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Ys III - Wanderers from Ys
FAQ / Walkthrough
A FAQ Guide by Joel Barnett
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Ah, my first official FAQ Guide. I decided that since I was bored, I'd write a
FAQ. This game doesn't have ANY FAQ guides at the moment, so I thought I'd do
one. Well, that's about it for the introduction. If you see anything I missed,
feel free to e-mail me at JOEL1357@HOTMAIL.COM. Chances are I won't see it
because of my Junk Mail filter, but I'll check it every now and then. Now, on
to the FAQ.

---Version History---
1.0 -- The very first version. Input is graciously accepted. Subject of e-mails
for input should be "FAQ INPUT".

---Legal Stuff---
This FAQ is copyrighted to me, in the year 2002. Don't copy it and put your
name on it. Don't sell it. This FAQ may only be displayed at GameFaqs and IGN.
If you see it anywhere else e-mail me with the subject as "FAQ GUIDE".

Control Pad - Move Adol
              Go up or down stairs
Start - Pause
Select - Menu
X Button - NA
Y Button - Sword
           Confirm choice
A Button - Use equipped item
B Button - Jump
           Cancel menu choice
R Button - NA
L Button - NA


     Part I - The Introduction

     The game starts out with a scene in a market place. Adol, the character
you control, is talking with his friend Dogi. The two spot a crowd of people
surrounding a fortuneteller. Dogi tries to have Adol get his fortune told, but
he decides to pass. Dogi decides he wants his told. As the teller is talking,
the crystal ball glows red with fire and explodes! She screams and says that
something terrible will happen, mentioning the name Galbalan. The two
adventurers decide to return to Dogi's hometown of Redmont. While on the way
back, they are attacked by a wildcat, which is easily cut down by Adol's sword.
After a brief reunion with some townsfolk, they bump into Ellena at the Inn as
she hurries off. You are now free to move around on your own.

     Part II - Tigray Quarry and the Search for Edgar

     At this point you should have 1000 gold. Go to the blacksmith's shop and
purchase a Short Sword, Leather Armor, and a Wood Shield. Go next door and buy
an Herb with your last 100 gold. Now the fun begins. As you leave town, you
find out that there has been an incident in the mine. You head out of town to
the mine to rescue the people trapped inside. Head out of town to the right
into the Tigray Quarry. Work your way right through the tunnels, killing
enemies as you go. If at any time you need to refill hit points, just exit the
area and your health will magically refill. At the next screen where you should
see a blue goblin-looking guy running around, continue on. If you go to the
next screen on the top-right corner, you'll find a locked door. Remember this
door. You'll come back later. Back in the vertical room, Work your way to the
bottom left corner of the room, avoiding the blue guys as you go (they do a lot
of damage!). You'll find a locked door and a treasure chest containing the
Power Ring. This ring enhances your damage-dealing capabilities.
     Now, head to the bottom-right passage and continue on through the tunnel
and head up the stairs you see. Watch out for the blue jellies in this area.
They can kill you in a few seconds if you're not careful. At the end of this
tunnel, you'll find Robert's Pendant. Take it and go on. Just down the stairs,
you'll see a man who tells you to leave. He goes down the stairs and knocks
Duey down on the way. Duey gives you the Warehouse Key and tells you to get the
sword there. Now head back to the first tall shaft in the quarry and head to
the upper-right door there. As you near the door, the music changes.

  !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! DULAN !!!!!

     This is your first battle of the game. This is a fairly simple task. Equip
the Power Ring you found and an herb. Run up next to Dulan, crouch, and begin
attacking him. With the Power Ring, he'll go down pretty quickly.
Congratulations! You've just won a Long Sword.

     Now take this new sword and head back down to Duey. He'll send you on your
way to rescue Edgar in the lower levels. Head down the next few tunnels until
you reach a door down a flight of stairs. Before you try this boss you should
buy Chain Mail Armor and have achieved at least level 9 or 10.

  !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! BLUE GARGOYLE !!!!!

     This boss can be challenging if you don't know what to do. With a Power
Ring, Chain Mail Armor, and a Long Sword enter the chamber. Run underneath the
beast and begin jumping and slashing your sword at him. If he charges his
lightning attack, get out of the way before he shoots it or you're going to
regret it.

     After the battle, you'll receive the Sun Statue. Go into the next room and
you'll see the man you saw earlier talking to Edgar. As he leaves, he tells you
to stay out of his way. You take Edgar and Duey and leave the mine. You then
should go to the town and let them know that Edgar is safe.

