• Password Cheats

    First get a high score, then enter any of the initials below to get their corresponding cheats. Afterwards, let the time run out on the continue screen to go back to the title screen. When the title screen turns black, press Left + Button 1 + Button 2 + Select. You know you did it right if the game prompts you to start a 1 Player or 2 Players game. In addition, to perform the Easy Specials, hold Forward and press Select for a Hadoken, hold Back and press Select for a Hurricane Kick and hold Down + Forward and press Select for a Shoryuken.

    7 Credits + Stage Select.LK
    Easy Specials + See The Ending + 7 Credits + Stage Select.SD
    Have 7 Credits.HU
    Stage Select.AS

    Contributed By: LatchKeyKid.


  • Enemies Don't Attack

    While playing the game, if you rapidly press the Start button to pause and unpause the game, the enemies won't attack you. They just keep walking or jumping towards you without attacking. You can then also rapidly press Button 1 or 2 to attack them for an easy victory!

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Play With Ken in 1 Player Mode

    To play with Ken in 1 Player mode, first start a 2 player vs match. Then let Ryu lose and don't continue the game. If done right, Ken will go on in the 1 player mode instead.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden Ending

    Beat the game 4 times in a row (or use the .SD code to watch the ending 4 times in a row) and before the credits start, you'll see your character arriving at its destination instead of leaving for it.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Extra credits *new*

    Every time you beat the game (or use the .SD code to watch the ending), you will gain an extra credit. This can be done a maximum of 3 times, which will allow you to start the game with 6 credits instead of only 3. Combine this with the .SD code and you will now be able to start the game with 10 credits!

    Contributed By: jwstorm.

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