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                 Seiken Densetsu 3 Magic & Items Guide
                        by DragonKnight Zero
                     Version 1.5 complete: 7-31-04


  - Why I wrote this
  - Legal Jazz
  - What's New
  - Controls
  - Items
    - Using the item exchange menu
    - Class Change Items
    - Seeds
    - Magic Items
    - Flying Items
    - Recovery Items
    - Event Items
  - Magic
    - Magic Requirements
    - Spell/Skill Descriptions
  - Status Effects
  - Traps
  - Tricks and other stuff
  - The Black Rabite
  - Suggested parties
  - Kevin bug mini-FAQ
  - Miscelleny
  - Challenges
  - Credits
  - Contribute
  - SPECIAL: The partial translation patch (limited offer)

- Why I wrote this
     At last, a listing containing the 97 different items in Seiken
Densetsu 3.  That and the magic listing should help people play the
game more effectively and make it more fun.  I will assume the reader
is already somewhat familiar with the gameplay and characters involved.
If not, it may be better for you to read some of the other FAQs at
Gamefaqs or check out some SD3 sites as this is not a tutorial guide.
I've added a quick contrals guide as no other guides seem to cover
them at this time.

I found a website with item and magic listings similar to what you'll
see here.  It's and while their lists are arranged
differently, the idea is the same.  I did not know of this until after
I had finished constructing the lists so I did not rip these people
off.  Go visit the site's SD3 section.  Besides lists, it has screen
shots for the spells and some other lesser known information like how
your characters' attack and defense ratings are derived.  There's more
of course, but I won't spill it all.

- Legal Jazz
          Copyright 1999-2004 by Erwin Lin.  This guide is freeware but
it's not public domain.  This is my intellectual property and if anyone
is going to profit from this, it had better be me.

Terms of usage
Website usage: It is not necessary to ask my permission to put it on
a website so long as the contents of this guide are unaltered and the
site is freely accessible to anyone with a working internet connection
and compatible browser.  In simpler terms, I should be able to access
my guide on your site without inputting passwords, paying membership
fees, or any other means intended to exclude certain users.  This guide
may be converted to HTML format.  If you wish to use the guide under
conditions other than those stated above, you must recieve explicit
written consent from me first.  The latest version of this FAQ can be
found at GameFAQs.  For other sites, it is the site's responsibility to
have the latest version.
Personal usage: This guide or parts of it may be freely used for
personal and private usage.  Do not sell or publish without explicit
written consent from me.  That also means no compiling this guide or any
part of it with anything that will be sold for profit.
FAQ writers: If you wish to use a part of this guide in your own works,
give credit where it is due.

If unsure, ask.

- What's New

7/31/04 v1.5: Added long overdue controls section and moved info on a
Kevin bug to its own section.  Fixed a few things though left some small
errors intact.  This will be the last major revision.

9/21/01 v1.4: Been effin' ages since I updated.  Then again, there's
not much for me to update.  The FAQ section is up; the first one will
be of interest to anyone who never seems to get the right Class
Change items.  Also have included information on a partial translation
patch I downloaded back in 1998.

8/5/00 v1.3: New e-mail finally updated, some corrections in stat
requirements for Charlotte's spells, more party suggestions, a new
trick on powering up Kevin's attack to insane levels, a few additions
within the spell effects section.  Next update will include the
questions I've accumulated since I started this.

2/4/00 v1.2: Added Suggested Parties section, added info on the item
exchange menu since it is not very evident to first-time players,
fixed an error in Charlotte's spell requirements, fixed some stupid
errors atributable to not proofreading, added to Tips & Tricks, added
a new challenge.

12/21/99 v1.1: Added Traps section, changed Mysteries to Miscelleny,
added DEX requirement for Hawkeye's Black Rain, added a new challenge,
fixed a few errors in the Spells section.  Since I wanted to send this
update out before I leave school, the Suggested Parties section isn't
up yet.  New information in Miscelleny; look around.

- Controls

  I should have included these a long time ago.  This is a quick list
of the controls since most folks probably won't be able to read the
manual.  It's not meant to be in-depth, just what button does what.

Control Pad: Move characters and navigate menus
A: Attack, Talk, Confirm, Hold to have character auto-attack
B: Use Tech, Hold to run, Cancel
X: Bring up Ring menu
Y: Status screen
L: Switch to ally's ring menu,  Hold to control ally #2 temporarily
R: Switch to ally's ring menu,  Hold to control ally #1 temporarily
Select: Change player controlled character
Start: Access storage

- Items
     The items are divided up into the order they appear on the Storage
Screen that appears when you press Start.  While I'm not sure about the
exact order of individual items, I'm sure on the catagories.  Effects
or uses of items are given.  I may put in locations where some of the
rarer items can be obtained if there's enough demand.

  - Using the item exchange menu
     Press START to enter the item exchange menu, also known as the
warehouse.  For the Japaneese impaired (like me) who don't have access
to a translated ROM, the left window represents the items in your ring.
These are the only items that can be accessed during battle.  The right
window shows your stored items.  The top option in the right window
lets you store items without replacing it with anything in the ring.
Other than that, the exchange process is simple though if you try to
exchange something with something else that's already in your item
ring, the second item's stock will be filled to 9, stored stock

Example: There are 6 candies and 4 item seeds in your item ring.  You
try to replace the item seeds with more candy.  3 candies will be taken
from storage and you will have 9 candies in your item ring.  The item
seeds are not replaced.

