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Is there a limit to how many bonus itmes you can have?

The items you can get in bonus games, like full eggs, or watermelon, or +20 stars, or POW... can you run out of room for those, or can you store an infinite number of them?

frumpish provided additional details:

So if I have more than twenty two items, how does the game decide what to drop?

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Sorry about my first post; just tested it myself. (tested it with the European version, by the way; there may be differences from the US version)

It's 27 items, not 22. And when you get more items, the items first in line(that is, the leftmost ones in the queue) get dropped. So if you get your 28th and 29th items from a bonus stage, the 1st and 2nd items get deleted.
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Distant_Rainbow answered:

There is a limit. IIRC it is 22 items.
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