FAQ/Walkthrough by Conker2000

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Casltevania 4 Walkthrough

Version 1.0  1/24/05
William Dudley dudley@cybersouth.com

Welcome to my Castlevania IV walkthrough!  
This is an in depth walkthrough, so you shouldn't have
any questions regarding. . . anything.  
So print this out, rev up your SNES, and prepare to
take on this outstanding game.

Section one:  Items

Section two:  Weapons

Section three:  Walkthrough

Section four:  Legal stuff

Section five:  Acknowledgements


Small Heart:  Gives you one shot for most sub-

Large Heart:  Gives  you five shots for most 
weapons or one for the stopwatch

Leg Roast:  Restores some of player's health

Whole Roast:  Restores most of player's health

Morning Star:  One turns leather whip into a flail, 
another makes it longer

Shot Multipliers:  Found after using a certain sub-
weapon enough.  Each multiplier allows the player 
to throw as many weapons as the multipliers 
indicates (2 or 3)

Rosary:  Immediately destroys any on-screen enemies

Jar:  Makes player temporarily invincible

Cash bags:  Gives player 1-700 points



Dagger:  An accurate, fast moving weapon, but quite 
ineffective, even with shot multipliers.  Only get 
it if nothing else is available.

Axe:  Flies through the air in an arc.  Pretty 
powerful, especially when multiplied.  However, 
timing and aiming your shots is difficult.

Holy Water:  Fair, but not as good as it is in 
other Castlevania titles.  It shatters on the 
ground when thrown and burns for a while.  Decent 

Stop Watch:  AVOID.  Takes five hearts per use and 
is not worth your trouble; it stops enemies in 
their tracks for a few moments, but too few to 
justify using it.  Can't be multiplied either.

Cross:  Best weapon, ESPECIALLY when multiplied.  
Powerful and good on almost any enemy.  It
sails across the screen, hits a 
number of times, then returns.  If you get 
it, hold on to it!



All right.  Now that you've had the rundown
of the items, let's do it to it.

Stage 1:  Stables (Block 1-1)

Head right and whip every candle.  There's a knife 
on top of the platform, so get it.  Jump onto the 
blocks over the water (careful, they're crumbly) 
and head through the drawbridge.  Keep going right, 
whipping all candles and destroying all skeletons.  
You should get another Morning Star upgrade here.  
When you come to a gate in the fence (the one that 
gloriously sprang forth from the ground) press "up" 
and go through it, onto the other side.  Don't 
worry about the two candles to your left; they're 
small hearts.  Keep going, and stay behind the 
fence. Whip the candles, skeletons and bats 
(there's also a rosary in a candle near a 
skeleton.)  Go through the passage marked by the 
bat with flickering eyes.

(Block 1-2)

Get the Cross (it's in the second candle) and try 
to hold on to it.  Kill the bone tower and go on, 
killing the skeletons (eek!  They throw bones now!)  
You'll come to a platform on which there are two 
skeletons.  Go under, and whip the candles.  One's 
an axe, let it disappear.  Whip the wall for a 
Whole Roast.  Be sure to dodge the fireballs from 
the bone tower on the other side of the wall.  Go 
over the platform and right.  Jump to the small 
platform, then drop down and assail that pesky bone 
tower (the candle between it and the wall has an 
Invincibility Jar.)  Keep going, and climb the 
stairs to the platform.  Don't worry about the 
candle underneath; it's only a knife.  Kill the 
skeleton and jump over to where he was.  Go up the 
stairs (don't bother with the third bone tower or 
the candles below you) and into the next screen.

There will be a skeleton on your right; dispatch 
it.  Beyond it you'll see a thing on the wall; a 
flappy bat holding a ring.  Whip it, and hold 
attack.  You'll be able to swing across gaps this 
way.  Press left or right to swing either way.  
Swing across the pit and get the Leg Roast on the 
pillar.  Swing across the next gap and kill the 
bone tower.  Go down and off the screen.  Go down 
and left; the lefternmost (yeah, I know) candle has 
a Jar.  Get it and kill the two skeletons.  Move 
right, kill the bone tower and go out into

(Block 1-3)

You're outside now.  Go right.  The second candle 
has holy water, don't get it if you still have the 
cross.  Go into the stable and look out for the 
viper swarms; they're those things on the ceiling.  
Kill them when they fall by pressing up and attack.  
Keep going, killing the Mr. Heds (those horses.)  
Go to the wall near the stairs and whip it; a big 
heart will fall out.  Go up the staircase.  Go left 
and up into the next screen.

