FAQ/Walkthrough by Fox Fire

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LEGAL SHTICK: I don't own Ultima 6, I just write an FAQ for it.


1.0 - The grand debut! Finally finished this thing and put it up on GameFAQs!

1.1 - (02/01/03) Fixed an error with the Sutek's castle walkthrough. Added the
hidden passageways into Buccaneer's Cave, Sutek's Castle, and the Moonglow
catacombs. Found a few places where Mandrakes grow naturally, and a new spell
that Mages drop. Added a few things the Mongbats drop that I'd forgotten about.
Also prettied this thing up a bit.

1.2 - (06/11/06) A quick update. Cindy pointed out that I gave some wrong
directions in Sutek's Castle, and Jon Tomes pointed out that I didn't put in
directions to the Spider Cave. There's lots of other changes too. I was in the
middle of a big revamp when I got the news. I thought it needed an immediate
update, so I didn't wait until the revamp was through. In the revamp, I plan to
add data about weapons and armor, characters that join you, and info on the
rest of the dungeons.

1. General Questions
2. General Hints
3. Actual Walkthrough - The Beginning
4. Actual Walkthrough - The Shrine Quest
5. Actual Walkthrough - The Balloon Quest
6. Actual Walkthrough - The Silver Tome Quest
7. Actual Walkthrough - The Final Quest
8. Actual Walkthrough - Fast Game
9. Spells
10.  Items
11.  Ingredient Prices
12.  Spell Shops
13.  Item Shops
14.  Monsters
15.  BUGS!
16.  CD ROM/SNES Cart Differences
17.  Contact Info
18.  Special Thanks


1. What's Karma do?

Karma affects a couple things. It may affect more, but I just haven't found 'em
yet. It effects prices of items in some stores, the selling prices of your
items, and how much HP a person will have when you use Great Awaken on them.
The more you have, the less you'll have to pay, the more your items will be
worth, and the more HP a person will be revived with. You start with about 75
Karma. You gain Karma by liberating shrines, giving things to people, telling
the truth, or keeping a promise. You lose it by lying, stealing stuff out of
people's houses, and killing innocent by-standers.

2. How do I use magic?

First, you have to get a Spellbook. The Avatar starts with a Spellbook with
some spells already written in it. Additional Spellbooks can be bought. Next,
you have to equip it. The Spellbook will take up one hand, so you can only use
a one-handed melee weapon in the other.

3. How come I can't cast this spell?

Well, it's one of either two problems: you don't have the spell, or you aren't
strong enough to use it.

To learn new spells, you must buy them from a mage or get them from certain
enemies. Then you must use the spell to copy it into the Spellbook. Now you can
use it.

However, you can only use spells that are at your level or lower. You cannot
cast spells at levels you haven't reached yet.

3. What about MP cost?

The MP cost of spells is their level. Level 1 spells cost 1 MP, Level 2 spells
cost 2 MP, etc.

4. Do I have to use magic?

You may not be forced into a mage-type character, but you do have to use spells
like Unlock and Dispel Field to get to a lot of places, yes.

5. ARGH! How do I get around that bear trap?!

Use the Protection or Mass Protection spell or Violet Potions, and you'll be
able to walk past it, unharmed. This also works with lava fields.

6. What do those potions do?

Red - Cures poison.
Orange - Makes target fall asleep.
Yellow - Restore HP.
Green - Poisons target.
Blue - Wakes up target.
Purple - Target gains armor points (same as Protect spell).
Black - Makes target invisible.
White - See through locked doors.

Note: Potions can be used on either friend or foe. Make sure you don't
accidentally poison an ally or make an enemy invisible!

7. I used all the ones from the castle. Where do I get more potions?

They can also be found in dungeons (The Tomb of Kings, Dungeon Despise, Pirate
Cave), in the cellar of the house on Dagger Isle (where the Shrine of Honesty
is), and on defeated human enemies. The Green, White, and Blue Potions on the
second floor of Buccaneer's Cave will regenerate. If you're shady, you'll find
many houses and buildings that you can steal them from.

8. What's the best equipment?

Halberd - Attack: 30, 2-handed, can strike a target from a short distance. Can
be bought at Serpent's Hold or left behind by defeated Gargoyle Leaders and
Guards. Can also be found on a body in the Spider Cave.
Energy Wand - Attack: 30, one-handed, long-distance. Found in Britannia Castle
and several dungeons (Buccaneer's Cave, Swamp Cave, Dungeon Destard, Pirate
Cave, Britannia Sewers). Breaks after awhile.
Magic Bow - Attack: 20, two-handed, long distance. Can be bought at Iolo's Bows
in Britannia, or found in a few dungeons (Dungeon Shame, Dungeon Destard,
Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon Wrong, Pirate Cave). Best weapon for archers. Needs

Spike Collar - Worn around neck. Can be bought at Serpent's Hold, or found in
dungeons (Spider Cave, Dugeon Destard, Pirate Cave).
Magic Helm - Helmet. Bought in Trinsic or found in dungeons (Spider Cave,
Dugeon Destard, Pirate Cave).
Magic Armor - Body armor. Bought in Trinsic or found in dungeons (Buccaneer's
Swamp Boots - Boots (duh). Prevent you from getting poisoned when walking on
poisoned ground (glittery blue patches). Buy in Yew, or find in Britannia
Castle, and a ton of dungeons (Buccaneer's Cave, Swamp Cave, Pirate's Cave, Ant
Mound, Spider Cave, Dungeon Despise).
Magic Shield - Shield. Can be made in Serpent's Hold (need a Curve Heater
shield, a gold nugget, and a few Gems), or found in the Dungeon Destard. I
usually don't use shields, but just in case some of you out there do...
Ring 2 - Ring. Only found in dungeons (Buccaneer's Cave, Swamp Cave, Dungeon
Despise, Dungeon Destard, Moonglow Catacombs).

9. What about the Triple Crossbow or the Glass Sword?

The Glass Sword has one obvious reason. It immediately breaks when used.
Now, the Triple Crossbow is now what you think. It fire three bolts,
alright...but not at the same enemy. It fires them in a spray like the Fire
Wind spell. This does hit more than one enemy...if there's no wall or tree in
the way. There's no change in the attack power of the bolts either; they'll
still only do about 9 HP damage. All in all, it's pretty much a waste of money
(freakin' $4000!) and bolts. You're better off with the Magic Bow.

10. What's the Moonorb do?

A lot. Here's a list of places it goes (A * means that it's in the gargoyle

1 space up - Britannia Castle
1 space up, 1 space right - Shrine of Passion*
1 space right - Nowhere (you wind up where you started)
1 space right, 1 space down - Isle of the Avatar (where the Codex is)
1 space down - Shrine of Diligence*
1 space down, one space left - The place where you were tied down in the
opening scene. It's at the northernmost end of the Gargoyle town of
Investigation and just south of the Tomb of Kings.*
1 space left - Nowhere
1 space left, 1 space up - Shrine of Control*
2 spaces up - Britannia (town)
2 spaces up, 1 space right - Shrine of Compassion
2 spaces up, 2 spaces right - Jhelom
1 space up, 2 spaces right - Shrine of Valor
2 spaces right - Yew
2 spaces right, 1 space down - Shrine of Justice
2 spaces right, 2 spaces down - Minoc
1 space right, 2 spaces down - Shrine of Sacrifice
2 spaces down - Trinsic
2 spaces down, 1 space left - Shrine of Honor
2 spaces down, 2 spaces left - Skara Brae
1 space down, 2 spaces left - Shrine of Spirituality
2 spaces left - New Magincia
2 spaces left, 1 space up - Shrine of Humility
2 spaces left, 2 spaces up - Moonglow
1 space left, 2 spaces up - Shrine of Honesty

Get acquainted with your Moonorb. It can save you generally a lot of time, is
more reliable than the Moonstones, is needed to enter the Shrine of
Spirituality, and can even save you the trip through the Dungeon Hythloth! Note
there are some towns that the Moonorb doesn't take you to.

11. Where are these towns?

Serpent's Hold - Around 74 S, 28 E. Southeast of Trinsic (need a Skiff or
Balloon to get there).
Paws - Around 33 S, 8 E. Due north of Trinsic.
Buccaneer's Den - Around 33 S, 31 E. Due east of Paws (need a Skiff or Balloon
to get there).
Empath Abbey - Around 21 N, 21 W. West of Yew and northeast of the Spider Cave.
Cove - 0 N, 30 E. East of the Shrine of Compassion
Lycaeum - Around 7 S, 75 E. North of Moonglow

12. I used a Moonstone, and I have no idea how to get it back! Help!

Get a shovel and dig in front of the portal to get your Moonstone back.

13. Where's a good place to get money?

Warp to Skara Brae and follow the path out of town east and north. You'll
eventually run into a pack of Swashbuckler, Fighter, and Mongbat enemies. Don't
worry, they're all weak. A good toss of Oil might even kill a few of the
humans. Defeat them, then take the chests they leave behind. It's usually
equipment, which you can sell for a pretty penny. Fighters also sometimes drop
Iron Helms and Plate Mail which can make for a good, quick armor upgrade.
They'll also drop gold, which is what you want, and sometimes even potions. To
the northeast (9 S, 14 W), you'll find Cyclops Cave, another good spot. Don't
let the Cyclops freak you out; they're actually weak, and cough up equipment or
gold when defeated. They'll sometimes drop 2-Handed Hammers which you can use
as a quick weapons upgrade, or sell for a quick gold crown (quite a few quick
gold crowns, I should say). Do note that only few shops will buy your Hammers
(Iolo's Bows and the weapon shop in Trinsic will buy them). Cyclops Cave is
also good for getting small items which you'll probably need later (free Gems,
Torches, Powder Kegs...even some cheese!).

14. What about digging for Gold Nuggets?

Chances aren't that great that you'll find Gold Nuggets. You usually find them
one at a time anyway, and they're only $10 a pop. Compare that to many
equipment which is usually hundreds of crowns a pop!

15. What about EXP?

Gargoyles Leaders, daemons, and dragons. However, I'd suggest going after
Gargoyle Leaders in the beginning; if you can't defeat a Gargoyle Leader,
you're NOT gonna be able to beat a daemon or a dragon!

16. Do I have to do this all in order?

No, actually. You don't have to free the shrines first, you could actually go
and get the balloon, or find the Silver Tome first! Ultima's like that. Most
people free the shrines first since you need them to level up.

17. Do I even have to get the Silver Tome? Could I conceivably skip to the end
and free the shrines for the Vortex Cube?

YES! The Silver Tome quest is COMPLETELY optional, at least it is for the SNES

18. What's with only eight levels?!

Levels are actually hard to obtain in this game. And since some quests are
actually bloodless, levels are sometimes irrelevant. I've beaten the game on
Level 5 before.

