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       Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(R): Tournament Fighters(tm) (SNES)
        Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles(R): Tournament Fighters(tm) (SNES)
       Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(R): Mutant Warriors(tm) (S.Famicom)
                         Full FAQ & Character Guide
                                   v 0.65
                                   by ~Kaz
                   theeternallostboy at hotmail dot com

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This FAQ is a guide for all characters in Konami's "Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero
Turtles" fighting game for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom system called
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters" in North America,
"Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Tournament Fighters" in Europe, and in Japan as
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Warriors".
The North American version is hereby abbreviated as "TMNT: TF" and the
Japanese version "TMNT:MW".
The game is copyright 1993 by Konami, licensed by Nintendo; special thanks to
Eastman & Laird at Mirage Studios for TMNT.
This document is copyright 2005-2006 by theeternallostboy@hotmail.com.
Do not plagiarize or distribute any part or whole of this document for profit
or without giving the author, that's me, credit. Feel free to put the entire
guide on your webpage, as long as the content is not altered and I'm credited.

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A great big THANK-YOU to:

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Konami (old logo) and Nintendo for releasing great things since 1969.

Mirage Studios and Eastman & Laird for creating the Reptillian Fab Four.

GamePro (yes, GamePro) for supplanting me with their knowledge of jump-ins.

The Members of GameFAQs' TMNT: TF board, because gamers need Mutagen too.

And to my family and friends who can stand to put up with me on a daily basis.
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## History ################################################################
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V 0.40  (2005 Jun) Public release, contains deep strategies for the Turtles.
                I liked fighting games and be it marketing or otherwise, I
                liked what I heard about T.M.N.T.: T.F. enough to get it the
                week of its release. After years of playing, I've finally
                decided to publically release my own FAQ.
V 0.51  (2005 Oct) OK, slight delay about this public release stuff.
                Cyber Shredder strategies are included.
                Spell-check'd some terminology.
v 0.65  (2006 Mar) Haven't forgotten about this!
                Added Aska strategies and War information.

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## Contents ###############################################################
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Jump to each chapter by searching for its heading, such as "i. Controls".
Jump to each character by searching for their name & number, "1. Leonardo".
Please view this with a program using "fixed width" font such as Courier-type.

  o. Modes              Before you start fiddling around with all the options
  i. Controls           The shiney plastic buttons and what they do
 ii. Terminology        So the words I say will sound less like jibberish
iii. Quick Movelist     For those who just need their quick fix
 iv. Characters         Round robin we go; divided into sub-sections
        1. Leonardo             Leader of the Turtles
        2. Donatello            Smartest of the Turtles
        3. Raphael              Angriest of the Turtles
        4. Michaelangelo        Happiest of the Turtles
        5. Cyber Shredder       Super Powerful Badguy
        6. As(u)ka              Konami's Aspiring Martial Artist
        7. War                  Creature of Destruction
        8. Armaggon             Conqueror from the Future
        9. Wingnut              Bored
        10.Chrome Dome          Servant Trying to Be Free
        A. Rat King             Self-Claimed King of the Sewers
        B. Karai                Criminal Mistress
  v. Endings            Spoiler-riffic! Includes Profiles from the game!
 vi. Codes              U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, B, A, Select, Start
vii. Differences        Why were there so many names for this title?!

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## o. Modes ###############################################################
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Tournament Mode
        You pick one of the 10 available characters to battle against 12
        opponents. You view your character's ending after defeating Ratking
        and Karai (level 3 difficulty or higher).

VS Battle
        Two players each pick one of the 10 available characters (12 with a
        code) to fight one-on-one head-to-head. To quit this mode, press
        Select during one of the status screens after your fight.
        Press Select during the Character Select screen to switches to Button
        Configuration, or during the Stage Select screen to also change the
        handicap (1: Your character gives and takes lots of damage, 7: Your
        character does and takes less damage).

Story Mode
        You pick one of the four heroes in a half shell and go through the
        remaining 6 characters, a PURPLE clone (weird), and the two bosses
        (nine enemies in all) to search for your friends and to take down
        Karai and see the Turtles' combined ending.
        Unlike Tournament mode, your Ultimate Attack bar is disabled and no
        one can use their Ultimate Attack.
        Ratking is encountered in the middle of the game in this mode.

        You still need two controllers (or swap controller 1 into port 2)
        to choose two characters to battle it out. This mode is essentially
        a customized demo depending on the VS mode settings you put in
        Option and the handicap you gave each character.

        Game Level (Difficulty; 0 = easiest, 7 = hardest)
        Control Pad (Button Configuration, more in the Controls section)
        Game Time (Time Limit per round; 30, 60, 99, or Infinite seconds)
        Game Speed (the speed of the game)
        Credit (Number of Continues for Tournament & Story modes)
        Music (Sample the music; use D-Pad and X/B to select & stop/play)
        Voice (Sample the voices & sound; use D-Pad and B to select & play)
        Sound (Choose to output through Stereo or Single speakers)

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## i. Controls ############################################################
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                 __(L)_________ ________(R)__
                / S U P E R  N I N T # N D # \
                |    _                _   _  |
                |  _| |_   Sel.Sta.  (Y) (X) |
                | |_ o _|  --- ---   _   _   |
                |   |_|    --- ---  (B) (A)  |
                |          _________         |
                \_________/         \________/

The D-Pad: (U)p, (D)own, (B)ack (away from enemy), (F)orward (toward enemy)
(Start) pauses the game and selects your character
(Select) switches between your button layout and the Character Select screen
You can also switch the Handicap of a 2P game by pressing (Select) on the Map
During the status screen after a 2P match, press (Select) to quit 2P mode
The (L) and (R) triggers are not assigned by default

Block   Hold Back/Away to block jumping and most standing moves;
        hold down-back for crouching and standing attacks;
        you cannot block in mid-jump/mid-air
P       Any Punch
K       Any Kick
WP      Weak (Jab) Punch
FP      Fierce (Fierce) Punch
WK      Weak (Short) Kick
FK      Fierce (Roundhouse) Kick
s.??    Standing "??" attack
j.??    Jumping "??" attack
c.??    Crouching "??" attack
Tap ()  Tap Button () Rapidly
QCF     Motion Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
QCB     Motion Quarter Circle Backward (D, DB, B)
DP      Dragon Punch (F, D, DF)
RDP     Reverse Dragon Punch (B, D, DB)
HCF     Motion Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)
HCB     Motion Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
[B],F   Hold Back for 2 seconds, then immediately hit forward
[D],U   Hold Down for 2 seconds, then immediately hit up
(a)     Can also be done in mid-air
<a>     To be done in mid-air only
U.A.    Ultimate Attack (FP + FK)
        Only one U.A. can be done on screen at once
        The U.A. bar is normally not available in Story Mode
        The U.A. bar does not rollover after each round
        The U.A. bar fills for each attack you do on an opponent
        It fills faster if the attack is blocked
        The stronger the attack, the faster it fills
        The U.A. bar will steadily decrease

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## ii. Terminology ########################################################
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Life:   : The yellow bar at the top; the red part shows how much you're hurt

U.A. Bar: The green meter at the top; it becomes light green when it fills
          It fills more for moves that are blocked than those that hit
          The amount filled does not "roll-over" into the next round
          The amount filled will gradually drop with each passing moment

Normal  : A normal attack (WP, WK, FP, FK); does not chip life if blocked
          A normal attack also done while holding a direction is still a
          normal attack

Cheap   : An "unfair" tactic that is easy to do and difficult to see/stop

Cheese  : See "Cheap"

Chip    : A chip of life refers to single slivers of your life bar; to cause
          chipping is to do only little bits of damage

Combo   : A string of attacks in sequence; if the first attack is not stopped
          the rest of the sequence is un-interruptable

Int'rupt: "Interrupt" or "Cancel"; to interrupt the animation of a normal (or
          sometimes special) move and execute the animation for a special (or
          sometimes UA)

Linking : This is when you string two moves one after another into a working
          combo, but the moves don't interrupt each other; an example would
          be a c.WK followed by a second c.WK in quick succession

2-in-1  : A simple two-step combo

Jump Atk: An attack done in mid-air; these must be blocked standing up

Cross-up: A jumping attack that connects and lets you land on the other side
          of your opponent; these are difficult to block as you must hold
          "toward" on the D-pad as the opponent has landed on the opposite
          side causing you to reverse direction; a Cross-Up should also hit
          'deep' to be more effective

Deep    : A jumping attack that hits late and very low on the body (torso)

Early   : A jumping attack that hits early or "very high" on/above the head;
          generally bad, as the opponent will recover by the time you land,
          but sometimes can be used to psyche the opponent out (read each
          character's Tactics section for more info)

High    : When not referred to a jumping attack, this is one that hits near
          the face or head level; I will note when certain high moves can be
          ducked under; these can be blocked standing or crouching

High-mid: Essentially the same as a high attack; you cannot duck under it

Midlevel: An attack that hits the torso area; can be blocked high or low

Low-mid : On a plane slightly below mid-level; certain STANDING and DUCKING
          moves can hit other low-mid attacks as well as ankle-level low
          attacks; in all cases, crouching punches will never strike at the
          ankles and crouching kicks always will; you can block low-mid
          attacks while standing or crouching

Sweep   : An attack that hits the ankles, shins, or feet; I may call these
          attacks "low", but I will specifically say if an attack will
          sweep the opponent off their feet or if they must be crouch blocked

Width   : THIN opponents are "thinner" than other characters. This makes them
          harder to cross-up, let's them be pushed farther away after
          blocking an attack, let's them be knocked father away after taking
          a hit, and consequently makes them harder to combo.
          Thin opponents are KARAI, WINGNUT, and to some extent CHROME DOME.
          FAT opponents are just wider, making them easier to cross-up, but
          they also get bounced slightly farther after blocking/taking a hit.
          Fat opponents are RATKING and WAR, but War is also SHORT, so many
          hits will miss him because he constantly haunched over.
          C.SHREDDER is also somewhat wider, so deep hits push him away
          further, but he's not easier to cross-up.
          When all characters block, they feint back a little making it seem
          like they're thinner.

Height  : Being SHORT or TALL doesn't help or hurt as much as being Thin or
          Fat, but it does make fighting different.
          Tall characters C.SHREDDER, RATKING, and KARAI (maybe WINGNUT)
          can be hit by jump-ins at a slightly higher level than anyone else,
          meaning they'll have more time to recover as the attacker lands.
          The only short person in the game, WAR (when he's not blocking),
          has the advantage that people have to aim lower and that vertically
          striking moves such as Michaelangelo's Dynamite Bomber or Rising
          Thunder may not score all their hits.
          WAR actually makes himself taller if he blocks.
          ARMAGGON also is much lower to the ground when he ducks and blocks.
          Be careful, the lower you are to the ground, the easier it is to
          be hit by a deep cross-up attack.
          A great way to test height is with C.Shredder on Raph's stage; do
          a j.WK at the peak of your jump to hit the other person really high
          and see if the hit-burst is above the green background stripe.

Fireball: Or "bullet" or "projectile"; anything you fire at someone

B.o.t.H.: "Back of the Head" projectile; when your opponent has fallen down
          and you time the tail-end of the projectile to hit them as they
          are getting up. This makes the most of post-projectile lag

1/2 scr.: 1/2-the-screen; the distance from the timer to the screen edge

1/3 scr.: 1/3-the-screen; the distance of your life-bar (without portrait)

2/3 scr.: 2/3-the-screen; from left of the timer to the screen's right edge

Poke    : Sticking out a quick swipe to keep the opponent blocking/nerveous
          Both offensive and defensive, a character's poke-game is how much
          "priority" (see Defense furthur down) their pokes have

Special	: A motion of the joypad followed by a press of an attack button;
          when blocked, still does damage

Throws  : Get close enough so your shadows touch to execute, the damage is
          guaranteed and sends your opponent flying; does not add to U.A. bar

Command : A command-throw; a special-move that behaves like a throw.
          Like a regular throw, this is unblockable; despite the CPU able to
          do so, you cannot interrupt a move with a throw/command-throw

Anti-air: Good at stopping jumping attacks

Block   : Holding away from your opponent as they are attacking/right before
          they unleash their attack and your character will block; hold
          down & away to crouch & block

Counter : Any attack done after an opponent's attack that can stop it

Reversal: Stopping someone's tactic or combo and immediately counter attack

Dizzy   : If a character takes a certain amount of damage in a short amount
          of time, they may get up stunned and see stars for a while;
          wiggle left/right and tap the buttons to un-Dizzy faster.

Priority: "High" priority means a move is fast, long ranged, or perhaps comes
          from a weird angle that will stop other moves of "lower priority"
          that come out at the same time

Snuff   : Stuff, stop, etc.; to "cleanly" stop an attack in mid-animation,
          that is, without "trading hits"

Trading : Trading hits is when you stop someone's attack while being hit

Start-up: The time it takes to execute/animate a move before it does damage

Lag     : The delay after executing a move; also just called "delay"

TurtleUp: To play defensively

Wake-up : A move that you can do the instant you get up from a fall, such as
          Throws or certain Specials

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## iii. Quick Movelist ####################################################
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1. Leonardo             Leader of the Turtles
        QCF+P   : Shining Cutter
        DP+P    : Roto-Cutter
        QCB+P   : Endless Screw
        D+WP <a>: Body Splash
        B, B,   : Backflip
2. Donatello            Smartest of the Turtles
        QCF+P   : Ground Claw
        Tap P   : Bo Thrusts
        QCB+K   : Headspin Attack
        D+WP <a>: Body Splash
        B, B,   : Backflip
3. Raphael              Angriest of the Turtles
        HCF+P   : Jamboree
        [B],F+P : Power Drill
        [B],F+K : Chest Buster
        D+WP <a>: Body Splash
        B, B,   : Backflip
4. Michaelangelo        Happiest of the Turtles
        HCF+P   : Dragon Breath
        [B],F+P : Dynamite Bomber
        [D],U+P : Rising Thunder
        D+WP <a>: Body Splash
        B, B,   : Backflip
5. Cyber Shredder       Super Powerful Badguy
        [B],F+P : Aura Crusher
        [B],F+K : Knee Crusher
        WP+WK   : Aura Shield
6. As(u)ka              Konami's Aspiring Martial Artist
        DP+P    : Spinning Uppercut
        QCB+K   : Kunai Spin Attack
        F/B+RK  : Hip Shot
7. War                  Creature of Destruction
        [B],F+P : Turn Uppercut
        [D],U+K : Death from Above
        WP+WK   : Lunging Headbutt
8. Armaggon             Conqueror from the Future
        [B],F+P : Aqua Shock
        [D],U+K : Fin Slicer
        D+FP <a>: Diving Swim
9. Wingnut              Bored
        QCF+P<a>: Moonbuster
        D+K <a> : Power Dive
        WP+WK   : Glide Punch
        WP+WK<a>: Hovering
10.Chrome Dome          Servant Trying to Be Free
        QCF+P   : Chrome Spark
        D,U+WP+WK Electric Piledriver
        D+FK<a> : Diving Kick (at the peak of a vertical jump)
        B+FP    : Chrome Uppercut
A. Rat King             Self-Claimed King of the Sewers
        HCF+P   : Rat Bomber
        j.FK    : Super Dropkick
        D+P <a> : Body Splash
B. Karai                Criminal Mistress
        WP+WK   : Flying Slam
        FP+FK   : Rocket Punch (when U.A. bar is not full)
        B+P     : Rushing Punch
        B+K     : Rushing Kick
        DB+P    : Sliding Punch
        DB+K    : Sliding Kick

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## iv. Characters #########################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
       | Character Name                                          |
       | -Description & Opinion                                  |
       |    _______________                                      |
       |   |Special Attacks|                                     |
       |   |_______________|                                     |
       |                                                         |
       | -Throws                                                 |
       | -Command Attacks                                        |
       | -Normal Attacks                                         |
       | -Tactics (opponents presumed standing unless stated)    |
       | -VS the CPU (on Difficulty 7)                           |

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -1. Leonardo =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Head Turtle wears a blue bandana and carries dual katana. Leo is a good
all-around character to choose, and is probably the most straight-forward to
learn. His style is very efficient and packs a decent punch, but it may seem
a bit bland to anyone who's even heard of Street Fighter's icon, Ryu.

Leonardo has a unique damage animation: the Sword. (not totally true as Aska
has the 'slash' animation on her Spinning Attack) This means almost all of
his regular moves have an insane amount of priority compared to his brothers,
despite having the same look to the attack.

