FAQ/Walkthrough by DeathChicken

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Spawn Walkthrough
For Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Written by DeathChicken
Sept 3, 2003


1.0 - Table of Contents
    1.1 - Version
    1.2 - Controls
    1.3 - Moves
    1.4 - The Goons
2.0 - Walkthrough
3.0 - Passwords
4.0 - Credits
5.0 - Legal Stuff


Version 1.0


Up - Nothing
Right - Moves right
Left - Moves left
Down - Ducks
X - Heavy punch
Y - Heavy kick
A - Light kick
B - Jump/Glide
L - Light punch
R - Block

1.3 - MOVES
Refer to Shiryu's excellent Move FAQ for general....er, moves. As for Spawn's
special abilities, each drains a specific amount of points from him, and of
course once your points are all gone, it's game over for you. The
stronger the move, the more points you drop off your counter. Dying and
continuing also takes off a sizeable chunk, so it's in your best interests
not to do so too often. Towards the end of the game, you'll be needing a large
amount of points to survive, so I'd recommend saving them until that point, if
at all possible.....

Heal - Hold Block, press Up, then press Down and release Block at the same time

Fire Blast - Hold Block, press Down, Down-Right, Right and Punch (standard Ryu
fireball motion). Throws a small fireball in a straight line

Burning Fist - Hold Block, then press Left, Right and Punch. Spawn winds up and
throws a HIGHLY damaging short range punch

Tinkerbell - Hold Down, then press Block and any Kick at the same time. A
homing star emerges, following nearby enemies. Detonate the star with any button

Full Force Blast - Hold Block, then press down, down-left, left and punch. Four
fireballs that mildly track your enemies

Fire Storm - Hold Block, then press Left, Down-Left, Down, Down-Right, Right
and Kick. Engulfs you in fire and shoots you straight upward. Very useful for
moving yourself up to high ledges

Searing Fist Blast - Hold Block, then press Right, Right-Up, Up, Left-Up,
Left and Punch. Damages all enemies on the screen

Teleportation - Hold Block, press Up, roll the control pad in a counterclockwise
circle back to Up, Kick. Turns you into a floating, invincible Spawn emblem for
a short period. Also automatically kicks in when you fall off a bottomless pit



All names either made up by me, or taken from the comics....

Generic Goon A - Runs up and feebly punches at you. Kill however you see fit

Generic Goon B - Runs up and feebly tries to kick you in the shin. Kill however
you see fit

Pipe Wielder - Slightly more trouble, they wield pipes (duh). A Screw Kick
wipes them out easily enough

Molotov Goon - Sits in windows chucking flames, then ducking out of sight. Hang
out in their blind spot directly beneath them, jump straight up and kick

Pistol Goon - Kneels and fires a pistol at you in a slow rhythm. Wait for a
break, hop the bullets and nail him

Machine Gun Goon - Stands and fires a machine gun in three shot bursts. Hop and
demolish with a Screw Kick or two

Knife Goon - Just like the Pipe Wielders, but slightly faster and with army
knives. Same tactics apply

Overtkill - Has a rather speedy charge, standard punches to the midsection,
and a flying Captain Kirk gong hit. Second form, able to shoot his hand off
in your general direction and make it return to him. All are easily avoided,
falls quick victim to the Screw Kick

Sniper - From somewhere in the foreground, he aims a cursor at you which locks
on, then goes boom. Your only option is to jump clear

Redeemer - Telekinetically bombards you with mannequins, heals himself if you
more than halfway kill him during it. Once that's over with, stops moving to
blast you with a very large and quite nasty eye beam. Once that's over with,
alternates the eye beams with a dashing flame saber, a rising flame uppercut,
a ripoff of YOUR Full Force Blast (grr), and standard punches and kicks

Spike Drones - Floating robots with spikes on the top. Invincible

Wall Gunner: Robot that creeps along walls, firing at you

Guards: Heavily armored pests with guns that patrol the insane asylum. I'd just
avoid them

Floor Gunner: Small, turtle like robot that sprays bullets in all directions.
Avoid if you can, Screw Kick if you must

Violator: Charges straight at you, breathes fire up and down for a short
distance, leaps at you, takes a bite out of you with his big teeth

Red Demon: The Generic Goons of the underworld. Don't do much of anything,
besides an occasional stab with their arms and leaping upon you.....

