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                 **     **    **  **             ***   ***   ***
               **        **  ** ******           ***   ***   ***
                 **       **** **    **          ***   ***   ***
              ***       ***      **    ***       ***   ***   ***
            *** ***   ***  ***     **    ***     ***   ***   ***
          ***     *****       ***    *****       ***   ***   ***
            ***   ********     *********         ***   ***   ***
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                               Wanderers From Ys
               Complete Walkthrough For The SNES/SFC Version v1.0
                        By: D-Boy, Ruqal Bernstein@aol.com
                    Last Updated: Friday, October 12th, 2001
                                 I. Introduction
                                II. Controls
                               III. The Basics Tutorial
                             III-1. Equipping
                             III-2. Inventory
                             III-3. Status
                             III-4. Saving
                             III-5. Loading
                             III-6. Ring
                             III-7. Tips
                                IV. Battle
                                 V. The Cast
                                VI. The Walkthrough
                              VI-1. The Town Of Redmont
                              VI-2. The Tigray Quarry
                              VI-3. The Return To Redmont
                              VI-4. The Ilvern Ruins
                              VI-5. The Lava Zone
                              VI-6. The Return To Redmont... Again.
                              VI-7. The Cursed Mine
                              VI-8. The Return To Redmont... Yet Again.
                              VI-9. The Eldam Mountains
                             VI-10. The Return To Redmont... Yes... Again.
                             VI-11. The Ballactine Castle
                             VI-12. The Bell Tower
                             VI-13. The Return To Redmont... One Last Time.
                             VI-14. Galbalan's Island
                             VI-15. The Ending *SPOILER*
                               VII. Appendix
                             VII-1. Swords
                             VII-2. Armor
                             VII-3. Shields
                             VII-4. Rings
                             VII-5. Items
                             VII-6. Inventory
                             VII-7. Monsters
                              VIII. Secrets And Other Stuff
                                IX. Unproven Rumors
                                 X. The Sound Track
                                XI. Special Thanks
                               XII. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
                               I. Introduction

First off, let me start by saying that Ys is one of my all time favorite games.
Unfortunately, it is also the only game in the Ys series to be officially
released in the United States. The Ys series has spanned five games on numerous
consoles, an anime series, and a manga series to boot. The game APPEARS to be
simple at first, because it's just a sidescroller, right? WRONG! This game can
be pretty damn tough if you don't save often. Half the enemies in the final few
levels can kill you in several blows. This game is fairly short on RPG standards,
but still quite difficult.

So why write a Walkthrough for Ys III? Because, there is currently a lack of
any even REMOTELY descriptive Walkthrough for Ys III, even at Gamefaqs.com.
The only one I've seen was for the Genisis version. This Walkthrough covers
every nook and cranny of the entire game. If it doesn't, and you know more
than me, or you're from another planet, then please, drop me a line at my
e-mail address and I'll make it better.

                              II. Controls

Ys III, as you might of guessed, is an RPG. But it's not your typical RPG.
Unlike most RPG's, Ys III takes place on a totally horizontal plain. The battles
 take place in real time, but HP, Attack Power, Defense, and other stats still
 determine your power. Now, let me give you a little run through with the
controls so you can get started.

A - Use Equipped Item
B - Jump, Confirm
Y - Attack, Talk, Cancel
X - Does Absolutely Nothing
L - Ditto
R - Same Here
Select - Menu
Start - Pause

Now, just load your game pack and flip the power on and watch the neat opening
with the cool music.

Note: If you haven't played Ys III before, and there's no save files, a new game
will automatically start. If there is a save file, a menu will come at the beginning
for you to choose whether or not you want to Load or start a new game.

                             III. The Basics Tutorial

III-1. Equipment: To equip an obtained item, press select and a menu will pop
up. "Equipment" is the first option on this menu. Another screen will come up,
and a grid with 25 blocks arranged in rows of 5 will appear, marked "Sword",
"Armor", "Shield", "Ring", and "Item". To equip the desired item, just move
the flashing red cursor onto the picture of the item you want to equip. DO NOT
equip rings, however. If you equip a ring, the ring will automatically be
activated and you'll begin to lose your ring's power. Only equip your ring when
you wish to use it.

III-2. Inventory: Your second option. You wont need to look at this window very
often, since the items in it are key items, and basically useless and used
automatically when you reach a certain point. The only exception is the "Shining
Crystal", which is needed to make "Brocia's Secret Medicine"

III-3. Status: Status is the lifebar of your character. It tells you everything
about your character's health and experience. On the status screen, you'll see
several stats:

Level: The level of experience your character is currently at.
HP: Health Points, the life of your character.
STR: Strength, your character's overall attack power.
DEF: Defense, it deducts significant amounts of power from your enemy's attacks.
EXP: Experience, your current experience.
Next EXP: The amount of EXP required to attain the next level.
Gold: Money won from enemies.

Now here's a table that shows your stats at every level:

 Level                    HP                    STR/DEF                    EXP
   1                      20                       10                      N/A
   2                      30                       15                      100
   3                      40                       20                      200
   4                      50                       25                      400
   5                      60                       30                      700
   6                      70                       45                     1000
   7                      80                       50                     2000
   8                      90                       55                     4000
   9                      100                      60                     6000
   10                     120                      65                     8000
   11                     150                      75                    10000
   12                     170                      85                    20000
   13                     190                      95                    30000
   14                     210                     110                    40000
   15                     230                     128                    50000
   16                     255                     145                    65535

III-4. Saving: Saving is one of the most important aspects in Ys III. To do it,
open up the main menu and then select save. There's 15 save slots to choose from,
and you can save almost anywhere you wish. The only place you can't save is during
boss fights.

III-5. Loading: Loading can be done anywhere, even in boss fights. Loading is the
last option on the main menu. Select any save file you wish, and load it. You'll
appear in the exact place where you saved your game last.

III-6. Ring: Ring power is precious, you should only use them during boss fights and
 in really tough situations. Ring power, like Gold and EXP can be gained by slaying
enemies, however, no matter how strong the enemy, you can only get 1 Ring Point for
every kill.

III-7. Tips:

1. SAVE OFTEN! You never know what the hell is gonna be around the next corner. If
you run into a room with a boss, you can always leave, save, then come back. There's
15 save slots, so there's NO excuse why you should die and then have to start from
too far back.

2. ALWAYS equip new gear as soon as you find it.

3. Sometimes, if you can find an area where the enemy is mobile and it moves across
the screen, stand where it runs off and on the screen. Then, when you kill it,
another one will come onto the screen. This is a good way of making EXP early on.

4. You don't have to kill everything. In later stages of the game, where enemies are
extremely powerful, if there's an option, run. Unless the enemy is blocking your way,
you're not forced to kill it. Don't waste your life by getting defeated by something
you don't need to engage.

5. Finally, if you're really desperate and can't seem to get past a certain point,
save your game just before the enemy and then load immediately afterward. The enemy
will be gone! Don't do this too often, or you'll lose precious EXP.

                              IV. Battle

Battle in this game is elementary. You have a small series of attacks that can
be performed whenever without consequence unless otherwise stated.

Slash (Y) - Your initial standing slash. It has wide range and can hit enemies
behind, above, and in front of you. Hold to use repeatedly.

Thrust (Up + Y) - An upward thrust. Good for enemies above you, but it doesn't
have any horizontal range. Hold this down and you'll attack so fast, it'll look
like you have four arms.