19. How much EXP do I need to get for the next level?

It explains it in the manual, but just in case you don't have one...(correct me
if I'm wrong)

Level 2 - 100
Level 3 - 200
Level 4 - 400
Level 5 - 800
Level 6 - 1600
Level 7 - 3200
Level 8 - 6400

20. I have enough EXP for the next level, but my character is still on the same
level. What gives?

Some folks who didn't get to see the instruction manual or the PC version were
confused about this. You have to pick a shrine and meditate at it to gain a
level. However, that shrine has to be liberated first - that means you have to
find the rune, put it on the shrine, and grab the Moonstone first. Your HP will
always increase when you gain a level, but which stats increase depend on the
shrine (see Shrine Quest for info on which stats the shrines boost).

21. I keep checking the shrine, but nothing's happening! ARGH!

Did you try TALKING to it? As a rule of thumb, all shrines, including Gargish
ones, must be talked to.

22. I don't wanna lose Karma. What things can I take and what things can't I

The game can be a bit confusing at times in regards to what you're allowed to
take and what you're not. For example, you're allowed to take everything in
Bonn's (the former pirate that lives near the Shrine of Honesty) basement, but
not anything on the ground floor. The ropes at 33 N, 9 E and 33 N, 13 E don't
look like they belong to anybody, but it's considered stealing if you pick them
up. Here's a list of things that you can take and what not to touch:

-Any rune or story item (Vortex Cube, Silver Tome, etc.)
-Anything found in dungeons (EXCEPTION: The stuff in Captain John's and
Phoenix's houses)
-Anything found in graves or dead bodies
-Anything in Lord British's castle
-The two books in Lycaeum's library
-Anything in Bonn's basement
-Ingredients lying around outside
-The Fishing Rod in Stonegate

-Anything in a building, even if that building is underground (EXCEPTION: the
abandoned building in the Dungeon Wrong, Bonn's basement, Lord British's castle)
-The ropes at 33 N, 9 E and 33 N, 13 E

23. Err...do we ever find out what happened to Quentin?

Nope. There's a rumor going around that to guy in the jail cell in Yew is the
culprit, but there's no proof. At least, not in the SNES version.


1. As I've said before, LEARN TO USE THAT MOONORB.

2. Also get acquainted with the Help spell. It needs no ingredients, and when
used, you'll automatically warp back to Lord British's castle with everyone's
HP, MP, and health restored. It will also be daylight outside. Great for
escaping a dungeon or turning night into day.

3. Don't waste your money buying armor you don't need. Save it and only buy the
best equipment like the ones listed above. In the meantime, you can easily get
free armor upgrades from human and gargoyle enemies, or in dungeons.

4. The Create Food spell is worth looking into. You'll never need to buy food
at towns again, and you'll save money by camping out instead of staying at an
inn. Of course, you'll still need to buy ingredients for it, though (although
it tends to give you a lot of food, so you probably won't have to worry about
that anyway).

5. Though it's really only needed for toward the end of the game, it's a good
idea to get the Balloon early. After all, it takes you over trees and
mountains, takes you over bodies of water faster than a Skiff, and you NEVER
HAVE TO FIGHT. Of course, you can't use the main menu until you land, but
that's it.

6. Don't bother buying a Ship Deed. Buy a Skiff. Even when you've got your
Balloon, you'll still need your Skiff to cross underground lakes and rivers.
Skiffs (sp?) are also much less expensive.

7. Try to get the Unlock and Dispel Field spells as soon as you can. These two

8. If you're going to recruit more members, only recruit one. You'll get your
sixth member later on in the game.

9. Get Swamp Boots ASAP. There are a ton of poisoned lands in the game, and
sometimes you're REQUIRED to walk on it!

10. You'll probably come across a scroll in Lord British's castle saying that
there's something for you under a plant in Serpent's Hold. What's actually
under there is another scroll, which in turn points to the location of another
scroll. Don't bother finding these things; they'll just lead you on a wild
goose chase and you'll wind up having to waste two Powder Kegs.


NOTE: This is a thorough walkthrough of all the quests, so there WILL be some
puzzle spoilers. If you want to try and figure everything out on your own, use
this as a last resort.

After the opening scene, you'll start by fighting! It's you and your buddies
against three Gargfolk. If you don't like your comrades being on auto-battle,
simply go into your inventory when it's your turn and put them all on
"Command." They shouldn't be too hard; just have your party gang up on one,
then the second, then the third.

After the battle, make sure you talk to Lord British. He'll give you the key to
exit the castle, AND will heal you for free.

Now you're free to roam around the castle and take whatever you want! You'll
find lots of food, spell ingredients, and weapons/armor upgrades. If you find
any Leather Boots, don't bother taking them...they're not as good as Swamp
Boots, and they'll just take up space in your inventory (can't sell them, have
to throw them out). Also, don't bother taking the key on Lord British's table
and going into that locked room; there's nothing in there of interest, and
you'll be stuck with a dead weight key. Also skip the Cloth you find in one of
the boxes. It has no real function, as far as I know. I suggest not going into
the cellars just yet; you're not equipped, and there's not much of value down
there anyway. Not yet, that is. Finally, you may come across a small brown
creature running around the castle, particularly at night. Talk to it. It's
Sherry the mouse. She'll go with you in your items inventory if you have some
Cheese. If you don't have any on you, go into the kitchen, get some, then take
her with you. You'll need her for an upcoming quest.

After a hard day of looting-I mean, getting preparations, go to the exit at the
southern part of the castle. You'll find bars blocking your way out, and locked
doors on either side of it. Use the key Lord British gave you on the left door.
Go inside and throw the lever. The bars will come up, and you'll now be able to

The first thing you should do is get equipped. After all, Gargoyles are pretty
tough. There will be a lot more of them hanging around the shrines than the
ones you just fought. Even worse, Gargoyle Leaders can cast magic! The best way
to get better equipment is to get it for free!

One place to do this is Spider Cave. It's located at 13 N, 26 W, southwest of
the Empath Abbey. The Giant Spiders aren't very hard, and they'll give you lots
of Gold. They'll also give you food (?!) when defeated. There's nothing on the
first floor, but there's lots on the second floor. Check the bodies of the
humans for a Spike Collar, a Halberd, Swamp Boots, and a Magic Helm. You'll
also find another Spike Collar lying on the ground, as well as lots of the
Spidersilk ingredient.

There's also the Cyclops Cave as outlined above.

Third, there's a house on Dagger Isle that's filled with goodies. To get here
(without fighting the gargoyles first), you'll need the Skiff. You'll also need
Unlock to open two chests in there. Warp to Moonglow, then sail to the north.
If you bought the Sextant from the guy in Lycaeum already, the island is near
12 N, 74 E. It's the same island that Shrine of Honesty is on, but you're not
quite ready to take on the Gargoyles yet. Sail around to the north end of the
island. If you use a Gem, you can see where the house is (the actual
co-ordinates are 18 N, 78 E). Go in the cellar (don't take anything on the
first floor!) and help yourself. You'll get free Arrows, Potions, Gold Nuggets,
a Glass Sword, a Map Piece (for the Silver Tome quest) and a Shovel (you'll
need it for later). Better yet, you won't lose any Karma!

Another place is Buccaneer's Cave. You'll need to buy the Skiff and the Unlock
Spell, and have everyone equipped with the Swamp Boots beforehand, however.
First, warp to Trinsic, then walk north through the town, and all the way north
to Paws (don't bother talking to that band of three gypsies you see on the way
there. They'll steal from you. Do remember where they are, though, since you'll
need to talk to one of them later on). Now go east through the town to the
dock. Use your Skiff to sail due east from here. After awhile, you'll run into
an island. Don't get out just now; you'll be blocked by trees and mountains.
Follow the coastline all the way around to the eastern side of the island,
where there will be a bunch of docks. Land there. To get to the cave, go inside
the inn, then go into the kitchen. Now check the spot to the left of the stove
for a secret door (you'll have too push past the cooks). Go through the door to
the back yard. You'll find a small house back here. Don't go in, but remember
it for later. Walk around it to find the cave. On the first floor, you'll find
three ladders. The northernmost one leads to a small area with a magically
locked treasure chest and nothing more. However, the chest contains a Glass
Sword and a Magic Bow! The eastern path will lead to some free potions. The
westernmost one has the most benefits, but you have to be careful. There are
some very dangerous enemies there. You'll find a body surrounded by food and
containing a Ring 2 in a dead end where some Gremlins are hanging around.
Further on, you'll find a ladder going down. Go to the third floor, and look
for an area covered in spider webs. Here you'll find some Spidersilk, some Gold
Nuggets, and Magic Armor! Once you get these, use Help to get out of there
fast. There's nothing else in this dungeon to get except for fights.

NOTE: There's also a way to get to Buccaneer's Cave from the Britannia sewers,
but I used the overland route for convenience. The secret passage is on the
third level, the floor with Phoenix's house and the huge lake in it. Use a
Skiff to sail on the lake. The secret passage is at 24 S, 27 E and it will take
to you the fourth floor of Buccaneer's Cave.

You may also want to recruit another character before tackling the Gargoyles. I
recommend only adding one new party member, since you'll automatically get a
sixth later. A good choice is either Seggal in Serpent's Hold (you'll need a
Skiff to get there), or Gwenno in Minoc.


You can free any shrine in any order. I'm just doing this in the order from
easy to difficult.

Spirituality (Skara Brae):
This is by far the easiest, since YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FIGHT ANY GARGOYLES! Walk
into Marney's house (the small, stone, gray house east of the dock) and open
the chest. You don't have to talk to her, and you won't lose any Karma for
taking a rune. Then use your Moonorb to warp into the Shrine (I don't think you
can get there by foot). Use the rune on the dais and take the Moonstone. Done!

The Shrine of Spirituality ups all stats by one.

Honor (Trinsic):
Another very easy one. The rune is sitting on a pedestal in the center of town.
Just walk up and grab it (you won't be punished for it). Now warp to the shrine
(or walk south of the town), fight off the gargoyles, use the rune, and take
the Moonstone.

The Shrine of Honor ups Intelligence and Strength by 1.

Justice (Yew):
Also very easy. There's absolutely no need to go in the jail and do all that
running back and forth. Just go into the tavern and search the plant right next
to the door for the rune. Then warp (or walk northeast of town) to the shrine,
and do the same here.

The Shrine of Justice ups Intelligence and Dexterity by 1.

Valor (Jhelom):
Also easy, but you must have Sherry with you. If you don't have her, read above
how to get her. Then, warp to Jhelom and go into the tavern. Use Sherry and
have her crawl into the tiny hole in the north wall. Grab the rune, the cheese,
and the Ring 4, then have her return to your party.

The Shrine of Valor ups Strength by 3.

Compassion (Britannia):
It's gonna get a little harder now! Go into the conservatory that's just to the
left of the castle. Go to the back room where the bards are talk to the little
girl. Now go to the Blue Boar Tavern and talk to her mom (behind the counter).
Get her permission, then go back to the conservatory and talk to the girl
again. She'll give you the rune.