Blue Demon: More dangerous, they've stolen your slide kick and use it quite
often, as well as leap upon you

Flame Birds: They're birds, and they're made of flame, which they shoot at you

Flame Pillar: Creep along the ground and pop up to burn you. A Slide Kick takes
them out nicely

Flame Demon: A big flaming head, with tiny hands. Uses them to throw balls of
flame at you

Spider: Don't try to take them while they're in the air. Back off, wait for
them to drop, Slide Kick them to death

Snake Woman: They attempt to beat you with their tails, and charge you with
fangs extended

Fuzzball: Big balls of fuzz, with eyes. Contains a small dragon which pops out
to shoot at you.....you can only hurt them when the dragon is out

Chicken Zombie: Resembles nothing less than a bunch of zombie heads on a pair
of oversized chicken legs. Drops heads which crawl along the ground after you

Hell Troll: Big guys in armor, with apparently only one arm. Punches and shoots
at you

Queen Spider: Camoflauges herself (badly) and drops baby spiders upon your

Sword Demon: Red Demons, but with swords. Dispatch with Slide Kicks

Red Minotaur: Charges and punches. Screw Kick him silly

Flaming Sword Demon: Just like they sound like. VERY nasty....Slide Kicks are
probably the best approach

Spirit Knight: All sorts of swordplay, including a ground shaking blow. Also
fond of throwing his head at you, as well as fireballs

Sludge Balls: Little slimy things that scoot along the floor, popping up to
shoot at you. Four Slide Kicks when they're up will stop them

Tri-Demon - A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ugly red puss ridden demon, with three faces
and a very large body to crush you with

Phantom - A ghost fond of teleporting and throwing energy stars

GI Skeletor - Yup, a big skeleton wearing a green army helmet and carrying a
machine gun. Not much else to say

Scorpion Mural - A big mural of a monstrous scorpion. Throws small ghosts.
Also fond of flipping the entire wall he rests on over and crushing you flat

Anti-Spawn - A red hued clone of Redeemer. Kill him the same way

Buzzsaw - Armadillo looking guy, bounces around the room in the form of a

The Twins - Bubble headed musclemen, they're fond of throwing fireballs that
are very hard to dodge. Also leap straight up in the air taking the forms of
tornados, and throw uppercuts

Mad One - Spins his lance in front of himself and charges. Also uses it to
generate fireballs, and of course stabs you with it

Malebolgia - You can't actually hurt him, but he hangs around in the background
casting lightning bolts upon your head

New Breed - The big cheese. Looks just like Malebolgia, blasts you with
lightning just like Malebolgia, punches you with one huge fist


Spawn: Cyan....

(In the streets of New York City, Spawn leaps upon a mugger)

Spawn: I've tracked the children this far, and the trail ends here....where are
they? Where are the children?

Thug: Kids? What kids? Man....I just know we got paid heavy by some new face to
keep everybody out of that warehouse...."

