from the bottom and speak to the old 
lady in the bed.  She will say she needs a little helper.  You will 
then learn how to create a Little Robot.  Head back to an R&D and make 
one.  Equip it and talk to her.  When the choice comes up, pick "I'll 
loan it to you," or something to that effect.  

Note: If you haven't already, I would advise you use the Scrap 8 that 
you got (assuming you picked it up) in the cave in the past to create a 
Blade 4, then take it into battle and boost it up to level 8.  By that 
time, it becomes the strongest weapon (though maybe not the best) and 
can hit all enemies on the screen. 

Leave Rococo and head for the Cave Mouth.   

-Cave Mouth-

By now, the enemies here should be incredibly pathetic.  Anyway, in 
your human form the cops will not let you into the cave.  To get into 
the cave, change into a mouse and enter.  Equip the Drill and break 
through the rocks.  Head up.  Before you even get to the current, you 
will be stopped by someone just ahead of you.  The girl is Princess 
Tira and the guy who pops out behind her is Space Butl- I mean... 
Valet.  You will be instantly taken back to Rococo.


You, Akihabara, Valet, and Tira will all be having a discussion.  You 
will be given a Spaceship.  Tira and Valet will then both leave.  Talk 
to Akihabara and tell him you believe.  He will then give you all three 
Stones.  Equip the Spaceship, exit your house, and use it.  Fly to 
Choco, which should be far east and a little north. 


Choco Information:

Cure- 90GP
Clean- 150GP
Repair- 450GP
Scrap 9- 1500GP
Scrap 10- 1500GP

Items Hidden:
Scrap 7

Inventor's Friends: 
30, 40, 50

Once you land keep heading upward until you come to an intersection.  
The first thing you should do is head left (you could also head right, 
but for the sake of the FAQ, my fingers, and my sanity, let's just say 
left).  Head through the door that you see there.  This will take you 
into a room with a couple of people just wandering around.  Head 
through the door at the top of this room into one that's a bit more 
important.  In here, there are a couple shelves, an item capsule, and a 
door in the back that leads to an R&D.  You can also see Gateau here, 
for you information.  The shelves here have Inventor's Friends volumes 
30, 40, and 50.  Read those and then open the capsule for a Scrap 7.

Once you're done with everything here, you can head back to the 
intersection near the beginning and to the right.  There really isn't 
much here aside from a load of people to talk to and a door leading to 
a shop with some pricy items.  Once you've thoroughly explored this 
way, head back to the intersection once again, only this time head up.

This will take you to the meeting room.  It's all a pretty easily laid 
out area.  Near the upper-left corner should be a guard.  Walk up to 
him and he'll move out of your way (you don't even need to speak with 
him).  Enter the door that he was blocking.  You should see Tira and a 
couple others in the next room.  Speak to them all.  Speaking to the 
guy on the far left will cause you to lose the pieces of the Tetron.  
Worry not, you're supposed to.  The guy will also ask for Scrap A.  
Tell him that he can examine it and he'll walk off.  Tira will follow 

Head to the lab where you found the Scrap 7 and the Inventor's Friends.  
Talk to everyone in here.  Now, head back to the place where you met 
Tira and the others just a moment ago.  The Consul will be sitting in 
Tira's throne.  Speak to him.  The chief will come in and report some 
bad news.  With that he and Valet will leave.  Leave this room.  Head 
back to the intersection near the beginning and head down towards the 
way you came from and speak to the guard just standing there.  He will 
explain everything involving Gateau and Tira.  Valet and another guard 
will walk in and read a telegram that Gateau sent.  After that, 
everyone will congregate in the meeting room.

After some words, Valet will ask everyone to draw straws to see who 
will go to the Hacker Fortress to rescue Tira.  When your turn comes, 
you will get the choice of the "Left Straw" or the "Right Straw."  It 
doesn't matter which one you pick, because you will always draw the red 
straw.  Some of the men will leave.  Finally, you can move again.  
Speak to Valet and he will tell you what to do and give you 5000GP.  
Exit here and head for the R&D.  If you don't have Shield 5 on all your 
robots, make some now.  Head to the shop and buy what you need as well.  
Once you're done, head towards the place you landed at and talk to the 
guard blocking the way.  Tell him you're ready and you'll be put on a 
spaceship on its way to the Hackers' Fortress.  


Wander around and talk to everyone.  You're pretty much confined to 
this room.  Speaking to the guy with bluish-green hair will cause a 
little cutscene to ensue.  Your ship will be blown to bits.  


