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             T E E N A G E   M U T A N T    N I N J A 
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                           Version 2.95

                     FAQ by Tortilla Godzilla 

If you think of anything that should be here, or removed, please e-mail me.



March 9th, 2003
Got new US/Jap differences from Sean3i and Koshi de Beaumont, so check out
that section and curse the Japanese for getting a better version of the
game than the rest of us! Seems like the game was released in the US first,
and the Japanese got a 'Special Edition' of it later!

A request: Can someone who has the skillz make me another header than the
stuff that's on the top of the FAQ now? Then I could update one last time
to version 3 Final :)

January 27, 2003
Some more Karai-beating tips, and I moved the Aska-stuff again. Also fixed
spelling mistakes. Again. Damn I suck.

June 21st, 2002
Got an e-mail from Shaun Smith, telling me how you _really_ get the special
ending, and he also sent some tips on how to beat Karai with the different
characters. I should have updated this a long time ago, but it seems I 

March 25th, 2002
The server where the Aska-stuff was on went down, so I uploaded it to a
working one.
Also got two new Game Genie codes from Douglas Boyd.

January 30th, 2002
This update is for the people who use Aska exclusively so they can use 
her FK, pause, and wank off. I know you're out there, sickos.
Anyhow, turns out Konami changed her character a bit for the American
release of the game. Also, the Japanese title for the game is different
from the NA one.
Check out the new US/Japanese Differences section.

November 20th, 2001
A cosmetic update this time. I'd like to start with this message:
FAQ-gods, please have mercy on my soul! After making a friend of mine 
download this FAQ, I discovered I've comitted the ultimate sin: Using the
[TAB] key in a .txt-document! To correct this, I'm going to cut off my
pinky finger.


Ahem. Some people was complaining about the format I used when denoting
back/forward and that stuff, so I've gone over to the good ol' b for back
and f for forward system. I hope you're happy, whiners!
I also added short comments to the stat boxes.

February 18th, 2001
Added stats for every character, and a little section called "How to beat
that character at difficulty level 7".
Also: Fixed some small details here and there. Also fixed an error in the 
"Ultimate Attack in Story Mode"-code where I had abbreviated Left and Right
with L and R, causing a bit of confusion. Thanks for pointing it out to me,
Shoto Man!

September 22nd, 2000
Added background info on Chrome Dome, and accurate info on Karai. Turns out
she's not Shredder's sister after all.
This update is really only for the people who e-mail me with info (thanks
guys!), since the mailserver went down, and I've got a new e-mail adress.

September 5th, 2000
Updated the ANSI art a bit, and added some info on C. Shredder and Karai's
background, and a bit on the Chrome Dome stage description.
Also added Rat King's Rat Bomber move, and a Mad Spectre tip.
No stats yet, sorry.

July 30th, 2000
Used almost two whole days to convert the old HTML moves list to a very
good (in my opinion) FAQ. Now it even has Frequently Asked Questions! Now 
that's what I call an improvement!
I added the introduction from the box, secrets, boss code, a new way to 
show how moves are done, background descriptions, ending transcripts, and
background info, quotes and notes on all characters, plus the best way to
beat the bonus stage perfect for every character.
For next update, I want to add attack, defense and speed stats for all
characters, and good ANSI art, not that shite I made myself.

September 26th, 1999 
Started FAQ, though it is more of a moves list than a Frequently Asked
Questions guide.


                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.  What's the game about?
2.  What features are there in the game?
3.  Are there any secrets in this game?
4.  How do I play as the bosses?
5.  What options are there in the game?
6.  What are the controls?
7.  What are the special moves for the characters?
8.  What do the background stages look like?
9.  What are the endings?
10. US/Japanese differences
11. Game Genie cheats
12. Credits
13. Where can I get this game, anyway?
14. I have more info on TMNT5 than what is here.  Can I submit it?
15. Legal crap


1. What's the game about?

No street fighter has ever seen fighters or fighting like this!

The most severe punishment you'll ever recieve.
   Thrash the surfboard and heave the 'za. It's a whole new breed of Turtles
who are butting heads with the greatest street fighters on the planet.
War, Armaggon, Chrome Dome, Rat King, Karai, Wingnut and Aska er the
toughest mutant warriors ever to bury their fists into someone's face. And
they'll make an impact on your life you won't ever forget.

On these streets you're just a piece of meat.
   The graphics and sound effect take asphalt warfare to the edge of 16 bit
technology with 12 tournament arenas. 8 levels of difficulty. 4 combat
modes (World Tournament, Story, 1 on 1 and Spectator). There are also
adjustable speed modes for faster fighting. And secret enemies who'll chew
you up like a stick of beef jerky.

Bigger, badder, better ways to beat your enemy.
   Undoubtedly you've mastered many street fighting techniques. But until
you've confronted the new Ultimate Attack Move, you might as well have been
fighting your little sister. Also on the rumbling repertoire are quick 
kicks, somersault throws, over the shoulder back drops, electric pile
drivers, spinning upper cuts, head butts, power slams, two fisted zoom
punches, bite attacks, shock waves, elbow smashes... you get the idea (we
don't have to pound it into your head).

For 1 or 2 Street Hardened Warriors

(from the back of the box)


2. What features are there in the game?

There are 10 playable characters, (12 if you include the bosses), your 
usual Street Fighter-esque gameplay and button layout, except TMNT5 doesn't
use the L or R shoulder buttons.
The newest thing (at the time the game was made) is the Ultimate Attack, a
move you can unleash only when you have a full Ultimate Attack bar.
The bar fills up every time you hit your enemy (even when he is blocking).
There are also three (and one secret) speed modes, normal, fast, very fast
and super fast! It's even faster than SF2 Turbo!

The battle stages are also in many cases parallaxing (a technique that
makes the stages look more 3D than 2D).

The modes in the game are as follows:
- Tournament mode: Pick a fighter and beat all opponents to get cash. At
                   one point you even get to break open safes in a bonus
- Story mode: Pick a Turtle and go through a series of battles until you
              beat Karai, the leader of the Shredder Elite.
- VS mode: Beat up your friend or sibling!
- Spectator mode: Utterly useless! You pick two computer fighters, and
                  watch them fight! Wheee...

Handicap: In VS mode, when you choose Battle Arena, you can press [select]
          to adjust your handicap. The higher the number, the less damage
          that person takes.

Quotes: In Tournament mode, your character can say three different things
        depending on how you did the round you won. Let me use Donatello
        as an example. If he has full, or almost full life, he'll tell
        everyone how weak they are compared to him. If he only has a half
        life bar left, he'll say something more indifferent.
        If he has almost no life left, he'll comment on how careless he
        fought. All quotes are in the character's bio.