On the left is a stopwatch, don't get it.  Head 
right to find-Medusa Heads!  One of the most 
annoying enemies contrived by Konami.  Kill them 
and WALK over the thin platforms.  If you jump on 
them they will flip you off the screen and to 
instant death (NOTE:  this is clever death-trap.  
You'll instinctively jump the medusa heads, but 
then land on the trap doors and fall through.  
Don't fall for it!)  Keep going and whip the 
candles.  One has a Leg Roast.  You'll come to a 
step up.  The candle has a knife, don't get it.  
Step up again and kill the two ghosts.  A little 
right, you'll find another viper swarm.  Kill it.  
Jump down, making sure you don't land on a trap 
door.  Go left and down the steps.

Kill the viper swarm and walk right.  Be wary of 
the trap doors.  The last candle holds a leg roast.  
Keep going right until you come to the first boss.

Boss:  Rowdain  2/10 (difficulty)

Rowdain is no problem.  He's (duh) that skeleton on 
the horse, which will spit fireballs at you.  
unless you're in bad shape, don't worry too much 
about getting hit.  Aim for his horses head, it's 
only vulnerable place.  After seven blocks of 
Rowdains health are gone, he'll dismount and attack 
you with his lance, jumping into the air and 
dropping on your position.  Whip/ cross him until 
he fly into pieces.  Then he'll come back together 
for one last attack.  Hit him once, he'll die, and 
collect his orb.

Stage 2:  Forest (Block 2-1)
Go right, killing the purple hand things and leaf 
men.  A spider will come down from the sky; kill 
it.  Don't get the axe in the candle near the 
spider; hand onto the cross.  Keep going, you 
should get a shot multiplier soon.  Go down the 
slope.  Jump across the spikes (careful, they'll 
kill you instantly.)  Go right and kill the 
armadillo thingy.  Jump up the platforms and kill 
all the armadillos.  You should soon find a place 
on the right with six candles; they're all hearts, 
big and small.  Turn left again and keep going.  On 
the left and up is a Leg Roast, so get it.  Head 
right and up the next slope, avoid the pits.  
Zombies, leaf-men and armadillos will plague you, 
so kill them first.  Head right to

(Block 2-2)

Head right, platform to platform, killing viper 
swarms, bats and crows.  You'll come to some 
floating platforms, so time your jumps.  The candle 
over the muck is a watch, so be careful not to get 
it.  Head right, taking the high road.  Kill the 
skeleton and the crow, as well as the two frogs.  
Go under the next path, and get the Whole Roast 
hidden in the wall.  Left, up, kill the skeleton 
and crow.  Jump on the rising platform, and let it 
take you up to the bridge.  Get on and kill the 
crows.  The second candle has a knife, do beware.  
On the space between the bridges is a viper swarm, 
so be careful.  Now look out for crows and bats.  
The first candle on the grey bridge has a Leg 
Roast.  At the end of the bridge kill the skeletons 
and armadillo.  Go right to find the next boss. . .