Swipe (Down + Y) - A crouching swipe. It rides along the ground, so it's only
useful for enemies that crawl.

Strike (B, Y) - Jumping strike. It's the same as your standing slash, in air.

Hairpin Press - Jump, and then hold the Y button and Adol will hold his sword
downward. This is a very useful move for enemies that you are above, since it
hits repeatedly as long as you're touching the enemy, and makes you invincible
during the animation.

Spin Cutter - Press Y on the ground and then tap the D-Pad in the opposite
direction. Adol's attack animation will end with him facing the other side of
the screen, so it can strike enemies who are surrounding you. This comes in very
handy in the Ballactine Castle.

Chrono Shift - Press A while using the Mirror Of Illusion and all enemies on screen
will stop. Leaving them helpless.

Amulet Buster - Press A while using the Amulet and all enemies on screen will suffer
50 points of damage, regardless of defense. Note that bosses only suffer 25 points
of damage. It can be used three times.

                               V. The Cast

The cast of not-so-colorful characters. In order of appearance.

Adol - Our fiery, red-headed hero. The only character you can control (despite
rumors that you can play as Dogi). He hardly says a word in this game..

Dogi - Adol's faithful companion since their first adventure in Esterior. He's
loyal through thick and thin, in times of danger. He used to be funny and
foul-mouthed, but now he's really tame..

Mr. Gardener - The bald guy who guards the gates to the town. He's sort of
annoying, since he stops you almost every time you enter the town. And he
obviously doesn't do his job very well, since everyone in the town gets kidnapped.

Elena - The enigmatic young girl who has a tendency to get trapped in one really
bad situation after another. She's sort of annoying, and tries to move in on Adol
later on.

Grandma Ada - The old woman who lives near Edgar's house. She's rather anal,
since her son Robert disappeared in a mining accident.

Chester - Elena's brother. He's a pretty cruel character, and shows no mercy to
his enemies. His motives for working for Lord McGaya go unknown until the later
half of the game. He reveals to Adol that his parents and friends were slain ten
years ago by Lord McGaya's men, and that he seeks his revenge by joining his ranks
and helping him revive the dreaded beast, Galbalan. He believes that after
Galbalan's rebirth, he will turn on McGaya and destroy him. Why doesn't he just
kill him and get it over with?!

Duey - A young miner who tries his best to save Edgar. Unfortunately, he doesn't
get very far..

Edgar - The elder of Redmont. He's a pretty helpless old guy, but offers to help
you after you rescue him from the Tigray mines. He sends you on several trips to
do him favors instead..

Cleric Pierre - This guy is such a sissy. You're sent to rescue him from the
Ilvern Ruins toward the beginning of the quest. He gets caught and thrown in
the dungeon of the Ballactine Castle, and you don't see him until the end.

Garland - A powerful wizard who aids Lord McGaya with the revival of Galbalan.
Well.. not really. He's actually using McGaya to do his dirty work, and has no
plans of being thankful afterward either. He is a truly evil deity, and will stop
at nothing to spread Galbalan's dark banner across the world.

Lord McGaya - The ruler of Felgana. He's tyrannical and cocky, and wants to wrap
everything around his finger. He thinks that if he can revive Galbalan, he'll be
able to use Galbalan to extend his rule to the far reaches of the cosmos. He
doesn't realize he's just a pawn in Garland's grand scheme..

Lochlen - Dogi's former sensei, now an old hermit who lives among the snow covered
peaks of the Eldam range. He's probably the most useful NPC in the game. He
refills your energy whenever you visit him, and gives you the second most
powerful sword in the entire game.

Robert - Grandma Ada's son, who is found in the dungeon of the Ballactine Castle
after being feared dead by the townspeople.

Galbalan - The ring leader of the treachery poisoning Felgana. Many years ago, he
was sealed away by a brave warrior with four statues, which were hidden in the four
corners of Felgana. From his prison on a desolate island, he ordered monsters to
wreak havoc across the land. He also directed his loyal servant, Garland, to use
the country's lord to find the four statues, and revive him to the material plain.

                              VI. The Walkthrough

VI-1. The Town Of Redmont

Treasure: N/A
Enemies: N/A
After the opening cinema, Dogi will traverse the bridge leading to Redmont. Dogi
runs into Mr. Gardener and they begin sharing thoughts about old times, when
Adol comes up from behind. They're all introduced, and then Dogi cuts to the
chase. It appears their suspicions were right on. Felgana has been suffering as
of late. Bad crops and monster attacks weren't enough, now there has been a
terrible accident at the Tigray Quarry, where most of Redmont's wealth is mined.

Dogi heads into the town, to an old inn where he used to live. It's there that
he bumps into Elena. Although he tries to engage in a conversation, she's in
quite a hurry, and takes off shortly after telling him that her brother has been
missing for several months. Dogi leaves you, and you're finally able to walk
about on your own..

Here's a little map of the town;

   ---------   ---------   ---------                 -----------   ----------
   |The Inn|   |Edgar's|   |Grandma|   -----------   |Item Shop|   | Armory |
   |       |   | House |   | Ada's |   |Block    |   |         |   |        |
---|       |---|       |---|       |---|Division |---|         |---|        |---

Item Shop                 Gold
Ring Recharge              100
Medicinal Herb             100
Brocia's Secret Medicine  1000
Illusion Mirror            500
Amulet                    1000
Fairy Necklace           50000

Note: Brocia's Secret Medicine wont be available until you have the Shining Crystal.

Armory                    Gold
Short Sword                400
Broad Sword               8000
Leather Armor              300
Chain Mail                1500
Banded Armor             12000
Wood Shield                200
Large Shield              6000
Banded Shield            10000

There's not much to do in Redmont now. You can visit Grandma Ada in the last house
on the block, and talk to various townspeople to catch up on all the rumors. You
have 1000 Gold, so you should put it to you. The Item shop is your first stop.
Enter by pressing up near the door. Walk up to the girl and buy a Medicinal Herb.
Exit the store without buying anything else and head to the Weapon shop. There,
you'll buy a Short Sword, Leather Armor, and Wood Shield. You'll be left with no
money, but you'll get it back soon enough. Equip the items and head to the right.

You'll be stopped in the middle of a large crowd, where everyone is surrounding a
wounded miner. When they learn that the town elder is still trapped inside the
mine, Adol heroically goes to rescue him. Go all the way to the right and exit the
town. Now you'll be on a map. Press right and Adol will appear on the Tigray
Quarry, which is the only area you have access to right now.

VI-2. The Tigray Quarry

Treasure: Power Ring, Robert's Pendant, Long Sword, Sun Statue
Enemies: Gulumus, Bikmorl, Keyron, Raddel, Ormwal, *Dulan, *Elfeilu
Before you enter the Tigray Quarry, you'll be in a valley. Head to the right,
traverse the bridge, and enter. Keep in mind, you can return to this valley and
your health will be restored.

As soon as you enter, start slashing. Several Bikmorl (giant wasps) will fly
right at you. You may take a hit or two, but you wont be killed. Don't use the
stairs to get to ground level. Instead, walk off the plank, turn around, and slay
the duo of Gulumus (giant ants). Now that you've cleared this area, try to lure
another Bikmorl onto the screen and use the EXP trick stated in section III-7.
After you gain a level, Bikmorls will only be one hit. You should be at least at
level 3 before going further. Before you head deeper into the Quarry, head back
outside and restore your health.

Remember, try not to use your herb this early. If you're weak, go back outside.