The Shrine of Compassion ups Dexterity by 3.

Humility (New Magincia):
This also involves a lot of talking. Talk to Antonio (the mayor), William (the
farmer found in the north fields), Aurendir (the sheep shepard that's by the
circle of stones), Conor (the guy by the docks), Charlotte (the weaver), Dunbar
(the bartender), and Antonio again in that order. Antonio will then hand over
the rune.

The Shrine of Humility only raises your level; it does not give any bonuses.
Keep this place in mind anyway, since you'll find free Sulfuric Ash around it.

Sacrifice (Minoc):
Ah, now it gets more difficult! First, make sure you have at least 10 GP and
warp to Yew. Go through the forest path leading east that's just behind the
courthouse. You can use Gems to see where the path goes north and where the
house is. Go up to the house. If the man is not outside, wait for him to come
out...don't go in! Once he's out, buy a Yew Log from him. Now make sure you
have 5 GP, and warp to Minoc. Go into the sawmill that's just south of where
you warped in and pay the guy to make your log into boards. Now go into the
town (west of the sawmill), and go into the artisan's guildhall (left of the
courthouse). Talk to Selganor there. He'll say you'll need a set of panpipes
and to learn the song "Stones." You already have the board to make the pipes,
so just find Julia (she might even be in the guildhall then!) and have her make
them. Now hunt down Gwenno. If she's not in your party, she usually hangs
around in front of the weapons store (she's got a red cape). She'll teach you
stones. Now go back to the guildhall and talk to Selganor. You'll automatically
play the tune, and get the rune.

The Shrine of Sacrifice ups Strength and Dexterity by 1.

Honesty (Moonglow)
Needed: Powder Keg

NOTE: There's a secret passage into the catacombs through Xiao's house. Go into
her bedroom and use Unlock on the door. You'll find a ladder inside that leads
to the catacombs! I don't really recommend this, though.

The toughest rune quest ever! Compared to some quests tough, this is pretty
easy. First, buy yourself a Powder Keg. Now go into the kitchen of the tavern
and look at the walls to find a secret door. Go down the ladder to the

The rune is not on the first floor, but I suggest you look at all the bodies in
the wall anyway. You'll get a ton of goodies (weapons, armor, ingredients, Gold
Nuggets), and grave robbing does NOT lower your Karma. When you're done, go
down the ladder to the second floor. You'll find a lot of little buildings down
here. Beyvin's grave is the building with a vase of flowers and a note in front
of it. Use the Powder Keg to blast open the door and check the body for the

The Shrine of Honesty ups your Intelligence by 3.

NOTE: For more goodies, check the other buildings here on the second floor of
the catacombs. Also go down to the third floor for one last building with a ton
of stuff in it. Also, if you haven't pillaged it already, the shrine is located
on the same island as that pirate's house with tons of stuff in it.


Yeah, sure. You only need the Balloon for the end of the game, but why wait?
It's that helpful!

Sutek's Castle (Balloon Plans)
Location: East of Serpent's Hold at 75 S, 60 E.
Needed: Skiff, Unlock, Dispel Field, Protect/Mass ProtectViolet Potion, Powder
Keg, Swamp Boots.

NOTE: There's also a way to get into the basement of Sutek's Castle from
Buccaneer's Cave, but I'll use this method for convenience. The secret passage
is on the third floor of Buccaneer's Den at 68 S, 55 E, but is surrounded by
lava. You'll also have to fight a bunch of dragons, daemons, and drakes to get
to it. The overland route is much easier.

First, go to Serpent's Hold. Walk all the way east as far as you can go. Now
use your Skiff to sail east. You'll have to walk across another island to get
there. Keep going until you reach an island with mountains and a castle. You
know you're on the right island when cows and rabbits start attacking you! Use
a Powder Keg to blast the door open, and go inside.

You'll immediately find your way blocked by magic fields on either side! You
only need to dispel one of them, however. Then you'll then come across two
magically locked doors. Don't open any doors yet. Check the innermost wall of
the hall for a secret door. Dispel the fields to get to the levers. Flip the
left and middle levers ONLY, then go back out to the hallway. Unlock the
OUTERMOST door, and check the north wall for a secret door. Now head in, and
fight the Hydra. Go into the middle room and check the south door. Go through
the secret passage and down the ladder.

In the basement, go to the northwest to find a room with a door open and a
bunch of levers inside. Go inside, but leave the levers on the floor alone. Go
up to the levers on the wall and pull the one on the far right. Now leave and
go south of the entrance ladder. There will be a room with its magic gate
dispelled and a ladder going down inside. Go in quickly to avoid any fights
with daemons on this level, and go down the ladder.

On the second basement floor, check for a secret door in the north wall. Then
cast Protect or use a Violet Potion on your character in front to get past the
bear trap. Now go right and go down the ladder.

On the third basement floor, just go down the nearest ladder you can find.

On the fourth floor, go to the northwest corner of the dungeon. You'll find a
body and a free Shovel (if you don't have one yet). Check the body for a Torch
and a Balloon Plan. Now get outta there with Help.

Here's where to get the stuff for the Balloon:

Basket - Talk to the basket weaver in Minoc. Ask about "Job," "father," and
"plans" in that order. You need 300 GP for it.

Empty Pot - Find one in the Cyclops Cave, on the first basement floor of Lord
British's castle, or the first floor of the Dungeon Wrong for free. Buy from
Efram's shop in Britannia, or from Budo in Buccaneer's Den.

Rope - Get it in Cyclops Cave for free, or buy it from the rope maker in Paws.

Silk Bag - First, you need to have at least 40 Spidersilks in your inventory.
The silk weaver lives in Paws, but he won't talk to you right away. You need to
talk to a few people around town first, such as Thindle, Timothy, or Marissa.
Ask about them first, and then he should agree to spin silk for you. You need
at least 20 GP on you.
Once you got the Silk Spool, warp to New Magincia and talk to Charlotte. Ask
about "buy," and she'll make it into the Silk Cloth for 10 GP.
Now go back to Paws and talk to Marissa. She'll make the Silk Cloth into the
Silk Bag. You need at least 75 GP on you.

Now just use the Balloon Plans, and you'll have your flying machine! Hooray!
Now just make sure that you don't leave it and walk off screen...you'll lose
it! Always pick up your Balloon after you land.


To start the quest, go to the library in Lycaeum, and talk to the girl, Mariah.
You only need to ask about "tome."

Now you need to hunt down Zoltan. First off, don't get his band confused with
the other band of gypsies. Zoltan's crew consists of five people: him, his
wife, his older son, his younger daughter, and his dog. The places he can be
found are:

Britannia, outside the Blue Boar Tavern.
Yew, above the weapons shop.
Trinisic, outside the weapons shop.
Paws, in the tavern.
(If there are any others, tell me)

If he's not in any of these locations (and there is an annoying bug that pops
up sometimes), you may have to wait until the next day. Also make sure that you
have at least 10 GP on you. When you finally find him, ask about "tome." He'll
direct you to Buccaneer's Den.

Go to Buccaneer's Den as outlined above (is much easier with your Balloon,
since you can just fly over those mountains). The guy you're looking for is a
guy in a purple shirt named Homer. He's found in the tavern during the day, and
hangs around the docks at night. Ask him about "tome," then "thieves guild."

Now head over to Budo's house. Budo lives in that house in front of Buccaneer's
Cave (also outlined above). You can buy stuff from him, but I wouldn't suggest
getting anything now. Ask about "guild" and say "yes" when he asks a question.

Britannia Sewers (Guild Belt)
Needed: Dispel Field, Mass Protect

Use Help to teleport back to the castle. Now go down any of the two ladders to
the basement.

All roads lead to Rome here. On the first and second basement floors, go down
any ladders.

On the third floor, go to the north end and look for a narrow passage with a
magic field and a bear trap in the way. Use Dispel Field the get rid of the
blue field, and cast Mass Protect on everyone to get over the bear trap. Up
here, you'll find a house. Go inside and talk to the woman who lives there. If
she's asleep, camp out for a while until she wakes up. Ask about "belt" and
"retire." She'll hand you the Guild Belt. Before you leave, make sure you help
yourself to the goodies in the boxes and chests in the same area of this house!
You'll need Unlock to open the treasure chests. After everything has been
pillaged, cast Help and get out of there.

Now go back to Buccaneer's Den and talk to Homer again. Ask about "tome," and
this time he'll suddenly become more talkative. Ask about "treasure" and "cave"
and Homer will tell you the locations of four of the Map Pieces, as well as the
name of a guy who might know more. He says he'll give you the ninth piece as
soon as you bring him the other eight.

Ant Mound (Map 1)
Location: South of the Shrine of Sacrifice at 20 N, 66 E.
Need: Swamp Boots

The dead guy with the map is on the fourth floor (the bottom). Get down there
any way you can, it doesn't matter because all the ladders are connected. At
the bottom, go up and east to a large, open area. The right one has a lone
pedestal with red steps. In this area, the guy's body is in southeast corner at
25 N, 86 E. Check the guy's body for the map.

(NOTE: There's a good place to get Nightshade at 24 N, 71 E on the second floor
[by a lake], and a trove of sellable weapons at 34 N, 47 E on the third.)

Dungeon Wrong/Covetous (Map 7)
Location: 34 N, 24 E/30 N, 40 E
Need: Unlock

The dungeon's entrance is close to the Britannia-Yew path. On the first floor
of the dungeon, do not bother with any switches. Just Unlock the doors until
you find the room with the descending ladder and go down.

On the second floor, find the door that's magically locked and cast Unlock on
it. You'll find a room full of switches and a guard. Fight off the guard, then
throw the switch that's on the left side and second from the top. Then go the
left and go into the unlocked room with the Child enemies in it. There are two
switches in this room. Make the levers face each other (pull the left one).
This will unlock the room on the far right. Go to this room and throw the
switch in here. This will unlock the door on the far left. Go down the ladder
to the third floor.

Ignore all the other doors (nothing in them), and go through the northeast door
down here (Unlock the door). Check the north wall for a secret door, and follow
the path all the way to some treasure and the map.

Dungeon Shame (Map 5)
Location: 6 S, 8 W, west of Brittannia
Need: Food, Swamp Boots

First off, you MUST HAVE FOOD. Also, this dungeon has a wooden doorway, and is
surrounded by volcanoes. Inside, go up the path from the entrance ladder, and
you'll soon come to a house(?). You must use Unlock on the door to enter. Fight
off the skeletons, then snatch the goodies. Go back outside, then go down the
path directly south of this house. It is NOT the route you came down, it is
actually a little to the left of the entrance corridor. Follow it to a ladder.

On the second floor, just follow the path to another ladder.

On the third floor, follow the east path until you find a fork in the road. The
north path will lead you to a free Magic Bow. The southern path will lead you
to ANOTHER fork. Go north to a ladder.

