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How does this cheat work?

I have a TurboGrafx16 and like playing the game Blazing Lazers. I see on this site that there is a way to activate the cheat menu. I've tried to do it the way it is stated on the this site but it doesn't work. How many times do I have to press "Select" and do I need to HOLD the I, and II button, or press first and then start pressing select?

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Bright_Black answered:

I had some trouble with this one at first too. Here's the (probably way too detailed) secret(s) to success.

1. Activate the "Sound Test" menu by holding select & continually pressing left & right QUICKLY until "SOUND 01" appears over a starry background. I recommend lifting your fingers up OFF the d-pad rather than using a see-saw motion.

2. Quickly again press I, then II (do NOT hold) then continue tapping select (21 times) until a graphic appears on screen. It'll be something like planets, "lazers", a ship, etc. You are now in "debug mode".

It can take multiple tries to get the right rhythm, and I'd recommend resetting (hold "run" & press "select") and starting over if you don't see the graphic after 21 taps of the select key.
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