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Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 23:54:47 -0400
From: ikelley@sas.upenn.edu (Ian Kelley)

Star Ocean Walkthrough part 2 v 1.0

CHAPTER 6: The quest of the King of Van
CHAPTER 7: Perisie, Tinek, and the first Secret Cave
CHAPTER 8: The Sylvalant Emblem
CHAPTER 9: The Astral Emblem
CHAPTER 10: The Moore Emblem
CHAPTER 11: The Eye of Truth
CHAPTER 12: The Second Secret Cave, Private Actions, and other Loose Ends

This is the second part of my Star Ocean Walkthrough. It's a continuation off 
of the first part, and I used the same parties to play through it. For any
information you might need about this walkthrough in general, please refer 
to the first part of this walkthrough.

CHAPTER 6: The quest of the King of Van

Van is a fair trek off, and it might take a while to get there if you're a low 
level. Unless you've gone under the sub-quest, don't put Ronixis in your 
battles yet since he doesn't have a weapon yet. :)


Items in Van I Il: Spectacles

As soon as you enter the city, Ronixis suggests you go straight to find the 
King.  Iria suggests that you can't just come straight up and meet the king, it 
would be like an average shmo going to try to arrange a personal meeting 
with the president or an idol or some sort. Ronixis says that there's nothing 
else you can do without connections.  If Ashlay is with you, he will say that 
he will talk to the king.  Rati asks what Ashlay means, and Ashlay says to 
leave it to him.  If Cius is in your party instead of Ashlay, he will say that 
not many people will be coming to the king offering to take on the Makai so 
it might be easy to meet him. 

What's going on in Van I Il:

The first thing that people talk about here is how nobody calls the place Van 
I Il because it's too hard to pronounce, so they call it "Van" for short.  You 
hear that the country of Van is one with a very long history, and has also 
had a history of being the country to organize attacks on the demons flowing 
from the Makai.  One person says that the monsters from the Makai are 
coming from the direction of the country of Silvalant, so the entrance to the 
Makai must be there.  Furthermore, the road to Silvalant has been blocked 
with a check station, and nobody is allowed past. There's also one person 
who is depressed that her reflection is not showing up in the water. (A 
vampire? ^_^)

There are some really useful shops here. First, you'll definitely want to check 
out the armory, especially if Ronixis doesn't have a weapon yet. Second, 
there is a merchant who is selling all types of cool medicine, including Recure 
bottles and Resurrect bottles. Also, there is a store where you can buy food 
ingredients for your Cooks to test their Ryouri Ability on.

Once you try to enter the castle, the guard will come up to you and ask who 
you are and asks what you want. Now:

If Ashlay is in your party:
Ashlay berates the guard for his rude tone of voice. The guard recognizes 
Ashlay and starts sweating, apologizing profusely.  Ashlay asks if you can 
meet the king, because you want to attack the Makai.  The guard sends the 
other guard inside the castle, who comes out with the Prime Minister. The 
Prime minister says the king waits for you, and you enter.

If he isn't:
Ronixis says you want to go raid the Makai, and asks if you can meet with 
the king. Then the guard sends the other guard in the castle to get the Prime 
minister and whatnot, who comes to take you to the king.

The king says that he heard that you want to attack Asmodeus, king of the 
Makai.  Ronixis says that is correct. The king asks if you know of the chance 
of success.  Ronixis says no.  The king says that before he will help you, he 
wants to test you to see how good you are; if you fail you would have no 
chances of winning anyway so there would be no point in your going to the 
Makai in the first place.  The king tells the Prime minister to take you to the 
testing area. Rati asks what the Testing area is. The king says that you will 
know as soon as you get there. 

The prime Minister takes you to a cave, and Rati asks if he is going to make 
you enter the cave. The Minister says that it's not the door you're near, that 
that comes later. Iria asks what he means. The Minister says it's an inside 
joke. Iria is confused. (In reality, there is no way to enter this door.
It's just 
the programmers having fun with you) The Minister says that he needs to 
test your power. He says that you need to enter the door near you to the left. 
and exit through the door to the left safely. If you manage to do so,
that's the 
end of the test. If you think you're not up to it, you're allowed to leave the 
test at any time. The Minister says he will wait for you at the exit.

The Trial Labyrinth

Items: Mithril, Stone Check, Rune Metal (hidden in some crystals),

Be careful here, because the monsters are nasty. Keep your fighters bunched 
together in fights to reduce losses. Be sure to take out those annoying 
spellcasters before they get off their spells because Blizzards and the like 
will be nightmares for weaker characters like Milly.  If Joshua is in your 
party you will find his "Ray" spell very useful.

Towards the middle of the cave you will find a large tablet that says "Tread 
Silently." (This is in semi-classical Japanese so kudos to you if you could 
understand it already ^_^) To be quite honest, I don't know what this has 
anything to do with this dungeon. :)

A few rooms after the first slab, a second slab appears, which says:
"OXOOOXX from where the sun rises"

Two rooms later you will hit what is one of the trickiest puzzles in the whole 
game.  There are 7 doors ahead of you.  A center door is locked and 
unopenable. Three doors are to both the right and the left of the center door. 
To open the door, you must not only flick the correct switches, but you must 
hit them *in the right order* as well.  Very few figure out this puzzle 
perfectly without some help. If you figure it out on your own, give yourself a 
big pat on the back!

The key here is "from where the sun rises." So you have to start from the 
EAST end of the chamber, ie the room furthest to the right.  An O represents 
a room where you need to hit a switch, and X indicates a switch you should 
change. You can ignore the "O" in the middle since it refers the central, 
unopenable door. So you should start out on the room to the far right, change 
the switch, ignore the switch in the next room to the left, change the switch 
in the room two doors down from the end of the hallway on the right, 
etc....Once you have dealt with each switch effectively, the door will open.

A few rooms down past this puzzle is the boss of this area.

3 Whispers: HP 3000 Weakness: Fire, Light
1 Peryuton: HP 6800 Weakness: Fire

This fight can be very difficult , since you will be surrounded automatically, 
with the 3 Whispers on your right and the Peryuton on your left. Both 
monsters are very damage-dealing and very tough.  This will probably be 
your first encounter with a monster that can petrify you, the Peryuton. Being 
petrified is in some ways worse than running out of HP because you can only 
heal it with a depetrifying item.  The Peryuton is additionally a pain in that 
it can charge, fly and shoot projectiles from its wings. You'll want to get rid 
of the Whispers ASAP.  If Joshua or Ronixis has made it to level 3, bring him 
in and cast Ray.  Since it does light-type damage it will inflict heavy damage 
on them. Then you can concentrate on the Peryuton. I suggest you bring 3 
fighter-type characters and 1 mage into this battle because you will need 
lots of fighters to gang up on the Peryuton to keep it busy, and you will also 
want a backup fighter in case one of your other fighters get petrified. 

Once you get out of the chamber, the Prime Minister will greet you and 
congratulate you on getting out of the maze.  He takes you to the King.

The King says that in order to open the door to the Makai, you need to know 
its location, how to open it, and have the item you need to open it. However 
all three are secret and there is nobody who knows any of them.  The king 
goes on to say that there is generally no way to open the door to the Makai 
from this side, in other words you cannot open the dimensional door from 
the world you are in, you can only open it from within the Makai. The only 
time that anyone has entered the Makai to invade it, only one half-dead 
person returned. He said that it it was a world of unforseeable horror that 
one could not even imagine. The king then asks if you still intend to go. 
Ronixis says that you do.  Iria asks the king about not being able to open the 
door from this side. The king says that there is a way, since the people who 
first connected the Makai to this world was from this world. Ronixis asks the 
king to eludicate, and the king says it was the "Ancient Race." He says that 
their real name is the Moore-Jin (Moore people) Rati asks if that's the same 
Moore that is the country he's from.  The king says that they originally lived 
on the continent of Moore and that's where the name of the continent came 
from. Rati asks if they called themselves Moore to start with. The king says 
yes, and that the Moore people's ancestors were actually not babies, that 
adults just appeared all of a sudden on the continent. They took the names of 
the gods, and descended to Roak. Iria thinks to herself that that's
The king says that they created a special treasure, and through its power 
opened the gate to another world. Ronixis asks why they did such a thing, 
since it doesn't seem that they could gain anything by doing that. The king 
says that nobody knows why they did. But he says that the name of the 
special treasure was the "Shinjitsu no Hitomi," a large, scarlet gem. At this 
point Rati, Iria, Joshua, Cius, and Ashlay (whoever is in your party) starts at 
the mention of it. (If you didn't go to Parji Shinden, I dunno what happens 
here) Rati says that the "Shinjitsu no Hitomi" is supposed to show the 
location of anythign you want to see. The king says that that is just what is 
going around amongst most of the populace, which is only based on a rumor.   
The king says that the Moorians left information about the Shinjitsu no 
Hitomi with each of the four royal houses on Roak, and that in order to find 
it you need to know all 4. Iria says then that you need all 4 countries to go 
along with you then.  The king says that that is true, and that your duty now 
is to find the Shinjitsu no Hitomi. The Prime minister then gives your party 
an emblem that he tells you to bring with you to each of the kings, and that 
it will signify your mission.  He then gives the Shisei Ougi to those of the 
party that can use it, and wishes you good luck.