On the forth floor, follow the path straight to Ybarra. You'll know you're
getting close when you find a pack of Gremlins. You have to give him food in
order to get the map.

Map 8

Sail or fly to the island around 72 S, 14 E. You should see some ships there,
and if you're sailing, you'll see skeleton and ghost enemies. Land, fight off
any monsters, and check the ships for the map piece.

Dragon's Den (Dragon's Egg)
Location: 37 S, 2 W, northwest of Trinsic
Need: Ring 4, Black Potions, Mass Invisibility, or Negate Magic.

By far, the hardest dungeon in the game. The only enemies in here are dragons
and drakes, but they're nasty enough as it is. The drakes like to cast Fireball
on you from a safe distance, while dragons cast Lightning and Flame Wind. They
are both immune to fire spells, canceling out effective ones like Explosion.
They also have a resistance to lightning, although Chain Bolt seems to do a
good job.

An easy way to handle this is if you have a lot of Ring 4s, Black Potions, or
if you can use the Mass Invisibility spell. Keep making yourself invisible and
shoot right past those overgrown iguanas! Sometimes though, a huge group will
chase you down and block your path; after all, they can't attack you, but they
can follow you. Don't fret though; as long as you're invisible, they won't
attack you! I've laid waste to hordes of dragons and drakes this way and got a

However, if you don't have a lot of Ring 4s or Black Potions, or if you can't
cast Mass Invisibility yet, you'll have to use Plan B. First, save your MP for
Negate Magic. This spell may cancel out your spells, but it cancels out theirs
as well...and that's much more important. Many times, dragons and drakes
especially will keep wasting their turns trying to cast a spell. This gives you
the much-needed time to whale on them. However, sometimes they'll wise up and
try to get close to you for a physical attack. Dragons may be physically
powerful, but they're slow. Drakes hardly do any damage at all, if they're even
smart enough to decide on attacking you physically.

Make sure you bring along the best equipment; bring Magic Armor and Helms,
Halberds, Energy Wands, Spike Collars, and Ring 2s if you found any. Ring 3s
will help out here, as well. Bring provisions in case you run out of MP...you
definitely need it for casting Mass Invisibility/Negate Magic (if you're cheap,
you can always use the spell Create Food to get provisions). Also bring plenty
of torches and Gems. You don't want to waste MP on a Great Light spell, so
torches will come in handy. Gems will show you how far you are from the ladder.

As you go through the dungeon, try to get to each ladder as fast as you can. If
a small group of enemies are getting too close and the ladder is too far away,
deal with them right then. You DO NOT want a large group attacking you. Large
groups of dragons sometimes prompt the battle error, which means you'll have to
reset the game, or something.

Anyway, here's how you get through it. On the first floor, up north up the
corridor. As soon as you come to a path going east, run like hell to the east.
Use your Gems to locate the ladder (it's in the center of the large cavern),
and go down.

On the second floor, do a Chinese fire drill to a hole to the southwest. It's
by a wall.

On the third floor, go west a bit. If you use your Gems here, you'll see three
ladders...one to the north, one to the south, and one to the west. You want to
go down that one to the west. You'll have to run around some lava to get to it.

Now you're on the fourth floor, and this is exactly where you want to be.
Ignore all ladders here and run like crazy to the north. There will be a small
corridor here, and then you'll be in the room where the eggs are. Kill any
dragons and drakes here, and then grab two eggs...one for Sandy, and the other
for that guy in Serpent's Hold. Then, go around this room and pick up all the
goodies here! You'll find a Magic Shield here, which you should not sell, since
you need to give it to someone to get another map piece. Once you got your eggs
and are done pillaging the place, cast Help to get out of there instantly.
Nicely done!

With the egg in hand, return to Sandy's tavern in Trinsic and give him the egg.
He'll tell you the location of the last four Map Pieces.

Map 2

After talking to Sandy, talk to Lord Whitesaber. He wears a purple shirt, and
can be found inside the tavern or hanging around the pedestal where you picked
up the Rune of Honor. First ask about "Sandy," and say "yes." Then ask about
"map" and say, "yes" again. He'll give you his map piece.

Map 3

Go north of Trinsic and talk to the shady gypsies. They're only a band of
three. Don't talk to the woman or the guy that looks like Flynn; you want to
talk to the guy in the purple shirt and who talks with an accent. Ask about
"map," and say "yes." He'll offer to sell it to you. Keep haggling until he
drops his price to $50, and then buy it from him.

Map 4

Raid the house on Dagger Isle as outlined above. You don't need to talk to the
guy, you can just get his stuff from the cellar.

Map 6

First, you'll need a Magic Shield. You should have one after raiding the
Dungeon Destard. If you sold it, or want to use it, you'll have to make one.
You'll need to have a Curve Heater shield, some Gems, and a Gold Nugget. The
shield and the Gems can easily be bought, but you'll have to dig or raid
dungeons for the Gold Nuggets. When you have them, talk to Gherick, the guy who
sells weapons in Serpent's Hold. He'll make you the Magic Shield.

Next, you need to talk to a guy in Serpent's Hold named Koranda. Ask about
"job," "Order," then "shield."

Now find Morchella. She usually hangs out in the tavern. If she's not there,
she may be in her house southeast of the tavern. Whatever you do, don't talk
about "pirates"! Ask about "shield," and she'll trade your shield for her map.

Once you have all eight, return to Buccaneer's Den and talk to Homer. He'll
give you the final Map Piece as long as you promise to return his Storm Cloak.
Say yes, and he'll give you the last piece as well as instructions on where to
find the burial site.

Pirate's Cave (Silver Tome)
Need: Shovel, Mass Protect, Skiff, Dispel Field, Unlock, Powder keg.
The island is at 59S and 49E, due south of New Magincia. Go to the three big
rocks and stand in the center. Then walk three paces south, nine paces west,
and twelve more paces south. You'll wind up by a dead tree by a bare spot of
land. Use your shovel and dig in the spot just south of you (in the bare spot).

Drop down the hole and check the body for some goodies. Go north. Use a Violet
Potion, Protection, or Mass Protect to get past the traps without damage.
Ignore the sign and go west. Then, follow the next sign and go south. Follow
the path all they way to a large cavern. Along the way, you'll find a hole with
a sign above it. Listen to the sign and do NOT drop down that hole!

The next thing you want to do is get down to the cavern with the lake in it.
There are four ladders here that will take you there. The closest one is around
a wall...you'll have to fight some dragons and drakes to get to it. Go down the
ladder. Use a Skiff to get to the island that's connected to a bridge. Do NOT
go up the ladder...instead, cross the bridge and go into the southwest corner.
There's a narrow passageway around here...use Gems to find it. This will lead
you to a bunch of winding, inter-connected corridors. In the center of these is
a ladder. Go down it to find yourself in a cavern with a sign nearby that says
"Off-limits." There are a ton of holes around here, and a ladder to the east.
Be careful...all but one of the holes leads to a lava pit! Ignore the other
ladder and the holes to the north and south of the entrance. Go west and follow
the winding path all the way to a fork. Go up the north path and follow it to
another fork. Go north again, then go east. This is the hole you want to go
down. Follow the long path all the way around to a cavern. Here, you'll find
some places that are blocked by poison fields. Ignore the first blockade, but
clear up the second one with Dispel Field. Go north to a building. Unlock the
door with a powder keg and go inside for tons of treasure, the Silver Tome, and
the Storm Cloak. Grab everything, then cast Help to leave.

For an extra Ring 4:
There is another second-level cavern besides the one with the lake. There are
four ways to get there. One really dumb way is to drop down that hole that had
the sign above it. For an easier time, at that very first fork, go north, then
east as far as you can. Go north a little bit, then go east again to the
ladder. Go down, then go east as far as you can, up to a dead end that probably
has ghost in it. There will be a path nearby that goes south. Go down this path
to a ladder. Note that this path does NOT have lava in it (if you find any, you
didn't go far east enough). You'll be in a small cavern with bear traps. Use
Mass Protect so that no one gets hurt. Go south past the trap to find the Ring
4. Note that if you come back here, you'll see the ring's sprite still on the
ground, but nothing happens.

Now that you have the tome, return to Buccaneer's Den to give Homer his Storm
Cloak. Now go to Lycaeum's library with your prize. Before you talk to Mariah,
first go into the room across the hallway and grab the Silver Piece off the
table. Now talk to her and she'll translate the book for you.

You're now ready for the last part of the game! Note that you do NOT need to
talk to Sin V'raal. It's just for plot filler.


need to go inside it for something, but only on the Gargoyle's end. The place
is crawling with nasty monsters and traps, and thusly, I would not recommend
going through it anyway. Not unless you're one of those hardcore dungeon
explorers, or something.

Use the Moonorb to warp to the Shrine of Diligence. Now hop in your Balloon and
travel east and a little south. The dungeon is located at 64 S, 72 E. It has a
"monster face" doorway. If you get there during the day, you'll find a young
Gargoyle standing around outside. DO NOT ATTACK IT. Instead, talk to it. It
won't say much other than Captain John is inside the dungeon.

Head inside the dungeon from here. Follow the path south, then east (watch the
lava field) to a small house and a guy walking around outside. If he's already
asleep, you'll have to camp out until he wakes up. Talk to the guy, Captain
John, and he'll tell you the story of the Gargoyles. Ask about "language," and
he'll give you the Gargish Text, which will allow you to understand the
Gargoyle's language (you have to Use it). He'll also tell you that you need to
talk to the young Gargoyle outside.

Go back outside. The young Gargoyle, Beh Lem, only comes out during the day. If
it's night, you'll have to wait, or cast Help, or something. Talk to him and
ask about "job." He'll then join your party.

Next, jump back into the Balloon, and travel northwest to a house. It's located
at 41 S, 65 E. Talk to the Gargoyle inside, Valkadesh, and he'll tell you what
to do next. Make sure you keep talking to him until he has nothing more to say.

Now warp to the Gargoyle town of Investigation. Walk to Draxinusom's house,
which is just northwest of the Hall of Knowledge (the museum building). Talk to
him and ask about "surrender." Keep answering "yes," even when Dupre warns you
that it might be a trap! You'll get the Submission Amulet, and now all the
Gargoyles won't freak out at your presence.

Run across the street to Naxatilor's place. Talk to him, and he'll tell you the
first steps in your final quest. Now go down to the Hall of Knowledge, the
southernmost building in town. Go to the south wing and cast Dispel Field to
get in. Grab the Broken Lens.

Now that you have the Broken Gargish Lens, you'll need to have it fixed. Run
back inside and jump in the Balloon. Now fly northeast until you find a house
with a telescope in it. There's actually a winding path that leads to it. If
you're still stumped, find it at 9 S, 57 E. Head inside and talk to the old
Gargoyle inside. Ask about "Lens" and he'll fix the Broken Lens for you.