3. Are there any secrets in this game?

Yup! All the cheats must be done at the title screen:


Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A on controller 2. 
You will hear Aska if you did it right. Now go to the options and you will 
be able to turn the speed up to Hi-Speed 3!


Press B,B,B,A,A,A,X,X,X,X,X,X. Now go to the Options Screen and choose 
TEN CREDITS! Now you should be able to beat story mode!


To play at Studio 6 (where Rat King is) or the Metro Train (where Karai
hangs out) Press L, R, L, R, L, R, A on controller 2. Now you can choose
these levels on the VS mode Arena Select.


At the VS Mode Select Screen, have the other player move to the character
you want to choose. Move to the same character and choose. Have the other
character take the cursor off and you will still remain in those colors!


At the Title Screen, press Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A, X, Y, B, A, X
on controller 2. Now you can use your ultimate attack in Story mode too!


If you can beat the top score at the end of the game on difficulty level 3
or over in Tournament Mode, you'll see your character standing in a pile of
money with two blondes next to him, while money floats from above, plus the
message: "You are the King of Kings!"
This means that you have to beat every opponent in Tournament Mode without
continuing, since continuing erases your score.

4. How do I play as the bosses?

To play as Rat King and Karai.

At the the title screen, press X, Up, Y, Left, B, Down, A, Right, X, Up on
controller 2. You will hear Aska's voice if you did it right. On the VS
Battle Select Screen, you can now play as a boss. Rat King or Karai will
not be represented on the screen, but they are both to the left of Leo.

5. What options are there in the game?

The options menu has these options:

Game level: 0-7, with 7 being the hardest

Control Pad: Change the controls used for player 1 or 2.
             *Note: You can only change player 2's controls with
             joypad 2

Game Time: How long the round should last. 30, 60 or 90 seconds, or 
           infinite time

Game Speed: How fast you want the game to go.
            Normal, or Hi-Speed 1, 2 (or 3 times normal speed, see secrets)
            * I suggest playing the game on normal or Hi-Speed 1. Any 
            higher, and some joystick-motion attacks get very hard to 
            execute because you have to do it so fast, and the game doesn't
            look so good because the characters don't have as many frames
            of animation as in for example Marvel vs Capcom for Dreamcast.

Credit: Number of continous you can use in Story Mode. 
        1, 3, 5 (or 10 times, see secrets)

Music: Listen to the music in the game

Voice: Listen to the voice clips in the game

Sound: Choose between glorious Stereo sound or hideous Mono noise


6. What are the controls?

Basic System

KEY:  uf = up forward    ub = up back
      f  = forward       b  = back 
      u  = up            d  = down            
      db = down back     df = down forward
      NP = Normal Punch
      NK = Normal Kick
      FP = Fierce Punch
      FK = Fierce Kick
 f                        | walk toward opponent
 b                        | walk from opponent, or block an enemy attack
 u                        | jump
 ub                       | jump backwards
 uf                       | jump forward
 d                        | crouch to avoid ground-based high attacks
 db                       | crouch and block
 b, b                     | turtles can dodge attacks
 NP                       | normal punch, hits medium
 NK                       | normal kick, hits medium, and in some cases low
                          |  if you're close to the enemy
 FP                       | hard punch, hits medium unless noted
 FK                       | hard kick, hits medium unless noted
 d + FK                   | hits opponent in the legs so he falls, unless
                          |  he is crouching
 in air, any punch        | flying kick or punch. Hits high, and will
         or kick          |  damage crouching enemies even if blocked
 FP+FK                    | unleash Ultimate Attack, when bar is full
 start                    | pauses the game


7.  What are the special moves for the characters?

                    Layout of the Joypad    

NP = Normal Punch      	 bu  u  fu       Charge means hold the direction for
NK = Normal Kick           \ | /        two seconds, then release
FP = Fierce Punch        b - 0 - f
FK = Fierce Kick           / | \        
                         db  d  fb

Also, someone complained that the joypad-motions I'd written was too 
unaccurate, so here are the abbreviations I'm going to use for the
most used joypad motions

qcf = quarter-circle forward. This means down-downforward-forward
qcb = quarter-circle backward
hcf = half-circle forward

Notes on the different attacks:
AA = Anti-Air. Use this attack to protect yourself from enemies attacking 
               from above. This includes uppercuts and the like.
P     = Projectile attack. 
H     = This attack hits high. It can be blocked by a standing opponent. 
        *Note: All air attacks hit high and cannot be blocked by a crouching 
M     = This attack hits middle. It can be blocked by a standing or crouching
L     = This attack hits low. It can only be blocked while crouching
multi = This attack hits multiple times

 qcf + FP  means you should press down, down-forward, then forward and 
           fierce punch at the same time.

Note: All of the moves and button-pressing combinations listed are for a 
fighter on the left side of the screen attacking an opponent on the right
side of the screen. If you are attacking from right-to-left, the moves are

When you execute a special attack, you would usually use the FP or FK
(I would). However, the NP or NK will result in a slower or shorter version.
For example, a projectile will fly slower, and an uppercut (like 
Michelangelo's Rising Thunder) will not go as high into the air, neither 
would it do as much damage. 

*A note on throws: To throw your opponent, stand close to him and press
forward into him. Now press FP or FK to throw the opponent to the right.
But! If you want to throw your opponent to the left instead after you've
pressed FP or FK, quickly press back to throw him the other way. 


(Karai)    C.Shredder  War   Aska    Chrome Dome  Wingnut  Armaggon
(Rat King)   Leonardo    Raphael       Donatello       Michaelangelo

Karai and Rat King are only selectable in VS mode. 
See 4. "How do I play as the bosses?" further up.



Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Black 
Age: 16
Birth Place: McMahon's Pet Emporium, Chesabeake Bay 
Weapons: Katana blades 
Favorite activities: Meditating and Yoga
Goals: His only motivation is to prove he's the best fighter
Battle arena: Back alley

| Speed:   Average  |
| Offense: Good     |
| Defense: Average  |
An average fighter with good range.

"You'd better not fight me with your feeble skills! You should spend more
time training!"
"I did it!! Do you see the results from many years of training?"
"It was a hard fight, but I haven't given up yet!"

Leonardo is the Ryu of the game. He has all of Ryu and Kens moves from SF2, 
or moves that serve the same purpose. I know the Endless Screw doesn't look
at all like Ryu and Ken's Whirlwind Kick, but attacks high and is performed
by the same joypad motion.
He even has the same goal as Ryu!

When played by the CPU, Leo can be extremely annoying since he'll 
constantly use the Shining Cutter, and slice you with his Roto Cutter if 
you jump at him.