Now you're ready to head deeper into the mines. From the first cavern, head right.
You'll come to a wood floored area, where there are two Gulumus. Crawl along the
ground and keep attacking. Gulumus are small, so they're hard to hit unless you're
low to the ground. Now you'll come across a series of rocky areas that lead you
higher and higher. Be careful here, Bikmorls will start to pop up at random.
You'll reach another small plank of wood with a Gulumus on top. After
dispatching it, head onward. More rocky terrain awaits, but you'll eventually
come to another wood floored area with a Gulumus, and a higher plank with stairs
leading to it. Climb the stairs and drop onto the floor, and you'll make it to
the second area.

This area is a large, vertical waterfall. You'll see water streaming in the
background. But don't stare at the pretty scenery too long. There are many
dangerous enemies in this area. No more Bikmorl or Gulumus. Now you have to deal
with Keyron (purple bats) and Raddels (blue ogres). Depending on your levels, the
Keyron may be invincible. And it is not wise to engage with the Raddels, although
it'll be hard not to. There is a series of planks and stairs, but you don't have
to use them. The easiest way down is to jump off the first plank and fall all the
way to the ground, maneuvering in and out of the planks. You should land in
between two Raddels.

Jump over the one to the left and head into the next room. You'll find a chest and
a door. Open the chest and receive the Power Ring. Don't bother with the door, it's
locked. But you'll come back here later. Now, you have two choices. If your level is
still low, you should head back out and jump over the two Raddels. But if you're at
level 3 or higher, you can earn some good EXP and Gold but killing them using the
Power Ring. You should be at level 5 before continuing, I recommend. Also, if you
get more than 1500 Gold before you leave, head back to the town and buy Chain Mail
armor. It'll be worth it.

Now head to the right and start down another long, horizontal cavern. You'll come
over a series of rocky hills. Under each one is a Gulumus that will come right out
from the ground and try to surprise attack you. Be ready and deal with these
overgrown pests. After that part, you'll come to another wood floored area, and a
second floor above that. You may or may not have to deal with a couple of Raddels
in this area. Either way, head right and climb the stairs from the second floor.

Yet another long, horizontal cavern. Head to the right, and before long, you'll see
several bouncing Ormwals (blue slimes). These can be really tough. If you're not at
least at level 5, they will be invincible to you. If you are below level 5, you'll
have to use the Power Ring, because you CANNOT JUMP OVER THEM. If you even touch
one, you're finished. After passing this menace, you'll find another chest. Open it
and receive Robert's Pendant. Head down the stairs.

There are no enemies in this area. Instead, you'll bump into a nasty guy with light
green hair. He seems really tweaked at your meddling, and tries to send you away.
Then a young boy comes up behind him. He really gets mad now, and kicks the boy down
before headed down the stairs. Run up to the boy, and he tells you that he's Duey,
the mine worker who went to rescue Edgar. Edgar is still trapped deep within the
mine, but there is a powerful monster blocking the way. You'll need a special sword
to slay it. Duey gives you the Warehouse Key and will not let you pass until you
have the sword. Take the Warehouse Key and head all the way back to the waterfall

Now you have a choice. You can head straight into this extremely tough boss fight,
or you can go outside, restore your health, and maybe buy some Chain Mail armor back
at the town. I strongly suggest you do this, because this battle will be almost
impossible otherwise. Once you're ready, climb up the stairs and planks on the
right side of the pit, and you'll find an alcove. Save before you continue, and
head inside the next room. The music will change, and you'll see a door. Prepare
yourself by equipping the Power Ring and the Healing Herb, and head in.

***Boss Fight: Dulan***
"I am Dulan, COME!" a cloaked demon will hiss at you before attacking. This is your
first boss. No practice time now, he can kill you in several seconds. He has one,
constant attack pattern. The first you'll notice is his annoying phasing. He'll
swiftly transport himself from one side of the room to the other, shooting
fireballs which split into three smaller ones when they cover about half a screen.
In the air, you'll see several swords hovering and whirling above you. When these
swords reach center screen, they will fall and come after you. They're very fast,
so try to be out of their range when they come down. If you fall below 10 HP, heal
yourself immediately. With the Power Ring in hand, this battle shouldn't take too
long. Now you'll see one of Dulan's flying swords embedded in the ground. Press Up
in front of it, and you'll have a new weapon. Equip it, and head back to Duey. Or
if you're smart, head back to the town and buy more Herb.

Once you reach Duey, he'll let you pass. You'll have to traverse two large
waterfalls now, but there are no enemies. After the second waterfall area, you'll
see some more Ormwals. They should be much easier now that you have the Long Sword.
You shouldn't even need to use the Power Ring. You should save all your precious
Ring Power for the next fight. Head to the right after disposing of about five or
six Ormwals and maybe gaining a few levels. I don't think it's wise to take on the
next boss unless you're at least at level 7. Head down the stairs and save your game
before going through the door at the bottom.

***Boss Fight: Elfeilu***
Thought Duran was hard? Well, your chances are slim unless you're fairly powerful.
Fortunately, Elfeilu never moves from her spot, but she still begins her onslaught
as soon as you enter the room. She'll fold her wings over her body and will launch
three crescent projectiles that will head straight for you no matter where you are.
The best way to avoid them is to get under her and hop slash. Do not jump too high,
or you'll touch Elfeilu and suffer BIG damage. After she shoots three waves of
energy, run out from under her very quickly. As soon as she opens her wings,
lightning will streak from her horns and cause explosions on the ground. If you
get far enough away from her, she'll stop and go back to launching waves. Repeat
the first step and she'll fall. Remember, use the Power Ring and the Herb. There
are no more boss fights in the Quarry for now, so even if you use the Herb, don't
head back to the town. The Sun Statue is your reward. The first of four statues
used to seal away Galbalan.

Now a door will open up behind Elfeilu's former perch. Head right and meet up with
that mean guy again. You catch him in the middle of a conversation with Edgar, and
it sounds important. Listen to what they both say, as the man stresses to Edgar
that he should not interfere with his plans. Edgar replies by telling him that his
course of action will be self destructive in the end. Before the man can reply, he
hears Adol behind him. He leaves, but not before giving fair warning to Adol, that
if he ever saw him again, he wouldn't get away with his life..

Now climb the stairs and talk to Edgar. He thanks you, and you'll automatically
appear outside the mine with him and Duey. Head back to the town after accepting
more thanks from the both of them.

VI-3. The Return To Redmont

Treasure: Shield Ring
Enemies: N/A
Before you can get back into town, Mr. Gardener stops you and tells you that
Dogi has been waiting for you back at the inn. Unless you still haven't gotten
the Chain Mail armor, there should be no reason why you should go into the
armory. Buy an Herb if needed, and then take a detour to Grandma Ada's. Show
her Robert's Pendant and she'll give you the Shield Ring.

After accepting this gift, head to the inn. Once inside, Dogi greets you, and
then Elena takes it from there. Elena tells you that her brother, Chester, has
been missing for a long time, and that she found his pendant near the Ilvern
Ruins, where she believes he's stationed. She also brings up Cleric Pierre,
who previously went to the Ilvern Ruins, and hasn't returned. Your main mission
now is to find Cleric Pierre, but if you should see Chester, she'd greatly
appreciate it if you tell him that his sister is worried about him.

