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We need a PETA for rabites...Black Rabite8/10
I really wanted to like this game . . .cantgetin3/10
While it has it's flaws this is one of the funnest games I've ever played.Calamity8/10
Solid, but not an "elite Square game"ClessAlvein057/10
But time flows like a river... and history repeats...D-Boy3/10
A brilliant but flawed experimentgnrchild58/10
Want to hear a Secret?Hawk Eye9/10
Gem Missilehorror_spooky8/10
The secret's in my pants.IAX10/10
A review from someone who didn't play this game in their childhood.jojoshabadoo6/10
Yes, this game really is this good. NOT overrated.KeIt Jade10/10
Years later still a epic gameKevingcat8/10
Does this fan favorite still hold up, well over a decade later on Virtual Console?LawnNinja7/10
A great non-RPG Squaresoft game! And who's talking about The Bouncer?Leetdude9/10
Beauty of ManaLord-Spencer8/10
Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing, now that's all I got.Mariner5/10
And in the end, the game STILL doesn't tell you what the big secret is! I feel cheated...NT2208/10
Not quite up to Square's usual qualityPizzaDude3717/10
The Wildest 16-Bit Threesome EverRottenwood10/10
I don't care what anyone else says. This is the best home console RPG ever made.sega3109810/10
A classic brought straight your Wii.sega3109810/10
For love of the gameSnow Dragon8/10
Despite the bugs, it is one of the most fun games on the Super NintendoThe Vic Viper8/10
Secret of Mana is, quite simply, the Best. Game. Ever.tnote82710/10
Secret of Mana's an outstanding classic, it's still the great game as 7 years ago!Yakuza10/10
In my opinion, the best Square game ever madeYusakuG10/10
Santa Claus is in this game, how can anyone not love it?Zylo the wolf10/10

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