How to beat Leonardo at difficulty 7:
Hard. Charging attacks are not recommended, as you'll get smacked back by a
Shining Cutter, and if you jump at him from the wrong angle, he'll Roto Cut
you. Try to jump just low enough that he won't use the Roto Cutter and 
attack him in the head, or just jump over his S.Cutters and wait until he 
does something else, then use a series of strong attacks, preferably 

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use Leo's standing FP, you should have 2 seconds left.

Leonardo's moves

   Endless Screw (H) (multi)         |  qcb + punch
   Leonardo spins, swinging his      |
   Katanas in both hands             |
   Shining Cutter (P) (M)            |  qcf + punch
   Leo crosses his blades in both    |
   hands quickly, producing a shock  |
   wave                              |
   Roto cutter (AA)                  |  f, d, df + punch
   Swings swords while spinning in   |
   midair                            |
   Dodge move                        |   Tap b
   Jumps backwards on his hands to   |
   avoid damage			     |

Ultimate Attack: Millennium Wave (P)(multi)(H/M/L)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

By thrusting his arms out quickly, Leo can send out countless shock waves.
Does a lot of damage, even when blocked.
Leo will take a second to sheathe his swords before starting the attack, so
make sure you don't get hit when he does, or you'll lose the attack.

   Shoulder Toss                     |   f(,b) + FP
   Tosses the opponent over his      |
   shoulder                          |
   Leg Throw                         |   f(,b) + FK
   Puts his leg between his          |
   opponents', then throws him       |


Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Black 
Age: 15
Birth Place: Shelley's Pet City, New Hampshell 
Weapon: Sai (a kind of knife) 
Favorite activities: Solitude, sarcastic joking with his friends
Goals: Wants to buy presents for all his friends 
Battle arena: Cafeteria

| Speed:   Great    |
| Offense: Good     |
| Defense: Average  |
Another average fighter.

"Train yourself some more and then challenge me again!"
"I must be much stronger than I expected!"
"You fought well against my Sai. You've earned my respect."

Raphael's crouching FP will hit most enemies jumping in at you.
His Power Drill also has a nice feature; if the opponent blocks all the 
"ticks" of the move, and it ends close enough to him, you can throw him,
doing more damage than you would if the Power Drill had connected!

How to beat Raphael at difficulty 7:
Try to get within weapon distance and hit him while standing, as Raph loves
to use his Chest Buster or crouching FP when you jump at him. If he goes 
for a Power Drill, jump over it or use an uppercut-like attack instead of 
blocking it, since he'll throw you as soon as the Drill is done.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use Raph's standing FP until there is only one safe left. Then use low FK.
You should have 2 seconds left if done right.

Raphael's moves: 

   Chest Buster (H)                  |   Charge b ,then f + kick
   Jumps on hands and kicks opponent |   
   with his heel		     |
   Power Drill (M)	             |   Charge b ,then f + punch
   Thrusts his Sai and flies         |
   through the air		     |   
   Jamboree (P) (M)                  |   hcf + punch
   Raph throws a disc-shaped blast   |
   of energy                         |
   Dodge move                        |   Tap b
   Jumps backwards on his hands to   |
   avoid damage			     |  

Ultimate Attack: Energy Spray (P)(H)(multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Jumps in the air and sprays a barrage of energy balls 

   Shoulder Toss                     |   f(,b) + FP
   Tosses the opponent over his      |
   shoulder                          |
   Suplex                            |   f(,b) + FK
   Does a wrestling move on the      |
   opponent, slamming his head into  |
   the ground			     |


Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Black 
Age: 15
Birth Place: Joe's Pet Place, Slowklahoma 
Weapon: Bo Staff 
Favorite activities: Inventing mechanical and electrical devices
Goals: Donatello is working on a new invention and needs more money to make
       his dream come true 
Battle arena: Scrapyard

| Speed:   Average  |
| Offense: Good     |
| Defense: Good     |
Yet another average turtle.

"Compared to my powers, everybody else is too weak."
"I'm happy because I'll be able to finish my invention much sooner."
"My carelessness almost cost me the match!"

Donatello's FP hits twice, first medium, then high. He'll slide when you 
use his crouching FK.

How to beat Donatello at difficulty 7:
Not too hard. Use jumping attacks, since Don doesn't have any anti-air
attacks, and combo with some other attacks after you've landed.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Just tap NP (or FP if you're fast enough) to do the Bo Thrust move. You 
should have 3 seconds left with the NP version, but with a joypad with a
turbo function, you can have as much as 7 seconds left with FP!

Donatello's moves:

   Bo Thrust (M)(L)(Multi)           |   Tap NP quickly, or FP
                                     |   very quickly (not really worth it)
   Attacks while thrusting his Bo    |
   madly			     |
   Ground Claw (L)(P)	             |   qcf + punch
   Slashes the ground with Bo and    |
   unleashes a ground-ripping claw   |
   Headspin Attack (M)               |   qcb + kick
   Turns upside-down, scissors legs, |
   and spins                         |
  *While doing this move, you are    |
   invulnerable to air attacks       |
   Dodge move                        |   Tap b
   Jumps backwards on his hands to   |
   avoid damage			     |

Ultimate Attack: Fire Dragon (H) (P)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Donatello summons a fire spirit and shoots out a Dragon wave. 
Unfortunately a crouching, blocking opponent takes next to no damage from 
this move, so use it as anti-air.

   Shoulder Toss                     |   f(,b) + FP
   Tosses the opponent over his      |
   shoulder                          |
   Headbutt                          |   f(,b) + FK
   Headbutts his opponent (duh)      |


Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 170 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Black 
Age: 15 and a half
Birth Place: Woody's Pet Shop, Pennshellvania 
Weapon: Nunchakus 
Favorite activities: Surfing and skateboarding
Goals: Mike is planning a vacation of surfing and skateboarding 
Battle arena: Sky Palace

| Speed:   Great    |
| Offense: Great    |
| Defense: Average  |
An above-average fighter if you play offense.

"Hey hey hey! You'll never beat me with your weak skill!"
"I won! Training daily is very important!"
"You've trained yourself well! But not enough to defeat me!"

My personal favorite. Michaelangelo is the ideal character, with an 
anti-air attack, a fireball, the best throw and Fierce Kick in the game,
and a great ultimate move! His Fierce Punch with his Nunchackus has a long 
range, and hits medium, then low. His FK hits high.
Mike also slides when you use his crouching FK. His Dynamite Bomber does 
lots of damage if you manage to execute it correctly. 
I might go as far as to call him overpowered.

How to beat Michelangelo at difficulty 7:
Really hard. Now is when you wish he wasn't "overpowered". Try using 
projectile attacks or walk towards to attack. Jumping attacks are a big 
no-no, since he'll use his Rising Thunder on you every time you try it.
If you're really desperate, you could get in a few attacks, then block 
until the time runs out :p

How to beat the bonus stage:
Just use Mike's FP, you should have at least 11 seconds left.