That night:
Iria asks Ronixis what he thought about what the king said. Ronixis says 
"Gods, huh..." Iria says that the Moorians seem to be the equivalent of Roak's 
"Adam and Eve." Iria says that mystical power exists on Roak, so it's not 
surprising that people would believe in a god.  Iria says that it would seem 
like she and Ronixis were gods to the people of Roak in the way that they 
"descended upon Earth."  Ronixis says that since the Makai is a dimension in 
which demons and monsters live, there may be gods as well. Iria says that 
she's never met any gods in her life yet.  Ronixis says that he hasn't either.  
Iria says that people from long ago used to attach mystical explanations to 
things that they didn't understand, if good things happened it was gods that 
did it, and if bad things happened it would be demons that did it.  Ronixis 
says that that is basically where religion came from. Iria says that Earth is 
the same, that in ancient Europe, when there was a loud sound accompanied 
by things spontaneously bursting into flames, they said that it was caused by 
the Demon-beast Kelberos (Cerberus?) Iria then asks if Ronixis knows what 
the cause really was. Ronixis says he doesn't know, and Iria says it was 
lightning. Iria says that there are still things that people don't understand, 
like Monshoujutsu.  She says that seeing Milly's power, she was truly 
surprised, but she thinks that science could explain it somehow.  Ronixis 
chuckles and says that it doesn't seem like Iria bought the king's story. Iria 
asks if that's strange. Ronixis says it isn't really. Iria says that if she
that some sort of mystical force exists, it would seem like a loss of some
Ronixis agrees with her, and stops in mid-sentence. Iria asks what he was 
going to say, and Ronixis says that admitting that something like fate exists 
when you try desperately to prevent something would make things seem 
really unfair. Iria asks if Ronixis is talking about his wife. Ronixis says
Iria mentions that the disease his wife died from was uncurable by modern 
science. Ronixis says that if something like Monshoujutsu could have cured it, 
he would regret it for the rest of his life.  Iria says that it probably
be curable, since Monshoujutsu did nothing for the disease that Rezonia 
sparked on Roak.  Iria then tells Ronixis that he is being too hard on himself. 
Ronixis turns away and says that the answer will come during the journey, 
and says that you should rest.

The next day Ronixis asks you if you know what you need to do next, and 
you get a choice:
1) I know
2) Tell me again

If you select 2, Ronixis will tell you that you have to go to all 4
countries and 
talk to the kings and get information about the Shinjitsu no Hitomi.


If Cius is in your party, when you start a Private Action he will ask to 
borrow some money, saying he'd like to do some shopping. You get two 
1) Lend him 1000 Vol
2) Don't.

1) Cius thanks you. AR for Cius up.
2) Cius grumbles and tells you not to be so stingy. AR for Cius down.

AR Cius: "It's pretty fun windowshopping like this."

AR Perisie: "I hear that Iria really likes liquor. The captain likes...what
is it. 
Takematsu? Was that it?"

AR Joshua: ??? Where is he in this private action?!

AR Tinek: For some reason, Tinek is passed out in the center square in town 
and is sleeping. Don't ask me why.

AR Ashlay: Ashlay asks you why you are learning swordsmanship. You get 
two choices:
1) I want to be strong
2) Because I like it.

If you pick 1) Ashlay says that's an important reason, but asks what you 
would do when you reach your limit. You can then say 1) There is no limit or 
2) I'd stop. It doesn't really matter what you say, but then Ashlay asks if the 
strength you are seeking is 1) comparitive or 2) absolute. Then he asks if 
you don't intend to become stronger than anyone else. If you say whatever 
conflicts with your last answer, Ashlay will berate you slightly for being 

If you pick 2) Ashlay notes that then you are just fighting for everyone, and 
asks if you just have enough power to satisfy + help everyone else, if that's 
enough. If you say no here, then Ashlay says that there is some 
inconsistency in what you are saying; if you want to fight for everyone, yet 
want more power than is necessary for that, then you must have another 
underlying motive. Nothing that Ashlay says in this exchange is particularly 
important; he just wants to know how and why you're fighting.
AR Ronixis: "The girls are in there talking, but they say no guys 
allowed...even Iria's in it too, wonder what they could be talking about..."

Upon entering the room with the girls, you hear them whispering and 
gossiping about something.

AR Milly: "No guys allowed!"
AR Iria: "Oh, Rati, you want to join in the conversation too?"
AR Marvel: "We're not talking about anything 
AR Fear: "Sorry, it's really nothing."

Once you leave, if you lent the money to Cius he thanks you and gives you 
some "souveneirs"--1 Silver Robe, 1 Sinclair, 1 Zweihander, 1 Plate Gleive, 1 
Crossbow, 1 Plate Helm, and 1 Knight shield
Rati says that all this you could never buy with just 1000 Vol. (Actually the 
total value is 8520 V) Cius laughs and tells you not to worry about little 
details like that.


CHAPTER 7: Perisie, Tinek, and the first Secret Cave.

Once you finish this quest, you basically don't have a set  direction to go to. 
You need to talk to all four of the kings, but you can do so in any order. 
However, once you complete this quest, if you go back to the earlier parts of 
the game, you can find things that you might overlook otherwise. Two of 
these things are two of the secret characters, Tinek and Perisie. In addition, 
this is a pretty good time to try out that hidden cave on Mt. Metox, so in this 
chapter I'll cover that secret dungeon too. If you'd rather have characters 
besides Perisie and/or Tinek in your party, and you don't intend to enter the 
Mt. Metox dungeon (or if you want to enter later) then you might want to 
skip over this chapter for the time being.

Tinek hangs out in the Tatoroy arena. However, you can't meet him until this 
point. If you want to get him in your party, return there, and fight until you 
reach C rank or higher. I'm also pretty sure (athough not positive) that Rati 
needs to be the one to get this high. Once you get this high (or if you already 
are this high before coming back) start another bout, and fight towards the 
end through the first four rounds. Once you get to the last round, the 
announcer will announce that you've got one more fight to do, and then 
announce excitedly that someone has just randomly jumped into the ring!  A 
teenage boy with glasses jumps in and "WE HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER!!" is 
announced. He walks up to you, and says that he is very moved by your 
battle and is impressed by your skill, and introduces himself as Tinek 
Arukena. He says he would like to challenge you, and transforms into a wolf! 
The very suprised announcer announces that Tinek must be from the 
legendary race of Lycanthropes, and that Lycanthropes are said to be genius 
fighters. He says that you might be in trouble. The fight begins!

How to beat Tinek:
Tinek is fast as hell, but doesn't pack much of a punch. If you've gotten this 
far in the arena, you should have no trouble beating him. In fact, every time 
I've gotten to him even if he hits me he does 0 damage, so I don't even know 
what happens if he beats you.

After the fight, Iria will congratulate Rati, and he will wonder who Tinek 
was. At this point, Tinek runs up to you. He says that he is overwhelmed by 
your strength and wants to travel with you. You then get 2 choices:

1) I guess it's OK.
2) No thanks.

1) Rati says that someone as strong as Tinek helping you would really help 
out, and Tinek is overjoyed, saying that he is greatly indebted to you.  Then 
he joins the party.

Note that if you don't have space for an extra character in your party, this 
exchange between Rati and Tinek will not happen.

Lots of people miss Perisie because of where you can get her; you have to get 
her in Clart village, the first town in the game. So if you want her in your 
party, go all the way back now to get her. Right before you enter, start a 
Private Action. Milly must be in your party at this point, and you have to 
have a free space open in your party. When you enter, you will find Milly 
playing with a kitten. Talk to her and she will ask you to name it. You get 
three choices:
1) Pochi
2) Pomga
3) Perisie
4) Rumi

If you pick:
1) Milly gets mad and says "That's a DOG'S name!" (Pochi is a popular name 
for a dog in Japan, kind of like the equivalent of "Rover" or "Spot.") Rati 
apologizes. :)
2) Milly and the cat say nothing. Milly notes that you have no naming sense, 
and asks whether or not YOU'D like to be called Pomga.
3) Milly doesn't particularly like the name, but the cat apparently loves it.
4) Milly really likes the name. The cat, however, doesn't.

Once you name the cat, whenever you get close to it, it will come up to you 
and mew. Milly is jealous that the cat likes you so much. Now, within the 
range that the cat will come up to you in, equip the Ocarina on Rati and press 
A to play it. Aren't you glad that you remembered to pick it up? ;)  Rati plays 
the Ocarina and the cat transforms into the cat-girl you saved from the 
pirate's cave! Perisie says that the Ocarina is hers and tells you to give it 
back. She charges Rati, who nimbly steps out of the way. Then he remembers 
her as the girl you saved from the pirate cave. Iria asks her why she ran 
away. Perisie gets annoyed and says it's none of your buisness. Perisie says 
she's alone and "it" is her friend. Rati asks if the "it" she is talking
about is 
referring to the Ocarina. Perisie starts throwing a tempertantrum and Iria 
tells her not to cry, that she just doesn't have any experience like this
Perisie asks what she is talking about and Iria says "Meeting friends."  Iria 
asks if Perisie doesn't want to be friends, and Rati introduces himself. Milly 
introduces herself too, and then Ronixis and the rest of your party comes up 
to see what's going on. Iria suggests that Perisie just see what she thinks and 
asks her to come with you. Perisie is rather confused, not having experienced 
this before, but she joins you. Now that you have Perisie in your party, you 
can witness her fantastic ability to die very quickly! The combined fact that 
she starts at level 5 and has no equipment except for a tattered bikini with a 
defense rating of 1 makes her very weak in battle to start with. To avert 
this, go to Sylvalant to buy her some equipment, and keep her in your back 
ranks with a defensive battle strategy to start with. Once you build her up 
though, she can be extremely powerful.

