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            For the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

                    Created by Nick Bryant (Menji76)

                              Menji76 Presents
                              Super Scope FAQ
                               SNES Hardware

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|                   Last Updated: 08/15/06                                   |
|                   Version: 1.05                                            |
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                | Game Info:                               |
                | Name: Super Scope                        |
                | Release Date: 1992                       |
                | Number of Players: 1-2                   |
                | Developer: Nintendo                      |
                | Platform: SNES                           |
                | My Rating: 6/10                          |


Update History:
Version 1.05 |08/15/06|
Went back through and fixed up some spelling and grammar errors

Version 1.0  |08/10/06|
I originally wrote this as a guide to the Super Scope 6 compatible game but I
noticed there wasn't anything on the SNES hardware list. So I changed it up a
bit so more people can use this.


These are the only sites that can post this faq, if you see them anywhere else
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|Brief History|

The Super Scope wasn't really a big hit, it is often looked down upon because
it was difficult to use mainly because it was big and clunky. Despite being
big, the Super Scope used a up its batteries in a few hours - making it even
more undesirable. Figure that and the lack of compatible games doesn't make it
look to good.
|How it Works|

The Super Scope monitors the actual scope in the image to find the position of
a sprite with high precision. Upon firing, the Scope relays information about
where on the screen it is aimed to an infared receiver on top of the television
set. This receiver is plugged into controller slot two of the SNES. Some modern
LCD televisions are incompatible with the super scope due to the lack of a
scope for the light sensor to monitor.

 **From Wikipedia**

|Getting Started|

 What you need:
  1) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  2) Super Scope Compatible Game
  3) Super Scope Lightgun
  4) Super Scope Receiver
  5) Six "AA" Batteries (that work)

 Compatible Games
  1)  Battle Clash
  2)  Bazooka Blitzkrieg
  3)  The Hunt for Red October (Bonus games)
  4)  Lamborghini American Challenge (A different game mode)
  5)  Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge - Battle Clash's sequel
  6)  Operation Thunderbolt
  7)  Super Scope 6 (Bundled)
  8)  Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
  9)  Tin Star
  10) X-Zone
  11) Yoshi's Safari
  12) Destructive (SFC)
  13) Lethal Enforcers 1 (Another Gun)
  14) Lethal Enforcers 2 (Another Gun)
  15) Space Bazooka


           /            Release            Pause
          /     Slot 1     / Slot 2  Fire   / Power Switch
       _____      /       /   /        /   /  /
     ||             ^               \\\\\/////         \
     ||                                          _____/
     ||___      ________________________        /
          \     \\ <-Cursor           _/      /
           \     \                 __/      /
            \     \               \       /______
             \     \               \    _________\ <--Shoulder Rest
              \_____\              /___/


    Front Sight      Sight Tube
     /                  /
    =..           [_ []__[(
     \ \____________/ __/
          \       \
       Slot 1    Slot 2


    |  _______________  |
    | |               | |
    | |               | |\
    | |      TV       | | \
    | |               | |  \
    | |               | |   \  Plug into controller slot 2
    | |               | |    \
    | |_______________| |     \ __
    |___________________|     _|==|_  <--SNES with Super Scope Compatible Game
    |___|_|_|_|_|_|_|___|    | -  = |
                                 Plug receiever into here

|Setting it Up|

 Mounting the Sight
  -If you are left handed/eye dominant, then you want to put the scope on the
   right side when the gun is pointed away from you.
  -If you are right handed/eye dominant, then you want to put the scope on
   the left side when the gun is pointed away from you.

  -Place the front of the sight just before the sight holder and slide
   forward. Line up the two arrows to ensure it is in posistion. Remember,
   the smaller hole goes away from you and the larger tube is what you put
   your eye up to.

 Removing the Sight
  -Press the release button located down near the back under the sight and
   slide the sight back.

 Installing Batteries
  -The battery box is located under scope at the very back. Remove the cover
   and install six "AA" batteries. Replace the cover and you're set!

 Connecting the Receiver
  -Plug the Super Scope receiver into control slot 2 and then place the
   receiver on top of the TV (be sure to get it as close to the TV screen as
   possible). Make sure the receiver is facing forward with the black end the
   same way as the TV screen.


 Power Switch
  -Slide the switch forward one slot to turn the Super Scope on. When it is
   in this position, the Super Scope will fire one shot whenever the fire
   button is pressed. If it is moved another notch to "turbo" the Super Scope
   will fire repeatedly whenever the fire button is held down. Also note that
   the turbo feature is not used in every game.