After a while, you'll wake up in bed with Kotetsu right next to you 
(not in bed with you, silly).  After Kotetsu leaves the room, you'll be 
free to explore his ship, The Metal Iron.  Well, okay, there really 
isn't much to explore, but anyway, exit your room and head up.  Kotetsu 
should be standing there all by his lonesome.  Talk to him.  After he's 
done speaking, talk to him again.  During your conversation, Mint will 
come out of hiding.  Don't ask me how, but she somehow managed to sneak 
onto Kotetsu's ship.  It does sound somewhat like a plot hole, but I'm 
sure someone could reason it somehow.  After they're done talking, 
speak to them both.  Kotetsu will ask you to sit next to him.  Walk 
over to the chair and stand in front of it, facing the control panel.  
Kotetsu will put the ship into Warp.  With that done, you should dock 
at the fortress in no time.  A short conversation will take place on 
The Metal Iron.  After it's done, Kotetsu will leave.  You should do 
the same (head down two screens).  From here, you will enter the 
Hackers' Fortress.


Hackers' Space Fortress Information

Items Hidden:
First visit: Scrap 4, Repair, Scrap 5, Shield 3, Cure, Shield 4, Scrap 
6, Scrap 7, 3000GP, 2000GP
Second visit: Scrap 8, Cure

Iventor's Friends:

Enemies Present:
GoldPixies- Cute little angels of death.  They can be quite a pain to 
bump off, too, considering that Sword 4 and Blade 4 are pretty much 
useless against them.  
Bumpy- Just like Pumpy, except stronger.
Bighead- Is as the name implies...
Master- Rather powerful knights that you'll find after gaining the red 
Ninja- Invisible stealth killers.  Not the type you'd likely see at a 
church picnic. 
Cmdr. (commander)
WhitePixie- Just like any other Pixie, except white.

Strategies: At this point in the game, you should pretty much know how 
to take care of enemies on your own.  I should have discontinued the 
strategies section a long time ago, as it has become more of an 
exercise in redundancy for this FAQ than anything else.  The previous 
ones will be saved on this FAQ, but outside of that I think you should 
be able to wipe your own butt from here on, so to speak.  

Note: Before you even start the next boss battle, which won't be the 
last one, you should be around level 50.  So, while you're here do some 
beefing up.  

:::First Floor:::

After you've exited the ship, head up.  Kotetsu will tell you to follow 
him.  Do so right into the next room.  Kotetsu will be speaking with a 
Hacker.  Ride the conveyor belt to the left.  There will be a few other 
conveyor belts, one heading up and the other heading right.  Ride the 
up one, but try to get off instantly to the right so you can hit the 
switch.  The second conveyor belt that was heading right should be 
heading left now.  Get on it and make your way to the capsule.  Open it 
for a Scrap 4.  Hit the switch next to the capsule to reverse the 
direction of the belts yet again.  Now, ride on the conveyor belt 
heading right and skip across the conveyor belts heading up.  Hit the 
switch again to reverse the directions of the belts.  Cut across the 
vertical belts and make your way up (you should be on the left side of 
the belts here).  You will see a Hacker standing there.  You can't get 
past him now.  Head right now, riding the conveyor belt that should be 
heading that way (if it isn't, then press the switch to make sure it 
is).  Get off the belt before too far and head down towards another 
capsule that contains a Repair.  Finally, take the last conveyor belt 
heading up and through the door.  

Equip Change to become a mouse and go into the hole between the crates.  
Work your way through the pipes.  You should stumble upon some Hackers 
having a conversation.  After a little basic conversing and telling bad 
jokes, the alarm will go off and the Hackers will scramble out of the 
room.  From here, you can either head down or up through the stairs.  
Heading down only begets one advantage in that you'll gain a Scrap 5 in 
the process, but then you have to make your way back around to this 
room (you cannot simply go back the way you came, because in one room a 
red door will close behind you and the only way you can get through it 
is with a password, which you don't know yet).  For the sake of the 
matter, let's just say you did head down...

You'll first be in a long hallway with a couple of GoldPixies.  These 
things are incredibly annoying.  Get past these blond-haired beasts and 
head into a small room.  You'll fight a suped-up version of Pumpy 
called Bumpy here.  Kill it and veer to the left to get the Scrap 5 in 
the capsule.  Exit to the east.  You'll be back to the room with the 
conveyor belts.  From here, head back to the room where you saw the 
Hackers holding the conversation and head up the stairs in that room.