Now that you have your fixed Gargish Vortex Lens, you may now get the Human
Vortex Lens! First, you must have at least one Glass Sword on you. If you do,
great! If you don't, make sure you have at least five Gems on you and warp to
Minoc. Talk to the glassblower there, and he'll make you a Glass Sword. Now
warp to Moonglow and fly north to Lycaeum. Now fly a little bit east to
Ephemerides' house. He's also known as the guy that you can buy Sextants from.
His house is a large building with a second, tiny building containing a
telescope behind it. This guy sleeps all day, so hang around until late in the
day. Don't wait until night, because he'll be too busy stargazing! Talk to him
and ask about "Lens," then "glass sword." He'll then hand you the Human Vortex

Now you need to get the Vortex Cube itself. To do that, you must first find
Stonegate. It's a castle located at 10 N, 37 E. You'll find a Cyclops hanging
around the south end. DO NOT ATTACK HIM. You can actually talk to him instead.
However, you don't need to.

Go into the castle and go straight south from the door until you bump into the
wall. Check here to find a secret door. Go down the ladder to a tiny room with
four switches. Pull all the switches, then go back up. Go back into the first
room and go down either one of the ladders here.

On the first basement floor, go down any of the four ladders.

On the second floor, go down any ladder EXCEPT for the one in the northwest
corner. That one leads nowhere.

On the third floor, go down another ladder. Not much here.

On fourth floor, cast Unlock on the door. When you come to a narrow, tiled
hallway between two of the magically locked doors, check its western wall for a
secret door. Go inside and throw the switch. Now go into the northwest room
that was previously blocked. Check the north wall for a secret door. Cast
Dispel Field on the poison field in front of the door. Use a Powder Keg to
blast open the door and enter the Vortex Cube's room. Dispel one of the
electric fields in your way and grab the cube.

The Vortex Cube functions like your bag. As soon as you get it, move all your
Moonstones into the cube. If you used a Moonstone somewhere, go to the place
where you buried it and dig it back up with a shovel.

Now you have your stuff. Time to see a man about a Codex. The Codex is at the
Isle of the Avatar, but you won't be able to get in unless you're on a mystic
quest. So you need to go on one. To do that, we must first visit the Gargoyle
shrines. You may do these shrines in any order.

Shrine of Control:
Needed: Protect/Mass Protect/Violet Potion

Warp to the shrine and enter to find yourself in a room with lots and lots of
switches. Pull both switches on the wall. Leave all the floor switches on by
east wall alone. In the northwest corner, pull both switches. By the west wall,
pull all the switches EXCEPT the one in the southwest corner. By the south
wall, pull the second and third switches from the left. This will get you
through the hall. You may have to kill a few Drakes in your way. Once you get
through the hall, cast Mass Protect on your party to get them over the bear
traps. Go up on the pedestal and talk to the statue. Keep talking to it until
it has nothing more to say.

Shrine of Passion:
Needed: Protect/Mass Protect/Violet Potion, Dispel Field

A very easy shrine. Warp to the shrine and enter quickly before the volcanoes
hurt anybody. From here, simply go north. Cast Mass Protect on your party to
get them over the lava field safely. Use Dispel Field to get rid of the flames
in your path. Go up on the pedestal and talk to the statue. Keep talking to it
until it has nothing more to say.

Shrine of Diligence:
This one can be pretty tough if you approach it wrong. For an easy answer, use
your Gems to locate the ladders going up. Get it now? No? Okay. From the
entrance, go south, walk through the hallway (don't bother Unlocking that
door), and into another room. Now go through the west door. In this hallway,
check for a secret door on the north wall near the door you just went through.
You'll find a tiny room with a ladder. Go up.

On the second floor, follow the hallway west, then north. You'll probably have
to fight some Daemons. Go up on the pedestal and talk to the statue. Keep
talking to it until it has nothing more to say.

If for some reason you did not get your Balloon by now, you need to get it.
It's the only way to get into the Shrine of Singularity. Go and get it as
outlined above. Warp back to Investigation and hop in your Balloon. Then fly
due north over the mountains to a building. Dispel the three magic fields and
enter. Go up to the big pyramid in the center of the room and talk to it. Yes,
talk to it. Ask about "codex." You will now be able to enter the Isle of the

Ready to beat the game? Okay! Warp to the Isle of the Avatar. Walk right on
through to the building and enter. Walk up to the pedestal with the book on
top. You'll notice two cauldrons on either side: a red one and a blue one. Put
the Gargish Lens one tile right of the podium, in front of the red cauldron.
Put the Human Lens one tile left of the podium, in front of the blue cauldron.
Now put the Vortex Cube ON the podium.


And now for some other stuff...


How to beat the game in record time!

  Go through the beginning and stuff.
As soon as you're free, warp to Skara Brae and free the Shrine of
Spirituality. That way, everything will be slightly cheaper, and you'll have a
place to level up.
  Sail to Sutek's Castle and do the Balloon Quest as described above.
Once you have your Balloon, warp to the Gargoyle world and start the final
Keep going until you need the rest of the Moonstones for the Vortex Cube.
Then go on the Shrine Quest as outlined above. The Gargoyles should not attack
you now that you have Beh Lem in your party. (The only time they will is if
another enemy attacks you first, such as the Gremlins by the Shrine of Honor.)
  Finish the game!!


Level 1
Create Food - Gives you a bunch of provisions. (Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake)
Dispel Magic - Cures status on one character. (Garlic, Ginseng)
Harm - Small damage to an enemy. (Nightshade, Spidersilk)
Heal - Replenishes a few HP. (Ginseng, Spidersilk)
Help - Warps you back to Lord British's castle with everyone's health and
status restored, as well as making night into day (but it won't change the time
if it's still day). (None)
Light - Lightens a dark area for a brief period of time. (Sulfur Ash)

Level 2
Magic Arrow - Does small damage to an enemy, or does nothing. (Black Pearl,
Sulfur Ash)
Poison - Poisons an enemy. (Black Pearl, Blood Moss, Mandrake)
Sleep - Puts an enemy to sleep. (Black Pearl, Spidersilk)
Unlock - Unlocks a door or chest that is sealed by magic. Required. (Blood
Moss, Sulfur Ash)

Level 3
Curse - Makes one enemy's stats drop. (Sulfur Ash, Nightshade, Garlic)
Fireball - Damages enemy with fire magic. (Black Pearl, Sulfur Ash)
Great Light - Lightens a dark area for a long period of time. (Sulfur Ash,
Dispel Field - Gets rid of a magic field blocking your path. Required. (Black
Pearl, Sulfur Ash)
Mass Awaken - Awakens multiple sleeping characters in the blast area. (Ginseng,
Peer - Lets you see where you are on the world map. (Mandrake, Nightshade)
Protection - Ups one ally's stats and makes them impervious to traps on the
ground temporarily. (Sulfur Ash, Garlic, Ginseng)
Repel Undead - Makes undead enemies (Skeletons, Ghosts) run away from you.
(Garlic, Sulfur Ash)

Level 4
Disable - Makes enemy HP drop to critical levels. (Spidersilk, Nightshade,
Great Heal - Restores a lot of HP. (Spidersilk, Mandrake, Ginseng)
Locate - Tells you your co-ordinates. (Nightshade)
Mass Dispel - Cures the status of all characters in the blast area. (Ginseng,

Level 5
Explosion - Moderate damage to all enemies in an eight-square target area.
(Black Pearl, Sulfur Ash, Mandrake, Blood Moss)
Invisibility - Makes one character vanish. (Blood Moss, Nightshade)
Lightning - Moderate damage to one enemy with lightning magic. (Black Pearl,
Sulfur Ash, Mandrake)
Paralyze - Makes an enemy stop moving. (Black Pearl, Spidersilk, Sulfur Ash,
Reveal - Cancels an Invisibility spell. (Spidersilk, Nightshade, Mandrake)
X-ray - Lets you see through walls and doors. (Sulfur Ash, Mandrake)

Level 6
Charm - Makes one enemy attack other enemies. (Nightshade, Black Pearl,
Flame Wind - Hits enemies in front with three fireballs. (Sulfur Ash, Blood
Moss, Mandrake)
Hail Storm - Hits one enemy with hail. (Blood Moss, Black Pearl, Mandrake)
Negate Magic - Makes everything on screen unable to cast magic for a while.
This means you too. (Sulfur Ash, Mandrake, Garlic)
Mass Protect - Ups the stats of all characters in the blast area and makes them
impervious to traps on the ground. (Mandrake, Sulfur Ash, Ginseng, Garlic)
Poison Wind - Poisons any enemies in front of the caster. (Nightshade, Sulfur
Ash, Blood Moss)

Level 7
Chain Bolt - A powerful lightning bolt that jumps from enemy to enemy. (Black
Pearl, Mandrake, Sulfur Ash, Blood Moss)
Energy Wind - Hits any enemies in front of the caster with three lightning
bolts. (Mandrake, Nightshade, Sulfur Ash, Blood Moss)
Fear - Makes enemies run away from you. (Mandrake, Nightshade, Garlic)
Destroy - Kills an enemy. Good against Daemons. (Black Pearl, Nightshade,
Sulfur Ash)
Gate Travel - Teleports you to the current in-phase Moongate. (Sulfur Ash,
Black Pearl, Mandrake)
Mass Curse - Curses characters in blast area. (Sulfur Ash, Nightshade, Garlic,
Mass Invis. - Makes all characters in the blast area invisible. (Mandrake,
Night Shade, Black Pearl, Blood Moss)
Wing Strike - A dragon flies by and strikes all enemies. Not very strong.
(Blood Moss, Spidersilk, Mandrake, Sulfur Ash)

Level 8
Great Awaken - Brings a character back to life. (Garlic, Ginseng, Spidersilk,
Sulfur Ash, Blood Moss)
Death Wind - Kills characters in range of the spray. (Mandrake, Nightshade,
Sulfur Ash, Blood Moss)
Tremor - Causes an earthquake. (Blood Moss, Sulfur Ash, Mandrake)
Mass Charm - Charms all enemies in blast range. (Black Pearl, Nightshade,
Spidersilk, Mandrake)
Mass Destroy - Kills all characters in blast range. (Black Pearl, Nightshade,
Mandrake, Sulfur Ash)
Time Stop - Uh...stops time. (Mandrake, Garlic, Blood Moss)


Just a quick list of the items in the game. I'm even including story items now.
Also including Potions, just in case you forgot.

Balloon - A hot air Balloon. Allows your party to fly. Needed to reach the
Shrine of Singularity.

Balloon Plan - Describes how to make a Balloon. Needed to create the Balloon.

Black Potion - Makes target invisible.

Blue Potion - Wakes up a sleeping target.

Boardgame - A book found in the Lycaeum library. Give this to Dr. Cat, the
tavern keeper in Paws, to get 200 GP.

Book of Prophecies - A Gargish book that Iolo picked up in the beginning of the
game. You need the Silver Tome to translate it.

