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S I M A N T  --  T H E  U N O F F I C I A L  G U I D E



'The Electronic Ant Colony'


1  Introduction
2  The Ants 
3  The Enemies
4  How To Invade and Attack Red Ants
5  Legal Information
6  Contacting Me
7  Credits As To Where I Got My Information
8 - Farewell

1  Introduction


My name is Steve Novicki; I will be your guide throughout this FAQ for 
the computer game SimAnt. SimAnt is a simulation game where you are the 
"boss" ant of a colony. You must single-handedly take over the house 
and yard by eliminating the red ants from the property and driving the 
humans out of the house. Sounds pretty boring, huh? NOT! It is very 
interesting, and if you actually play the game enough to understand how 
to play, what to do, and what the objective is it's a very fascinating 

2  The Ants

	In SimAnt, there are many different kinds of ants, like in the 
real world. They all have specific jobs they must do for the good 
welfare of the rest of the colony. They also live in many colonies. 
Listed below are the kinds of ants in SimAnt.

	Yellow Ant  who you are controlling. You can be any ant in 
SimAnt, a Soldier, a Worker, a Queen, a female; you can even be the 
Spider! Every ant, at your command, will follow you wherever you take 
them, even into battle with the red ants. 

	Workers  just what they sound like, they work. Workers are the 
primary source of labor in the colony. They mainly forage for food in 
the outside world, and help around inside the colony. Workers are the 
same things as Soldiers, only smaller, therefore not requiring as much 
food to keep healthy.

	Soldiers  Soldier ants are worker ants, only larger. This helps 
when in ant combat with red ants or the Spider, but it is also a 
hindrance. Soldiers require the most food of all ants, therefore 
increasing the amount of food you must have at any given time. But they 
more than earn their keep for it, because they fight the red ants, 
battle the Spider, tangle with the Ant Lions, and just about fight 
anything and everything that comes along. Cool.

	Queens  queen ants are the prized possession in SimAnt. If a 
queen dies one way or another, the game is lost. You must then transfer 
to another patch, if you have one. If not, you have lost the game. But 
you can prevent this, by manipulating the game and its features so that 
the queen goes deeper and deeper into the ground so that it is 
impossible for the red ants to find her. Queens are very expensive to 
feed and care for, and all they do is lay eggs, so do not create queens 
unless you have to.

	New Queens  all new queens are are fertile females. Their sole 
purpose in life is to found new ant colonies in and around other 
patches of the Yard and House. Since they are very expensive to care 
for and feed, you should not have that many until you are rich with 
food in your colony to feed and care for them. 

	Males  males are kind of like new queens; their sole purpose in 
life is to fertilize new queens. Males are big and lazy, and don't do 
anything except fertilize new queens, so don't make any unless you have 
to or are rich in food. 

	All ants are created via the Caste Control menu, a button on the 
toolbar that allows you to set the amount of all ants produced to be 
certain types. Pretty simple, once you get to know it.

3  The Enemies

	Like everything in real life, ants have enemies. These enemies 
are mostly deadly and vicious, sparing not a single soul that they 
might encounter. That is why I have written this section, to tell you 
about the different enemies in SimAnt and how to fight and defeat them.

	Red Ants  these are your main competition and enemies in SimAnt. 
They eat the same food you eat, live in the same grounds you live on, 
and are trying to take over the same land you are trying to take over. 
Your main goal in SimAnt is to try and defeat the Red Ants by attacking 
and killing them. Just make sure you do so quickly, because as soon as 
the Red Ants outnumber your ants (the Black Ants) by a safe margin, 
they will launch a complete, all-out attack on your colony, so you 
better have enough Soldier ants on hand at all times. Just like your
colony, there is a Red Initiator ant. This ant is the red equivalent of 
the Yellow Ant in your colony. If the Red Initiator ant dies one way or 
another, another Red Ant is picked at random to be the Red Initiator 
ant. All it does is wander around the outskirts of the Red Nest. If it 
spies trouble on the horizon, it sends out s call for help to its 
fellow Red Ants, and reinforcements will soon be on the way. They then 
meet you (or whoever the challenger is) as far away from the Red Nest 
as possible to avoid having you invading their nest.

	Spiders  these are not real trouble, only a big nuisance. The 
only times that they are a serious problem is early in the game when 
you have very few ants in your colony. But the Spider can also be a big 
help to you, by eating lots of Red Ants. It doesn't really matter if it 
eats you, the Yellow Ant, because you are just reborn. The Spider can 
be killed, but it is difficult. Only when you have about thirty or 
forty ants should you consider attacking the Spider, because he a 
formidable foe who should be approached with caution. If at all 
possible, try to lure him around the Red Ants' Nest, because he will 
find a lot of Red Ants there, making very good meals for him.