Boss: Medusa  4/10

If you have the cross with any multipliers, she'll 
be a pushover.  If not, just hit her every 
opportunity you get and use your sub- weapon.  
Avoid her snakes and the thing that she shoots at 
you.  Once she's dead you'll automatically head 
right into

(Block 2-3)

Kill that hand and skeleton, and you should get 
another multiplier here.  There's an axe in a 
candle on a pillar, so don't let the stream push 
you into it.  Go down the slope and the flow of the 
stream will reverse.  Kill the green demon thing 
and the skeleton at the bottom.  Keep going right.  
Down the next slope are two more green dudes, and 
red spikes.  On the slope is a Jar, so get it.  
Kill the skeleton.  Another slope.  Up above is a 
candle, whip it for a Leg Roast.  Careful here.  
There is a spike in the stream;  you can see it's 
tip.  Jump it and move on.  Kill the bone tower, 
hop the spikes and drop the green demon guy.  Look 
out for bats and arms.  At the bottom of the slope 
you'll find another bone tower.  Go down the long 
slope, kill the demons arms and bats.  At the 
bottom you'll move off screen and into 

Stage 3:  Caverns  (Block 3-1)

Hop across the green spikes and kill the oncoming 
bats.  Soon you'll find a mudman.  Every time you 
hit him, he'll multiply into smaller versions of 
himself.  Defeat him, go right, and kill two bone 
towers.  Go over the spikes and kill another one.  
Go right into an alcove and kill yet another bone 
tower.  The candle above has an axe, only get it if 
you don't have the cross. Go down and kill (good 
gosh) another you-know-what.  Whip the cubed blocks 
behind him and go through.  Here you'll find 
hearts, cash bags, and a Whole Roast.  Backtrack 
until you're back to where the secret passage 
began.  Guess what?  That SOB is back!  Kill it and 
drop to find another of his kind.  Duck waddle 
under the platform where he was and whip two 
candles.  One's holy water, the other a big heart.  
Get the heart and leave the water unless.  Go right 
and kill two mudmen.  Go over the spikes and kill 
the two bats, but beware; the stalactites will fall 
on you.  Kill another mudman and bone tower, then 
go on to 

(Block 3-2)

Go across the log bridge and kill he viper swarm on 
the other side.  Go left, kill BT (bone tower) and 
two VS (viper swarms) and get the big heart.  Go 
back right and slay the BT.  Head up through the 
falls and kill the VS and BT.  One BT is hiding 
behind the curtain of water.  Swing across gaps 
when needed.  Swing across two gaps and kill a VS 
and BT on the left; don't get the knife in he high 
up candle. Follow the up and left/ right pattern, 
avoiding the green rolling things.  Swing, dodge 
rolly on small platform, go right.  You'll find a 
confusing spot where the ledges are hidden by 
water; I can't help much here.  Find your way up 
and across.  Look out for bats.  Once through, kill 
the VS on the right side of the screen.  You'll see 
a hook that goes over to a ledge on the left.  
Don't bother, the candle holds a stopwatch.  Keep 
moving up and right, and you'll reach

(Block 3-3)

Mermen will come up from the water, so be careful.  
So blocks here are of the crumbly sort, so watch 
out.  Also, big blocks will fall from above, so be 
on your toes.  Go right, and you'll find a floating 
eye.  Kill and move on.  At the right you'll find a 
bone snake.  Kill it with the limp whip.  Move up 
and off of the screen.  Up here you'll find another 
bone snake.  Kill it and collect the Leg Roast in 
front of it.  The next candle has a dagger, so 
watch out.  Go, swing, kill the eyes, the VS and 
any mermen who get in the way.  Head up into the 
next screen.  Here you'll find skeletons and a dude 
with a club that hides behind the wall.  Kill both 
and move left.  Up above between platforms is a 
candle.  Whip it and get a rosary.  Swing across to 
the next platform.  Repeat, then move up into 
another screen.  You'll find yourself below a bone 
snake.  Kill him, go up, swing and you'll find 
yourself below another one.  Kill him, and (for me, 
he did) he drops a lot of big hearts.  Keep 
climbing.  A group of three crows will assail you; 
kill them and go up.  Above them is an armored 
skeleton, so slay away (hee hee.)  On the right 
below the second skeleknight is a candle that 
contains a Leg Roast.  Snag it and move on.  Keep 
going up and up and up (it's tedious, I know.)  
You'll cross some crumble type blocks and head up a 
few platforms.  A big waterfall with appear on your 
right, and you'll fight the next boss.

