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* Super Mario Kart FAQ *
Author: Jdude84
E-Mail: Jdude84@Hotmail.com
Version: 2.0

Hello, welcome to my first FAQ for the Super Nintendo Enertainment System! I 
realize Super Mario Kart is an extremly old game(it came out when? 1993 was it?) 
however, there might be a few people left out there who need help, or want to 
know all the secrets. Have fun reading!

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Version History


July 16, 1999 - All Done With 1.0


July 31, 1999 - Added Racers Section,  been too busy updating all my other 
FAQs(literally) to update this one, that's why this update is so late.


September 14, 1999 - Final Update, One more section added.

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1. Controls
2. Tips and Tricks
3. Racers
4. Fun Stuff To Do*
5. Credits
6. Legal Stuff
7. End

Sections with a * are new\updated as of September 14th, 1999.

1) Controls

D-Pad: Move Racer
L, R: Power Slide
Select: Nothing
Start: Pause
A: Activate Item
B: Accelerate
X: Change View
Y: Nothing

2) Tips and Tricks

Deflecting Red Shells 
In battle mode, whenever someone has a red shell that is on your tail, this IS 
the perfect chance to use 1 of 6 moves to save your balloons.

First, if your current power is a ghost, before the second person can fire. This 
will steal away his power and give you the power to shoot him. Don't worry, you 
are still momentarily invisible from sight, he can't see you but he can look on 
your screen. Red shells can still hit if you are in range though.

Second, wait until the person fires until executing this move. When the red 
shell is right behind you, lay a green shell by holding down and A. If the red 
shell was shot in a straight line or somewhat straight, then the laid green 
shell should counter and deflect the red shell. Don't worry, if the green shell 
failed to hit your opponent, having him on your tail may be to your advantage 
when he run across the green shell.

Third, instead of the green shelled power, if you have the banana peel, then you 
could also counter the shell just by tapping A. Also, this move can be used by 
up and A. this will launch the peel straight forward for a distance. This move 
is hard to make a direct hit but now a trap is laid.

Fourth, if the red shell has been shot, if you have the feather, DO NOT jump 
outside of the ring for protection. The player could be waiting behind you to 
fire away. When the shell has been shot, if you execute the feather to 
momentarily leap high in the air, if too early, when you land, the shell is 
probably waiting to hit. If you jump at the right second, the shell will zoom 
past you and be useless. If you do not like this one, then you may like to try 
to jump across lanes to safety with him on the other side shocked at the miss!

Fifth, you can set up a star power that only lst a short short while. This not 
only can destroy any obstacle it touches, making it completely invulnerable from 
ANY attacks, it also can smash the opponents until they spin. If you stay on the 
opponent, then as the star lasts, each of the three balloons will pop one-by-
one. Shocked by the counter and the loss, this move is very good.

Sixth, you can use a power slide to skip a lane fast enough to safety. This move 
is often too slow to make success, so a mushroom should now be really handy. The 
mushroom will boost your speed, then slide out of the missile shells path.

All of these moves, with practice, will make a player almost untouched in any 
battle match. 
Submitted by Steve Sy

Drive Forever 
While you're in the Battle Mode, select one or two players. Play as either 
player and lose all your protective balls, but keep your finger on the gas. You 
can continue to drive even though you've lost. 

Drop Green Turtle Shells 
Get a green turtle shell from a mystery box. To drop it, hold Down and press A. 
Submitted by Bryan Kast (kast@whidbey.com)

Easy Turning 
When you are going around a turn especially when you're on a dirty track, just 
hold the direction you are turing and rapidly tap the gas button. This helps a 
LOT when you're worried about skidding. 
Submitted by Clarke Heipel (Turtlee13@hotmail.com)

Erase Data 
To erase and reset all the best times and GP Data, go to the title screen and 
press L, R, Y and A simultaneously. This will take you to the Reset Mode. If you 
want to erase the times only, use the same code on each of the Time Trial runs. 
Submitted by SLIMER99@aol.com

Ghost Rider 
To race against a ghost, choose any circuit, then drive around the track without 
touching the sides. After the race, go to Retry. When the light turns green, a 
ghost will appear. Race him and see who wins! 

Improve Red Shell Tracking 
After firing a Red shell, hold down A. This way, it won't hit walls as often as 
usual. This also makes a 75% chance of the shell returning if it's jumped over. 
Submitted by iamnot@usa.net

Invincibility Music 
If you pause the game the second a player who was invincible is no longer 
invincible, the invincibility music will play the rest fo the race or battle 
mode round. 
Submitted by Jeff Barry (barryk@sisna.com)

Jump Red Shells 
To jump over a red shell, press L or R when the shell is just in front of you. 
Submitted by Robert Christensen

Move the Map 
When you are in 1-Player race, the map is normally on the bottom. To move it to 
the top, use Controller Two to do the following. Highlight 1-PLAYER then hold L 
+ R and press START. Use Controller Two to select your kart class, driver and 
track then play as normal. 
Submitted by jskelly4693@hotmail.com and EnchantedForests@mailexcite.com

Quick Item Select 
Run over a mystery box and press A immediately. This will select a mystery box 
item faster and increase your chance of getting a red shell in battle mode. 
Submitted by Bryan Kast (kast@whidbey.com)

Rearview Mirror 
When you start the game go to one-player mode and choose either Time Trial or 
Mario Kart GP. While playing press the X button to see behind you. 