New York Rooftops

Baddies: Generic Goons A, Generic Goons B, Pipe Wielders, Molotov Goons,
Pistol Goons, Overtkill

Watch in awe as wave after wave of Generic Goons leap toward you, straight off
the edge of the building to their bloody deaths. Bright fellows.....when you
tire of this show, hop the gap and move right, Screw Kicking (jump, hold in one
direction, Heavy Kick) the crap of the bad guys as they charge in. Look out for
a pair of windows above, there'll be Molotov Goons hanging out in them.....get
underneath them, hop straight up and knock them out before they can become
pests. A few more Generics come charging in, again easily felled by the almighty
Screw Kick. Proceed right, taking down the lone Gun Goon. Smack more Generics
(these ones actually can make it across the gap without killing themselves),
hop over the small incline and Screw Kick the second Gun Goon, or else just keep
hopping and moving right until he vanishes. That'll also scroll the Molotov Goon
off the screen, ignoring him completely.....kill yet more Goons, keep heading right,
past the next pair of Molotovs (the leftmost one can again be scrolled off the
screen). Dispatch the righthand fire chucker, dispatch the Pipe Wielders as they
move in, head to the right and here's.....


Chump, doesn't even give a standard villain speech. Hop over his opening charge,
Screw Kick him. Back off, do it again, then again. Let him find his footing
after he drops, repeat until he goes away. Very, very easy

The Streets

Baddies: Generic Goons A, Generic Goons B, Knife Goons, Machine Gun Goons,

Kill the Generic as you start, head right. Meet up with your first Machine
Gun Goon, teach him the meaning of pain. Right, more Goons, one more Machine
Gunner. Right, through your first wave of Knife Goons. Look out for another
Machine Gunner hanging out in the midst of them. Right, another swarm of
Generic/Knife/Gunners. Kill em off, right, and on to......


"Overtkill: I'm sorry my men weren't much of a challenge to you. It's so hard
to find good help these days.

Spawn: Back off Overtkill, I'm here to rescue the children and I don't have
time for this. Walk away and you leave in one piece.....maybe.

Overtkill: Can't do that, hero. I've been commissioned by some guy named Angel
to keep everybody out of that warehouse....and if I gotta crush you into paste,
well hey, that's just a fringe benefit. "

Second verse, same as the first. Overtkill is a little faster this time, but
the same tactics work.....just look out for his new hand-shooting trick, you'll
have to hop it as it comes in and as it comes back (assuming you don't just
knock the stuffing out of him before it has a chance to).

"Spawn: You should really find a new line of work."


Baddies: Generic Goons A, Generic Goons B, Sniper, Pipe Wielders, Knife Goons,
Machine Gun Goons, Redeemer

Make use of your Wall Jump, head straight up past the goons. Head right,

"Thug: Do what the man paid us for, bring im down!"

Okay, it's basically the same screen, but now you have a Sniper trying to play
Operation Wolf with you as the bad guy. Just KEEP MOVING.....jump straight up
as soon as the cursor locks onto you, it should whiff entirely. Use your Wall
Jump to scale, and remember you don't need to press in the opposite direction
to leap.....just keep pressing towards the wall you're on, jump repeatedly,
and you should scale straight up it. Last jump is the trickiest, you'll need to
start your leap a little lower than usual to keep from bumping your head, hit
the edge of the platform so you connect for another Wall Jump, THEN leap off
and around to the top. Sounds more difficult than it is.....then it's off to
the right, into your standard Double Dragon elevator shaft scene.

Not much room to move in here, but luckily the Screw Kick can be pulled off
from any height. Use it to mop up three levels of the Goon squad (the last of
which contains some Machine Gunners, whose bullets are a pain to dodge in
here.....so rush them if you can and kill them before they can shoot. The
Slide Kick works well in closing the gap).

Fourth floor, and.....

"(Spawn leaps into a warehouse full of mannequins, finding the missing children
and Cyan laying amongst the rubble)

Redeemer: There's nowhere to hide, Spawn. I've finally caught up with
you.....the flesh of the innocent will provide no sanctuary for the likes of

Spawn: No, not now. There's something wrong with Cyan....the children. I have
to -

Redeemer: All you must do is die! I don't care about these children. If I have
to, I'll simply destroy them to get to you!"