:::Second Floor:::

You should appear in a room with a couple of Bumpies.  Get past them 
and head south.  Yet another large area full of Bumpies.  Along the way 
you will bump into a Bigface.  These guys can be deadly if you let them 
be.  I've noticed hitting them with a triple hit from Sword or Blade 4 
can take them out easily.  You can't go into the red door just yet, so 
go directly into the door near the bottom left.  

A room with three doors: One to the upper right, one to the upper left, 
and one to the lower left.  Walk up into the upper left door first.  
Open the capsule for a Shield 3... Which should be obsolete by now...  
No matter.  You can use it in a combination or for recycling.  Avoid 
the lower left door for now.  You will be coming back to it later, 
though.  Try to go through the upper right door and a Hacker will walk 
in and stop you.  Don't worry, it's actually Kotetsu.  He'll give you a 
little useful information, so pay attention.  After that, he'll teach 
you the password to the red doors.  Nothing to fear, you don't have to 
enter it manually at each red door.  Just examing the doors and they 
automatically open.  After Kotetsu leaves, don't go through the door 
you were about to go through.  This just leads you to a blue door, 
which you don't have a password for just yet.  Instead, exit out the 
way you came.  Remember that red door you saw before coming in here? 
Yeah, that's right.  That's where you want to go right now.  

Going through the red door, you should wind up in a room with some 
GoldPixies in it.  I usually tend to avoid these things.  Head on to 
the next room and you'll find yourself with a couple of Bumpies.  Do 
whatever you wish and head into the next door.  The enemies in here are 
called Masters (tips a hat to the legendary reviewer).  They shouldn't 
be too big of a hastle.  Use the same technique you did on the Bigheads 
and they're through.  Head down and through the door.  The next room 
has a Hacker just kind of standing there (and rather spastically) while 
the princess is being held prisoner.  Talk to the Hacker and he'll 
battle you.  Whoop his pathetic ass and step on the button he was just 
on.  You now have access to the princess.  Go speak to her.  Follow her 
into the room to the right.  Watch the cutscene.  That bastard!  Gateau 
will drop you down into the Trash Chute!


Exit the room.  Head down into the next room, don't worry about going 
left just yet.  Put on your Chameleon Glasses so you can see the 
invisible Ninjas in this room.  The new kind of enemy you see here 
(that you could have seen earlier, if you ignored me when I said don't 
worry about the lower left room when you last saw Kotetsu) is called 
Gagarian.  They can be a bit mean, but the usual triple shot seems to 
do the trick.  At 2.8 Megs each, I recommend you do a mass genocide on 
these guys to gain a few levels, if you need to (killing three within 
the time limit would provide you with 8.6 Megs!).  Head down going past 
all the Gagarians and Ninjas.  There should be a Gagarian out on one 
little piece of floor sticking out near the top on the right.  Also, 
after meeting your first Ninja, there should be a walkway leading to a 
capsule guarded by another Ninja.  Open it for a Cure.  Keep heading 
down, but don't go through the door on the left just yet.  Head back 
down and to the left, past the Gagarian to open a capsule with a Shield 
4 in it.  Now, head back to that door on the left.

The only reason I told you to go to the Shield 5 first was in case you 
wanted to use it at the R&D, which is the first door down the hallway 
you have just entered (it's got the two Bigheads right in front of it).  
Enter and do as you please, then exit and continue left.  There should 
be a Gagarian and a capsule at the lower left room.  Open it for a 
Scrap 6.  Exit the room again and continue back on the route you were 
going.  Instead of going to the left, head right, past the Ninja.  
Continue on past the Gagarian right into the next door.

Mint should be here, and she's surrounded by mice.  Talk to Mint.  
Then, equip either Change or Relay and talk to the mice.  Now, talk to 
Mint again and she'll move, giving the mice access to their home.  Talk 
to Mint again, then equip Change and go through the mousehole into the 
next room.  Step on the button on the floor here, then exit.  Remember 
back to when you first entered the chute?  I told you not to take that 
one left turn just yet.  Well, head that way now.  You should find Mint 
there at the entrance.  Speak to her and then head inside.  From here, 
you can head to three different floors.  You've already seen all you 
can on the second floor.  

