It's been two years since they defeated the evil army. As Shockman cyborgs, Arnold and Sonya have returned peace to the city. Then one day, the scientist who transformed them sends them a message: "Come to my lab and I will return you to the your human bodies." Elated, the two cyborgs hurry to the scientist's laboratory. But along the way they encounter a mysterious, shape - changing enemy. They defeat the enemy and head for the scientist's laboratory, but they are already too late. The scientist has been captured by the evil RYO Empire! You must save the scientist! Get ready for the battle of your life!

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#64 lowest rated TG16 action game (#105 on TG16, #20339 overall)


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#36 hardest TG16 action game (#50 on TG16, #7634 overall)


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#47 shortest TG16 action game (#64 on TG16, #13655 overall)


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