Michaelangelo's moves:

   Rising Thunder (AA)(M)(H)(Multi)  |   Charge  d ,then u + punch
   Spins his Nunchakus and does an   |
   uppercut. If close to the enemy,  |
   you can score three hits, for     |
   major damage                      |
   Dynamite Bomber (H)(Multi)        |   Charge b ,then f + punch
   Rolls forward quickly and does    |
   continuous damage with his back   |
   and shoulders		     |
   Dragon Breath (M)(P)              |   hcf + punch
   Shoots energy balls from his      |
   mouth                             |
   Dodge move                        |   Tap b
   Jumps backwards on his hands to   |
   avoid damage			     |

Ultimate Attack: Dance of Fury (multi)(H)(M)(L)

FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 
Runs to his opponent, and punches and kicks non-stop

   Shoulder Toss                     |   f(,b) + FP
   Tosses the opponent over his      |
   shoulder                          |
   Spinning Throw                    |   f(,b) + FK
   Grabs his opponent and spins him  |
   around a few times before slinging|
   him away (best throw in the game) |


Height: 8' 
Weight: 350 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Red 
Age: ?
Birth Place: Underworld 
Weapon: Razor sharp 6" talons 
Favorite activities: Anything nasty
Goals: Destruction 
Battle arena: Mt. Olympus
Background: In the game, he's from another galaxy, but if you read the
            comic, you'd know War is actually one of the four horsemen of 
            the Apocalypse, who fought the Turtles with his buddies,
            Plague, Hunger and Death. (They lost, of course)

| Speed:   Laughable|
| Offense: Good     |
| Defense: Good     |
Really, REALLY slow, and you can't even jump to reach your opponent faster,
since War only jumps high, not far.

"You very lucky to have chance to fight no. 1 fighter from far off planet."
"Guha guha... Can't stop laughing!! It fun on someone beat!!"
"You quite strong fighter!! Next time, I won't let you touch me!!"

War isn't particulary good, but he jumps the highest of all the characters
in the game, so he'll usually win air matches. He's also the only character
who can jump over Aska's Tornado Ultimate Attack.
Though he jumps high, he doesn't jump far, and he walks slowly, so he'll 
use more time reaching his opponent.
But he has great range, and does good damage.

How to beat War at difficulty 7:
Jumping attacks work great, and when you notice he ducks to charge his 
Death from Above attack, and he will, just jump at him or block his 
incoming attack, then by Crom, let him taste cold steel!! Or... something.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use his crouching FP.

War's moves:

   Turning uppercut (M)((AA))        |   Charge b ,then f + punch
   Twists his body, gathers energy,  |
   then delivers a powerful uppercut.|
   Can be used as anti-air if timed  |
   right			     |
   Skull Crusher (M)	             |   NP + NK
   Headbutts his opponent	     |
   Death from Above (H)              |   Charge d ,then u + kick
   Jumps in the air and lands on     |
   opponent with all his weight      |

Ultimate Attack: War Dynamic
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

War gathers energy in his body and uses it to transform into a blazing 
ball of light bouncing around the screen causing damage.
Can hit the enemy twice before it's finished if you're lucky.

   War Roll                          |   f(,b) + FP
                                     |        or FK
   Rolls himself and the opponent    |
   into a ball before throwing him   |
   away				     |


Height: 5'2" 
Weight: 110 lbs. 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Black 
Age: 18 and a half
Birth Place: Kyoto, Japan 
Weapon: Kunai (another kind of knife) 
Favorite activities: She likes to disipline her mind and body
Goals: Aska is master of Ninjitsu and wants to own her own dojo 
Battle arena: The Noh-Stage
Background: Aska is a character made up by Konami, she's not a part of 
            Turtles history. (KnightofNi873)

For more Aska-stuff, check the US/Japan differences-section.

| Speed:   Good     |
| Offense: Average  |
| Defense: Average  |
Average, but faster than other average fighters.

"Every man that has witnessed my secret skills have been powerless."
"I am happy that I could show you all of my power. I'll win the next
battle with the same power."
"You were wonderful! I really had to concentrate when we fought. Let's
do it again some time!"

If you press back together with FK, Aska will jump butt-first 
into her opponent.
Both of her crouching kicks are sliding. Jumps fast and long, but not very

How to beat Aska at difficulty 7:
Aska will block a lot, making you (hopefully) win on timeout more often
than on any other opponent, therefore you should block a lot too. But a 
good strategy is to block her incoming jumping kick, duck-block, and if she
slides into you, throw her.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use her powerful FK, but make sure you don't press the control in any 

Aska's moves:

   Spin Attack (M/L)(multi)          |   qcb + kick
   Thrusts her Kunai and spins at a  |
   high speed			     |
   Spinning Uppercut (H)(AA)         |   f, d, df + punch
   From a crouching position she     |
   leaps up and thrusts her Kunai in |
   the air, summoning the forces     |
   of nature			     |

Ultimate Attack: Tornado Attack (L/M/H)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Aska uses her Ninja techniques to summon a tornado blast. 
Some enemies, like War, can jump over it.

   Facemask Throw                    |   f(,b) + FP
                                     |        or FK
   Jumps onto her opponents face     |
   wrapping her legs around his neck,|
   and slams him into the ground     |
   (but what a way to go, eh?)       |


Height: 6' 
Weight: 300 lbs. 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Yellow 
Age: 300 Krono cycles
Birth Place: Dexlon V in the Huana system 
Weapon: Plasma Propelled Bat-wing 
Favorite activities: Playing Castlevania 2095
Goals: Thinks the tournament will be fun - a good way to kill time 
Battle arena: Thunder Dome
Background: Comes from a far away planet, and is so stupid, he has a 
            companion called Screwnoose riding on his back telling him 
            what to do. Not enough research from Konami's side, obviously. 
            They fought with the Turtles against Krang in Dimension X to 
            get back a magic stone of some sort, I don't remember exactly.

| Speed:   Average  |
| Offense: Average  |
| Defense: Average  |
Do I even have to comment on this?

"Fighting against someone without wings seems like a waste! Train
yourself and challenge me again!"
"Uhi uhi hihihi!! My face is so nice. Don't you like to look at my face?"
"You have fought well, but you are not strong enough!"

Since Wingnut doesn't have any normal attack moves with particularly good
range, make good use of his crouching NK.
He's a very average fighter, he doesn't have any areas he's especially good
in, and none that are especially bad.
*If you time his Mad Spectre Ultimate Attack just right so it's directly 
above a non-blocking opponent, it will KILL him no matter how much life he
has left. (Tip from K-CHU)

How to beat Wingnut at difficulty 7:
Not hard at all, just watch out for his Moonbuster and his Power Dive in

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use his crouching FP.