Ack. Screen rolls right constantly, while Redeemer pelts you with both small
and large mannequins. I've found the best method of dealing with it was getting
right up in his face, standing directly in front of him.....that way, the
majority of the dolls should sail right over your head, and the ones that don't,
you can simply block (which hurts, but only minorly). You can also get in some
heavy damage this way, just be careful not to weaken him to half a lifebar, or
else he'll just heal himself right back to full.....

Once he stops moving, second phase begins. Redeemer stands still, charging up
rather huge eyebeams which can destroy you in two shots. They first leave him
as a thin beam, which can't harm you.....it then grows to full size though, and
if you're still in it when it reaches full size (and the red portal looking
thing on his face changes shape), you're hit. He's also invincible while he's
shooting.....so what you want to do, is park yourself straight in front of him
again. Let him get out the thin beam, and time your leap straight up so you
don't end up inside the actual shot. Land, get in a cheap kick, repeat, or
alternatively you could nail him with the Burning Fist, which inflicts BIG TIME
damage on him....once you get him to around a third of his lifebar, you'll
knock him through the window resting behind.....

Short cutscene, and the THIRD phase begins (I hate this guy). He goes to the
eye beams again, but this time you have way more room to move....you can
actually hop straight over his head and wait it out behind him. All of his
other attacks are blockable, and he also falls prey to the Screw Kick....just
make sure you actually connect with your feet, you should knock him out of most
any attack. Look out for his homing shot though, and the eye beams that he
randomly likes to throw out, since he's invincible to everything while doing
it.....hard as hell, but eventually you'll send him flying straight through
the windshield of a nearby car, where you find.....

"Spawn: Angela! I should've known you'd show up with this psychotic.....

Angela: Silence. There is little time....I need your help -

Spawn: My help? Go to -

Angela: For the sake of the innocent. You have to save the children! One of our
own has taken matters into his own hands....this "Mad One", by draining the
innocent essence of the thirteen children, has forged a weapon - an "Orb of
Purity." Even now the Mad One struggles through the Darklands toward the lord
of darkness himself. Perhaps you know him by his favorite name....Malebolgia.
If the Mad One succeeds in reaching Malebolgia, he will use the orb in an
effort to destroy Malebolgia once and for all. The essence of the children will
be lost forever, leaving them as you see them now....little more than breathing
corpses. You must not allow the Mad One to sacrifice the essence of the
innocents. As a crusader, I may not journey to the Darklands.

Spawn: This "Mad One" didn't seem to have much problem.

Angela: His insanity provided the gateway. Your powers are from Malebolgia
himself.....with the proper individual, you too could make a gateway to the

Spawn: I don't trust you.

Angela: You must! I will delay the Redeemer until you are gone. You must find a
man with a heart black enough to serve as the gateway.....into darkness.



Security: All inmates advised to return to cells. Security is preparing for
sanctioning procedures....lock-down achieved....

Spawn: Good....I don't want anyone escaping. I need to pay a visit to Kincaid."

Hiram Bedding Institute

Baddies: Spike Drones, Wall Gunners, Floor Gunners, Guards, Pipe Wielders,

Wait for the Spike Drone to move, then leap over him and just freefall all the
way to the bottom.....time it right, and you should avoid every last Drone and
Wall Gunner on the way. Head right, into a very annoying section. An unending
supply of Guards moves in, topped off by laser sensors EVERYWHERE, which if you
get caught in them, will shock the hell out of you and knock you backwards. Aim
your leaps around the things, knocking the guards out of your way as you
go.....if you happen to get hit (and you will), take advantage of the brief
invincibility and dart through as many lasers as you can. You don't need to
kill anyone here, just make it all the way to the right, through a door, into
the next section.