With these obscene level of priority, plus posessing good speed and versatile
moves, Leonardo is a strong defensive as well as offensive character.
|QCF+P   Shining Cutter                                                     |
|       A fast projectile with a fairly quick start-up, but longer lag.     |
|       The WP version will travel much slower, but allows Leo to recover   |
|       faster.                                                             |
        +Excellent to use with s.FK or c.FP as a bait/trap
        +Excellent for "behind the head" attacks on people getting up
        +Can follow up (from 3/4 screen) with s.FP
        +A lot of moves can combo into the Shining Cutter
        -Lag after FP version makes it dangerous to use, even in combos
|DP+P    Roto-Cutter                                                        |
|       Leonardo somersaults into the air and spins his blade around him.   |
|       The WP version can still hop over projectiles, but the FP version is|
|       stronger and jumps farther.                                         |
        +Excellent protection as Leo spins his blade around him
        +Can hop over all regular projectiles
        +I believe the WP version is completely invincible at the start
        -Not invincible at the peak
        -c.FP & s.FK are just as good anti-air moves
|QCB+P   Endless Screw                                                      |
|       Leonardo spins toward the opponent with extended blades.            |
|       The WP version is slow and only travels half the screen.            |
|       The FP version is fast and moves across the entire stage.           |
        +First hit is a one-hit knock-down
        +There is a very small invincibility window at the start, not enough
         to avoid fast projectiles unless you're getting up.
        +Great in combos
        -If the first swing does not connect, it scores weaker multiple hits
        -Easy to avoid; just duck and attack Leo's legs
|U.A.    Millenium Wave                                                     |
|       Leonardo puts his swords away and fires off dozens of projectiles.  |
|       If done at close range on a cornered enemy, this will re-dizzy them.|
|       Leonardo has horrible start-up and lag time with this move though,  |
|       but it fires over a large area making it impossible to avoid if done|
|       from far away.                                                      |
|       If you can't use this on a dizzied enemy, do it on someone just     |
|       getting up to force them to take excessive block damage.            |
        +Lots of hits, can re-dizzy, good block damage from up-close
        +Counts as a series of projectiles and will nullify other projectiles
        +Even if someone jumps to try to take only one hit, when they get up,
         you're still attacking!
        -Must be done close up for good damage otherwise too many hits miss
        -Horrible start-up & lag
        -People can jump behind you while you're sheathing your swords
        -Can be reflected by C.Shredder's Aura Shield!
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
        A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss Suicide Throw
        A drop-back throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B    Backflip
        All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
        invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
        feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
        +Complete Invincibility
        -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
        An easy, but weak cross-up move.
        +Easy cross-up move
        This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks
        and some air-attacks. Leo takes a quick swipe with his blade and does
        not retract it.
        Use this only if you're nose-to-nose with someone in mid-air; his FP
        comes out almost as quickly.
        Both from afar and up close, the s.WP is the same; a high elbow.
        This will completely whiff a ducking opponent or hit a jumping one.
        This is mainly useful in cheaps and combos.
        A fairly ranged attack for a crouching strike. This is actually slow
        compared to all the c.WP attacks everyone else has; it comes out
        slower than any other WP attack Leo has too.
        It still is fast enough in short combos, and has good range.
        One of the greatest jumping attacks ever.
        It cuts a wide swath through just about anything. Great to use as a
        cross-up, a jump-in, an anti-air; when timed well, this move can stop
        just about every counter-attack (that has no invincibility).
        Like Street Fighter 2, a lot of characters have different moves when
        close. The s.FP from 1/3 of the screen or closer from your opponents
        is a chop. This has horribly long start-up animation; anyone can see
        it coming and block. It does combo into a lot of moves; if a person
        blocks this, just follow it up with a special attack. It pushes them
        farther away so you can annoy them with patterns and cheaps, plus
        it lets you recover faster from this move's horrible lag time.
        From more than 1/3 of the screen away from your opponent, Leo dishes
        out a lunging thrust that covers 1/2 the screen. It comes out a bit
        faster than the chop, so you can actually stop people who are about
        to shoot a projectile if you have good reflexes (or anticipate).
        The s.FP (far) is great for poking and pinning people down while
        building up Leo's U.A. bar, just like the s.FP (close) followed by a
        WP Roto-Cutter or WP Shining Cutter.
        This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game.
        All the turtles have this, but Leo's is special-er. Because of the
        sword advantage, Leo's c.FP has much more priority and pretty much
        stops all normal jumping attacks cold. It can even stop, or at the
        least trade hits, with jumping special attacks with good timing.
        Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
        A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Leo's other moves. Use
        j.WP instead. If you jump straight up, Leo will do an extended high
        kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly
        faster than the j.FP.
        When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Too
        slow to be used in combos, but fast enough that people might not see
        it coming. Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
        From farther away, it's an upward kick. Pretty fast, and hits at a
        high enough angle to stop jumping attacks, but s.FK/c.FP are better.
        A very fast, short ranged low-attack to the ankles.
        A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
        over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Leo will do
        a high kick with almost no horizontal range.
        When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK
        from afar. This can miss a ducking opponent completely. It would make
        an OK anti-air, but when the opponent is that close, they're
        practically on top of your head.
        From farther away, this is a high roundhouse to the head. A sweeping
        motion means excellent priority against jumping attacks.
        A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet.
	Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| c.WP -> WP Roto-Cutter                                                    |
| s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw                                          |
| c.FP -> FP Shining Cutter                                                 |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.FP -> c.WP -> Endless Screw                                             |
| j.FK -> s.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter                                            |
|       Score a deep hit, hold toward and the s.WK (low) should just combo. |
| j.FK -> s.WP -> c.WK -> FP Roto-Cutter                                    |
|       Cross-up with the j.FK. Skip s.WP if the opponent is crouching.     |
| j.FP -> s.FP -> FP Endless Screw                                          |
|       Hit deep or cross-up so you can combo the s.FP in time.             |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (far)                                           |
|       Perform the S.C. at about 2/3 the screen from your cornered enemy.  |
| WP Shining Cutter -> FP Roto-Cutter                                       |
|       Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy.  |
|       Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up.|
|       This is called "behind-the-head" hit.                               |
| WP Shining Cutter -> s.FP (close) -> FP Endless Screw                     |
|       Perform the S.C. at about 1/3 the screen from your cornered enemy.  |
|       Time the S.C. so that it overlaps with your opponent as they get up.|
|Traps                                                                      |
| WP Shining Cutter -> c.FP/s.FK/Roto-Cutter/c.FK                           |
|       If the opponent jumps toward you, they're getting all sorts of pain.|
|       They can avoid this by learning to jump straight up.                |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| j.FP, s.WP, Throw                                                         |
|       If the opponent blocks, or even if they don't, they'll be thrown!   |
|       The nasty trick is, when the opponent blocks the jumping attack,    |
|       they may instinctivly block low and be surprised by your s.WP that  |
|       completely misses, setting up an easy throw.                        |
|       The cheap part is, all the attacks can hit or be blocked and you can|
|       still throw them!                                                   |
| WP Shining Cutter -> Throw                                                |
|       When the opponent is trapped in the corner, be 1/2 of the screen    |
|       away and use a BotH projectile, time the throw just right & repeat! |

1a. Leonardo VS War
        You can open with s.FP, it's safe
        Be careful of using Shining Cutter, War can easily jump & counter
        If War falls short with his Turn Punch, throw him if he's close,
                c.FK if he's farther, or s.FP if he's really far
        If War executes Death from Above, use a WP Roto-cutter, not FP
        If you can see War doing a Turn Punch from across the screen, use
                a Shining Cutter or s.FP
        Use your s.FP from afar if War moves within range, but don't just
                do it at random as War will knock your extended arm

1b. Leonardo VS Raphael
        Wait to see how Raph reacts; if he shoots, use s.FP
        Be aggressive; use s.FP to pin him down and projectiles from a
                far distance, use combos when he's dizzy
        Be defensive; stay grounded and use c.FP and Roto-cutters where
        Feel free to use j.FP when Raph's getting up; the CPU doesn't use
                Raph's Chest Buster as a wake-up that often unless it is
                to avoid a BotH projectile
        After whiffing with a Chest Buster, Raph is usually crouching; feel
                free to use a close s.FP -> WP Roto-Cutter

1c. Leonardo VS C.Shredder
        Play aggressively; use your bullet in BotH as much as possible
        Shredder likes to jump around a lot with his high-priorty kicks;
                stick to the ground and counter accordingly
        If Shredder lands a jump attack, he'll combo it into low attacks
        Avoid jumping in blindly, Shredder can Knee Crush you out of the air
        Avoid shooting random shots, C.S. can reflect them back at you and
                follow up with more damage or Aura Crusher through them

1d. Leonardo VS Michaelangelo
        It's generally safe to use s.FP to start
        Keep Mikey at a distance, Mikey is a better defensive player up close
        Use your projectile from afar; if you nullify Mikey's Dragon Breath,
                shoot again and try to close the gap for a s.FP
        Beware of using a Shining Cutter from less than 1/2 screen, Mikey
                can combo the stuffing out of you
        If Mikey is closing in, back-pedal and use a s.FP or c.FK to push
                him back some
        Also be careful of being too close to Mikey when he's getting up,
                Mikey has a tendency to Rising Thunder as a wake-up

1e. Leonardo VS Bonus
        You can s.FP all day long for a good score

1f. Leonardo VS Aska
        Wait for her to move at the start, Aska is small and quick enough
                to avoid most of your attacks, plus she has that Uppercut
        Most times, a quick WP Roto-cutter will get you first blood
        She's too quick for regular s.FP tactics to work, so try to keep her
                pinned somewhere far away
        Make damn well sure you know how to use Roto-cutter at the drop of
                a hat; a lot of the time Aska is jumping around
        Be well aware of Aska's jumps, they're long and fast; try to backflip
                and WP Roto-cutter, Aska might fall for it
        If Aska slides, block it and throw her for free damage
        If Aska misses with an Uppercut, move in and throw her

1g. Leonardo VS Wingnut
        Feel free to open with a s.FP
        If Wingnut jumps backwards, expect a Moonbuster; you can trade hits
                by shooting a fast bolt of your own (you do more damage)
        Look to close the distance between you and Wingnut; neither of you
                can really win from afar
        Your j.FP is a very high-priority attack, and can stop just about
                anything Wingnut tries; just be careful about your landings
        Be careful of Wingnut throwing you as he gets up, though if he tries
                to pressure you with low kicks, wake-up with a Roto-cutter

1h. Leonardo VS Armaggon
        Armaggon's opening moves can vary from shooting to jumping to walking
        You can stop his Fin Slicer at its peak with a j.FP
        Be carfeul about where you land, Armaggon has a habit to Bite you
        Try to wake-up on Armaggon with a Roto-cutter, his jumping attacks
                have little priority
        Be reminded that you can use your j.FP straight up as an anti-ground
                as well, as long as Armaggon isn't ducking for a Fin Slicer
        Another Armaggon tactic is a quick j.WK -> c.FK; look out for the
                c.FK as it is one of his faster moves
        The CPU may fake you out by jumping in and throwing you or c.FK
        Remember that you can cancel a s.FP with a Shining Cutter
        If Armaggon is getting too close, use s.WK to fend him off or throw
        You can actually throw Armaggon after blocking his Dive attack

1i. Leonardo VS Leonardo
        Much like everyone else, at level 7, Leo is no joke.
        From the start, the CPU takes to the offensive, so pick your counter;
                the CPU may also do a s.FP at the start so get ready to
                block or backflip!
        The CPU *will* use combos, and most likely string enough hits to RE-
                dizzy you
        Get ready to do a lot of fireball wars, anticipation, and be careful
                of what attacks you stick out
        Try to back off to the full screen and get the CPU to shoot at you,
                then jump over it; the CPU will try to use a s.FP with which
                an early j.FP can stop it
        The CPU will toss Shining Cutters alone, in 2's or in 4's before
                doing something else; if you find yourself inbetwee vollies,
                try to time an appropriate counter (Roto-cutter if close,
                j.FP if far...)
        Being a mirror-match, and with multiple patterns, this is just a hard
                fight that depends on who screws up first

1j. Leonardo VS Chrome Dome
        On the ground, you have the reach; in air you have j.FP
        DO not let C.D. get close, take advantage of his slow fireball
        If you are close enough to use c.FK, you're too close!
        C.D. does have a decent anti-air move, so don't jump too much, even
                if you are getting away from the EPD
        If he jumped first, C.D.'s jumping attacks can't be easily stopped;
                crunch out a Roto-cutter or use s c.FP and trade hits
        C.D. has almost as much range as you do, but his attacks are faster
        Do not over-estimate the horizontal range of the Roto-cutter, but
                do realize how far a WP one can go when it comes to hiting
                C.D.'s extended limbs
        You may have to start using j.WP a lot, since you need a good
                air-to-air as well as air-to-ground
        It's easiest to use the tedium of fire-fights broken up by the
                occassional s.FP
        Forget about easy throws, the CPU C.D. can reverse most of them
        Try to keep C.D. either in the air or lying down with simple combos
        While C.D.'s c.FK has more priority than your c.FK, your  s.FP has
                more priority over his c.FK (which follow his jump-ins)
        If you find C.D. using a lot of his s.FK, note that c.WP stops them

1k. Leonardo VS Donatello
        This will give you some more relaxation, use fireball & s.FP patterns
        Donnie will use his s.FP has his common anti-air, which can trade
                hits with Leo's j.FP

1l. Leonardo VS Ratking
        At the start, Ratking can jump at you (use c.FP), super Dropkick to
                get close (throw), walk up (c.FK/s.FP), or using s.FK (c.WP)
        You can either wait and see, or jump back and j.FP as your safest
        You can stop Ratking's flying axe-kick with a well-timed c.WP or
                block and try to throw him; be careful, Ratking likes to
                follow his axe-kick (s.FK) with a c.FK to stop throws
        Try not to throw fireballs unless the Ratking is more than half a
                screen away; he can easily super Dropkick over them
        Everytime Ratking uses his super Dropkick, expect to be thrown when
                he lands
        Leo's Roto-cutter may not work as well as you'd like, Ratking doesn't
                jump too high and his super Dropkick will trade hits
        Forget about using the backflip to avoid Ratking's jumps, he will
                throw you out of the backflip with alarming accuracy
        Do your best to try and wake-up with a throw if Ratking plays close
        Constantly walk a few steps and use s.FP from the farthest possible
                range; Ratking will fail to axe-kick you almost every time
        If Ratking leaps over your s.FP, he'll use his super Dropkick to get
                close; if he flies close enough, use s.WP, s.WK, or c.FP to
                hit him before he lands, or use an Endless Screw before he
                crosses you over
        This is not fool proof, Ratking may end up short and in your face
                (Rat Bomber) or your s.FP may be countered by a c.FK
        Worse comes to worst, j.FP; if you land close to Ratking, j.FP again
                in safety and at least taking a super Dropkick hurts less

1m. Leonardo VS Karai
        Never stay on the ground, Karai can easily throw you
        Try to be airborne as much as possible with your body splash (d+j.WP)
        Always look out for Karai to jump off the wall, that's your cue to
                Roto-cutter her out of the sky
        If you get HIT by a rushing kick, you can immediately Roto-cutter and
                hit Karai before she recovers
        If you get HIT by a rushing punch, you can immediately throw her
        Try to reverse every possible throw; in other words, anytime you are
                close enough to be thrown, try to throw Karai first
        If you can, try to make deep j.FP attacks (Karai might not counter
                you) and follow with a quick c.FK or else you could be thrown
        The normal corner cheap of (BotH fireball -> throw) doesn't work as
                well; Karai is very thin and is prone to taking the hit
                rather than blocking, remedy this by using a BotH combo

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -2. Donatello - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The brains of the quartet dons the purple bandana. Donnie has one of the
longer ranged weapons of the game, and can play a good, if awkward, ranged
game. Donatello requires a little more practice than Leonardo to work with,
but in the end he can be one of the better character in the game.

While a lot of his special moves remind you of more common fighting arts, his
regular attacks are much more different. His s.FP hits multiple times, but
does not have the insane range Leonardo's does, his c.FK is a sliding sweep,
and you have to be careful not to punch too quickly or you execute a special

Donnie still carries good range & priority with his attacks, and his special
moves are strong and come out quick, but his movement is a little slower than
Leo making him a better defensive character.
|QCF+P   Ground Claw                                                        |
|       A very fast projectile with a quick start-up and fairly long lag.   |
|       While it moves along the ground, it is a fairly tall fireball.      |
|       Watch out for Don's staff; he extends it far while doing this move  |
|       which may be a tempting target for jumping attacks.                 |
|       The WP version will travel much slower, but allows Don to recover   |
|       faster.                                                             |
        +The fastest moving projectile in the game
        +Excellent to use with c.FK/s.FP/s.FK/c.FP/Headspin as a bait/trap
        +Decent for "behind the head" attacks on people getting up
        -Lag makes it dangerous to use too often
	-Hard to combo with
        -Mikey can Dynamite Bomber over this
|QCB+K   Headspin                                                           |
|       Donnie will drop the ground and spin on his head with his legs      |
|       kicked out. You can now move Don left and right with the D-Pad.     |
|       The FK version lasts longer than the WK version.                    |
|       Best to use the WK as a counter-move.                               |
        +Strong one-hit knockdown attack
        +There is a invincibility window at start-up, not enough to avoid
         projectiles unless they would hit you as soon as you get up
        +There is a invincibility window at start-up, enough to avoid all
         normal attacks and maybe even provide a counter-hit
        +If blocked, you bounce back a bit away
        -The FK version lasts too long; it makes you vulnerable if blocked,
         even if you move forward to do more hits
        -While spinning, you are VERY vulnerable to jumping attacks
        -While spinning, you might be able to trade hits with mid/low attacks
        -Very slow moving
|Tap P   Bo Thrusts                                                         |
|       Don's best pressure move, especially after getting in close.        |
|       Donnie starts stabbing at people with his Bo. Decent range, and you |
|       can move Don forward or backward as he's attacking.                 |
|       If you keep tapping, Donatello will continue to thrust up to 15     |
|       times before stopping.                                              |
        +Hits multiple times, great for combos
        +FP version has short start-up and recovery time
        +The FP version scores more hits.
        +FP version bounces you safely away
        -FP version requires a faster rate of tapping than the WP version
        -WP version has a long recovery time
        -Each hit is fairly weak; you want this to hit multiple times
|U.A.    Fire Dragon                                                        |
|       Donnie is completely invincible as he does this and the Dragon      |
|       spirit covers pretty much the whole screen for a few moments so no  |
|       one can avoid it; people can jump over you, jump high, they'll still|
|       be hit. If blocked, the Spirit hits multiple times.                 |
        +One big damaging attack
        +Complete invincibility
        +Fast enough to blow through projectiles
        +Not a bad anti-air
        +If blocked, can chip away multiple times
        -A ducking block avoids most of the damage
        -Don still "announces" his attack by rearing back
        -Not as powerful as other U.A. attacks
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
        A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss Head Butt
        A strong Head Butt. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B    Backflip
        All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
        invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
        your feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
        +Complete Invincibility
        -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
        An easy, but weak cross-up move.
        +Easy cross-up move
        Don gives a quick swipe with his staff and keeps his elbow stuck out.
        Quick and good priority, but use this only if you're nose-to-nose
        with someone in mid-air; his FP comes out almost as quickly.
        A quick high elbow. Just like Leo's, when done far or close to the
        opponent it can completely miss a ducking opponent.
        Also like Leo's, no horizontal range or priority, but it's great in
        A quick crouching jab. Decent range. Comes out as fast as his s.WP.
        A downward swing of the staff. Not as prioritized as Leo's, but it
        still does a great job of stuffing someone's air attack and almost as
        good at stopping someone's anti-air defense on the ground.
        A twirling of the cudgel can get you 2 hits. The first hit is mid-
        level, the second hit is closer and higher, missing ducking opponents
        and sometimes thin ones (Wingnut). It has good range, easily reaching
        opponents from the start, decent speed and fair priority, which makes
        it an OK anti-air if done early enough (2nd hit may surprise people)
        as well as stop people up close in mid-animation of their specials.
        Your biggest strength and weakness. Use it often to push people away,
        but don't over-estimate your range as it leaves you open.
        You can't combo from or to this move unless after a deep jump-in.
        An upward swing of the staff; a very good anti-air move. Too bad
        you can't combo from it.
        Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
        A diving knee. It has decent priority, but you're better off with the
        other moves. If you jump straight up, Don will do an extended high
        kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly
        faster than the j.FP.
        When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Too
        slow to be used in combos, but fast enough that people might not see
        it coming. Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
        From farther away, it's a high kick. Very fast, but has a shorter
        range than it may seem, and is not a good anti-air.
        A very fast, medium ranged low-attack to the ankles. You can chain
        a string of these together safely to push people away and build your
        UA Meter.
        A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
        over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Don will do
        a high kick with almost no horizontal range.
        When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK
        from afar. And like Donnie's s.WK, it doesn't go as far as it seems.
        This can miss a ducking opponent completely unless their shadow is
        touching yours (this hits above mid-level, but below high-level).
        The close version isn't a good anti-air, but from farther away, it
        is a high swining roundhouse to the head. The swinging angle gives
        it excellent priority against jumping attacks.
        A long-ranged sliding low attack that sweeps people off their feet.
        Too slow to use effectively, and has too much lag when blocked.
        If you use this, make sure your opponent will fall. The maximum range
        is about 2/3 of the screen away (just to the far side of the clock).
        This makes a sneaky anti-air move from afar because Don is so low to
        the ground, but if people realize you do it, they can have a deep
        attack ready.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| s.WP -> Bo Thrusts                                                        |
| j.FK -> c.FK                                                              |
|       Never forget this; Don's c.FK has so much range you can counter     |
|       outstreched limbs from afar and still combo.                        |
| j.FP -> s.FP                                                              |
|       The first hit must be deep; j.FK may be easier to use               |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.FP, c.WP, FP Bo Thrusts                                                 |
|       Best used if you can cross-up with the j.FP or try j.FK             |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| WP Ground Claw, s.FP                                                      |
|       A quick 2-3 hits if you can hit someone with the tail end of the    |
|       Ground Claw as they're getting up. If you're farther away, use c.FK.|
|Traps                                                                      |
| WP Ground Claw -> s.FP/c.FP/s.FK/Headspin                                 |
|       s.FP for a late-jumper or a jumper from more than 3/4 screen away.  |
|       Headspin if someone is jumping from 1/2 the screen away or closer.  |
|       They can avoid this by learning to jump straight up.                |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| s.WP, FK Throw                                                            |
|       It doesn't matter if they get hit, block, or duck the s.WP, just    |
|       throw them. This depends on surprise as you can be thrown as well.  |
| j.WP, FP Throw                                                            |
|       More desperation than cheap. Time the j.WP so that you hit early,   |
|       deep, or miss completely (either because you missed a cross-up or   |
|       you pulled your bo back or you did it too late), land and throw     |
|       your opponent while they're still scratching their head.            |
| WK Headspin, Throw                                                        |
|       Get close while in the Headspin, but don't hit the opponent. The    |
|       best time to do this is when the opponent is getting up. You want   |
|       trick your foe into blocking. As soon as you stop spinning, you want|
|       to be in range to throw 'em!                                        |