You're not allowed to double up on the same items; ring capacity is up
to 9 of 10 different types of items.  The weapon and armor storage are
in these menus as well; push left and right when you open the item
exchange menu.  One screen for each type.  I'm not going to explain
these.  They work very similarly and you can play through the game
without ever using them.  Obselete equipment is better used by selling

  - Class Change Items
     Class Change items can only be obtained from ??? Seeds.  You can
only obtain the items that correspond to the characters in your party
and their first class change.  The exception is that after you choose 
Light-Dark, you obtain the Dark items instead.

Paladin's Proof (Paladin): Saint Saber on all allies
Lord's Proof (Lord): Heal Light on all allies
Master's Proof (Sword Master): Diamond Saber on all allies
Duelist's Proof (Duelist): Dark Saber on all alllies
Gold Wolf Soul (God Hand): Aura Wave on one ally
Silver Wolf Soul (Warrior Monk): Leaf Saber on one ally
Death Wolf Soul (Death Hand): Energy Ball on one ally
Demon Wolf Soul (Dervish): Moon Saber on all allies
Good Luck Die (Wanderer): Life Boost on one ally
Bad Luck Die (Rogue): Land Mine on one enemy
Bullseye Die (Ninja Master): Fire Skill on all enemies
Nighteye Die (Nightblade): Thunder Skill on all enemies
Arcane Book (Granddevina): Saint Beam on all enemies
Book of Secrets (Arc Mage): Exploder on all enemies
Book of Rune (Rune Master): Death Spell on one enemy
Forbidden Book (Magus): Dark Force on all enemies
Holy Water Vial (Bishop): Heal Light on all allies
Jar of Salt (Sage): Tinkle Rain on all allies
Jar of Ashes (Necromancer) Black Curse on one enemy
Jar of Blood (Evil Shaman) Anti-Magic on one enemy
Briesingamen (Vanadies): Power Up on all allies
MorningStar Chain (Star Lancer): Speed Up on all allies
KnightDragon Chain (Dragon Master): Protect Down on all enemies
Gleipnir (Fenrir Knight): Mind Down on all enemies

  - Seeds
     When used in battle they restore 50 HP to each character.  When
planted at in pots at inns, you'll recieve an item based on the seed
you planted.

Item Seed: White colored seeds give certain recovery item when planted.
Mysterious Seed: Blue seeds which also give recovery items.  These
give the stronger healing items.
Flying Item Seed: Yellow  These give the throwing items
Magic Seed: Pink seeds give you items that cast spells
Weapon/Armor Seed: Gives a piece of powerful equipment.  What comes out
is based on your characters' current classes.
??? Seed: These give Class Change items as explained previously

  - Magic Items
     Each of these items are used to cast one of the spells that belong
to the eight Elemental spirits.  To use these the most effectively,
remember that when a character uses theses items; it is as if he or she
is actually casting the spell.  The person with the highest Spirit
(PIE) should be the one to use the light magic items while the one with
the highest Intelligence should use the other attack spell items.

Earth Coin: Diamand Missile (one/all enemies)
Gnome Statue: Land Slide (one enemy)
Basilisk Fang: Stone Cloud (one enemy)
Needlion Eye: Speed Down (one enemy)
Bujette's Scale: Protect Up (one ally)
Molebear's Claw: Stone Saber (one ally)

Storm Coin: Air Blast (one/all enemies)
Jinn Statue: Thunderstorm (one enemy)
Harpy's Fang: Stun Wind (one enemy)
Bee's Eye: Protect Down (one enemy)
Bird's Scale: Speed Up (one ally)
Siren's Claw: Thunder Saber (one ally)

Ice Coin: Ice Smash (one/all enemies)
Undine Statue: Mega Splash (one enemy)
Whitedragon Fang: Cold Blaze (one enemy)
Slime's Eye: Power Down (one enemy)
Sahagin's Scale: Mind Up (one ally)
Posseidon's Claw: Ice Saber (one ally)

Flame Coin: Fireball (one/all enemies)
Salamando Statue: Exploder (one enemy)
Fire Lizard's Fang: Blaze Wall (one enemy)
Battum's Eye: Mind Down (one enemy)
Drake's Scale: Power Up (one ally)
Kerobos Claw: Flame Saber (one ally)

Darkness Coin: Evil Gate (one/all enemies)
Shade Statue: Dark Force (one enemy)
Ghost's Eye: Death Spell (one enemy)
Specter's Eye: Anti Magic (one enemy)
Shadowzero's Eye: Black Curse (one enemy)
Demon's Claw: Dark Saber (one ally)

Light Coin: Holy Ball (one/all enemies)
Wisp Statue: Saint Beam (one enemy)
Poto Oil: Heal Light (one/all allies)
Pakkum Dragon Oil: Magic Shield (one ally)
Mama Poto Oil: Tinkle Rain (one/all allies)
Papa Poto's Claw: Saint Saber (one ally)

Moon Coin: Lunatic (one enemy)
Luna Statue: Half-Vanish (one enemy)
ChibiDevil Eye: Body Change (one enemy)
Porobin Oil: Life Boost (one ally)
Wolf Devil Oil: Energy Ball (one ally)
Carmilla Claw: Moon Saber (one ally)

Myconid's Eye: Sleep Flower (one enemy)
Assassin Bug's Eye: Poison Bubble (one enemy)
Dryad Statue: Trans Shape (one ally)
Gurel Oil: Aura Wave (one ally)
Matango Oil: Reflect Magic (one ally)
Crawler's Claw: Leaf Saber (one ally)

  - Flying Items
     These are the items that the yellow Flying Item seeds give.  In
general, the higher the Agility (DEX) of the user, the more damage
these will do.