  -Press the pause button to pause the game. Press again to continue. Also
   note that the pause button can have different uses in some games.

 Fire Button
  -You'll be using this the majority of the time. Press to fire at the
   targets on your TV screen.

 Cursor Button
  -While this button is pressed, a cursor dot will appear on the TV screen
   showing where you are aiming. Also note that the cursor button can have
   different uses in some games.

|Aligning your sight|

After you place the game in your SNES, you will need to align the sight before

  1) Make sure your TV and SNES are on
  2) Turn the power switch to on or turbo
  3) Stand around 6-16 feet away
  4) Aim your Super Scope at the TV screen and press the fire button to
     adjust the sight settings (this will be an option)
      -If there is nothing hitting the screen, shoot again at different spots
       on the TV. If there is still nothing going on, check the batteries.
  5) Look through the sight and through the small hole on the front of the
     sight and line it up with the target on the screen. Press fire to align
     the sights correctly.

After you shoot the gun a dot should appear on the screen where you are
aiming. A second later, a new screen will appear and you can keep practicing

   -If the dots are appearing where you are aiming, the the alignment is
    correct. You are now ready to play, follow the instructions from the game.
   -If the dots aren't correct, reset the game and realign the sights.
   -Moving around such as getting closer or farther away or moving left and
    right can effect the alignment. Always make sure they're lined up before
    you play.


-Nintendo Recommends-

When I fire, nothing happens.

 -Check to make sure the power switch is on.
 -Check batteries and make sure they are in correct and are new.
 -Check to see if the reciever is plugged in and on top of the tv.
 -Fluorescent lights can disrupt the connection, so turn any off .
 -Check to make sure the sight is aligned correctly.
 -Check the brightness on the TV.

Sounds can be heard, but the TV screen isn't displaying a hit.

 -Check the brightness on the TV.
 -Check to make sure the sight is aligned correctly.
 -Fluorescent lights can disrupt the connection, so turn any off .

Certain sections of the TV screen cannot be hit.

 -Be sure you are around 10 feet away from the screen, realign the Scope.

Firing works sometimes but not always.

 -Check batteries and make sure they are in correct and are new.
 -Check to see if the power switch is in the right slot, the game may not
  support the turbo feature which may be throwing it off.

Non-Super Scope games won't work

 -Unplug the receiver from the controller slot when not in use.


-Nintendo Recommends-

1) Do not use the Super Scope for more than 10 minutes at a time. Remember to
   take breaks if you ever feel discomfort in your eyes, shoulder, arms,
   neck, or and other body part. If it continues, STOP using the Super Scope.

2) The Super Scope isn't a real gun nor is it intended to be, it should never
   be used to make others think it is real.

3) Keep the eye piece GENTLY against your eye.

4) Take care to not scratch the lens on both the Scope and receiver as well
   as bending the front sight.

5) The Super Scope does not work with a projection television.

6) The Super Scope may not work on all tvs, mainly lacking certain functions.

7) Do not use the Super Scope simultaneously with an infared remote control.
   They can mess with your VCR, DVD player, or TV.

8) The Super Scope may not work in rooms using fluorescent lights.

9) Do not block the lens on the Super Scope or the receiver.

10) Be sure to turn off the power switch when you are done using the Scope.

11) When done, be sure to UNPLUG the receiver before playing any other game.


Q: I'm still having problems, and those suggestions aren't working.
A: That is possible, if you feel like you've tried everything, contact me.

Q: How can you tell if a game will work with it?
A: There will be a logo saying SUPER SCOPE and have a crosshair on the game.

Q: Where can I get this?
A: Check; eBay, garage sales, GameStop/GameCrazy/EB Games.


-The Super Scope appeared in the Gamecube title "Super Smash Bros. Melee" as a
weapon and a trophy.

-It also made an appearance in the game "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga"

-It was in the Super Mario Bros Movie as a Koopa's weapon


-Nintendo        - For making the gun
 I would also like to note that all the pre-cautions and troubleshooting are
 straight from Nintendo. I only put it into my own words. The things listed
 are what they recommend.

-CJayC           - For making gamefaqs
-Menji76         - For making this FAQ/ASCII art
-Z3RO SoE        - For an updated list of compatible games

Sites:                 -  For Hosting my FAQ                -  For Hosting my FAQ -  For the ASCII title                -  For some great info                    -  For Hosting my FAQ


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