Once you're in your 20s in terms of levels, you can try to tackle the cave on 
Mt. Metox. Before you enter, however, you should buy a Tsuruhashi 
(pickaxe) from one of the stores, because you can use it to mine rare 
minerals out of the walls in the cave. If your levels are low, you might need 
to make multiple trips in to clear it out, but it shouldn't be impossible.

Mineable Minerals in Mt. Metox cave:
Rune Metal x 3, Orihalcon x 3, Mithril 

Items in Mt. Metox cave:
Blueberry, Emerald Ring, Aquaberry, ?GUARD x2, (Dwarven Boots) Dwarven 
Guard x 2, Dwarven Sword, Cinderella Glass, Dwarven Helm x 2, ?GUARD x 2, 
(Dwarven Mail) Sweet Pot, Mind Bomb, Astral Sword.

If most of your characters are below level 30, be ready to fight all-out or 
else be prepared to do a lot of dying. The monsters in here are very tough, 
especially to poorly-armored characters level 25 and under. Don't spread out 
your fighting characters; try to keep them all bunched up together as much 
as possible; that way you can reduce the size of your targets and be able to 
back up any character who might be stunned by an attack. Scouting to meet 
as few enemies as possible is also a good idea. Be most wary of the Black 
Slimes; get ready for a fast and furious fight when you meet four of them! 
Joshua/Ronixis' Ray spell does wonders here; use it for backup firepower 
whenever you think you might be outmatched. Also, once you pick it up, 
equip the Dwarven Sword on Ratix, and you will be able to do some serious 
damage in return. However, some of the monsters in the dungeon like the 
Bloodworms and the Shadow Flowers either are immune to or absorb earth-
based damage, which the Dwarven Sword does, so be sure to have a 
secondary weapon on hand in case you meet any of them. (You can change 
your sword in battle by selecting it as an Item) Speaking of Shadow Flowers, 
in addition to poisoning you, sometimes they will stand still and look sort of 
like they are bouncing up and down. If they do this, change enemies and 
attack them quickly! After their bouncing act they will let out a cloud of 
poison spores, which usually do over 700 points of damage.
   You can use the Tsuruhashi to mine metal ore out of the walls of the cave 
by going up to them and pressing A when you equip it. If a wall has a vein 
of metal in it, you can mine it out. Otherwise pressing A does nothing. For 
some reason, all of the mineable places in this dungeon are mined when you 
are facing north, so ignore all other walls when searching for gems.

At the end of the cave, you will meet a giant sabre-toothed rabbit, 
Punkponk, who refuses to let you pass.

1 Punkponk: HP 11400
2 Kunikuruses: HP 3300 

This boss is more of an annoyance than a real threat. If most of you are level 
25 and over, be prepared to lose a character or two.The major problem here 
is that the enemies you are facing are strong and hardy. They have no 
strengths or weaknesses, so any type of attack is fair game. Try and take 
care of the Kunikuruses first, since they will get in your way when trying to 
defeat Punkponk. Try to fight this one from a distance as best as you can. 
Make good use of offensive spells like Ray and Tractor Beam, and long 
distance techniques. Punkponk is extremely irritating in that he can tell who 
your weakest characters are and always shoots to kill them first. For this 
reason, it is a very good idea to keep a fighter character back towards the 
spellcaster(s) to act as a human shield and to deter Punkponk from killing 
them. If you let Punkponk get close to your spellcasters without any 
resistance I guarantee they will die unless you are really lucky, or really 
powerful. Punkponk is not a spectacular defender, so once the Kunikuruses 
are out of the picture, the tried-and-true tactic of sandwiching him between 
two fighter characters and hacking him to pieces works very well. 
Remember that this dungeon is not necessary at all, so if you can't beat this 
boss you can come back and do so any time later.

Once Punkponk is dead, you can get to the back of the cave, where some of 
the best treasure in the cave is, and also where a mineable mithril vein is. 
It's always nice to have more Mithril; it's the rarest ore in the game, plus it 
can't be created or duplicated with any of the Item Creation skills.

CHAPTER 8: The Sylvalant Emblem

There's no particular order in which you have to visit the four castles, but I 
usually like to start out with the Sylvalant castle first, since once you visit 
Sylvalant the ports will open up and you can ride ships to multiple 
destinations, rather than having to span continents to get where you want to 
go. Once you have the Emblem, you can get past the bridge guards and pass 
through the cave to the Sylvalant Peninsula.

Items on the road to Sylvalant:
Mental Ring, ?JEM, (Kenja no Ishi--Sage Stone) Diamond, Magic Card, 

On the way to Sylvalant, you'll reach the town of Dulus.


What's going on in Dulus:
Dulus is a small village on the Sylvalant peninsula, close to the "main
base" of 
the Makai.  Due to this, it is one of the villages most hard-hit by the war
Asmodeus and his demons of the Makai.  The people here are few and not 
very active, and has a really lonely air about it. Those that are here fear an 
increase in scale of the war, because they will be one of the first to be 
destroyed.  There's not much to do here; the shops are somewhat lacking, 
although the item shop is a good place to stock up on ingredients for 
cooking.The only semi-interesting thing here is the little girl making 
snowmen. :) 

Towards the middle of the peninsula is Sylvalant castle.


What's going on in Sylvalant:
Due to its close proximity to the gate to the Makai, the residents of Sylvalant 
Castle town are not allowed to go beyond the walls of the town. Furthermore, 
only specially approved people are allowed to ride the ships out of the port. 
So those here are stuck inside the town, and very few are happy about it.  
Aside from townspeople complaining about not being able to leave town, 
there are a few soldiers hanging about itching for a fight with the demons.

Items in Sylvalant and Sylvalant castle:
Damascus x 2, Sapphire, Blueberry, Resurrect Mist, 

In order to get full access to the town or do a Private Action, you'll have to 
visit the castle first. Upon seeing your Emblem from Van, the guard calls the 
Minister who takes you to the king of Sylvalant. Before talking to you, the 
king sends the guards away to insure secrecy.  The King tells you that the 
entrance to the Makai is located on an uninhabited island just southeast of 
the Sylvalant peninsula. He then gives you access to the port, and says that 
the ship will also take you to Moore and Astral if you want, in addition to the 
uninhabited island. Ronixis thanks the king and then the king gives you the 
Sylvalant Emblem and the Elder Key. Ronixis asks what the key is for. The 
King says that there are some ruins from the Ancient Civilization on 
Sylvalant, and there are some places within the ruins that you cannot enter 
without using this key. If Marvel is in your party, she seems disturbed to 
hear this. The king says though that he doesn't know how or if the key will 
be useful though. With the Emblem, you are now free to wander Sylvalant 

What's going on in Sylvalant Castle:
There's a lot of talk here about the ruins of the ancient civilization. The 
entrance is supposedly on the end of the peninsula, but nobody can enter it. 
There are rumors of an alternate entrance though. There's also a man who 
speaks of an alternate dimension where the gods who created this world 
live, called the "Oracle Room." There is also talk about a royal 
Monshoujutsushi who was extremely powerful, named Jerand. He was caught 
up in the Makai War and was killed though. (A relative of Joshua's, 

Anyhow, now that you have full access to the town, it would be a good idea 
to visit the various stores. The weapon shop in Sylvalant has the most 
powerful equipment that is buyable in the game.  By the end of the game, 
you will be wanting to use equipment you either found or made, but for the 
time being, it can really help. These weapons are also good weapons to use in 
your creation of new weapons through Katanakaji. (By this time, you should 
be at least starting to experiment with what you can do with Item creations 
and other skills--surviving the last parts of the game can be very difficult 
without doing so)  Also, hiding behind a tree in front of the mansion in the 
center of town is Santa Claus. :) You can buy the Santa Boots or the Tri-
Emblem from him for a whopping 4,500,000V and 8,000,765V respectively.  
When you equip the Santa Boots and go sleep in an inn, sometimes when you 
will wake up, Santa will have left you a present. The presents he leaves 
range from the virtually useless to the extremely valuable. The Tri-Emblem 
is an extremely powerful item and is quite arguably the best Accessory you 
can wear. It increases your Attack by 200 points, defense by 60, accuracy 
and evasion by 20 points, and gives your attack the attributes of fire, 
lightning, darkness, and nothingness. Coming up with the 8 million needed to 
buy it though is no small feat, and is essentially impossible to do in any 
reasonable length of time without resorting to the Violin technique described 
in Chapter 12. If you do save up the money to buy one or several though, get 
ready to kick some ass! Sylvalant is also one of the most benificial places in 
the game to do a Private Action.


P.A. Marvel: "......."

P.A. Milly: "Hmm...."
Rati: "What's up?"
Milly: "Huh? No, it's nothing."

P.A. Iria: "Oh, Rati. Would you like some tea?"

