FAQ/Walkthrough by Kenshin Zlash

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                            Full FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Turbo Grafx 16 & Arcade
                  By Kenshin Zlash (Kenshin_zlash@juno.com)

I. Legal Info
II. Introduction
III. Controls
IV. Basics
V. Screen Display
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Bosses
VIII. Ending
IX. Closing

Update Info

10/11/02-v0.5--Most of guide is done.
              -Walkthrough will be finished by next update.
10/12/02-v1.0--FAQ is complete.
10/16/02-v1.5--Minor little section added.
              -Is anyone even reading this thing?
11/05/02-    --I only changed the legal info.   Nothing big.

I. Legal Info

This FAQ is property of Kenshin Zlash.   This FAQ is only allowed to be put up
on: (1) gameFAQs.com, (2) Any site owned by the author.  No one except the sites
listed may use this FAQ.  PERIOD!
You are allowed to print and distribute this FAQ freely
as long as no money is paid for it.  If anyone makes money off this FAQ, it
better be me.    Anyone caught taking this guide as their own at any time
will be severely punished.

II. Introduction

It all started with R-Type 3.   Now, my father, being an old geezer and all,
went out and bought R-Type 3 because it was an airplane shooter thing that
reminded him of his old Army days.  @_@   Two days later he gave up and never
touched it again.  That's when I picked it up and got into it.   Two days
later I gave up and just got me a rom and emulator and finished it off, lol.
So I got interested in older R-Type games.   I got R-Types for PSX, R-Type
Delta, and R-Type DX.   My cousin then gave me his Turbo Duo system (YAY!) 
and here I am writing out the FAQ before you.

R-Type is a game where you control a ship called the R9 to destroy the evil
Bydo empire.   It supposedly has the power to kill off the empire and the 
speed without being detected.   It also has the special Force Pod, which is
an indestructable orb that adds lots of powers to your ship.

For this guide I am using the Turbo Duo version.

III. Controls

Blah.   Well, this will all depend on the platform your playing it on, so I
won't be listing any particular buttons for any particular platforms.

Button        Functions
------        ---------
Up            Moves ship up
Down          Moves ship down
Right         Moves ship forward
Left          Moves ship back
Fire (press)  Fires a pellet shot  :P
Fire (hold)   Can fire anything from a big pellet to a strong blast, depending
              on how long you hold it
Force pod     Press to have it come back to your ship, press when attached
              to your ship to shoot it out again
Pause         Pauses game (not avaliable on arcades)

IV. Basics
Charging Shots
Your ship has not only cheap little pellet shots, but it has a charged shot.
The Charge can be anywhere from 1% to 100% (determined by your meter on the
bottom).   100% shots are better, and usually can kill more than one enemy
with one blast.

Orbs are these grey balls that you collect.  You can have a max of 2.   An
orb will either go on the top or bottem of your ship.   They provide the 
same protection your FP does, but do not move with you as fast.   They can
also hurt enemies.

Use the force Luke...
Your Force Pod is important.   Learn to use it.  Fast.   You have a button
for controlling your FP.    It will either shoot out your FP or make it come
back to you.

Tip: USE YOUR FP TO KILL THINGS.   Most enemies die faster if you ram your
FP into them.   It also blocks projectiles (the little red dots).

When the FP is mobile, moving around freely, it will continueously shoot out
pellets (directions vary on how many power-ups you have obtained).   When
it is attached to your ship, you can see the FP's true power.   It will fire
off different weapons depending on what power-ups you've obtained.   FP's 
can be attached to either the front or back of the ship.

Normal FP
Gained: when you collect any power-up; You have no FP already
Attached: No extra effect.   Can block fireballs.
Detached: Fires pellets continueously straight forward.

*Note: All FPs do the same thing when detached.   They shoot pellets in 
different directions*

Red FP
Gained: When you have a FP and you collect a red power-up.
Attached: Shoots 3 red arrows straight forward.   Also makes Orbs shoot 
pellets straight forward.

Blue FP
Gained: When you have a FP and you collect a blue power-up.
Attached: Shoots three blue lasers in three directions.   They bounce off

Yellow FP
Gained: When you have a FP and you collect a yellow power-up.
Attached: Shoots 2 fire waves up and down.   If the waves touch a floor, 
they will travel along it damaging any enemy in its path.

Speed Up!!
Every once in a while you'll come across these power-ups with an S on them.
Collect these to make your plane into a speed demon!  More speed=less hits!
Too much speed=Out of control.   Just be careful with how many you pick up.

Power-ups with an M on them are for missiles.  They help you greatly.  Two
missiles are fired each time, and they home in on enemies.  Great if you want
to stay away from some baddies.

V. Screen Display
There are only three things you need to pay attention to on the bottom of the
screen.   The little ship icons represent your lives.   The bar is your 
charge meter.   And the number is your score.