:::Third Floor:::

Head to the 3rd floor.  Head down and to the right, fighting all the 
Bigfaces along the way.  Just past the Gagarian in this room should be 
the door you go through.  You should now be in a room with two 
Gagarians and a few different doors.  You can't go through the yellow 
door yet, so there's no need to worry about that one.  Go through the 
door above the one you just entered through.  This will take you to 
another blocked off area with a Gagarian guarding a door.  Go through 
the door and you should see a couple of capsules.  Open them both for 
Scrap 7 and 3000GP.  Head back to the room with all the doors and the 
Gagarians.  Head through the door at the lower right (the higher one, 
not the one that leads to the two Bigfaces).  

You will be in a room with green crates everywhere.  Equip Change and 
go through the mousehole.  Make your way through the tunnels and you 
should appear in a small area of a room where some Hackers are 
conversing.  Listen to what they have to say.  After they're done 
talking, head back to the room with all the doors and the Gagarians yet 
again.  This time, take the lower door on the lower right, which leads 
you to the two Bigfaces, get past them, then head south through the 

Push past the Masters and head to the left.  Open the capsule nearby 
for 2000GP.  Nothing left in this direction, except the yellow door.  
Head to the right now.  Go through the door.  The room you're in now 
should have a Master and a Gagarian, plus a couple other doors.  Get 
past the menaces and head towards the northern door.  You should see a 
cutscene involving Blackmore.  After he's done talking, talk to him 
again and listen to his "hard-luck story."  After he's done talking 
about that, talk to him again and he'll teach you the Yellow Password.  
Exit the bathroom.  There is no need to use the door on the right just 
yet.  It's time to find the computer that has the No-Run Program and 
delete the program.  

OLD YELLOW DOORS: We'll now take the time to revisit some of the yellow 
doors we missed.  You do not have to go to these doors, really, so just 
read on and decide whether or not you'd like to visit some of these 
places in particular.

Basement (Trash Chute):

To the left of the R&D, in the long hallway- Computer room.  Gives you 
access inside the computer that you need once you get the yellow 

1st Floor:

Conveyor Belt room- Computer room.  Gives you access inside the 
computer that you need once you get the yellow password. 

2nd Floor:


3rd Floor:

Multi-door room with 2 Gagarians- This one leads you to a room you can 
access through a mousehole on this floor.  Ultimately, there is nothing 
here.  However, enter through the mousehole and you can see a small 

Hallway with the Masters- Computer room.  Gives you access inside the 
computer that you need once you get the yellow password.  

4th Floor:

None that can be accessed at this time.

Well, isn't that special?  Well kids, it's beef-up time.  If you 
haven't already, beef up to level 50.  I suggest fighting Gagarians and 
Bigfaces (which you can just go back and forth through the first two 
rooms of the third floor to find all that you need) since you can 
easily dispatch them with triple shots from Blade or Sword 4.  Even the 
second floor elevator room has a lot of Gagarians for you to pick at.  
I've also noticed that area seems to have a better chance for you to 
face three of them in a battle.    If you're feeling up to the task, 
however, you could send out someone with a decent melee weapon to kill 
some of the tougies on the fourth floor or some of the Ninja's in the 
basement.  Either way, get yourself to level 50 (or at least bring 
yourself up high enough such that your stats are all maxed out).  

Stay on the third floor.  Go into the hallway where you saw all the 
Masters.  Go to the end of the hallway, equip the Cyberjack and enter 
the computer.  This is all a straight shot from here.  Head towards the 
left and walk onto the teleporter.  From here head up, make your way 
wall the way left, and go down.  Walk onto the teleporter.  You should 
be in a room with a very familiar figure... Yes, Bug-Bug!  Talk to him. 
He'll tell you he has the No-Run Program, but in order to do anything 
about that, you'll have to defeat Bug-Bug.  After he's said his piece, 
you'll be taken into battle

BUGBUG (Round 2)
Recommended level: 50 (or have maxed out stats, sans life)

Be sure you also have the best Shields and Boots equiped by now.  If 
you fought Gagarians and Bigfaces, you should have gotten a ton of 

Bugbug has all the same attacks he did before, except now his cannon 
attack can confuse you.  This can make the battle that much harder, 
especially since there aren't any status ailment blocking equipment 
items in this game.  