Hand Axe: Throw for damage
Shuriken: Damage and lower hit rate
Dart: Thorw for damage
Pumpkin Bomb: Treetype damage, 1/15 of damage is absorbed as MP.

  - Recovery Items
     Your all-purpose healing items used to restore HP, MP, life, and
status.  These are the items obtained from white and blue seeds.

Candy: Restore 100 HP
Pakkum Chocolate: Restore 300 HP
Honey Drink: Restore 999 HP
Puipui Grass: Removes status effects of Poison, Silence, Snowman,
Petrify, Sleep, Moogle, and Minimum.
Stardust Herb: Cancels all magic effects.  Magic effects include status
up/down effects, Max HP up/down, all sabers, Reflect Magic, your attack
gauge, and transperent.
Angel's Grail: Revive dead character with full HP and MP
Faerie Walnut: Restore 20 MP
Magical Rope: Return to the entrance of a dungeon.
Dreamview Herb: Change from day to night or the other way around.
Useful if Kevin is in your party.

  - Event Items
     These are obtained at mostly set places in the game and all but
the Moogle Badge are necessary to progress.

Gunpowder: It must be obtained before you can use Cannon Travel.  I
don't think it needs to be in your item ring though.  It can be used as
an item normally but I've never seen it do anything.
Chibiko Hammer: Toggles Minimum status.  It's needed to enter the
Corobokkle village.  This also can be used in battle.  Works exactly
like the Midge Mallet in Secret of Mana.
Piyhara Flute: Summons Booskaboo (the big turtle) at beaches
Wind Drum: Summon Flammie
Mirror of Illusion: Obtained in Kevin or Charlotte's quest.  Use in a
certain place to fight Death Jester.
Moogle Badge: You may obtain this from the Black Rabite if you kill it.
If it doesn't drop a treasure chest, reset and try again.  Exactly like
the Moogle Belt in Secret of Mana; it changes your characters to and
from Moogle status.  This can also be used to control who attacks if
for some reason, you'd rather not have your computer controlled
partners attacking.

- Magic
   This section is dedicated to SD3's magic system.  If you've wondered
what certain spells actually do, what order you get stuff in, or why
you aren't learning a certain spell, here's the place to look.

  - Magic Requirements

     There are only a few ground rules to obtaining spells.  If it is a
spell controlled by one of the Elementals, you must gain its power
first.  Second, the spells you learn depend on the character's class.
Third, you gain one spell at a time for each level you gain.  Most
spells and skills are learned in a fixed order although there is some
variation with Elemental spells.  If for some reason, you didn't learn
all the spells associated with a class before class changing, you'll
pick up those before learning new skills.  This is particularly true
with Angela's neutral class since I usually class change after coming
out of the volcanic island.
     For the most part, the spells listed here are in the order you'll
learn them in.  Additional status requirements will be listed to the
right of the spell.  I've only listed new abilities gained for each
class since the old ones are kept.
     The spell orders and requirements are from my play experience so
I'm probably missing a few things.  E-mail me with additions or
corrections so I can make this complete.


neutral       light               light-light        light-dark
-------      -------              -------------      -----------
no spells   Heal Light (one)   Saint Saber (one)     Heal Light (all)
                                                     Tinkle Rain (one)

    dark                          dark-light         dark-dark
 -----------                    -------------        ----------
Stone Saber (single)           Stone Saber (all)     Dark Saber (one)
Thunder Saber (single)         Thunder Saber (all)
Ice Saber (single) PIE: 9      Ice Saber (all)
Flame Saber (single) PIE: 9    Flame Saber (all)
                               Moon Saber (one)
                               Leaf Saber (one) 


neutral             light             light-light      light-dark
-------      ------------------      -------------     -----------
no spells    Pressure Point (self)   Aura Wave (one)   Heal Light (all)
             Heal Light (one)                          Leaf Saber (one)

dark         dark-light           dark-dark
-------      -----------------    ---------------
no spells    Energy Ball (one)    Moon Saber (one)


neutral             light                    light-dark
--------    --------------------           ----------------
no spells   Arrows (one) DEX: 13           Sleep Flower (all)
            Spikes (one) DEX: 14           Body Change (all)
            Sleep Flower (one) INT: 10?    Rock Fall (one)
            Body Change (one) INT: 11      Land Mine (one)
                                           Silver Dart (one)
                                           Cutter Missile (one)
                                           Crescent (one)
                                           Rocket Launcher (one)
                                           Axe Bomber (one)
                                           Grenade Bomb (one)

light-light                  dark
--------------              -----------
Sleep Flower (all)          Shuriken (one) DEX: 13
Body Change (all)           Water Skill (one) DEX: 14
Poison Bubble (one)         Fire Skill (one) DEX: 15
Lunatic (one)               Earth Skill (one) DEX: 16
Trans Shape (one) PIE: 16   Thunder Skill (one) DEX: 17
Life Boost (one)
Aura Wave (one)
Half Vanish (one)
Reflect Magic (one)
Energy Ball (one)

dark-light             dark-dark
------------          -------------
Shuriken (all)        Poison Mist (one)
Water Skill (all)     Fire Breath (one)
Fire Skill (all)      Hidden Needles (one)
Earth Skill (all)     Big Wrench (one)
Thunder Skill (all)   Black Rain (all) DEX: 19


neutral                               light
----------------------------       -----------
Holy Ball (one/all)                Saint Beam (one)
Diamond Missile (one/all) INT: 7   Land Slide (one)
Air Blast (one/all) INT: 8         Thunderstorm (one)
Evil Gate (one/all) INT: 9         Mega Splash (one)
Ice Smash (one/all) INT: 10 ?      Exploder (one)
Fireball (one/all) INT: 10 ?