2a. Donatello VS Armaggon
        Open with s.FP; Armaggon may walk into it
        He likes to walk in and attack, leaving himself open to a quick s.FP
        He likes to walk in and throw, also leaving himself open
        He telegraphs his diving swim; block and counter
        He prefers to launch 2 Aqua Shocks in a row; anticipate and leap
                over the 2nd to take the offense
        He likes to Fin Slicer up close, so don't use point-blank projectiles
        Watch out for his reach, not his speed; Donnie can outmatch him with
                the speed of his s.FP alone, just make sure you don't whiff

2b. Donatello VS Wingut
        Open with s.FP; Wingnut may walk into it or jump back
        He almost telegraphs his Moonbuster; jump early over it and use j.FP
        Watch out for his chain combos, they can dizzy you
        His biggest threat is that he can easily Hover in and toss you
        Keep up your anti-airs and don't jump into a Moonbuster
        Despite being so thin, use s.FP anyway; it pushes him away so you can
                use projectiles and anticipate a Moonbuster
        Once trapped in a corner, you can pressure him with s.FP and combos

2c. Donatello VS Leonardo
        Do not try to open with s.FP, Leo may dodge and counter
        He will use his Shining Cutter/FK traps a lot
        Watch out for the range of his Roto-cutter; it can stop your c.FK
        If you can trick Leo into using a Roto-cutter (by being upclose)
                use a Headspin; Leo will fly over you and land on your feet
        A s.FP can trade hits with a Shining Cutter
        From 3/4 of the screen, if your projectiles nullify each other, you
                have enough time to jump and stop his 2nd Shining Cutter
        From 1/3 the screen, if your projectiles nullify each other, use
                s.FP to stuff Leo from doing anything
        If you do stop Leo with a j.FP, so a s.FP immediately so he can't
                have time to use a counter-move

2d. Donatello VS Aska
        Aska may open up with a sliding or jumping weak attack
        Her Spinning Uppercut is nasty and will be used often as an anti-air
        Aska will also use her Uppercuts in short combos off jump-ins
        If you get hit, or block Aska's early-jumping or crouching weak
                attacks, she is open to a throw or strike.
        Aska will use her Kunai Spin attack to close the distance
        You can use your Headspin to counter her specials; she will pass
                through/over you and land on your feet
        Feel safe to use the Headspin up close; you can usually score a hit
                or get Aska to block three or four times
        If you can trap Aska, push her with WK and FK Headspins. Afterwards,
                Aska will counter with a slide, uppercut, or jump; block and
                counter-attack accordingly

2e. Donatello VS BONUS
        Use your s.FP or FP Bo Thrust continually for the most points

2f. Donatello VS C.Shredder
        C.Shredder will use Aura Shield on your fast projectiles
        He can Aura Crusher through your slow projectiles
        C.Shredder prefers to use (j.WK/j.FK -> c.WP -> c.WP -> c.WK -> c.FK)
        He also likes to jump around a lot, and is very fast to boot
        Play defensively; use c.WK and s.FP to keep the distance, s.FP as
                an anti-air from afar and c.FP or backflip and Headspin
                against his close jumps

2g. Donatello VS Raphael
        Open by taking a step forward and using s.FP; if Raph doesn't
                block, he gets hit
        If you are far away, you can use simple j.FP (early) -> s.FP moves to
                push Raph around, he won't use his anti-airs well; he may
                Power Drill pass you, Chest Buster just short, or miss
                with a s.FK; hit with the j.FP and push Raph away with s.FP
        If you jump too close, Raph may c.FP you
        Don't try using projectiles or Headspin, you will lose every time

2h. Donatello VS War
        Open with s.FP; War is wide enough that he will be hit
        Take advantage that War has no real anti-air moves except his WP+SK
                and his Turn Uppercut
        When War uses his Turn Uppercut, duck to avoid it until his arm is
                raised; then quickly stand before it retracts and toss him
        Take advantage that you can use a s.FP after a jump-in safely
        Do not use s.FP at random; War's s.FK has equal range and is faster
        If War starts jumping up and down in place, he is getting ready to
                use his Death from Above special; either block and counter
                or jump back and counter
        War can continualy charge for his Death from Above, and is has almost
                no lag time; if you avoid one, be wary of a follow up attack
        Don't use projectiles or Headspin much, War tends to jump quickly

2i. Donatello VS Michaelangelo
        Open with s.FP; offense-minded Mikey usually walks into it
        Do NOT jump in against Mikey; he's always readies a Rising Thunder
        Mikey prefers simple j.FK -> c.FK combos before moving away and
                tontinuing to "turtle up" as it were ala Guile
        Don can actually Headspin through a fast Dragon Breath as well as
                backflip through one easily
        Slow Dragon Breaths can be avoided by jumping straight up
        Try to anticipate if Mikey will upchuck fire (usually after he
                blocks), take a step in to s.FP his face
        Mikey will try to spit twice in a row, even if you stopped the first;
                anticipate it with a j.FP -> s.FP, and get Mikey to block
        If Mikey is just sitting there, try to walk into s.FP range and
                force him back
        Mikey has a tendency to walk up and Dragon Breath; anticipate it

2j. Donatello VS Chrome Dome
        Open with a step forward and s.FP
        Chrome Dome will counter your projectiles from afar with a Ground
                Spark or a diving FK; if it's the previous, keep firing;
                if it's the latter, wait and counter him
        Don't use projectiles up close, Chrome Dome may use a dive FK
        If C.D. dives over your projectiles, hope you can use a Headspin
                attack quickly; that'll stop his EPD attempt.
        Be careful of C.D. approaching you; he's looking for his EPD!
        Be careful of taking to the skies from afar; C.D. has long reach
        If you can corner C.D., wait at about 2/3 screen range (just to the
                side of the Timer) and use a WP Ground Claw; C.D. will most
                likely dive kick over it, now you can use a Headspin attack
                to counter anything he tries after he lands or s.FK him
                out of the diving kick if you have the right angle

2k. Donatello VS Donatello
        Against a level 7 CPU, wait to see what its first move is
        At some point, it will try to Ground Claw; jump over and combo!
        If the CPU uses a WK Headspin for no reason, you still have time to
                use a j.FP to counter
        Look after ever missed s.FP (its or yours) for the CPU to use a Claw
        You can use the Headspin to trade hits with a close Claw or jump-in
        The CPU is very projectile-happy, but can use combos too

2l. Donatello VS Ratking
        Open with s.FP; like War, Ratking is wide enough to be hit
        Look out for Ratking's flying axe-kick and super Dropkick; both can
                be countered from afar with s.FP
        Try not to use your projecitles much, Ratking will often use his
                super Dropkick to fly over it and throw you
        If Ratking knocks your s.FP out from afar with his axe-kick, he'll
                try to combo with with a c.FK when he flies close; block and
                s.FP his face this time
        If Ratking takes to the air when close, expect a super Dropkick;
                duck and c.FP him from the sky
        If you want to be cheap, constantly use FK Headspin to confuse the
                CPU; Ratking will have trouble countering and may even walk
                into it! At the very least, you can build up your UA meter
                by making him block and boucning out of his Rat Bomber range

2m. Donatello VS Karai
        She is fast and furious; watch out for her jumping attacks
        Don't end up close to Karai as she gets up, she can throw you
        If Karai is putting pressure on you with quick jump-ins and rushing
                attacks, use a Headspin to counter any normal attack she has
        To avoid the flying Rocket Punches, jump straight up; she will wind
                up attacking early, if not, she can only hit you once
        If you want to be cheap, constantly use Headspin to confuse the CPU;
                Karai will have trouble counter-attacking, but she can still
                trade hits if she does

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -3. Raphael -=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The angriest of the turtles, at least outwardly, is clad in a crimson mask.
Raph is perhaps one of, or the MOST cheapest character in the game. The
closest video game analogy I can think of: A cross between Vega/M.Bison and
Guile from Street Fighter. This would exemplify him as a "charge" character,
or a person who is constantly hold down-back in preperation to execute a
[B],F or [D],U move.

Raphael has a very different set of normal attacks compared to his brothers,
and even though he has the shortest ranged weapon, these normal attacks are
usually high priority and have INSANE combo ability.

Much like Leo, Raph's speed and priority give him a great offensive and
defensive game. He does have his quirks, and don't be afraid to cheap!

|HCF+P   Jamboree                                                           |
|       An energy disk forms in Raph's hands before he lobs it.             |
|       The energy disk takes a long while to form, even the FP version,    |
|       but Raph has NO lag time after throwing it.                         |
|       This move is almost uneccessary for Raph, but handy to have.        |
        +No lag time
        +FP moves quickly
        -WP takes too long to create
        -It can go through someone if they're right next to you
|[B],F+P Power Drill                                                        |
|       Raph flies forward, spinning sai-first, knocking people down in one |
|       hit, or if blocked, scores multiple hits.                           |
|       This can be a very cheap way to get close or chip at someone's life.|
        +FP is very fast, and can go the whole stage
        +WP hits multiple times if blocked as well
        +Very quick start up
        +Very little lag at the end of the move if blocked
        -WP has a short range
        -Beware of mid-level attacks like c.WP or jump-ins
|[B],F+K Chest Buster                                                       |
|       Raph somorsaults forward with a high kick to the chest. This is a   |
|       very quick attack with very little lag or start-up.                 |
|       Easy to combo and follow up with more attacks.                      |
|       The WK version goes about 1/3 of the screen, the FK about 2/3.      |
        +Very fast
        +Almost no start-up delay and little lag time
        +Invincibility window at the start and quick forward motion lets
         you pass through ALL projectiles and ALL attacks (FK & WK)
        +High priority kick; you at least trade hits and remain standing
        -This is a [Hold Back 2 sec.] move
        -Armaggon's WP Aqua Shock requires expert timing to pass through w/SK
        -This has more lag time than the Power Drill, so beware of throws
|U.A.    Energy Spray                                                       |
|       Raph will fly.. err.. slowly hover into the air and rain down a     |
|       volley of fireballs from the sky across the floor.                  |
|       During this time, he is completely invincible until he lands.       |
        +Wide-angle of attack
        +Scores multiple hits, even if blocked
        +Will RE-dizzy someone if all the hits connect
        -Wingnut can float in mid-air and avoid most of this attack from afar
        -Anyone, if close enough, can run under Raph as he jumps
        -If someone jumps up, this only hits once and does little damage
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
        A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss German Suplex
        A German Back Suplex. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B    Backflip
        All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
        invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
        feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
        +Complete Invincibility
        -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
        An easy, but weak cross-up move.
        +Easy cross-up move
        This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks
        and some air-attacks. Raph takes a quick, high swipe with his blade
        and does not retract his elbow.
        Not bad as an anti-air; it has more range than you'd expect. For Raph,
        if you're going to have a mid-air collision, may as well as use WP.
        From afar, the s.WP is a slow forearm. It's too slow and short ranged
        to be used in combos, or in general, but strangely has the priority
        to stop long reaching moves like C.Shredder's s.FK if you do it
        before he attacks.
        Up close, it's the standard turtle "fast & really high elbow".
        A crouching jab. The sai he's holding gives him a bit more range
        than Donnie, and it barely slows the attack down.
        It is fast enough in short combos, but you can use better moves.
        It can stop mid-level charging attacks, such as Raph's Power Drill
        or Rat King's flying Axe-Kick safely.
        A downward punch. For a combo-starter, it can get you a deep hit,
        but isn't as good as the other turtles' j.FP. It is not a swing, so
        as an anti-air, it's not so great.
        When far away, this is a fairly short-ranged swipe with his Sai.
        Up close, it's an uppercut which is decent at stopping jump-ins, but
        is even more effective in combos.
        A skyward stab with his sai.
        This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game.
        This has less horizontal anti-air range compared to his brothers,
        but its' great for anyone about to jump on top of you.
        Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.
        A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Raph's other moves.
        If you jump straight up, Raph will do an extended high kick.
        The range is also very limited, but it comes out faster than
        his j.FP. The horizontal j.WK hits deeper than j.WP.
        If you're not next to your opponent, Raph does a zippy straight kick.
        Best move for him ever. It's fast enough to keep an opponent blocking
        and has a surprisingly long range. It can be used to snuff close
        attacks with it's speed, or be part of Raph's pressure games since
        you can rifle off three or so before an opponent gets pushed away.
        When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins.
        Opponents must block LOW to stop this.
        Raph's speed lets him follow this shin kick with a s.WK (far)!
        A very fast, long ranged low-attack to the ankles. One of the best
        in the game, this move is fast and long ranged, giving it a high
        priority. After a few s.WKs, do a few c.WK or c.FK to drive your
        opponent farther. And like the s.WK, it can still combo!
        A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
        for Raph as his j.FP can't cross-up.
        The standard turtle s.FK from long-range, the angle he kicks is great
        for knocking people out of the air.
        Up close, it's a weird 2-hit, short-ranged hopping kick. The first
        hit is high (which works as a weird anti-air), the second is
        mid-level. Larger opponents can't duck the first hit.
        A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet.
	Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| FP Jamboree, s.FP                                                         |
|       You have to be pretty close for the s.FP to hit. Don't hit the FP   |
|       too soon or the uppercut comes out.                                 |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.FK, c.WK, FK Chest Buster                                               |
| j.FP, s.FP, FP Power Drill                                                |
| j.FP, s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, c.WK, FK Chest Buster                             |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| FP Jamboree, s.FP, Chest Buster                                           |
|       A "behind the head" combo that doesn't have to start off with "hit  |
|       them behind the head"! In fact, you should be fairly close to them  |
|       so you can connect with the close s.FP, but far enough so that the  |
|       Jamboree doesn't pass through them.                                 |
| WP Jamboree, j.FP, s.FP, Chest Buster                                     |
|       From 2/3 to even all the way across the screen, use a WP Jamboree   |
|       and immediately follow it in.                                       |
|Traps                                                                      |
| WK Chest Buster, s.WK, s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, Repeat                           |
|       Best used on a cornered opponent; keep the pressure on!             |
|       They can avoid this by learning to throw you after the Chest Buster.|
| FP Power Drill, c.WK, c.WK, c.WK, Repeat                                  |
|       You can constantly cross them up and drain life.                    |
|       They can avoid this by learning to reverse throw you.               |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| Power Drill, Throw                                                        |
|       Best done if the opponent isn't cornered or you bounce too far after|
|       the last blocked hit. If the opponent is cornered, switch to the    |
|       c.WK trap. Be careful, the opponent also has a chance to throw you! |
|       Against the CPU, if you cross them up with this, you have an almost |
|       perfect chance to throw them.                                       |
| Chest Buster, Throw                                                       |
|       The Chest Buster ends much faster than the Power Drill, so it won't |
|       chip off as much life, but it's more unexpected, the opponent may   |
|       forget they have a (better) chance to throw you.                    |
|       The Chest Buster doesn't bounce you back too far if blocked, so     |
|       you can do this even if the opponent is cornered.                   |
|       You don't even have to HIT with the Chest Buster, you can miss and  |
|       still have time to surprise someone with a throw.                   |
|       Careful! The CPU does NOT forget! Use the Power Drill instead.      |
| Jamboree, Throw                                                           |
|       On a cornered opponent, use a WP Jamboree or BotH Jamboree and      |
|       follow it in to throw them!                                         |
| j.FP, throw                                                               |
|       Try to cross-up with j.FP and let your fist draw back before you    |
|       land; opponents may instinctively block allowing you to throw them! |
| s.WK, s.WK, c.WK, WK Chest Buster, repeat                                 |
|       You can have your opponent anywhere on the screen, and put the      |
|       pressure ON! This is both a trap and a cheap.                       |

3a. Raphael VS War
        Power Drill! Power Drill! Power Drill!
        You can cheap him to death, or start pouncing on him with j.FP;
                War's anti-air's are few and far between
        Just beware of War's strength, his poking range, and that he can stop
                a Power Drill with his Turn Uppercut from afar

3b. Raphael VS Raphael
        If the CPU jumps, try a c.FP to stop him
        Don't rashly jump in, the CPU can also use c.FP to stop you
        Don't randomly use Power Drills, the CPU can Jamboree you out
        Use a Power Drill after a normal move, such as a c.FK or when the CPU
                wanders too close
        The CPU is quick enough to try and walk up and throw you; have c.WK
                or c.FK ready and follow it up with a special
        The CPU can fire off Jamborees; either backflip, jump straight up,
                or use a last-second Chest Buster to go through them
        The CPU likes to jump in with j.FK->c.FK; block and Chest Buster!
        You can exploit a bug in the CPU: perform a BotH Jabboree while
                they're cornered that just overshoots them and the CPU will
                likely do a Jamboree after waking up (instead of a Chest
                Buster to avoid the BotH); now as they're charging, (or are
                standing, confused) walk up to them and throw them

3c. Raphael VS C.Shredder
        Shredder likes to open with a j.WK; you can almost always use an
                early j.FP at the start to stop him (you jump faster) or
                wait and use a c.FP
        You can use a well-timed c.FP to stop all of the CPU's jump-ins
        Be careful of using flying moves indiscrimanantely, the CPU can
                use a Knee Crusher to stop you or trade hits
        Take advantage of the forward momentum of your Chest Buster to avoid
                being pinned down
        If you get to use your UA, the CPU won't try to block it, but rather
                try to counter it (unsuccessfully)
        The CPU doesn't use wake-up moves, so feel free to jump on him when
                he's down with a combo-starter such as j.FP
        After blocking anything Shredder throws at you (c.FK, Aura Crusher,
                etc.) he may try to jump in again; if you anticipate this,
                you can do a Chest Buster to stop him before he jumps