Boss:  Orphic Vipers  3/10

 The water will rise and they will appear on the 
left side of the screen.  Stand on the middle 
platform and whip them.  If you have a cross, a 
dagger or an axe, use it too.  This is a very easy 
boss, a cinch if you have a multi shot cross.  One 
head will die before the other, so concentrate 
attacks on one then another.

Stage 4:  Tower and Dungeon  (Block 4-1) 
Go right, killing the skeletal soldier.  Don't go 
up the stairs yet.  Instead, go under them and whip 
the candles, which hold big hearts.  Go towards the 
wall and kill the sprite that comes out of it.  
Whip the wall for another big heart, the go back 
and up the stairs.  Walk over the green platforms 
and kill the demon guy hiding in the background.  
Keep walking, and kill the next skeleton and wall 
sprite.  Go down the stairs.  Kill another hiding 
guy and armored skeleton.  Jump on the platforms 
and go across.  Go up and kill both skeletons and a 
WS (wall sprite, mind you.)  jump up to the highest 
platform and kill the dangling skeleton.  On the 
second green platform is a knife, so avoid it.  Go 
left, kill two dangling skeletons and three normal 
ones.  Below are a big heart and a small one, as 
well as an axe.  Get what you need and head on up.  
Kill the AS (armored skeleton, that is) and go up 
to his position.  There's a Leg Roast above the 
green platform on the left and, if you're quick 
enough, you can whip the candle, jump down, grab 
the meat and get back up.  Now go right, kill the 
bats and AS, then go to face

Boss:  Puwexil  5/10

Puwexil is a big skull with a long tongue (his name 
backwards is lix ew up.  Ha Ha.)
Basically, this is a race to see who beats who 
first.  He's pretty difficult if you're not well 
equipped, but he's not that hard.  He's fairly 
quick, and every time you hit him tongue sections 
fall on you which are hard to avoid.  The main 
hazard here it that he'll damage you for later.  If 
you still have the cross, get all the way to the 
left and throw it as many times as you can when he 
drops into the screen.  When he's dead you'll 
automatically go on to

(Block 4-2)

Annoying area (you can tell the games getting 
harder.)  Go up the stairs and latch onto the bat.  
HOLD ON.  The screen rotates here, and you can be 
dropped onto spikes.  When the screen stops, drop 
onto the platform and kill the oncoming Medusa 
heads.  When the screen starts again, latch back on 
to the bat.  When it stops again, wait and blocks 
will come out to you.  Get on them and head left.

(Block 4-3)

Head right, whip all the candles and kill all the 
skeletons.  You'll get a rosary, a Jar and a Leg 
roast here.  Move right into 
(Block 4-4)

Tough area.  Head right, and try not to get crushed 
on the ceiling.  You've got to play this area by 
ear, going up and right whenever it feels right.  
But remember, always up and right in this area.  Go 
right into a room (you'll know it's right if it has 
purple spikes rising and falling.)  Go under them.  
Now you're back in this area, only faster.  Go 
right and try not to get pushed into the spikes.  
You'll come to a room with a flight of stairs.
The first candle is an axe, only get it if you 
don't have anything else.  Head up.  Kill the bone 
towers and get the Leg Roast.  Head right to go up 

Boss:  Kuranot  5/10

What is this?!  Konami thinks it must be funny to 
have boss names be something else backwards.  First 
it's "licks you up" and now "Ton o rocks!"  How 
stupid is that?  

Anyway, Kuranot is like one of the mudmen you 
encountered in the cave, only a lot bigger.  He 
jumps around, and every time you hit him blocks 
fall on you (likes the Puwexil battle.)  If you 
have the cross he'll be easy, harder if you have 
the axe.  Hit him and do your best to avoid the 
rocks he drops on you.

Stage 5:  Castle Entrance  (Block 5-1)

Head right and kill the hand, as well as the harpy 
holding the jumpy guy.  Go up the slope and go 
left, killing the BT and the green demon.  At the 
far left head up, killing the harpies.  At the top 
of the next slope kill the BT.  Head right, kill 
green demon (GD) and the two BT.  Avoid the knife 
at the top platform, but get the big heart below 
it.  Move right, killing GD.  There's a rosary at 
the end of the long stretch of grass (they give 
them to you when you don't need them.)  Move into 
the next area.