VI-4. The Ilvern Ruins

Treasure: Small Shield, Star Statue
Enemies: Seean, Earger, Fazul, Shiguld, Goglang, Whisp, *Wyvern
If you thought the mines were tough, you wont last three seconds in this place.
The mines were practice compared to the Ilvern Ruins. Like the mines, you'll
come through a peaceful territory before you enter the dungeon. You can return
to this spot and heal yourself. Enter the ruins. You'll see two Eargers (flame
monsters) above you, and a Seean (wizard) approaching from the right. Duck down
and crawl under the Seean's fireballs and cut him down, then worry about the
Eargers. Head to the right, facing several more Seeans, and go down the stairs.

You'll face two more Seeans before you exit this ruin. Now you'll be outside.
Don't stand still for too long. Large owls called Fazul will swoop down in
massive numbers every several seconds. You can stand and hold the Y button and
kill them repeatedly if you use the Power Ring, and you will gain some VERY
nice EXP and Gold, but you'll have to heal yourself before long. Once I stayed
in this spot for only about thirty minutes and had maximum level stats and had
the Broad Sword, Banded Shield, and Banded Armor before I even went in. Though
I don't recommend you do this on your first trip through the game, it makes it
less fun.

As you continue to the right, you'll traverse several areas of rubble. You'll
come across several Shigulds (werewolves with whips, say that three times fast).
These are more of an annoyance than a threat. They can lash you with their
whips before you can get into slashing range. It's best to jump over them and
avoid them completely.

After passing this area, you'll come to another, much larger one. The Fazuls
seem to swoop down less often, but the Shigulds appear more frequently. It's
pretty linear from here on to the next ruin. Head to the right, and then jump
off a small cliff. At the bottom, you'll see several Goglangs (scorpion-like
bugs). Just crawl along the ground while slashing and you'll take care of
these easily. Now head into the next ruin.

This one starts off exactly like the first one, with a Seean approaching
slowly and two Eargers above you. Once again, take care of the Seean first,
and then slay the Eargers. Before long, you'll see small flames running along
the ground. They can't harm you as long as your feet are on the ground, but
they mimic you when you jump. So if you try to jump over the Seeans, you'll
suffer some hefty damage. It's best to just walk this whole area.

When you reach some stairs leading down, take them to a small treasure room.
There's nothing here except for a Small Shield. Equip it, and finally rid
yourself of that sad Wood one. Head back up the stairs, and come out slashing,
because there'll be another Seean waiting for you at the top. Head to the
right again, where you'll come to a massive room with a bridge. Don't worry,
you wont get far..

After you reach the half way point, you'll hear voices below you. After
crouching down, Adol will listen to the conversation. It appears Cleric Pierre
is safe after all, and talking to the man from the mine. He felt his motives
were suspicious, and wasn't fooled by the Cleric's lies. Before he could do
something about it, however, he heard Adol above him. Two guards come in on
either side of you, and take you to a not-so-pleasant place..

Now you're on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river of lava. Noone's ever
returned from there alive. He gives you some final words, but before he
do the awful deed, you realize he is Chester, Elena's sister. Your insight
was right, but that doesn't make any difference. He tells you that his
doings are neither his, nor Elena's business, and bids you farewell by
kicking you into the pit.

VI-5. The Lava Zone

Treasure: Medicinal Herb, Firedragon's Amulet
Enemies: Almengar, Kelzuarl, *Gilan
You'll fall for what seems like forever, but when you land, you should go to
the left and keep slashing wildly. Almengars (rolling bugs) will roll along
the ground and attempt to snip you. They're rather easy, just be cautious.
The more prominent threat are the Kelzuarls. Phoenix birds that will
make passes around the area and teleport up and down. Try to stand still
and clip their wings using your upward thrust. After a long trip to the left,
you'll come to peaceful territory. If you've suffered some damage, heal
yourself with some herb and take some more from the shade of the rocks to the
far left of the room. Head to the right under the first path and into another
long lava corridor.

More Almengars and Kelzuarls will come your way, but you should be learning
how to deal with them by now. After traversing this slightly more intense
area, you'll come to another long cavern. This one has no enemies, but you'll
be chased through this cavern by a tidal wave of lava that stirs from behind
you. It moves sort of like a slinky.. just run as fast as you can to the right
and save before you continue.

***Boss Fight: Gilan***
This is one tough fight. Head into this deep cavern and when you reach a high,
flat mound of earth, wait at it's edge while slashing. A huge, long fire
dragon will rise from the depths. If you're standing in the right spot, you'll
get in a free hit before the battle begins. Now beware, Gilan is VERY fast
and can hide in the floors and walls. It's basically hit or miss when you
engage him. Use the Power Ring, because you'll want to make every hit count.
If you have the Amulet, now's a very good time to use it, just don't use
it when he's in a wall, or you'll waste it. This battle can take up to fifteen
minutes, but since Gilan has no ranged attacks, you should emerge victorious.

After taking Gilan's prize, the Fire Dragon's Amulet, head back to the left.
It's much harder to avoid the waves of lava, since there coming right at you.
But don't worry, you can use your herb if you get hit too many times, and find
yet another one hidden in the shade of the rocks in the bend of the earth.

After reaching the room you initially landed in, head right from there and
you'll reach a river of lava. Adol holds out the Firedragon's Amulet and
freezes the river solid. You can now walk across the frozen river and continue
the caverns. You'll come to an even more intense corridor. Now you'll have
to deal with Almengers, Kelzuarls, and lava globules that fall from the
ceiling. It'll be almost impossible to get through this cavern without
taking a few nasty hits. Ultimately, you'll make it to a large climb with
Almengers rolling down it. They aren't very fast, so take them out before they
get close. Take the stairs up and you'll be back in the ruins, where Elena

VI-5.5. The Ilvern Ruins (Return)

Adol is somewhat distressed that Elena followed him to such a dangerous place,
but before long, they hear voices approaching. They hide in a back room, as
Chester comes into view, followed by Garland, his superior. Chester thinks he's
hearing things, but then dismisses it as a soldier rushes in and tells Garland
that Gilan has been slain. Outraged, Garland scolds Chester for not being able
to take care of such a young boy.

Now, inside the dark, eerie room, Elena sees a strange structure in the corner.
Adol rushes to it, places his hands over the glowing orb, and a statue slides
away, revealing a door. Elena tells Adol about a story she heard, of a statue
being hidden deep inside the ruins. She bids Adol farewell, as he enters the

There are no enemies in this long corridor, so save your game and head to the
right, to a large room, where a powerful fiend awaits you..

***Boss Fight: Wyvern***
This battle is much easier than the one with Gilan. Stand on the large mound
of rock and jump slash the monster once, before running to the right under
it's shadow to avoid it's fiery spit. Repeat this and after a while, you'll
win the Star Statue.

Head back though the tunnel, where Chester awaits with his sword drawn.
He's rather angry with his previous failures, but Elena stops him before
he can do you any harm. She mentions the faithful day where Chester was
changed forever, and not to let that tragedy repeat itself. But Chester is
void of his emotion, and leaves to rejoin Garland. You're automatically
brought to the town, where Elena asks you to forgive Chester. Now head into
the town. Dogi stops you near the Armory and tells you he's going to visit
his old sensei in the Eldam Mountain range, and that Edgar wanted to see

VI-6. The Return To Redmont...Again

Treasure: Time Ring
Enemies: N/A
Head to Edgar's house, and you'll find him with a cast on his leg. He
tells you about an excavation going on in the Tigray Quarry to find one
of the four statues buried there, and asks you if you'll join their
crusade against Lord McGaya. Say yes, because you wont get anywhere by
saying no. Edgar will give you the Time Ring for your heroic performance,
and now it's time to go back to the mines.