light-light           light-dark             dark
-------------        -------------       ------------
Saint Beam (all)     Saint Beam (all)     Dark Force (one)
Land Slide (all)     Land Slide (all)
Thunderstorm (all)   Thunderstorm (all)
Mega Splash (all)    Mega Splash (all)
Exploder (all)       Exploder (all)
Double Spell (all)   Rainbow (all)

dark-light          dark-dark
------------        -----------
Dark Force (all)    Land Slide (one)
Stone Cloud (one)   Thunderstorm (one)
Stun Wind (one)     Mega Splash (one)
Cold Blaze (one)    Exploder (one)
Blaze Wall (one)    Ancient (all) INT: 20
Death Spell (one)]


      neutral              light                light-light
--------------------      -------------        ---------------
Heal Light (one)          Heal Light (all)     Tinkle Rain (all)
Tinkle Rain (one) PIE: 7  Holy Ball (one)      Saint Saber (one)
                          Stone Saber (one)    Magic Shield (one)
                          Thunder Saber (one)  Turn Undead (all) PIE: 19
                          Ice Saber (one)
                          Flame Saber (one)

light-dark             dark                    dark-light
-------------         -----------           ---------------
Tinkle Rain (all)     Heal Light (all)      Tinkle Rain (all)
Holy Ball (all)       Unicorn Head (one)    Black Curse (one) PIE: 18
Stone Saber (all)     Machine Golem (one)   Dark Saber (one)
Thunder Saber (all)                         Ghoul (one) 
Ice Saber (all)                             Ghost (one)
Flame Saber (all)
Saint Beam (one)

Anti Magic (one) PIE: 18
Gremlin (one)
Great Demon (one)
Demon Breath (all)


neutral       light             light-light     light-dark
----------   -------            ------------   ------------
no spells    Protect Up (one)   Freya (all)    Protect Up (all)
             Speed Up (one)                    Speed Up (all)
             Mind Up (one)                     Mind Up (all)
             Power Up (one)                    Power Up (all)
                                               Marduk (all)

dark                dark-light           dark-dark
----------------    ------------        ------------
Speed Down (one)    Jormundgand (all)   Speed Down (all)
Protect Down (one)                      Protect Down (all)
Power Down (one)                        Power Down (all)
Mind Down (one)                         Mind Down (all)
                                        Lamia Naga (all)

  - Spell Effects
     Make the most out of your magic by knowing what they actually can
do.  Refer to above list to find who learns a particular spell or

Gnome Spells      Cost   Effect
------------      ----   ------
Diamond Missile   2 MP   Lv 1 Earth magic
Land Slide        4 MP   Lv 2 Earth magic
Stone Cloud       7 MP   Lv 3 Earth magic, may add Petrify
Protect Up        2 MP   Raises defense by 1/5
Speed Down        2 MP   Lowers hit and evade by 1/3
Stone Saber       4 MP   Earth atribute to weapon.  Weapons do heavy
                         damage to enemies weak against earth

Jinn Spells     Cost   Effect
-----------     ----   ------
Air Blast       2 MP   Lv 1 Wind magic
Thunderstorm    4 MP   Lv 2 Wind magic
Stun Wind       7 MP   Lv 3 Wind magic, may add Silence
Speed Up        2 MP   Raises hit and evade by 1/3
Protect Down    2 MP   Lowers defense by 1/5
Thunder Saber   4 MP   Wind atribute on weapon.  Weapons do heavy
                       damage to enemies weak against wind.

Undine Spells   Cost   Effect
-------------   ----   ------
Ice Smash       2 MP   Lv 1 Ice magic
Mega Splash     4 MP   Lv 2 Ice magic
Cold Blaze      7 MP   Lv 3 Ice magic, may add Snowman
Mind Up         2 MP   Raises Magic power and defense by 1/5
Power Down      2 MP   Lower Attack power by 1/3
Ice Saber       4 MP   Ice atribute on weapon.  Weapons do heavy damage
                       to enemies weak against ice.

Salamando Spells   Cost   Effect
----------------   ----   ------
Fireball           2 MP   Lv 1 Fire magic
Exploder           4 MP   Lv 2 Fire magic
Blaze Wall         7 MP   Lv 3 Fire magic
Power Up           2 MP   Raise Attack power by 1/3
Power Down         2 MP   Lowers Magic power and defense by 1/5
Flame Saber        4 MP   Fire atribute on weapon.  Weapons do heavy
                          damage to enemies weak against fire.

Shade Spells   Cost   Effect
------------   ----   ------
Evil Gate      2 MP   Lv 1 Shadow magic
Dark Force     5 MP   Lv 2 Shadow magic
Death Spell    8 MP   If caster is at a higher or equal level than the
                      target, this does 999 damage: enough to kill any
                      regular enemy.  If caster is at a lower level
                      than the target, this does no damage
Anti Magic     4 MP   Cancel all magic effects.  Like Stardust Herb but
                      used on the enemy
Black Curse    6 MP   Lowers attack, defense, magic power, magic
                      defense, hit, and evade
Dark Saber     4 MP   Shadow atribute on weapon.  Weapons do heavy
                      damage to enemies weak against shadow.

Wisp Spells    Cost   Effect
-----------    ----   ------
Holy Ball      2 MP   Lv 1 Light magic
Saint Beam     5 MP   Lv 2 Light magic
Heal Light     3 MP   Restore HP
Magic Shield   4 MP   Raises magic defense by 1/5
Tinkle Rain    2 MP   Heals the same status ailments as Puipui Grass
Saint Saber    4 MP   Light atribute on weapon.  Guess what kind of
                      enemies this rocks.