(Block 5-2)

Here you encounter a skeleton with a whip.  Kill 
him as fast as you can.  Move right and kill the 
bat, whip skeleton and an AS, the another whip 
skeleton.  Go up the steps, get the Leg Roast, kill 
the bat, go by the statues and into the castle.

Stage 6:  Gallery, Dining and Dance Hall (Block 6-

Kill the dog and go right, killing zombies and 
bats.  Kill another dog and head up some stairs.  
To your right on the second ledge is some holy 
water, but don't get it unless you are crossless.  
Kill the axe armor by whipping diagonally.  Kill 
another bat and axe armor and move on.  Zombies 
appear again and you have another axe armor.  Go 
all the way right and kill the AA (you should know 
what it means) on the ledge and head up into the 
chandelier room.

This part is easier than it looks.  Each chandelier 
has four grey platforms.  Make your jumps as the 
chandelier swings to the right.  Make your way 
across the room into 

(Block 6-2)

Okay.  Go right and kill the AA.  Watch out for 
falling chandeliers.  Before you reach the third 
chandelier, whip the ground.  A block should crack 
and reveal a staircase.  Go down, get what you need 
(weapons, Roast, Cash bags, hearts) then go back 
up.  Head left, and kill the three nymphs.  Don't 
get the axe unless you need it.  Keep going and 
kill the ghost dude.  Go, get the two big hearts in 
the candles (they're before the ledge with the AA 
on it.)  Kill the AA from below and go over the 
platform.  Go left, look out for the invisible 
ghosts.  Collect a Leg Roast from one of candles 
and kill the AA from underneath.  Kill the AA and 
two bats at the end of the screen and head up and 
right.  Jump onto the spike platforms; be careful, 
they flip.  Go over to the stairs and head up.  Go 
over the spikes, look out for crumbly platforms.  
Kill the skeleton at the end, and beware the 
coffin.  Go by it and it will attack from behind.  
Turn around and kill it.  Beyond is another 
skeleton and a Leg Roast.  Head right, down, up and 
off screen to

(Block 6-3)

Kill all the skeletons (red, whip, and normal.)  
The red ones come back to life, so be careful.  
Head up the stairs.  Kill the hands in the wall and 
the skeleton knight.  Go left, under the hands.  
Kill the living skeleton armors, but you can walk 
by the stationary ones unharmed.  However, if the 
hands grab you, they'll come to life.  Go up and 
you'll find yourself in a room with a big circle of 
coffins.  Just whip them, they die easily.  Go 
right, whip all the candles and kill the tables.  
Head right and kill as many of the dancing ghosts 
as you can.  Kill more tables and ghosts, then go 
to the wall and break it open; you'll receive a one 
up.  Go up the stairs.  Get the Leg Roast then head 
right to fight

Boss:  Dancing Ghosts  6/10

This boss is pretty challenging if you don't have a 
good sub weapon.  They dance around the screen (and 
into you) and shoot fencing foils out.  Beat them 
down as fast as you can, avoiding
them as the dance along.  If you have a multi 
cross, you'll be in good shape.  When they're dead, 
you'll be relieved to know that this long, tedious 
stage is over.

Stage 7:  Library  (Block 7-1 [this is my favorite 
stage.  I love the visuals and the music])

Go right and kill the spear armor.  Whip all the 
candles.  Kill the AA from below and head up.  Kill 
the ghost and the other spear armor below you.  Go 
down and right; kill the AA and SA (spear armor.)  
Go up, kill another AA and that pesky ghost that 
creeps up on you from below.  Kill yet another AA 
on a single platform, then hop the ledges.  Slay up 
two more ghosts, another AA, then head down into 
the next room.