Follow the usual routine as you did in the last battle.  Use a melee 
weapon, avoid using Sword or Blade 4 as those only do 1 damage.  Nail 
him with only one-shot attacks at a time and try your damndest to hit 
him from behind to maximize damage.  With your stats maxed and a fully 
powered Axe 3 or any melee weapon of comparable power, his attacks 
shouldn't hit very often or for very much (assuming he hits from the 
front, which he usually does unless you've been confused).  With my 
guard maxed on one robot, his cannon did only about 5 damage and his 
shock attack did only about 20.  That and your action meter should fill 
up fast.  In short, you should quite literally tear him to pieces.  If 
you find you're having problems with this battle, make sure you are at 
a very high level (close to 50, since you should be able to max you 
stats around that level) and you have a good melee weapon.  If your 
life is low, use Cure.  If you die, use repair, etc. etc. etc...  I'm 
starting to sound like a broken record, so let's move on.  

After you've defeated Bugbug, he'll mutter something incoherent and 
disappear, leaving a crystal behind.  Examine the crystal and you'll 
move on.  Exit the computer and head back to Blackmore.  Speak to him 
and he'll do some inbecilic dance.  Don't forget to talk to him again 
to get the key.  He'll then leave the john.  Exit yourself, in fact, 
and head through the door on the right.  You should see some of those 
stupid UFO-looking things in here.  Remember, if they see you, they'll 
call the guards.  Oh no!  Don't call a pack of weak-ass commanders!  Do 
as you wish, but the consequences shouldn't be too intimidating.  Exit 
to the south.  Equip the key and make your way right, up, then right do 
a locked door.  Use the key on the door.  Enter and you should see Tira 
in there.

"It's big full of people and interesting."  Yet another memorable quote 
due to lack of grammar/proper use of English (not that I'm one to 
comment after reading my own work, heh).  Talk to Tira twice.  The 
first time she'll spout some air-headed mumbo-jumbo.  The second time, 
she'll finally put 2 and 2 together.  Now, she'll ask you to guide her 
out.  Do so and Gateau will enter.  I don't know what the hell Tira's 
packing, but she lays the smackdown on Gateau.  Talk to Tira and here 
more incoherent mistranslations, then leave the room.  Equip the 
Spaceship and use it.  From outer space, head back to Choco.


Once you're here, enter and Valet will greet you immediately.  Now, sit 
back and watch a decent length cutscene (no, the game isn't over yet).  
Once it's over, exit the room you are in and head to the lab.  Talk to 
the guy at the north end of the table, say yes, and he will give you 
the Red, Blue, and Yellow Jars.  Make your way back to the entrance and 
talk to the guard.  Tell him you're ready, he will move out the way, 
and Tira will come out to say a few important words.  When she's done, 
equip the Spaceship, exit, and leave for the fortress yet again.  


You should arrive near the room you found Tira in.  Enter it, equip the 
Cyberjack, and examine the computer.  From here, it's a straight shot 
to another warp pad to the left.  Walk on it and exit the room you wind 
up in.  Head to the right past the Bumpies and the Bigface and enter 
the room to the north.  This should be the Red Reactor.  There will be 
a bunch of Masters, Gagarians, and Ninjas in this room, so equip the 
Chameleon Glasses.  Make your way up, then take the right down the 
little narrow path.  This should take you to a door at the very bottom 
right of the screen.  Once inside, walk on the button near the machine 
just a ways up from you.  This should release the prisoners that are in 
this room.  You can talk to Mint if you want, but if you want to 
advance, talk to Kotetsu.  After that, Blackmore will walk in, have the 
two escorted out, then tell you the Blue Password.  Now you can enter 
blue doors!  Exit here.  

Move all the way up and take a right.  Open the capsule for a Scrap 8.  
Head back to the blue door you just saw and enter it.  Push the button 
on the right and walk between the two blue lines you see just ahead.  
You'll have to fight the Master you bump into.  Head all the way up and 
work your way left.  Avoid the RedPixies as often as you can.  Start on 
your way down.  Remember to have the Glasses on so you can see the trip 
laser when it comes on.  Take the first left turn you see on your way 
down.  Halfway down should be a Master that will pop up.  Dispose of it 
and continue on.  At the intersection, head up and equip the Red Jar.  
Examine the reactor to place it in.  Now, head down (don't turn right, 
go straight down).  If you can't progress along the blue lines, hit the 
switch to the right.  When the chance comes up to head right, do so.  
Do the same now with the Yellow Jar that you did with the red one once 
you reach the Yellow Reactor.  Now, do you remember that door you saw 
not too long ago before all the RedPixies?  Go back to it and enter it.  

