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Tecmo Super Bowl FAQ
For the Super Nintendo System.
Written by peach freak or peachfreak90@hotmail.com
Copyright 2005 Tim Brastow. All Rights Reserved.
Version 1.30

Welcome! This FAQ is for Tecmo Super Bowl on the Super Nintendo, which is an 
extremely fun and awesome football game this old. If you have any questions, 
comments, or if I make a mistake, email me at peachfreak90@hotmail.com. Once 
(good) questions are asked, I will make an Asked Questions section.

Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this on 
your site without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law. You 
can, however, save this onto something like My Documents and print it out for 
offline and LEGAL use.

1. Update History
2. Controls
3. Options
4. Playing the Game
5. The Teams
6. Secrets
7. Credits

1. Update History

Version 1.00, August 5, 2005: First version of this FAQ. Everything is now done 
and I am uploading it. 

Version 1.15, August 18, 2005: Added a secrets section to this FAQ for which I 
forgot to do earlier when it was accepted. 

Version 1.20, September 7, 2005: In my playing the game section, I put a 
"SELECTING A PLAY" section for where tips are for playing on offense. 

Version 1.30, December 14, 2005: Fixed up the team facts in my teams section, 
thanks to Darrick Boord. It now has more info about teams that were missing in 

2. Controls

Off the Game

D-Pad: Move Up or Down on a menu.
A: Once you find where you want to go to, press A to select the option.
B: If you pick the wrong team, option, or something, press the B button to go 
back to the previous screen.
X and Y: No effect

During the Game

Selecting a Play: There are 8 plays you can choose from, which is 4 running 
plays and 4 passing plays. The top 4 will always be the running plays and the 
bottom 4 will always be the passing game. This is what you press to select that 
play. For example, the top left play will always be Up+A to select it.
||                  |                     |                   |               |
R|                  |                     |                   |               | 
U|                  |                     |                   |               |
N|                  |                     |                   |               |
||  Up+A            |   Left+A            |        Right+A    |  Down+A       |
|                   |                     |                   |               |
|                   |                     |                   |               |
P                   |                     |                   |               |
A                   |                     |                   |               |
S                   |                     |                   |               |
S                   |                     |                   |               |
||  Up+B            |    Left+B           |      Right+B      |  Down+B       |

Those are the button combinations that you need to press to select the play 
that you want, and then your players will do that play. Here are the 
combinations top to bottom:


1. Hold Up and press A
2. Hold Left and press A
3. Hold Right and press A
4. Hold Down and press A

1. Hold Up and press B
2. Hold Left and press B
3. Hold Right and press B
4. Hold Down and press B

During Offense

Before you select a play, you can also have some other options as well. You can 
press Y to open the list of options, and then use the D-Pad and A to select the 
option you want. I will cover these in my Playing the Game section. 

Once the ball has been kicked to you, there is a chance you can catch it on the 
end zone. If this happens, you can press B for a touchback. This will advance 
you to the 20 yard line. Use this when you need to, as it's useful for when 
many players are around you. 

A: Start the Play
D-Pad: Move around player with the ball
B: Once you are grabbed, keep tapping B for a chance to break free instead of 
being tackled. Sometimes if you don't tap B, you may have a chance of fumbling 
the ball.


A: Start the Play, throw the ball after play starts
B: Kneel Down
D-Pad: Run and move to avoid being sacked/tackled and such
X: Once your Quarterback has the ball, you have a number of players to throw 
the ball to. If someone you want to throw to is being guarded by a different 
player, you can press X to switch the player you want to throw to, and you can 
press X to switch to different players as well. This is useful for getting to a 
receiver that's open.

Now, if the person who catches the ball has it, you will now be able to take 
control of that player. All you can do is use the D-Pad to run around the field 
to go for the end zone to get a touchdown. If a player on the other team tries 
to come and tackle you, you can keep tapping B for a chance to break lose.