     Part III - Pierre, Chester, and the Ilvern Ruins

     When you talk to the town sentry, he'll tell you to go to the Inn and talk
to Dogi. Do it. He is talking to Ellena when you arrive. She says that her
brother Chester has been gone for a long time looking for Lord McGaya. You find
out that he has been spotted in Ilvern Ruins along with the Cleric Pierre. Dogi
sends you off to the ruins to look for the two. Before you leave, go to
Robert's mother and return the Pendant. She will give you a Shield Ring in
return. Head out of town and to the ruins now.

     Head through the first room and to the set of stairs in the floor. None of
the enemies here should give you too much trouble. Head through this room and
outside. (Quick tip : If you stand at the entrance to the third room and
repeatedly hold down Y, then you'll kill the owls and gain a lot of experience
quickly. Exit to refill health as necessary. If you want to make the next few
areas much easier, go ahead and max out your experience here. ) Run straight
through this screen and the next two, avoiding the whip-carrying guards along
the way. Once you're back inside, go right until you find a staircase. Go down
and get the Small Shield in the treasure chest and head backup and to the
right. You'll come up on the catwalks and eavesdrop on the mysterious knight
talking to Pierre. He hears you and orders the guards to seize you. Before he
throws you down into the pit, you find out that he is Ellena's brother,
Chester. He says that this is his life now and that, yes indeed, he has changed.

     As a general rule for most of the pit areas, keep moving so that the
fireballs that come from the background won't hurt you. When you're down in the
pit, head left. Heading right will lead to a river of flame that you can't
cross just yet. Head to the left and try to avoid the ground-based enemies, but
expect to take damage from the firebirds flying in the air. After the next
screen where you turn down and then right, you'll go along another screen. Also
on the wrap-around screen, you can grab an herb if you need one. Repeat as
before. The next screen contains a jumping stream of fire. Just run to the
right, jumping periodically to avoid being hit.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! GILAN !!!!!

     This battle is fairly simple. Just stand near the right side swinging, and
wait for him to take hits until he dies. The Amulet can be helpful in this
battle if you're having trouble. After the battle, you'll receive the
FireDragon's Amulet.

     Head back to the left and back around to the river of flame from earlier.
When you approach the river, the FireDragon's Amulet will freeze it solid,
allowing you to travel across safely. Head to right until you travel up some
stairs back inside the castle. When you get up the stairs, Ellena runs up and
tells you that Chester is coming, so you both hide in a spare room. You hear
Lord Garland telling Chester that Pierre will be put in the dungeon of
Ballacetine Castle. When Garland learns of the death of Gilan, he runs off with
the messenger to investigate. While talking with Ellena, you find a secret
passage in the wall. After telling Ellena to go home, you should enter the
passage and go on. Pass through the outside area, and into another cave.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! RED DRAGON !!!!!

     This is a surprisingly easy battle. Just equip the Power Ring and leap to
the top of the large rock formation near the right side of the area. Whenever
the beast comes close, just attack with your sword. After several hits, the
beast falls, and you receive the Star Statue. Return the way you came.

     When you get back to the dark room, Chester is waiting for you. He begins
to ready for battle, but Ellena rushes in and stops him. Chester leaves, and
you and Ellena return to town, upon which she also leaves. When you get back to
town, Dogi tells you that he is going to the Eldam Mountains to visit an old
monster friend of his. He sends you to talk to Edgar. You find out that rogues
from Ballacetine have broken in, searching for the statue from the quarry.
After you agree to join Redmont's forces ( you have no other choice. ), Edgar
sends you off to the locked door in the mine and gives you a Time Ring.

     Part IV - The Statue of Tigray Quarry

     Head back to the Tigray Quarry and go to the second screen. Go to the
bottom left corner and into the next screen. Talk to the man there and go into
the door there. The first and second screens should be no problem. At the far
left of the second screen, continue to the third screen and get the Shining
Crystal from the chest. Turn around and go back to the second screen. Drop down
below the wooden catwalks and down the tunnel. Keep an eye on the plants as you
work your way down and left, because they can drain your life in fairly short

     Head down the next set of stairs where you should see some miners. Open
the treasure chest you see and take the Mission Tablet. When you do, the miners
become frightened and run away after hearing noises. One remains and describes
the tablet. Now you must fight the dragon Galbalan. Continue left and down the
stairs. Skip the stairs you see and get the Plate Mail out of the chest at the
end of the tunnel. Head back to the right and down the stairs. Work your way
down the tunnel and till you get to the bottom with three platforms on the
right and a plant on the left. Get to the top on the right and leap to the left
platform. Hop up the wall and go in the tunnel there. Go down the next flight
of stairs you see.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! GALBALAN !!!!!