If you have some spare change, about 6000 worth, you can pick up the
Large Shield from the Armory. Or, even better yet, you can have the Broad
Sword for 2000 more. Either way, head back outside the town, and to the
Tigray Quarry..

VI-7. The Cursed Mine

Treasure: Shining Crystal, Mission's Tablet, Plate Mail, Flash Statue
Enemies: Rowbal, Geld, *Istersiva
The enemies in the mine are pathetically easy now. Head to the waterfall area
and go into the room where you found the Power Ring. Duey is waiting for you.
He gives you an alarming message, telling you that monsters run rampant
throughout the mine, and that several workers have not returned. Head into the
mine and save the day once again.

The first area is long, and void of enemies for about half it's length. You'll
soon encounter a Rowbal (fanged plant). Don't get to close, or else it'll
unleash a nasty assault using it's poison barbed tentacles. They'll cause some
extreme damage if you touch them, so crawl along the ground and attack it at
it's base. Next you'll meet up with Geld, a nasty critter that walks on two legs
and has a spiked claw that it can use to sting you. Crawl under the claw and
strike it's legs while it's stationary.

Now you'll find yourself on a wood terrain. Head to the right and take out
the duo of Gelds. You'll see a hole in the wood, but don't pay any attention
to it just head. Head left and grab the Shining Crystal. From now on, Brocia's
Secret Medicine will be available to you. Head back to right, fall down in the
hole, and crawl toward the right. This area is somewhat difficult, because
there isn't a lot of room, and there are Rowbals waiting behind every corner.
Take them out by slash their tentacles from afar when they launch them. Now
head left after reaching the bottom of a vertical zig zag with Rowbals toward
the exit.

After a last Geld, head down the stairs where you'll emerge on a plank
of wood, with mine workers below you. They seem to be having trouble opening
a treasure chest. You have no problem opening it, but you feel an ominous
presence. After receiving the Mission's Tablet, a quake will uproot the
foundation of the mine, and in a panic, all the workers but one run up to the
surface. The one that remains tells you the story behind the tablet, that
the hero engraved on the tablet once fought a mighty beast and sealed it
away using four statues. Now you finally can grasp the magnitude of the plot
surrounding the actions of the powers in charge of Felgana.

Now head to the left and head down the stairs. There'll be a duo of
Gelds waiting for you. Instead of taking the stairs all the way down,
jump off them and land on the rocks near the edge of the wood floor.
From this safe distance, you can destroy the two Gelds from below. Now jump
onto the plank and head left, and bypass the stairs where you'll find the
powerful Plate Mail armor. Equip it and head back to the right, and take
those stairs you saw earlier.

Now you'll emerge on a large staircase above two Gelds. Jump off the stairs and
veer to the right, so you can miss the plank entirely and land on another plank
after the gap in the earth. Kill the geld and jump off that plank toward the
left. You should land on another long plank. Now jump onto the rocks and head
left once more. You'll duel with one last Rowbal, and a Geld. Save your game,
and head down the last staircase.

***Boss Fight: Istersiva***
This is one pathetic excuse for a boss. Just equip the Time Ring to slow down
it's projectiles. Head to the right, avoiding the two floating crystal balls,
the falling rocks, and the diamond spike, and jump onto the very edge of
Istersiva's perch and slash it to death. It's that simple.

Now that you have the flash statue, head back the way you came. As soon as you
reach Duey, you'll be transported out of the mine. Now head back to the town
once again, where a new request from Edgar awaits you...

VI-8. The Return To Redmont...Yet Again

Treasure: Edgar's Letter
Enemies: N/A
When you reach the town, Mr. Gardener will stop you to tell you that Edgar was
looking for you, and that some strange men were seen entering his house. Head
to Edgar's. When you enter, you'll see Edgar talking to some well dressed men,
one of them you'll recognize as Garland. It seems Lord McGaya is trying to
bribe Edgar into giving up his statues, but it doesn't work. Frustrated,
the two leave, not before Garland rudely pushes Adol out of the way, and
McGaya offers a warning that something bad may happen to Edgar's town..

Now talk to Edgar. He seems distressed at the whole situation, but more
concerned now than anything about the final statue. He tells you that he's
once heard a story of a statue deep within the Eldam Mountains. He hands you
a letter which is to be given to the hermit who lives near the peaks.

Now head out of the town. You might want to pick up the newly available
Brocia's Secret Medicine, which will restore your Ring Power in battle, and
any armaments you can afford. By now, you should have every piece of
equipment up to the third tier.

VI-9. The Eldam Mountains

Treasure: Judgment Staff, Dark Statue
Enemies: Halic, Iruva, Jigel, *Harpy, *Gildias
Yet again, it starts off with a peaceful area that will restore your health
should you return later on. Head to the right where the merciless mountain
range begins to take shape. You'll see slightly discolored groups of rocks
from time to time. Steer clear of these, for they hide Halics, bugs with stingers
that will break free of their rock cocoons and attack you. The rocks will shower
down on you and cause damage. Stay away while they're emerging, and take them out
afterward. Fortunately, these are the only enemies who roam these areas.

You'll eventually enter a cave, that has much more dangerous adversaries. The
Iruva are a race of rock monsters that rise from the ground in any spot and fire
boulders at you. They're quite dangers, and take away a lot of energy away from
you if you touch them or their projectiles. Not only that, but they burrow
themselves quick after firing a shot, so you may not be able to take them down
before they disappear again. There's also a few Jigels, larger versions of the
Bikmorls. They're easy to kill because they're slow, but they can give birth
to baby Bikmorls, that can become a nuisance in great numbers. This cave is
fairly short, so you should make it through without taking too much damage.

You'll emerge in a frozen forest, with a hut in the middle of a clearing. There
you'll see Dogi. It seems the Hermit is also Dogi's sensei. He invites you into
his warm house, where he tells you about the statue, and that you must first
take the key from the guardian who lives at the very peak. No problem..
He'll heal you, and give you a very powerful sword, the Banded Sword. With this,
you'll be set to conquer almost anything on the mountains.

Leave the hut after some protest from Dogi, and head right. You'll pass by a
statue of a dragon. Ignore it for now and continue. You'll head up another rocky
climb, fighting off about a dozen more pesky Halics. Save when you reach the
peak, because you're in for another tough battle..

***Boss Fight: Harpy***
The Harpy isn't very fast, but it has an annoying tendency to fly somewhere where
you can't reach it. It fires three violet orbs of energy that spread, before
it moves on. They can take away one eighth of your power a shot. Even more
deadly, if you touch the Harpy, you'll suffer almost a quarter damage! You can
make the strain less if you equip the Shield Ring. It's a simple, but difficult
battle. Do away with Harpy quickly and take the Judgment Staff.

After defeating the Harpy, head back down the mountain to the statue. The key
will activate automatically, and the snow will melt. Now head down into the
newly formed pit and into another cave, like the first one, only longer.
With the Banded Sword, you can take out some Iruva for some nice EXP and Gold.
By the time you leave, you should have close to 20000 Gold by now. Save before
you reach the end of the cave, and prepare yourself by equipping the Shield

***Boss Fight: Gildias***
Gildias is stationary, but it VERY powerful. Just touching it twice can kill
you. It mainly just spits out a fireball, but if you get close enough, it'll
try to whip you with it's wings, or with it's tail. You can only cause damage
to Gildias if you strike it's head. Stand in front of it and jump slash it.
The Shield Ring should make the fireball blasts cause little damage.