P.A. Cius (W/O Fear): "Damn, stay too long in a place like this and your 
weapons will rust!"

P.A. Cius (W/Fear): "Rati, is..is something wrong?"

P.A. Fear (W/Cius): "What, it is it weird for us to be together?"

P.A. Ronixis: "When it's this cold you almost don't want to do anything."

P.A. Joshua: (when you see him talking)
Imperial Monshoujutsushi: "I thought that it was impossible, but since your 
face showed traces of him..."
Joshua: "Yes, I am Joshua Jerand."
Monshoujutsushi: "Oh....! I was learning from Lord Jerand myself. If only I 
had been more powerful that time...."
Joshua: "I'm not here to criticize you. Please look up."
Monshoujutsushi: "...."
Joshua: "I need to know...about the man who killed my parents, and my 
Monshoujutsushi: "As for the one who killed your parents, judging from the 
information at the same time, I'd think that it most certainly would be 
someone connected to the Makai, but as it stands, nobody really knows for 
Joshua: "Is that so...what about my sister?"
Monshoujutsushi: ".....Since that incident, nobody has seen her."
Joshua: "...."
Monshoujutsushi: "I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a help..."
Joshua: "No, it's all right..."
(After you over hear him)
Joshua: "Oh, Rati, where is everyone else?"

P.A. Perisie: "...I don't like the cold. It's cold, meow!"

P.A. Tinek: Is it possible to talk to him? It looks kind of like it
isn't...he's just 
meditating and watching over everyone.

P.A Ashlay:
Rati: "Is something the matter?"
Ashlay: "Nah, it's nothing, I was just remembering something that happened 
long ago."

Once you leave, Milly will give you the Omamori (charm) which is a powerful 
Accessory--it has the same attributes as the Tri-Emblem, except with 45 
fewer defense points ad Earth and Ice rather than Darkness and Nothingness 
as its attributes. Note that every time you do a Private Action Milly will give 
you another Omamori--so you can equip two and make yourself REALLY 
powerful! Also, you will want to come back here later and do another Private 
Action if Ashlay is in your party--later in the game, he will give Rati the 
Kouryuu Ougi, which is the key to getting Rati's three most powerful 
techniques, none of which I have yet seen at the time of this writing. :)

Anyhow, now that you have the Sylvalant Emblem, take the ship to the 
remaining countries you need to collect Emblems from, or skip ahead to 
chapter 11 if you now have all four.

CHAPTER 9: The Astral Emblem

Well, this is easily going to be the shortest chapter of this FAQ, but in the 
essence of making it more fluid, I can't see how to avoid giving it its own 
chapter. Go back to Tatoroy and from there continue on to Astral via the 
cave or the ferry. After talking to the soldier, he will bring out Fear. (dunno 
who he brings out if Fear is already in your party, probably the Minister) 
Rati will greet her and Fear asks how your journey is going. Rati says that 
you found your friends thanks to Fear. (If you didn't go to Parji Shinden, he 
probably says something different) Fear says that all she did was tell you 
about the palace, and that from there finding your friends depended on how 
strong you were. At this point, Milly comes forward and introduces herself, 
and Ronixis and the others follow suit.  Fear introduces herself to them, and 
Milly is surprised to see a female captain of the guard. Fear says that gender 
isn't important. If you have an extra space in your party free, at this point 
you get a choice:

1) We want your help
2) I don't really have anything to ask

If you choose 1) then Rati asks if Fear will join you. Fear asks if that means 
going on a journey with you. Rati says yes. If Cius is in your party at this 
point, Fear does the little saying "...." bit, and Cius says that he
doens't care, it 
doesn't make any difference if an "annoying woman" joins your party. Fear 
retorts back with a "look who's talking." Fear says that she's OK with it, and 
will ask the King when you go to meet him.

Note: Cool Bug! If you have Perisie when you get here, when you go in to talk 
to the king, instead of seeing Perisie with the rest of your party, you see
instead, so there are two Fears in the same room! :D When your party starts 
to assemble again, the duplicate Fear turns back into Perisie!

The king is surprised to see your Emblem, and Ronixis explains how the king 
of Van gave it to you. The King tells the Minister to send the guards away for 
secrecy purposes again, and starts his little talk and information.  The King 
says that in regards to the Eye of Truth, rather than possess an artifact 
telling about it, he has a saying instead. The words are:

"Unmei to Nageku na" (Do not lament destiny)
"Yuuki o Mote" (Have Courage)
"Kimi no Shishi Matsudai made" (Until [the time of] your future generations 
and heirs)
"Chikara Tayasu Koto Naku" (Do not let your strength die.)

(NOTE: I did not just put the Japanese pronunciations here for trivia 
purposes--they are very important. Keep a note of them.)

Ronixis asks if that's all. The King says that he doesn't know what meaning 
those four phrases hold at all, or what use they will provide. Iria repeats the 
four phrases and says that they don't seem to have any special wisdom; they 
just sound like a cheap old saying. The king says he feels the same way, but 
that since they were to be told only to those given the Emblem by the king 
of Van, it must be the key to some sort of secret. Iria says she understands 
and thanks the king.

At this point, if you asked Fear to join you, Fear asks the king if it is
all right 
to go with you. The king says that if Fear really wants to he will not stop
but he has conditions. Fear asks "Conditions?" and the king tells her not to 
forget the pride of an Astral Knight. Fear says that she won't and thanks the 

The king tells you that he is praying for success in your journey, and gives 
you the Astral Emblem. He also gives you the Bushin Ougi to you if Fear is in 
your party. Now you have full access to the castle, which unfortunately 
doesn't give you anything you didn't already have, since all you get access to 
is the king's bedchambers which don't have anything with them. So that'll 
about do it for this chapter. :) Now that you have the Astral Emblem, go 
collect the remaining Emblems, or skip ahead to Chapter 12 if you now have 
all 4.

CHAPTER 10: The Moore Emblem

The Moore Emblem is slightly more difficult to get than the other two 
Emblems, because you have to go on a small quest before you get it. Return 
to Portmis and go to the castle there. Before you even talk to the guards the 
Minister, Bolk, comes out and says that he heard you were looking for the 
Eye of Truth, and that since you were strong he had a request to ask of you. 
You agree, and Bolk asks you inside. Once inside, he tells you there's a 
problem in Moore Castle that is troubling him. He says that inside the palace 
Treasure Room all of a sudden monsters have started to appear, and he 
would like you to find out why and see if you can stop them. He then tells 
you that there are powerful weapons and armor in the treasure room and 
you are welcome to use them. Rati says that he will help. The Minister then 
tells you to return anything that you pick up in the treasure room. Iria 
sarcastically notes that they're not giving you anything. Then Bolk brings 
you to the treasure room.  Before you enter, he tells you that the monsters 
inside are strong and you will need the weapons that are in there.

Items in the Treasure Room:
Gouka na Ken x 3, (Fantastic Sword) Gouka na Tsue x2, (Fantastic Staff) 
Gouka na Robe x 2, (Fantastic Robe) Gouka na Yoroi x 2, (Fantastic Armor) 
Cure Paralyze, Hakkeougisho x2, Cure Stone, Neko Ougi, Ressurect Bottle, 
Mental Ring.

The monsters in the treasure room ARE tough, but with the weapons and 
armor that are in there they should be much less of a problem. Be sure to 
equip them when you get them; unless you've been doing some extensive 
Item Creation, they're going to be much more powerful than anything else 
you've got. Still, you'll have to be somewhat careful. The Steeje monsters 
here are really annoying because they have a tendency to fly over your 
fighting characters and go straight for your magic users. And with the 
feather-bombs that they can shoot, they can pose a serious hazard to your 
fighting characters as well.  The Mepheties monsters can also be extremely 
irritating; one alone is not much of a problem, but they tend to show up in 
numbers, which makes it difficult to stop their spellcasting; even if you get 
one, the others will have a chance to get off their spells. And if they all 
manage to get their spells off, they will cast them simultaneously to take a 
big chunk out of your health. Try and take them out or stop their casting 
with attack spells that affect groups of enemies like Blizzard, Ray, or
Note: Unless you absolutely have to, don't leave this dungeon until you've 
finished it. You can leave at any time, but if you do the Minister will take 
your equipment. Also, if you are going to have Perisie in your final party, 
make sure that she is with you at this time.  You will note that there's a box 
that when you try to open it the game says "this is not necessary."  This item 
is the Neko Ougi, and is the Ougi that is responsible for giving Perisie all of 
her secret techniques. If Perisie is in your party at this point, you can
pick it 
up and she will learn the Ougi. However, if she is not with you in the party, 
you can't get it. Even if you get Perisie later on in the game, there's no way 
to get back into this dungeon to get it again. Actually, there IS a way to get 
back into this dungeon once you've finished it, but when you do you're not 
allowed to take anything, so you still can't get the Neko Ougi. Basically,
this is 
your one chance to get the Neko Ougi, so if you're going to need it, make sure 
you get it now. Also be sure to pick up the Hakke Ougi here too. There are 
two of them here. You won't actually learn the Ougi until you use the item on 
the characters who can learn it (Iria and Tinek) so you have to do that first. 
Also, if Tinek isn't in your party and never will be, you'll only need to pick 
up one of them, but if he is make sure to get both.

