FAQ/Walkthrough by DocDragon89

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Super Bonk FAQ/Walkthrough
By DocDragon

1. Table of Contents
2. About Bonk
3. Bonk's Moves
4. Items and such
5. Super-er Bonk!
6. Bosses
7. Big-ass Walkthrough
  7a. Bonk Begins
     aa. China Town
     ab. Water River
     ac. Jurassic Sea
     ad. Jurassic Bay
     ae. Jump to the Sky
     af. Secret Tunnel
     ag. The Bad City
     ah. Troubled Tower
     ai. Trampo Clouds
     aj. Attention Please
     ak. Weak Head
  7b. Escape from Jurassic Island
     ba. Jurassic Island
     bb. Alligator Cave
     bc. Lava Cavern
     bd. Black Hole
     be. Juicy Juice
     bf. Shoot the Smiley
     bg. The Straw Smack
     bh. Inside the Canner
     bi. Inner Voyage
     bj. Brain in Pain
     bk. Beating Heart
     bl. Blue Balls
  7c. Lunar Mystery
     ca. Lunar Towers
     cb. Subterranean Trip
     cc. Rage Cave
     cd. The Ruins
     ce. Crabless Lake
     cf. Lunar Pyramid
     cg. Flower Maze
     ch. Quest-Eon Room
     ci. Get a Warp Panel
     cj. Sensitive Ears
  7d. Super Big Bonk in Space
     da. Find the Comet
     db. Big Comet Empire
     dc. Anti-Gravity Room
     dd. Big Engine Room
     de. Voice Room
     df. Showy Glasses
  7e. The Battle Crab Beyond the Galaxy
     ea. Twilight Space
     eb. Twilight Jungle
     ec. Memory Cave
     ed. Sky High
     ee. Heart
     ef. Lunar Pyramid
     eg. Comet Empire
     eh. Smiley Navel
  7f. The Final Battle on Earth
     fa. Drool's Tower
     fb. Invisible Room
     fc. The Final Trap
     fd. Secret
     fe. Jump & Crash
  7g. Inside Various Critters
     ga. PafPaf's Body
     gb. Kuu's Body
     gc. Lipworm's Body
     gd. GapGap's Body
     ge. Flycatch's Body
8. Bonus Areas
  8a. Bounce Through the Clouds
  8b. Croc-Ball
  8c. Copter Challenge
  8d. Flower Power
  8e. Crab Battle
  8f. Gravity-Free Zone
  8g. Bonus Express Pipeline
9. Credits/Legalities
10. Revision Guide

2. About Bonk
We all know who Bonk is, right? He's everyone's favorite caveman with the 
cranium of titanium!.. Alright, if you didn't have a TurboGraphix-16, you 
probably never heard of this guy. He appeared in a grand total of one game 
on the NES, the quite rare Bonk's Adventure. His second and third 
installments only appeared on the TurboGraphix-16, and that thing was pretty 
much dead by the time the SNES and Genesis arrived. He would've faded into 
obscurity, becoming nothing more than yet another footnote in the 
ever-evolving history of videogames, but then he did the unexpected. He 
showed up on the SNES! And in one of the best games for the system, no less! 
This game is indeed worth picking up if you find it, and this guide is worth 
reading if you pick up the game.

3. Bonk's Moves
Note: All the moves listed here use the DEFAULT controller settings. These 
can be changed on the options screen.

Movement: Bonk walks. Use the control pad to move our big-headed hero around.

Jump: Bonk jumps. Press B. Self-explanatory. He can also drop through certain 
floors by holding down and pressing B.

Bonk: Press Y to use Bonk's basic attack. He uses his head to 
flatten/smash/etc whatever's in front of him.

Jumping Bonk: Press Y while Bonk's in midair. He flips over and plunges 
(almost) straight down, squishing whatever's under him with his noggin.

Spin Bonk: Repeatedly tap Y while Bonk's jumping. He'll spin like a top,
slowing his descent and letting him go farther than normal.

Climb: Jump next to a cliff and press B. Bonk will grab on with his teeth and 
climb the wall as long as you keep hammering B. This doesn't work on all 
surfaces, in which case you hit Y to have Bonk bounce off the wall and keep 
going upwards.

Tree & Pole Manouvres: Have Bonk get next to a climbable tree/pole and jump 
towards it. He'll automatically grab on and you can use the control pad to 
move him up and down, or swing to the other side. Also he can grab onto 
horizontal branches with his teeth and swing like Baby Bart on a clothesline. 
Either have Bonk press B and down on one or jump up into one while still 
holding up to make him grab on. Hit the A button to have him jump off the pole.

4. Items and Such
Flowers: Flowers come in 3 varieties. The yellow flowers are spring flowers, 
and send Bonk flying when he jumps on them. They also jump up if bonked and 
Bonk can carry them around and deposit them where needed. Orange flowers 
contain meats, and spit said meats out when jumped on or bonked. Pink flowers 
usually contain fruits or hearts and spit 'em out when properly stimulated 
just like the orange flowers, but sometimes they turn into monster flowers. 
Just bonk 'em.

Hearts: Restore one heart of Bonk's health.

Big Hearts: Restore all of Bonk's health.

Crystal Hearts: Add one heart to Bonk's health meter(maximum of 6).

Propeller Seed: Allows Bonk to fly (looks like a seed).

Little Flower: Sends Bonk to one of 8 bonus stages.

Fruit: Restore a tiny little bit of Bonk's health, and gives a few extra 

1-Up: Looks like a little Bonk. Gives you an extra life. Bonk also gets an 
extra life every 100,000 points.

Smilies: Look like goofy grinning faces. Used mostly as ammo for special 

5. Super-er Bonk!
What's an action game without powerups? No, seriously, what is it? I've never 
seen one... Well, in Bonk's case, there are 2 types of powerups: Meat and 
Candies. Meat makes Bonk get stronger, and candies change Bonk's size. The 
red candies turn Bonk tiny, yellow ones make him normal size again, and the 
blue ones make him HUGE. 

Normal Bonk uses the moves listed in the last section, Tiny Bonk has all of 
plus one special power. Hit the X button to use the RAGE! attack. Quite 
literally, Bonk shouts out RAGE! in big stone letters that he can ride on. 
The RAGE! bounces off walls, and one letter disappears whenever it does so. 
HUGE Bonk also has an X attack. Hit X, and Bonk's head will pop off and roll 
around, squishing just about everything. This takes 4 of the little smiley 
faces you collect to use.

