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Tuff E Nuff



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Written by: DarkStorm (wrassedragon - at - yahoo - dot - com)


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nine-year-old SNES game, no-one may publish this document, online or
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Back when Street Fighter 2 first came out and was ultra-popular, everyone
seemed to be coming out with a clone.  These clones varied in quality (and
most of them had really, really, stupid names).  Tuff E Nuff was a
one-on-one fighting game released by Jaleco (whose Rival Turf series were
likewise clones of Final Fight) which was pretty good, for an 8 Megabit (1
MB) game on a 16-bit system.  It had no super-moves (neither did Street
Fighter II, at this point), and a limited charcter selection... unless you
used the boss code, which let you play as the other seven characters and
enabled character-vs.-same-character fighting.

I'd rented this game, but I didn't learn the boss codes until after I'd
taken the game back.  Now, through the magic of emulation, I'm finally able
to test out these codes and write up a movelist for the often-cheap boss


Notes on movelists

All move names are mine, except for Syoh, Zazi, Kotono, and Vortz, which
were taken from the game's instruction booklet.  Likewise, attack "styles",
hometowns, and ages were taken from the instruction booklet (and, therefore,
the translations may be wrong).



B - Back (i.e., in the opposite direction that the character is facing)
DB - Diagonally Down-back
D - Down
DF - Disgonally Down-forward
F - Forward (i.e., in the direction the character is facing)

P1 - Punch
P2 - Power Punch
K1 - Kick
K2 - Power Kick
P - Either punch
K - Either kick

C - Hold ("charge") previous controller motion for 1-2 seconds.
+ - Do these two controller presses together.

So (in the event you've never played a fighting game or read a movelist
before) DB, C, F + P means 'Hold the controller diagonally down and
opposite to the direction your character is facing for a second or two,
then press forward and punch simultaneously.


The characters (in order of appearance):


Syoh - Tenga Haouryuu (Heavenly Fang) - 22 years - Hokkado, Japan
Zazi - Chisou Haouryuu (Earth Claw) - 21 years - Texas, USA

Throws:  P2
Air Throw: K2

Dragon Blade (Syoh)/Blue Thunder Punch (Zazi):  F, C, DB + P
Lightning Break: B, DF + P
Energy Wave: D, DF, F + P

Comments:  These are, if you will, the Ryu and Ken of the game.  They're
absolutely identical to each other, right down to having the same voice
samples for their special attacks.  Energy Wave is a fireball.  Dragon
Blade surrounds Syoh or Zazi in an energy aura (note the odd controller
motion: charge *forward*).  Lightning Break is a rushing uppercut (think
Sakura) that knocks down.  The Dragon Blade is not as difficult to pull
off as it seems; simply walk towards the opponent and use it as a surprise


Kotono - Kuki Shindenryuu Ninjutsu (Nine Devils) - 19 years - Kyoto, Japan

Throws: P2, K2

Kuki Double Edge: B, C, F + P
Flaming Spiral Kick: B, C, F + K
Drawn Sword Mist Slash: D, DB, B + P

Comments: Mai Shirinui before Fatal Fury 2 (but nowhere near as 'bouncy' -
thank goodness.  Too distracting).  Uses twin kunai (dagger-like weapons)
for all her attacks.  Kuki Double Edge is her projectile, Spiral Kick is
her 'dragon punch' (note the back/forward motion rather than the expected
down/up motion for similar moves in SF2), and the Mist Slash is a charging

Actually, I think the full translation of her style is Nine-Devils
Magnificent-Thunder-Style Ninjutsu, but I may be wrong about that. :)


Vortz - Pro Wrestling - 31 years - Holland

Throws: P1, P2, K1, K2 (four different throws!)

Muscle Buster: B, DB, D, DF, F + P2 (when close)
Lightning Tackle: B, C, F + K
Climb Axes: D, DF, F + P

Comments: Muscle Buster is his version of the Spinning Pile Driver, the
Climb Axes is a jumping clothesline anti-air, and the Lightning tackle is a
charging attack.  He is, as you may have guessed, slow and very strong.


Beans - Street Fighting - 25 years - Bronx, NY, USA

Throws: P2

Rapid Fire Punch: B, C, F + P2
Flash Kick/Rushing Knee: B, DB, D + K2

Comments:  The first of the 'boss' characters you'll meet.  Lousy name,
ugly costume, stupid attack style.. but that double kick combo (he jumps
straight up with a glowing dropkick, then lunges forward with a glowing
knee when he lands) is rather effective.


Dolf - Covert Operations - 34 years - Libya

Throws: P2

Bazooka Fire!: DB, C, F + P2
Diving Knee: K2 (during a jump straight up)

Comments:  The Diving Knee is easy to pull off - just keep in mind you have
to jump straight up, not forward or back (cf. Jade's Knee Slash).  Bazooka
Fire has to be charged down-back, not just back.