When you reach the bottom of the Treasure Room, you will come upon 
Succubus, who tells you that all the treasure here is hers, and tells you
to tell 
the king so. Then she changes her mind and says that she's decided to kill 
you instead. :)

1 Succubus: HP 25800
2 Shadow Beasts: HP 5700 each

While the Shadow Beasts are irritating, ignore them. Let your AI-controlled 
characters take care of them if you want. You should focus all of your attacks 
on the Succubus to start. She can summon spears around her, and can shoot 
them up in the air and target them all at a specific person. Once she does 
this, there is no stopping the spears; there is no way for you to prevent that 
character from being hit with all of them. For this reason, if she targets one 
of your spellcasters or otherwise weakly-armored characters, kiss them 
goodbye. A single spear alone can do more than 700 damage, and the four or 
five in a standard wave will kill anyone with little armor outright, unless 
you have a LOT of HP. The best way to prevent this is to stay on the 
Succubus and keep hacking at her to prevent her from taking the time 
necessary to shoot her spears. I also find that attack spells do little good in 
this fight, so this is one you'll probably want Ronixis to sit out, unless
he has 
the Elven Bow and you want him to provide backup like that. The best 
combination for this fight is three fighting characters and either Milly or 
Joshua as your fourth. If you choose Joshua, make sure his battle plan is 
"Kaifuku Jushi ni," otherwise he will waste his time casting attack spells. The 
Succubus absorbs dark-based attacks, so you should make sure that none of 
the weapons that you are equipping do dark-based damage. The same thing 
goes for spells, which is another reason Ronixis should stay out; he has an 
irritating tendency to cast Wounds on the Succubus which heals her about 
900 points of damage. I've found that sandwiching the Succubus between 
Ratix and a character equipping a Star Guard means quick death from her; 
Rati knocks her back into the character with a Star Guard, which damages 
the Succubus even further, sometimes even more than 1500 points worth of 
damage.  Also, while they are not nearly as threating as their master, you 
shouldn't completely ignore the Shadow Beasts; make sure that they don't 
get in your way as you chase the Succubus around the battlefield because if 
you run too close to them they will attack you and the Succubus will get 
away, giving her a chance to fire those nasty spears. For some strange 
reasons, I've found this battle to be extremely conducive to learning Ougi 
techniques; every time I've fought this battle somebody has learned one of 
the secret techniques from their Ougi.

Once you beat Succubus, make sure to pick up the Mental Ring in the room 
behind her, and return to the entrance of the treasure hall. This is your last 
chance to pick up any of the Ougis here so make sure that's done! Once you 
leave the treasure room, Bolk will reclaim his weapons, but in thanks he will 
give you 20,000V, SP/character, and a Piyohan. Then he takes you to the 

The king sends the guards out, again for secrecy, and gives you the Moore 
Emblem. He doesn't tell you any more information, but gives you free access 
to Moore Castle, which you couldn't even enter beforehand.

What's going on in Moore Castle:
Moore is a country that loves peace, so the country's policy has been more 
diplomatic than martial, and the army is consequently quite small. For this 
reason, people are worried that Moore won't stand a chance if attacked by 
the demons from the Makai. There is also talk of the secret cave on Mt. 
Metox; if you hadn't heard about it from Cius yet, they tell you a few more 
hints towards its location. Other than that, there is not much going on in the 
castle. Moore is kind of behind the other countries and has a smaller
castle. :)  
Anyhow, now that you've gotten the crest, go collect the rest of the crests 
remaining, or go on to the next chapter if you have them all.

CHAPTER 11: The Eye of Truth

With all four Emblems, return to Van. Ronixis will ask to see the king, and 
the soldier will lead you to the king.

The king notes that you safely went to all four countries. Ronixis tells the 
king the things that the four countries gave you. After confirming your 
retrieval of the Emblems, the King tells you to go Parji Shinden. If Fear or 
Ashlay is in your party,they will be surprised. If you went there, Iria will 
say that when you went there you couldn't find anything. Van says that he 
heard that Parji Shinden is on the Astral Continent, but he wants you to 
confirm its location and get the Eye of Truth. So you should head back there.

CHAPTER 11: The Eye of Truth

Your next destination should be Parji Shinden. At the levels you are now, 
getting to the inner sanctum should be a piece of cake. If you haven't been 
here before, just refer back to Chapter 4 for a quick walkthrough. I don't 
know if Joshua shows up here if you haven't been here yet though. 
Remember to heal yourself at the refreshing crystal before you go into the 
inner hall.

Once you reach the inner hall, the red spirit appears. Ratix tells her that you 
came to find the Eye of Truth, and that your four Emblems are proof. The 
spirit acknowledges this and says something about you being the ones that 
"Moore had wanted to come in his last wishes." Iria asks about this, but the 
spirit doesn't respond, and just leads you to the inner sanctum.  You are 
taken to an area with high technology and machinery everywhere. Rati is 
very surprised, and Ronixis notes that those on Roak now have nowhere near 
the advancment this area required to build.

Items in the inner sanctum:
Sweet Syrup x 2, ?HERB, (Mandrake) Fairy Ring, Lunatic Ring, ?HERB, 
(Artemis Leaf) ?JEM, (Meteorite) Mandrake, Sour Syrup, Sebori x2, ?JEM, 
(Moonite) Aqua Ring, Flare Ring, Fairy Glass, Wine, ?JEM, (Ishikoro-stone)

The monsters in this place are tough. Really tough. The Aspitels are no big 
deal, and the Mail Shapes aren't too difficult either, but the Dual Shapes and 
the Flak Shapes are annoying! They are basically immune to physical attacks, 
so you will have to use your techniques and spells to hurt them. As a result, 
your MP will go down really quickly here, so bring plenty of Blackberries. 
Their physical attacks are also no small matter either; they are very 
powerful. When four Flak Shapes surround me, more often than not Ratix is 
the only one left standing by the end of the fight. So bring plenty of 
Resurrect Potions, and Resurrect Mists. By now you should be able to create 
Resurrect Mists via Item Creation without too much problem. Just be 
prepared to take some losses, and it's a good idea to take this dungeon in 
several trips, going out occasionally to heal your party at the restoring 
crystals towards the entrance to the Inner Sanctum. Ronixis' and Joshua's 
attack spells come in really useful here overall, so use them well and often.

At around the fifth floor down, the one with the save point, there will be a 
staircase back up to an area of the third floor, where you'll come upon three 
switches. Each one of these switches opens some locked doors outside, but 
the third one locks the door to the switch room shut. Although it opens some 
more doors outside, until you find a way to open the locked switch room 
door, you can't get out the room with it on, so ignore it and only walk on top 
of the first two switches. On the next floor down, you can get Security Card R 
from a terminal. Ronixis is baffled as to how something like that could exist 
because Roak's technology is nowhere nearly this advanced.

With Security Card R, you can open locked doors with flashing red lights near 
them-just press A under the flashing red lights and you will insert your card 
to open the door. With this card you can proceed further into the inner 
sanctum; insert the card into the card lock on the west side of the sixth floor 
to open the door.

On the seventh level down, there will be a door unopenable by keys; in order 
to get this open, you have to stand on a switch on the far left side of the 
room; to get there, you have to take a path that winds all the way around to 
the right and then back to the left. This will give you access to the bottom 
floor of the inner sanctum. However, there is another unopenable door 
blocking the entrance to this room. To pass this, backtrack to the room with 
three switches. Change the third switch, and the door will close, but you can 
open it with Security Card R. Then you can enter the room directly across the 
staircase up into the switch room. There is a terminal where you can pick up 
Security Card B. With Security Card B you can open doors with blue flashing 
key slots. Now you can open the door on the far left-hand of the fifth floor. 
However, in order to get here, you will have to backtrack all the way back to 
the first floor, then go down the stairs on the northwest end of the room. Use 
Security Card B to open the door, and into the room with the switch. Descend 
the stairs and stand on the switch to open the door to the second save slot 
and the

At the very bottom of the floor will be a door sealed tight. There are words 
inscribed on them, in semi-classical Japanese:
"If one thinks of the phrases handed down to the royal family as four 
armored knights, there would be four helmets. Take those helmets off, and 
line them up on the ground. If thou arranges the helmets, then it should be 
easy to know the key to opening the gate."
Rati has no idea what this means, and Iria wonders if the "phrases handed 
down to the royal family" are the words the king of Astral told you. You then 
get a chance to remember them, in case you didn't note them down. Read 
Below if you forgot them. Iria realizes that they form a password, and that 
somehow together the four of phrases indicate some password. They also 
mention that the "helmets must be arranged," in other words their order 
must be changed. Now you have to enter the password into the keypad. You 
have to choose four characters and then choose what order they need to go 
into. There are I think 64 combinations, so unless you want to spend the rest 
of your life guessing, you'd better figure out the puzzle. ;)

This is a TRICKY puzzle. See if you can figure it out for yourself, and if
totally stuck read the next paragraph for the answer.  REMEMBER: The 
Japanese pronunciation of the words is important! Since I've written the 
pronunciations and meanings in Chapter 5, you don't need to be able to read 
the Kanji, but if you can't read Hiragana, you're basically screwed. :( This is 
Star Ocean's form of gaijin protection, I suppose. If you go to my webpage, 
you can find lists of all the hiragana to help you figure out what you are 
entering in the password.