Once you score a touchdown for 6 points at your end zone, you can a chance for 
an extra point, which is to kick the ball over the field goal. To do this, 
press A to start the play and then press A again to kick the ball. If it goes 
over the field goal, it's good for a point. This also means it can bounce off 
the side over the field goal. If the ball doesn't make it or if it goes around 
the field goal, it will be ruled as "No Good" and you will not get the extra 

During Defense 

After you get the touchdown or a turnover, you will go on defense and try to 
stop the opposing team from scoring a touchdown. Here are the controls for when 
you are being on defense.

Before the quarterback on the opposing team starts the play, you have the 
chance to change the player you want to control. To do this, keep pressing A 
until the arrow is on top of the player you want to control. Note that the 
quarterback cannot start the play while you are changing your defensive player, 
and once the play starts, you cannot change the player you want to control.

Once the play starts, your object is to obviously stop the player from scoring 
the touchdown or gaining yards for a first down. To have a better chance, press 
A to dive when you are near the player to the ball. This has a better chance at 
tackling him and taking him down. Sometimes, the player may fumble the ball as 
well, giving you the chance to recover it.

With the person you are controlling, you can run up to any player on the other 
team to tackle him down and such. Keep tapping A to have a better chance at 
taking him down without you falling down either. But you want to at least get 
the player with the ball. You can also use a strategy to get around all of the 
players and go for the quarterback and tackle him for a sack.

3. Options

Outside of playing the game, there are plenty of options you can select from. 



Once you select preseason, a list of options will come down. Here they are:

Preseason: This allows you to change the amount of time there is in a quarter. 
The default is 5 minutes, but the time goes by really fast no matter what you 
set it to.

MAN VS COM: You vs. The computer. Simple as that.
MAN VS MAN: You vs. Player 2. Gets more fun with a human player.
MAN VS COA: You vs. coach. The coach selects the play and the team does it by 
COA VS COM: The Coach vs. the computer. A coach selects the play (which is you) 
and then the team does it by them selves.
COA VS COA: Coach vs. Coach
COM VS COM: The computer vs. the Computer.

Select any of these and then you pick the teams afterwards.

Season Game

Allows you to start a season, but you need to configure some options so the 
game doesn't simulate yours by itself.

Team Control: Allows which teams will be simulated and which teams you control. 
Press the A button to switch them between "skp" and "MAN".

Schedule: This is the schedule for all the weeks in football. Press the "Y" 
button to bring up more options. Schedule select brings up the season you can 
play (1991, 1992, or 1993). Auto-skip makes it so you can play your season game 
by yourself. Just set auto-skip to the week you are currently on. Playoffs 
allows you to start at the playoffs.

Game Start: Starts your season, simulates the rest of the games at the end.

NFL Standings: Shows the standings for all divisions in both leagues.

NFL Leaders: Shows the leaders for stats during the season (Passing, receiving, 
rushing, scoring, punting, interceptions, sacks, punt returns, kickoff 
returns). They update after every game.

Team Data: Shows the players in each team and information about them, such as 
their condition and position. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Pro Bowl

This is a team with all-stars on them. Once you select this option, you will 
get the same options as selecting a pre-season game, such as MAN VS COM. This 
is the AFC vs. the NFC.

Team Data

Shows the players in each team and information about them, such as their 
condition and position. They are listed in alphabetical order.

4. Playing the Game

Starting the Game

Before starting a game, you'll get to pick the 2 teams. After that, you can 
select the weather you want to play the game in. The weather has no impact on 
the game, but it's just there for designs. You can choose between sunny, rain, 
and snow. 

Once you pick the teams for the game, there will be a coin toss. The winner 
will ALWAYS get heads, not tails. Now, that seems weird because you can't guess 
for heads or tails. The winner of the coin toss gets to choose how the game 

RETURN: The opposing team will kick the ball to you to start the game.
KICKOFF: You start the game by kicking the ball off to the opposing team.

Now, if you return the ball, the team will kick it to you. If you catch the 
ball in the end zone (where you score the touchdowns), you have the option for 
a touchback. Press B on the end zone for a touchback. A touchback will allow 
you to advance to the 20 yard line. This will be useful for when many of the 
players are around. After this, you will be starting the game on offense.