Go all the way up.  If you need to, push the button on the right first.  
Put the Blue Jar in its place and the ceremony should be done.  Hit the 
button on the left.  From here, head south as far as you can go, from 
room to room.  You should pass a Bigface along the way.  Head south of 
him and you should be in familiar territory.  This is where you met 
Kotetsu when you first started at this fortress.  Continue down and 
head to the left into another familiar room.  Get past all the 
Gagarians and get into the elevator.  Select the fourth floor.

:::Fourth Floor:::

Finally, the ominous fourth floor!  Equip your Glasses before going too 
far.  You should find some Berets and Maskers riddled throughout this 
place.  Head down and take a right.  About halfway down the hall, go up 
to where you see two doors.  Avoid the left door, as it leads to a dead 
end and go through the right door.  Follow this up past the RedPixie 
and you should come to an intersection.  Hang a right into a room with 
a Red Pixie and a Master.  Go through the door just above the one you 
just came from.  This will take you to a capsule with a Cure, which is 
being guarded by a measly Bumpy.  Go back to the intersection and go 
left this time.  

You will bump into none other than Gateau.  Imagine that.  Watch the 
cutscene.  Napoleon will make a surprise appearance.  Gateau will 
destroy part of the bridge, forbidding your passage.  Save and talk to 
Napoleon.  He'll throw you across.  Only do so when you are perfectly 
ready.  Head left and go into the door.  You should come into a room 
guarded by two Ninjas.  Do what you can to get past them, then head 
down.  You should be outside now.  Head up the stairs and through the 
door.  Head left past all the Bigfaces and through the door.  Now go 
straight up.  You will come to the familiar emblem in front of the 
door.  Heal up and save and get ready for battle soon.  Enter the door.  
Gateau will give you a short speech and challenge you to a duel.

GATEAU (Round 1) (Accompanied by two Soldiers)
Recommended level: 50 and beyond

If you're at max. stats. this battle should be a breeze.  The soldiers' 
attacks are really basic, so there's almost no need to worry.  Just 
don't leave your back exposed to often.  When Gateau's back is exposed, 
however, go straight for the throat.  The best thing about this boss is 
that triple hit combos actually work!  So, when you can, use a triple 
shot from a fully powered Axe 3 or Blade 4 (Blade and Sword 4 can both 
work fairly well, since they hit multiple targets).   

The only things you really want to worry about are Gateau's attacks.  
Some of them can drop over 100 HP with a critical.  They also have Run 
blocking attacks, so be careful of those.  

Once the Soldiers are disposed of, go after Gateau with a melee 
assault.  Use the three hit combo as much as you can.  If you can ever 
be so lucky as to get his back exposed, go for it.  You can sometimes 
do this by strategically placing yourself a bit away from him when he's 
in the corner.  For instance, if he's in the lower right corner, you 
can place yourself near the middle bottom rather than right up against 
him.  From here, he'll usually move near the very middle (maybe 
slightly to the left of it).  Since you're positioned near the middle 
and not near the bottom right corner, you should have a shot at his 
back.  Use this luring tactic against him often.  

Gateau will blurt a few more lines out after you've defeated him and 
ask you to enter the machine before you.  Do so.  Before you can, 
Nagisa will stop you.  You will have your last chance to save right 
here.  Enter the machine...

Welcome my son... Welcome... to... the machine... 
Where have you been?
It's alright, we know where you've been!

Sorry, couldn't resist!  Walk up along the trippy background.  You 
should bump into lots of familiar people along the way.  Most of this 
is just character development and backstory.  Anyway, keep heading up.  
At the top, you should be greeted by not one, but four Gateaus.  It's 
all the same guy, just "special effects" I guess... He'll tell you 
exactly what the Tetron has done for him.  Not only does he plan to 
rule the universe, but over all time and fate of man.  The long and 
short of it is he's pretty much become a god (or so he thinks).  I hope 
your robots are rarin' to go and you've got plenty of supplies.  This 
is it.  

GATEAU (Round 2)
Recommended level: 50's and beyond

There are no soldiers to help him this time.  He doesn't need any.  
Depending on what background he selects, he will do a different attack.  
I really don't recommend using melee weapons unless you're daring (the 
on advantage melee weapons can bring here is that you can land a 
critical if you're lucky).  You may want to consider staying with Blade 
4 or Sword 4 to a lesser extent.  Only use triple hit combos, as single 
hit won't even make double-digit damage.   The main reason I say to 
keep away from melee is that he can ram you for a decent amount of 
damage if you're too close.  If you're lucky, he may not ram your robot 
at all.  If you can get him going on changing background and not 
ramming your robot, then melee fighting may be worth it.  One advantage 
to taking a ram is that you won't get hit with the fire attack as much, 
which means less chance of confusion.