Luna Spells   Cost   Effect
-----------   ----   ------
Lunatic       5 MP   Lowers max HP by 1/5, works on bosses
Half Vanish   3 MP   Cuts current HP by 1/2, by more on Luna's day
Body Change   3 MP   Turns enemy into Shell Hunter worth zero EXP.
                     When cast on your people, inflicts Minimum status.
Life Boost    4 MP   Raises max HP by 1/5
Energy Ball   6 MP   Increases critical hit rate (???)
Moon Saber    4 MP   1/8 of damage from weapon is absorbed as HP.

Dryad Spells    Cost   Effect
------------    ----   ------
Sleep Flower    3 MP   Adds Sleep status
Poison Bubble   5 MP   Treetype magic, 1/15 of damage is absorbed as 
                       MP, may add Poison
Trans Shape     2 MP   Makes target immune to regular attacks for a
                       short time
Aura Wave       3 MP   Maxes out the attack gauge for a ready-to-go
                       power attack.
Reflect Magic   4 MP   Creates a barrier that reflects most attack
                       magic.  However, Heal Light and other beneficial
                       spells are not reflected.  This spell rocks.
Leaf Saber      4 MP   1/15 of damage from weapon is absorbed as MP.
                       Causes heavy damage to enemies weak against

Special Skills   Cost   Effect
--------------   ----   ------
Pressure Point   1 MP   Raises Kevin's attack power to that of his
                        werewolf form
Arrow            1 MP   Lv 1 trap attack
Spike            2 MP   Lv 1 trap attack  Stronger than arrow
Rock Fall        3 MP   Lv 2 trap attack
Land Mine        4 MP   Lv 2 trap attack  Stronger than rock fall
Silver Dart      2 MP   Light elemental weapon
Cutter Missile   3 MP   Throwing weapon
Crescent         4 MP   Shadow elemental weapon
Rocket Launcher  5 MP   Fire elemental weapon
Axe Bomber       6 MP   Throwing weapon
Greneade Bomb    7 MP   Tree elemental weapon, absorbs MP
Shuriken         1 MP   Damages and lowers hit rate
Water Skill      3 MP   Ice damage and lowers attack power
Fire Skill       3 MP   Fire damage and lowers magic power and defense
Earth Skill      3 MP   Earth damage and lowers hit and evade
Thunder Skill    3 MP   Wind damage and lowers defense
Poison Mist      3 MP   Tree damage, may add Poison
Fire Breath      3 MP   Physical fire elemental attack
Hidden Needles   3 MP   Damage, may add Silence
Big Wrench       4 MP   Damage and lowers max HP
Black Rain       6 MP   Strong Shadow magic
Double Spell     9 MP   High-powered magic attack (I think it's tri-
                        elemental but am not sure)
Rainbow          10MP   High-powered magic attack
Ancient          12MP   Meteors rain on enemies for heavy damage
Turn Undead      1 MP   Instantly kills undead enemies such as Zombie
                        Dragon, Carmilla types, Zombie type and maybe a
                        few others.  Does 999 damage to Jagan and the
                        Dark Lich.  Doesn't work if enemies are at a
                        higher level than the caster.
Unicorn Head     1 MP   Lv 1 summon magic
Machine Golem    2 MP   Lv 1 summon magic  Stronger than Unicorn Head
Ghoul            3 MP   Lv 2 summon magic
Ghost            5 MP   Lv 2 summon magic  Stronger than Ghoul
Gremlin          3 MP   Lv 2 summon magic
Great Demon      5 MP   Lv 2 summon magic  Stronger than Gremlin
Demon Breath     6 MP   Shadow damage and lowers magic defense
Freya            7 MP   Lv 3 summon, turns enemies into Shell Hunters
Marduk           6 MP   Lv 3 summon, adds Silence to all enemies
Jormundgand      7 MP   Lv 3 summon, adds Poison to all enemies
Lamia Naga       6 MP   Lv 3 summon

Spell comments:
Cast Lunatic (or Big Wrench) at the start of boss battles.  Besides
Heath, the several thousand HP it loses it will never recover.
Careful with Leaf Saber.  On some enemies (Dark Lich being one), you'll
lose the MP you'd normally gain.  This also affects Poison Bubble and
Grenade Bomb as well as the Pumpkin Bomb item.
If you're using Hawkeye in either light class, feel free to fire away
with his spells.  Use the MP absorbing spells to recover his magic.
If you have already cast Mind Up, there's no need to cast Magic Shield

- Status Effects
     During battles, enemies may inflict various status ailments upon
your characters.  All status effects disappear when you get the WIN
message.  Wounded, Smowman, Petrified, or Sleeping characters recieve
no experience from any enemies killed while in those states.