OK, if you're stuck, here's the answer: The "armored Knights" refers to the 
phrase as a whole, so the "helmet" is just a part of the phrase. And since 
helmets go on the head, then the helmet would be the head of the phrase. So 
you need to take just the first syllable of each phrase. That would be "U-
nmei to Nakegu na," "YU-uki o Mote," "KI-mi no Shishi Matsudai made," and 
"CHI-kara Tayasu Koto Naku." Now you have to reverse the order, so the 
password would be chi-ki-yu-u. So this is what you need to enter on the 

Once you enter the password, the door opens. Iria thinks of the password: 
"Chi-ki-yu-u...Chikyuu!!" (Chikyuu means Earth, as in the planet) Iria is 
really confused and wonders if it's just a coincidence, and why the password 
would be the name of a planet. Ronixis tells Iria to calm down, that you'll 
never be able to figure it out, and that going inside might help inform you 
further. Inside the room Rati notices a huge holographic map. The map is of 
Earth! Ronixis and Iria recognize it immediately, but wonder what the big 
island in the Pacific Ocean is. The island gets a close up, and Ronixis is 
puzzled since that island doesn't exist. Iria recalls that there was a legend 
about an island on Earth, the Continent of Mu. (I don't know about this 
legend myself, anybody else do?)  Then an image of a man appears. The man 
says that he is praying that whoever managed to make it here seeking the 
Eye of Truth are not evil. He says that the Eye of Truth is an item which 
creates dimensional portals. It was made with a combination of "their" 
technology and Roaks Monshoujutsu.  But before they could use the Eye for 
their real purposes, an accident occurred, and through that accident a portal 
was opened to a world with lots of monsters, who invaded the world. The 
man said that it didn't stop their experiments though, since they wanted to 
return to their home planet so badly. The image disappears, and the Eye of 
Truth falls from where it was. Ronixis doesn't understand what he was 
talking about, and Iria suggests that the reason was that the "ancient race" of 
people on Roak came from the Continent of Mu on Earth. Ronixis suggests 
that they sound like they were taken here beyond their own will. Then he 
remembers about the stories of adults suddenly just appearing and 
descending on the world. Iria says that the continent of Mu was said to have 
been destroyed by the falling of a meteor, and that the people there had 
great technology. She goes on to say that in the Federation there are many 
accounts of people getting sucked into vortexes and then suddenly appearing 
in places hundreds of kilometers from where they were before. Ronixis 
wonders if that the people from Mu got sucked into a vortex when the 
meteorite fell, but says that all accounts had people moving from place to 
place on the same planet, never to a place as far away as Roak is to Earth. 
Iria agrees, but it explains why they built the Eye of Truth; they wanted to 
use it to return to Earth. She says that the four phrases handed down from 
the people of Mu expressed their sentiments pretty well in addition.

Back at Van, the king sees you have brought back the Eye of Truth and is 
impressed. Van asks if you're going to open the door to the Makai and attack. 
Ronixis says that you are, and that the entrance is supposed to be on the 
uninhabited island by Sylvalant.  The king says he prays for your victory.

At this point, a woman comes in and shows her true form to be a monster! 
She tells you that you're too late, and that Asmodeus has already perfected 
his new weapon, and your only recourse is surrender. The scene switches to 
Dulus. The mother of Remia, the girl making the snowman, tells her to come 
inside, and Remia looks up at the sky. Then the weapon fires and there is a 
huge explosion. The ground is shaking even at Van Castle. The monster says 
that it was just a demonstration of the weapon, to show their power. Rati is 
really angry, and Cius/Ashay swears at the monster. The monster says again 
that you must surrender or the weapon will be fired again. She then leaves. 
Rati tries to stop her, but she turns into a shadow and escapes. At this point, 
a soldier comes in and says that a report just came in that the explose 
completely obliterated the town of Dulus. Ronixis suggests you proceed 
immediately to the Makai, because if that weapon is fired again at Van or 
Astral the results would be even more catastrophic. 

CHAPTER 12: The Second Secret Cave, Private Actions, and other Loose Ends

This chapter is really an optional one; I just need to get all this stuff
in the walkthrough and there's no really appropriate place to put it. This 
basically ties up all the loose ends there are at this point in the game; it 
covers the second secret cave and all of the new Private Actions that can 
take place at each of the towns.  Note that for the Private Actions, this is by 
no means comprehensive--the PA that occur depend heavily on the makeup 
of your party, and are not necessarily just divided individually between 
characters. Note that some of the Private Actions will change even after this 
point in the game. I will note the most important ones afterwards.  First, I'll 
go over the various Private Actions. If you don't see a specific person's name 
in the list, then their PA is the same as the one listed earlier in this 
Walkthrough.  Note that this part of the game is all completely optional. If 
you want to skip this chapter, go on to the next. Well then...


PA Ashlay:
Salesman: "What do you think of this sword? It was made by the finest 
blacksmith in the East!"
Ashlay: "Don't insult my intelligence! The best in the East? What kind of idiot 
would be fooled by a piece of junk like this!?"
Rati: "...."
Ashlay: "...If someone like that exists, I'd like to see him!"
Ashlay: "Oh, Rati? What's up?"

PA Perisie:
Perisie: "Heya. I hear that Milly likes Parfait! The captain likes...what
is it. 
Takematsu? Was that it?"

PA Milly: "Is this town what Cool was like in the past?"

PA Ronixis/Marvel (w/o Joshua): 
Ronixis: "You know, everybody here has monkey tails!"
Rati: "It's not a monkey tail!! It's a cat tail! Felpool!!
Ronixis: "Oh, sorry, sorry."
Ronixis: "Come to think of it, you don't have a tail, Marvel."
Marvel: "...."
Ronixis: "....but what difference does it make?"

PA Ronixis/Marvel/Joshua
Joshua: "You know, Marvel-san, you don't use a sword or Monshoujutsu, 
where did you learn that technique that you use?"
Marvel: "Huh?"
Ronixis: "Hey, what difference does it make?"
Joshua: "That's true. I was just interested..."

PA Ronixis/Joshua/No Marvel
Ronixis: "Marvel, I wonder who or what she was..."
Rati: "I wonder that too...but being hard on yourself won't help anything."
Ronixis: "Yeah."

P.A. Iria:
This PA depends heavily on whether or not you bought the earring for Iria 
way back in the beginning of the game. If you did, and Cius AND Fear are in 
your party:
Rati: "Iria-san, did you find anything else?"
Iria: "Oh no, nothing like that."
Iria: "Or should I let you buy me a present again?"
???: "What's this about a present?"
Rati: "N, no, it's nothing...."
(Milly notices the earring)
Milly: "Hmmm...."
Iria: "N, now Milly, this doesn't have any deep meaning at..."
Milly: "Iria-san, please shut up."
Iria: "OK"
Milly: "Why did you hide it?"
Rati: "Er, well..."
Cius: "Damn! ....Hoo boy, is Rati in for it now! What's gonna happen next? I 
can't wait to see!"
Fear: "Hey, Cius! What are you doing over there?"
Cius: "Er...nothing..."
Cius: (Oh shit, it looks like I'm going to be in for it too...)
Milly: "RATI!!"
Cius: "Yo, Rati! Could you come here a second?"
Rati: "Huh? Sure."
Fear: "Come back here, Cius!"
Rati: "Whew, thanks a lot, Cius, you saved my ass in there."
Cius: "Hey, same to you too."
AR for Rati and Cius way up towards each other. AR for Rati way down for 
Milly. Afterwards Cius says "That sure was close" in the Private Action. Iria 
says "Maybe I should take this off." Milly won't speak to you, and will just be 
pissed if you try to talk to her.

If Cius + Fear aren't in the party, instead of coming in to save him, Rati
has to 
take the heat from Milly and gets slapped. AR down for both Milly AND Iria. 
Iria will say "You don't understand girl's feelings." afterwards, and Milly is 
similarly pissed.

If you DIDN'T buy the earrings:
Rati: "What's up, Iria-san?"
Iria: "No, it's nothing."
Rati: "Hey, that's a pretty earring..."
???: "What's this about an earring?"
Milly: "Are you talking about this?"
Iria (whispering): "Hey, isn't there something you should be doing here?"
Rati: "Eh?"

You now have a choice.
1) I guess I'll give it to Milly.
2) I want to give it to Iria-san
3) Change the subject.

1) Rati: "Hold on a second."
Go and talk to the shopkeeper. He'll give you the earring for free.
Iria: "Hurry up and give it to her."
Milly leaves happy.
Rati: "I'm tired."
Iria: "I guess that's just what girls that age are like, huh?"
AR way up for Milly, slightly up for Iria. 

2) Rati: "Hold on a second, Iria-san."
Milly: "What!? Why her!?"
AR WAY down for Milly, slightly less for Iria.

3) Rati: "Oh yeah, just a little while ago..."
Milly: "Nobody's listening to you!"
Same negative result, except that Milly's AR doesn't go down quite as much.

AR Tinek:
As usual, Tinek is sleeping.

AR Fear: "Sometimes it's good to just sit back and rest like this. When I was 
obstinately leading the Cavalry, I never even thought about this."