3d. Raphael VS Michaelangelo
        Mikey likes to slide a lot; use your Chest Buster to stop him before
                he recovers from one of them or if does one close-up, block
                and throw
        You could Chest Buster through Mikey's fireballs, but if you're far
                away it may be safer to block them or jump straight up
        If Mikey throws out Dynamite Bombers, counter with Chest Buster
        Don't jump on Mike when he's down, he can Rising Thunder or throw as
                a wake-up
        Use your c.WK to ward Mike away from his ol' walk-in-and-throw
        Mikey likes to backflip and jump back; take advantage by learning to
                tag him at the end of these moves
        Mikey is fast enough to counter many of your cheap-throw attempts!
        To avoid his jump-ins, use a c.FP or Chest Buster as a wake-up

3e. Raphael VS Bonus
        A combination of c.FK & s.FP nets you a perfect with seconds to spare
        Use c.FK to weaken the lower 2, and s.FP the closer 2

3f. Raphael VS Aska
        After a jump-in, Aska will usually slide. Block and throw her
        If Aska slides up-close, you can block and throw her, otherwise a
                Chest Buster should reach
        Stick to the ground and don't overuse your special attacks to avoid
                her Spinning Uppercut
        The worst Aska can do is Kunai Spin repeatedly to charge her bar
        You can backflip or even try to Chest Buster through her Kikoken
        Beware of her jump attacks, they can knock you out of a Power Drill
                and may stop a s.FK, so use c.FP or Chest Buster
        In fact, you can use c.FP almost endlessly as Aska tries to jump in
        If you manage to block her WP Spinning Uppercut, you can walk in and
                throw her
        Aska will likely follow her Kunai Spin attack with a WP and
                another Kunai Spin. Block and wait for a break, or Chest
                Buster before she can stick out her WP
        If Aska jumps-in and doesn't slide, keep blocking
        Always throw holding AWAY after blocking. Or always throw with FP
                after blocking. Going from block to toward may result in a
                special attack which Aska will block and throw

3g. Raphael VS Wingnut
        You can constantly cheap Wingnut with Power Drills and throws.
        You can follow a missed j.FP with a throw
        Wingnut's Moonbuster can stop a Power Drill, but Wingnut can't throw
                any if he starts falling
        Wingnut is prone to BotH fireball combos
        Wingnut's standing close Punch is a good anti-air, but his s.FK has
                a small window where you can land and throw him
        Wingnut's c.WK has more priority than yours, and his s.FP can go over
                your c.WK
        Your Chest Buster works as an anti-air to most of Wingnut's moves

3h. Raphael VS Armaggon
        Beware of that Fin Slicer! It can counter your Power Drills
        Beware, Armaggon's c.WK may have more priority than your own, and his
                c.FK comes out just as fast
        Armaggon's jumps are too low and quick, your c.FP may miss him
        Don't worry too much about Armaggon using jump attacks (unless you
                stick out an anti-air); just Chest Buster him out of the sky
        If you get hit or block his Diving Swim, you can throw him. Just hold
                away as you throw or else you may use a special move
        Feel free to pressure Armaggon in the corner with fireballs & throws
        You can FK Chest Buster through Armaggon's FP Aqua shock easily, but
                only do if you can hit him; Armaggon recovers quickly

3i. Raphael VS Leonardo
        Raph vs Leo is speed vs strength. It's such a close match, I've had
                my share of double-dizzies
        You can use a Jamboree to stop Leo's Shining Cutter from half a
                screen away and still have time to walk up and s.FP him from
                afar as he's trying to use another fireball
        Use your FK Chest Buster to bust through any Shining Cutter pressure
                Leo may dish out
        All fights with Leo tend to be long and drawn out, so feel free to
                cheese at any time possible
        Leo is fireball happy; anticipate when Leo will throw his fireball
        If Leo fireballs from full screen, you can jump straight up and inch
                your way forward
        Leo likes using the Shining Cutter at the end of combos; have a Chest
                Buster waiting while Leo's still lagging
        Leo also likes using the Shining Cutter when you're cornered; have a
                Chest Buster waiting to blow through it
        You can actually win a fireball fight if you use a WP Jamboree
                followed by an FP Jamboree. The CPU will try to Shining
                Cutter both and fail
        You can also use your own fireball trap with FP Jamboree followed by
                a c.FP if Leo jumps toward you

3j. Raphael VS Chrome Dome
        It's so unfair that Raph faces off against C.D. (the hardest fight
                Raph may have in the game) right after Leo
        The Power Drill is a safe opening move
        Don't try to throw Chrome Dome unless after a Power Drill, he'll EPD
                you almost every time; also use your FP throw, if you miss
                the close s.FP comes out faster than the close s.FK
        You will need to lure C.D. into the middle of the stage to use Power
                Drill cross-up throws
        Chrome Dome has almost total air-superiority with his s.WP and j.FK
        Use your jumping body press or j.WP for priority; if you hit early,
                quickly jump back before C.D. uses his EPD
        Don't think you can use Chest Buster as an anti-air often unless you
                catch C.D. just starting a jump; if he gets to his apex, C.D.
                will j.WK you out of the Chest Buster
        You can use Power Drills as anti-airs; C.D.'s counters usually fail
        You can also use c.FP (close) and s.FP (far) early (before C.D.
                starts to drop) to cleanly hit him, or late to trade hits
        If you're lucky and can hit C.D. out of the air, walk forward a few
                steps; when he gets up, he'll jump at you again so get ready
                your c.FP/s.FP/s.FK!
        Wait for C.D. to use C.Sparks; jump over it and move in closer
        Be careful of playing foot poke-games with C.D., if you come up short
                trying to psych the CPU out, they will hit you with c.FK
        If you can anticipate it, you can use a Power Drill to go over the
                Chrome Spark
        Chrome Dome's favorite combo is to jump in and use c.WK a lot
        If you block C.D.'s jump-in, he uses an EPD
        If C.D. jumps in short, he walks in and throws you
        To take a good chunk of C.D.'s life, connect with a Drill/Throw at
                the start; this puts C.D. in the corner; use a BotH Jamboree
                and follow with a quick j.FP and s.FP to dizzy him!

3k. Raphael VS Donatello
        The Power Drill is great to open; you can toss Don into the corner
        Be careful of jumping in against Don, his FP is a great anti-air
        Don may also use c.FK as an anti-air, so jump in with j.FK instead!
        With timing, an early j.FP can stop Don's s.FP
        When Don starts doing s.FP for no apparent reason, he's going to use
                a Bo Thrust soon
        If Don does a Bo Thrust up close, block and Chest Buster
        Don is smart enough not to fall for BotH fireballs
        To make things easier, use your Jamboree to keep Don at bay
        Per hit, Don does more damage than Raph; don't trade hits too much

3l. Raphael VS Ratking
        Not a hard match considering Rat King is a boss
        Regular throws have more priority compared to FK's Ratbomber; you
                can do a high/deep j.FP and have time to land and FP throw
        Don't worry if Ratking gets too close when you're down; wake-up with
                a throw
        Ratking pretty much wins if he dizzies you for a Rat Bomber
        Your s.FP (close) can be a good anti-air if Rat King tries to Super
                Dropkick to get close or cross-up
        Beware of R.K's flying axe-kick; he usually follows it up with c.FK
        One trap you can use it to s.WK while holding back, Ratking'll either
                do a jump attack or the flying axe-kick; Chest Buster!

3m. Raphael VS Karai
        Karai's sliding attacks all have priority over your c.WK
        Be careful of using Power Drills, Karai can s.FK you out of it
        You barely have enough range to use a Power Drill at the start, but
                Karai is so thin you may not be able to throw her afterward
        You have to be very close to Karai (she's thinner than she looks) to
                throw or combo her
        To avoid Karai's Rocket Punches, either jump up to get hit only once,
                or use a Special to go through and hit her as she lands,
                or try your luck at a jumping FP
        Karai is a sucker for BotH fireballs
        When Karai is knocked down, time a j.FP that will hit when she gets
                up; Karai may not block allowing you to combo
        Beware! Karai gets out of being dizzy very quickly
        If Karai is dizzy, you may not have enough time to do a deep jump-in
                attack, but a regular j.FK, c.WK, Chest Buster combo works
        The best cheap against Karai is if you manage to throw her into the
                corner (off a Power Drill cross-up at the start is nice):
                throw a BotH Jamboree at 1/3-1/2 screen away and Karai will
                take the hit;
                c.FK and immediately WP Jamboree, Karai will block this;
                You have enough time to throw Karai back into the corner;
                Repeat! (you can get 29000+ points with the Timer On)

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -4. Michaelangelo - =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The party animal of the quartet wears a bright orange bandana and can usually
be found skipping practice in favor of grinding his board or eating pizza.
Mikey's nunchaku carry a fair range and speed and makes for a good character
for first-timers to try. Like Raphael, Mikey's moves are mostly charging.

Mikey's special attacks are nothing terribly special, but they are very
versatile. He has a quick horizontal attack, a good vertical anti-air, and
a quick projectile. Be careful of using his Dragon Breath projectile, you
may end up using his Dynamite Bomber instead.

His regular attacks are also fairly quick and have good priority, but his
ace-in-the-hole is his powerful and highly useful UA. It virtually teleports
him in front of his enemy as he unleashes a series of high & low attacks.
All in all, with reach, speed, and power, if Michaelangelo players turtle up,
he becomes the most over-powered character in the game. Opponents should be
thankful the Dragon Breath has lag time!

|HCF+P   Dragon Breath                                                      |
|       Mikey rears his head back and spits out a small, eye-level bullet.  |
|       The blast is quick, forms fast, and has very little lag afterwards. |
        +FP version moves very quickly
        +Very little lag time
        -It can go through someone if they're right next to you
        -It goes right over Chrome Dome's Chrome Spark
        -The Dynamite Bomber may come out if you hold Back too long
|[B],F+P Dynamite Bomber                                                    |
|       Mikey lunges forward in the shape of a ball, scoring muliple hits   |
|       on standing opponents. The WP version is slower, stays up longer,   |
|       has a shorter horizontal range, and hits at most twice instead of 6.|
|       People can duck under a lot of the hits, and you may end up flying  |
|       over your opponent with the FP version if you start too close which |
|       is just asking to be thrown                                         |
        +FP hits multiple times for good block damage
        +WP hits multiple times as well
        +Very quick start up
        +Very little lag at the end of the move, can follow w/s.FP!
        +Can hop over Chrome Dome's & Donatello's projectiles
        +If blocked by a standing opponent, FP raises the UA Bar quickly
        -FP version will go over ducking opponents if done too close
        -WP has a short range
        -WP hits fewer times and the hits don't combo
        -NOTHING combos into this move (s.WP, deep jump-in, BotH fireball...)
        -Can be easily countered from afar by any high-hitting move
        -If War doesn't block, WP or FP, you only get 2 non-consecutive hits
        -If War doesn't block, you can't follow it up with s.FP
|[D],U+P Rising Thunder                                                     |
|       Michaelangelo flies up with his nunchaku twirling. There is a very  |
|       small window of invincibility at the start up motion, before Mikey's|
|       feet leave the ground. This is not enough to go through projectiles |
|       (unless you're getting up into one), but it can go through all      |
|       normal attacks.                                                     |
        +Very fast
        +Invincibility window at start-up
        +Amazing range (WP hits from nearly half-a-screen!)
        +WP knocks down in one-hit
        +FP scores multiple hits
        +Both score multiple hits if blocked by a standing opponent
        +Little delay or start-up
        -This is a [Hold Down 2 sec.] move
        -Not fully invincible
        -Vulnerable coming down
|U.A.    Dance of Fury (Chougi Ranbouhen!)                                  |
|       Mikey dashes forward with a close s.WK that his brothers use and    |
|       then unleashes ALMOST every normal move he has! A low kick, straight|
|       kick, far s.FP, far s.FK, s.WP, close s.FP, close s.FK, c.WP, and a |
|       FP Rising Thunder finish!                                           |
|       This move is 100% invincible when Michaelangelo dashes (any time    |
|       before he unleashes his attack) and immediately transports him to   |
|       where his opponent's shadow is.                                     |
|       Because this starts off as a dash and not an attack, it's nigh-     |
|       unblockable! This does not mean it is a throw however, as if you    |
|       follow up a WP Dragon Breath from across the screen with this, the  |
|       opponent can block everything because they'll be in their blocking  |
|       animation due to the Breath. (they must block LOW for the first hit |
|       of the U.A. hits low) They'll suffer block damage from the Dance,   |
|       but you won't get any points for the U.A.'s block damage.           |
        +Very fast
        +Hard to block
        +Can COMBO with it!
        +Invincible dash!
        +Scores multiple hits even if blocked
        +Invincible when landing too!
        -Easy to avoid: just jump forward; Mikey leaves himself open during
         his attacks (not the Rising Thunder portion) and when landing
        -Projectiles can still hit Mike during his attacks
FP Toss Shoulder Toss
        A "seoi-nage" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
FK Toss Giant Swing
        A swinging throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
B, B    Backflip
        All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete
        invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment
        feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
        +Complete Invincibility
        -You're moving backwards
D+WP<a> Body Press <in air only>
        An easy, but weak cross-up move.
        +Easy cross-up move
        This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks
        and some air-attacks. Mikey swipes with his Nunchaku and does not
        retract his elbow. This hits high and has decent range, making it a
        decent mid-air anti-air if you're about to meet someone nose-to-beak.
        Both from afar and up close, the s.WP is the same; a slow forearm.
        It's slow and short ranged, so it's not too useful. I can 2-in-1
        with the Rising Thunder and does have a decent priority to ward away
        chest-level attacks such as C.Shredder's s.FK with practice.
        A fairly ranged attack for a crouching strike. This is actually slow
        compared to all the c.WP attacks everyone else has; it's about the
        same speed as Leo's c.WP. It still is fast enough in combos to 2-in-1
        with the Rising Thunder.
        A downward hammer with both hands and a nunchaku. Like Don, it is
        possible, but difficult, to cross-up with. A slightly weaker version
        compared to Leo and Don, but it's still good against stopping attacks
        done from the ground.
        From afar Mikey will swing sky-ward using a nunchaku like a ranged
        flail. Up close, it becomes a downward slash like Leo's, but much
        faster. Though not a combo, they're quick enough to use one after
        another to build up your U.A. and to give you some breathing room.
        This has good reach too, so don't be too shy about using it.
        Standard turtle anti-air upward swing. Virtually identical to Don's
        including the high aim (forget about hitting crouchers who block)
        and non-combo ability.
        A diving knee. It has decent priority, but you're better off with the
        other moves. If you jump straight up, Mike will do an extended high
        kick. The range is also very limited, and it comes out only slightly
        faster than the j.FP.
        It looks like a good anti-air move from afar, but it just doesn't
        have as much priority like say his c.FP would have.
        This looks the high upward FK 3 out of 4 turtles have up close.
        Because it hits rather high, people up close and duck under it.
        A very fast, short ranged low-slide to the ankles. It doesn't have
        as MUCH lag as other characters may have, but I would reccomend
        against using this. It's low damage and doesn't add much to your UA.
        A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move
        over-shadowed only by the j.FP. If you jump straight up, Mike will do
        a high kick with almost no horizontal range.
        When next to your opponent, this is an upward kick, like the s.WK.
        This can miss a ducking opponent completely. Like Mikey's s.WK, it
        looks like an OK anti-air, but when the opponent is that close,
        they're on top of your head. If you don't have the Rising Thunder
        ready, use a c.FP instead or a backflip to get away.
        From farther away, this is a high roundhouse to the head. A sweeping
        motion means excellent priority against jumping attacks.
        A long-ranged sliding low attack that sweeps people off their feet.
        Too slow to use effectively, and has too much lag when blocked.
        If you use this, make sure your opponent will fall. The maximum range
        is about 2/3 of the screen away (just to the far side of the clock).
        This makes a sneaky anti-air move from afar because Mike gets low to
        the ground, but if people realize you do it, they can have a deep
        attack ready.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| c.WP, Rising Thunder                                                      |
| s.WP, WP Rising Thunder                                                   |
|       Hold down, release the D-Pad for half-a-second to do a s.WP, then   |
|       hit Up + P.                                                         |
| Dynamite Bomber, s.FP/c.FK                                                |
| WP Dragon Breath, Dance of Fury                                           |
|       Let the Breath hit BotH or from full-screen.                        |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.FK, c.WP, FP Rising Thunder                                             |
|       Cross-up with j.FK to get the most out of the Rising Thunder        |
|       If done on a thin or short opponent (or if you didn't cross them    |
|       up) use a WP Rising Thunder instead to knock them down.             |
| WP Dragon Breath, j.FK, c.FK                                              |
|       From about 2/3 to 3/4 of the screen, you can follow the Breath in   |
|       and leap with a jumping attack.                                     |
| FP Dynamite Bomber, WP Rising Thunder                                     |
|       From up close (all 6 hits of the D.Bomber), this may score enough   |
|       hits to RE-DIZZY somebody!                                          |
|       You may use FP Rising Thunder for more hits, but against opponents  |
|       who don't take all the hits (thin, short), the WP Rising Thunder at |
|       least does more damage and knocks them down.                        |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| Dragon Breath, s.FP/c.FK                                                  |
|       From 1/2 the screen (right under the clock), make sure they get up  |
|       and get overlapped by the Dragon Breath.                            |
|       From as far away as the far end of the clock, you can use a c.FK.   |
| FP Dynamite Bomber, FP Rising Thunder                                     |
|       The "Holy Crap!" combo of the game; this nets you enough hits on a  |
|       standing opponent (except War; he's too short) to RE-DIZZY them.    |
|       Karai will not be Re-dizzied by this; she'll require more hits.     |
|Traps                                                                      |
| Dragon Breath, c.FK/s.FP/s.FK/c.FP                                        |
|       Much like all the other fireball traps, Mikey can recover after his |
|       D.Breath to nail an opponent that jumps toward you with a variety   |
|       of pain. The c.FK is for those who land farther away and the c.FP   |
|       is for those who are going be on top of you.                        |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| Dynamite Bomber, Throw                                                    |
|       Land in front of their face without hitting them, then throw them!  |
|       This is more of a psych-out than a cheap.                           |
| Dragon Breath, Throw                                                      |
|       On a cornered opponent, use a WP Breath or a BotH Breath and follow |
|       it in to throw them!                                                |
| j.FP, throw                                                               |
|       Try to cross-up with j.FP and let your attack draw back before you  |
|       land; opponents may instinctively block allowing you to throw them! |
| j.FP, s.FP, s.FP                                                          |
|       Hit early with j.FP. This isn't a cheap as it is a quick method of  |
|       building up your UA bar.                                            |

4a. Michaelangelo VS Armaggon
        This should give you a taste of what Mike can do
        Your s.FP can keep Armaggon safely away if he tries to walk up to you
        Your c.FP, or even s.FP, can hit Armaggon out of a jump-in
        Use WP Rising Thunders unless you're comboing, Armaggon may use a Fin
                Slicer if you miss (you can block it), so have another
                Rising Thunder (or an attack) ready!
        Note that the WP Rising Thunder's horizontal range is HUGE; take
                advantage of that as you see Armaggon jump toward you
        You can safely nullify Armaggon's Aqua Shock with a Dragon Breath or
                just block/jump over them
        As a psych-out, jump straight up and use j.FP at the peak of your
                jump; block as Armaggon may use a late Fin Slicer
        Remember you throw Armaggon after blocking his Dive attack
        After building up Mikey's UA meter with s.FP and WP Rising Thunders,
                his Dance of Fury is almost never stopped by the CPU
        If Armaggon ever uses a s.WK, he'll most likely follow it up with a
                s.FK, and then a c.FK; the s.FK may miss if you duck
        Don't try to jump short to psych the CPU out; they may either throw
                you when you land or use a Fin Slicer to counter
        Armaggon's Fin Slicer is invincible at start up, but can trade hits
                with an early jumping attack