Poison: Indicated by green bubbles over a character's head.  Your HP
        will drain away until this is cured.
Silence: Indicated by a ... word balloon.  You cannot use any magic or
         your level 2 or 3 power attacks.
Sleep: Character is lying down with zzz symbol.  It will wear off in a
       short time or if the character is hit.
Petrify: Character loses half of its current HP and cannot perform any
         action.  Petrified characters can still be hit.
Minimum: Character is small, only does 1 damage per hit, and can't
         use power attacks.  You can still use magic.
Snowman: Like Petrify, except you don't automatically lose half your
         HP.  It wears off on its own after a short time.
Moogle: Character can't use magic and hit rate drops to zero.
Wounded: Zero HP  If this happens to your entire party, it's game

- Traps

  When a trapped chest is opened, a roulette wheel starts spinning.  If
you can stop the cursor on OK, you'll avoid the trap.  Land on anything
else and something bad will happen.  Either way, you'll recieve the
item.  The higher your Luck, the better your chance of avoiding a trap
and the slower the wheel spins.  If your Luck is 20 or higher, there
will be no traps in the wheel.  Here are the possible traps and their

Arrow: Arrows strike opener damaging for 1/8 of max HP
Spikes: Spikes impale opener damaging for 1/6 of max HP
Poison Gas: Poison gas cloud engulfs party damaging for 1/5 of maz HP
to all.
Ogre Box: Chest becomes tough enemy.  It's level is equal to that of
the person who opened it.

The other four traps only show up if the character openeing the chest
is at Lv 26 or higher.

Rock Fall: Falling rocks damage opener for 1/4 of max HP
Bomb: An explosion knocks out half of each party member's max HP
Mr. Death God: Instant death to opener
Kaiser Mimic: Like Ogre Box but tougher and has an extra attack.

- Tricks and other stuff

- Whne using a power attack, keep holding the button and it may execute
again even if it hit something.  This happens primarily with level 1
power attacks although I have seen happen with level 2 and 3 attacks.
(Double Split-Image Slice, lights out for the enemy)  This seems to
occur most often with characters who have high Agility (Hawkeye and
Riesz).  Maybe it's Luck.  Any ideas?
- dshort's Midge Mallet trick: To cure status ailments (other than
Wounded of course), use the Chibiko Hammer twice on the character and
he or she will be at normal status.  This trick also works with the
Moogle badge.  The reason is that the game only allows one status
effect on a character at a time so minimizing yourself cancels
whatever other negative status was inflicted on you.
- Level 2 and 3 power attacks are treated like spells.  There are quite
a few implications on that.  First, enemies will counterattack these
the same way they would counterattack magic if not killed by the
attack.  Second, you can't use them when you're silenced.  Third, if
another character, player or enemy, is charging a spell, it may not
execute until after the other spell comes out.  Fourth, lv 2 and 3
attacks aren't affected by sabers (this is both good and bad).  In a
lot of boss battles, it is better to use the Behavior Setup menu to
make the characters use their lv 1 attacks instead of the higher level
ones.  Either the boss has a tendency to counter magic attacks or has
an elemental weakness and you're using a saber.
- When you are charging a spell, that character is immune to most
status changes.  This has been confirmed with sleep, minimum, moogle,
and death.  This also applies to characters about to use a lv 2 or 3
power attack.
- The enemies in the God beast dungeons levels' increase by 2 for each
God beast you kill.  Therefore, do your scouting early after killing
the first one.  I highly recommend opening the gates in the Ancient
Ruins (place with the Light boss) early as the enemies are weaker then.
By the way, my recommended order is  Fire, Moon, Ice, Earth, Tree, Wind,
and Light (remember to open passages in Light early).
- Want some ??? Seeds before you've killed the first 7 God beasts?
There are two ways I know of to obtain them before Pedan.  If you're
playing Hawkeye or Riesz's quest, go to the throne room of Navarre
after the event there.  There's a decent chance the Lesser Demons will
give up a ??? Seed.  The other method involves the Mama Potos in the
Ice maze or Ancient Ruins of Light.  Mama Potos sometimes summon a Papa
Poto which may drop a ??? Seed but very infrequently.  The Mama Poto
needs to be at Lv 32 or higher to summon a Papa Poto. (defeat 2 God
- Know what day it is.  On a particular Mana Spirit's day, spells
with its element will do 1 1/3 times more damage.  Taking on a boss
which favors the element whose day it is will make it harder.
- Take advantage of the pause after the level up screen to get a free
hit or two on the immobilized enemies.
- Not really that much of a tip but Heal Light is stronger when your
magic defense is weakened.
- Sometimes, it's cheaper to buy items to heal up instead of staying at
an inn.
- Random rant: Why Dark Saber and Saint Saber?  Shadow Saber and Light
Saber sound much better.

- The Black Rabite
     Well, I found it using DShort's SD3 Information guide so I claim
no credit for finding this hidden enemy.  For the sake of completeness,
here's how to find it.  You must have chosen Angela or Duran as your
lead character and have defeated the Scarlet Magician.  Return to the
Dragon Hole.  From the first room (where you fought the Dark Knight),
go up three, right one to a room with a save point, first upper path in
the next room, then follow the path until you reach an emply room with
passages leading up and down.  There is a hidden passage in the left
wall that leads to the black rabite.  If you're using an emulator, play
with the background switches to see it.
     The black rabite is unaffected by Death Spell and can summon lv 99
Great Demons.  It can reflect most magic too.  Bring in a full stock of
9 Drake's Scales.  If you can lower its stats (Black Curse works nicely
here), do so.  Power up your attack and hammer it with regular and lv 1
attacks.  Use Saint Saber if you can; the black rabite hates light
elemental attacks.  If it casts Dark Saber on your party, dispel it or
you'll just heal the boss.  I've seen it go crazy and have had to
hammer the X button just to open the ring menu to heal my characters.
between its flurry of spells.  Should you manage to kill it, it may
drop a chest containing the Moogle Badge.