     This is a fairly easy boss battle. Just equip either the Power Ring or the
Shield Ring and leap up on the rock next to where the boss appears. Start
swinging, and he should go down fairly quickly. Take the Flash Statue you get
and return to town.

     Drop by the item shop on your way to Edgar and buy Brocia's Secret
Medicine, now that you have a Shining Crystal. As you enter, you see Lord
McGaya and Lord Garland talking to Edgar. Edgar has refused to join forces and
give them the statues, so they leave. He tells you the story of how the great
monster Galbalan was sealed up by warriors long ago. He gives you Edgar's
Letter and sends you off to the Eldam Mountains to give the letter to the
hermit there.

     Part V - The Hermit of Eldam

     Leave town and head to the Eldam Mountains. Work your way to the right,
watching for the monsters that leap out of the snow. When you enter the cave,
continue right and avoid the hornets and rock monsters. When you exit the cave,
you find Dogi and the hermit at his cabin. You relate your story and he sends
you up to find the statue. Before you leave, he gives you a Banded Sword. As
you leave, Dogi warns you to be careful. Leave the cabin and head to the right
until you come across the next boss. You'll see a gargoyle statue on the way.
Ignore it for now.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! HARPY !!!!!

     During this battle, run back and forth, leaping from high parts of the
land to attack the Harpy. Watch out for her attack that shoots down and down to
each side. With a Power Ring, this should go by quickly. After she dies, you'll
receive the Judgment Staff.

     Take the staff back to the gargoyle statue you passed earlier. It will
release the seal on the statue, causing it to explode and the snow beneath it
to melt. Go down this new path and enter the cave below. In the second cave
screen, get ready for yet another boss.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! BLUE DRAGON !!!!!

     Run right up to the spot on the floor, directly in front of the dragon's
face. Jump up and strike it repeatedly in the face. Watch out for its tail, as
it can be instantly lethal. Again, the Power Ring will prove to be helpful.
You'll receive the Dark Statue for your efforts.

     As you try to leave, Chester appears and demands that you give him the
statue. You hear a tremor and he runs. You follow him to discover that a
cave-in has left you both trapped. You confront him and he agrees to tell you
his story. He tells you that Lord McGaya was responsible for the destruction of
his village and the deaths of his friends and all family except for Ellena. He
tells you that, to get back at McGaya, he ha become one of his confidants and
says that when Galbalan is released, he will most likely destroy McGaya and
Ballacetine Castle. That will be Chester's revenge.  Suddenly, Dogi clears a
way through the rubble so that the both of you can escape. He convinces Chester
to leave along with you two.

     Part VI - Rescue at Ballacetine Castle

     When you return to town, you find that something is amiss. When you get in
town, Mr. Gardner tells you that soldiers from Ballacetine Castle came and
kidnapped many people from town. Dogi gives you a Healing Ring and sends you
off to Ballacetine to rescue the townsfolk. Before you leave, go talk to Edgar.
He allows you to go to the castle in an attempt to rescue the people there. Now
you can go to Ballacetine Castle. Do so.

     When you arrive at the castle, you find Ellena outside. She is there in
hopes of finding Chester. You tell her that it's dangerous and that she should
return to Redmont. Once inside, head right and down the stairs. In this room,
work your way right, avoiding the enemies by simply jumping over them. Go up
the stairs on the right and you'll see a large plant. Kill it and move to the
next set of stairs. Avoid the knights in this room by jumping over them. Also
avoid getting hit by the axe-swinging statues as well. Watch out for the spears
that rise from the floor periodically, because they are instantly lethal. Head
up the next set of stairs near the spears. At the end of this room head down
the stairs to the next room. Head up the next set of stairs into yet another
room. Go right and you'll see a blue statue under a blue force shield. Ignore
him for now, and head back. Head up the next set of stairs and work your way
right to the balcony catwalks.

     Go up the next two sets of stairs and past the third on to claim the
Battle Shield. Continue up the third set of stairs. The next room is a virtual
gauntlet of axes and spears. After braving this room, head up the stairs and
prepare for another boss.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! BOLO KNIGHT !!!!!!

     Ah, yet another easy boss. Run up next to him, crouch, and begin
attacking. This is an easy kill, especially if you use the Power Ring. You'll
get the Garnet Bracelet when you win.

     Head back down to the blue knight from earlier. As you approach the blue
knight, the Garnet Bracelet causes it to disappear. Head past it now. In the
next room, head down the set of stairs to get the Battle Armor. Head back up
the stairs and to the right. Past this room is yet another boss.

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! FLAME WOLF !!!!!

     Again, an easy boss. Equip the Power Ring and chase it with your sword.
It'll go down nice and easy. Continue to the right.