You now have possession of the final statue, but someone else is interested
in it. Chester appears behind you, and he orders you to hand it over. Before
you can respond, the cave collapses. Noone is hurt, but your way is blocked.
Adol takes this opportunity to get some feedback on Chester's motives. Chester
tells you that ten years ago, Lord McGaya murdered his family and friends, one
by one, in front of his eyes. Elena and he were the only ones spared. He seeks
his revenge by joining McGaya and gaining his trust, helping with the revival
of Galbalan. He believes Galbalan will destroy Lord McGaya.

Adol tells Chester that his actions are foolish, and that if Galbalan were
revived, the same tragedies would be repeated over and over again. Before
Chester can come to his senses, Dogi clears a path through the rocks. He
confronts Chester, and tells him to snap out of his crazed vengeance
thirst, but Chester is too stubborn. After Chester leaves, Adol and Dogi
head back to the hermit's, who bids them farewell. Now you're taken back
to the town, but the atmosphere seems different...

VI-10. The Return To Redmont...Yes...Again

Treasure: Healing Ring
Enemies: N/A
As soon as you enter the town, Mr. Gardener gives Dogi the terrible news. Lord
McGaya's men raided the city and kidnapped the townspeople. Dogi encourages you
to save them, and gives you a gift from his sensei, the Healing Ring. Take the
ring and head to Edgar's. Edgar has pretty much given up all hope, taking
responsibility for this travesty. But Adol convinces him to let him go to the
castle alone to rescue them.

VI-11. The Ballactine Castle

Treasure: Battle Shield, Garnet Bracelet, Battle Armor, Prison Key, Blue Bracelet
Enemies: Cheron, Pyrikul, Zetter, Ishgaist, *Halvalger, *Halabus, Zarbom, *Jilderos
This is, by far, the most difficult area of the game. By all means, DO NOT enter
the castle unless you have Herb, Brocia's Secret Medicine, Amulet, Banded Armor
and Banded Shield. When you're ready, walk down the beach leading to the castle,
where Elena awaits. You're once again distressed at Elena's appearance, telling
her to get out of here. She bids you a safe return. Now you're time has come.
Enter the castle...

You'll emerge in a secret underground passage. Head to the right and down the
stairs. You'll be greeted by a few fast moving Cherons. It's best to just jump
over them, because you must be VERY conservative with you hit points in this
place. Take the stairs up, and keep to the left, because a Pyrikul awaits.
It'll spit out four poisonous barbs, that will take away a quarter of your
health, regardless of defense. Once the barbs are gone, slash the beast.
Beware, it can still spit out barbs after death as long as it's head is on

Head up the stairs, and you'll now be in the actual castle itself,
a much more dangerous place. Head to the right where you'll meet your first
elite enemy, a Zetter. Zetters are knights who wield curved sabers and will
slash at you if you get close. Their attacks are powerful, so take them out
while moving away from them. You'll also see a statue in the background
thrusting an ax downward. DO NOT GO UNDER IT WHEN THE AXE IS DOWN! It'll
kill you in three hits! After the first ax statue, take out a few
Ishgaists (demon knights), and head to the right.

When you reach the end of the first room, head up the stairs, but watch the
rising spears from the floor, they'll do you in quickly. Once up the stairs,
you'll be in a similar room to the last one, with another Zetter guarding
an ax statue. After disposing of it, and a few more Ishgaists, head right
and jump over some more spears. When you reach the end of this long corridor,
head down the stairs.

This room starts off the same as the last two, with a Zetter, ax statue, and
some more Ishgaists, only it isn't as long. Jump the spears at the end and
climb the stairs. Yet another room beginning with a Zetter, ax statue, and
two Ishgausts. The room ends prematurely, and you're now in another room
without any enemies. You have the choice to go straight, or up the stairs.
Head up the stairs and ignore the lower path for now.

After taking the upper path, you'll go for a long while without facing any
enemies, as you cross a VERY long bridge. Keep heading right and you'll reach
a staircase guarded by more spears. Head up the stairs to another idle room
with more stairs. Now head left past the stairs, slay the Zetter, and grab
the Battle Shield, the most powerful shield in the game. Equip it and go up
the stairs.

Come out slashing, because there's a Zetter waiting for you at the end of the
stairs. The rest of this room is simply weaving in and out of the spears and
ax statue's onslaughts. But something more dangerous awaits you at the end..

***Boss Fight: Halvalger***
This guy may remind you of a familiar Ninja Gaiden boss, only about three
times as big and much more intimidating. He'll move toward you very slowly
and spin around a ball and chain. Stay away while he's spinning it, or else
you can suffer up to five hits in just a few seconds. When he whips the ball
and chain at you after spinning it a few times, run to him and crawl under it,
slash at his legs and move away before he begins spinning it again. Use the
Power Ring to take this one out quickly.

Now, with Halvalger's prized Garnet Bracelet, you'll have to head all the way
back to the fork in the path. This time, take the lower path. You'll trek
under the bridge, and come in contact with some sort of energy shield that
blocks your way. The Garnet Bracelet will let you pass, however. Keep going
right and head down the stairs, where the Battle Armor awaits you. Equip it
and head back up the stairs and to the right again, where you'll face another
Zetter and some more Ishgaists. When you reach the end of this corridor, save
your game and head outside.

***Boss Fight: Halabus***
The fiery wolf is very fast and will do several vigorous leaps over your head,
where you have the opportunity to strike it with some upward thrusts. After
about three or four of these leaps, he'll stop, sit, and spit a long stream
of flame toward you. The best way to take care of this is to run toward the
Halabus just as he stops and get behind him. He'll fire the flame on the
side where you were, and you can freely attack him from behind all the while.
He'll fall in no time with this method.

After the battle, head right to the Grand Chapel. It's a dead end, but you
soon hear Elena's voice. Garland bursts in with Elena behind him, and warns
Adol that his actions are foolhardy. Adol orders that Garland shows him the
ways to Lord McGaya's chambers, and Garland gladly accepts the invitation,
since he is no longer of any use to him. He holds out an amulet and a ray
of light shines on the altar, and the path slides open. Elena once again
wishes for your safe return. Now use the secret passage revealed by Garland
and head down the steps into another underground passage.

You'll be greeted by some quirky bouncing demons called Zarboms. They aren't
much of a threat when they're spread apart. Head deeper into the passage
and you'll come across some more deadly Pyrikuls. Take them out, and avoid
their barbs. You'll pass by a locked cell, and from inside, you'll hear a
voice plea for you to get the key. Head to the right and save your game. The
third boss fight of this hellacious dungeon now beckons...

***Boss Fight: Jilderos***
Jilderos, the blue knight is one tough customer. Although rather slow, his
ax attack can lop off a huge chunk of your health. Also, if you get behind
him, he'll teleport into his shield. And if you touch the shield, you'll be
killed in no time. The best way to defeat him is to get in close, slash, and
run away when he's still got his hand erected in the air. This takes a while
because of Jilderos' high defense, but he'll fall, eventually.

With the Prison Key in hand, head back to the cells and open them. Head
inside to find Cleric Pierre and Robert from the Tigray Mine. There is also
a soldier who gives you the Blue Bracelet. Now you can pass through the Blue
Knight's shield. Head out of the prison and into the next area, which is
even more difficult than the castle itself..