Meat comes in 2 varieties, small and big. Small meat turns Bonk into Fester 
Bonk, and 2 small meats or 1 big meat turns Bonk into Kronk Bonk. Your guy 
will go down to the previous level when hit, e.g, Kronk turns into Fester,
and Fester turns back into Bonk. Time will also make you lose your power, 
but it takes a while.

Fester Bonk is what you get for getting a small meat. Bonk's normal bonk 
attack is replaced by what the manual calls a "petrifying light beam" that 
will temporarily paralyze enemies. This has much longer range than the 
standard headbonk, but the enemy still has to be finished off with a 
standard bonk. Fester's Jumping Bonk will also paralyze all on-screen 
enemies if it doesn't hit anything except ground. Tiny Fester is the same 
as Tiny Bonk with the special abilities, but HUGE Fester's lower body is, 
well, A giant bird. He still retains his normal abilities in this form, but 
instead of the Rolling Head, he uses Egg Grenades. Hit X, and he'll lay an 
egg which will explode in a few seconds. This also takes 4 smilies to use.

Kronk Bonk is the highest echelon of Bonk-ial evolution, recieved after 
either getting 2 small meats or one big one. So awesome is this bonk, that 
you go invicible for a while whenever you become him! The standard bonk is 
replaced by what looks like his tongue, with a longer range AND the ability 
to finish off anything. The jumping Bonk will now finish off EVERY standard 
enemy onscreen(and even some that are off) provided that you hit the ground. 
Tiny Kronk is pretty much the same as Tiny Bonk, but HUGE Kronk looks more 
like Kronkzilla, and attacks with his tail. Special-power wise, he is still 
the ultimate in Bonk evolution, posessing the ability to actually turn 
himself invisible and invincible at the heaping cost of half your smilies. 
Rounded up. So in other words, use it only when absolutely necessary.

Lastly, there is Crab Bonk. This guy doesn't need any meat, he just needs to 
be squished. If you find what looks like a giant block with eyes on it, 
simply stand under it to be crabbed. Crab Bonk moves faster in water than 
Bonk's other forms, and that's pretty much it. Use a candy to turn his 
Bonkiness back into himself.

6. Bosses

6a. Moon Beak

This guy's pretty simple. Just use the yellow flower to jump up to him and 
repeatedly Bonk his head until he explodes.

6b. Bacty

Once again, a simple boss. Just hide in the lower-left corner and bonk the 
blue balls orbiting him. When you hit him, the balls rotate 180 degrees 
around the central big-smily thing. Keep bonking until the balls turn red, 
then go to the other set of balls. 

6c. Harey

Now, Harey's more complicated than the last two bosses. For starters,  
she hovers up around the top of the screen, and you need to use the 
platforms to get at her. After she makes her entrance, hop on a platform 
and bonk her. If she starts flapping her fans, HIT HER! your health 
gradually drops as she flaps her fan, and if she drains an entire heart 
with this attack, it will drop off the screen, and YOU WILL LOSE IT! Also 
she occasionally fires a beam out of the saucer thing she rides on that 
petrifies you temporarily, and will toss out fans that block your way up 
whenever she gets hit, so you can't use the same platform twice in a row. 
Just keep hitting her and she'll go down eventually.

6d. Heli Hoovey

Okay, this is difficult. He's the most annoying and complex boss you've 
battled so far. For starters, the floor is ice, so you'll be sliding a lot.
Second, his attacks are VERY hard to dodge. For starters, he spits out a 
bunch of little snowballs, that turn into mini-snowmen. You have to bonk off
them, and then bonk the boss ON HIS HEAD. Not the trunk, not the mechanisms
behind his head, ON HIS HEAD. You won't damage him any other way. After he
spits out the snowdudes, he'll float up to a corner, and then unleash a 
massive heat beam that covers most of the screen, and will fry any remaining
snowmen. He'll swoop down with the beam going, and then turn it upwards to 
fry YOU if you're still bouncing on his head. Get off him when he's about
halfway through the swoop to keep him from toasting you, and repeat the
process as necessary.

6e. The Crusher

The Crusher is DEFINITELY the hardest boss to this point. There's no other
way to put it. It's even hard to write a strategy for. But here's an attempt.
See that thing spinning in the background? That's him. It will enter on
the side of the screen it exited the background from, ((e.g. if it goes right
-to-left in the background, it will appear on the left side of the screen.))
Use the flower to jump up, and bonk off it's head to avoid taking damage.
When it starts laughing, get up close to it, and bonk the smiley on it's 
navel when it stops. Then RUN and use the flower to evade the stuff it shoots
. Bonk off it's head when it gets under you, and repeat the pattern.

6f. King Drool

Okay, no choking now. This is the last guy and you didn't come this far just
to blow it. First stage of the battle itself, just dodge the faling stuff
and evade the claws by standing in the VERY center of the screen. Keep this
up until the giant candy drops and the second stage of the battle begins.

For the second stage, wait until Drool's copter-thing appears, and stand on 
the opposite side of the screen from him. When he dives, jump and bonk. Keep
hitting him, with a nice *DING!* noise for each hit, until the third stage 
starts. Though be careful. Sometimes he'll stop halfway across the screen and
go back.

For the third stage, when the Drool-copter turns into the Drool-Mobile, the 
battle becomes a lot harder. For starters, your target is now the three 
spikydealies on the back end of the machine. Secondly, the Drool-Mobile moves
much more erratically, doing everything from jumping in time with you, to 
stopping halfway, to reversing back off just after it enters. Keep bonking it
until it gets all wrecked.

7. Big-ass Walkthrough

Note: all exit names are written IN CAPS.

7a. Bonk Begins

aa. China Town

Exits to: Water River, Secret Tunnel

This is where Bonk Begins. Watch Bonk's start-of-game facial expressions 
(he also does this if you don't touch the controller for a while) and start 
heading to the right. There you find your first Yellow Flower. Jump on it, 
bounce high to collect the smilies, then bonk the flower, catch it, and toss 
it. You can use it again to collect some more smilies.