Milly: "Marvel-san, why are you so pretty? Your waist and legs are so 
slender, I was an instant fan the moment I met you!"
Marvel: "Come on, cut it out Milly."
Milly: "I'm serious! Are you on some kind of special diet or something? It's 
almost as if you're not even a person like me!"
Marvel: "...."
Milly: "Did I say something to upset you?"
Marvel: "No, it's nothing..."

Milly: "Rati, don't you think that Marvel-san is really pretty?"
1) Yeah
2) You can't say that right in front of her.

1) Rati: "Yeah, that's for sure."
Milly: "Isn't she though? Isn't she?"

2) Rati: "I can't believe you can just say that right in front of her."
Milly: "What do you mean by that!? If you don't have any problems with it, 
why can't you say it?"

P.A. Milly, W/O Marvel
Milly: "Eh? You found me!"
Rati: "What do you mean, I found you? What are you doing in a place like 
Milly: "Eh?" I just thought that if you couldn't see me, you might come and 
find me..."
1) Of course I was looking for you!
2) It's just coincidence.

1) Rati: "Of course I'd come looking for you!"
Milly: "Really? I'm glad." AR for Milly up.
2) Rati: "I just ran into you coincidentally."
Milly: "Really?"

PA Joshua:
Joshua: "When I walk around town like this, I sometimes hope that just by 
chance I can run into my sister..."

PA Iria/Ronixis
Ronixis notices Iria's earring. For some weird reason, in my game where I 
DIDN'T buy her the earring she still had it...
Iria: "Oh, this?"
Iria: "When I was separated from you and the others, this really hot guy 
gave it to me as a present." (She is trying to piss off Ronixis by saying this)
Ronixis: "Oh."
Iria: "Come on, it's not like it's got some deep meaning or anything!"
Ronixis: "Right, whatever."
(Ronixis is irritated)

PA Ronixis: "Oh, Rati. What's up?"

PA Fear: "Are we still just going to sit around this town?"

PA Tinek:
Surprise, surprise, Tinek is sleeping. Is this all he ever does? :)

PA Perisie:
Rati: "What's up? What are you doing here?"
Perisie: "I heard from this guard that there's a mountain of treasure in here!"
Rati: "...Do you mean Moore Castle's Treasure Vault?"
Perisie: "Right! That's it!"
Rati: "And?"
Perisie: "Let's go there together!"
Rati: "Eh?"
Perisie: "Rati, come with me! It'll be like we're a prince and princess, don't 
you think?"
Rati: "Hey, that's illegal!!"
Rati: "It's IL-LE-GAL."
Perisie: (Says a joke)
Rati: "That's Manzai." (This is a pun on words, illegal/crime="Hanzai," comic 
dialogue = "Manzai" )
Rati: "Come on, let's get out of here!"
Perisie: "I don't want to!"
Perisie: "Could it be...you don't like me, Rati?"

1) Where are you getting that from!?
2) OK then, for just a bit.

1) Rati: "It's not that I don't like you or anything. It's just that there are 
some things in this world that we shouldn't do."
Perisie: "I see..."
AR for Perisie slightly down.

2) Rati: "Geez, I guess I don't have a choice. Let's go ask inside."
Perisie: "Yay! Rati, I love you!" (Perisie AR up)
You now go into the Treasure room. You can't pick up anything here though. 
Since all you have is Rati and Perisie, be careful; the fights will be 
substantially tougher. Go into the second room:
Perisie: "Eh? I thought that around here my friend was sleeping..."
Rati: "F, friend?"
Perisie: "Yeah.  He was like this big fat rabbit thingie."
Rati: "Zu, Zunburi?" (Don't ask me to explain this, it's one of the things 
Persisie said...damn these unique Japanese words ^_^)
Rati: "Mu, muchara?" (Ditto above)
Rati: "If you're talking about a big statue like that I saw it." (This ONLY 
comes in if you've finished the job you had with Cius earlier!)
Perisie: "Bingo! When he sleeps he turns into this stone-like thing! Where did 
you see him? Let's go there!"
Rati: "You want to look for it? ....Anyhow, let's go back."

Since this refers to the rabbit you delivered back in Chapter 1 (You DID 
deliver it, didn't you?) head back to the item shop in Hot, start a Private 
Action, then go to the item shop:

Perisie: "Is this where my friend is?"
Rati: "Probably...I don't think there are going to be any more of those statue 
big ugly rabbit (?) things around."
Perisie: "He's not ugly! He's really 'Raburabu'!" (please don't ask me to try 
and explain this, it's not worth explaining. ^_^)
Rati: "Ra, Raburabu?"
Badam: "What's the matter?"
Rati: "Is the statue we brought here earlier here?"
Badam: "Yeah, you mean this? What about it?"
Perisie: "It's Bunny!!"
Badam: "Huh? Bunny?"
Perisie: "Hey, he's my friend, so give him back!"
Badam: "Er, but..."
Perisie: "Bunny, wake up!"
(The statue "defrosts")
Perisie: "...you wake up?"
Badam: "Th...the statue moved on its own!!"

Now, if you look at your inventory, you will see that you have the item, 
"Bunny Whistle." Use this whistle to summon Bunny and you can ride him 
around. He moves as fast as a dash normally and blazes when you hold down 
the dash button! In addition, when riding him, you won't meet any enemies. 
He's really useful for getting from place to place without having to deal with 
weakling enemies. To stop riding him, just use the Bunny Whistle again.

Afterwards, in Portmis Perisie says: "There are so many things in town! No 
matter what I see I never get bored."


P.A. Joshua:
Boy: "Whoa! He's got wings!"
Girl: "He's so cute! Wow!"
Chelsea: "Kyaa! He's so cool!"
Myuki: "Don't you think these Feather Folk are so cool? They really are 
Mary: "Hey you two! Aren't the Stalkers supposed to be more earnest?!"

1) Save Joshua
2) Join in with the others

1) Rati: "Hey! He's not some tourist attraction, stop it!"
Chelsea: "What!"
Myuki: "Can't we just a little!?"
Rati: "Are you all right?"
Joshua: "...Yes, thank you."
Joshua: "I should be used to this, but all that noise really gets to me."
Rati: "Yeah, I should think so."
Joshua: "Sometimes I wish I didn't have thse wings, but I did get this body 
from my parents."  AR for Joshua up.

2) Rati: "Whoa, Joshua-san, you've really got a way with the chicks!"
Joshua: "This is no time to be saying things like that...!!"
Cius: "Hey you assholes! He's not on show! Get the fuck out of here!!"
(Everyone splits)
Cius: "Are you OK?"
Joshua: "Yes, thank you. You really saved me there."
Cius: "Rati, what the hell were you thinking, joining in with those fools in 
making noise like that!"
Joshua: "Cius-san, it's all right..."
AR between Joshua and Cius up. AR for both towards Rati down.
If Cius isn't in the party, I dunno what happens. I assume someone else, 
(probably Ashlay) takes his place, but I don't know for sure

Either way it goes, Joshua says "I'm OK now" afterwards.

P.A. Ronixis:
Ronixis: "What are you up to, Rati?"

P.A. Marvel:
Artist: "What a beautiful person! Please! Let me paint your picture!"
Marvel: "Eh? I...I'm sorry..."

P.A. Fear:
Fear: "Oh, it's you, Rati."
Rati: "Did I disturb you?"
Fear: "No, come and help me kill this boredom."
(Both laugh)
Rati: "So you're a childhood friend of Cius?"
Fear: "Hm? Yeah."
Fear: "I'm an orphan. When I was young, Lord Ryas took me in."
Rati: "So Lord Ryas, he's Cius' father?"
Fear: "Right. So in a way it was kind of like I was his little sister.  But I don't 
know which one you'd consider older now."
(Both laugh)
Rati: "Can I ask you something?"
Fear: "What?"
Rati: "Why is Cius on a journey? He seemed like he was on a journey to 
improve his strength, but it didn't seem like that when we went to Astral, he 
didn't seem normal then."
(Fear laughs)
Rati: "What's so funny?"
Fear: "No, you'd just better not ask him about things in that department 
either. He's kind of a shy one."

P.A. Milly/Cius
Milly: "Hey, Cius, about Rati...."
Cius: "What?"
Milly: "Rati's really insensitive, so it gets to me."
Cius: "W..Well, I suppose that's so..."
Milly: "But if I think like that, some other woman might get him."
Cius: "Hmm..."
Rati: "Looks like I'd better stay out of this one."

P.A. Milly/Ashlay
Exactly the same as Milly/Cius, except Ashlay says things in an "old guy" 
voice. :)

P.A. Tinek:
Can't talk to him...he's just hanging out with his lupine friends on top of the 

P.A. Perisie:
Perisie: Meow!

P.A. Tinek:
Tinek: "Martial arts is great, isn't it?"

P.A. Ronixis:
Ronixis: Hmm...To think that there really are arenas like this...

P.A. Milly:
Milly: Wow....this is really incredible.

P.A. Marvel:
Rati: "Do you dislike this kind of thing?"
Marvel: "....No. But, why?"
Rati: "You seem sort of....depressed..."
Marvel: "It's nothing. Sorry to make you worry."

P.A. Perisie:
Perisie: "Wow, wow! I want a Neko Ougi or something too!"

P.A. Joshua:
Joshua: "Is there a meaning to reckless fighting like this? To let blood in a 
place like this..."
1) Is wanting to become strong useless, do you think?
2) If there's a necessity for a reason to fight...
3) There's no need for a reason to fight.