Blow a fireball on the Wall Gunner to your right, then time your leap up when
the fire dies down. Continue up, waste another fireball on the next Gunner (or
just kill him normally if you can), drop down but cling to the left wall as you
do. There's a big pit of lava at the bottom, you'll need to slide till you're near
it, jump all the way to the right, cling onto that wall and jump your way up.
Keep heading right, avoid another flame, to the next section

Drop down, clinging to your left. Ignore the first opening you come to, move
into the second for a new section. Left, hop over the guards, new section. Here
there are small patches of spikes below you, alternating from the right, to the
left, etc.....jump down, moving as far left as you can, and hold your glide
button (but don't actually touch the left wall). You should be moving slowly
enough to easily avoid each patch, till you reach the bottom. Exit to the
right, new section. Avoid the guard, kill the Pipe Wielder, exit to.....

"Spawn: Time to meet your maker, Kincade....Violator! What are you doing here?

Violator: I can't thank you enough for the snacks, Spawn. These cons are the
best eats I've had in a long time!"


Compared to the living nightmare that was Redeemer, Violator's a piece of cake.
Jump straight over his initial charge, then just corner him and use short
hopping Screw Kicks to beat the living bajeesus out of him before he can get
any sort of attack off. Keep your head, he does tons of damage when he hits,
but he also telegraphs all of his attacks, making him very easy prey......

"Violator: Another time, Spawn, another time!

(Spawn corners Kincade again)

Spawn: Guess what, murderer? Only a heart of evil can serve as a gateway to the
Darklands, and yours is the perfect candidate. Prepare to pay your debt to
society, Kincaid. I hope this hurts.

(Meanwhile, in the Darklands....)

Mad One: You, the minions of Malebolgia are no match for me! No one can defeat
Malebolgia but me!"

The Darklands

Baddies: Red Demons, Blue Demons, Flame Birds, Flame Pillars, Flame Demon

Head right (look out for the Flame Pillars), right under the shot of the Flame
Bird. Take down any Demons you see with standard kicks, then time your leaps
and glide across the lava. Keep moving, the rest of the Birds should never get
near you with their fire.....over the hill, into the next section

Beat down the Demons, then carefully make your way down the slope, Slide
Kicking the Pillars and avoiding the random jets of flame. Glide over the lava,
keep moving. knocking aside any random Demons. All the way to the right, next

Use your Wall Jump here to scale the mountain. Carefully jump and glide
underneath the spiked platform, stick to the wall, scale up it. Jump to the
platform, jump to the next (they sink beneath you), jump back to the wall and
hoof it to the top, right past the Flame Bird who should be aiming somewhere
in the direction of where you were a few seconds ago. Right to the next section

First place where your Hovering ability can come into play automatically,
thanks to the bottomless pits. Hop to your right, avoid the pillar. Make
another small hop, glide underneath the shot of the Flame Bird, hit the far
wall and jump up. Keep moving right, Slide Kick straight through the Demons.
Another low hop and glide past the Bird, avoid a flame jet, keep moving right
past all baddies. Soon you'll reach....


So easy. See those four torches around him? One of them will hurt him and make
him go away when you hit it. So wait for him to shoot his fireballs, duck,
Slide Kick right under them. That'll take down two torches, pop up, jump and
kick the third. 3 out of 4 chance you've just hurt him.....barring some
extremely bad luck, just keep this up and he's down in no time. Onward.....

Cave of Wonders....or not

Baddies: Red Demons, Blue Demons, Flame Birds, Spiders, Snake Women, Fuzzballs,
Chicken Zombies, Hell Trolls, Queen Spider

Drop the Red Demons, back off and let the Spider drop, Slide Kick him. Drill
Kick while hopping the gap to get the Spider on the other side, continue to
your right. One more Spider, kill him. The Snake Women make their first
appearance, and die from three Drill Kicks apiece. Keep on to the right, hop
the gaps, ignore the Demons and head all the way over to the next section

Throw a fireball and nuke the Fuzzball as his dragon pops out to shoot at you.
Hop over to the right, slaughter everything until you're able to advance (you
may be able to scroll the last Fuzzball off the screen if you're lucky). Once
you can, keep moving right, past all the enemies, to the next section

Stop to Drill Kick each Chicken Zombie here twice, before they can throw their
heads....if they do, Slide Kick them away. Once they and the Snake Woman are
dead, proceed, hopping right over the Hell Troll. All the way to the right
again, through the door......


