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                           /      ,/ __
                        ====\\   // 4 / 
                       //   //  //  //_   ___
                 ___  || \__/  //  //--, /<>/
         __    //---\  \\__ __//  //  ////--'/                         __
        /--\  / /    |  =======  ==  ===\==="          \===           / |\
       |     / /   ,/                                   //           /, \/
        \___/ /__,/                                    //        ___//__
           / /          ___  __  __ ___  _  __    ____//     ___  =//=
          /,/          /<>/ /--\// /<>/_/,\/ \\  //--//     // \\ //
     ____//__________///--'//  // //--'  //  // //__// ,/  //  ////
    <___='----\_____/ \==="\\_//  \===" ==  ==="\===/\//   \\_////
          ___                //    _____                       //   
    _____/__ \\__      />   //   _/---  \                />   //
   //  //   \  \ \_    \___/'  _//   /__/                \___/'
  /   | \    \  \  \_       _//                       \===
       \ \ __|   \   \_   _//                          //
        \___ /    \_   \_//                           //
                    \    /     ___,  __     ___, ____//__  ___
                     \   \   //-//,\/ \\  //-// //--// //  //
    __              _/\   \ //_// //  // //_// //__// //  //    /
   /__\            //  \_  \\===\==  ==="\===\'\===/\/\\=//\__// 
   \|           _//      \  \            ________________
    \_      __//          \_ \           \_   _____   __/   
      \\___//               \_\      ,/   /  /    /  /
                               \____//   /  /    /  /
                                        /  /    /  /
                                       /  /    /  /
                                      /  /    /  /
                                  ___/  /____/  /____

             {(*              *WALKTHROUGH*               *)}
              \                  Part TWO                  /
                              by Justin Cheer                        


Ver 1.0
Written by Justin Cheer
e-mail- satan666.net@home.com
Last Updated 8/28/2001
Copyright Justin Cheer 2001

{(*                            *CHAPTER 4*                             *)}

You arrive at the City of EKUTORA in the Province of ELDARKUS with 
PIERA, RAIKOS and RANDIS. As soon as you enter the City a YOUNG GIRL 
runs into you and then continues running away.


Ice Blade 17000 GEM
Killer Sword 32260 GEM
Mail Armor 16280 GEM
Searing Mail 30770 GEM
Snow Shield 15780 GEM
Sorid Shield 30000 GEM
WING 1000

Once you exit the Shop the same YOUNG GIRL runs into you again.

Head up to DAISON Manor. Chests inside include: POWER RING, WRISTLET,

Speak to DAISON and he'll give you the ELDARKUS MAP. You find the 
YOUNG GIRL, named CHERYL, on the balcony at the top of the Manor.
Speak to her and then exit.

Speak to the GUARD at the locked gate, then the OLD MAN upstairs in
the Lower Right house of the Westside. Now talk to ROMINA in the 
Warehouse #3, -second from the bottom. After the flashback sequence, 
speak to the OLD MAN who'll give you his GATE PASS.

Talk to the GUARD again and he'll let you leave the City. Head 
Northwest to the Caves of the Mount FARGIS. 

Chests in Mount FARGIS include: Killer Sword, Ice Blade, Mail Armor, 

When you reach the Cave with no paths, walkthrough the Left wall. At
the summit you'll find MEDEA, who has brought you the DRAGON SLAYER.

Take the SELF SOUL and a Dragon will fly overhead. The DRAGON RIDER
you saw earlier in the game has captured MELTEINA. RIKOS is wounded 
by MARKASTO as he tries to save MELTEINA. ARIOS then gives him the 
DRAGON SLAYER, after which he escapes. After a brief discussion, 
MEDEIA joins your Party.


Chapter 4 Epilogue commences.

{(*                            *CHAPTER 5*                             *)}

Chapter 5 starts out in RANDIS' old home in the City of MILEINA 
in the Province of GOTORAND.

Once you've formed your new Party, open the Chest in the back room 
to obtain an ELIXER. Speak to the OLD MAN upstairs and he'll give


Blaze Blade 61310 GEM
Master Sword 116490 GEM
Flare Armor 58160 GEM
Battle Armor 109900 GEM
Flame Shield 56710 GEM
Battle Shield 107750 GEM
WING 1000

The house at the Lower Right corner of the City has 4 Chests 
containing a Blaze Blade, MUSHROOM, PROTEA and 8562 GEM. Walk along 
the top of the City wall to gain access to the house.

Head North from MEILEINA into the Mountain Mines. 

When you reach the higher area after encountering MARKASTO, head 
Northwest. There is a Mine shaft along the way that contains:
Master Sword, PENDANT, MUSHROOM, 3 PROTEA, 4896 GEM.

Find an area at the top of the Mountain with the largest Crystals
where you'll discover a mystical doorway that will teleport you to a 
spiritual Altar where MELTEINA asks the Goddess ISHITAL for the power 
to heal RIKOS.

You receive the STAR WAND and ISHITAL DROP. Return to MELEINA and
heal RIKOS.

Go back to the higher area of the Mountain, but go East and then 
North to another Mine shaft. There are 3 Chests in the Tunnel which 
contain a WRISTLET, PROTEA and 4563 GEM.

Walk through the Tunnel and continue up the Mountain until you reach 
the last Mine shaft.

                 79200 HP

After beating MARKASTO he'll give you the UNDERWORLD KEY and the 
Chapter 5 Epilogue begins.