Rei - Kokkenpo - 19 years - Japan

Throws: P2

Kokkenpo Technique: Fire Wave: D, DF, F + P1
Kokkenpo Technique: Void Sphere: D, DF, F + P2
Kokkenpo Technique: Air Uppercut: DF, C, B + P2
Kokkenpo Technique: Water Dragon: DF, C, F + P2

Comments:  She's my favorite character.  Void Sphere is actually *slower* than
the Fire Wave, but it does more damage.

She almost seems to be a playable character that was made into a "boss" at
the last second, considering the variety of moves she has.


Gajet - Pro Wrestling - 28 years - Unknown origin

Throws: P1, P2, K1, K2 (like Vortz, a throw on each button)
Air Throw: P2

Climb Axes: D, DF, F + P2
Frankensteiner: B, DB, D, DF, F + K2 (when close)

Comments:  He's pretty much Vortz with a different head.  His normal (and
special) throws with either Kick button are different, however.  Note that
if you miss with the Frankensteiner, Gajet will perform *no* action when
you hit the K2 button at the end of that move.  Basically, he's identical
to Vortz, only without the Lightning Tackle.


Sirou - Komogakuie-Ryu Ninjitsu - 31 years - Japan (Unknown)

Throws: P2

Fire Wave: D, DF, F + P2

Comments:  He'd be the crappiest character in the game, if not for his
rather good priority and range on his normal attacks.  Note that he has
*no* kicks whatsoever - pushing either button does nothing.  Note further
that he has no crouching animation, though his attacks and blocks do change
if you hold down on the controller.  He's not completely awful, but he's
awfully one-dimensional.


K's - Bionic Arms - 29 years - Germany

Throws: P2

Electroblast: D, DF, F + P2
Claw Charge: B, C, F + P2 (not quite sure about this motion)

Comments:  The Claw Charge hits multiple times, the Electroblast can't be
jumped over (since it's screen-high).  On the bright side (or the down
side, if you're using him) his Claw Charge causes *no* damage if blocked.
Oddly, the K1 button is useless on the ground, standing or crouching, but
he does have flying kicks with the K1 button.


"Jade", the Fighting King - Toushin Haouryu - Unknown age - Unknown origin

Throws: P1, P2

Energy Wave: DB, C, F + P2
Ground Energy Wave: P2 (!!)
Energy Uppercut: D, DB, B + P2
Diving Slash: K2 (while jumping forward or back)

Comments: El Cheapo.  His normal standing P2 animation unleashes a huge and
fast fireball along the ground - the Energy Wave isn't worth it, when
simply tapping P2 will work wonders.  His standing K2 has good range, too.
Like Sirou, he has no crouching animation, but his moves change somewhat
when you try to duck ("crouching" P2 is a normal punch, for example).

(A useless tidbit: His P1 throw, where he grabs the opponent, shakes them a
bit, then tosses them away while glowing, doesn't carry over to the
post-match 'replay' properly - it doesn't show the glow).



These are pretty well-known, but I repeat them here for conveniences' sake.

Play as Boss characters in Vs. CPU mode

From the screen where you can choose Story, Vs. CPU, or 1P vs 2P modes,
press Left three times, Right three times, and Left seven times.  The
selection will be on Vs. CPU.  Press Start, and you'll hear an explosion
sound.  You'll now be able to pick any character (and you'll be able to
play any character vs him/herself, which isn't normally possible)

Play as Boss characters in 1P vs 2P mode

Enter the above code.  On an actual SNES, hit Reset.  On an emulator (or on
an actual SNES), play through one match, and select not to continue.  Get
back to the selection screen, and press Right three times, Left three
times, and Right seven times.  The selection will be on 1P vs. 2P.  Press
start, and you'll hear the explosion sound again.  (From now on, you won't
need to re-enter the code to play as the bosses in either mode, until you
turn off the system)

There is no way that I'm aware of to play as the bosses in Story mode.

Power Up Special Moves

Not really a secret or much of a trick, but during Story Mode, your special
attacks get more powerful and dramatic-looking as you progress through the
game.  For example, Zazi's Blue Thunder Punch is an energy aura around his
hand during the first three matches, many small energy auras around his
body during the next few, and a huge dragon-shaped aura of energy during
the last few matches.  Moves are always 'level 1' during Vs. CPU and 1P vs.
2P modes, however. (Unless there's another trick I'm not aware of)


Thanks to...

Well, to me, for finally sitting down and writing this.
Jaleco - are they still around?
Capcom - it's all their fault, you know.


@2001-2005 DarkStorm (L. Isen)