Nothing terribly difficult here. Just keep underneath her as she moves about,
when she goes visible, hop straight up and kick her before she can let the baby
spiders out. If she does get them out, Slide Kick them all away and keep on her.
Repeat until dead

Church of Evil

Baddies: Sword Demons, Hell Trolls, Red Demons, Blue Demons, Red Minotaur,
Flame Birds, Flaming Sword Demons, Spirit Knight

For once, abandon your Screw Kick and just keep Slide Kicking. That'll take
care of the nasty Sword Demons, who are pretty good at knocking you out of the
air.....make your way all the way to the right, pick the foes off one by one.
Proceed to the next section......

Agh, annoying sword statues.....try to keep the fight in the open area to the
left at first, dispatching of the demons. Then carefully head right.....the
third, eighth, twelth and sixteenth statues will swing at you, the rest are
fine. Wage your war between them, murder the monsters (including the Minotaur),

Jump up to your left, stick to the wall, carefully rebound right, stick, jump
up (or just use the Fire Storm). Left to the saw blade, up, right (Slide Kick
right past the chandeliers, which turn into Flame Birds). Look out for the
trick floor.....jump straight up (onto the ledge over the Flame Bird), Wall
Jump, get on top of it. Left, Wall Jump again, right, next section

Fall down, walk around to the big spike bed, Wall Jump up to the left.
Carefully jump and glide over the spike bed to the right, keep moving to avoid
a couple of monsters in the windows, drop down again. Stop at the second knight
(it'll swing at you), Wall Jump up. Proceed right (fourth, seventh and eighth
knights here swing at you), over the trick floor, next section

Put the Screw Kicks to all the many demons here, put the Screw Kicks and a few
Slide Kicks to the Minotaur. Proceed, do the same. Once you've gotten the
second Minotaur, you can move on to the next section

Huge endurance test here....you're faced with wave after wave after wave of
Demons, including plenty of those godforsaken Flaming Sword Demons. Fight
carefully, veeeery carefully.....once you've gotten them all, head right. Kill
the remainder, and you'll finally emerge at


After all of that irritation, not too bad of a boss. Corner him, Screw Kick
him, mix up your Screw Kicks with Slide Kicks to bowl him over. As long as you
keep on top of him, he shouldn't be able to hit you with his sword, and then
your only worries are his flying head and fireballs......

Slime Cavern

Baddies: Chicken Zombies, Sludge Balls, Spiders, Tri-Demon

Just Slide Kick nonstop here, you'll roll right over everything, right into the
next section

Footing sucks here, to put it lightly, and if you sink all the way, you're
hurting. Keep hopping, Screw Kicking as much as you can to stop the Spiders
before they eat you alive

Next section, wait on the topmost platform for the tide of sludge to abate,
drop down and smash the red blockade. Jump back up as quickly as you can, keep
out of the sludge by hopping, move down again, through the gap, up as quickly
as you can. Wait for the tide to abate again, go down, land a kick or two on
the next blockade (you probably won't have time to destroy it in one go). Back
up, repeat as needed, go through. Up, down to the third blockade, kick it and
Wall Jump back up. Repeat until destroyed, head up, go back down, go through.
Smash the last one with a Screw Kick or two, hoof it up onto the nearest wall
(as long as you're bouncing out of it, the muck won't hurt you). There's an
energy icon in there, but I'll be damned if I could ever figure out how to get
it.....if anyone knows how, email....anyway, move on to the top right corner,
next section

Hop up into the incline to avoid being crushed by the rapidly incoming wall.
Once it goes away, Wall Jump up, next to the spikes. Wait for the wall to move
a little again so you don't impale yourself, Wall Jump again to the top. Now
you can either carefully Wall Jump around the spikes to the left, or quickly
leap at the moving wall again and Wall Jump straight up it, ending up on top of
the spikes. Either way, once you're up there Wall Jump left, right, then
straight up to.....