{(*                            *CHAPTER 6*                             *)}

Your new Party consists of PIERA, RIKOS and MELTEINA. Before heading 
out, you might want to visit the Shop which has new equipment for sale.


Arse Blade 221330 GEM
Memorial Sword 420530 GEM
Wind Plate 207750 GEM
Remini Armor 392640 GEM
Hydro Shield 204730 GEM
Recoil Shield 386940 GEM
WING 1000

Travel West from the Southern exit of MILEINA and open the locked 
door at the end of the Canyon. 

Chests in the Underworld include: Memorial Sword, Wind Plate, 5 POWER 

Hit the large Tubes like the one near the entrance to flip the floor 

Near the end of the Underworld you'll catch up to RANDIS who is
then murdered by the evil Sorceror OG. OG then retreats and you
recover the DRAGON SLAYER.

Continue onward to the Boss.

*BOSS: OG 797040 HP

You'll need to MAX out the best equipment and bring as many PROTEA 
as you can(I brought 99). I defeated OG with 191108 HP.

After you've killed OG the Chapter 6 Epilogue commences.

{(*                          *FINAL CHAPTER*                           *)}

Pick up and equip the DRAGON SLAYER. 

East along the Upper side of the Canyon is a Tent Shop.


Slash Sword 799000 GEM
Reflect Mail 742100 GEM
Defense Shield 735200 GEM
ELIXER 500000
WING 1000

Travel Northeast to the LORANDEIA and speak to DAIMOS. Go down below 
and open the 4 Chests once again to receive the Slash Sword, Reflect 
Mail, Defense Shield and an ELIXER. MEDEIA will restore your HP.

Make sure you have 99 PROTEA and then head Northwest from where you 
picked up the DRAGON SLAYER, to a cliff where you'll mount a Dark 
Dragon and fly into the heart of the Volcano. Walk North to the 
entrance of the Volcano Spiral.

In the room at the end of the Left hallway on the 1st floor you'll 
find the ELEVATOR KEY. In the room at the Upper middle of this floor 
you'll find the POWER RING and WRISTLET. Flip all 3 switches in the 
room behind the Elevator to activate it.

On the 2nd floor you'll find the Shining Mail and WRISTLET. There 
is a hidden passage in the lower wall that will allow you to skip a 
section of Spikes.

On the 3rd floor you'll find a WRISTLET and PENDANT. There is a 
hidden passage which leads to the SPIKE BARRIER. With this item in 
your possesion, you won't take any damage from the Spikes.
On the 4th floor there is a section of Lava which leads to an ELIXER. 
The 3 Chests are all Monster Chests. There is a hidden passsage which 
leads to the ARROW BARRIER. Before boarding the Elevator to the 5th 
level, RIKOS and MELTEIMA leave your Party.

On the 5th floor you'll find the LAVA BARRIER, 2 POWER RING, WRISTLET 
and 2 PENDANT. The glowing symbol on the floor before the Elevator 
room is a Heal Ring which will restore all of your HP.

On the 6th floor there are two sections of Lava. One leads to a
PENDANT and 10000 GEM. The other leads to the Bright Shield, POWER 
RING, WRISTLET and PENDANT. There is also a hidden passage below the 
room with the Bright Shield which leads to an ELIXER.

On the 7th floor there is a hidden passage which leads to the FLAME 
BARRIER. There are 2 sections of Lava. One leads to the WARP ROOM KEY
and POWER RING. The other leads to a WRISTLET and ELIXER. 

On the 8th floor you'll find the MASTER SYMBOL, POWER RING, MUSHROOM 
and ELIXER. Flip the switches in the Warp Room in the following order: 
2, 3, 1. You'll activate the WARP which transports you to and from the 
1st floor.

Enter the room behind the Warp after finding the MASTER SYMBOL and
search the Tablet on the Altar. After crossing the bridges, ARIOS 
makes PIERA leave as well.

                    227840 HP
       SPIRAL DEMON 455680 HP

Just shoot each ANGEL repeatedly from below. The SPIRAL DEMON's 
fireball can be destroyed.


Downward thrusts are effective against the DARK NINJA.

*FINAL BOSS: 1st FORM          400000 HP 
             2nd FORM HORNS    300000 HP
                               300000 HP
             FINAL FORM MOUTHS 200000 HP
                               200000 HP
             FINAL FORM WINGS  200000 HP
                               200000 HP
             FINAL FORM BODY   999999 HP

Duck in front of the FINAL BOSS's 1st FORM, attack repeatedly 
and block the bursts of green fireballs. 

Destroy the HORNS of the FINAL BOSS's 2nd FORM. 

First destroy the Floating MOUTHS of the FINAL BOSS's 3rd FORM. 
The Crystals that they become after dying must also be shattered. If 
you don't break them, they'll restore a WING after you destroy it. 
Now attack it's WINGS. Finally kill the main Body.

Instead of trying to dodge the Meteor showers after the Wings are 
destroyed, just stand in the corner they are falling towards. You
won't get hit. 

After you run out of PROTEA, equip the ELIXER.

{(*                             *THE END*                              *)}

{(*                      *IMPORTANTANT INFORMATION*                    *)}

*This Walkthrough is for Gamers to use for themselves. 

*Unauthorized reproduction srtickly prohibited.

*If you would like to use all or portions of this walkthrough 
for another site, or publication, please contact me and ask 
for permission.

Copyright: Justin Cheer 2001
e-mail: satan666.net@home.com