Keep headed right, bonking enemies until you reach the pillars. You can either 
collect the candies here or keep going. After the pillars, you find an orange 
flower, a yellow flower, and a bridge. You can either jump over the hole in 
the bridge, or drop down into WATER RIVER. After the bridge, there's an enemy 
and a wall. Climb the wall and get the stuff on top. There's a Crystal Heart 
and an extra Bonk, but it's gonna take some major Bonk-robatics to get 'em.
Jump-bonk on the enemy and make sure he flies to the RIGHT. Continue to bonk
him in mid-air, sending the both of you flying in the appropriate direction.
If you get high enough, you'll get the stuff. To the right of that are some 
more flowers, including a few monster ones and one with a full health power, 
then building with enemies climbing the walls and a lot of exposed girders to
use as poles. About halfway through the building is a path down and a red 
candy. Either take the red candy and go down, or continue going right until 
you reacha Bonus Flower. This is the rightmost part of the area, so head back
left. The little rocks disappear once bonked, and after that you see an area 
that only little Bonk can access. If you haven't gotten the red candy already, 
go and get it, then come back. Bonk your way through the rocks to find another
Bonus Flower and the entrance to SECRET TUNNEL.

ab. Water River

Exits to: China Town, Jurassic Sea

Upon Entering, either sink or swim down until you reach the bottom. If you're 
big, use the candy to normalize your size on the way down. Head to the right, 
then head up, grabbing the candy if you want. Follow the zig-zagging path up 
and right. See that little hole there? If you're small Bonk, and want to go to
JURASSIC SEA, go in. Otherwize zigzag up and left, then up and right again. 
If you're not small Bonk and still wanna go to JURASSIC SEA, get the red 
candy, head back to the hole, and follow the path to JURASSIC SEA, getting 
the 5 Bonus Flowers and extra Bonk along the way. Otherwise, just use the 
yellow flower and go back to CHINA TOWN.

ac. Jurassic Sea

Exits to: Jurassic Bay

If you entered from WATER RIVER, skip down to when I say WATER RIVER again. 
Head down, use the candy to normalize your size, and look for something that 
looks like some form of water dino with really big lips. This is a Pafpaf. 
You can let it eat you to send you to PAFPAF'S BODY, or you can bonk it or
 bypass it. Either way, there's 3 of them here. Down at the bottom, there's 
the entrance from WATER RIVER (all you people who came here from WATER RIVER 
can start reading again because I said WATER RIVER!). Now then, head to the 
right, and get all crabby if you want. If you don't want, then just wait 
until it drops down and hurry past it when it rises back up. Then you go up 
and right, then up and left ('nother entrance to PAFPAF'S BODY here), then up 
and right again, mebbe getting a Bonus Flower. Up and left again past the 
Pafpaf, up and right again, and you're at the exit to JURASSIC BAY. If you 
DID get all crabby, then go right, then up. Follow the zigzaggy path upwards, 
using the crab attack to clean the path of big bacteria and getting a Bonus 
Flower along the way. Use the yellow candy to renormalize yourself, and keep 
going up back to the entrance (or exit) to JURASSIC BAY.

ad. Jurassic Bay

Exits to: Jurassic Sea, Jump to the Sky

This area's pretty straightforward. Just head right, or use the yellow 
flowers to jump onto one of the butterflies and fly right, grabbing the 
goodies along the way. When you reach the gap with the grey blocks over 
it, don't dawdle on the blocks, since they split in half and let you drop. 
This lands you in JURASSIC SEA. Keep going right, and eventually you reach 
the exit to JUMP TO THE SKY.

ae. Jump to the Sky

Exits to: Attention Please

This area's even MORE simple than the one before it, and was probably just 
created to show off a cool rotation effect. Use the yellow flowers on the 
Jump Wheel to jump off the top of the screen. That's it. Go to the next area.

af. Secret Tunnel

Exits to: The Bad City

Immediately once you enter, there's a Bonus Flower off to your left. Head 
right, jumping OVER the lava until you reach the Orange Flower with the Big 
Meat inside it. Get the meat and then head back left, jumping into the lava 
pit with the two smilies over it. You can swim through this stuff, so swim 
left while Kronk's invincibility lasts to get a Crystal Heart and a Big 
Heart. Swim back to the right now. If you hurry, you won't take any damage. 
Keep heading right, grab a candy if you want, then climb the waterfall. Just 
hold up and hammer the B button. Head left for 2 Pink Flowers(one's a monster) 
and another waterfall. Climb it for a Big Heart and a Bonus Flower. Head right
again to another waterfall. Either climb it for the exit to THE BAD CITY or go
past it. This next part is doable only by tiny Bonk, so get the red candy. Go
to the right of the waterfall, and go down through the poles. At the bottom,
bonk off the walls to get to the top, where a new Bonk awaits you. Then head
back to the exit. Once again, tiny Bonks only.

ag. The Bad City

Exits to: Trampo Clouds, Troubled Tower

Immediately after entering, go to your right, bonk the shelled critter, and
grab the crystal and normal hearts. Take the Yellow Flower out. Grab the meat
in the Orange Flower to your left and climb the building for a few smilies
and a heart if you want, otherwise go right, bonking critters on the way.
BTW, the Pink Flower by the clock tower is a monster. Grab the Smiley on top
of the tower, then the candy. Now head to the right. See the orange flower?
That's right. Get the meat and have fun all the way to the end of the area.
The clouds lead to TRAMPO CLOUDS, and the subway leads to TROUBLED TOWER.

ah. Troubled Tower

Exits to: Trampo Clouds

When you enter, you're given two choices. Either pay the 8 smilies and take
the  elevator, or climb up yourself. At the bottom on the far right is a Bonus 
Flower, a monster Pink Flower, and a Red Candy. There are 2 ways up the 
tower, the left and the right. The Left way is some pole-spinning, the right 
is jumping up a few collapsing blocks. On the right, before you reach the 
first actual floor of the tower, is a Propeller Seed. You can use it to
follow the trail of fruit and smilies up to the next area, but end up missing
out on a lot of power-ups. For example, there's an Extra Bonk on the right
side of the tower about where the side walls become thin enough to be used as
poles. There's a Pink Flower with a Crystal Heart just above the observation
deck near the second elevator on the left side, and an Orange Flower on the
right side of the same level. There's another Propeller Seed when you reach
the second observation deck, and one more on the very top. Now then, take the
Big Heart and bounce your way to TRAMPO CLOUDS.

ai. Trampo Clouds

Exits to: Jurassic Bay

This is a simple, straightforward area. Just head to the right, collecting
Smilies, Fruit, and the occasional Heart on the way. Drop down at the end
to reach JURASSIC BAY.

aj. Attention Please

Exits to: Weak Head

Once you enter, bonk the Orange Flower for its precious, precious meat.
Now you can either jump to the top and bonk some guys in tanks, jump up and
drop down the ladder into the passenger area for smilies, or let the winds
blow you off the edge to reach the bottom, and go along there for a Bonus
Flower. All three paths lead to the cargo hold, a small sidetrack through 
KUU'S BODY, and a ladder up. Take it,then get the Red Candy and drop back 
down to go through the narrow space for smilies, a Crystal Heart and a Bonus 
Flower. Then when you're ready, climb up the next ladder to WEAK HEAD.

ak. Weak Head

Exits to: Jurassic Island

Here, you battle Moon Beak. Check the boss guide to figure out how to beat him.