- Suggested parties

Hawkeye as Nightblade (DD)
Riesz as Star Lancer (LD)
Charlotte as Bishop(LL)

Pretty much an ideal group to tear apart anything within minutes.
Reisz can quickly power up the group.  Hawkeye can drop an enemy's max
HP with Big Wrench and his Ninja skills lower enemy stats.  Charlotte
heals and her saber spells can raise your team's destructive power even
more at bosses.  Only real weakness is that Hawkeye's elemental ninja
magic can be reflected.  Some may find his inability to target multiple
enemies with his power down spells a weakness but since Reisz can
summon Marduk to silence regular enemies' most dangerous attacks, it's
not so important.  If you are going to try to beat the game without the
second class change this is one of the best groups to use.

Duran as Paladin (LL)
Kevin as Death Hand (DL)
Charlotte as Necromancer (DL)

This is my Black Rabite killing party.  It's really not that good
overall due to no one having a level 2 attack that hits all enemies
and the lack of useful spells beside Heal Light.  Duran must become a
Paladin to gain access to Light Saber because Charlotte needs to learn
Black Curse.  Kevin is the strong attacker with an auto power up in
werewolf form.  Well for me, Light Saber was essential bacause of a bug
in the RPGe patch which hung the game whenever Drake's Seales were
highlighted in a ring menu.

Duran as Lord (LD)
Hawkeye as Nightblade
Angela as Rune Master (DL)

Probably the best group you can use if you want Duran and Angela in the
same party.

    "This Party is ESPECIALLY capable of annihilating dark enemies, and
even better for undead!  Also, Hawk has several elemental spells, one
being the elusive Treetype!  Even more, Hawk is one of two people
capable of casting dark elemental spells.  Angela's Rainbow dust is
formidable, and Carlie has various Sabres, which are capable of adding
awesome power to your attack, and she has an instantaneous Heal Light.
In all, this party has all the elements covered except moon, but that's
pretty useless.
Disadvantages!  Hawk can't Multi target ANY of his offensive spells,
Angela burns through MP's, and Carlie can't multi-target her Sabres."
(submitted by 9T3 Branch)

    "This party is purely for Ass Whuppin'.  You can silence (Blow
Needles), and weaken (Deadly Weapon, Water/Fire/Earth/Thunder Jutsu)
enemies.  Then you slam enemies with Ancient.  I've already listed the
faults and virtues of the Bishop.  Also, the Nightblade's "Split Image
Slice" is absolutely incredible.  Problems: Angela STILL burns Mps like
there's no tomorrow (I guess that is ALWAYS her problem) and she can't
multi-target her Lvl.2 spells."  Nightblade's problems are already
(submitted by 9T3 Branch)

- Kevin bug mini-FAQ

  A contribution in Magus' SD3 FAQ tipped me off to this trick which
can boost Kevin's attack to obscene levels, thus making him even more
unbalanced.  This is a cheat so don't go bragging to anyone when using
this bug.

What is the Kevin bug anyways?
  It gives Kevin the strength of his werewolf form during the day and
treats that number as his base attack when powering up his werewolf form.
In other words, it makes him even more disgustingly powerful at night.
The daytime increase is nice too, putting him at Duran's strength easily.

What the bug isn't and the powering up of werewolf Kevin
  Normally, when Kevin transforms, his attack stat goes up by about 15%.
After taking damage, his attack stat goes up another third, equal to
having a Power Up spell on him.  This is not the Kevin bug as defined in
this FAQ.  This is normal behavior on the cartridge.

Whatever, so how do I activate the bug?
  Call Flammie while Kevin is a werewolf.  The Rabite forest south of Jadd
is one such place where this can be done.  Once activated, this attack
increase can be saved and will stick when loading the game.

This is too cheap.  Is there a way to deactivate this bug?
  Change Kevin's equipment or level up.  It's not truly necessary to change
equips; opening up his equip menu is enough.  As for levelling up, if Kevin
is in his werewolf form and is hit again before ending the battle and
transforming back, he will keep the (bugged) attack increase.  If you want
the attacck increase back, repeat the activation process.

  There is a limit to how much power this bug can give.  The maximum
attack power of Kevin's initial transformation is equal to current STR
+ 351.  This is regardless of what his daytime attack power is.

- Miscelleny
     Stuff about the game I couldn't figure out at some point.

Detect:  In the old RPGe partial translation, this appeared in the
spell window whenever Leaf Saber was cast.  If you use a hex editor on
your save state, you can give Detect to a character.  It looks like an
Analyzer spell but doesn't work completely.  Thanks to Obioma Ohia for
the tip.
Here's some more speculation on Detect.  Based on an early class change
text file, my guess is that it originally was a special skill for
Hawkeye's light class.  Its use would be to detect trapped chests.  2
reasons it was probably removed.  First, both of Hawkeye's light
classes learn the maximum of 12 spells so there isn't enough space.
Second, I think the programmers switched to the trap roulette system
so they could remove the spell.
So I don't get a ton of e-mail on this, there is a detailed guide to
save state hacking at among other places.

In the molebear highlands, there's a statue that displays ? in the
message window if you examine it.  If you bought the Gunpowder from
Watts (as in paying his outrageous prices) and go to Forcena without
Gnome, its purpose will be revealed after you talk to the king.  After
speaking with him, return and examine the statue.  It will reveal a
hole that leads straight to the room before the mole boss (Jewel Eater).

Does Energy Ball actually do anything?  I've never seen a critical hit
in this game.  The closest thing I've seen that might be related is
that sometimes my computer controlled allies will do a lv 1 power
attack even if they haven't filled the attack gauge enough.  I once
thought Energy Ball would fill my attack gauge faster but I've tested
that and it doesn't.  I have seen enemies get criticals on my team very
rarely.  Does it work for the player at all?