You start out right next to the leftmost face, so jump up and Screw Kick it to
death. Now you're relatively safe....use the Fire Storm to boost yourself up on
top of him. Now be very careful, if he mashes you into a wall you're
finished.....pick your safe spots, creep across his back. In the middle there's
another face. Sit across from him (you don't want to go down in front of him
with that big spike poking out of his back), chuck the Full Force Blast in
his general direction until he croaks. Now make your way to the right side, to
the last face. Wall Jump, bound up to him and Screw Kick it to death as well.
One big dead ugly demon

Hall of the Pharaohs

Baddies: Hell Trolls, Blue Demons, Sword Demons, Phantoms, Flame Birds,
Spiders, Chicken Zombies, Red Minotaurs, Scorpion Mural

Straight through the hall, deal with the Troll and Demon as you see fit.
Through the next.....uh....upside down one. Yeah. Jump over to the next
section, which is a tower bound to give you Wizards and Warriors flashbacks

Hop up on the platforms, letting the Phantoms shoot at you, then jumping over
their shots. Head into the first (right side up) door you see

Drop down, follow the path around, drop down again first chance you get. Glide
over the spikes to your left, through the door

Another upside down room, this time with more of those friendly knights, and
spikes on the low roof to prevent any real jumping around   >_<

Move carefully, using normal attacks to stop the Demons, and make low jumps so
as not to kill yourself. Through to the other side, and we're back at the
tower, only still upside down. Goody. Leap....er, down, and get rid of that
godforsaken Phantom, you'll need your concentration. Go as low as you can, use
a Fire Storm (keeping in mind your controls are reversed) to propel yourself
downward to the next platform. Enter the door

Use the Fire Storm (or whatever power you see fit) to kill the Flame Bird. Move
up, kill the next irritating Bird as well. Up, go through the left door

Run for your life through the next upside down chamber, past the ever nice
upside down Sword Demon and the Spiders. I just Slide Kicked my way
through......wasn't pretty, but it worked.....

Fire Storm yourself past the two saw blades in the next room. Wall Jump up to
your right, kill the Chicken Zombie. Wait for the saw blade to go down on the
right, hop over it, Wall Jump up, through the door

A big rotating log type thing here. Jump on it, jump over the clouds as they
come in, work your way across to the next room

Another Egyptian chamber.....drop the Demons. In come your first GI
Skeletors(!). Screw Kick em. Then a few more, then three Red Minotaurs. Then
it's on to.....


Not too hard. Beat the hell out of whatever part of him is near, dodge his slow
moving ghost. Then book it to the left, as he's going to flip the wall and
crush you if you aren't standing underneath the gap over there. Wait for the
wall to flip right side over again, then repeat. The gap moves itself each
time, going from left, center, right, center, left, repeat. He speeds up though
as you destroy his parts, so you'll need to start being at the gap sooner and
space apart your attacks

Hall of Battles

Baddies: Anti-Spawn, Buzzsaw, Violator, The Twins, Mad One, Malebolgia

Four pits here.....first three lead to bosses, last one leads to a Spawn icon
(if you miss it, you can just head into the righthand pit at the bottom to
repeat the area). It also apparently reappears when you kill either of the first
two bosses. First pit leads to.....


Basically Redeemer's third form all over again. Just smash him with two Burning
Fists when he whiffs with his eye beam to send him packing

Second pit leads to.....


Really simple. Just find the pattern with which he bounces around the room,
make sure not to get nailed. When he lands, quickly hit him with a Slide Kick.
Then wait a second, do another. And another. And another. Soon he'll die
without ever getting a second attack in

Third pit leads to.....