	Ant Lions  these are neither lions nor ants, but rather half-
inch long insects who dig slanted pits in the ground. When an 
unsuspecting insect or other piece of prey wanders inside, it will 
tumble down, into the jaws of the Ant Lion. Case closed. These can be 
killed, and are not as hard to kill as the Spider, but do not turn into 
little green food balls. Your ants eat them immediately. You can try, 
if at all possible, to lure Red Ants into the pits of Ant Lions.

	Humans  we are as much of an annoyance to ants as ants are an 
annoyance to us. Our feet and lawnmowers kill ant instantly, with nary 
a trace. We also use pesticides, but only inside the house. All of this 
is true of SimAnt, and if you can hear the sound of the lawnmower 
coming or the pesticide being sprayed, you should go to the Behavior 
Control window and tell all of your ants to either dig or nurse while 
the Human is around outside. Humans cannot be killed (at least in 

	Rain  when it rains, bring your ants up to dry ground from the 
lower part of your nest. While it rains, the lower part of your nest 
floods, so if all your ants do not evacuate immediately, they will 
drown. Rain, obviously, cannot be killed nor prevented.

	Lot of predators and enemies, huh? Welcome to the world of an 
ant's life, where almost anything can be an enemy. Hope this section 
helped you with the enemies. 

4  How To Invade and Attack Red Ants

	As mentioned before, one of your ultimate goals in SimAnt is to 
attack and invade the Red Ant Colony, and then defeat the Red Ants. 
This section is going to tell you exactly how to do this so that you 
won't get killed while attacking. 

If you are going to attack, you must first have enough Black Ants to be 
able to overpower the Red Ants. You can see this is the Info Bar at the 
top of the screen, and a breakdown of all of the different kinds of 
ants each colony has. If you do not have enough ants, set the speed to 
the max. You should then, in about ten to thirty seconds, have enough 
ants to launch an attack, just make sure that you do no run out of food 
while waiting. 

Okay, so now you're got enough ants to attack the Red Ant Colony. Now 
you must attack. To do this, click on the Yellow Ant (your ant). Now 
click on 'Recruit 10'. This button recruits ten Soldier ants (assuming 
you have enough of them) to follow your lead and attack whatever you 
and they come in contact with. Repeat this enough times until you have 
recruited enough ants as to overpower the Red Ant colony once you reach 
it. Now you have to make your way towards the red Ant Colony, on the 
way, be sure not to be captured and/or eaten by the Spider/Ant Lions. 
You can also attack and eat the Spider and/or Ant Lions you may 
encounter on your way. 

Once around the Red Ant Colony's Nest, approach with extreme caution. 
The Red Initiator ant will most likely have spotted you and is probably 
calling reinforcements, so you must move quickly. Invade the nest by 
going into the closest hole. Go in a pretty long way, so that your 
fellow ants following you will have enough room to move around. Make 
your way to the Red Queen. She is the main point of this attack, you 
are to attack and kill her, or if you do not feel like risking 
yourself, bring your fellow ants to the Queen, they will attack her 
and, if there is a lack of Red Ants around, your Black Ants will kill 
her. Now you must do the same in all of the patches of the Yard and 
House, or conquer at least seventy percent of all the land in the Yard 
and all the land in the House. Congratulations, once you've 
accomplished this, you have won the Full Game!

5  Legal Information

	This document is a FAQ (frequently asked question) that took me 
about one hour to write. (I type fast.) It is Copyright  February 19, 
2000 by Steve Novicki, the author of this FAQ. All rights reserved. 
Remember, if you rip off of this FAQ without personal consent from me, 
I can and will sue you, and will easily win. This document is subject 
to change and manipulation from the author/owner with notice from the 
author/owner. But, if you do want to use this FAQ for almost anything 
except commercial purposes, feel free to send me an e-mail or two at 
any time asking permission to do so, I will almost always say yes. Just 
make sure that I know about you using this document or pieces of it in 
or on anything, and everything will be just A-OK.

6  Contacting Me

If you would like to contact me for any reason at all, you can send me 
an e-mail or two at, I check my e-mail two or three 
times daily and would love to reply to you. If you have any questions, 
comments, complaints, updates, etc. for me, send them to the above 
mentioned e-mail address.

7 - Credits As To Where I Got My Information

I would like to thank the SimAnt User's Manuel for giving me the 
information I condensed and put into this FAQ. Without it, I do not 
know where I would have gotten my information. I also played the game 
myself for a very long time, and I learned as I made mistakes. 

8  Farewell

	I loved writing this FAQ for a game that I love, it was fun. I 
hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Farewell, 
my gaming friends.