Look out for possessed books and shield-toting 
gargoyles.  There's an axe on the ledge at the 
right from where you enter the screen; get it 
unless you have a cross.  In here, pretty much head 
down while avoiding all enemies.  In the next room, 
kill the two AA and look out for their axes.  The 
go right.  Jump on the green books (time your jumps 
carefully) and whip the red skeleton on the ledge.  
Jump over to it and whip it again when it comes 
back to life.  Keep going right, and avoid the axe 
in the top candle over the precipice.  He right 

(Block 7-2)

Move right and kill the bats.  The woman in the 
painting will grab you and hold you for them, so 
whip her hand to kill it (do this to all of 
paintings like it.)  Go right and kill that orange 
dog thing; it'll knock candles off the wall (very 
annoying.)  Below the dog is a statue; when you get 
close to it, it will crumble, so look out.  Beyond 
it in the wall is a Whole Roast.  Get it and go up, 
make sure to dispatch the AA.  Go down and walk 
under the spikes.  A rug will try to push you into 
them, but it won't be able to.  Kill the two bats 
that fly at you.  Kill the woman's, the five bats 
and the AA.  Head up, after getting the rosary on 
the far right.

In this room are two guys hiding in picture frames 
and another orange dog.  Kill all three and get the 
Whole Roast (wow, another one!) in the wall near 
where you entered.  Go up and right (the magic 
movement formula. . .)  See that big centipede?  
Ignore it.  Instead, JUMP on the first trap door.  
The statue will crumble, but it won't hit you.  The 
candle on your left has a Leg Roast.  Whip or let 
the centipede by.  Then head right and down.  Get 
the eight small hearts in the stacked candles and 
kill the portraits hand.  Crouch and walk under the 
spikes, go by three falling statues and up.  Kill 
the AA, the guy in the frame, get the Leg Roast, 
kill the hand and go face 

Boss:  Sir Grakul  6/10

One of the coolest looking bosses ever.  He's a big 
suit of armor who uses a sword and an axe to try to 
dice you up.  This is another race to kill the 
other guy.

Sir Grakul attacks first with his axe, throwing it 
like a big AA or hitting the ground with it, 
causing flames to shoot across the ground.  After 
he takes enough hits he'll pull out sword and stab 
you with it.  Hit him repeatedly and use whatever 
sub-weapon you have.  It you don't keep hitting 
him, he can be tough.  Also be sure to stay on the 
left ledge.  

Note:  Grakuls attacks aren't that damaging, so 
don't worry about taking hits unless you're in bad 

Now we fall through the floor into

Stage 8:  Catacombs  (Block 8-1)

Kill the spider and go right, jumping on top of the 
spiky platforms.  Kill the next spider and keep 
going.  Look out for the green drippy stuff; it 
hurts.  Kill the viper swarm on the other side of 
the green pool, then kill the bone towers and the 
eye.  Go up then down, and duck-waddle under the 
swinging spikes.  Kill the viper swarms and axe 
armor on the other side of it.  Jump on the up and 
down spikes, go to the top platform and kill the 
eye.  Hop the rising spikes and kill the bone 
tower.  Go across the pool, kill two more eyes and 
a bone tower.  Go to the next platform to get a Leg 
Roast.  Kill the two bone towers above you and go 

Go right, avoiding all the spikes.  The candle in 
that little area under the ledge is a knife, so 
don't bother.  Kill the eye and look out for the 
falling spikes.  There's a bone snake coming up, 
but you can kill it with a rosary in the candle in 
front of it.  There's another one, so kill him 
quick and keep going.  Look out for the bat.  There 
are two big hearts in some candles at the top 
platform.  Avoid the drippy stuff and go; you'll 
find another bone tower and a bat, as well as a 
crumbly bridge.  Go across and kill the bats.  Move 
on to 

(Block 8-2)

Kill the viper swarm above you and move up.  Go 
down, avoid the spikes, viper swarms, Medusa heads 
and dangling skeletons.  Also, where the stairs are 
red will break if you hit them.  They'll send sharp 
shards out and hurt you, so be careful where you 
whip.  Keep going, and down where a spike block 
makes a small gap between itself and the wall is a 
Leg Roast.  Get it and move on down.