Wingnut's moves:

   Hovering                          |   In air, b (or f) + NP+NK
   This is more of a move than an    |
   attack. Great if you're in risk   |
   of being hit by an anti-air attack|
   Moonbuster (P) (H)                |   In air, qcf + punch
   While in air, Wingnut shoots a    |
   vacuum wave                       |
   Power Dive (H)                    |   In air, b  + kick
   Drops down from above onto        |
   opponent's head                   |
   Thrust Punch (M)                  |   NP+NK
   Thrusts his body forward to hit   |
   opponent with both hands          |

Ultimate Attack: Mad Spectre (H) (multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full)

Jumps into the air, and sends out supersonic waves, beating his opponents 
into the ground. Can also be executed in air, and I recommend you do.
If you use the Hovering move to place yourself directly above your enemy,
then execute the attack, it will in most cases KO him, no matter how much
life he has left.

   Bat Bite                          |  f(,b) + NP
   Bites his opponent repeatedly     |
   Body Slam                         |  f(,b) + FP
   Lifts his opponent into the air   |
   and slams him into the ground     |


Height: 8' 
Weight: 400 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Red 
Age: ?
Birth Place: Earth of the future 
Weapon: Razor-sharp fins and teeth 
Favorite activities: Garbage pickin'
Goals: Winning the tournament is Armaggons first step toward conquering the
Battle arena: Pirate Ship
Background: A criminal from the future. In one issue of TMNT, the Turtles
            went into the future to meet up with their future selves to
            rescue future Leonardo and Michaelangelo, which had been 
            kidnapped by Armaggon and a future version of Rat King.

| Speed:   Slow     |
| Offense: Average  |
| Defense: Average  |
Eh. Not a good character, since he's so slow.

"You are one unlucky guy to have to fight me!"
"Gahahaha... I haven't shown my full strenght yet!"
"You fight well! You fought better than any other challenger!"

Boooooooring! I hate projectile attacks that have to be charged.

How to beat Armaggon at difficulty 7:
Armaggon is very annoying, since he for some reason can use the Fin Slicer
move at will, without the charging period. Don't jump against him too much.
Use projectiles if possible, or attack him while he's jumping, as he sucks
in air-matches. He has one move, the Air Dive, which does laughable damage
and it's easy to see when Armaggon is going to try it, since he starts 
jumping up and down at the side of the screen. Silly shark man, die!

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use his crouching FK.

Armaggon's moves:

   Aqua Shock (P)(M)                 |   Charge b ,then f + punch
   Sends a swirling blast of water   |
   from his mouth		     |
   Fin Slicer (H/M)(AA)              |   Charge d ,then u + punch
   From a crouching position,        |
   Armaggon jumps into the air,      |
   hitting his opponent with his     |
   sharp fins			     |
   Air Dive (H)                      |   In air, d + FP
   From the air, Armaggon swims      |
   through the air, hitting the      |
   enemy with his nose		     |

Ultimate Attack: Tsunami (M/L) (H)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Summons a huge wave of water, and at the same time does a fin slicer.
If Wingnut jumps right up and uses his Hovering move, he can avoid this
attack alltogether.

   Shark Bite                        |   f(,b) + FP
   Bites his opponent repeatedly     |
   Overhead Throw                    |   f(,b) + FK
   Grabs his opponent and launches   |
   him into the air                  |


Height: 5'10" 
Weight: 200 lbs. 
Hair: None 
Eyes: Red 
Age: 66 Mhz
Birth Place: Shredder's Metal Shop 
Weapon: Thunder Gauntlets 
Favorite activities: Steel magnolias
Goals: Wants to extract his "warrior" program from his memory 
Battle arena: Art Museum
Background: During one of the season premiers of the cartoon, Shredder 
            built Chromedome as a weapon to take out the Turtles.  He was
            made completely out of adamantium (direct ordered from Marvel
            obviously). Also, the cartoon version of Chrome Dome is 
            different from the game in that he was colored differently 
            (metallic grey instead of brown) and he was freakin' HUGE.
            Bigger than two of the Turtles put together.
              (Thanks goes to Demondark for this info.)

| Speed:   Average  |
| Offense: Great    |
| Defense: Average  |
Good fighter with great range.

"You should be erased for fighting such an inferior battle!"
"Alright!! My warrior program is invincible!"
"Don't worry about losing. I was programmed to fight!"

Obviously inspired by Dhalsim from SF, Chrome Dome has arms and legs that
can be streched far (though it makes more sense when a robot does it), 
Chrome Dome easily has the best range in the game. When you see an opponent
starting to jump at you, jump backward and use FK to smack him right down
A great character, in fact the only thing that annoys me is that his 
Electric Pile Driver does far from as much damage as I would like it to, 
being hard to time and all. 

How to beat Chrome Dome at difficulty 7:
Projectiles work, so do jumping attacks, though I wouldn't recommend it,
since he can do a little uppercut to stop you.
You can easily beat him in air matches, as long as you time it right, or
he'll use his really long flying kick.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Use his crouching FK. It even hits twice!

Chrome Dome's moves:

   Chrome Spark (P)(L)               |   qcf + punch
   Slams both hands into the ground, |
   creating a shock wave	     |
   Piston Kick (H)                   |   In air, d + NK
   While above opponent, rams both   |
   feet into his head                |
   Dive Kick (H)                     |   In air, d + FK
   In air, Chrome Dome floats down   |
   with his foot first		     |
   * This move can only be done if   |
   you jump right up, not diagonally |

Ultimate Attack: Chrome Bomb (H/M/L)(multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Blows himself up and creates a wide area of damage.
*Note: You can move while exploding. This move does a lot of damage, even
when blocked (but you should be pretty close before executing it)

   Machine Gun Arm                   |   f(,b) + NP
   Grabs his opponent and rapidly    |
   punches him                       |
   Body Smash                        |   f(,b) + FP
   Grabs the enemy and slams him     |
   into the ground		     |
   Electric Pile Driver              |   (close to opponent) d ,u + NP+NK
   Grabs opponent, flies into the    |
   air and pounds opponent into the  |
   ground, all while shocking him    |
   with electricity.                 |
   Looks cool, but does crap damage  |


Height: 6'6" 
Weight: 280 lbs. 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Black 
Age: Who knows?
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan 
Weapon: Battle Armor 
Favorite activities: Planning world conquest
Goals: Wants to regain control over the "mindless" masses of New York 
Battle arena: Metal Works
Background: Orokou Saki, out to kill the Turtles and their master Splinter.
            This 'Cyber' thing he has going on is taken from the second
            TMNT movie, where he drank mutagen and became Super Shredder.

| Speed:   Great    |
| Offense: Great    |
| Defense: Average  |
Good, powerful fighter.