4b. Michaelangelo VS Wingnut
        Be careful of using Dynamite Bomber against Wingnut, lots of his
                attacks can counter you
        Wingnut loves to use jumping attacks and a string of c.WK moves;
                always be ready to block low
        Don't be bashful about using s.FP; with its range and speed, you may
                catch Wingnut off guard, or at least build up your UA bar
        Be careful if Wingnut tries to Hover around you a lot; try to have a
                WP Rising Thunder charged up to interrupt even if you take
                a few hits, its can tag Wingnut even if he is retreating

4c. Michaelangelo VS Leonardo
        It's all about range and if you can see it; Leo will constantly use
                fireball traps, so be aware of the range of your attacks to
                decide which counter to use for Leo's traps
        Be extremely limber with your fingers, always be ready to send a
                barrage of Dragon Breaths to counter Leo's Shining Cutters
                or to bait him into a trap
        Be careful about starting the round with a Dragon Breath, Leo can
                reach you with his s.FP; take a few steps back
        For a fireball fight, remember that your s.FP can follow after the
                fireballs cancel each other and tag Leo; it can at least
                trade hits at its maximum range with you doing more damage
        You can also use a c.FK after a fireball fight to try and knock Leo
                down (most likely during trading hits as well)
        Keep track of how often you trade hits; I advise you to trade hits
                only to get out of a jam, if you get hit my too many specials
                you get dizzy quicker
        If you jump over a fireball from far away, get ready to use a j.FP
                at your peak because Leo will probably try to use his s.FP
                to nail you when you land
        If you're close when you jump over a fireball, try to jump as soon
                as you see Leo cross his arms; not earlier or else he will
                do a Roto-Cutter; and stick out a j.FK which hits deeper
                than your j.FP
        If you manage to tag Leo out of a Shining Cutter (or lag from one)
                with a j.FK, IMMEDIATELY use a c.FK to sweep him down, any
                later and Leo may block and counter with c.WK; if he does,
                s.FP Leo's feet
        Be careful of using BotH fireball combos, Leo can wake-up with a
                Roto-Cutter to pass through the fireball; if you're near Leo
                when he's getting up and aren't close enough to be thrown,
                block and nail Leo when he's landing (with a combo)
        When Leo jumps in, watch out for his j.FK which can cross-up, his
                c.FK which follows up, and his fireball combo-ender

4d. Michaelangelo VS Aska
        After a jump-in, Aska will usually slide. Block and throw her
        If Aska slides up-close, you can block and throw her, otherwise a
                s.FP will stop her from doing another slide
        If Aska follows a jump-in with a Kunai Spin Attack, block it all and
                unlease a Rising Thunder before she gets to spin again
        If Aska jumps in from afar, the upward swing of your s.FP will hit
                her; if she jumps in from up close, a c.FP can work; if Aska
                looks like she's going to cross you up, just block
        Aska won't usually walk up and throw you, but she will use it as a
                counter for your specials

4e. Michaelangelo VS Bonus
        s.FP all the way through; it hits all 4 chests without moving you
                foward and into danger and nets a hefty time bonus (7 sec.)

4f. Michaelangelo VS C.Shredder
        If you use a Dynamite Bomber, C.Shredder will use an Knee Crusher; if
                he misses, he follows up with a c.FK (blockable)
        Shredder likes to use j.WK a lot; if he's not going to jump on top of
                you, a c.FP will stop him
        It's overly easy to constantly trick C.Shredder into jumping,
                especially if you knock him into the corner
        If Shredder hits with his j.WK, he will combo with c.WP a few times;
                you can get a WP Rising Thunder after the first c.WP
        Try to always have a Rising Thunder ready, the incredible range
                can stop a lot of Shredder's moves from afar including his
                jump-ins, crouching attacks, walk-ins, and psych-outs
        Be careful of over-using the WP Rising Thunder as you are especially
                vulnerable after you reach the peak
        C.Shredder may try to psych you out with walk in (s.WK, s.FK) and
                (c.WK, c.FK, c.WK) combos; remember to counter appropriately

4g. Michaelangelo VS Raphael
        Watch out for Raph's Chest Buster at the start; if he does one, you
                can counter with a throw or combo
        Raph isn't as powerful as he could be since he falls for fireball
                traps rather easily, you even have time to jump and attack
        Raph's jump-ins are so slow they can be stopped with a jumping attack
                if you don't want to c.FP/s.FK/s.FP/c.FK or Rising Thunder
        If Raph backflips in the corner to avoid a move, so a s.FP; it'll
                hit him just as he leaves the backflip
        Raph doesn't have much in the way of psyches and traps, he likes to
                throw Mike a lot, including walking up to you and jumping in

4h. Michaelangelo VS War
        War likes to charge at you, including using a series of headbutts
                and Turning Punches, or just jumping in
        Your s.FP can reach War at the start
        A quick s.FP may even catch him as War jumps away
        Be very afraid of War's Turning Punch: it does massive damage, can
                dizzy you quickly, chips off a lot of health, puts War in
                range to throw you if it doesn't hit, and has long range
        If War starts to use his Turning Punch to get close (from far range)
                then get ready to c.FK; don't worry, if he blocks you're
                still safe
        One of War's traps is to stick you in the corner and jump-in with a
                deep fierce, s.WP, s.WK, s.FK, s.FP to keep you pinned
        Your best bet is to turtle up and ready your WP Rising Thunder,
                occassionally using a Dragon Breath to keep War away
        Use your WP Rising Thunder to hit War out of his long-ranged attacks
                or to push War away; NEVER use a FP Rising Thunder, War's
                attack range can catch you from 1/3 of the screen
        War may overshoot you with his Death from Above and if he lands
                he'll use a s.FP right away
        If you have the health to spare, throw a WP fireball at War, he'll
                use a Death from Above which you block and immedately
                use either c.FK or walk closer and s.FP

4i. Michaelangelo VS Michaelangelo
        Mirror matches are hard aren't they?
        The CPU will usually throw a few vollies of fireballs which you can
                sit back and block to keep a Rising Thunder charged; don't
                try to move forward as the CPU recovers too quickly
        If you can anticipate a set of fireballs, cancel the first with your
                own and smack the CPU out of the animation for the second
        The CPU will most likely have a FP Rising Thunder ready; if you're
                still standing, counter!
        The CPU will use simple combos like j.FK, c.FK; block the c.FK when
                you can and counter him
        Be careful, the CPU will switch tactics between turtling up and
                forcing you to jump forward, walking up to you and throwing
                you, and jumping in with short combos
        Be careful with your fireballs, s.FP, and even WP Rising Thunders;
                never use fireballs unless you're really far away, the CPU
                can knock you out or backflip to avoid the s.FP, and the CPU
                can use c.FK to catch you after a blocked Rising Thunder
        When the CPU starts walking toward you, charge for a Rising Thunder
                and get ready to use c.WP to keep them away in case
        The CPU likes to walk in and throw, but also likes to walk in and
                jump back; try to WP Rising Thunder if you see them jump,
                or c.WP if they start getting too close for comfort, but if
                you Thunder too early or guess incorrectly, the CPU blocks
                and will sweep you off your feet
        Don't crouch and block the entire time, you need to avoid as much
                damage as possible, including tick damage from Dragon Breath;
                learn to jump straight up to avoid them so you don't jump
                forward into a CPU counter-move
        If you throw a fireball from afar, the CPU might block it, but it
                also likes jumping forward or straight up; always follow
                your Breath and get in range to use a s.FP to push the CPU
                back or knock them out of mid-jump

4j. Michaelangelo VS Chrome Dome
        This is slightly easier than with the other turtles
        Your Dynamite Bomber is actually a good weapon here; it can take out
                a lot of C.D.'s air moves and is quick enough to hit him
                when his limbs are retracting
        If you can time it, Dynamite Bomber over a Ground Spark and end it
                with s.FP to do some real damage
        You can still use your Rising Thunder to counter lots of C.D.'s moves
                such as his jump-ins and stretchy limbs
        You can use fireballs, but C.D. may be dead before your traps or
                fireball wars end (your Breath goes over his Spark); C.D.
                might land on the slower fireballs
        If C.D. does his diving angled kick over your fireball, you can jump
                and try to intercept him in mid-air, backflip if he'll tag
                you, or walk back before he attacks (he's jumping straight
                up) and s.FP when he's decending
        If you knock down Chrome Dome in the corner, try to Dynamite Bomber
                him as he gets up, C.D. will block, immediately follow the
                Bomber witha c.WP into a WP Rising Thunder; C.D. will
                likely block and follow up with a diving kick which you can
                counter with s.FK and c.FK to trip C.D. before he even lands!
        Be careful of just walking up to C.D., he can trip or throw you

4k. Michaelangelo VS Donatello
        A fairly easly fight, the CPU doesn't use any wake-up moves that can
                really bother you except for his throw
        Do not use a fireball from within half the screen, Don can either
                jump over it and nail you, or manage to snuff you with his bo
        Don is easy to pressure with s.FP, Dragon Breath from afar, Rising
                Thunder, and c.FK; you can slide in with c.FK from afar as
                long as you don't wind up close enough to be thrown
        Don's use of his specials are predicatable; he'll get distance before
                trying to Ground Claw; he'll use WP and FP a lot before he
                uses a Bo Thrust, and the Headspin he does after standing in
                place too long, and he won't move that much after doing it
        Don't rely too much on cheap throws, but you can combo the stuffing
                out of Don and knock him off his feet and pressure him into
                the corner with BotH Dragon Breaths
        From the corner, Don will try to bust out with a jumping attack if
                you stick close enough or try to use a fireball from up close
        If you use a Dynamite Bomber from across the screen, Don might just
                use a Ground Claw that will go under you; if the Bomber hits,
                combo it with a c.FK; if the Bomber misses, throw Don
        Don may go into "endless Ground Claw" mode, just measure when the
                fast one will come out and hit Don's outstreched arms with
                a jumping attack

4l. Michaelangelo VS Ratking
        It's fairly easy to turtle up against Ratking, just duck and c.WP
                the entire match; it can stop Ratking's flying axe-kick (or
                at least trade hits) and lets you charge up a Rising Thunder
                when Ratking uses his Super Dropkick to fly overhead
        Ratking does primo damage with his Super Dropkick, whether its
                tagging you from a blocked Rising Thunder, to stopping a
                Dynamite Bomber, or most often, to get up close for a throw
        While Ratking has anti-airs (c.WK, s.WK, j.WK, s.FK, Super Dropkick)
                his combos are what hurt the most (flying axe-kick, c.FK,
                Rat Bomber takes away 2/3 of your health)
        Ratking has no wake-up moves, so you can safely jump-in or BotH combo
        You can pressure Ratking just by repeatedly stepping foward and s.FP
        Don't use Dynamite Bomber too often; Ratking plays defensively that
                if he doesn't hit you out, he ducks, blocks, and throws you

4m. Michaelangelo VS Karai
        Turtling here pays off because Karai has speed and range, but doesn't
                combo as much; she does like to move in and throw though
        Karai is quick enough to tag you after a blocked or even missed
                Rising Thunder, but doesn't do it often enough
        You can use your WP Rising Thunder to knock Karai's extended limbs
                with ease if she starts to poke/dash at you; it's even fast
                enough to tag Karai after blocking her s.FK
        Be careful and try to Rising Thunder as quick as you can; if you get
                poked by Karai's dash attacks, you might be thrown soon
        Be careful of misfiring your attack after blocking so you don't just
                end up in a standing and blocking position
        You can also try to combo Karai if you're feeling daring; you can
                get in a deep j.FK or even a high j.FP, but you may also be
                countered with a s.WP or a throw respectively

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -5. Cyber Shredder =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Turtle's arch-nemesis, this is a souped-up version of Oroku Saki. Shred-
head is a fierce fighter despite his lack of a projectile. He has a lot of
moves that provide forward motion, which means he can play defensively and
all of a sudden shift to offense with an Aura Shield or Aura Crusher.

Despite the look that he may also be eating Vega/M.Bison's glowing breakfast
cereal, C.Shredder also resembles Blanka of Street Fighter II fame or Joe
Higashi of Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury more. Shredder has a lot of quick
specials that, though can cut the distance, aren't too damaging. His biggest
advantage comes from the long reach and priority his limbs have, and then
comes the frightening speed someone as tall as Shredder can strike with.

Because Cyber Shredder is big, he can be a target for combos and fireball
traps. Learn to best utilize his Aura Shield and stay on the defensive,
poking away at your opponent and swatting away their mis-timed attacks.
Also, be very aware of the charge time required on his moves; to hold back
those two seconds takes two c.WP or one c.FP after a jump-in or cross-up.
C.Shredder can be hard to use because it takes awhile to master his limited
arsenal to provide constant offensive pressure and he has no traps or cheaps
to fall back on.
|[B],F+P Aura Crusher                                                       |
|       Cyber Shredder's main weapon, this is a charging uppercut.          |
|       The WP version travels half the screen before Shredder extends his  |
|       fist skyward for two hits. The FP version has C.Shredder going      |
|       forward until he meets the opponent's shadow before uppercutting.   |
|       The dash is very fast and may tag someone trying to jump away.      |
|       The biggest benefit is C.Shredder is 100% invincible at the start of|
|       the dash. Great to keep the pressure up and bust through close      |
|       projectiles.                                                        |
        +Very fast
        +Up to two hits on most opponents
        +FP version meets your enemy
        +Invincibility during first 1/3 screen of FP dash
        -WP version only has invincibility for less than 1/4 screen
        -Unlikely to hit someone jumping away unless you do the move late
        -Many opponents, when ducking while being hit (War, Aska, Chrome
         Dome, Ratking) the 2nd hit will miss; if Armaggon is ducking and
         blocking, he avoids the 2nd hit
        -C.Shredder can still be hit CLEANLY before he delivers his uppercut
|[B],F+K Knee Crush(er)                                                     |
|       C.Shredder crouches and then flies upward with an energy field      |
|       about him. A good anti-air, the WK version flies forward 1/3 of the |
|       screen at a very steep angle. The FK version flies forward about 1/2|
|       the screen at a 45-degree angle.                                    |
        +Its great priority makes for a great anti-air
        +The Knee Crusher can fly over projectiles
        -C.Shredder is not invincible during this move
        -This move can be countered with an early low attack
        -Do not over-estimate its horizontal range against non-tall opponents
        -You cannot wake-up with this
|WP+WK   Aura Shield                                                        |
|       A great reversal of fortune move, it can reflect any small          |
|       projectile back to its owner at the speed they were flying at.      |
|       It reflects Moonbusters back upward at the angle they came from.    |
|       Raph can extend his arm THROUGH your shield if he fires up-close.   |
|       This does NOT work on U.A. projectiles except Leo's Millenium Wave. |
        +Comes out pretty fast, still need to anticipate fast fireballs
        +Plays havoc with fireball traps
        +Very little lag time
        -Is not an offensive move
        -Takes a short while to activate
|U.A.    Lightning Crusher                                                  |
|       A nice U.A. C.Shredder raises his fist to the sky and electrifies   |
|       himself while sending a current across the floor up to 2/3 of the   |
|       screen toward your opponent. During this time, C.Shredder is 100%   |
|       invincible.                                                         |
|       Even from 1/2-screen, the lightning bolt on the floor can do enough |
|       hits to RE-dizzy somebody!                                          |
|       The current on the floor does NOT hit low.                          |
        +Lots of hits, can re-dizzy, decent block damage from up-close
        +Starts and stops quickly
        +Fairly good range and the lightning on the floor lasts a while
        -People can jump backwards and out of your range
        -People can jump into your body to take reduced damage
FP Toss Giant Throw
        Throw them to the floor. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
        A ranged straight punch if you jump straight up, and a diagonal palm
        strike if you jump diagonally. Not a bad offensive move, but the
        vertical attack is a killer anti-air.
        A rather high aiming jab punch. Slightly slower and shorter ranged
        than his c.WP, you will almost never use this attack.
        C.Shredder's main combo weapon, it comes out quickly and has good
        range. You can rifle off about 3 before an enemy gets pushed too far.
        In a duel of who attacks first, this will usually win if you're close
        enough. From farther away however, if they use a low attack, it can
        go below your claw and hit you.
        If you don't have time for a c.FP, try a c.WP as an anti-air.
        Just like his j.WP, only C.Shredder will pull his fist back earlier.
        From afar, it's a straight punch with good speed and range. It hits
        a little high, giving it priority and making it great for stopping
        pokes and charging moves like Raph's Power Drill.
        Close up, C.Shredder will rear back before delivering a downward
        strike. Because of the time it takes for C.Shredder to set up the
        close-punch, use a c.FP instead. If only it were a top-down attack.
        It has the same reach and speed of his s.FP, but has a lower aim
        so it may trade hits with a lot of pokes and body-attacks. This move
        also makes a nifty anti-air considering C.Shredder is hiding behind
        his fist, but it won't stop deep-angled attacks like his own j.WK.
        A deep jumping-kick, great for starting combos. While not great as
        an anti-air, it can work.
        This looks like it hits the shins, but doesn't. It works great for
        stopping a low attack against you though. With some practice, a well-
        timed s.WK can thwart almost all mid- and low-aimed poking attacks
        at your opponent's maximum range. In plain English; if you think
        someone's attack will just barely hit you or fall short, use s.WK and
        you can hit them before they retract their limbs.
        While this is has almost the same range and more speed than his c.FK,
        it is weak and fairly slow compared to other people's c.WK attacks.
        Still OK for poking at people in the ankles.
        Fear the air-ways! This move is great for hitting deep and crossing
        up. Just like the j.WK except C.Shredder will retract his foot.
        From afar, this move has a surprisingly long range and quickness,
        but it hits at a mid-level; if someone hits the tip of your foot,
        your attack will be stopped. It has the same range as his s.FP from
        afar, but it comes out a split-second faster.
        The close-up version, despite C.Shredder looking like he's executing
        a hopping crescent kick, both his feet remain planted on the floor
        and C.Shredder is susceptable to a sweep.
        Close-up, this is a dangerously useless move. The horrible start-up
        leaves C.Shredder open to counter-attack or at least gives the
        opponent a chance to block.
        Surprisingly slow, but it has a very long reach. Be careful, unlike
        the turtles, this foot-sweep does NOT combo very well.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| j.FP, c.FK                                                                |
| s.WK, Knee Crusher                                                        |
| c.FP, Aura Crusher                                                        |
| s.FK (close), Knee Crusher                                                |
|       This plain just looks weird.                                        |
| s.FK (far), Aura Crusher                                                  |
| WP Aura Shield, Aura Crusher                                              |
|       If you reflect a WP fireball, you can immediately follow it up with |
|       an Aura Crusher. Do not think of this as a 100% safe advance tactic,|
|       people can still maneuver past their projectile and nail you.       |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.FP, c.FP, FP Aura Crusher                                               |
|       One of C.Shredder's strongest combos. You can use s.FP as well.     |
|       This combo doesn't work against fat or thin characters.             |
| j.FK, c.WP, c.WP, Knee Crusher                                            |
|       You need to cross your opponent with the j.FK.                      |
|       This combo doesn't work against fat or thin characters.             |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| Aura Shield, c.FP/s.FK/s.FP/c.FK/Knee Crusher                             |
|       If you are within 1/2-screen distance and predict your opponent's   |
|       projectile, you can tack on an additional attack while they're      |
|       reeling. Beware as Raph may be able to throw "through" your Shield. |
|Traps                                                                      |
| j.FK, s.WK, s.RK                                                          |
|       If the jump-in is blocked, use this combo to add to your UA meter   |
|       quickly while safely bouncing away to safety.                       |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| j.FP, throw                                                               |
|       Intentionally miss with the jump-in, land and throw.                |

