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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat Vargus wii/snes?

So I downloaded FF3 on my wii. And for the life of me I cannot beat Vargus trying all the cheats I have found online! I am beyond frustrated. Is it different since I am technically playing it on a wii now? Please help me!

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Not sure why Vargas is giving you such a problem, but maybe the cheats you're using are glitching the fight or something? I remember him being a pretty easy fight, more important for Sabin than any sort of difficulty. Edgar should use Autocrossbow, Terra should use Fire and Locke should just attack or steal. After doing some damage to him, he should knock everyone out of the fight and Sabin will go one on one with him. At that point you just attack him for a while until the game tells you to use Pummel, and that ends the fight.

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This should have been asked under Final Fantasy III, where you'd get a lot more "experts" on the game.

Anyway, which part are you stuck at? The first part of the fight is a rather basic fight, the second part with Sabin alone requires that you input a Blitz, namely Pummel, and the game gives on-screen instructions on how to do so.

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to defeat vargas simply perform sabins blitz "pummel" execute this by highlighting the blitz command and press "A" then to perform the blitz enter the command "Left ,Right ,Left" and press "A" again to perform the blitz.if successful sabin will light up and perform his pummel blitz

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