If the opposing team chooses RETURN or you choose KICKOFF, then you kick the 
ball to the opposing team. But before you kick, you'll see a meter at the 
bottom of the screen that will fill up and then empty. This determines how hard 
the ball is kicked. If you kick it while the meter is blue, then it will be an 
onside kick. This is when the ball is kicked towards the ground at the 50 yard 
line or so. Doing this gives you a chance to recover the ball when you kick it, 
but you also risk having the opponent recovering the ball and getting closer to 
the end zone.

If you kick it while the meter is red, then it will go into the air near your 
end zone. Once they catch it, go out and try to tackle them, or they may get a 
touchback if they're on the end zone. Now you will start the game on defense 
once you tackle the player with the game.

I will divide this into two more sections, covering offense and defense.

Being on Offense

While you are on offense, the point is to get to the end zone for a touchdown. 
Before doing that, you must get past everybody and such. You can start the game 
with 4 running plays and 4 passing plays. Use the bottom combos in the controls 
section to know which plays are which. But before selecting a play, notice all 
of the red arrows and such on the plays. These are where all of the players go.
If you want to be good with a play, practice it over and over again. Other 
things to note on the plays for passing/running are these arrow colors: 


- A red line is where your runningbacks/receivers go.
- A blue line is where your quarterback goes, either if it's running or 
starting a throwing play.
- A purple line is where the quarterback is during a play. If you see white 
dots leading to the purple dot, it means it is a shotgun play. 
- A white line is a fake play. The player will go in that direction and fake 
it, then giving the ball to someone else.

Before selecting a play, study each play carefully before you select it so that 
you know what you're doing. Another thing is if you don't like any of the 
plays, you can change that play by going to the play book and replacing it with 
another one. Note that there are different plays for each category (top right 
play, top left, etc). 

Being on offense, you will need to get to the end zone (which is the end of the 
field), for a touchdown. But, you must get 10 yards for a first down (you'll 
see red markers outside the field to show where you need to get for a first 
down). If you can't get it in 3 plays, an option list will drop down. Here are 
the list of options you get:

TIMEOUT: Calls a timeout to stop the clock. You can have 3 timeouts in every 
PUNT KICK: This allows you to kick the ball to the other team. Press A to start 
the play and then to punt, press A again. The red meter shows how hard the ball 
will be kicked. If you want to kick it long, kick it when the red meter is 
FIELD GOAL: It is a 4th down and you're near your end zone. You aren't sure if 
you're going to make the 1st down, so you can go for a field goal. Press A to 
start the play and A to kick the ball. If it goes past the field goal, it's 
good for 3 points. If it goes around or doesn't make it, it's a NO GOOD. Once 
you get that NO GOOD, the Referee will have an evil laugh on his face if you 
look really closely.  
CHANGE: You can swap out one player for another to play the game, if there is a 
better person on the bench.
PLAY BOOK: You can use this to swap out one play for a better play, either 
passing or running for if you don't like a certain play. This shows that there 
are more than 8 plays in the game.

If you are near the red marker for the first down, the referee will measure 10 
yards to see if you got the first down or not. If the chain gets past the ball, 
it's a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th down. If the chain doesn't get past the football, 
you'll get the first down.

Another thing I can note are the positives and negatives of running and 
throwing plays:


Positives: Easy to use without a problem if you know the path to run (the red 
arrows on the play). Can be turned to easy first downs and for short gains as 
well. If you are great with running plays, you can run long for the touchdown.

Negatives: If you're not sure how to do the play, you may get tackled and lose 
yards, pushing you back farther from the first down line. Also easy to get 
blitzed on, and you may risk the chance for a fumble, in which the other team 
can recover the ball if you drop it. 


Positives: A play like a Hail Mary (where all of your receivers go long) can be 
turned into an easy touchdown if at least one of your receivers is wide open 
and no one on defense is around. Once the ball is thrown and caught, it can be 
an easy first down or if no one is around you, you can run to the end zone.