VI. Walkthrough
Level 1
Your outside the Bydo base.   Ok there'll be plenty of tiny creatures shooting
at you.  You should also make it a habit to get through this stage without 
getting killed.  After getting past all the flying enemies and enemies on the
ground, you'll have to go through a small opening.   On the other side will be
some Gundams(TM) waiting to kill you.   Fire them off and continue.   There
are also some stupid little guns on the ceiling and floor that shoot at you.
Take 'em down or pass em.  There will be a big circular moving enemy in the
next part.(This enemy makes a special appearance in R-Type 3)  Go inside the 
when you have the chance, then come out through the other side when you 
have the chance.   There will be another small passage for you to go through,
and there will be two gundams shooting homing missiles at you.   You can 
shoot the missiles down.   Now you'll be at the boss.

Level 2
This would be a place where all the aliens sleep.   There will be some that
come out of the ground, so be careful of those.    After a while there will
be some uh....tadpoles :P coming.   Then some metroid-like monsters will
start coming out of the ceiling and floor.   When you get past another set
of brain canister things, a giant worm will appear.   Be careful of it and
you'll come up to the boss.

Level 3
Agh!  Its the giant battle ship everyone hates!   First of all, don't stay
in the center of the screen.   The back of the ship shoots unblockable beams
at you.   Fire EVERYTHING you see.   You'll have to if you want to survive.
So first fire off the back thruster of the ship.   Then take out all the 
little guns that are firing at you.   As you go under, take out the other
part that's shooting unblockable lasers at you.    Almost all the fireballs
shot at you in this stage are blockable by your FP.   Use Charge beams to 
take the parts of the ship out more easily.   Now as you are under the ship,
take out all the thrusters you see.   Now the ship will begin to fall 
(uh oh....).   Stay in the tiny space you get to avoid being crushed.   As
it raises back again, quickly move forward and take down the other guns.
Put your FP on the back of your ship, and start taking out the guns in the
front of the ship now.   DON'T get stuck under the ship.   Now move up the 
front of the ship and keep taking out the guns.   Beware that the guns in
front shoot unblockable fire at you.  When all of them are gone, you'll hear 
the boss music begin.

Level 4
Ooh...this one's a toughy.   TONS of little monsters will fly out all over
the place.   They leave behind little walls that can be broken through, but
your pellets aren't gonna do any good.   You'll need to hit them with your
FP or your charged shots.   Be careful of the ones that come from the top
of the screen.   Now as you move down the stage, there will be some more
flying enemies and robots waiting to be killed.   At one point, the wall-
builders will come from every direction, even behind you.   Then some gundams
will come from behind.   I recommend you switch your FP to behind you.  
Two VERY pesky ones will decide to do some sky-writing and do loop-de-loops.
Stay away from those mofos.   Then there will be a huge wall of the break-
able walls.   Do whatever you can to break through it.  Try to get the power
up thats stuck in the wall.  You'll get the red power-up allowing you to 
destroy the blocks faster.   Now some red crab monsters will come from behind.
Now as you get close to the boss, pick up the blue power-up to make things
a bit smoother.

Level 5
Too many worms in this stage.   Hit the worms in the head with either a charged
shot or your FP to kill them.   Becareful that when you kill the worms, they
break apart and shoot all over the place.   After killing about 50 worms,
thousands of unblockable laser shooting enemies will come.   Then a few more
unblockable laser shooting enemies will appear, but these are bigger and take
more hits.   Some crabs and a gundam will appearn with these guys.   Then
some more worms.   Then you'll reach the boss.

Level 6
This stage is NOT very welcoming.   First of all, kill ALL those little guys
on the walls, floors and ceilings that shoot at you.   The moving box things
are very hard to kill, so your gonna have to dodge most of them.   As you
first move into the stage, go into the middle passage you have there.   Stay
very close to the top wall.   Two boxes will move paste you.   Now move out
of that space and move forward, to avoid any more boxes coming your way.
There will be some robots coming and shooting at you, just shoot them.  Now
stay on the left side of the screen.   The boxes will make U-turns.   When 
there is a break in the row of boxes coming, go up the top passage and stay
near the bottom wall.   Some more boxes will fly over you.   Now here's the
tought part (as if the rest of the stage wasn't 0_o), you must go up, then
go all the way to the right.   Three boxes will fly up, and you'll miss 
them.  Stay near the wall on the right, as the last box will go that way.
Now you'll be between two walls that have robots jumping from the top.   As
you get to the other side of these walls, a whole army as a accumulated and
they will all jump down the other side shooting at you.   Do your best to 
block the shots and kill them.   Now you'll reach a room with boxes moving
around clockwise.   Wait until there is a big gap in the row and move along
with it.   As you get to the next passageway, stay near it, but not in the 
center.   A box will come flying through that passage.  When it passes, go
through.   Get out of the passage quickly or you'll be hit by another box.
I beleive this is the part that almost nobody can ever make it by.   Now if
you got past that one hell of a stage, you'll get to the boss.

Level 7
This is the "real" final stage.   As you approach the small passage way, some
annoying little flying enemies will fly out of it.   Keep in mind that this
area is breaking down, so most of the walls and ceilings explode.   Watch out
for the explosions.   As you move through the hoards of flying enemies in 
the first room, you'll move into a room split into three small passages. A 
big spiked ship will come by.   There will be some more gundams coming.  Once
it passes by, move out of the lower passage and now through the middle passage.
Now there will be plenty of robots on the ground shooting at you, take them
out and go through the next passage.   A lot of those damned yellow flying
enemies will keep coming and shooting at you, so take EVERYTHING out that you
can see moving in the next few rooms.   Keep fighting your way through, and
there will be a big gundam waiting for you.   Take it down and now you'll
fight the boss.