Screen Rotation 
Select Time Trial. Choose your player and go to the track of your choice. While 
racing, be careful not to hit anything. Get a good time and then access the 
Replay option. While in Replay mode press the L or R buttons to rotate the 
screen. You can do this on any level in Time Trail! 
Submitted by PuffDaddy64@hotmail.com


Ghost Valley I
If you have a feather, head straight for the wall when you see the platfrom 
across the gap. Hit the A button to use the feather just before you hit the wall 
and you will make the jump. Also you can use the mushroom by using it on the 
jumper simultaneously with the mushroom or use the mushroom right when you cross 
the gap and press L & R. Or you can use a star right when you select it and when 
you see to bumpers on the left and right use the star and don't hit the walls 
and press L & R to cross over the gap. 

Vanilla Lake II
Cross the finish line, then lineup along it and drive straight for the water. 
Jsut before you go into the drink(Lake), hit L or R to get a good jump. Drive as 
far out into the water as you can, then turn left before the Fishing Lakitu gets 
you. If you cross the finish line while the Lakitu has you, it counts as a lap! 
Submitted by EnchantedForests@mailexcite.com

Small Characters 
If you want an extra challenge in the Grand Prix or Match Races modes of Super 
Mario Kart, you can shrink your character! All you have to do is press and hold 
Y. Then press A on the Character Selection screen.

Alternatively, highlight any character, then press A+B+X+Y at the same time. 
Submitted by trg@homebase.com

Special Cup in Time Trials 
Enter the time trials and select your racer. Then push left on the pad to move 
the cursor beside Mushroom Cup. Then press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, A. You should 
then see Special Cup appear below Star Cup. 
Submitted by Jo Gaunt

Speed Burst 
For a burst of speed, hold down the accelerator in between the first and second 
beeps on the starting grid. You'll zoom ahead of the pack and cruise to the goal 

Stop the Music 
Rapidly press the START button on either controller. Continue this until the 
music ends. If you did it right, the sound effects will remain but no music will 
play unless you use a Star. 
Submitted by PuffDaddy64@hotmail.com

Throw Banana Peels 
Get a banana peel from mystery box. To throw it, hold Up and press A. 
Submitted by Bryan Kast (kast@whidbey.com)

3. Racers

Weight Class: Medium
Acceleration: 2\4
Top Speed: 3\4
Control: 3\4
Other Notes: Good Vehicle For Rookies.

Weight Class: Medium
Acceleration: 2\4
Top Speed: 3\4
Control: 3\4
Other Notes: I'd say a little worse than mario, otherwise the same.

Weight Class: Light
Acceleration: 4\4
Top Speed: 2\4
Control: 2\4
Other Notes: Not a bad choice for any skill level.

Weight Class: Light
Acceleration: 4\4
Top Speed: 2\4
Control: 2\4
Other Notes: Great For Experts Like Myself...

Donkey Kong Jr.
Weight Class: Heavy
Acceleration: 1\4
Top Speed: 4\4
Control: 2\4
Other Notes: Stay away from this monkey...

Weight Class: Heavy
Acceleration: 1\4
Top Speed: 4\4
Control: 2\4
Other Notes: Quite good for experts, not for beginners though.

Weight Class: Light
Acceleration: 3\4
Top Speed: 1\4
Control: 4\4
Other Notes: Great for rookies.

Koopa Troopa
Weight Class: Light
Acceleration: 3\4
Top Speed: 1\4
Control: 4\4
Other Notes: Has the best control in the game, 2nd best driver overall in the 

4. Fun Stuff To Do

Game too easy? Too Hard? Not fun enough? Here are some sure-fire ways to make 
Mario Kart more enjoyable.

Play battle mode against a friend on a level with significant markers\areas. 
Designate 2 areas to be each players 'base'. Both players play normally, but 
before killing the other player, you must succesfully stay in your opponents 
base for a set amount of time. (Usally between 5-15 seconds)

If the game is too hard, just play on the easiest setting.

Too easy? try giving the computer players a 15 second head start! I've done it 
with a 30 second start....

And finally, my favorite thing to do because i'm a little physcotic, it's fun, 
or because i am easily amused, probably a mixture of both...Start a VS game in 
the final koopa beach area. You know that little boxed in area in the middle of 
the level? Both players race to get into that area, you need a feather to get in 
there making this a little hard. First one there wins...or, you can try this. 
Start the same thing, only with yoshi and koopa, SHRUNK! Now play until both of 
you get in the middle, then play a little game of 'tag', no need to explain how 
to play, and the lilipads, color, and your size can make this really fun, for me 
and my friends anyway!

5. Credits

Me - I wrote it.

Nintendo - They made it.

Gamefaqs - They published it.

gamesages.com - Copied Tips and Tricks from their site. 

6. Legal Stuff

You may not reproduce this faq in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction of this 
FAQ without my consent is prohibited, this document is copyright 1999, all 
rights reserved. The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com if you are reading this FAQ from another site, and have 
a question be SURE to check the one out at GameFAQs first before you ask. For 
you site owners out there wondering if you can use my FAQ just e-mail me with 
your name, e-mail, web URL, and where you found this FAQ. I'll probably give you 
permission to use it, so don't hesitate to mail me.

7. End

Well that's all for now, go check out some of the other following FAQs I've 
written, they can all be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com