7b. Escape from Jurassic Island

ba. Jurassic Island

Exits to: Alligator Cave

Okay, first thing's first. See them big dino feets? They'll crab you up good 
if they step on you, so keep away from 'em. Just head to the right, grabbing 
the various goodies in the trees and shrubs, getting some of the many candies 
lying around if you get crabbed, since crabs can't climb. At the end you find 
a big tree, and a tiny hole. Either climb the tree for a crystal heart if you 
don't already have the maximum(or just get it anyway for the points), or drop 
down the hole to ALLIGATOR CAVE.

bb. Alligator Cave

Exits to: Lava Cavern, Black Hole

For starters, get the red candy and head to the right. Take the hole down,
(going to the right again only leads to a small heart), and go left, jumping 
OVER the next hole. Grab the smilies, then head back to the hole and drop. 
Fall to the right, get the smilies, meat and heart that's up a little and to 
the right, then drop down just a little more, also to the right, and grab the 
extra Bonk, and various other goodies. At this point you can either go up and 
left to get the yellow candy and  smilies(the flower's a monster), then go 
back down and left again to LAVA CAVERN, or head to the right (big crocodiles 
take 2 hits to kill), then up. There's a Bonus flower in an alcove hidden 
above the yellow flower. Of course, you could've gotten here sooner by simply 
falling to the right at the big hole you passed a while back... Anyway, go up 
and right using the yellow flowers, possibly getting another bonus flower at 
the very top, and enter the BLACK HOLE.

bc. Lava Cavern

Exits to: Black Hole

Okay, you're small. And there's a lot of lava. No way to cross it. See the 
sign? That's right. Bonk must RAGE! his way out. Grab the bonus flower to 
your left, then bounce your RAGE! against the wall. Ride the !EGAR to the 
right, getting the various items, and either bonking or jumping over the lone 
macrobacteria thing that inhabits this place. Then jump up to BLACK HOLE.

bd. Black Hole

Exits to: Lava Cavern, Juicy Juice

Ok, if you entered from ALLIGATOR CAVE, hang on a minute until I say 
ALLIGATOR CAVE again, 'cuz these directions are for those who entered from 
LAVA CAVERN. Now then, the entrance to LAVA CAVERN is right behind you, 
although I dunno why you'd wanna go there. Take the middle zip tube, then take 
the right zip tube, then the left one. Now then, if you entered from 
ALLIGATOR CAVE, you need to take the middle zip tube, then go back to the 
start of this section and read the directions from the very beginning, 
including the sections you weren'tsupposed to read beore. This stage exits to 

be. Juicy Juice

Exits to: Shoot the Smiley, The Straw Smack

Firstly, jump on the bed and spring to the windowsill, taking the flower 
there (the one on the left is a monster). Bonk the lightswitch if you want, 
doesn't do anything useful. Climb through the keyhole, and deal with the blue 
dude by falling on him cranium-of-titanium-first. Get the Bonus Flowers on the 
plant and the doorknob, and head over to the TV. See that guy materializing 
inside the TV? Let him get close to you and he'll swipe your smilies. 
Fortunately, he won't move as long as you're looking directly at him. Wait 
until he goes away, or just run and dodge him, then go back to the TV. Get
the smily located on the TV's power button, climb to the top of the TV, drop 
through it, and enter the game of SHOOT THE SMILEY. Afterwards, hop onto the 
windowsill for stuff (the pink flower on the far right is a monster) and meat. 
To the right of that is an extra Bonk and a Crystal Heart, but it's gonna 
take some more bonk-robatics to get. You've gotta jump-bonk the fly, then 
bonk it when you're both flying up and steer yourself to the right. 
Afterwards, hop under the table for a little more stuff, then hop ON it to

bf. Shoot the Smiley

Exits to: Juicy Juice, Lunar Mystery

This is pretty much like the crab shooting mini-games you sometimes get 
throughthe Bonus Flowers, but different. For one, the payouts are different. 
Instead of just getting smilies, you can get just about anything here. Usually
 it's obvious what you'll get after shooting the smily, but if you get 
a "NAH" as a reward, don't touch the offending disc. It'll damage you, and if 
you get damaged, you won't be able to shoot any more smilies. Also, if you 
see a big question mark on a smilie's backside, it's safe to get. Usually 
results in a minor payoff, but still safe. At the beginning, there is a warp 
panel for you to get. Head to the VERY bottom of the stage and nail all the 
smilies you see. If you got the Warp Panel, then you head to LUNAR MYSTERY at 
the end, otherwise you return to JUICY JUICE.

bg. The Straw Smack

Exits to: Inside the Canner, Inner Voyage

Not much to say here. Treat the stem of the glass like a pole, climb up the 
can of OJ, and either head right to drop INSIDE THE CANNER, or jump into the 
glass, bonk the macrobacteria-thingies(are those the reason the dino is sick, 
or was he sick already and his spit containing them leaked down the straw?) 
and stand on the end of the straw to go on an INNER VOYAGE.

bh. Inside the Canner

Exits to: The Straw Smack

Even less to say here. Just drop down, get the various goodies, then climb 
back up to re-enter THE STRAW SMACK.

bi. Inner Voyage

Exits to: Brain in Pain, Beating Heart

Gah, I've had nightmares about stuff like this. Anyway, from the start you 
can climb straight up to where the dino's nose would be for a large meat and 
a smily. If you get the red candy, you can head to the right, drop to the 
left, and then take a shortcut to BEATING HEART by standing on the zip pipe 
in the tiny alcove. Otherwise, you drop down, take the zip pipe down to the 
stomach, swim OUT of there as fast as you can by heading down and left, then 
up and left. There's also a detour through LIPWORM'S BODY if you want to take 
it. Head up once you're out, and there's a bonus Flower for tiny Bonks. Either 
take it or don't, depending on your size, and follow the path, although small 
bonks get a shortcut. Once you're in the next open area, climb up the ribs 
and head to the left. Then head right, and take the vertebrae up to...