In here, just go under the spikes.  On your right 
under the first ledge is a Jar, so get it, go up, 
kill the dangling skeleton and jump on the swinging 
spikes.  Go and again watch for falling lances.  Go 
right and kill the eye.  Between the two spike 
platforms is a knife, don't get it.  Just move on 
by.  Here you'll see spikes descending from the 
ceiling.  Simply duck-waddle underneath them.  The 
disappear/ reappear bridge is hard to maneuver, so 
do what you can.  As you go across, look out for 
more falling spears.  Move right to fight

Boss:  The Monster  4/10

He's pretty easy, considering you have a cross.  If 
not, he's harder.  He'll throw potion bottles at 
you, much like holy water.  They'll either make a 
lot of fire or a replica of himself, or rain down 
energy balls on you.  Stay on the platforms and hit 
him repeatedly.  He'll die soon enough.

Stage 9:  Treasury  (Block 9-1)

Drac's loaded, isn't he?  There are A LOT of cash 
bags here (it's appropriate, I guess. . .) so get 
them.  One whole room in here has them in every 
candle.  It's easy street to one ups.

Go right.  Don't worry about the floating ghosts; 
they can't hurt you.  Kill the bats and keep going 
until you meet a gold skeleton.  Kill it and cross 
the gap.  Kill all the enemies then go down into 
the next screen.  Kill the gold skeletons and note 
that the coin platforms crumble.  Go left and kill 
the bats and GS.  Go over or under the platform, it 
doesn't matter.  Go up, kill skeleton, go down.  Go 
across the coin bridge and look out for the two GS 
at the end; they can knock you down the pit easily.  
After they're gone, you can (if you need it) get an 
axe where the lower skeleton was.  Go left, kill 
the gold skeleton from above.  If you can, swing 
across to the ledge on the right.  There are 
hearts, a Leg Roast and a rosary.  If you get 
there, you won't need to manually kill the bone 
tower.  Go down and right.  Go across the big coin 
bridge, killing bats and GS on the way.  Go across 
a series of towers into

(Block 9-2)

Kill the bone snake, but don't bother swinging 
across; there's only a watch and a big heart.  Go 
right, kill another bone snake, get the Leg Roast 
and go down.  Kill the bone snake and swing across.  
The bottom is filled with coins that you can sink 
in, so if you fall jump to the chest and latch back 
on.  Go left, but don't bother with the candles 
near the coffin.  Just go down.  Hop across the 
falling blocks, being careful that they don't fall 
on you.  Go right and kill the bone tower.  Take 
the low road and defeat another bone snake, then go 
up and kill a bone tower, then to the cash area.

The first candle is a leg roast, but every other 
one is a cash bag, so enjoy!  Make your way, 
robbing ol' Drac blind.  Kill any enemies who dare 
to interfere.  When you're done, head up to find a 
gold whip toting skeleton.  Kill and go the most 
frequented direction.  Kill two more skeletons and 
get the Leg Roast under the stairs.  Go right to 

Boss:  Zapf Bat  7/10

He's actually pretty tough.  He dives at you and 
damaging coins fall every time you hit him.  After 
he's lost nine health he breaks into several 
smaller bats which drop coins on you and swarm.

If you have an axe, it's good here.  Otherwise use 
your whip.  Hit him enough and eventually he'll 
die.  Once he's dead, stairs will come out of the 
ceiling and take you to 

Stage 10:  Clock Tower  (Block 10-1)

Move right across the gears and go up into the next 
screen on the far side of the room.  Kill the bone 
tower above and keep going.  There's a knife on the 
third platform from the bottom, don't get it 
unless. . .  Kill another bone tower and the 
armored skeleton above you.  Cross the crumbly 
platforms and go up.  Go up, swing where 
applicable.  Kill anything in your way.  

In the next screen you'll find skeleton whippers 
and Medusa heads, as well as other nasty sorts.  Go 
right, killing Medusa heads.  Jump on the big gear 
and crouch beneath the spikes.  Go and grab the 
moving latch thingy.  Go across, kill the armored 
skeleton, then go on up.  Kill the axe armors and 
go up.  Look out for falling gears.  Kill another 
AA and bone snake, the latch on to the upward 
moving bats.  Look out for the AA and swing off on 
top.  Go up, over the crumbly blocks and over to 
another elevator type deal.  Kill the bone snake 
and exit at the top right.  