Level 8
Is there a strategy I can give you for this stage?   Its basically all these
baby aliens coming after you until you reach the boss.Keep up the fighting 
and you'll have this game done.

VII. Bosses
Level 1 -- The Alien
Yes, this is the Alien you will see in almost every R-Type.    Its the first
boss and its a pretty cool looking one.   Its weak point is in its stomach,
when the head in it comes out.    All you need to do is fire your Force Pod
into it.    Then just move out of the way and watch as it takes damage.  
Repeat.   And don't get in the way of its tail or fireballs.

Level 2 -- Heart Worms?
It looks to me like a giant heart with a worm coming in and out of the 
Very easy.   See that eye that opens up alot?   Hover OVER it with your FP
attached to the front of your ship and just stay there.   When the eye opens,
it'll take the damage.    If the worm gets too close, simply run away (if you

Level 3 -- Battle Cruiser Cannon
As you reach the end of the battle ship, you'll see a gun type thing appear
from the top.  That's the boss!   Now hopefully you picked up the blue power-
up, and this will be a breeze.   Just hover over the gun, and keep shooting.
The lasers will hit the gun, and your FP will block all it's shots.

Level 4 -- Battle Ship
Ouch.   Here's where the bosses start getting hard.    This guy has two attacks,
when he is on the right side of the screen, he shoots little pellets like crazy.
When he is on the left, he shoots lasers that are unblockable.   He splits
into three peices.   The blue parts are the weak points.   Hopefully you have
the blue power-up and you can shoot his weak points from far with your lasers.
Good Luck.

Level 5 -- Legion
Yes, I call this the legion because it reminds me of the boss from Symphony
of the Night.   This guy is one hard ****.    He constantly shoots out blue
things at you, and you must fire away at them until they are all gone to 
reveal the inner core.    To avoid the blue things easily, stay at the bottom
of the screen (no you won't die) and just move around and keep shooting.  When
the core is revealed, shoot the crap outta him.

Level 6 -- Thing uh..thing
This guy is one annoying ****.   First, be sure you have the blue power-up.
No other will do.   Now you will be in a room with those boxes flying around.
Blow up each one as they come down.   After destroying a certain number, you'll
begin to move on to the final boss.    Half of his body falls down to the 
ground, while the other part stays on the ceiling.   The top shoots out lots
of fireballs, which can easily be avoided by staying next to him.   The weak
point is that stupid red eye you see on the right wall.   The bottom half 
shoots two flames straight upward.    Here's my strategy:
Stay near the top right of the room.   Keep shooting your lasers to hit the 
boss.   Be careful of the top half of the monster moving around on the ceiling.
As long as you keep shooting the eye, it'll be dead in no time.

Level 7 -- Trash Monster
One big giant trash room.    Trash will fall from above, and a turret will
appear from the trash pile below and start shooting at you.   Uhh...try 
dodging everything they throw at you.   Every once in a while a giant robotic
eye will appear.   Shoot the **** outta it.  If you can keep it up for a 
while, you'll pretty much kill it.

Level 8 -- Bydo King
GAH!  This guy pisses me off!   Hopefully your playing with an emulator or 
something.   Your gonna need a full powered FP, 2 orbs, and missiles to beat
this one.  First of all, stay all the way to the left of the screen in the
CENTER.   You must stay in the center to avoid the attacks.   Keep the baby
aliens at bay, and when the big one opens his mouth, shoot your FP into it.
Now all you have to do is stay in the center left of the screen and keep the
little aliens away.   Staying in the center will keep you safe from the 
spinning balls.   By the time the boss shoots out the second ball, he will
pretty much die from all the damage he's been taking from the FP.  :P

VIII. Ending

Ok.  You've done all this work and you wanna know what's the ending?   Well
its nothing special.   So you pretty much get the satisfaction of beating one
hell of a shooter.   

The ending is, you've beaten the Bydo King, and now you fly out of the Bydo
empire and the other R9 units meet up with you (those bastards were no help
eh?).    Then you'll get a message saying:

"Thanks to your brave fighting, the Cosmos restored peace.   The Byde Empire
was annialated to never scare people again.    Your name will remain in the
universe forever.   Thank you for playing the game to the end."

There you go.   And when your done, a hard-ER mode  will begin!   Have fun
with that.

IX. Closing

Ah, I love the R-Type series.   It has to be the best of all the side scrolling
shooters.   I also like Darius, but its not as fun as R-Type.    Here are all
the people that helped in the making of this FAQ:

Me--I wrote it.
Cousin--He had a pretty damn big Turbo Duo collection until he had to sell it.
        He gave me the system and a few games, R-Type being one of them.
HUdx--Pretty good emulator.  Without this I could have never passed the game.
Classicgaming.com--I downloaded the game from them.

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