Anyway, attacks will change in accordance to background, as mentioned 
previously.  Pay close attention...

War scenery- He'll summon soldiers to shoot you.  Low damage attack, 
but devestating critical.
Icy background- Large chunks of falling ice.  Moderate damage.  
City exploding- Bombs dropped on your robots.  Moderate damage. 
Erruption scenery- Lava rocks fall on your robot. Moderate damage.  

Aside from what was mentioned above, Gateau also has a fire attack that 
does moderate damage.  This can also confuse your robots, so be 
careful.  You may only really need to keep two of your robots alive.  
Mainly focus on only healing your best robot when it's damaged or 

All in all, it's difficult to guage whether or not you should go with 
melee or long-range attacks.  Personally, I stuck with melee attacks 
since my 'bot avoided becoming confused that way.  Also, hitting him 
with a fully powered Axe 3 did 790-800+ damage criticals!  Do those 
enough and you can dispose of him easily.  Just to break down the 
events, continually hit him with triple shot attacks, try to focus on 
keeping one robot in paricular alive (you may need one other in case 
that one dies), and take which ever you think is the less of the evils 
(doing criticals, but possibly taking more damage; or not doing 
criticals and possibly becoming confused). 

You've done it.  You've defeated Gateau and saved not only the 
universe, but all time.  Enjoy the ending...
/  SECTION 6: FAQ  \

Q: What do I do if the enemies in an area are way too strong?
A: Level up.  However, there are a few areas where they purposely put a 
major leap in enemy strength, but these areas usually don't have a 
whole lot of enemies.  

Q: Are there any combinations for Bomb 1?
A: Other than actually using a Bomb 1 in the exchange, no.

Q: What would you suggest is the best distribution for my robots' 
ability points?
A: This really depends on your strategy.  I usually take either a major 
Power robot, or one that has main emphasis on Power and one other stat.  
Some like Guard, as that can help you absorb damage.  Other like 
Charge, which makes sense since it allows you to hit more often.  

Q: How do you save?
A: You'll need an item called the transceiver first.  When you have 
that, equip it and use it.  Nagisa will ask you if you wish to save; 
Just say yes.  

Q: Would you recommend beefing every weapon to level 9?
A: Not really.  While this may sound like a good idea, this can make 
the game a whole lot more tedious than need be.  There are basically 
two ways to boost equipment.  One is through constant combination, 
which can sap your money.  The other is through battle, assuming you 
open a capsule that boosts equipment level (these are quite rare).  
Either way, it's not worth the time because you'll eventually advance 
the game and eventually find better items that you'll also have to 
build.  That and some weapons can pretty much only be boosted through 
battle, since you either can't develop them or the fact that combining 
them can be a royal pain.  

Q: How do I use event items? 
A: Push X and go into your inventory (first selection), then push A on 
the item you wish to use and make sure that its icon appears at the top 
of the screen.  When you want to use it on the screen, push Y.  

Q: How do I use healing items?
A: Push X and go into maintenence (second selection).  From there, 
there will be a few different selections for different items you want 
to use and which robot you want to use them on.  

Q: When I build a robot, does it start with lower stats than the 
original to allocate?
A: No, their stats are based on your program points.  This is not 
influenced by how many robots you have, but by what level you are.  So, 
if you are building your second robot and have 100 program points, 
that's 100 points you can allocate on each robot.  This means, when 
building a robot you can give it the same stats as the first if you 

Q: What is the "ultimate weapon?" 
A: The one that can get the strongest, if I remember correctly, is 
Blade 4.

Q: How come when I use a Run that hits three times with the same 
weapon, it does less damage than hitting only once with the weapon?
A: I'm not 100% sure, but I think many enemies (bosses especially) are 
made to withstand multiple shots from a weapon.  It almost makes it 
inefficient to program a triple hit combo.  

Q: If I combine two weapons that aren't the same, but can combine, how 
is the level decided?
A: It still just takes the sum of the two levels if they're the same 

Q: Why do you indicate where enemies are in the FAQ?  Does it matter? 
A: It's mainly for the type of people who like to kill about every 
enemy they find (the "sporty type," as I call them), a bit like myself. 
While it's not necessary, sometimes it can help. 

Q: Then why later in the FAQ do you stop mention every enemy so often?
A: Because by that time, you should be so powerful that it really 
doesn't matter.