Certificate - Lenora, the mayor of Yew, will give this to you after you speak
to the jailer. Show this to the jailer to get the keys to the jail cells.

Cloth - No idea. May not have a function in the SNES version.

Dragon Egg - Give to Sandy in Trinsic to learn how to get the other four Map
Pieces. Shubin, the cook at the Serpent's Hold tavern, wants one too. Found in
the Dungeon Destard. Note that there are broken ones - I don't think anybody
wants those!

Empty Pot - Used in making the Balloon; I don't think it has any other use.

Fishing Rod - Allows you to fish. Get a free one in Stonegate.

Food (any) - Allows you to recover HP when you camp out. This includes drinks.

Gargish Lens - A convex lens. Needed for the Final Quest.

Gargish Text - Allows you to learn the Gargoyle language. Captain John gives
this to you.

Gems - Allow you to see your location on a map. Also used in making Glass
Swords and Magic Shields.

Gold Nugget - Worth 10 crowns apiece. Also used in making Magic Shields.

Green Potion - Poisons target.

Guild Belt - Needed to join the Thieves' Guild. Budo will give you a discount
once you join. Pheonix will give this to you after you talk to Budo.

Huge Basket - A giant basket. Used for making the Balloon. The basket weaver in
Minoc will make this for you when you bring her the Balloon Plans.

Human Lens - A concave lens. Needed for the Final Quest.

KeyB - Opens the door to the drawbridge control lever in Lord British's Castle,
and the locked doors in the Britannia Sewers. Lord British gives this to you in
the beginning of the game.

KeyC - Opens the locked door in the wine cellar in Skara Brae. I wouldn't
suggest getting this, because you have to steal it from the winery.

KeyE - Opens the locked door in the weapons shop in Jhelom. I wouldn't suggest
getting this, because you have to steal it from the chest in the blacksmith's

KeyF - Opens the locked door in the Serpent's Hold fencing school. I wouldn't
suggest getting this, because you have to steal it from the chest in the
fencing instructor's house.

KeyG - Opens the locked doors in the Serpent's Hold weapons shop. I wouldn't
suggest getting this, because you have to steal it from the chest in the
blacksmith's house.

KeyH - Opens the four normal jail cells in the Yew jail (the ones with the
enemies in it). The jailer gives this to you after you get the Certificate
(don't forget to give it back!).

KeyL - Opens the door to the solitary confinement cells in the Yew jail. The
jailer gives this to you after you get the Certificate (don't forget to give it

KeyM - The key to Beyvin's grave. You can get it from Manrel after speaking to

KeyN - The key to the Vortex Cube's chamber. You can get it from the male
Cyclops at Stonegate by giving him a fish.

Key0 - Found on the table in Lord British's bedroom. Opens a locked door that
is also in his room.

Lute - Iolo will play it. He has it in his inventory.

Map Pieces - Used to find where the Silver Tome is buried. There are eight
pieces in all. See Silver Tome Quest to find the locations of all eight.

Moonorb - Lets you travel to certain locations anytime. Locations are listed in
the General FAQ section. Is in the Avatar's inventory at the beginning of the

Moonstone - Bury one in the ground, and you'll be able to travel to that
location based on the phases of the moon. The Moonorb is a lot easier, though.
There are eight of them, and you get one each time to liberate a shrine with
the correct rune.

Oil - Same effect as the Explosion spell. Does not work on enemies that are
immune to fire. Make sure that no allies are in the blast radius, or you'll
hurt the too!

Orange Potion - Puts target to sleep.

Oz - A copy of "The Wizard of Oz" found in the Lycaeum library. Give to Lord
British for twenty Gems.

Panpipes - Needed to play "Stones" and to get the Rune of Sacrifice.

Powder Keg - Explodes a few seconds after it is thrown. Can blow open locked
doors, and kill enemies in the blast radius. But be careful! If one of your
characters is caught in the explosion, they'll get hurt, too! Also note that no
one will gain any EXP from any enemy killed by the explosion.

Reagents - Spell ingredients. Needed to cast spells, obviously.

Red Potion - Cures poison.

Rope - Used in making the Balloon; I don't think it has any other use.

Rubber Duck - Daros, the janitor in the Britannia Sewers, gives this to you.
Squeaks when you use it. I don't think it has any other use. It's an Origin
inside joke.

Rune - Put one on the sealed shrine to liberate them as well as receive a
Moonstone. There are a total of eight. See Shrine Quest to see how to get each

Scroll - Found in various locations. They lead you on a wild goose chase.

Sextant - Allows you to see your co-ordinates.

Sherry - A talking mouse that lives in Lord British's castle. She'll hop in
your inventory after you give her some Cheese. Needed to get the Rune of Valor.

Ship Deed - Needed to sail in the large boats.

Shovel - Allows you to dig stuff up, like buried Moonstones or Gold Nuggets.
Needed to enter Pirate's Cave.

Silk Bag - Needed to make the Balloon. Marissa, the clothes maker in Paws, will
make this for you if you have the Silk Cloth.

Silk Cloth - Needed to make the Silk Bag. Charlotte, the weaver in New
Magincia, will make this for you if you have the Silk Spool.

Silk Spool - Needed to make the Silk Cloth. Arbeth, the thread spinner in Paws,
will make this for you if you have 40 Spidersilks.

Silver Piece - Part of the Silver Tome. Needed to translate the Book of
Prophecies. Found on a table in the southeast room of the Lycaeum library.

Silver Tome - Needed to translate the Book of Prophecies. Found in the Pirate's

Silver Venom - The venom of the Silver Serpent. This doesn't seem to do
anything in the SNES version. Found in the Gargoyle world only.

Skiff - A small boat. Used to cross bodies of water.

Sleep Powder - Puts enemies and allies to sleep in the blast area. Found on the
third floor of the Ant Mound.

Spell - Allows you to copy a particular spell into a Spellbook. Check your
inventory to see which spell it is.

Spellbook - Allows you to cast spells. Must be equipped to use. However, you
can only cast spells that are written in the book as well as spells that are
the caster's level or lower.

Torch - Lights a darkened room for a limited time. Also supposed to make
Rotworms run away from you, but I have yet to see this happen.

Vortex Cube - Found in Stonegate. Needed for the Final Quest. Functions similar
to the Bag. You're supposed to put Moonstones in it.

White Potion - Allows you to see through walls.

Wood Ladder - No idea. May not have a function in the SNES version. Found in
the magically locked house in the Dungeon Shame and Efram's shop in Britannia.

Yellow Potion - Recovers a bit of HP.

Yew Board - Needed to make the Panpipes. Aaron, the guy that runs the sawmill
in Minoc, will make this for you if you bring him a Yew Log.

Yew Log - Needed to make the Panpipes. Buy from the woodcutter west of Yew.


Zoltan (travels from town to town. Most often found in Britania, Yew, or
Blood Moss - $3
Garlic - $2
Ginseng - $1
Nightshade - $1
Spidersilk - $2
Sulfur Ash - $3

Hornace (Old guy on the island just off Skara Brae)
Black Pearl - $3
Blood Moss - $3
Mandrake - $5
Nightshade - $2
Spidersilk - $1
Sulfur Ash - $2

Xiao (Lady in Laecyum):
Black Pearl - $4
Garlic - $3
Ginseng - $3
Mandrake - $6
Nightshade - $3
Spidersilk - $3

Nicodemus (Old guy in the forest east of Yew)
Blood Moss - $2
Garlic - $1
Ginseng - $1
Spidersilk - $1
Sulfur Ash - $2
(Also sells Spellbooks for $40)

Rudyom (Old guy in Cove):
Blood Moss - $3
Garlic - $1
Ginseng - $2
Nightshade - $2
Spidersilk - $2
(Also sells Spellbooks for $50)

Free, Regenerating Ingredient Sites:

Blood Moss - Find it in the forest south of the Empath Abbey (by Iolo's house
and the Spider Cave).

Sulfur Ash - Right around the Shrine of Humility, and across the creek east of
it (right by the Dungeon Hythloth).

Nightshade - In the poison swamps southeast of Minoc and by the lake on the
second floor of the Ant Mound, on an island between Paws and Trinsic at 39 S 12
E (has skeletons and ghosts on it) and one just south of Paws at 35 S, 12 E
(covered in swamp land, has boats, skeletons, and ghosts on it).

Spidersilk - On the second floor of the Spider Cave (duh), on third floor of
Buccaneer's Cave. The Spider Cave site is much more profitable.

Mandrake: On an island between Paws and Trinsic at 39 S 12 E (is inhabited by
skeletons and ghosts) and one just south of Paws at 35 S, 12 E (covered in
swamp land, has boats, skeletons, and ghosts on it).



Level 1
Harm - $30

Level 2
Magic Arrow - $40
Poison - $40
Unlock - $60

Level 3
Curse - $60
Fireball - $80

Level 4
Disable - $150

Level 5
Explosion - $200
Lightning - $250
Paralyze - $250

Level 6
Flame Wind - $300
Hail Storm - $350
Poison Wind - $330

Level 7
Chain Bolt - $400
Energy Wind - $450
Destroy - $420
Mass Curse - $500
Wing Strike - $450


Level 1
Dispel Magic - $50
Light - $80

Level 3
Great Light - $150
Dispel Field - $140
Peer - $130

Level 4
Locate - $160
Mass Dispel - $260

Level 5
Invisibility - $370
Reveal - $370
X-Ray - $450

Level 6
Negate Magic - $490

Level 7
Fear - $500
Gate Travel - $600

Level 8
Death Wind - $720
Mass Charm - $850
Mass Destroy - $900
Time Stop - $950
Tremor - $1000


Level 2
Sleep - $40
Unlock - $50

Level 3
Protection - $80
Repel Undead - $100

Level 4
Mass Sleep - $160

Level 6
Charm - $180
Mass Protect - $200

Level 7
Mass Invisibility - $250


Level 1
Create Food - $140
Heal - $180

Level 3
Mass Awaken - $370

Level 4
Great Heal - $520

Level 8
Great Awaken - $920

Free Spells:

-You start with Dispel Magic, Heal, Help, Light (Level 1), Magic Arrow, and
Sleep (Level 2).

-Sometimes Reapers drop one of three spells: Magic Arrow, Lightning, or Charm.
You won't know which spell it is until you grab it. The best place to get these
free spells is by the creek behind the jailhouse in Yew.

-Sometimes Gargoyle Leaders can drop the Lightning, Explosion, or Paralyze

-Mages sometimes drop various spells.

This here is a list of armor, weapon, and item shops. Note that these prices
are when you have 100 Karma. If you have less, the price of these items will be


Iolo's Bows:
Bow - $200
Crossbow - $320
Sling - $70
Magic Bow - $720
Triple Crossbow - $4000 (Need to talk to Gwenno in Minoc about this first. Then
come back and ask the shopkeeper about the weapon. Then she'll sell it to you.)