"You tried to challenge me?! Don't make me laugh. You must mature your
strenght and challenge me again!"
"Noone can defeat the Cyber Shredder!! Ha!"
"Fighting alone will not give you power!! You have to be smart to win!!
Thinks about that for a while."[sic]

C. Shredder is the most powerful character in the game, dishing out the
most damage with regular attacks. 
His special moves aren't really very good, neither is his Ultimate Attack.
His Aura Shield is useful sometimes, especially against Leonardo's annoying
Shining Cutters.
A good choice if you're the type who goes all-out with powerful kicks and 
punches, but really doesn't use special attacks. The fact that Shredder is
just plain cool-looking doesn't hurt either.

How to beat C.Shredder at difficulty 7:
The Shredder likes to block and use a combo of two crouching NK's and a FK,
so watch out. If he goes for an Aura Crusher, block it and throw him. He's
no problem to take in the air.

How to beat the bonus stage:
Easy. Using Shredders powerful crouching FK, you should have as much as 
9 seconds left on the clock, giving you a whopping score of $19.000!

Cyber Shredder's moves:

   Knee Crush (AA)(H)                |   Charge b ,then f + kick
   Jumps into the air with his knee  |
  *The NP version goes at a 75 degree|
   angle, making for great anti-air  |
   Aura Crusher (M)(H)(multi)        |   Charge b ,then f + punch
   Dashes at opponent and throws an  |
   uppercut. 			     |
   Aura Shield ((P))                 |   NP+NK
   Puts up an aura barrier that      |
   bounces back enemy projectiles    |

Ultimate Attack: Lightning Crusher (AA) (L/multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Draws lightning from the sky into his body, then releases the electricy.
Any jumping enemy will only get shocked once, but if he's on the ground, 
he'll be shocked repeatedly by the electricity on the ground near Shredder.

   Blade Throw                       |   f(,b) + FP
   Sticks his claws into the throat  |
   of the opponent, then throws him  |
   over his shoulder                 |


Height: 6'6" 
Weight: 280 lbs. 
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Beady 
Birth Place: Grenitch Village 
Weapon: His entire body is a weapon 
Goals: To unite all rats under his power and create a kingdom of rats under
       the streets of New York City 
Battle arena: Studio 6
Background: If you've seen the animated TV series you know this guy. He is
            trying to use his rats to take over New York from the sewers.

| Speed:   Slow     |
| Offense: Great    |
| Defense: Great    |
Great offense, but too slow. 

"Did you think you could defeat the king of the sewers? You'd better
give up your futile fighting!!"
"Waoo- My lovely rats. Are you watching the TV? I've won!!"
"You are much weaker than I. You can be stronger, if you make an effort!!

Rat King is really powerful, but since it takes so long to reach the 
opponent because he's so slow, you should probably play defense.

His win sprite is one of the two in the game that's not just a still from
an existing move. The other one is Karai.

How to beat Rat King at difficulty 7:
When battling CPU Rat King, you should be aware that he'll almost 
constantly use his Air Kick move. And should he miss you, and land next
to you, you can be 100% sure he'll use his Rat Bomber, which'll take away
about a third of your energy bar. To beat him, stand a bit away from him
and jump right into the air. When he Air Kicks, attack him with a Fierce
punch or kick, repeat until he's dizzied, throw him to the other side of 
the screen, then repeat. All you need is a steady rhytm.

Rat King's moves:

   Elbow Drop (H)                    |   In air, d + punch
   Jumps elbow first to smash        |
   opponent in the head              |
   Air Kick (H)                      |   In air, d  + FK
   Flies foot-first into opponent    |
   while yelling nngg-uh!            |

Ultimate Attack: Shock Sphere (AA)(H)(L/multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Surrounds himself in a big ball of lightning. Similar to C.Shredder's 
Ultimate Attack. Wait until enemy is jumping in or is very close.

   Rodent Suplex                     |   f(,b) + FP
                                     |        or FK
   Does a wrestling move on the      |
   opponent, slamming his head into  |
   the ground	                     |
   Rat Bomber                        | (you have be a couple of steps away)
                                     |   hcf + NP or FP
   Grabs his opponent and jumps      |
   through the air, smashing him     |
   into the ground with all his      |
   might for major damage            |(thanks goes to KnightofNi and K-CHU)


Height: ?
Weight: ? 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Evil 
Birth Place: ? 
Weapon: Martial Arts 
Goals: To take over the world (how original)
Battle arena: Metro Train
Background: (Ex-)leader of the Shredder Elite, a group of foot soldiers who
            answered only to Shredder. She left the group and helped the 
            Turtles kill almost all the the members in one of the issues of TMNT.
            (Thanks to Brandon Downard for this info)

| Speed:   Great    |
| Offense: Great    |
| Defense: Great    |
Fast, strong character.

"You are going to try and fight me?!? I am the master of every fighting
technique! Don't make me laugh!!"
"I am the strongest fighter in the world!!"
"You have great potential, but you do not have control over your abilities.
Only more training can help you realize all of your power."

Karai is an extremely fast and powerful character.
All her punches and kicks can be "sliding" if you hold back while pressing
the attack button.

Her win sprite is one of the two in the game that's not just a still from
an existing move. The other one is Rat King.

How to beat Karai at difficulty 7:
Hard. You can't just sit there blocking all her moves, since it raises her
Ultimate Attack bar, and the Hover Punch does lots of damage even when 
blocked! If you are too close, she will throw you, if you are too far away,
she will just use her Hover Punch or similarily destructive attacks. One 
strategy is to block her if she slides into you and throw her away, and
try to beat her in air-matches. Don't even try to go for a perfect.

Donatello- Slide (crouch+FK) into her repeatedly to fill up your Ultimate 
Attack bar, then throw a dragon at her :) This tactic also works with Mike.

Tips from Shaun Smith:
Mike- Constantly charge down. When Karai gets close enough to try anything,
use a light Rising Thunder.

Armaggon- Use the same tactic as Mike, and fin slice her when she comes too

Aska- Use a fierce spinning uppercut when Karai gets close enough to try 
anything. If you don't knock her down with it, use the spinning attack,
then try another fierce spinning uppercut. Repeat.

Shredder- Use the fierce rising knee special. If Karai jumps, she'll get 
creamed; if she doesn't, odds are you'll be able to throw her as soon as
you hit the ground. After Karai is floored, jump back and charge back for 
another knee special.

Wingnut- Very easy. Just keep jumping and using the air dive special.

Tip from Scott Burch:
Raphael- Get close by using Chest Buster and then quickly use Suplex. 