VI-12. The Clock Tower

Treasure: Protection Ring, Flame Sword, The Evil Knight
Enemies: Estarion, Garlium, Deto, *Garland
I've always loved Clock Tower stages. There's usually one during the final stages
of a Castlevania game, and they almost always have good music for some reason.

This Clock Tower is no acceptation. Soon into your trek through this massive
structure, you'll be assaulted by three Estarions, the toughest enemies in this
place. Don't bother fighting them, they'll take you out in little time at all,
even with Battle Armor. Head up the stairs to the far right and slay the
Estarion from below. It'll take a while, but he'll fall, eventually. After the
Estarion is gone, and the plank is cleared, jump onto the cogs and take out the
Garlium (crossbow marksman) at the end of the series of cogs.

Jump to the right and you'll see a Deto, a rather slow moving slime that poses
little threat. Destroy it and head right, then jump to the left onto another
platform. Head all the way to the left, get some good footing, and jump to the
left. With some luck, you'll barely land on the plank holding the Protection Ring.
Now head back to the right, avoid the Garlium, and head into the next area.

Now head all the way to the right and take out the lone Garlium. Ignore the
hook crane below and jump along the cog platforms until you reach the far right,
grab the Flame Sword, the most powerful sword in the game is yours! Equip it
immediately, and admire the orange glow of Adol's new sword. Don't stare too
long. Now head back toward that crane and ride it down. Try to dispatch the
Garlium standing on the edge, and as the crane goes back up, jump to the
highest gear platform. Head to the right once again work your way down.

In the next area, more Estarions will come your way. Avoid them as best you
can and begin to climb. Take out some more Garliums and Detos, crawl under
the pipes and head toward the top right corner and exit. A Zetter will be
waiting for you, and orders you to stop. Just show him who's boss and use
the crane that comes down afterward to get up to the Bell Tower. Now save
your game and head right, where the most powerful enemy you've faced thus
far patiently awaits..

***Boss Fight: Garland***
Garland blocks your way to McGaya's chambers. He reveals that Galbalan has
already been revived, and that nothing will stop him from completing his
master's desires. Garland transforms and takes offensive. As soon as you
have control over Adol, run under Garland before he fully appears in his
demon form. Equip the Power Ring and Herb, and begin hacking away at
Garland from behind. He'll begin teleporting in random areas, and firing
powerful orbs of energy. Avoid these by jumping over them. If you get to
close to Garland while he's facing you, he'll unleash a frenzy of lightning
bolts, that'll kill you in three hits. You'll basically have to hit and run
until he falls, and that could be a very long while.

Once Garland is defeated, Lord McGaya will surrender. He apologizes for his
selfish ways, and promises to make peace with the locals. He also knows
that Galbalan's threat is not over, and that the time has come for another
hero to end his reign of terror. He gives you a statue called The Evil Knight,
and then allows you to exit his chambers. As you cross the bridge leading to
Garland's battleground, Elena appears on the other side. As you rush to meet
her, and ominous voice fills the air, and Galbalan seeks audience with you
on his island. He spirits Elena away, and Adol must return to Redmont..

VI-13. The Return To Redmont...One Last Time

Treasure: Ogre's Ball Of Fire
Enemies: N/A
Back in Redmont, everyone is celebrating. Little do the townspeople know that
the threat is far from over, and that the true battle has only just begun. Adol
tells Dogi about what happened to Elena, and then heads to Edgar's House. There,
Edgar attempts to talk you out of trying to defeat Galbalan yourself, but then
Dogi barges in and convinces Edgar to let you go. Edgar gives you Ogre's Fireball
and gives you a few pointers on Galbalan's weakness. Exit Redmont and equip
yourself for the final battle..

VI-14. Galbalan's Island

Treasure: N/A
Enemies: Lich, *EX Garland, ***Galbalan
Despite being the climatic final area, it's actually rather short. As you use
the Evil Knight to open the way to Galbalan's Island, you should equip the
Ogre's Fireball, or else Galbalan's chambers will be pitch black. In the first
part of the Island, you'll be pitted against a few Liches, they're very powerful,
but very slow. They shouldn't be too much of a problem to defeat. Head to the
right until you find a block of the floor that's colored lighter than the rest.
Hold down on this spot and you'll activate the elevator.

Ride the elevator down and then head right again. A few Liches later you'll be
at the edge of a cliff. Head off the cliff and hold left on the D-Pad, and don't
let go. You'll pass to another screen and then land on a hidden path. Take the
linear path to the elevator, and ride it down. Take out the Liches and save your

***Boss Fight: EX Garland***
Garland was nothing in the Ballactine Castle compared to how he is now. At the end
of a long room with hundreds of pillars, you'll come to arms with Garland again.
Now his awesome costume is white, and he's much faster and more powerful. But he
HIT A SINGLE TIME. The defeat of EX Garland WILL NOT restore your health, and you
need all of it to face Galbalan.

After you defeat EX Garland (hopefully), you'll head to the end of the room and
to a spiral staircase. Take it up to the Tower Of Destiny where Chester will catch
up with you. He'll ask you not to get involved, since it's his fight. Save your
game one last time and prepare yourself...

Galbalan's ominous voice rumbles once again as he presents Elena, tied up at the
edge of a plank. Infuriated, Chester curses Galbalan and attempts to attack him.
Then, to set an example to Adol, Galbalan tears a part of the tower off that
Chester is standing on and brings him to Elena so they can die together. Adol
protests and offers to hand over the statues in exchange for their lives.. yeah

***Final Battle: Galbalan***
Galbalan first tries to impress you with some flashy special effects, but he's
really not an impressive enemy. He has a strict pattern. He'll hover around for
a bit and then stop, firing three projectiles from each hand that ride along the
ground. After he's done, he'll drive his spiked tail into the ground. Use this
opportunity to strike Galbalan's hands. Repeat this until both hands are gone,
and Galbalan will change his strategy. Now Galbalan will hover across the room
and fire three blasts that will cause pillars of flame to rise from the floor.
Stay away from this general area, and try not to get caught in corners. After
the third blast, he'll charge open his mouth. This is the only time he's
vulnerable, so move quickly. Run in, slash with the Power Ring, and get out
from under him quickly before he fires a huge blast that rides along the
ground in both directions. If you touch Galbalan, you'll be badly wounded. Don't
use the Healing Herb unless you're extremely weak. After he fires two huge
blasts, the third one will be a fake. He'll drive his tail into the ground and
move left or right about a quarter of a screen, the open his mouth again.
Slash him as many times as possible during this time, because HE WILL NOT FIRE
HIS HUGE BLAST ON THE THIRD CYCLE. Repeat this as needed, and Galbalan will
surely fall.

VI-15. The Ending

                            Spoiler Alert!!!
WARNING: If you do not want to know what happens after you defeat Galbalan, DO
NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! I will not take any blame if you spoil the ending, It's
YOUR decision! It's not my fault you don't have any self-control!!!
                            Spoiler Alert!!!

At the final defeat of Galbalan, Adol heads back to the room of a thousand
pillars, where Elena awaits. He panics when he sees Chester is not there.
Elena tells him that Chester went to the center of the Island to sink it.
Chester was wounded in the battle with Galbalan, and Adol fears he will
not be able to escape. Elena stops Adol from going.. saying that it was
her brother's destiny, what he wanted. Meanwhile, in the center of the
island, Chester activates the self destruct sequence. The island begins
to break apart, and Elena and Adol must escape..