Efram's shop:
Torch - $3
Oil - $4
Gems - $20
Shovel - $50
Powder Keg - $30
Empty Pot - $50

Blue Boar Tavern:
Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Cake - $10
Mutton - $10

Arrow shop:
Arrow - $1
Bolt - $1

Max's weapon shop:
Spear - $200
2-H Sword - $800
Chain Mail - $500
Curve Heater - $200
Iron Helm - $220
Plate Mail - $800

Cullen's bakery:
Bread - $10
Cake - $10
Rolls - $20

Boat dealership:
Ship Deed - $1000
Skiff - $200


Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Mutton - $10
Ham - $10

Weapon Shop:
Main Gauche - $200
Throwing Axe - $160
Oil - $10
Cloth Armor - $150
Leather Arms - $320
Leather Helm - $70

Budo's shop (before joining the Thieves Guild):
Torch - $20
Gems - $30
Shovel - $120
Powder Keg - $50
Oil - $10

Budo's shop (after joining the Thieves Guild):
Torch - $2
Gems - $7
Shovel - $10
Powder Keg - $10
Oil - $5

Boat dealership:
Ship Deed - $1700
Skiff - $120


Wine brewery:
Juice - $10


Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Rolls - $10
Mutton - $10

Boat dealership:
Ship Deed - $1200
Skiff - $250

Weapon shop:
Crossbow - $300
Spear - $120
Oil - $20
Spike Shield - $200
Arrow - $1
Bolt - $1


Weapon shop:
Mace - $280
Morning Star - $310
Chain Mail - $350
Ring Mail - $240
Scale Mail - $490
Winged Helm - $140

Boat dealership:
Ship Deed - $1500
Skiff - $200


Blue Bottle Tavern:
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Milk - $10
Bread - $10
Cheese - $10


Humble Palette Tavern:
Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Mutton - $10
Fish - $10


Cat's Lair Tavern:
Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Mutton - $10

Rope maker:
Rope - $80

Butcher shop:
Ham - $10
Mutton - $10


Weapon shop:
Halberd - $700
Morning Star - $280
2H Axe - $400
Door Shield - $310
Scale Mail - $600
Spike Collar - $140

Juice - $10
Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Mutton - $10
Rolls - $20


Wine brewery:
Juice - $10


Fool's Pair o' Dice Tavern:
Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Mutton - $10
Grapes - $20

Weapon shop:
2H Axe - $470
2H Hammer - $450
2H Sword - $400
Magic Armor - $950
Magic Helm - $750
Plate Mail - $700


Milk - $10
Spring Water - $10
Juice - $10
Mutton - $10

Weapon shop:
Spear - $100
Throwing Axe - $100
2H Axe - $380
Brass Helm - $140
Ring Mail - $300
Swamp Boots - $80

Woodcutter's house:
Yew Log - $10

Just a quick list of baddies in the game. If I'm missing any info about them,
let me know. NOTE: You can tell a human enemy from normal people by trying to
Talk to them. The enemies won't talk back. Also none that the Dungeon Covetous
is the same as the Dungeon Wrong, and Heftimus' Cave and Hero's Hole is the
same as the Dungeon Despise.

ACID SLUG: A cute little purple blob. They can destroy a piece of your armor or
your weapon if they land a successful hit!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Swamp Cave, Moonglow (catacombs), Dungeon Despise, Pirate Cave,
Dungeon Hythloth
EXP: 7
Drop: None.

ALLIGATOR: An alligator.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Outside of Sutek's Castle, Moonglow (southern tip), Swamp Cave,
Dungeon Shame, Minoc swamps, Dungeon Despise, Shrine of Diligence
EXP: 23
Drop: None.

BEGGAR: Human enemies with Flynn's sprite.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Yew (jail)
EXP: 9
Drop: None.

CAT: Evil kitties! Aaaah!!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Swamp Cave, Shrine of Diligence, knight's house between Britannia and
Skara Brae.
EXP: 18
Drop: None.

CHILD: Human enemies that posses the "little girl" game sprite.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Yew (jail), Dungeon Deceit
EXP: 13
Drop: None.

CORPSER: Weird little underground tentacle things. You usually don't see them
coming. If you look real close at the ground, you'll see tiny black dots coming
at you. This is them burrowing underground!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Swamp Cave, Dungeon Deceit, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 17
Drop: None.

COW: Bovine that hunger for your flesh! Butcher 'em!
Magic Abilities: None.
Location: Sutek's Castle.
EXP: 11
Drop: Mutton.

CYCLOPS: One-eyed giants.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Cyclops Cave (inside and outside), Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave,
Buccaneer's Cave, Pirate Cave, Gargoyle world
EXP: 23
Drop: 2H Hammer, Scale Mail, Spike Shield, Iron Helm, Gold.

DAEMON: Uh, a demon. Immune to fire. Weak against the Destroy spell.
Magic abilities: Fireball, Charm, Sleep
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Tomb of Kings, Buccaneer's Cave, Swamp Cave, Sutek's
Castle, Dungeon Shame, Pirate Cave, Dungeon Hythloth, Shrine of Passion, Shrine
of Diligence.
EXP: 46
Drop: Gold.

DRAGON: Did you expect to get through ONE RPG and NOT see a dragon somewhere?
Immune to fire. Strong against lightning.
Magic abilities: Fireball, Lightning, Fire Wind
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Dungeon Destard, Dungeon Hythloth, Buccaneer's Cave,
Pirate's Cave
EXP: 68
Drop: Gold.

DRAKE: A small dragon-like lizard creature. Immune to Oil and fire.
Magic abilities: Fireball.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Dungeon Destard, Dungeon Hythloth, Shrine of Control,
Pirate Cave, Shrine of Diligence
EXP: 28
Drop: Gold.

FIGHTER: Human enemies that have the "knight" game sprite.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Despise, Skara Brae (road)
EXP: 18
Drop: Plate Mail, Iron Helm, Sword, Gold.

GARGFOLK: Wingless gargoyles.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Lord British's castle, all human shrines (before liberating them),
Gargoyle world (throughout), Dungeon Hythloth.
EXP: 19
Drop: Scale Mail, Boomerang, Sword, Wood Shield, Gold.

GARGOYLE LEADER: Winged Gargoyles. Try to take them out first.
Magic abilities: Lightning, Explosion.
Location: All human shrines (before liberating them), Gargoyle world
EXP: 32
Drop: Halberd, 2H-Sword, Leather Helm, Leather Arms, Lightning spell, Explosion
spell, Paralyze spell, Gold.

GAZER: You know those old 50s-60s B-movies that involved pod people of some
sort? That's what these guys are...pod people!
Magic abilities: Lightning, Sleep
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave
EXP: 15
Drop: None.

GHOST: A ghost. Immune to Fire.
Magic abilities: Fear
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Moonglow (catacombs), Empath Abbey (graveyard),
Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave, Buccaneer's Cave, ship graveyard (near Serpent's
EXP: 14
Drop: None.

GIANT ANT: Care to take a guess?
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Ant Mound, Shrine of Diligence, Moonglow (catacombs)
EXP: 12
Drop: None.

GIANT BAT: Care to take a guess?
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Pirate Cave, Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave, Britannia
Sewers, Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon Despise, Dungeon Destard, Shrine of
Diligence, Dungeon Hythloth
EXP: 13
Drop: None.

GIANT RAT: Care to take a guess? Can poison you when they attack.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Britannia Sewers, Sutek's Castle, Dungeon Shame, Dungeon Deceit,
Buccaneer's Cave
EXP: 16
Drop: None.

GIANT SCORPION: Care to take a guess? Can poison you when they attack.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Despise, Swamp Cave, Moonglow (catacombs)
EXP: 16
Drop: None.

GIANT SPIDER: Care to take a guess?
Magic abilities: Magic Arrow
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Spider Cave, Dungeon Shame, Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon
Despise, Shrine of Diligence
EXP: 16
Drop: Gold, Mutton (?!).

GIANT SQUID: Tastes good fried. Found only in water. Strong against fire.
Magic abilities: Magic Arrow
Location: Swamp Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 28
Drop: None.

GREMLINS: That movie was awesome. Seriously, they'll steal a piece of food if
they land a successful hit!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Shame, Pirate Cave, Shrine of Honor, Buccaneer's Cave,
Dungeon Despise
EXP: 10
Drop: None.

GUARD: Human enemies that posses the "sentry" game sprite.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Swamp Cave, Dungeon Despise, Moonglow (catacombs)
EXP: 44
Drop: Halberd, Iron Helm, Crossbow, Plate Mail, Gold.

HEADLESS: Headless human bodies!!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Moonglow (catacombs), Buccaneer's Cave, Empath Abbey (by the southern
bridge), Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 18
Drop: Spear, Club, Cloth Armor, Gold.

HYDRA: You know those tiny little water creatures that are related to sea
anemones that you fed water fleas to in biology class? That's what these things
are...only a hundred times bigger and able to utilize magic! Immune to fire.
Magic abilities: Chain Bolt, Energy Wind
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Sutek's Castle, Minoc swamps, Dungeon Shame, Swamp
Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 23
Drop: None.

INSECT: Annoying bugs. Very fast.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Minoc swamps, Dungeon Shame, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 16
Drop: None.

MAGE: Human enemies that posses the "wizard" game sprite.
Magic abilities: Sleep, Magic Arrow, Lightning, Paralyze
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon Deceit, Swamp Cave, Dungeon
Despise, Yew (jail cell), Moonglow (catacombs)
EXP: 16
Drop: Dagger, Cloth Armor, Staff, Fireball spell, Sleep spell, Charm spell,
Paralyze spell, Gold.

MONGBAT: Winged monkeys! Whoo-hoo!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave, Buccaneer's Cave, Pirate Cave, Gargoyle
world, Skara Brae (path), Dungeon Hythloth
EXP: 30
Drop: Sword, Wood Shield, Dagger, Gold.

RABBIT: Flesh-eating lagomorphs! Huzzah!
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Sutek's Castle, Buccaneer's Cave, Shrine of Diligence.
EXP: 8
Drop: None.

REAPER: These guys are actually tree monsters, remnants of an enchanted forest.
Magic abilities: Magic Arrow, Charm
Location: Yew (behind jailhouse), Lycaeum (by Ephemerides' house), Buccaneer's
Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 21
Drop: Gold, Charm spell, Magic Arrow spell, Lightning spell.

ROTWORM: These things look like white specks and are only found in swamplands.
Supposedly, they run away if you have a lighted torch on hand, but I have yet
to see one do that. They can poison you if the land a successful hit. Weak
against fire.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Minoc swamps, Dungeon Shame, Swamp Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 9
Drop: None.

SEA SERPENT:  Obviously, these guys can only be found in the water.
Magic abilities: Fireball.
Location: Oceans, Dungeon Shame, Pirate Cave, Swamp Cave, Britannia Sewers,
Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon Despise
EXP: 32
Drop: None.