5a. C.Shredder VS Wingnut
        Wingnut has simple attack patterns, but way too much priority
        Keep trying to charge up your U.A. with close c.WP strings
        Do NOT use Aura Crushers randomly, Wingnut can hit you out of one
                with little effort with any attack
        Don't Aura Crusher through Moonbusters; if you go through it, you
                get tagged by a short combo
        Use an Aura Crusher if Wingnut is on top of you and trying to shoot
        Reflect his Moonbusters; it prevents Wingnut from moving forward
        Combo like mad; Wingnut has no wake-up moves other than throwing,
                so pounce on him when he's down with a j.FK or j.FP
        Be careful, you may sometimes cross-up Wingnut unintentionally
        Foot games: avoid them; Wingnut has lots of priority on the ground,
                and you take hits more than you trade, plus Wingnut is
                "floating" and may reduce the distance of your c.WK/c.FK
        Be careful you don't stand too close when Wingnut gets up, he likes
                to wake-up with a throw
        Your c.FP is fast enough to counter Wingnut's missed s.FP
        Your Knee Crush is an excellent air counter move, don't forget that
        Your Knee Crush moves faster than your Aura Crusher, so you can tag
                Wingnut with it if he jumps away from close range
        The Knee Crush can also hit Wingnut out of his combos
        Your c.FP can be a great anti-air to Wingnut's close aerial attacks
        Essentially the entire tactic this fight is to jump in with j.FK,
                push yourself back with a string of c.WP, and Knee Crush when
                Wingnut twitches

5b. C.Shredder VS Michaelangelo
        Unlike Wingnut, Mike jumps around enough that using Aura Crusher is
                fairly safe
        Aura Crusher is great to tag Mike after a backflip
        You should have enough time to follow an Aura Crusher with a c.FK
        C.Shredder has great range on his c.WK and c.FK, take advantage
        Remember to use the Knee Crusher as an anti-air; the Aura Crusher may
                trade hits or miss completely
        Don't forget about the power of your c.FP; it can stop the Dynamite
                Bomber and any deep/cross-up attacks Mike can use if you
                don't have a Knee Crusher ready
        If you're knocked down and Mike is getting close, use a Knee Crusher
                as you get up and see if he bites it
        While you can Aura Crusher right through them, I still suggest using
                Aura Shield; it lets you remain defensive and possibly bust
                out an Aura Crusher to tag Mike if he jumps over his fireball
        All C.Shredder's specials are [B],F moves, so don't be afraid to
                stand up to use s.FP to counter Mikey
        Don't be over-confident, Mike can walk up and throw you, likes to
                use deep jump-ins which are hard to counter, and still has
                that Rising Thunder wake-up
        If Mikey starts to walk in from across the stage, use a c.WP to
                scare him back or an Aura Crusher if you feel lucky
        If Mikey starts to slide from across the stage, use an Aura Crusher
                to get two easy hits inbetween slides
        If Mikey starts to do Rising Thunders from across the stage, use an
                Aura Crusher to nail him as he lands or if you feel lucky,
                wait for him to get close and nail him with a 2-in-1
        You can psych Mike from across the stage with a c.WP, he'll see an
                attack and use a Dragon Breath immediately; reflect it and
                see if Mikey jumps straight up; if he does, you can nail him
                with an immediate Aura Crusher; if he leaps forward, wait a
                split second and time the Aura Crusher to hit Mike just
                before he lands, jump back and repeat!

5c. C.Shredder VS Chrome Dome
        If C.D. jumps forward from afar, an Aura Crusher can safely nail him
        If C.D. jumps forward from up-close, use a Knee Crusher instead
        Your Knee Crusher can stop C.D.'s out-streched limbs
        Use your c.WK t o keep C.D. from walking in too close
        Be very wary of getting close, C.D. will EPD you instantly, this
                includes missed Knee Crushers, blocked Aura Crushers, and
                missed jump-in attacks
        You can Aura Crusher through C.D.'s slow Ground Spark, but use a c.WK
                if you're blocked
        For a sure victory, stay on the defensive and Knee Crusher C.D.'s
                limbs out of the air; you can also keep C.D. at bay with
                c.WK if he walks in, s.WK if he uses low pokes from afar,
                and if you can't use a Knee Crusher, hope a s.FP/c.FP works
                (you'll trade hits)
        You can psycheC.D. out just like Mike; start using c.WP a lot and
                C.D. will throw a Chrome Spark for you to reflect; if C.D.
                moves forward, try to Knee Crusher him or at least Aura
                Crusher him, c.WK and move farther away; if C.D. tries to
                Spark too close and you WK Knee Crusher early you can land
                and throw C.D.!

5d. C.Shredder VS Leonardo
        You'd think C.Shredder isn't get a break, but this time isn't so bad
        Reflect, reflect, reflect; Leo will likely move away at the start,
                just like you should, and launch Shining Cutter after Cutter;
                the 1st gets reflected, the 2nd cancels the first, and you
                can Aura Crusher while Leo is still stunned!
        Make sure you immediately jump back after your Aura Crusher; chances
                are Leo is still standing and ready to attack again
        At a distance, if Leo just stands there, start doing c.WP to force
                him to Shining Cutter
        If Leo starts to walk in, you really have little to counter with;
                Leo has better speed with his c.WK and range with his c.WP

5e. C.Shredder VS Bonus
        Walk up close and c.FP the entire way through for $20,000+!

5f. C.Shredder VS Armaggon
        Armaggon has a nasty habit of getting close and throwing you
        Be careful of using an Aura Crusher; Armaggon can duck to avoid the
                second hit and hit you before you recover
        If Armaggon ever uses Aqua Shock, reflect it back immediately
        Be careful of using the Knee Crusher unless you know you can hit
                Armaggon, his short leaps make it difficult to time and he
                doesn't extend his limbs much
        C.Shredder's Aura Crusher makes a decent anti-air if done late,
                Armaggon doesn't have enough speed to react in mid-air late
        Your c.FP is a safe anti-air, at the worst, you'll trade hits
        Your c.WP and c.FK are decent moves to push Armaggon away; he can't
                use a Fin Slicer or Throw as a wake-up if you are a few steps
                away using repeated c.WP
        You can psych out Armaggon with repeated c.WP, this tricks him into
                jumping; if Armaggon walks up instead, he'll stop just short
                of being hit, so you'll need to use c.FP/c.FK to push him out

5g. C.Shredder VS Raphael
        Raphael is about as fireball-happy as Leo, reflect and Aura Crusher
                if he jumps straight up
        Raph may walk up to throw you, use a c.WP or s.WK to counter
        If Raph does rapid c.WK, use c.FK to stop him
        Be careful about using simple combos against Raph like c.WP to c.FK
                as Raph can Chest Buster through you
        If Raph comes short with his Chest Buster, be ready to hit him with
                a c.FP, Special, or if you feel lucky, throw him; beware as
                Raph will try to use c.WK afterwards
        If Raph uses his FP Power Drill, either use a well timed c.WP or just
                jump and attack; if you don't Raph throws you
        If Raph is about to land on your head, use a c.WP, c.FP, or Aura
                Crusher as an air-counter
        Don't always try to force Raph to fireball with c.WP, the slow speed
                of the Jamboree may not cause Raph to jump forward and you
                may not be far enough to throw an Aura Shield in time
        If you're close enough to Raph (1/3 of the screen), use a c.WP to
                force Raph to jump; you can c.FP him out of the sky
        A good range to be from Raph is just outside the range of your c.WP
        If Raph backflips into the corner, see if he's still in range of your
                c.FK; if he is and you mis-time it, he'll flip again

5h. C.Shredder VS C.Shredder
        Because neither player has a strong offense against non-projectile
                characters, this will be a relatively slow match up
        Whatever you do, do NOT get cornered; if the CPU uses a jump-in on
                you there, time an Aura Crusher to go under him and cross-up
        The CPU C.Shredder relies too much on fancy foot games, get ready to
                Aura Crusher through them
        You can FK Knee Crusher him from 1/2 screen away, or WK from 1/3;
                anything closer and he will j.WK you out of the sky
        As a safe bet, use SK Knee Crusher if you can catch the CPU on the
                way up; if he's on the way down, just block
        The CPU will try to use foot patterns on you, such as (s.WK, c.WK,
                s.FK, c.FK) or (c.WK, c.WK, c.FK, c.FK)
        You can use a FP Aura Crusher to pass through the CPU's retracting
                c.FK; make sure to use it when the CPU fully extends it or
                else he will block
        Be careful about using specials too late, as the CPU can trip you up
                or throw you if you miss
        Feel safe about using a jump-in when the CPU gets up; he won't wake-
                up with anything
        For a short bout, keep the CPU away with c.WK and c.FK and wait for
                them to jump; when they do, use a Knee Crusher right away and
                then follow it with a (j.FK, c.FP) combo which the CPU will
                block; wait after you've bounced back and the CPU will jump
                forward, so repeat from the Knee Crusher!
        If the CPU does not jump forward, it may instead use a c.FK; you can
                wait it out to see if he jumps or Aura Crusher and catch
                him in mid-air; worst happens is that the CPU blocks

5i. C.Shredder VS Donatello
        With a few well-timed Aura Crushers, Don should be history early
        If you see Donnie about to use a Ground Claw:
                1.) If you are far away, use a LATE Aura Crusher,
                2.) Jump over it and tag Donatello with your foot or combo,
                3.) If you are close a c.FP can snuff it out,
                4.) Aura Reflect it back at Don,
                or 5.) Lightning Crusher through it;
        Do NOT Aura Crusher through a Ground Claw early as you will expose
                yourself trying to hit Don's outstreched bo, but be careful
                about doing it too late from 3/4+ screen away; even Don's
                recovery isn't THAT bad!
        You can use your Aura Crusher to hit Donnie as he gets up and force
                him to block
        After connecting with an Aura Crusher, use a c.FK to push Don (or
                yourself) safely away
        Donnie will try to use his (j.FP, Bo Thrust) combo; simply block and
                use a c.FK to trip him up
        If Don tries to use repeated c.FK to get close, use one of your own
        If Don tries to use repeated s.FP in front of you, use a c.FP or
                c.FK to hit Don as he takes his 2nd twirl
        You can actually counter Don's jump in (if he's not about to cross
                you) with a c.FP
        Because Don doesn't use his Headspin as a wake-up, feel free to jump
                on him as he's getting up; if he blocks, use (c.WP, c.WP,
                c.FP) to push yourself back

5j. C.Shredder VS War
        War isn't the smartest enemy, but his moves have too much power and
                priority that you should be wary of your health
        War's Death from Above can easily be stopped by an SK Knee Crusher,
                vertical-jumping punch, or even trade hits with a c.FP
        Watch out for War's Turning Punch; it can be powerful enough to
                dizzy you!
        If War comes up short, or you block his Turn Punch, you can counter
                with a Knee Crusher, c.FK, or throw
        War is technically a simplton: he has no counter-move for a j.FK from
                under 1/2 screen except his WP+WK, which may only move him
                under you and leaves his backside open
        War does have significant reach with his j.FP, s.FP, and s.FK from
                afar, and strength behind each hit
        If War walks up to you, try to keep him away with c.WK and c.FK;
                if it looks like your c.WK's foot reaches War, he will block
                and you should follow up with c.FK to push him away
        While playing foot games is risky, as most of War's arsenal can reach
                over your feet, you need to force him to jump
        Another risk you may want to think about is readying a Knee Crusher
                if War gets too close; while War will usually attack, if he
                doesn't you could get thrown
        Try to build up your UA; its handy to have a projectile handy against
                a non-fireball opponent

5k. C.Shredder VS Aska
        The last four battles, bosses included, will be with non-projectile
                characters, thus taking out a facet of C.Shredder's arsenal
        Hardly a strong final opponent before Rat King, Aska's patterns
                include using j.WK to try and cross-up, repeatedly sliding
                toward you (and possibly uppercutting you), and walking up
                to throw you
        If you do miss with any attack, except a throw or uppercut
        C.Shredder's main offense will be with the WK Knee Crusher against
                any close-up attacks or jump-in attempts and after
                (or before) Aska's Kunai Spin; you can use a c.FP as well,
                but may end up trading hits
        The CPU Aska still likes to use multiple sliding kicks; if you block
                both, you'll be in prime position to throw her (though since
                you were blocking, you may accidentally use an Aura Crusher)
        While Aska has that Spinning Uppercut, she won't often use it; keep
                on her with (j.FK, s.WK, c.FP) to build up your UA
        Be aware you have your vertical jumping punches, which can ward off
                most of Aska's moves
        Like C.Shredder, you might be able to bait Aska to jump after a
                blocked (j.FK, c.FP), thus letting you Knee Crush her
        Be careful about using a combo on a dizzy Aska when she's cornered,
                she can actually DUCK to avoid your Aura or Knee Crusher

5l. C.Shredder VS Rat King
        Knee Crush Rat King when he takes to the skies, as he is trying to
                use his Super Dropkick to land behind you and throw you
        Knee Crush or c.FP Rat Kick when he uses his flying Axe-kick
        Most of the time when walks up to you and you stay crouched, he will
                use c.FK; simply block it
        You can use c.WK and c.FK to keep Rat King out of throwing distance,
                but be careful as Rat King's c.FK speed
        Rat King has no wake-up moves other than his throw, so pounce on him
                as he's getting up with (j.FK, c.FP, c.FK) to build UA
        If you manage to corner Rat King (not hard), keep pouncing on him
                with (j.FK, c.FP, c.FK); sometimes the c.FK will miss and
                Rat King will leap early, if not just wait for him to jump

5m. C.Shredder VS Karai
        Karai is really fast and can barrage you with relentless attacks and
                throws, but you have to look for a window to counter-attack
        If you block her sliding attack, even if it looks like she's far
                away, she may just be in range to throw you
        If Karai is repeatedly sliding into you, you're probably about to be
                thrown; if you can't counter try to jump and take the hit
                and Karai should back off
        The best defense is a good offense in this case; keep the pressure on
                with crouching attacks and Aura Crushers to limit Karai
        If Karai jumps, Knee Crusher; even if she's jumping backwards and you
                miss, you should be safe
        You can try to use a (j.FK, c.FP/c.FK, FK Knee Crusher) expecting
                Karai to block the first two hits and chances are, Karai may
                jump into the Knee Crusher
        Don't overdo it, but if you randonly do a Knee Crusher, Karai may
                jump into one
        You can feel safe about doing Aura Crushers at random to pin Karai
        Feel free to launch repeated Aura Crushers to keep Karai busy; you
                can put a c.FK inbetween, but be aware that Karai has a
                better foot poke-game
        As Karai has no real anti-air threat, feel free about using j.WK/j.WP
        Be choosy about when you use your Lightning Crusher, Karai can stay
                in mid-air long enough to avoid it entirely; try to use it
                when she's sliding in

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -6. As(u)ka -=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Not related to anything Mirage Studios or Archie Comics has put out, Aska is
Konami's own original character made just for this game. She is an aspiring
Ninjitsu teacher who wants to show the world that her no-nonsense "nature"
style (float like a butterfly, kick like a crane apparently) is the best.
Doesn't that sound like Kogenryuu (Art of Fighting) or Saikyoryuu (Street
Fighter Alpha)? I may flop between calling her "Aska" (what the game says)
and "Asuka" (the Hiragana syllables 'Aa', 'Su', and 'Ka').

Aska is a slightly harder character to use. While she is fast and squirrelly,
her jumps are a bit short. She can be offensively minded with strong combos
and good pokes, but she lacks a projectile (not counting her UA) to keep the
pressure on, and she lacks the power to look threatening. She can still be a
defensive monster if you can do her Spinning Uppercut on cue.

Aska plays very similarly to Ken Masters (Street Fighter II) without a fire-
ball, or Dan (Street Fighter Alpha) with a better flying uppercut. Aska's
Spinning Uppercut has no equal; it is strong, fast, has good range, and is
100% invincible on the way up! Her Kunai Spin, while weak, is fast and
combos for multiple hits. Her kicks and punches have good speed, reach, and
priority, just be careful of her crouching kicks; if blocked, Aska is open
to being thrown.

The TMNT:MW version of Aska is more limited; while her Spinning Uppercut
now hits twice, it looses enough horizontal range so it doesn't always combo
nicely on everyone. In TMNT:TF, the Uppercut always did 800-points of damage.
In TMNT:MW, her WP Uppercut does 600+200 and her FP does 600+400.