The next day, Adol wakes up at the inn with Dogi. Dogi protests to the
fact that Adol is leaving without saying goodbye to Elena, but Adol feels
it'll be better if she doesn't know he's leaving. Adol, without any delay,
heads outside of the down under the cover of the early dawn. Mr. Gardener
stops him at the front gate and tries to convince him to stay, but
adventure beckons for Adol in the far reaches of the world. Dogi finally
catches up and they head for the beach, to set sail..

Elena, with tears in her eyes chases after Adol. Never given a chance to
admit her true feelings to Adol, or her thanks, she stops. Adol turns and
looks into her eyes.. and parts with a wave. They continue on toward their
boat, and Elena watches Adol's form slowly fade into the blinding light
of the sun..

                             VII. Appendix

VII-1. Swords

Sword                  Found                      Gold              Attack Power
Short Sword            Armory                      400                    10
Long Sword             Tigray Quarry               N/A                    35
Broad Sword            Armory                     8000                    60
Banded Sword           Eldam Mountains             N/A                    95
Flame Sword            Clock Tower                 N/A                   110

VII-2. Armor

Armor                  Found                      Gold             Defense Power
Leather Armor          Armory                      300                    10
Chain Mail             Armory                     1500                    20
Plate Mail             Cursed Mine                 N/A                    32
Banded Armor           Armory                    12000                    44
Battle Armor           Ballactine Castle           N/A                    55

VII-3. Shields

Shield                 Found                      Gold             Defense Power
Wood Shield            Armory                      200                    10
Small Shield           Ilvern Ruins                N/A                    20
Large Shield           Armory                     6000                    32
Banded Shield          Armory                    10000                    44
Battle Shield          Ballactine Castle           N/A                    55

VII-4. Rings

Ring                   Found                       Effect               Decrease
Power Ring             Tigray Quarry               Double Attack           1
Shield Ring            Grandma Ada's House         Double Defense          2
Time Ring              Edgar's House               Slow Down Enemies       5
Healing Ring           The Town Of Redmont         Restore Health     1 RP Per HP
Protection Ring        Clock Tower                 Invincibility          10

VII-5. Items

Item                     Gold                        Effect                 Use
Medicinal Herb            100                        Restore Health          1
Brocia's Secret Medicine 1000                        Restore Ring Power      3
Mirror Of Illusion        500                        Freeze Enemies          1
Amulet                   1000                        Damage Enemies          3
Ogre's Ball Of Fire       N/A                        Illumination           N/A

VII-6. Inventory

Item                                Location
Warehouse Key                       Tigray Quarry
Robert's Pendant                    Tigray Quarry
Firedragon's Amulet                 Lava Zone
Mission's Tablet                    Cursed Mine
Judgment Staff                     Eldam Mountains
Garnet Bracelet                     Ballactine Castle
Prison Key                          Ballactine Castle
Blue Bracelet                       Ballactine Castle
Evil Knight                         Bell Tower
Fairy Necklace                      Item Shop
Edgar's Letter                      Edgar's House
Shining Crystal                     Cursed Mine

VII-7. Monsters

Monster                HP                          EXP                      Gold
Gulumus                20                            4                        4
Bikmorl                10                            3                        2
Raddel                 30                           10                       12
Keyron                 20                            6                        8
Ormwal                 70                           10                       25
Dulan                 255                          500                     1000
Elfeilu               255                          750                     1500
Earger                 70                           22                       10
Seean                  70                           28                       20
Fazul                  50                           20                       14
Shiguld                60                           30                       24
Goglang                60                           20                        8
Kelzuarl               70                           36                       28
Almengar               80                           42                       32
Gilan                 255                         1000                     2000
Wyvern                255                         1400                     2600
Rowbal                120                           56                       36
Geld                  100                           45                       30
Istersiva             255                         2000                     4000
Halic                 120                           90                       80
Iruva                 130                          110                      100
Jigel                 140                           95                      120
Harpy                 255                         2800                     5000
Gildias               255                         3000                     6000
Cheron                110                          100                      100
Pyrikul                60                           80                       80
Zetter                150                          150                      210
Ishgaist              150                          130                      200
Halvalger             255                         3600                     7200
Halabus               255                         4000                     8000
Zarbom                160                          120                      120
Jilderos              255                         4400                     8800
Estarion              200                          150                      104
Garlium               190                            0                        0
Deto                  180                           80                      100
Garland               255                         5000                    10000
Lich                  255                          255                      255
EX Garland            255                            0                        0
Galbalan              255                            0                        0

                            VIII. Secrets And Other Stuff

Sound Test - Press Select on controller one, and then select on controller two
at any time during the game, and you can listen to any of it's tracks.

Debug Code - On controller two, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start while
the Sammy Logo is on screen. During the game, bring up the status menu and press
Select on controller two.

What's The Deal With The Fairy Necklace?! - It increases EXP gained when you
defeat an enemy, but by the time you have enough Gold to get it, you'll probably
be at maximum level anyway..

                            IX. Unproven Rumors

Play As Dogi? - There is a "Play As Dogi" rumor floating around here somewhere.
I never believed it, until I actually saw my friend playing as Dogi. I have no
idea how he did it, but if anyone knows, please fill me in.

Secret Rooms? - I've heard someone say that there are hidden rooms behind walls
you can walk through in the Ilvern Ruins and the Ballactine Castle. I'm not
too sure about this, but if anyone can confirm this, let me know.

                            X. The Sound Track

For those of you interested in Ys MP3's, I have the title list for all of the
tracks on the sound track, so you can find them.

1.  Premonition
2.  Introduction!!
3.  The Town Of Redmont (Sarina Village)
5.  Quiet Moment
6.  Dancing On The Road (Prologue)
7.  Winged Boy
8.  Be Careful!
9.  Black Monster
10. Death's Shock
11. Ilvern Ruins (Alcaino Ruins)
12. Heated Battle
13. Theme Of Chester
14. Black Set Up
15. Fighting Soul
16. Ballactine Castle (Valestine Castle)
17. Pray For Mercy
18. Key Of Light
19. Sealing Time
20. Dear Sweet Elena (My Dear Elena)
21. Sentimental Twilight
22. The Beat Of Death (Death Beat)
23. Tower Of Fate (Fate Tower)
24. Please, Do Not Rescue Me! (LOOK AT THIS!)
25. Twilight Of The Gods (Final Fight)
26. My Dear Brother (Dear My Brother)
27. Daybreak On Destiny's Horizon (Morning Of The Journey)
28. Wanderers From Ys
29. Treasure Fanfare (Get Item)
30. Fleeting Dream

                            XI. Special Thanks

Falcom - For making the beautiful Ys series, the greatest video game series of
all time!

Sammy - For bringing this game to our shores.

Hiei@rpgclassics.com - For some monster names and stats.

zsKnight, _Demo_, and Pharos - For making ZSNES, the greatest SNES emulator out
there. I could not of made this Walkthrough if I had to juggle my PC and my

Flying Omelette - For the Debug Code.

And last but not least, my girlfriend Mallory - For satisfying my sexual needs
during the making of this Walkthrough!

                            XII. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Ys, Adol, Dogi, and all characters mentioned herein are copyrights to Falcom.

All other copyrighted material mentioned herein are copyrights to their
respective holders.

You may use this Walkthrough on your webpage, WITH MY CONSENT!

(c)2001, D-Boy/Ruqal Bernstein@aol.com