• Completed Level Passwords

    Enter the following passwords at the password screen either from the Main Menu or in your current Level Select Screen.

    Path 01 Chima Round 01CA5A9A66
    Path 01 Chima Round 025A9AAB63
    Path 01 Chima Round 03HASA9BBC
    Path 01 Chima Round 049AABACLD
    Path 01 Chima Round 05EA5B9CL2
    Path 01 Chima Round 06SA9BA2LS
    Path 01 Chima Round 076ASB92LB
    Path 01 Chima Round 08ABACA5LU
    Path 01 Chima Round 09CB5C956Q
    Path 01 Chima Round 105B9CAQLL
    Path 02 Udon Round 01529HA33H
    Path 02 Udon Round 025Q9EBQBB
    Path 02 Udon Round 035U96B369
    Path 02 Udon Round 045VVCCQ2C
    Path 02 Udon Round 055DVHC3AU
    Path 02 Udon Round 0653VE2QAA
    Path 02 Udon Round 075LV6236S
    Path 02 Udon Round 08QBEC5QBD
    Path 02 Udon Round 09Q2EH53LC
    Path 02 Udon Round 10QQEEQQ59
    Path 03 Taro Round 01QQSEVQQD
    Path 03 Taro Round 02QQ6E3QBD
    Path 03 Taro Round 03QQADBHCD
    Path 03 Taro Round 04QQCDQH2S
    Path 03 Taro Round 05QQ5DVH22
    Path 03 Taro Round 06QQHD3HC2
    Path 03 Taro Round 07QQ9DBU2A
    Path 03 Taro Round 08QQEDQU5D
    Path 03 Taro Round 09QQSDVUQ6
    Path 03 Taro Round 10QQ6D3UB6
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 01QQ633DLS
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 02QQ6L3LB3
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 03QQLB62BC
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 04QQL26UCQ
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 05QQLQ6D22
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 06QQLU6L2L
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 07QQLVL22S
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 08QQLDLU53
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 09QQL3LDCD
    Path 04 Gonzo Round 10QQLLLL5S
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 01QQLLB6CS
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 02QQLL26BS
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 03QQLLQ62D
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 04QQLLU62L
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 05QQLLV65A
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 06QQLLD6C6
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 07QQLL36B3
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 08QQLLL62H
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 09QQLLBL5C
    Path 05 Mayumi Round 10QQLL2L2C
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 01QQLL5BCD
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 02QQLL52BD
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 03QQLL5Q2E
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 04QQLL5U26
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 05QQLL5V2L
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 06QQLL5DC3
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 07QQLL53BS
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 08QQLL5L2Q
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 09QQLLQB5U
    Path 06 Suzuki Round 10QQLLQ22U

    Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.

  • Levels

    Access 60 special levelsMILKYWAY
    Access the 60 regular levelsCRESCENT
    Push Select to automatically win the current levelROADSTER

    Contributed By: Dallas.

  • Special Passwords (Japanese Version)

    At the password screen, enter the following passwords. Once entered, you will get an error message. But just press II to go back and the cheats will be activated.

    Press Select To Complete The StageMINDSIZE
    Unlock All The Normal LevelsEARTHIAN
    Unlock All The Special LevelsMILKYWAY

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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