Karai's moves:

   Hover Punch (H/M)(multi)          |   (in air,) FP + FK
   Jumps in from above and hits her  |
   opponent continously		     |
   Dive Punch (H)                    |   in air, d  + NP
   Dives from the air, hitting       |
   opponent with her fist	     |
   Lightning Fists (H) (multi)       |   (in air,) NP + NK
   Jumps off the nearest wall, grabs |
   opponent, and slams him into the  |
   ground                            |
   (Thanks to Miguel Raya for        |
   reminding me of this one)         |

Ultimate Attack: Dark Thunder (AA)(L)(multi)
FP+FK (when ultimate-attack gauge is full) 

Surrounds herself with lightning. Very similar to Cyber Shredder and 
Rat King's Ultimate Attacks.
   Air Throw                         |   (in air,) NP+NK
   From the air, Karai grabs her     |
   opponent and slams him into the   |
   ground.                           |
   Can be used against airborne      |
   enemies                           |
   Body Slam                         |   f(,b) + FP
   Grabs opponent and slams him into |
   the ground                        |
   Face Slam                         |   f(,b) + NP
   Grabs opponent and thrusts him    |
   backwards                         |

8.  What do the background stages look like?

Back Alley - Leonardo

This back alley has your average street dwellers. The punker, the pant-
sagging skater, the black basketball player, the car that doesn't work, 
the broken phone booth, graffiti, a ripped up poster, and a whore.
When the round is over, the woman on the ripped up poster will wink and 
pout her lips, and the black guy will tap his foot.


Cafeteria - Raphael

The cafeteria Circo Porto full of people sets the stage for the battle.
There are no TMNT characters here, except the ones fighting.
When a round is over, if you look closely, you can see the crescent moon
on the neon-sign blinking. This crescent moon sign can also be spottet
in Konami's game, Ultimate Parodius (a machine tries to drop it on you).


Scrapyard - Donatello

A scrapyard with a wrecking ball and lots of broken cars in the background.
Casey Jones is sitting on a big hook cheering, and a horny Baxter Stockman 
is looking at the fight from the sideline, thrusting his pelvis (really!).


Sky Palace - Michaelangelo

The Sky Palace is on top of a building, with some billboards advertising
toothpaste and mutagen(!). You can also see the Konami building and a lot
of other skyscrapers far in the background.


Mt. Olympus - War

The battle takes place on top of a mountain, with many ruins surrounding
the area. There's an Aztech stone head, a Greek building ruin, and even the
sphinx far back in the background.
Bebop, Rocksteady (green for some reason) and two foot soliders are watching 
the battle.


Noh Stage - Aska

Looks kinda trippy, and hippie. There is a big frog with someone riding it
in the middle of the screen, and there are curtains with peace-marks on 
them hanging down. There are two sakura trees on each side of the screen, 
and many leaves on the ground. 
As far as I can see, there are geisha's standing along the battlefield, and
two stone pillars that can be broken at both sides of the arena.


Thunder Dome - Wingnut

Hopefully not the one from that horrible Mad Max film, the Thunder
Dome contains some punk rockers playing on a strangely lit stage in the 
background, between two mechanical dinosaurs. 
In the foreground you can see the shadows of the people watching the
fight (or concert).
At the end of the round, the dinosaurs' arms and mouths will be moving.


Pirate Ship - Armaggon

The stage is a sunken pirate ship, obviously attacked by that giant squid
that's in the background. His tentacles are everywhere.
There are old cannons on each side of the level, but these cannot be 


Art Museum - Chrome Dome

An art museum with sculptures in the background. There are a bunch of 
mousers standing around in the background, and two teenagers with punk
hair. They are called the Neutrinos, and they are teenage rebels from 
Dimension X, like Krang. The Neutrinos are against war, and in an early
issue of TMNT Krang was teleporting in some Stone Warriors, and the 
Neutrinos followed. The female is called Kala.
There is a hall that goes further back into the museum, and you can see
people standing and looking at paintings.
There are ugly sculptures at each side of the screen that can be broken.
When the round is over, the mousers will jump in place.


Metal Works - Cyber Shredder

You fight in Shredder's metal works, probably where Chrome Dome was made.
A trailer has crashed through the wall and into a pillar, and there are
foot soliders cheering their leader on.


Studio 6 - Rat King

The studio the show is taped in, I guess. There are girls standing in a row
in the background cheering, and you can see the hosts of the show sitting
behind their desk with prize money, and TV-cameras in the foreground.
There is also an easter egg here in the Japanese version. See the 
US/Jap differences-section.


Metro Train - Karai

The fight ensues on top of a moving train with the Channel 6 helicopter
frantically trying to cover the fight. Sometimes a tall building gets in
the way, forcing the helicopter to fly over it.


9. What are the individual character endings?

If you choose Game Level 0-2, you will only get the credits. If you choose
3-5, you get the character ending, and then the credits. On Game Level 
6 and 7, you get the ending, and when the credits are playing, there are 
battles going on at the same time. 
After the credits on all game levels, you will get a screen showing you
your score and time, along with the best score and best time.

All character endings are made up by pictures with text under. So the text 
in the [] will be a description of what the picture is like, and the text 
under will be the corresponding text. When I start a new [] it's the next 
picture, ok?
Note: To get an ending, you have to play on difficulty 3 or over.

Leonardo's ending:
[Sits meditating]
"My daily training has paid off..."
"I must now set new goals and set out to archieve them..."

[Kicks the crap out of his punching bag]
"The only way is to continue my training!"

Raphael's ending:
[Raphael is facing April and Splinter]
"April, Splinter... Please accept these gifts to 
show my thanks to both of you."

[Holds his hand out toward the Turtle's apartment,
which he has filled with gift-wrapped presents]
"I am happy to know that I have friends as good as you."

Donatello's ending:
[Donatello is working on a big machine]
"Now I can finish my latest invention!!"

[There's a bang, and the only things in the picture
are Donatello and a lot of smoke]
"I may even have enough money left over to start
a new project!"

Michaelangelo's ending:
[Wearing a straw hat and a khaki shirt]
"I'm off to a vacation of a lifetime!!"

[Surfing a wave]
"Hey guys, visit me in the Bahamas!!"

War's ending:
[War is posing in front of some colored lights]
"I won! I won!"
"I have shown these fighters not to mess with
intergalactic lifeforms!"

Aska's ending:
[Closeup of Aska]
"Now I can realize my life long dream of 
training people in the way of Ninjitsu."

[Jumping towards the sky]
"I will have the best dojo in the entire world!!"

Wingnut's ending:
[Sitting in a camping chair surrounded by prize money]
"I only entered this tournament to pound some heads!!"
"Oh well, I guess I pounded everybody else and wound up
"Well, now I'll be able to waste even more money!!"

Armaggon's ending:
[Armaggon is sitting underwater with his arms crossed
in front of a box of money]
"It is only natural that I should win the tournament!"

[Stands on the deck of the sunken pirate ship]
"I am the strongest living creature on this planet and
must now set forth to conquer Earth!"