Actually this could be one of his siblings for all I know.....haven't kept up
with Spawn in forever. Anyway, he falls to the same tactics as before

Once you're done with them, head into the righthand pit with the icon. Glide to
your right, next to the spikes until you reach an opening. Head in, fall
through the floor, and you're at....


Their fireballs are very hard to avoid, so try and corner them both with Drill
Kicks. If you can get them on top of each other, the fight's over.....just keep
repeating your kicks ala Violator, never letting them get an attack off. Jump
in the hole, and.....

"Mad One: Now, dark one, your eternal evil comes to an end.....with the power of
this orb, with the essence of the innocent, I summon the light to banish your
darkness forever!

Spawn: No, don't do it!"


First thing you're going to want to do is MOVE, since Malebolgia's hand is
coming towards you at the onset of this fight, ready to zap you when it stops
over your head. The middle of the field is safe from him.....throw up your
block to eat Mad One's fireballs, and Drill Kick him/Slide Kick him when you
can. As long as you keep away from the edges, Malebolgia will actually help you
more than he hurts you by frequently nailing the hell out of Mad One with his
bolts. It'll take a while to put a dent in his life bar, but as long as you've
saved enough points (which you should have.....spells aren't really needed much
in this game, except in certain areas), just heal yourself when needed, he'll
die soon enough.

"Malebolgia: Thank you, my little Spawn, for saving me the trouble of
eliminating this.....pawn.

Spawn: Let the children go, Malebolgia....or else -

Malebolgia: Ah yes the children. Their innocence shall make a formidable
foundation bonded with my neural parasites. They shall become my prodigal
offspring....my New Breed! Ah, the irony is exquisite. To tempt a crusader
into capturing what I cannot....innocence....so that it may be perverted
into my greatest creation. Just as the Violator feeds on the guilty, my New
Breed may feed on the innocent! Now go, my greatest creation, to Earth.....feed
and grow strong!"

And back you go, to Earth for.....

The Final Battle

Baddies: Generic Goons B, Pipe Wielders, New Breed

Head right, laugh at the Goons as they make their ever so dramatic return. Next
section, and.....

"Angela: T-too strong.....just too strong....it kept feeding....I failed....the
innocent....the children....

Spawn: No more terror. No more destruction. No more victims."


And here we go! First off, keep moving.....this guy CONSTANTLY bombards you
with lightning aimed at the point you're standing at. As long as you're walking
they all should miss.....take cheap shots whenever you can, but keep your
priority on not getting hit, as you won't outlast him. He's vulnerable in his
face, and again the almighty Screw Kick racks him up nicely. Heal whenever you
need (these last few stages are why you generally shouldn't waste your points
prior), smash him after every third bolt. After he gets to around a third of his
life bar he'll lose his arm and stop moving, soon after that he'll fall, and a
winner is you!

(The children returned, Spawn looks on. Until....)

Malebolgia: Relax....I have not come to fight you, my little Spawn....you are
serving me well.

Spawn: Then leave me alone -

Malebolgia: You prevented me from wasting valuable resources. After all, if you
alone could defeat my New Breed, then perhaps I erred. I....misjudged the
power of my creation. I will not make that error again.

Spawn: Alright, if you didn't come to fight, what did you come for?

Malebolgia: I have come here....to give you a gift.

Spawn: A....gift?

Malebolgia: Hold still, this may sting a little.....heh heh. Don't expect this
favor ever again....but it was the least I could do considering the gift you
gave me. Heh, and such lovely material to work with, too....

Spawn: Nooo...."

All codes allow you to begin with maximum power

The Streets - D9963D1D
The Asylum - D92B3D2D
The Darklands - D9CB3D3D
Slime Cavern - 0F2G7F2D
Hall of Pharaohs - 0F2G7F2D
Hall of Battles - 0F2G7F2D

Thanks of course to CJayC for the site, Image for a cool character, and
whoever else I can't think of right now. Any comments, suggestions or
whatnot, email to fumangoo@hotmail.com, since I'm sure I've missed a lot of


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