bj. Brain in Pain

Exits to: Beating Heart

Okay, this is like an area you were in earlier, except a LOT more 
complicated. To make thing simple, take the far right pipe, then the far left 
pipe, then the second pipe from the right. This exits to BEATING HEART. The 
pipes here both exit back to earlier spots in this area, so don't bother 
taking them.

bk. Beating Heart

Exits to: Blue Balls

These directions apply only if you entered from BRAIN IN PAIN. If you took 
the shortcut, wait until I say INNER VOYAGE before resuming reading.From the 
start, head to the right, bonking macrobacteria and strong currents. There 
are a lot of exits to LIPWORM'S BODY here, so take as many as you want. Head 
down at the first intersection, and then head right, bonking macrobacteria 
and collecting hearts as you go. This leads straight to BLUE BALLS.(that 
sentence sounds so horribly WRONG.) If you entered from INNER VOYAGE, 
head down, collecting the various goodies on the various side paths until you 
get out of the tiny space. Now, head right, go up at the first chance, then 
head right, down, and right until you get BLUE BALLS! (eesh, I feel like I 
need to take a shower after writing that)

bl. Blue Balls

Exits to: Lunar Towers

This is where you battle with Bacty. Bonk all the little macrobacteria to get
him to appear, then go check the boss guide.

7c. Lunar Mystery

ca. Lunar Towers
Exits to: Subterranian Trip

Ok, before we start, there are a few things to notice. First off, there's no 
gravity here. That means that you don't slow down, and you spin like a top if 
you bonk. Secondly, if you see a big asteroid-ish enemy fly by, AVOID IT AT 
ALL COSTS! It's invincible and steals your smilies. Now then, head upwards 
and right, getting the smilies at the very top if you so desire. Get the 
Extra Bonk and the Crystal Heart in the spiky alcove, head back out and 
down to the next cave. Collect the smilies and full health within, then exit 
and head left. Follow the smilies left until you reach the Bonus Flower, get 
it and resume heading right. Follow it until you reach the sand pit, and take 

cb. Subterranian Trip

Exits to: Rage Cave

Hooray! The gravity's back! And you're tiny! Okay, for starters, drop onto 
the little platform beneath the question marks. Jump, and you get some blocks 
to stand on. Now, drop to the very bottom, get the big meat and head to the 
right. Use the flower to jump onto the platform, and poof some more blocks 
into existance above the question marks. Then head back right, use the flower 
to bounce yourself back to the platform, jump right to the little gap, climb 
up the gap, head right, grab the smilies and exit.

cc. Rage Cave

Exits to: The Ruins

Firstly, head right and drop down as far as you can get to reach a Bonus 
Flower. Then, if the sign you saw on the way in was any indication, you use 
the RAGE! to get out of the pit. Simply jump on it and jump off it when you 
reach the end of the pit with the ledge. Then use the RAGE! on the ledge, and 
ride it to where you got back in. Hop up one more ledge, and ride your RAGE! 
to the right, and hop up to the next ledge. You can ride another RAGE! back 
to the left and get another Crystal Heart, or head right to continue. Get the 
Bonus Flower on the platform to the right, then drop left for another one. 
Ride another RAGE! over the lava, get yet another Bonus Flower, then jump-
bonk off the walls onto the platform to get the meat and the heart. Drop 
downwards, and then drop into the pit for another Bonus Flower. RAGE! your 
way out of the pit, then ride another RAGE! to the right. Again, drop into 
the pit for a Bonus Flower and RAGE! your way out. Now, head to the left so 
you're standing on the edge of the platform, and ride another RAGE! to the 
right and hop onto the mid-air platform. Ride a RAGE! to the left, get a 
Bonus Flower, then ride a RAGE! to the right and get ye the heck out of 
there. Specifically, to THE RUINS.

cd. The Ruins

Exits to: Crabless Lake, Lunar Pyramid

Well, you're out on the surface, but there's still gravity... Weird. Anyhoo, 
get the smily at the pillar base, the jump-bonk up to the platform with the 
Blue Candy. Take the Yellow Flowers up, get the Big Meat from the Orange 
Flower, drop into the pit on your right for some more stuff, use the Yellow 
Flowers to bounce out, and head further right. Once again, drop into the 
pit for more stuff(in this case, a Crystal Heart), and Yellow Flower your way 
out. Keep heading right, hopping in and out of pits, until you reach the 
wall. Bonk through the rocks, grab the Yellow Candy, and climb up to the top, 
to get smilies and a Bonus Flower. Afterwards, drop to the very bottom of the 
wall, take the passage to the door leading to the CRABLESS LAKE. After you 
get back from the lake, you just have to climb up the wall to reach the LUNAR 
PYRAMID, but if you climb up all the way, you can reach a path to the left 
that leads to an extra bonk.

ce. Crabless Lake

Exits to: The Ruins

Okay, there's two ways out of here, depending on how quick you are. For the 
quick way, go right up to the dropping blocks, wait for one to drop, then 
quickly zip under it as it rises. Repeat the process for the next dropping 
block, bonking the croc in the safe zone between the two blocks. Now, just 
drop down and get the smily and Bonus Flower(which leads to a crab shooting 
bonus stage, no less). Go down the waterfall, and if you're still Normal 
Bonk, head right and climb the waterfall to the exit. If you've been crabbed, 
then you've gotta find candy... head down, go leftward and head up to grab 
the hearts if you need 'em. When you reach the farthest point leftward, go 
up. When you see all the pirahna, take the lower path to the right, then 
head up until you get the candy. Head back down, and left, then go up and 
take the waterfall to a full health and a smily. Then just follow the arrows 
back to the "No Crab can Climb" sign, and take the waterfall up to exit back 

cf. Lunar Pyramid

Exits to: Flower Maze, Quest-Eon room

First off, for the next several areas, the tiles with the eyes on them act as 
conveyor belts that push Bonk in the direction the eye is facing. The eyes at 
the beginning of this push Bonk to the left. Hop down the hole, get the 
Smily, then hop back out and onto the boulder. Ride it as far as it will take 
you, then hop off and head to the left. Hop up and to the right to get a 
Bonus Flower, then head further to the left and down. Hop across the pit to 
collect the heart if you need it, then either drop down the pit to avoid the 
Smily thief, or go through him and head right to grab some meat. Drop down 
and ride the boulder to grab smilies and an Extra Bonk. Head to the right, 
drop and grab the candy. Grab the meat and the full health in the flowers, 
then drop down. Now you can either head to the left to enter the FLOWER MAZE, 
or hop to the right to grab smilies and an extra Bonk Now you can either 
enter the maze, or backtrack to the first boulder, and use your smallness to 
grab a Bonus Flower. If you went through the FLOWER MAZE, you'll have to go 
right, use the boulder to hop up, and climb the wall to get to the exit. If
you're small, just go through the little gap where the Bonus Flower was, and 
climb the walls to reach the QUEST-EON ROOM.