SKELETON: Don't you have some in your closet? Seriously, they're animated human
bones. Immune to oil, but not fire for some reason.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Moonglow (catacombs and Penumbra's magically locked
closet), Swamp Cave, Dungeon Shame, Buccaneer's Cave, Dungeon Despise, ship
graveyard (near Serpent's Hold), Shrine of Diligence
EXP: 17
Drop: Sword, Wood Shield, Bow, Leather Helm, Gold.

SLIME: A...blob of slime. Can poison you if it gets a successful attack.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Shame, Moonglow (catacombs), Swamp Cave, Dungeon Deceit,
Britannia Sewers, Buccaneer's Cave, Pirate Cave, Shrine of Diligence, Dungeon
EXP: 11
Drop: None.

SNAKE: A snake. Can poison you.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Shame, Moonglow (path), Yew (forest), Swamp Cave, Shrine of
EXP: 6
Drop: None.

SWASHBUCKLER: Human enemies that posses Shamino's game sprite.
Magic abilities: None
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Skara Brae (path), Moonglow (catacombs)
EXP: 15
Drop: Blue Potion, Ring Mail, Wood Shield, Bow, Sword, Leather Helm, Gold

TROLL: You know those dolls that were a fad in the early-mid '90s? The ones
that had the long hair and the jewel in their belly button and were considered
good luck? Yeah, those things. That's what these are, but they're armed and try
in vain to beat the crap out of you.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong, Yew (by the bridge), Empath Abbey (by the southern
bridge), Pirate Cave, Swamp Cave, Britannia Sewers, Dungeon Deceit
EXP: 20
Drop: Throwing Axe, Wood Shield, Ring Mail, Leather Helm, Gold

VILLAGER: Human enemies that posses the "guy in the purple shirt" game sprite.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Wrong
EXP: 10
Drop: None.

WISP: Small balls of blue light. Kind of resemble Gems that move. They're
actually not enemies; you can talk to them! Unlike most NPCs, however, they'll
jump in if another enemy attacks.
Magic abilities: Sleep
Location: Yew (forest path), Empath Abbey (forest path)
EXP: 23
Drop: None.

WOLF: Bad doggies.
Magic abilities: None.
Location: Dungeon Shame, Dungeon Despise, Shrine of Diligence
EXP: 10
Drop: None.


I've found a few of them playing the game.

-When you get into fights with Daemons, they'll most likely wind up putting
several of your characters to sleep and charm them at the same time. Sometimes
when this happens, the sprites may vanish or get slightly messed up (I've seen
the Avatar turn into a discolored Mage... o_O). This is only until the
character wakes up, or the battle ends.

-Sometimes instead of Zoltan's entire group appearing at once, only one or two
of them will appear. This seems to fix itself after awhile, but I know that it
can be very frustrating when you need to talk to him right away.

-If you wind up fighting a lot of Dragons and Drakes, the battle engine will
get stuck, and your party will never get a turn. You're forced to sit there
until the Dragons kill the Avatar, or reset the game.

-Certain ROMs must have a slightly bad dump. If you used a Moonstone, you won't
be able to dig it back up. If you're emulating the cart, I suggest that you
don't use any Moonstones.

-There are times when you just seem to lose Karma for no good reason. Happens
in dungeons.


From what I heard about the CD-ROM, there's a lot. If I'm missing something, or
if I'm incorrect, contact me.

-The opening scene is slightly different, depending on what console it's on. I
know the C64 version has a different opening than the SNES one.

-Some things had to be changed for NoA guidelines:

1. Needless to say, alcoholic drinks had to be censored. The drinks are now
"Milk," "Spring Water," or "Juice." You also can't get drunk.
2. "Destroy" was "Kill" and "Great Awaken" was "Resurrect." Oddly enough,
"Death Wind" was left alone.
3. In the CD ROM, whenever a character died there was blood and stuff. Whenever
an ally died, you had the joy of picking up their bloodied corpse and carrying
it off somewhere to be Great Awakened. In the cart, there is no blood, and dead
allies are replaced by this ghost thing that follows you around.
4. You have to steal the Guild Belt from Phoenix in the PC version. Since the
Pickpocket spell is not in the SNES version, Phoenix just GIVES you the belt.
They probably didn't want kids thinking stealing was cool.
5. You're not allowed to kill Lord British and most townsfolk.
6. People could attack you if they caught you stealing stuff in the original
version. In the SNES version, they do nothing.

-Some things were changed due to being on a cart instead of a CD ROM:

1. The copy protection questions are gone.
2. You can't import character data from earlier Ultima games.
3. You can't access the debug menu by talking to Iolo because you have no
keyboard. You may be able to find it if you hack a ROM or use a Game Genie,
however. If anyone has the codes for the SNES version's debug menu, let me know.

-In the beginning of the CD ROM, you had to create your own character by
answering a bunch of questions. You could also pick the gender of your
character. In the SNES cart, all of that is gone.

-In the CD ROM version, you could make one of the characters go off by
themselves in a "Solo mode."

-In the CD, you could see portraits of all the characters you can talk to.

-In the CD ROM, your characters would say a mantra every time they casted a
spell. In the SNES version, they only place mantras are mentioned are in a
couple books.

-In the CD ROM, the Balloon wasn't as helpful. You had to rely on the wind to
go anywhere. If you had a Magic Fan or the spell Wind Change, you could steer
it better. Since there is no wind in the SNES cart, both the item and the spell
were removed. The Magic Fan may still be in the game, because I found both its
sprite and its name.

-In the CD ROM, you had to manually play "Stones" on your keyboard to Selganor.
In the cart, it's done automatically.

-Nicodemus could make staves for you in the CD ROM. What these staves did was
similar to the Energy Wand/Fire Wand; they cast the spell you enchant it on. So
you could have Destroy Wands, and stuff like that. All you needed to do was
bring him a Staff. I don't think they broke either; they just went back to
being normal Staffs. Sadly, this is gone from the SNES version.

-There are a bunch of spells missing in the SNES version. They are:

Level 1
Detect Magic: Describes the properties of a magical object.
Detect Trap: Detects traps in chests and doors.
Ignite: Ignites a Torch or a fireplace. Torches light automatically in the
cart, so there was probably no need for this.
Douse: Puts out a fire. Since "Ignite" was left out, there was no need for this.

Level 2
Infravision: Shows you the locations of all warm-blooded monsters nearby.
Doesn't work for all monsters, of course.
Reappear: Uncovers an invisible object.
Telekinesis: Makes objects around you move without having to be near them.
Trap: Puts a trap on a door or a chest.
Vanish: Makes objects (not characters) invisible.

Level 3
Magic Lock: Magically locks chests and doors.

Level 4
Animate: Makes a non-living object come to life, but it's not under your
Conjure: Summons an animal to help you in battle.
Fire Field: Creates a fire magic field (the little walls of fire, not the lava
fields) in front of you, which will damage enemies if they walk into it. Not
effective against enemies that are immune to fire.
Poison Field: Creates a poison magic field (the blue, rippling blobs that
poison you even with Swamp Boots on, not the swamp ground), which will poison
enemies if they step on it.
Sleep Field: Creates a sleep magic field (the concentric circles) in front of
you, which will put enemies to sleep if they step in it.
Wind Change: Changes the direction of the wind. Only effective when you're in
the Balloon.

Level 5
Energy Field: Creates an electric magic field (the lightning that doesn't shock
you) in front of you, which will totally block an enemy chasing you. Effective
in narrow tunnels.
Insect Swarm: Summons a swarm of insects to help you in battle.
Pickpocket: Lets you steal from people, though it can be dangerous. If the
person you're trying to steal from sees you, they'll attack you!
Seance: Lets you speak to the dead.

Level 6
Clone: Makes a clone of a person. Not under your control, however.
Confuse: Confuses enemies. Probably disabled because Charm's effects
practically trumps it. I know that this is still in the game, however, because
I found its name using a hex editor.
Replicate: Makes copies of inanimate objects. Not all objects can be copied,
Web: Slows down enemies advancing on you.

Level 7
Enchant: Makes an object magical.
Wing Eye: Lets you see "obscured" things. Sounds a lot like X-Ray to me...

Level 8
Eclipse: Makes the moons eclipse the sun.
Slime: Turns all enemies into weak Slimes. NOTE: I seem to remember seeing this
spell somewhere in the cart. If anybody has info as to where you can get it,
contact me.
Summon: Summons a demon to help you in battle.

-There was also the free spell, Apocalypse, which wasn't used in the cart (at
least, I believe so). You were able to pick up the Book of Forgotten Mantras
from the Lycaeum library and take it with you. Then you had to take this book
to the Wisps in the Yew forest, and they gave you this spell in return. From
what I hear from other Ultimas, this spell kills EVERYONE in the ENTIRE GAME
except you and Lord British. It was probably taken out so that you could
actually complete the game. The spell and the book may be still in the game,
because I saw their names using a hex editor. If anyone knows how to reactivate
the book and the spell, let me know.

-A lot of the neat tricks you could do in the CD ROM can't be done in the SNES

You can't use Animate and Clone on magic items because the spells are not
there. Same goes for Pickpocketing food from animals.
You can't recruit the "mysterious party member" because you can't dig up a
skeleton from a grave.

-In the CD ROM, you could have up to eight party members at a time (including
the Avatar). However, I think only four could be used in battle. In the cart,
you can only have six members at any time (including the Avatar), but all six
join in battle.

-When you recruited Sherry in the CD ROM, she joined as a normal party member.
In the cart, she's used as an item.

-The instruction manual mentions an enemy known as the Silver Serpent that's
supposed to be in the Gargoyle word. The snake charmer in the Gargoyle world
also talks about it. However, I've never seen this enemy. I know it's in the
game, because I saw its sprite using a graphics editor. If anybody knows how to
find it (with or without hacking) let me know.


If you have any info, answers, or suggestions for me, e-mail me at
cottonseed57@hotmail.com. Flames and spam will just get deleted.


-Origin Systems for making this game.

-PONYCANYON/FCI for putting it on the SNES cart so I could play it.

-The Ultima Web Archive (http://www.uo.com/archive/), where I learned about the
spells and other CD ROM differences.

-DOUG the EAGLE's Ultima 6 Page (http://www.it-he.org/ultima6.htm) for the neat
tricks and more CD ROM differences.

-Gamewinners (http://www.gamewinners.com) for the tidbit about getting drunk.

-Cindy for pointing out the Sutek's Castle error and giving me some

-Jon Tomes for pointing out that I forgot to put in directions to the Spider

-YY for making the graphics editor I was using (YY-CHR). I was able to see some
items/character sprites still left in the game (but not used) with it.

-Genecyst East Software for making the hex editor I was using (WindHex). I was
able to see a lot of the game's script, as well as find names of items and
spells still left in the game (but not used) with it.