Chrome Dome's ending:
[C.D. is standing in front of a computer]
Now I can purchase the necessary computers to extract
my faulty program."

[Standing next to a robot chick, making a V-sign]
"I will finally be able to exist in peace."

C.Shredder's ending:
[Closeup of Shredder holding a shaking fist in front of his face
 while fire is burning in the background]
"I knew that I would win this tournament!!"
"I have defeated those menacing Turtles for the last time!"

[With his arms crossed, in front of an army of foot soliders]
"I must now look for bigger areas to conquer... Like Earth..."

End Messages (after the ending credits):

       Difficulty 0-2

    Never be satisfied
 with your archievments!
   Set your goals on
defeating the next level!

       Difficulty 3-5

   The road to becoming 
the best fighter is a long
   and treacherous one.
 Train your body and mind 
    and fight again!!

       Difficulty 6&7

    Now you have truly 
     been challenged!!
   Never be careless and
  remember to train well,
so you may keep your crown!


10. US/Jap Differences

Tournament Fighters was actually released in the US first, and when Konami
released it in Japan they added some neat new stuff in:

* The Japanese title for the game is TMNT: "Mutant Warriors".

* Aska's sprite was changed a bit... In the Japanese version, she wears a
  thong (oh, those wacky Japanese)! Also, she got a custom-made win pose 
  (most of the other's poses are just a still frame from an existing move)!
  hikarutilmitt provides proof:
        Aska's thong. Some ass, huh?
        A short MPG clip showing Aska's new win pose:
         http://www.qualityroms.com/stuff/askawin.mpg (408Kb)

* At the player select screen, instead of pressing Start to select your
  character, you use a punch or kick-button. And if you use the kick-button
  to select, you'll get the alternate palette! In the US version, you were
  only able to do this if you got the second player to select the character

* The Turtle Blimp is recolored to imitate the colors from the TV show.

* The Ninja Turtles' voices sound a bit different.

* As you go through the stages in Tournament Mode, there are small bloody
  X'es over the stages you've already beaten.

* In the Channel 6 stage you can break down the walls to expand the stage
  to include the back room! There are two newspeople cheering you on while
  some guy watches baseball on the monitors.
        Breaking down the wall!
        Excited onlookers:


11. Game Genie Codes 
I haven't tried these, so I can't verify they work.

Character codes work in all modes execept story mode.
With code 1 through 6 you can't view the ending.

1) DCCA-1405 = Leonardo is replaced by Rat King 
2) D8CA-1405 = Leonardo is replaced by Karai 
3) DCCA-14A5 = Raphael is replaced by Rat King 
4) D8CA-14A5 = Raphael is replaced by Karai 
5) DCCA-1705 = Donatello is replaced by Rat King 
6) D8CA-1705 = Donatello is replaced by Karai

7) F6E9-3D25 = Both players start with 1/4 health 
8) 7DE9-3D25 = Both players start with 1/2 health 
9) 06E9-3D25 = Both players start with 3/4 health 

10) DDB1-CF60 = Start with no continues (leave menu option on 3) 
11) D4B1-CF60 = Start with 1 continue 
12) D0B1-CF60 = Start with 3 continues 
13) D1B1-CF60 = Start with 5 continues 
14) D6B1-CF60 = Start with 7 continues 
15) 82A6-4FA4 = Automatic and infinite continues 

For codes 16 through 19, leave menu option on 60 

16) FD86-4F00 = Matches are 10 seconds long 
17) F986-4F00 = Matches are 15 seconds long 
18) 4D86-4F00 = Matches are 20 seconds long 
19) 5986-4F00 = Matches are 75 seconds long 

(Do not combine codes 20 through 23 with codes 26 through 28) 

20) DFCA-44A3 = Ultimate attack can be done any time the bar is not empty 
21) F0CA-44A3 = Ultimate attack can be done with about 1/4 energy 
22) 46CA-44A3 = Ultimate attack can be done with about 1/2 energy 
23) 7ACA-44A3 = Ultimate attack can be done with about 3/4 energy 

24) DDC1-1D03 = Energy bar does not go down over time 
25) D4C1-1D03 = Energy bar goes down twice as fast 

26) F0C3-4463 = After doing an ultimate attack, energy bar goes to about 1/4 
27) 46C3-4463 = After doing an ultimate attack, energy bar goes to about 1/2 
28) 7AC3-4463 = After doing an ultimate attack, energy bar goes to about 3/4 

Codes submitted by Douglas Boyd

    7E0E-E4AC = Player 1 invincible/more money
    7E1A-C054 = More life for player 1


12. Credits

I want to thank the following:

- Konami, for making such a great game
- Konami, again, for actually managing to make great games out of their
  licenses, unlike other game companies (you know who you are)
- Eastman and Laird, for creating the Turtles!
- Shawn Holmes and Scott Fujimoto, for showing me how a fighting game FAQ 
  should be written
- www.ninjaturtles.com for a lot of Turtles info
- GameSages for the codes
- CJayC, for hosting this FAQ and running such a great site
- The KiD for e-mailing me Neutrino and Cyber Shredder info
- KnightofNi873 and K-CHU for telling me how to do the Rat Bomber Attack
- KnightofNi873 for some background info on the characters
- Demondark for Chrome Dome info
- Brandon Downard for Karai info
- hikarutilmitt for the Aska-buttpic and the Win pose MPG, and for telling
  me the Japanese title of the game (first)
- Douglas Boyd for giving me two GG-codes
- Shaun Smith, for special ending info and Karai tactics
- Sean3i and Koshi de Beaumont for the US/Jap differences.
- 4Kids for producing the new cartoon!


13. Where can I get this game, anyway?

Since you downloaded this FAQ, you probably already have the game, but if
you don't, there are three ways that I can think of.
You can go to the bargain bin at your local game retailer, you can maybe
mail-order it, or *gasp* ILLEGALLY download a ROM of the game, and an
emulator to play it on. Both of these ILLEGAL things can be found at
ArchNacho & Tortilla Godzilla's Quality ROMs, http://www.qualityroms.com


14. I have more info on TMNT5 than what is here.  Can I submit it?

Of course! In fact, I encourage you to! You'll be fully credited in the
credits section.

Send all e-mail to tortilla@c2i.net

You should also visit my site, which I own together with my friend, the
glorious ArchNacho!
It's called ArchNacho & Tortilla Godzilla's Quality ROMs, and can be found


15. Legal crap

This Walkthrough is copyright 1999-2001 Tortilla Godzilla
TMNT5: Tournament Fighters is a trademark of Konami Co., Ltd.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are registered trademarks and copyright Mirage

I am not affiliated with Konami or anyone who had anything to do with the 
creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as 
NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  
You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ. If I don't, 
why should you?