cg. Flower Maze

Exits to: Lunar Pyramid

For starters, head left until you see the smily thief, then turn to face him 
so he stops moving. Bounce off the nearby flowers to lose him, and grab the 
candy if you really want to. Head as far to the left as you can go, grab the 
smilies and Bonus Flower, then grab a flower and head back to where you came 
in. Drop the flower, use it to hop up to the ledge, then move the next flower
to the edge of the ledge and hop to the next platform. Hop up and right to 
the platform after that, grab the Bonus Flower and use the yellow flower to 
reach the platform above it. Hop to the right , use the flower to get the 
smilies, then drop down into the pit, bonk the enemy, and get the Full 
Health. Then hop back out, toss the flower over the pit, hop across it, and 
exit to the right, and back to the LUNAR PYRAMID.

ch. Quest-Eon Room.

Exits to: Sensitive Ears, Get a Warp Panel

If you're normal size, just head to the right to SENSITIVE EARS. If you're 
tiny, then head to the right until you see the ? block. Bonk the block to 
reveal the secret areas, then drop off the edge of the platform you're on, 
being VERY CAREFUL not to get the candy. Get the extra Bonk, head to the 
right, take the zip tube, bonk the enemy, take the far-left zip tube, get 
crabbed, and GET A WARP PANEL.

ci. Get a Warp Panel

Exits to: Twilight Space, Quest-Eon Room.

This is sorta like Shoot the Smiley from world 2, except there's a LOT more 
negative stuff. Shootable smilies completely block the passage, and more 
often than not, there's only one that isn't negative. Each blockage is listed 
below, along with which Smiley is positive, and what it is.

Blockage 1: only 1 to shoot (+1 heart)
Blockage 2: same as Blockage 1 (+1 heart)
Blockage 3: Same as Blockage 1 (+1 heart)
Blockage 4: Same as Blockage 1 (-1 heart)
Blockage 5: Same as Blockage 1 (-1 heart)
Blockage 6: Same as Blockage 1 (8 smilies)
Blockage 7: Same as Blockage 1 (-4 smilies)
Blockage 8: Same as Blockage 1 (-1 heart)
Blockage 9: Same as Blockage 1 (10,000 points)
Blockage 10: Top (+4 smilies)
Blockage 11: No safe area
Blockage 12: Bottom (100 points)
Blockage 13: No safe area
Blockage 14: Top (+4 smilies)
Blockage 15: Top (50 points)
Blockage 16: Bottom (+1 heart)
Blockage 17: Bottom (+1 heart)
Blockage 18: Top (50 points)
Blockage 19: Bottom (50 points)
Blockage 20: Top (50 points)
Blockage 21: No Safe Area ("Nah" at bottom)
Blockage 22: Top, Second from Bottom (Extra Bonk, +1 heart)
Blockage 23: Second from Top, Second from Bottom (Crystal Heart, +1 heart)
Blockage 24: No safe area ("Nah" at bottom)
Blockage 25: Bottom (10,000 points)
Blockage 26: Second from Top (Extra Bonk)
Blockage 27: Bottom (+1 heart)
Blockage 28: Middle (Crystal Heart)
Blockage 29: Top (+1 heart)
Blockage 30: Top, Second from Top, Bottom (Extra Bonk, 10,000 points, Warp)
Whoo, that was a long explanaiton. Well, if you didn't get the panel, you go
back to the QUEST-EON ROOM, otherwise you go to TWILIGHT SPACE.

ci. Sensitive Ears

Boss Fight with Harey. Check the boss part of the guide for information on 
battling the boss.

7d. Super Big Bonk in Space

da. Find the Comet

Exits to: Big Comet Empire

Not really much to say about this place. There's no gravity, and it's the
solar system. The Sun is at the very bottom,followed by a tiny ball marked 
 "?", then Mercury, then Venus, then Earth and the Moon, then Mars, the
 Asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus(hehe, Uranus), Neptune and Pluto. 
The entrance to BIG COMET EMPIRE is juuust after the orbit of Pluto. There's
 also a second "?" planet after Pluto, and enough hearts of both varieties 
floating around to recoup any losses from Harey.

db. Big Comet Empire

Exits to: Anti-Gravity Room

Before we start, see the ice? That means that Bonk's gonna slip and/or slide
a lot. For starters, go to the conveyor belt just to your right and jump to 
reveal the blocks. Go to the right, drop down and jump again to reveal more 
blocks. Go to the left, and jump-bonk up into the little alcove for an extra
Bonk. Jump from the slanted surface to get yourself the Orange Flower and
the Big Meat within, and Kronk Rampage to the right, making sure to get above
the pole and reveal the blocks. Drop back down (Kronk's devastating jump-
bonks won't work on the icy surface), go a bit to the right, get the Big
Heart and reveal some more blocks. Then backtrack up to the conveyor belt,
and head further to the right. Above the pole that's just above the blocks,
there's a Big Heart if you need it. Head as far right as you can get, then 
hop up to where the enemy is. Go to the right as far as you can go, and 
take the poles up. Bonk off the walls to the left and grab all the smilies
you see. Head to the right, fall off the ledge, and then reveal the staircase
of blocks. Head back to the left, back up, and climb the revealed staircase.
Head right to the ANTI-GRAVITY ROOM. Upon your return, grab the Crystal Heart
and the Extra Bonk, then return the same way you came, or if you fell, re-do
the last part of the walkthrough.

