• Codes

    Expert ModeUp-Right (Diagonal), Down-Left, Right, Down, Down-Right, Left, Down-Left, Up-Left
    Play as Nintendo teamChoose a 2-player exhibition game and player 1 chooses any team first. Then player 2 selects any team, holding down B and START.
    Watch computer gameUp-right, Up-left, Right, Down-left, Right, Right, Up, Right
  • Germany vs. Codes

    Argentinaup, down-right, up, right, down-right, down-right, up, down-left
    Brazilright, right, right, up, right, down-right, down, up
    Cameroonup, left, up, down, down-right, up-right, down, up-right
    Columbiaright, down-left, down, left, down-right, down, down, down
    Englandup, up-right, down, right, up-right, up-right, down, up-right
    Franceup, down-left, right, right, down-right, left, down, up
    Hollandright, down-left, down, left, right, down-left, down, down
    Irelandright, down-left, down, left, down-right, right, up, up
    Italyright, up-right, left, down, right, down-right, down, up
    Japanright, right, up, up, down-right, left, up, down
    Nintendoright, up-right, up, left, up-right, down-right, up, down-left
    Romaniaup, up-right, up, up, down-right, up-right, down, up-right
    U.S.Aup, right, down, down, up-right, left, up, down
    Uruguayright, down-left, right, down, up-right, up, up, up
    Yugoslaviaup, down-left, up, right, down-right, down, down, down

    Contributed By: GorthaurtheCruel.

  • Team Italy Tournament Passwords

    At Title Screen, choose ''Tournament'', then ''Continue'', then enter these directional pad codes:

    To Play ArgentinaU, L, DR, D, DR, UL, D, DL
    To Play BrazilR, L, UR, U, R, DR, U, U
    To Play CameroonU, R, UL, D, U, DL, U, D
    To Play ColumbiaR, DL, UR, L, D, U, D, DL
    To Play EnglandU, UR, UR, R, R, DL, D, D
    To Play FranceR, L, DL, R, D, R, U, DL
    To Play GermanyR, L, DL, R, DL, DR, U, DL
    To Play HollandU, R, UR, L, R, DL, D, D
    To Play IrelandR, UR, DL, L, DR, R, U, U
    To Play JapanU, UR, DL, U, U, L, U, UR
    To Play RomaniaU, UR, DL, U, U, UR, D, D
    To Play United StatesU, L, DR, D, DR, L, D, U
    To Play UruguayU, L, UR, D, DR, D, D, D
    To Play YugoslaviaR, L, DL, R, D, D, D, UR

    Contributed By: delafro.


  • Play as Romania

    Use these passwords to play as Romania in the Tournament

    Round 10 (England)UR, UR, DR, DL, UR, DL, D, DL
    Round 11 (Holland)UR, L, UL, DR, D, DL, D, U
    Round 12 (Brazil)UR, UR, UL, UL, R, DL, D, U
    Round 13 (Italy)UR, L, UR, UR, DR, UL, D, DL
    Round 14 (Argentina)UR, DL, DL, DL, R, UL, D, U
    Round 15 (Germany)UR, R, DR, DR, R, DR, UR, D
    Round 16 (Nintendo)UL, R, UL, UL, R, DR, UR, D
    Round 2 (Uruguay)UL, R, DR, DL, U, D, D, DL
    Round 3 (Yugoslavia)DR, DL, UR, DR, DL, D, U, U
    Round 4 (Colombia)UL, L, DR, UL, D, U, D, UR
    Round 5 (Japan)DR, UR, UR, UR, U, L, D, DL
    Round 6 (U.S.A.)UL, R, UR, DL, U, L, D, DL
    Round 7 (France)UR, R, DR, DR, DR, R, UR, D
    Round 8 (Ireland)UR, DL, DR, UL, DL, L, UR, D
    Round 9 (Cameroon)UR, L, UR, UR, DR, UR, U, DL

    Contributed By: Binta.

  • Play as Yugoslavia

    Use these passwords to play as Yugoslavia in the Tournament

    Round 10 (England)UR, UR, L, DL, DR, UR, L, R
    Round 11 (Holland)UR, L, U, DR, DR, UR, R, R
    Round 12 (Brazil)UR, DL, L, UL, DR, DL, L, R
    Round 13 (Italy)UR, L, D, UR, UR, DR, L, R
    Round 14 (Argentina)UL, R, D, DL, DR, DR, L, R
    Round 15 (Germany)DR, DL, D, DR, R, UL, L, DL
    Round 16 (Nintendo)UR, UR, R, UL, U, DR, DR, UR
    Round 2 (Uruguay)UR, DL, U, DL, U, U, R, U
    Round 3 (Colombia)DR, DL, L, DR, DR, D, L, DL
    Round 4 (Japan)UL, L, L, UL, R, D, L, U
    Round 5 (U.S.A.)UR, L, D, UR, UR, R, L, DL
    Round 6 (France)UR, DL, U, DL, UR, L, L, DL
    Round 7 (Ireland)UR, L, R, DR, R, R, DR, D
    Round 8 (Romania)UL, L, L, UL, DR, R, DR, UR
    Round 9 (Cameroon)UR, L, L, UR, U, UR, L, DL

    Contributed By: Binta.

  • Team Holland Passwords

    The password screen is found by choosing 'Continue' on the main screen.

    vs ArgentinaDL R DR R DR UR D
    vs BelgiumR DL R DL UL D D U
    vs BrazilR L L UR UR UL UR DL
    vs CameronR L R DR DR DL D DL
    vs ColumbiaDL L UR U L UR DL
    vs EnglandR UR U UL U UR U U
    vs FranceL R UR R R UR UR
    vs GermanyL U UL R UL D U
    vs IrelandR L L UR U UR D U
    vs ItalyR UR D DL DR DR D DL
    vs JapanR UR L DL R L UR DL
    vs RomaniaR DL U DL UR UR U DL
    vs UruguayR R L DR UL U D U
    vs USADL U DR R L D DL
    vs YugoslaviaL U UL DR U U U

    Contributed By: red soul.

  • Team USA Tournament Passwords

    At the Title Screen select Tournament, then Continue.

    To Play ArgentinaU, L, UR, D, R, DR, R, DL
    To Play BrazilU, R, DR, L, R, UR, R, DL
    To Play CameroonR, R, DL, U, U, UR, L, UR
    To Play ColombiaU, R, DR, L, R, U, R, U
    To Play EnglandR, UR, DL, D, UR, UR, R, R
    To Play FranceR, DL, DL, D, DR, R, R, DL
    To Play GermanyU, UR, DR, R, DR, UL, L, R
    To Play HollandU, UR, UR, R, DL, DR, L, L
    To Play IrelandU, UR, DL, R, R, L, L, U
    To Play ItalyR, L, DR, U, DR, UL, L, R
    To Play JapanR, L, UR, U, DL, R, R, DL
    To Play NintendoU, L, DL, L, DL, DR, R, R
    To Play RomaniaR, UR, DL, L, DR, R, R, DL
    To Play UruguayU, L, UR, D, R, D, L, D
    To Play YugoslaviaR, L, DL, R, D, D, L, D

    Contributed By: WolfSentinel.


  • No Red Cards

    When the referee takes out a red card keep holding L and R and the game will act as if he gave you a yellow card.

    Contributed By: red soul.


  • Give the opponent a red card.

    When the referee is approaching you to give you a yeallow card, hold L and R. He will still warn your player, but he'll also hand out a red card to the opponent you fouled.

    Contributed By: steamliner88.

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