Aska is small, quick to react, and most of her moves can be interrupted by
her Uppercut, which should make people think twice before attacking. All of
her jumping attacks can cross-up, which makes her combo-potential equally
devastating. Still, against projectile based characters who can keep you at
a distance, you have to time your jumps and anticipate when they'll fire.
|QCB+K   Kunai Spin Attack (Hayakuzan - Quick Slash)                        |
|       A quick spin-move where Aska will rush across the screen with her   |
|       Kunai-knives at her sides. Her WK only goes 1/4 of the screen for   |
|       maybe 2 hits at close range. Her FK goes 2/3 of the screen and does |
|       up to 3.
        +Multiple hits charge up the UA meter quickly
        +Has good priority against mid-level attacks
        +Causes multiple chip damage
        -Makes you vulnerable if done from far away
        -Vulnerable to low or high attacks
        -Weak individual hits
|DP+P    Spinning Uppercut (Kocho no Mai - Butterfly Dance)                 |
|       Aska will twirl, punching skyward, enveloped in energy butterflies. |
|       The WP version does not go as high or as far as the FP version.     |
|       The WP version goes 1/4 of the screen across and about 1/2-way up.  |
|       You fly at a lower angle with the WP version than the FP.           |
|       The FP version can traverse almost half the screen and Aska almost  |
|       flies past the health bars.                                         |
|       If the opponent is cleanly hit, they will always be knocked down.   |
|       The BEST move in the game.                                          |
|       In TMNT:MW, this move hits twice for more damage, but Aska only     |
|       goes 1/3 of the screen for the FP version.                          |
        +100% invincibility; excellent anti-air baby!
        +Always knocks down (if opponent is hit) [TMNT:TF version]
        +Powerful single-hit [TMNT:TF version]
        +Even more powerful double-hit [TMNT:MW version]
        +Can be cancelled into from most ground moves
        -Temporarily vulnerable on the way down
        -Slightly weaker single-hit [TMNT:MW version]
        -Goes up at an angle; can be ducked under from farther away
        -1st Hit does not knock down [TMNT:MW version]
|U.A.    Tornado Attack (Kikoken - Energy Strike)                           |
|       Aska meditates and summons a whirlwind column to cross the screen.  |
|       This is a very large, unstoppable (un-reflectable) projectile.      |
|       There is some start-up to this, so enemies have time to block.      |
|       If done too close to someone, they can jump over you to avoid the   |
|       attack. You are completely invincible during the meditation, so you |
|       don't have to worry too much if they get past the Tornado.          |
|       Once the Tornado goes off screen, Aska goes back to normal.         |
        +Large, fast, and difficult to avoid projectile
        +One giant hit or multiple hits if blocked
        +Goes through all projectiles, cannot be stopped
        +100% invincibility during execution
        +You can launch a Spinning Uppercut right when you come out of this
        -Average damage
        -Very slow start-up; can't use as an anti-air
        -Other than leaping over Aska, every character can avoid it by:
           Leonardo             Backflip in the corner, Roto-cutter over
           Donatello            Backflip in the corner, wake-up Headspin
           Raphael              Backflip in the corner, Chest-buster thru
           Michaelangelo        Backflip in the corner, wake-up R.Thunder
           Cyber Shredder       Aura Crusher, Knee Crusher (precise timing!)
           As(u)ka              Spinning Uppercut
           War                  Jump (yes he can!), Death from Above
           Armaggon             Fin Slicer at the last second
           Wingnut              Jump, and at his peak, Hover over it
           Chrome Dome          Last-second FP Chrome Spark
           Rat King             A well-timed c.WK
           Karai                Rocket Punch, Air Slam, j.WK, j.FK
F/B+FK  Hip Shot
        Asuka will rear back, point her hips forward, and then let herself
        fly toward her opponent. (the puns will stop now)
        Initially, her feet will be on the ground and Aska can be thrown or
        swept. The range on this move is 2/3 of the screen, and her body-
        trajectory arcs as she flies. She eventually gets airborne high
        enough that, at her peak, she can go over Chrome Dome's C.Spark.
FP Toss Facemask/Open-thigh Catch
        Asuka will step on her opponent, climbing up to their face, and then
        pushes down on their head with her weight, forcing them to topple.
        Ranks right up there with Shermie's (SNK's King of Fighters '97)
        Shermie Spiral. While you can hold the D-pad left or right to use
        this throw, Asuka only lunges forward and trades spots with the
        opponent. So if you threw someone who was in the corner, YOU would
        end up in the corner.
        This has good priority, it can strike deep, and it can cross-up.
        However, unlike most j.WP moves, Aska will retract her arm.
        This is great to use if both players are in mid-air if you jumped
        first. Even if you didn't, it's safe to use if you don't have time
        to use the j.FK.
        A quick, direct, MID-level jab. Because Aska is short, her face-level
        punch is actually mid-level, like C.Shredder's s.FK, and NOT high
        like C.Shredder's s.FP (which it will go under and miss).
        This has good priority to clip other mid-level attacks, but not so
        strong that it can combo into the Kunai Spin easily.
        A quick ducking punch. OK priority, weak power, nothing really to say
        about. It's got shorter range than the s.WP, but is about as fast
        (including the time it takes to duck).
        Just like the j.WP; it can strike deep, it can cross-up, and it
        has good priority. Aska will perform a chop in mid-air then pull her
        arm back. Her j.FK or j.WK are better for cross-ups though.
        From afar, this is an upward punch which makes for an OK anti-air,
        and for stopping high-hits, but I wouldn't rely on it.
        Its range is a bit short, but its fast enough to snuff projectiles
        from that distance if you can't Uppercut in time.
        From up-close, Aska will throw a slower lunging elbow. It has OK
        priority, and has more range than her up-close s.FK, but it's too
        slow to be used in long combos.
        It looks just like her c.WP, but slower and longer lasting. It does
        pack a whallop and is great set-up for both her special attacks, but
        it's too slow to be used after a jump-in.
        Aska does a split-knee drop. It looks weird, but it's low-angled so
        it can hit deep, and it can cross-up. Unlike her j.WP, Aska's knee
        will not retract.
        From afar, this is a ranged side kick with decent speed and priority,
        and is a good mid-level poke.
        From up-close, this is a quick knee-lift to the chest. While
        short-ranged, it's quick enough to be used in combos.
        A short slide. It lasts 1/3 of the screen and hits the ankles. While
        it is fairly quick, it has such lag that you will be hit you before
        you recover.
        The classic crane-kick is an excellent move. It's got great priority
        in mid-air. It hits high so you can expect a deep hit, and it can
        give you a deep cross-up as well.
        From afar, this is a LONG ranged and slow side kick. It has OK
        priority, and while the range is immense, the speed makes it hard to
        be a useful poke. You can still use it to snuff fireballs from afar.
        Up-close, this is a high-kick. It's good as an anti-air or in combos,
        but its range is really limited so make sure you're super-close or do
        it after a cross-up. Also, be careful that many characters can
        actually DUCK under the close kick version.
        A 1/2 screen slide that knocks people off their feet. But, if it's
        blocked, the delay is so bad, you WILL be hit before you recover.
        The good thing is, that it goes 1/2 the screen, and can trade hits
        with airborne projecitles (ie, not Donnie's G.Claw or Chrome Dome's
        C.Spark) unlike the s.FK from 1/2 screen (if you mis-time it).
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| j.FP, c.FK                                                                |
| j.FP, FP Spinning Uppercut                                                |
|       A guaranteed two hits in both TMNT:TF and TMNT:MW.                  |
| c.FP, FP Spinning Uppercut                                                |
|       Perhaps her strongest 2-in-1.                                       |
| s.FK (close) or Hip Shot (close), Kunai Spin                              |
|       Only on C.Shredder and Ratking. (and Wingnut from his left side)    |
| s.WK (far), FP Spinning Uppercut                                          |
| s.FK (far), FP Spinning Uppercut                                          |
|       These two DO work, if only at a few steps away.                     |
|Long Combos                                                                |
| j.WP, s.WP, WP Spinning Uppercut                                          |
|       Hit very deep with your j.WP.                                       |
| j.FK, s.FK, FP Spinning Uppercut                                          |
|       Cross-up with j.FK. This does not work on THIN characters.          |
|       This does not work in TMNT:MW.                                      |
| j.FK, s.SK, FP Spinning Uppercut                                          |
|       For this to work on THIN characters, you must cross-up with j.FK.   |
|       You may use any jumping move to cross up.                           |
|       This works in both TMNT:TF and TMNT:MW.                             |
| j.FK, s.FK, FK Kunai Spin                                                 |
|       Cross-up with j.FK. This does not work on THIN characters, except   |
|       Wingnut if you land on his left side. For them, use a s.WK instead. |
|Corner Combos                                                              |
| Hip Shot, Spinning Uppercut                                               |
|       This will work on all characters if your start next to them.        |
|Traps                                                                      |
| Hip Shot, s.FK                                                            |
|       If you connect on a Hip Shot in the corner from over 1/3 screen,    |
|       use a s.FK to push away safely, but beware of a quick counter.      |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| j.WP, Throw                                                               |
|       Intentionally miss with the jump-in, land, and throw.               |
|       This is exceptionally annoying since she can pull back her arm      |
|       making it LOOK like she was about to hit you.                       |
| Hip Shot, Throw                                                           |
|       Do a Hip Shot rom 3/4 of the screen, just outside your range, so    |
|       you miss, land, and throw.                                          |
| j.FP, s.WK, FP Spinning Uppercut or Throw                                 |
|       Don't hit too early or too deep, wait a split second after landing, |
|       (you risk being attacked), and do a s.WK (which will be far) which  |
|       might catch people off guard; if they block, throw them; if they    |
|       don't, combo them!                                                  |

6a. Aska VS Wingnut
        Not too tough if you can pull off a Spinning Uppercut half the time
        If Wingnut is less than 1/4 of the screen away, he's probably trying
                to attack you; unleash a Spinning Uppercut to hit his limbs
        If Wingnut hits you with a series of c.WK, start the motion for a
                Spinning Uppercut to nail him inbetween kicks
        If Wingnut is farther away, feel free to Hip Shot or j.FP toward him
        If you are about to land on top of Wingnut, he may use his s.WP; try
                coming down with a j.WK
        Use strings of j.FP, c.FP; he may block the 1st and be hit by the 2nd
        On a similar vein, the CPU often falls prey to a j.FK, c.FK pattern,
                even if you hit early
        If you have nimble fingers and want to be really cheap, use a WP
                Uppercut that you know Wingnut will block, then do a 2nd as
                soon as you land; the CPU will try to coutner and fail

6b. Aska VS Michaelangelo
        Mikey will be hard if you let his Rising Thunder get to you; stay
                back and wait him out
        If Mike walks up to you, use a s.WK or s.FK to push him back or a
                WP Uppercut if he's in range
        Feel safe about using a s.FK from far away on Mike as he gets up
        If Mike tries to use repeated slides, use a WP Uppercut
        Never use the FP Spinning Uppercut unless Mike is jumping from afar
        If Mike starts throwing Dragon Breaths, either anticipate the next
                blast and use a standing kick to snuff it, or learn to WP
                Spinning Uppercut or jump vertically to avoid them
        While you can trade hits with a c.FK against a Dragon Breath, on
                higher damage levels, it is not advised
        Mike will rarely Dynamite Bomber, but use a s.WP to stop him or
                Uppercut; you can combo him if he stops short
        If Mike starts leaping, get ready to use an Uppercut or a close s.FK
        If Mike starts to use repeated c.WP, c.FK slide into him or Uppercut
        If you manage to corner Mike, try to find a range where you can use
                2 s.FK from afar; Mike will block the first one, but the
                second one should snuff out a Dragon Breath; walk or Hip Shot
                yourself back to that range and repeat!
        As a last ditch, if you are still having troubles, try to hit Mikey
                with a s.FK or a Hip Shot (even if he blocks) and use a few
                Kunai Spin Attacks afterwards to build up your UA; even if
                you're hit, use 3-4 Spin Attacks to catch Mike recovering

6c. Aska VS Chrome Dome
        Do NOT let C.D. get close; use s.FP & s.FK to ward him away if
                possible; being in range of s.WP or s.WK is dangerous
        Be wary of using a Hip Shot from up close; initially your feet are
                on the floor so C.D. can EPD you
        Do NOT slide unless you're comboing it; C.D. can actually SNATCH you
                out of a slide (before you even REACH him) and EPD you
        Be ready to Uppercut at any given time; you can FP Uppercut if C.D.
                is in the air; he's slow enough to be tagged in air
        If C.D. jumps from 3/4+ screen, he's likely trying to use j.FK;
                get ready to do a late Uppercut when you see his foot start
                to extend; you can cheaply knock C.D. back (or jump back
                yourself if he's cornered) and start this over again
        If C.D. fires a Spark, either jump straight up (if you can't jump in
                and combo him) or Hip Shot over it (if you're far enough)
        You can Uppercut any of C.D.'s limbs, like his c.FK or s.FK
        C.D. likes to walk in and use s.FK or c.FK, so if he is 1/2 screen
                away and still walking forward, use a WP Uppercut or a s.FP
                in anticipation of a C.D outstreched limb
        C.D. is slow enough, and his jumps are floaty enough, that he can
                get caught jumping into a Kikoken
        A cheap way to win is to constantly Spin Attack; C.D. can't get out
                of the way fast enough or counter - you must be VERY fast;
                if there is a break for even a split-second, you can get
                punched or EPD'd

6d. Aska VS Leonardo
        BLOCK! When the match starts, the CPU sometimes likes to open with
                a fireball or s.FP
        When jumping from afar, look to use a j.FP on Leo's limbs; from far
                enough, he uses a s.FP or s.FK instead of a Roto-cutter
        If you anticipate a Shining Cutter and jump early enough, you can
                j.FP Leo's arms
        If you jump over a fireball, miss with your j.FP, wait a split second
                to see if Leo walks backward; if he doesn't, jump straight
                up and Leo will fireball again: simple combo on the way down
                or just land and then knock him down
        While risky, you may want to WP Uppercut Leo if he's on the ground
                and in range; he might stick out an attack into your fist
        DON'T try to pull anything on Leo as he gets up; Roto-Cutter wake-ups
                are NOT fun
        In fact, if you aren't doing a combo, try NOT to keep the pressure
                on Leo; he can Roto-cutter between Spin Attacks and Hip Shots
        Forget about using a s.FK to poke Leo; if Leo is walking toward you,
                use a s.WK OUTSIDE your range instead and Leo may use a
                Shining Cutter; if you do one when Leo gets IN range, he will
                hit your foot
        This is perhaps the hardest match Asuka has; you need to be certain
                of your range and combo ability as well as have fast reflexes
        To just get past Leo, you need a pattern: force him back, s.WK from
                outside your range to trigger a fireball; jump over the
                fireball and j.FP; whether you hit or miss, jump back and
                wait for Leo's next fireball or force his hand with another
                s.WK aiming to chip away at him with j.FP until he is dizzy

6e. Aska VS Bonus
        s.FK hits everything; 'nuff said

6f. Aska VS Armaggon
        Way too predictable; you can use a FP Spinning uppercut to hit
                Armaggon when he jumps and a WP Spinning Uppercut when he's
                walking up to you
        If Armaggon uses moves that miss, usually a crouching attack that
                comes up short, feel free to c.FK to hit him before he
                recovers; this works from up to 1/2 a screen away!
        Be aware that, while you can use your standing kicks to tag Armaggon
                if he's walking in, he can EASILY duck and block to avoid
                your hits altogether (and even counter-attack you!)
        If Armaggon throws you, he will attempt a Fin Slicer: use a Spinning
                Uppercut as you get up to deal more damage than his throw
        Feel free to be in positions to be thrown: use (j.FP, s.FP, Uppercut)
                which is not a combo and leaves you open as you decend
        Your FP Spinning Uppercut can hit Armaggon from up to 1/3 of the
                screen away; you can snuff a fireball if you anticipate one
        If Armaggon blocks your Spinning Uppercut, and you think you might be
                thrown, use a Spinning Kunai as soon as you land and you
                should be pushed back out of his range; you can even add
                another WP Spinning Uppercut for good measure
        If Armaggon blocks your Spinning Uppercut, and you think you'll land
                too far to be thrown, do a WP Uppercut when you land; there
                is a good chance you'll stop a counter-attack the CPU was
                planning, if not do more WP Uppercuts

6g. Aska VS Raphael
        Remember never to jump forward against a Jamboree, Raph has plenty of
                counters for you; instead, jump straight up or block
        In fact, you should rarely ever jump forward against Raph unless you
                know you will hit with a cross-up; he recovers too quickly
        If you want to trade hits, use a Hip Shot to get close and follow it
                up with a Spinning Kunai; Raph will repeatedly use c.WP and
                stop you, but you can then use a c.FK to stop his c.WP
        If you can, try to use your s.WK or s.FK to psych Raph into jumping;
                when he's in mid-air, you can use a Spinning Uppercut, c.FK,
                Hip Shot or even your s.FP and c.FP to hit him
        Beware; if Raph blocks your s.WK, there is a good chance he's
                charging up for a Chest Buster to blow through your next
        You can use your Hip Shot to close in small distances, but don't use
                it from too far away or too often, and if you feel you wound
                up too close to Raph, use a Spinning Kunai instead of an
                Uppercut; the Spinning Kunai will be countered with a series
                of c.WP which you can counter with a c.FK
        If Raph uses a Power Drill, jump straight up; if you feel brave, try
                landing on him with a j.WK into a s.WK, WP Uppercut combo
        Be very careful of being too close to Raph, he will throw you every
                chance he gets, such as after a blocked c.WK, after a Power
                Drill, after a blocked jump-in, etc.
        If Raph starts to use s.WP or c.WP repeatedly, use a c.FK to stop it

6h. Aska VS C.Shredder
        C.Shredder, like Raph, will throw you every chance he gets
        Try not to jump in from beyond 1/3 of the screen as C.S. can use his
                Aura Crusher; from within 1/3, Shredder has no counter for a
                cross-up attempt
        Use a Hip Shot after a high/blocked cross-up to stop throw attempts
        You can keep the CPU away with s.FK; if you come up short, the CPU
                will jump, which gives you enough time to use an Uppercut
        You can still use c.FK freely as Shredder likes to stick out c.FP
                after he misses with c.FK
        If you know your maximum range for your c.FK, you can use it
                repeatedly and the CPU will fall for it every time

6i. Aska VS Donatello
        Donatello's Head Spin and Bo Thrust attacks can be countered w/c.FK
        Don doesn't have the range Leo does, so if he uses his s.FP at the
                start, you can c.FK or Spinning Uppercut to counter his
                follow-up s.FP
        Donatello has little to counter your jumping attacks, go nuts w/j.FP!
        If you jump and Don..
                goes airborne, use j.WP
                tries to counter, use j.FP on the way down
                stands there, use a deep j.FP > s.WP > Uppercut
                blocks, use a deep j.FP > s.WK > s.WK > s.FK to push him out;
                        ..if Don jumps, cancel into an Uppercut
                        ..if Don uses a Head Spin, stop and c.FK
        If Don uses a slide to go under your jump-in, you can use a c.FK of
                your own before he recovers
        If Don uses a Head Spin to go through your jump-in, you should have
                enough time to land, block, and c.FK
        If Don throws a Ground Claw, he's probably going to throw another;
                ready a quick j.FP and c.FK combo
        You can use your Hip Shot to pressure Don, but don't do them in
                succession as he can Head Spin to trade hits; use a s.FK
                after a Hip Shot to push him furthur
        Your biggest worry is if Donnie is constantly trading hits with you;
                he does deal more damage after all

6j. Aska VS War
        Feel free to poke or throw feints with s.WK; it has priority over
                many of War's attacks
        BUT, be alert of War's s.FP and s.FK if he's inside 1/2-screen range
        Use a s.FK only at your maximum possible range
        If you catch War dizzy, use (j.FP, s.WP, Uppercut); he's very short
                and fat, making other combos tricky to time
        If War jumps back, block high; he can tag you with a quick j.FP
        If War jumps back, try to time a c.FK to catch him as he lands
        If War starts to jump in place, get ready for either of his specials;
                poke him if he's in range
        If War does a Death from Above, counter with an uppercut, or use a
                c.FK or s.FK to swat him as he lands
        If War does Death from Above from 1/2-screen or less, he may try to
                cross you up with it; either anticipate this and block the
                other way, churn out a Spinning Uppercut, or take the hit and
                hit War as he lands
        If War starts charging at you with repeated Turning Uppercuts, use
                a c.FK or Uppercut to stop him
        If War starts rampaging with headbutts, you could use a s.WK to stop
                him, but try to use your Spinning Uppercut as he may break
                out his own Turning Uppercut between headbutts
        Try to avoid using the Spinning Kunai attack as War may block and
                throw you
        Ditto with high jump-ins and missed flying/sliding attacks

6k. Aska VS Aska
        Aska isn't that much of a CPU opponent; she likes to use high j.WK
                as well as c.SK; block or take the hits then throw her
        You can ward the CPU away with JP Uppercuts from close range, just
                watch out for the CPU's Uppercut!
        As long as you don't go for an all-out offense, which will be
                repeatedly stopped with the CPU's uppercut, this will be easy

6l. Aska VS Ratking
        Ratking may start off with a flying axe-kick or an eye-level Super
                Dropkick; either Uppercut or crouch-block and slide under
        You REALLY don't want Ratking near you; start the motion for an
                Uppercut if you block anything, such as his flying axe-kick
        If Ratking ever takes to the skies, chances are he is either going to
                land in front of your face or Super Dropkick to get behind
                you; use an Uppercut to stop either
        If Ratking is about to cross you up with a jump or a Super Dropkick
                and you don't have time to Uppercut, use a s.FP
        If you want to be really cheap, trap Ratking in the corner (easy
                since the small stage) and walk until Aska is right under the
                timer; constantly walk to this spot and s.RK to force Ratking
                to constantly block or jump over and into a close s.RK

6m. Aska VS Karai
        Here's where you might have o break out the FP Uppercut; Karai's
                jumps are high enough that the height of your attack will
                usually nail her
        It is about 90% safe to throw a FP Uppercut at the start of the fight
        If you can, keep the pressure on Karai with deep cross-ups
        Use j.FK instead of j.FP, it has better priority if Karai manages to
                surprisingly jump about you
        Watch out, Karai can quickly un-dizzy herself!
        A simple strategy is to constantly throw out FP Uppercuts and stay
                away from Karai's throws; you deal more damage than the CPU
                if take a hit and still Uppercut Karai before she recovers

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -7. War -=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

War resembles the crossbreed of a Triceraton, Edward Scissorhands, and Barney
the Purple Dinosaur. He's haunched over, which hide just how far his legs
and talons can reach. His moves are all charging and can give a mean whallop.
He reminds me of a cross between Balrog/M.Bison and Blanka from Street
Fighter II; the Vegas boxer and the green machine from Brazil.