dc. Anti-Gravity Room

Exits to: Big Comet Empire, Big Engine Room

As the room name implies, there is NO gravity here. So go slowly. Start by 
following the path, grabbing all the smilies you want, and go up at the 
intersection to get some more. Then go right, down, and left all the way
back to the BIG COMET EMPIRE. Be careful there, as the path is very narrow 
and spiky. Head back to the intersection, head up, then right. When you 
reach the big open space, head up and left for a Big Heart. Head right, grab
the smilies, and up. Grab the hearts, head left and follow the path to the 
ENGINE ROOM. Watch for spikities.

dd. Big Engine Room

Exits to: Voice Room

Someone turned the heavy back on. Anyhoo, slide down the ramp, and stand 
between the gear and the platform to use a hidden zip tube downwards. Grab
the assorted goodies (including 2 Bonus Flowers), and head back upwards to
the gap between the gear and the platform for a quick zip tube. Grab the 
goodies and head up to grab a Bonus Flower. Head right, drop down the hole,
get eaten by the GapGap, and head right to the VOICE ROOM. Or alternately,
you can head up, grab the goodies, go right, get eaten by another GapGap,
grab the RedCandy, and head right to the VOICE ROOM.

de. Voice Room

Exits to: Showy Glasses

This walkthrough is as if you entered from the right side of the BIG ENGINE
ROOM.If you entered from the left, skip this part. For starters, grab the 
candy, and head to the right. RAGE! across the spikes, and grab the meat on 
the platform. Head to the right, drop into the pit, and use your RAGE! to 
grab the smily and the propeller seed. This walkthrough will be written as if 
you DIDN'T get the seed. RAGE! up to the platform above you, and then RAGE!
to the left and grab the Bonus Flower. RAGE! back to the right and jump 
halfway to get to the platform directly above where the Bonus Flower was
located. Head to the right to grab the stuff, then RAGE! to the left and
jump to the platform. RAGE! back to the right and jump to the platform,
grabbing the stuff in the pink flowers (the middle one's a monster). RAGE and 
jump to the platform to your left, then jump and grab the Bonus Flower. Head
right, grab the stuff in the flower, then RAGE left and jump to the platform.
If you entered from the left side of the BIG ENGINE ROOM, you may rejoin the
walkthrough. Drop down to the platform below you, go as far right as possible, 
and RAGE! to the left. Hop up into the little alcove, RAGE! to the
right, get the Big Heart in the Pink Flower, RAGE! right, grab the candies,
and go to fight the dude with the SHOWY GLASSES.

df. Showy Glasses

Exits to: Twilight Space

Boss battle with Heli Hoovey. Once again, refer to the boss section.

7e. Battle Crab Beyond the Galaxy

ea. Twilight Space

Exits to: Twilight Jungle

Not much to say here. This is sorta like the Crab Shooting bonus levels, 
and the hidden crab levels with the warp panels, but there's no warp panel
here, at least not that I've found. Go through this place and exit to

eb. Twilight Jungle

Exits to: Memory Cave

Okay, this place can drive you nuts if you're not prepared. To begin with,
drop down the pit and go to the right. Get caught by Flycatch, climb back up,
drop down the SECOND pit to get an Extra Bonk, and head right past the pits.
Drop into the water for two Bonus Flowers, and detours through PAFPAF'S BODY.
Climb up into the trees for meat and such, then go right to the MEMORY CAVE.

ec. Memory Cave

Exits to: Sky High, Heart, Lunar Pyramid, Comet Empire

For starters, climb the waterfall and get the Bonus Flower. Climb the 
waterfall all the way up, bonk the enemy, grab the Blue Candy, and go through
the door with the 3 to reach LUNAR PYRAMID. After beating that, go down and 
through the #4 door to reach COMET EMPIRE. Then backtrack all the way back to
the #1 door to go SKY HIGH. Then go back to where the red candy was, grab it, 
and take the #2 door to the HEART. After returning, get the Full Health and
the Bonus Flowers, then take the #5 door to reach SMILEY NAVEL.

ed. Sky High

Exits to: Memory Cave

Have Blue Candy, beat crap out of Moon Beak. 6 bonks as Big Bonk will finish
this presto-fasto.

ee. Heart

Exits to: Memory Cave

Make sure you're TINY bonk for this one. Big Bonk won't last very long since
there's little room to maneuver. Bonk the bacteriae to start the fight, and
face Bacty. This is gonna be easier since he can't hit you as long as you
don't jump right up into him. Bonk him into submission.

ef. Lunar Pyramid

Exits to: Memory Cave

If you got the blue candy, this is easy since you don't need to use the
platforms as much. That, and Harey takes much less punishment than last time.

eg. Comet Empire

Exits to: Memory Cave

Compared to last time, this battle's easy squeezy if you got the Blue Candy.
You just need to jump and Bonk him up good. Not much punishment to be taken
here either.

eh. Smiley Navel

Exits to: Drool's Tower

Final boss battle of this level. Go check the Bosses Section.

7f. Final Battle on Earth

fa. Drool's Tower

Exits to:Invisible Bonk

Here we are. The final world. Okay, let's get started. Go to the right,
through the bustable wall, and bonk your way up through the macrobacteria.
Drop down and grab the red candy and smilies. Grab the goodies in the flowers
and bust through the bustable wall. RAGE! to the left, and jump on the
platform when you make your return trip. RAGE! back to the left, and jump on
the platform past the spikes. Jump up to the right, and RAGE! to the right to 
reach an alcove with 2 Pink Flowers(one is a monster), then jump to the left 
to the ledge with a monster Pink Flower, and further up. RAGE to the left, 
get a Crystal Heart on your return journey, then back to the left. Bonk up
the smily-filled walls, then bypass the crabbing block. RAGE! to the left,
grab on to the far right pole, and go up for a Heart and a Crystal Heart.
RAGE! to the right and grab the next pole, go up and grab the Fruit, bonk
the enemy, and grab the Bonus Flower. Go left, then go down through the pole
and get the Bonus Flower. Go up, dodge the boulder and grab the Blue Candy,
then head back to the left. Go up and right, through the breakable wall. 
Bonk your way up past the boulder and grab the yellow candy, then head down
and grab the stuff and get the pole. Climb up it and bonk your way upwards 
and right to the last Bonus Flower in the game. Go up and right, and exit to 

fb. Invisible Bonk

Exits to:The Final Trap

Okay, Hope you have some smilies left over, because this is the only place 
you'll ever NEED to use them. Now, go right and jump on the flower to get 
turned into Kronk Bonk, and run right as fast as you can go, until you reach
the "No Meat" sign. Then press and hold X until Bonk goes invisible. Go left,
then up, then right as fast as you can go. Don't bother getting the smilies,
they'll just slow you down. Spin-jump over the spikes once you're normal-
sized again, then go right. Drop into the pit, grab the candy, go back, and 
RAGE! to the right. Jump and bonk all the blocks you can, then go right and 
get the heart. Go up and enter the door to reach THE FINAL TRAP. If you're 
feeling particularly insane, you can go back and try and get the stuff you
left behind. If you can do it, e-mail me with HOW you pulled it off.