- FAQs

here's my problem: i am trying to upgade my classes, but all i'm getting 
from the ??? seeds are demon wolf souls.  I want to upgrade Kevin to
death hand and my other guys are un upgradeable.  Why am i only getting
demon wolf souls. 
- Rotten luck really.  To fix this, go kill something (a Rabite is fine)
and save.  Try planting the seeds again.  If you're not getting different
items right away, reset and you will.  Repeat as necessary until you have
what you want.

On Seiken Densetsu 3, I am stuck on Xan Bie, the Fire god beast. Many 
walkthroughs say to use Ice Sabre, but I am Duran at level 27. I do not
have it. I was looking at your magic thing, and it says that Duran learns
it after Diamond Sabre and Thunder Sabre (I have both of those), and that
it requires PIE:9. What does this mean?
- Every stat has a three letter abreviation which you can see when you're
choosing a stat to raise at level up.  PIE is piety or Spirit in the
translation.  This stat must be at least 9 for Duran to learn the other
two sabers.  Ice Saber also requires finding Undine.

Where do you get the ??? seeds?
- Pedan.  Nighttime.  Purple eyeballs.  Kill them last.  Do after
defeating the first seven God-beasts.  I suggest doing the final class
change here before progressing to the final dungeons.

     Tired of doing the exact same thimg every time you play?  Try some
of these challenges.

Challenge #1: Complete the game using a party of Hawkeye LL, Angela DL,
and Charlotte LD.  This group has the lowest Strength stats you can get
in the game so their physical attacks are just going to blow.  It's
going to take a change in style to win with this group.
Challenge #2: Play through the game with the party of your choice
giving priority to Luck at level up.  This means that if you can
increase Luck at level up do so with disregard for your other stats.
Of course, doing so will make you unbalanced but that's the challenge.
Challenge #3: Complete the game without the second class change.
Challenge #4: Gain Undine and Salamando without the first class change.
Challenge #5: Level up twice during a battle with Genova or Gildervine,
no wait, that would be far too tedious.  I am not responsible for any
physical or mental trauma you may suffer if you attempt this one.
Challenge #6: What's the fewest number of healing items you use on the
volcanic island?  Can you complete the area using fewer than 9 Candies
and no other items?
Challenge #7 (submitted by Glynn Fowler): Defeat Koren and the Dragon
Emperor using only spells.
Challenge #8: Item collecter.  Acquire at least one of every possible
item available in a particular quest.  The total number of different
items available in a single game is 84 for Hawkeye and Riesz's quest
and 85 for the others.  All your characters must go Light-Dark to pull
this off.

- Credits

Sources and contributers:

DShort and his SD3 Information Guide: Full spell lists for each
character which predates any fan translations.  Those lists saved me a
lot of work so I only had to put the spells in the order which they are
learned.  Also how to find the Black Rabite, the Chibiko Hammer trick,
and a few other things.
Richard Bush: Partial translation patch which provided info on the
traits of Hawkeye's LD and DD skills, Magic Shield, and the source of
the Detect mystery.
Neils Corlett and company involved with the SD3 translation patch: A
full translation: I could never have written this without it. filled in the last few item names I was missing
Matthew Mather and Adam Boyd: information on the purpose of the ?
statue at Molebear heights.
Obioma Ohia: Sent me information on the mysterious Detect spell.
Glynn Fowler: Challenge #7
9T3 Branch: Some party suggestions
DD: Provided the lead on powering up Kevin's attack (as if Kevin wasn't
obscenely powerful already)
Anyone else who deserves credit not mentioned above.

- Contribute

Contributions, comments, suggestions, questions, etc... can be sent to
the e-mail at the top of this doccument.  Send in something and get
your name or alias (whatever you prefer) in the credits section.  I am
especially interested in making the Magic Requirements section 100%
accurate.  Suggested party section is now up so you can send me those
as well.

- The partial translation patch

I've alluded to this patch a few times in this FAQ so here's the scoop.
Before there was the full translation SD3 patch, Richard Bush made this
one which was never completed.  Player character/item/monster/spell
names etc...  are translated while the text is not.  Some of the names 
are different from the full translation patch.  There are quite a few
undoccumented bugs.  It's been a while since I used this patch but here
are some I remember.

- Although the name entry is in english characters using any name other
than the default will cause the name to appear as random Japaneese
characters in the game.
- Enemy names of more than 10-11 characters tend to leave the last part
of the name onscreen for awhile.  Keep playing and they'll usually
disappear, eventually.  This bug won't crash the game.
- Sometimes the level up screen will linger onscreen.  Just keep playing.
This won't crash the game either.  I think this happens most often with
classes which have names longer than 8 characters.
- If Drake Scales are highlighted in a ring, the game will hang.  Reset
time.  Really annoying as these are the ones that raise attack power.
- Spell names will display incorrectly.  The name that appears is
actually the next spell/special attack in the executable.  The only thime
the correct spell names are displayed is the learned spells in the
subscreen. (The power attack names such as Whirlwind Sword will still
appear incorrectly).

Okay, the textfile that came with the patch says not to distribute it.
However, the site listed there doesn't exist anymore.  My original
conditions were strict to prevent being swamped by requests.  Since
there were no takers, I have dropped them and will send the patch to
anyone who asks.  Limited time offer: allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
though it shouldn't take that long.  35-40 takers maximum.  The zip file
is unmodified in any way.
This patch is the property of Richard Bush, not me.  Hence, don't do
anything illegal with it  This offer is for historical purposes
primarily and commercial distribution is strictly prohibited without
permission of the author(s).