As far as I know, War was mentioned only in the Archie series comic run in
Mighty Mutanimals #6 and TMNT Adventures #39 as one of the Four Horsemen of
the Apocalypse; puppets controlled by the Grim Reaper. In those issues, he
could fire his protrusions as projectiles.

He is both fat and short, meaning he is easier to cross-up, but harder to
combo. However, when War blocks, his size is normalized. Sometimes it's
better to take the hits of an attack if their number is reduced and you can
counter-attack before your opponent recovers than to block the maximum number
of hits and remain temporarily stunned.

With long reach, War makes for a powerful poking character. However, he has
no long combos, no cross-ups, few defensive attacks, and an awkward agility.
His quick moves still pack a punch and have good priority. If you can get
used to the slow foot speed, the quick leaps, and the charging specials, War
can be an intimidating character to use.

BEWARE of using jump-ins against Chrome Dome, Wingnut or Karai when they are
in the corner. Due to a glitch in the game, if you jump from within half the
screen when their backs are in the corner, you can ONLY connect with weak
attacks. If you jump within 1/3 of the screen, NOTHING works.
|[B],F+P Turn Uppercut                                                      |
|       War will grunt loudly as he turns and unleashes a powerful uppercut.|
|       The WP version will only go about 1/3 of the screen. The FP version |
|       is identical to the WP version, only War will continue to move after|
|       he uppercuts, traversing 3/4 of the screen. Both come out at equal  |
|       speeds.                                                             |
|       There are two "hit animations" ; when War is still dashing and when |
|       War fully extends his uppercut. The move only hits once, so your foe|
|       can only be hit with one or the other. The dash animation hits at   |
|       mid-low level and does more damage. The uppercut portion hits high. |
|       The FP version does 700 points dashing, 600 for the uppercut.       |
|       The WP version does 500 points dashing, 400 for the uppercut.       |
|       The damage done by the Uppercut depends on how close the foe was    |
|       to the start of the charge. At point-blank range, it deals out more |
|       pain than a throw! The FP version does more damage than the WP      |
|       version of course. Both deal strong (4x normal) chip damage.        |
        +Excellent priority on jumping targets
        +The WP version makes a nice up-close anti-air if done early
        +Very damaging
        +Very strong block damage
        +Can be used to punish a sweep that comes up short
        +You can charge for another attack during your dash
        -Slow recovery time on the FP version
        -Most characters can totally duck under the uppercut
        -Vulnerable at start up
|[D],U+K Death from Above                                                   |
|       WK is to bounce toward where you started.                           |
|       FK is to land on the other side of your opponent.                   |
|       WK is better since FK actually lands gives your opponent more time  |
|       If you execute two FK DFA's in quick succession you will continue   |
|       to travel in that direction, even after landing on the other side   |
|       of your opponent, for a quick escape,                               |
        +Very fast
        +You can charge for another attack during your flight
        +You can string several DfA's into each other
        +Will cross-up crouching opponents
        -Very weak
        -You are vulnerable on the way up (air attacks, anti-airs, etc.)
        -You are very vulnerable if the opponent blocks
        -Can be crouch blocked
|U.A.    War Dynamic                                                        |
|       War gears up, transforming his body into energy, before pouncing on |
|       you and bouncing off the walls. War is totally invincible and cannot|
|       be damaged until after he fully re-materializes.                    |
|       Thankfully, it doesn't take too long for War to transform, making   |
|       this a good anti-air. It is impossible to combo to or from this     |
|       move though. War flies around in an erratic pattern, but the        |
|       entirety of this move can be simply crouch-blocked.                 |
|       If you do hit once, the damage and block-damage will be worth it;   |
|       about 1/3 of the lifebar on standard damage levels.                 |
|       You do not deal damage as you come down from your last bounce,      |
|       leaving your opponents ample time to set up a counter-attack.       |
|       If they are too close, you can try to throw them or block and       |
|       counter later.                                                      |
        +A very good anti-air (must anticipate Armaggon's jump though)
        +Great for knocking off the last 10% or so of life
        -Almost impossible anyone will be hit more than once by this
        -Armaggon can duck under most of the hits
        -Leaves you vulnerable at the end
WP+WK   Lunging Headbutt
        Perhaps War's best anti-air move; it can be done in an instant.
FP Toss War Rolling Toss
        A "Jigoku-guruma" throw. Throw them left or right by using the D-pad.
        A diving elbow smash the Macho King could be impressed by. War will
        send his body sideways and drops a high-hitting elbow. Because of the
        height War leaps at, War will usuallly have mid-air priority because
        he'll be above opponents. If you pressed the button before you
        went over the top of the screen, War will pull his elbow back before
        he lands.
        A quick half-uppercut that actually hits low-mid and works great for
        stopping low attacks like sweeps. It can also stop mid-level attacks
        if timed right. It will fail horribly against high hits.
        From up close, this becomes a mid-level elbow strike, which can be
        interrupted by either special; but they come out too slow to combo.
        A mid-level back-hand swipe that has a surprising range rivaled
        only by his standing FP or FK. It has equal range to his c.FP.
        Like the s.WP from afar, this is great to stop crouching attacks
        with good timing and easily stops other mid-level attacks and sweeps.
        A deep fierce slash. Excellent for jump-ins as you practically reach
        over many counter-attacks. Because of War's leaping height, he might
        retract his arm before he hits his foe; though considering how deep
        the arm reaches, it shouldn't be a big concern.
        This also makes a nifty anti-air attack due to the height War can
        leap and has as much horizontal range as his j.FK.
        A very quick, long ranged stab to mid-level. It can be a surprising
        tack-on after his combos or as an opener. It's also a decent anti-air
        from afar; it at worst can trade hits.
        From within half the screen, War will swipe his arm which is a little
        slower than the stab.
        A mid-level back-hand swipe that has a surprising range rivaled
        only by his standing FP or FK. It has equal range to his c.WP.
        The only difference is that this comes out slower, hurts more, stays
        out longer, and pushes the opponent back farther.
        A simple side kick that isn't that deeply angled or ranged.
        From afar, this is a lightning-fast mid-level kick that has good
        priority over other mid-level attacks. However, the range is almost
        non-existant. You're better off with s.WP from afar since that can
        also snatch mid-low and sweeping attacks.
        From up close, this becomes a mid-level knee strike, which can be
        interrupted by either special attack, but they won't combo.
        This has even less range than his s.WK! It hits low and, yeah.
        A quick dropkick that has decent range. It comes out really fast,
        and retracts just as fast. It has the same range as his j.FP, but
        is aimed high.
        War's other great poking move next to his s.FP. From afar, this is
        actually a low-hitting sweep that can knock people off their feet.
        It has almost the same range the s.FP from afar has and comes out
        lightning quick which makes it really hard to predict.
        From up close, it's a quick two-part high-kick. The first hit is a
        mid-level knee, then a high-level kick. Quite powerful.
        Either move can make a nasty-looking anti-air attack; the s.FK from
        afar hits low at a great range while the close-up version aims high.
        The same range as his c.WK; it's a sweep with really poor range.
|Two-in-Ones                                                                |
| j.FP, s.FK                                                                |
|       A simple three hit combo if you hit with a deep j.FP.               |
| j.FP, c.FK                                                                |
|Cheaps                                                                     |
| JP Turning Uppercut, Throw                                                |
|       Stop short with a Turning Uppercut and throw them.                  |
| j.FP, s.FK, JP Turning Uppercut                                           |
|       The Uppercut will miss; throw your confused opponent!               |
| j.FP, Throw                                                               |
|       Look like you're crossing up with a jump-in, land, and throw them.  |
| j.FK, Throw                                                               |
|       Time it so you retract your legs before you hit, land, and throw.   |
| j.FP, s.FK, s.FP                                                          |
|       On a cornered opponent, if War's three hit combo is blocked, follow |
|       if up with a s.FP to stuff a counter-attack. The s.FP will connect  |
|       against the Turtles, Armaggon, and if he doesn't block, Ratking.    |
|       Use a close s.FP instead of the close s.FK if you feel your foe     |
|       will be caught by the s.FP from afar.                               |
|       You can use j.WK against Chrome Dome, Wingnut or Karai if you use a |
|       deep jump in from within 1/3 of the screen.                         |
| j.FP, s.WK, s.FK                                                          |
|       Nice psych-out as s.WK to s.FK is not a combo; either version of    |
|       the s.FK can come out which might catch some people off guard       |

Full version Coming next!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -8. Armaggon =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Full version Coming next!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -9. Wingnut -=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Full version Coming next!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -10.Chrome Dome -=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Full version Coming next!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -A. Rat King =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Full version Coming next!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -B. Karai -=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Full version Coming next!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## v. Endings #############################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
                                                Leonardo's Profile
Nickname:       Leo
Height:         5' 8" (172.72 cm)
Weight:         170 lbs. (77.11 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Black
Age:            16
Birthplace:     MacMahon's Pet Emporium, Chesabeake Bay
Weapons:        Katana Blades
Favorite Acts:  Meditating and Yoga
Ultimate Goal:  Only motivated to prove he is the best fighter
Ending:         Leo is meditating, explaining that his daily training has
                paid off and he needs to set new goals and achieve those...
                And the only way to do that is to continue training!
                Leo is then shown kicking a practice dummy

                                                Cyber Shredder's Profile
Nickname:       C.Shredder
Height:         6' 6" (198.12 cm)
Weight:         280 lbs. (127.0 kg)
Hair:           Black
Eyes:           Black
Age:            ?
Birthplace:     Osaka, Japan
Weapons:        Battle Armor
Favorite Acts:  Planning World Conquest
Ultimate Goal:  To regain control over the "mindless" people of New York
Ending:         Shaking his fist at the viewer with fire in the background
                and rage in his eyes, Cyber Shredder proclaims he knew he
                would win and has defeated the turtles for the last time.
                Donning a cape and crossing his arms in front of an army of
                Foot soldiers, he now sets his sights on... World Domination!

                                                Armaggon's Profile
Nickname:       Armaggon
Height:         8' (243.84 cm)
Weight:         400 lbs. (181.43 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Red
Age:            ?
Birthplace:     Earth of the Future
Weapons:        Teeth
Favorite Acts:  Garbage Pickin'
Ultimate Goal:  To conquer the Earth by winning this tournament
Ending:         Armaggon looks at himself proudly saying he rightfully won
                the tournament as he sits atop a large treasure chest full
                of cash. The image shifts to Armaggon on his underwater ship
                with his finger pointed upwards proclaiming he is now the
                strongest person ever and is moving toward conquering Earth.

                                                Raphael's Profile
Nickname:       Rap (Raph)
Height:         5' 8" (172.72 cm)
Weight:         170 lbs. (77.11 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Black
Age:            15
Birthplace:     Shelly's Pet City, New Hampshell
Weapons:        Sai
Favorite Acts:  Solitude, sarcastic joking with friends
Ultimate Goal:  To purchase gifts for all of his friends
Ending:         Raph is shown talking to April and Splinter, offering his
                thanks to both of them. Then he gestures and shows them all
                the presents he has bought them and is happy to know that he
                has friends as good as they are.

                                                Wingnut's Profile
Nickname:       Wingnut
Height:         6' (182.88 cm)
Weight:         300 lbs. (158.76 kg)
Hair:           Black
Eyes:           Yellow
Age:            300 Krono Cycles
Birthplace:     Planet Dexlon V in the Huanu System
Weapons:        Plasma-powered bat-wings
Favorite Acts:  Castlevania 2095
Ultimate Goal:  To waste some time
Ending:         Coming next!

                                                Michaelangelo's Profile
Nickname:       Mic (Mikey)
Height:         5' 8" (172.72 cm)
Weight:         170 lbs. (77.11 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Black
Age:            15.5
Birthplace:     Woody's Pet Shop, Pennshellvania
Weapons:        Nunchakus
Favorite Acts:  Surfing, Skateboarding
Ultimate Goal:  Planning a few days off to do some surfin' and boardin'
Ending:         Mike is on a paradisic beach in his tropical duds exclaiming
                he's going to be on the vacation of a lifetime! The scene
                pans to Mikey surfing a mondo wave with a thumbs-up telling
                his bros to meet him in the Bahamas!

                                                Chrome Dome's Profile
Nickname:       C.Dome
Height:         5" 10" (177.8 cm)
Weight:         200 lbs. (90.72 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Red
Age:            66 MHz
Birthplace:     Shredder's Metal Shop
Weapons:        Thunder Gauntlets
Favorite Acts:  Steel Magnolias
Ultimate Goal:  To extract the "Warrior" program from his system memory
Ending:         Coming next!

                                                Donatello's Profile
Nickname:       Don
Height:         5' 8" (172.72 cm)
Weight:         170 lbs. (77.11 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Black
Age:            15
Birthplace:     Joe's Pet Place, Slowklahoma
Weapons:        Bo staff
Favorite Acts:  Invention mechanical and electronic devices
Ultimate Goal:  To get the money to complete his latest invention
Ending:         Donatello is welding his giant machine (which looks like the
                coffee machine he is working on at the start of the original
                animated series) before it EXPLODES and he proclaims he may
                have enough money left to start a new project!

                                                As(u)ka's Profile
Nickname:       Aska
Height:         5' 2" (157.48 cm)
Weight:         110 lbs. (49.89 kg)
Hair:           Black
Eyes:           Black
Age:            18.5
Birthplace:     Kyoto, Japan
Weapons:        Kunai
Favorite Acts:  She likes to discipline her mind and body
Ultimate Goal:  To open her own ninjitsu dojo and train people everywhere
Ending:         After obtaining enough money to open her own dojo, Aska is
                in it professing that her life dream of training young
                people has been achieved. She then leaps for joy, proclaiming
                she shall have the best dojo in the world!

                                                War's Profile
Nickname:       War
Height:         6' (182.88 cm) (NA Manual says 8')
Weight:         350 lbs. (158.76 kg)
Hair:           None
Eyes:           Green
Age:            ?
Birthplace:     Underworld
Weapons:        Razor sharp 6-inch Talons
Favorite Acts:  Anything nasty
Ultimate Goal:  Destruction
Ending:         Coming next!

                                                Ratking's Profile
Nickname:       Ratking
Height:         6' 6" (198.12 cm)
Weight:         280 lbs. (127.0 kg)
Hair:           Blonde
Eyes:           Beady
Age:            ?
Birthplace:     Grenich Village
Weapons:        His entire body is a weapon
Favorite Acts:  ?
Ultimate Goal:  To unite all rats under his power and create a kingdom of
                rats under the streets of New York City
Ending:         None

                                                Karai's Profile
Nickname:       Karai
Height:         ?
Weight:         ?
Eyes:           ?
Age:            ?
Birthplace:     ?
Weapons:        ?
Favorite Acts:  ?
Ultimate Goal:  ?
Ending:         If you beat Karai in Story Mode, with any turtle, you see
                Splinter meditating and comending you on your victory,
                but also warning you to constantly train as you may never
                know when the evil will come again.
                On the higher levels, April comes and kisses the turtle you
                chose while the others look on.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## vi. Codes ##############################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All codes are to be inputed on Controler 2 during the Menu Select screen.
If at first it doesn't work, input the sequence again.
Thanks to Nintendo Power, Electronics Gaming Monthly, and GameFAQs.

[Extra high speed mode]
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
        Asuka will say "Excellent" to confirm correct code entry.

[Boss backgrounds for 2P Mode]
Press L, R, L, R, L, R, A
        The sound of thunder will confirm correct code entry.

[Select Bosses for 2P Mode]
Press X, Up, Y, Left, B, Down, A, Right, X, Up
        Asuka will say "Excellent" to confirm correct code entry.
        Scroll between Leonardo & C.Shredder to choose Karai & Ratking.

[Use Ultimate Attacks in Story Mode]
Press Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A, X, Y, B, A, X
        The sound of thunder will confirm correct code entry.

[Ten Credits]
Press B, B, B (3 times), A, A, A (3 times), X, X, X, X, X, X (6 times)
        The sound of thunder will confirm correct code entry.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## vii. Differences #######################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[Japan/North America Differences]
        -You can choose a character with A/B/X/Y or Start; pressing Start
         gives your character 2P colors
        -The JP version does not allow you to charge while throwing
         (significant in the case of Armaggon who has a "combo throw")
        -Aska's combos are different (her Hip Shot no longer combos to
         her specials, her Uppercut combos have changed)
        -Aska's moves are different (Aska's Spinning Uppercut hits twice up
         close, but has shorter horizontal range)
        -Aska's win-pose has changed from a Kunai Spin without speed-lines
         to a Mai Shiranui homage

        -The text is in Japanese, except the "Tournament Fighters" and other
         background signs are still in English
        -Character Icons are a little different (Aska, Wingnut, Donnie,
         Chrome Dome, Karai) Wingnut looks meaner, C.Dome looks dopier, Aska
         looks younger, Don's icon is a close-up like Raph's and Leo's,
         Karai's is farther away (it's actually a pic of her ending taunt)
        -The "Channel 6" stage has breakable walls that expand the size of
         the stage (and shows you the backstage area)
        -The Turtles' voices are different to fit with the Japanese dubbing
        -The voice that says 'FIGHT' is different
        -The JPN version (TMNT:MW) doesn't have a "$" in the score bar
        -Colors of the blimp in Story Mode are different
        -Aska gets another change: a costume adjustment (bikini briefs over

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
## viii. EOF ##############################################################
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Did you know the King wears boxer shorts?
Or that Aska bears little resemblance to Benikage of 2005's WMX Rumble Rose?
Or that I really want to see how Castlevania 2095 plays?