fc. The Final Trap

Exits to: Secret

Okay, this is it. The FINAL area in the game. See that wall without the 
spikes on it? Climb it. FAST. The spikes coming out of the wall are
your incentive to haul your prehistoric posterior up there with much 
fastness to reach SECRET.

fd. Secret

Exits to: Jump and Crash

Final Boss time. The door closes, and the stage is set for a HOLY CRAP 
WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?! King Drool is HUGE!!! See the Boss Guide for how
to fight this guy!!! Unnecessary exclamaiton points!!!!!!

fe. Jump and Crash

Ah, now this is fun. You can chase after the busticated Drool-mobile as long
as you want, but you should jump on it to finish it off. Watch the ending 
sequence, and know in your heart that you are truly a Super Bonk!

7g. Miscellaneous areas

ga. PafPaf's Body

Exits to: wherever you were before

Go to the right past the uvula, bonk the shelled critter and grab the heart.
Now the next part has to be done quickly. Dive into the acid and swim down,
to the left(grab the hearts and bonk the fish if need be), down, right, and 
up. Bonk the big bacteria thing, stand over the little hole, and exit 

gb. Kuu's Body

Exits to: Attention Please (if anyone finds another Kuu in the game anywhere,
let me know)

Immediately upon entering you find an acid pool with a few pirahna swimming 
in it. Try to get in and out as fast as possible(and preferably WITHOUT 
becoming a fish snack), then go right, left, bonk the macrobacteria things, 
grab the full health, then stand on the... um... exit to make your way out.

gc. Lipworm's Body

Exits to: Wherever you were before

Okay, this is pathetically simple. You don't even have to touch the 
controller to get Bonk out of here. Just take the first pipe, grab the full 
health if you need it, then take the second out.

gd. GapGap's Body

Exits to: Big Engine Room (if anyone finds another GapGap in the game
anywhere, let me know.)

For starters, go across the acid pond and bust through the congestion to 
grab a Heart. Swim through the pond, grab the smily and heart, and make 
your smelly exit.

ge. Flycatch's Body

Exits to: Twilight Jungle (if anyone finds another Flycatch in the game,
let me know)

Drop into the pit, get the stuff, exit stage right.

8. Bonus Areas

What's a game without Bonus Areas, eh? Luckily for you this game has 'em. 
To access one of these areas you simply grab one of the numerous bonus 
flowers within the game itself, and you'll be taken there. There are a few 
stages repeated throughout the game, and each one has its own objective. Grab 
the items, reach the goal, etc. You're typically given a time limit, and when 
time is up you get points based on how well you performed. Completing the 
bonus area while getting all the items (or in some cases just completing it), 
earns you an "Excellent Bonus" of more points and some extra Smilies. Before 
we start, I'd like you to know that I'm presently only providing strategy for 
bonus areas where I've already gotten an Excellent Bonus.

8a. Bounce Through the Clouds

Game Type: Reach the Goal
Time Limit: 65
Excellent Bonus:

8b. Croc-Ball

Game Type: Special
Time Limit: 65
Excellent Bonus: 10000 points, 10 Smilies

Well, this game is somewhat simple. See the croc with the enormous basket 
tied to its back? Good. See the flowers around you? Good. What you have to 
do here is get the flowers into the basket. Just bonk the flowers and they 
spring up into the air, and you can catch them on your head by standing under 
them, and throw them, hopefully into the basket, by bonking. Now, if you're 
having too much difficulty with the moving target, you can bonk the Croc to 
make him stop in one place temporarily.

8c. Copter Challenge

Game Type: Special
Time Limit: 25
Excellent Bonus: 10000 points, 10 Smilies

Okay, see that critter in the middle of the screen? Your objective is to use 
the pump on the right side of the screen to inflate it until it can't inflate 
no more. Now, you can try simply jumping on the pump over and over, but that 
won't work in the time you're given. No, what you have to do is jump-bonk the 
pump again and again. Hit the bonk button RIGHT after the jump button and get 
ready to jump again right after you come out of it. Just pound that thing 
with all your caveman-y might until the critter can't take any more.

8d. Flower Power

Game Type: Collect Items
Time Limit: 50
Excellent Bonus: 10000 points

The objective here is to get all the items floating about in the sky by 
jumping on the Yellow Flowers strewn about. The items are arranged in neat 
arcs, so with a little rapid spin-bonking to control the direction of your 
fall, the items should be easy enough to get. Just be careful, as the floating 
flowers move back and forth, and falling eats up precious time.

8e. Crab Battle

Game Type: Special
Time Limit: None
Excellent Bonus: 10000 points

Like the bonus levels where you can get the warps and the Battle Crab from 
Beyond the Galaxy level, you're a Crabby bonk firing at gargantuan Smilies.
Shoot the smilie and touch it to get what's shown on the back. Don't worry, 
there's nothing dangerous about this level. Just shoot every Smilie you see 
and grab what they leave behind. Get 20 Smilies for an Excellent Bonus.

8f. Gravity-Free Zone

Game Type: Get to the Goal
Time Limit: 70
Excellent Bonus:

8g. Bonus Express Pipeline

Game Type: Get to the Goal
Time Limit: 45
Excellent Bonus:

9. Credits/Legalities

I thank Hudson for this game, and the guys who created Bonk for creating my 
favorite bald caveman. This guide is MINE. Do not repost without permission.

10. Revision Guide

V0.3 Guide first posted. Has basic info, walkthrough of the first world.
V0.5 walkthrough for world 2, and some miscellaneous stuff.
V1.0 Walkthrough completed. Other stuff forthcoming. Happy Birthday to me!
V1.1 Added info for some of the Bonus Areas, corrected a mistake in the