1) Rati: "I think that wanting to become strong isn't a useless thought, but..."
Joshua: "...That's true. But why do you want to become strong?"
Rati: "Well..."
Joshua: "I'm not going to press too deeply or anything, but I think that's 
important. I think that even if it's impossible, I don't want to kill anyone, 
even if they're an enemy."
Joshua: "The reason I wish for strength...is as a way to find my sister..."
(If Marvel is in your party, the following occurs...)
Marvel: "If your sister for somereason somehow had done something to have 
gotten her hands bloodied...what would you do?"
Joshua: "I can't even think that she would do something like that. To think 
my sister would harm someone she'd never even met....that's not a funny 
joke. Please don't even speak of that again."
Marvel: "...I'm sorry." (AR for Joshua towards Marvel down)

2) Rati: "If there's a necessity for a reason to fight, I'd think that really 
would be wanting to become strong, wouldn't it?"
Joshua: ....Why would one want to be strong? I think that's important.  Even 
including myself, it doesn't change the fact that one is killing."
Rati: "Well, I guess you're right there..."

3) Rati: "I really don't think there is any meaning for fighting, do you?"
Joshua: "...No meaning? Is it that way to you?! That's just the same as murder 
Rati: "...."
Joshua AR towards Rati down

A.R. Fear:
Fear: "True words of praise are only given to the strong. This is Astral's 

OK, that about does it for the Private Actions. Now I'll cover the second 
secret cave. There is an entrance to the Sylvalant Ruins at the very end of 
the peninsula. But the entrance is delapidated and you can't enter.  However, 
there is a hidden entrance to the ruins.  In the area with the bridge, right 
after you get off the cave, there is a crag to the north of the bridge. Walk 
behind this crag and you will enter the Sylvalant Ruins.

Items in the Sylvalant Ruins:
Moonite, Sweet Syrup x 2, Shadowflower, ?GUARD x3, (Mithril Mesh) 
Uraouka Ougi, Mithril Helm x 3, ?GUARD x 3, (Mithril Gleive) ?GUARD x3, 
(Mithril Shield) Dark Circle, Ignite Sword, Star Ruby, Airslash x2, Reverse 
Doll x 2, Rainbow Diamond, 

The Sylvalant ruins are very large, and the layout is very confusing, so 
getting through it requires patience. The Enix/Tri-Ace guys really play with 
your mind here in this dungeon; there are several unopenable doors and 
switches that do nothing.  In terms of monsters, the Sylvalant ruins are only 
slightly more difficult than the Mt. Metox dungeon; anyone who can make it 
through the inner sanctum of Parji Shinden should have no trouble here. If 
most of your party is in their 30s you should be fine. Be careful of the Hound 
Shapes though because they can stun and paralyze. Milly having Dispel here 
is a real plus.  Still, due to the size of the dungeon and the damage-dealing 
capability of the monsters, you might want to make several trips.

You'll note that on the third level down, there is a door that is locked if you 
haven't visited the king of Sylvalant yet. Visit him to get the key.

At about the sixth floor down, you will meet the Ruin Guarder, the boss of 
this dungeon.

Ruin Guarder, HP 25,000

 The Ruin Guarder is easily one of the coolest-looking bosses in the game. 
However, he's really not all that tough. Just make sure that you have Milly in 
your party, or Milly and Joshua if you really want to be safe.  Since the Ruin 
Guarder is such a big target hitting him is no problem. His defense rating is 
really high though, so you'll want to use your special techniques on him, 
especially any Ougi techniques you have.  The reason you'll want Milly 
and/or Joshua in your party is that the Ruin Guarder fires lasers from a hole 
between his eyes which will do 800+ damage to your entire party. So you'll 
want someone with Cure All to heal up your party, otherwise there's a good 
chance you'll all get killed. Also, when you beat him, he'll give you a ?JEM. 

Now, as for what's behind that locked door...
Apparently, there's nothing of any interest. However, you will notice that 
along the left wall in one room beyond the locked door, there are two rows 
of 3 crystals with an ankh and an Enix "e" on them. If you walk between 
these rows, you can travel through a secret door in the west wall.

There's some good items down here, and als a very important room. 
Depending on the composition of your party, you may not want to go into the 
room, because nasty things can happen there. Or you can just watch the cut 
scene and reset. I don't know all the possibilities here, because the result of 
this event depends heavily on the composition of your party. Again, these 
are the two versions I saw in the games I used to play this.
***********************************CONDITION 1*******************************
*********************************SPOILER ALERT!******************************
Party Composition: Marvel, but not Joshua.
Rati: "This is just a huge empty room..."
Iria: "Since this is the depeest room through a special secret passageway, 
you'd think there'd be something special here..."
Milly: "Everyone, come here!"
Rati: "Milly, what's up?"
Milly: "There's someone sealed here in the middle of the ice!"
Rati: "Is she dead?"
Milly: "The poor thing! Let's help her!"
Rati: "....."
1) Help her
2) Don't help her

1) Rati: "Let's rescue her!"
Marvel: "Rati-san, please stop!"
Rati: "???Why?!"
Milly: "Marvel-san, why are you stopping us? Let's help her!"
Marvel: "Please! Don't touch her!"
Milly: "She's in the middle of freezing ice...I feel so sorry for her!"
Marvel: "Please stop!"
Marvel: "If you insist..."
Milly: "Marvel...san?"
Marvel: "Then I'll have to fight you!"
Rati: "Wh...!?"
Milly: "My god...you'll go that far...!?"
Marvel: "Stop....I'm sorry..."
Milly: "I don't understand what you're thinking, Marvel-san!"
Rati: "Milly, just forget it, let's leave her alone."

2) Rati: "No, let's not."
Milly: "Why not!? That's awful!!"

This cut-scene is safe. There's no real reason to want to reset after it. :)
***********************************CONDITION 2*******************************
**********************************SPOILER ALERT!*****************************
Party Composition: Marvel AND Joshua. 
Rati: "This is just a huge empty room..."
Iria: "Since this is the depeest room through a special secret passageway, 
you'd think there'd be something special here..."
Milly: "Everyone, come here!"
Rati: "Milly, what's up?"
Milly: "There's someone sealed here in the middle of the ice!"
Joshua: "Eris....!!!"
Rati: "Huh?"
Joshua: "Eris....why are you like this...!!"
Milly: "The poor thing! Let's help her!"
Rati: "....."
Joshua: "Sealed up in the middle of ice like this....Don't worry, I'll save you 
right now!"
Marvel: "Everyone, please stop!"
Rati: "???Why?!"
Milly: "Marvel-san, why are you stopping us? Let's help her!"
Marvel: "Please! Don't touch her!"
Milly: "She's in the middle of freezing ice...I feel so sorry for her!"
Marvel: "Please stop! If you insist..."
Milly: "Marvel...san?"
Marvel: "Then I'll have to fight you!"
Rati: "Wh...!?"
Milly: "My god...you'll go that far...!?"
Joshua: "You bitch!"
Joshua: "My sole reason for living up until now has been to save my sister! 
And you're telling me to just leave my sister, leave Eris, like this!?"
Joshua: "Don't be fucking ridiculous!! If you want to fight, then come on,
go!! I'll sacrifice anything to save my sister!!"
Rati: "Marvel-san, please get out of the way."
Joshua: "Move!! Get out of my way!!"
Marvel: "Stop....I'm sorry..."
Milly: "I don't understand what you're thinking, Marvel-san!"
Marvel: "I can't stand it..."
Marvel: "I can't take this any more....!!  If I'm going to have feel like
this, I 
wish I'd never come with you all...!!"
Joshua: "What are you doing!!"
Milly: "STOP!!! I don't want to fight Marvel-san!!!"
Milly: "Huh?"
Marvel: "Everyone, this is all my fault...It was my fault for thinking that I 
wasn't stronger by clinging to a faint shimmer of hope..."
Marvel: "I'm sorry....Farwe..."
Joshua (talking politely again): "What do you mean?"
Joshua: "I...what happened....!"
Milly: "I don't know, but Marvel-san....she seemed sad..."
Joshua: "My sister....and that woman both disappeared...!!"
Joshua: "What on earth just happened..."

This is where you might want to reset. Just to fill you in on what happened a 
little bit, Marvel (and Eris too) is now dead, or more accurately, has
ceased to 
exist.  Therefore, you can't ever get her back once this happens. So unless 
you want to get rid of Marvel in order to put someone else in her place (like 
Tinek, Perisie, or Fear) then reset.
***********************************SPOILER END*******************************
OK, that does it for the "loose ends." Now you should go to the uninhabited 
island from Sylvalant port.

Do not remove the following from this FAQ!
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common sense that doing this is illegal, there are many people who 
will do it anyway. This is a warning to those people! I *WILL* sue 
you if you do and I find out!
Thanks to:
Enix and Tri-Ace! Hats off to them for making what is quite possibly
the best console RPG ever!
Celica, (tanke@teada.tec.u-ryukyu.ac.jp) for telling me how to get
Ashlay and Perisie to join my party, among other useful tips.
Jason Murata (bludgeon_16@hotmail.com) for filling me in on many items I 
This FAQ originated at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~ikelley/