Go right.  After the second armored skeleton, 
you'll find a Leg Roast.  Then go fight

Boss:  Akmodan 2  7/10

He'll through fireballs at you, then unravel and 
reappear somewhere.  Whenever he reappears, hit him 
as many times as you can before he relocates.  Hit 
him enough and he'll fall and wither.

Stage 11:  Room of Close Associates  (11-1)

Final stage.  Go down and kill all the headless 
guys, you should have good vantage points for 
strategic whipping.  Go down into the next screen 
and cross the bridge.  Just walk, don't mind the 
candles or bats.  Move on into 

(Block 11-2)

Beware the spiky thing and go up.  Don't worry 
about anything else, just go.  There are a few Leg 
Roasts, get or avoid them, going up both stairs and 
floating platforms.  At the top move right to fight

(Block 11-3)

Boss:  Slogra  9/10 

This boss has style.  He's a big skeleton bird with 
a spear.  He's hard though, so look out.

He'll fall through the ceiling on the right side of 
the room.  Whip him and he'll go up again, just to 
come back down where you're standing, so once you 
whip him, MOVE.  He'll also shoot stuff at you with 
his spear.

Once he's taken enough hits he'll ditch the spear 
and use his beak and claws.  No sub-weapon is that 
good here, so use your whip.  You'll probably have 
to redo this guy a few times.  When he's dead, go 
collect two roasts.  Then go fight

Boss:  Gaibon  7/10

Gaibon is a big blue gargoyle.  He's not all that 
hard if you know what you're doing.  Blue form 
flies around and spits fireballs at you, while 
making sharp rocks fall from above.  When half of 
his health is gone he'll turn red.  His red form 
flies around and just shoots a lot of fireballs so 
simply whip him dead.  Then move on to face

Boss:  Death  9/10

Ahhh. . . look who it is.  Dracula's best pal.  

Death flies around, shooting sickles at you.  He'll 
also swipe at you with his scythe, as well as land 
and throw it.  This will cause you to be pulled 
towards him.  Stay behind the platform on the left 
and whip him whenever you can, especially when he's 
overhead.  Destroy any oncoming sickles with the limp whip.  Also, if 
you have a cross or an axe, use it.  However, it's 
ineffective when he's on the ground.   Once Death's 
dead (yeah, I know) go right to 

(Block 11-4)

Right.  Here you are, time to finish the job.  If 
you jump out over the precipice at the right spot, you should land on 
an invisible ledge.  Head down some invisible 
stairs to the left side of the screen.  Everything 
you could possibly need (Roast, Morning Stars, 
multipliers, hearts, and a cross) will rain down on 
you.  Go back to the platform, go up the stairs and 
left to fight

Final Boss:  Dracula  7/10

Drac's not that hard.  He'll start with the classic 
routine; teleport, shoot fireballs out from under 
his cape.  Whip them, don't jump them.  If you do, 
they'll shoot up and hit you.  Hit him a few times 
in the head and he'll do one of two things:  he'll 
release an energy ball that flies around madly and 
tries to hit you (whip it for a Leg Roast) or he'll 
summon fireballs that follow you until whipped.  

After he's taken enough damage, electricity 
with surge through the air and different music will 
start playing.  He'll reappear, now with a skull 
for a head.  He'll call down lightning on you, but 
don't worry; it's easy to dodge since it appears
in the same place all the time.  In fact, your 
main threat is that he might reappear on you.  Keep 
whipping/ crossing him until he's dead, then watch 
the glorious ending.

Congratulations!  You've just beaten one of the 
best games of all time!

Walkthrough and all contents are under copyright to 
Conker2000, 1/24/05


Thanks to the fine people at Konami for making such 
a wonderful game, and to the kind people at 
Microsoft for creating the software that made this 
walkthrough possible.