Negatives: Your quarterback can be sacked big if the blitz is on for the 
defense or if you back up and do not throw the ball at all. If you throw the 
ball at a receiver who is surrounded by players on defense, you risk the ball 
being intercepted, which the other team takes the ball when it is thrown. 


Once you have the touchdown, you will get 6 nice points. If you scored on a 
running play, your running back will get a big hug. If you scored on a throwing 
play, you'll get a high five. After the touchdown, you'll get the chance for an 
extra point, where you need to kick the ball past the field goal. Press A to 
start the play and A to kick it. If it gets past the field goal, you'll get 
your 1 extra point.

Being on Defense

If you win the coin toss at the beginning of the game, you can choose to be on 
defense if you select "kickoff". This kicks the ball to the other team.

The point of defense is now to let the offense get the touchdown. Even though 
there aren't any plays for defense, you'll still need to pick one. If you chose 
the same play the offense did, the blitz will be activated for that play. This 
means that all your players will rush to the quarterback and sack him in now 
time, causing a yard loss. 

Before the play starts, you can switch the player you want to control on 
defense. The player you are controlling is the one with a "1" above his head. 
If you want to use a different player, keep pressing A until the 1 switches to 
the player you want to control. 

Now, if the player with the ball is on the end zone (not theirs), then you can 
tackle him for a safety. On the safety, the player who tackled the person with 
the ball will get 2 points and then they will kick the ball to you. And being 
on defense, you can intercept the ball when they throw it, meaning you catch it 
instead of one of their players. Or the player with the football may fumble it 
when tackled, giving you the chance to pick it up and return it for a 


1. If the player is going on a long running play, switch to one of your 
defensive players in the back before the play starts. So when the passing play 
starts, you'll have a better chance of getting to the receiver the quarterback 
is going to throw to.

2. In any play, you'll notice there is a small gap between 2 players on the 
offense sometimes. Switch to the person near or in front of the "gap". Once the 
play starts, you can run through the gap and easily get past the quarterback 
and tackle him for a sack. You can also get near him and block his pass.

3. When selecting plays, try to select a different play each time. This gives 
you more of a chance of getting the blitz.

5. The Teams

Here are a list of the teams from the AFC and the NFC.

Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Houston Oilers
Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos 
Kansas City Cheifs
Los Angeles Raiders
Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Phoenix Cardinals 
Washington Redskins
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons
St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints
San Francisco 49ers


Teams missing from this game are:

Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens

In 1997, the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Titans 
in 1999. The Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars came into the NFL 
in the same year, which was in 1995. Also, the Baltimore Ravens used to be the 
Cleveland Browns, but were moved to Baltimore and renamed in 1996. After being 
absent for three years, the Browns returned to Cleveland. In 2002, the Texans 
became the new football team in Houston. Thanks to Darrick Boord on the 
information for this. 

6. Secrets

Sound Test: At the Tecmo Super Bowl title screen, keep pressing L and R at the 
same time until a sound test pops up. With this sound test, you can listen to 
all of the music and sound effects of this game. 

Defensive Blitz: This is not really a secret, but when the offense is picking a 
play, the defense must pick the same play in order to blitz, but you will not 
know which play the offense selects. The blitz is when all your players rush 
right at the quarterback when the play starts, resulting in an easy sack. So 
pick the same play and you'll have a blitz for the play. It can also mess up 
the quarterback's timing for when he is throwing the ball. 

7. Credits

Nintendo = They made the Super Nintendo.

Tecmo = They made this awesome Football game known as Tecmo Super Bowl.

Me = I wrote this guide.

You = You read this guide, and liked it (hopefully)

CJayC = The administrator of the best site in the world (GameFAQs) posted this 

My cousin = He introduced me to this game and let me use it for a long time 

Darrick Boord = A person who emailed me about this FAQ. He gave me the real 
information about the teams that were not around in 1993, such as the Baltimore 
Ravens and I did know about most of this information. Thanks man.