Q: Why do some weapons have N/A as a creation cost? 
A: Not all weapons can be developed.  Some must be either found or 
created through combining.  

Q: Why don't you recommend developing packs very highly?
A: Because they only give a very small increase to stats for a very 
high price.  I'm not saying you absolutely should not do it, it's 
totally up to you.  I usually go without them unless I happen to find 
one while running around in the game.

Q: Do you know of any place where I can emulate this game?  
A: I'm not telling you.  Use a search engine.

Q: How about a place where I can buy this?
A: eBay or GameStop if you don't mind getting it used.  I have no idea 
where to get this still packaged.  

Q: Parsley said he hid the Clock Tower Key in front of the well.  I 
searched the area and can't find the key.  Where is it?
A: Be sure you're touching the bottom part of the well while also 
facing the well.  In short, it's against the bottom side of the well.  

Q: Is it truly necessary to kill every enemy?
A: No, but it is HIGHLY recommended.  This is a chief means of gaining 
experience.  Higher experience=Stronger robots.  Stronger robots=easier 
bosses.  Easier bosses=less stress.  Also, it doesn't hurt to build 
levels every now and then either.  

Q: What's a good way to gain experience?
A: See above...

Q: Does it matter what order the items are in when you combine them?
A: No.

Q: I spoke to a character who was supposed to give me an item, but 
he/she didn't give it to me.  What do I do?
A: If you read the message carefully, sometimes the other characters 
will say something along the lines of, "I have an item to give you, but 
you're inventory is full.  Please rearrange it."  This means you'll 
have to use, discard, or equip something (assuming nothing is equipped) 
in order to get the item.  

Q: What took you so long to update/read e-mail?
A: This delightfully powerful and soul-sucking force called college.  
This was my senior year and I'm still not graduated, as I need to 
complete a few more classes (people involved in the Ed. department as I 
am usually take 5 years to complete at the school I'm going to, or so 
I'm told).  

Q: How do I reform my party?
A: Go into your menu screen.  Enter the maintenence screen and select 
the first icon (the far left one) that looks like a capsule.  From 
here, pick whichever robot you want to be first, then second, etc.  

Q: Are you ever going to complete this FAQ?  If not, I'd like to 
continue it.
A: Sorry, I'm in the process of completing it, albeit the fact that I'm 
inching slowly across.  

Q: I put the jars into the generators, but nothing happened.  What do I 
A: Either, A) You didn't put them in in the right order.  It has to go 
Red-Yellow-Blue, B) Forgot to put one in (I made this mistake while 
writing this FAQ), or C) I can't think of anything for C.


This FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 to Joe Shaffer, aka BoredGamer.  Any 
use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way, shape, or form 
without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.  This 
can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there 
is no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand 
(this includes magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites 
without my solid approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises 
can, and probably will, result in legal actions.


Thanks goes to the following people and such...

Jeff "CJayC" Veasey and everyone at GameFAQs

Enix for this game

Die Hard Game Club back when it was in existence.  Probably one of the 
best used game dealers in Spokane and unfotunately, gone for good. 

virgo1869 for the speed defintion. 

Karsanow and Solomon Warrior for the equipment information.

There is one thing I would like to leave with saying before submitting 
the final version of this guide into GameFAQs.  I have learned a few 
things from writing this guide.  Maybe I should outline them.  This is 
not only getting a bit off my chest, but also this can serve as a word 
of advice to any future FAQers.

1) Choose wisely the game you do a FAQ for.  This FAQ took me over a 
year to complete because I had so much work to do in college.  One thin 
you will see all over GameFAQs are FAQs that aren't complete.  I won't 
name any names, but seeing ones that haven't even been touched in years 
and aren't even close to finished it depressing.  Especially so if it's 
the only FAQ.  What I'm getting at is it's always best to finish what 
you start.  Don't leave something incomplete to rot on the net, and 
definitely don't give up.

2) Doing a FAQ for an RPG was somewhat of a mistake for me.  I didn't 
have the time to do it.  Folks, if you aren't devoted or don't have 
time, don't do a large FAQ.  This FAQ is well past due because of that.

3) Avoid redundancies.  They can make a FAQ seem very dry.  This FAQ is 
covered with them.

Thank you, and thank God.  This FAQ is finally... FINALLY... complete.

I guess my last thanks goes to Skin of Skunk Anansie.  Why?  Because 
she has a beautiful voice.  

(C) Joe Shaffer 2002-2003