     The next room looks like a church. As you head right, you hear a voice
crying, "Adol, look out!". Ellena walks in behind Lord Garland. You tell him to
bring you to Lord McGaya's chamber, but he says that he has no use for McGaya
anymore. He extends a ring, and a beam of light shines in on the altar. It
opens up and he runs in and escapes. You suspect a trap, so you tell Ellena to
remain behind while you go on alone.

     Go down the stairs until you reach another watery area. Again, just jump
over the enemies as you go. Head down the stairs and kill the three plants in
the next room and go to the cell doors. A man behind the door tells you that
Jilduros, the blue knight from earlier, has the key. Continue right and up

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! JILDUROS !!!!!

     This boss can be challenging unless you know what to do. Go over near him
and lure him out from behind his shield. Run up next to him and hit him once or
twice, then retreat before you get hit. Repeat until he dies. After the battle,
you'll receive the Prison Key. Head back to the locked cell door.

     Once inside, you find the Cleric Pierre, Robert, and one of McGaya's
soldiers. Talk to Pierre, then Robert. Go to the right and talk to the soldier,
who gives you the Blue Bracelet. He tells you that he will go and release the
rest of the prisoners. Go back up the stairs past where Jilduros was and
continue on. You'll soon find your way to the clock tower.

     Go to the right, avoiding the knights if possible, and head up the stairs.
Work your way up the gears to the top of the room. Before you go out the door
to the right, got to the upper left corner and get the Protection Ring. Work
your way to the upper right corner of this room to claim the Flame Sword. Work
your way down to the door in the bottom right corner of the room. Go to the
upper right corner of this room and continue on. Kill the guard in the next
room and hop on the hook that comes down.

     Ride to the bell tower at the top, and right to go outside. Head across
the battlements and back inside, where you'll find Lord Garland. When you talk
to him, he tells you that Galbalan has been revived, and so he reveals his true

   !!!!! BOSS BATTLE !!!!! LORD GARLAND !!!!!

     This will probably be the most difficult boss so far. As soon as the
battle starts, get back or his lightning attack’ll fry you. Try to stay away
from him unless you’re attacking. Jump over the rolling lightning he throws and
try to get behind him when he teleports. If you do, equip the Power Ring and
let him have it. A few series of attack should be enough to win. An alternate
strategy is to equip the Protection Ring and just run up to him and begin
attacking. Either way is fine and will win the battle.

     After you kill Garland, you hear Lord McGaya. He tells you that he is
ready to surrender. He tells you that he has been following Garland the entire
time and that Galbalan must be stopped at all costs. He gives you the last
statue, The Evil Night, and sends you off to Galbalan's Island. Back on the
battlements you see Ellena. Before you can say anything, a voice in the air
speaks, and the castle beneath Ellena crumbles and she begins to fall. As she's
falling, she disappears and the voice returns. It tells you to bring the
statues to Galbalan's Island in order to save Ellena.

     When you return to town, speak with Mr. Gardner and Dogi, and head to
Edgar's house. You plead with Edgar to let you go to Galbalan's Island. With
yours and Dogi's persuasion, he lets you go. Before he goes, he gives you the
Ogre's Ball of Fire, which will allow you to navigate the tunnels on the island.

     Part VII - Assault on Galbalan's Island

     Leave town and head for Galbalan's Island. When you land, you start in a
cave. A little to the right, a group of stalagmites and stalactites blocks your
way. The Evil Night statue causes the path to open so that you can go on. After
the next screen, you are plunged into darkness. Equip the Ogre's Ball of Fire
and a spotlight will sweep back and forth across the screen, allowing you to

     Head right until you see a discolored part of floor. Stand on this area
and you will go down into a new area. Head left and you'll come across a gap in
the floor. Head down the stairs until you come to a dead-end. Head back to the
elevator floor and continue down to the next level. Head right until you drop
down to the next screen. As you change screens, hold left and you'll land in a
hallway near the top of the screen. Follow this path to the left. Drop down at
the wall. You'll land on elevator. Run to the right before the elevator can
activate and bring you back up. Work your way right past the skeletons to the
next screen.

   !!!!! BOSS FIGHT !!!!! GARLAND !!!!!

     This battle is the same as before. The only difference is that he has more
HP and does more damage. Repeat strategies from the first battle. Continue on.

     The next screen is a tall, circular tower that you have to climb. When you
reach the top, Chester races ahead of you off screen. At the top of the tower,
you and Chester hear an ominous voice "welcoming" you. A bridge extends from
across the gap with Ellena standing on the end. She tells you not to rescue
her. A bolt of lightning strikes the floor behind Chester, and the floor
underneath him carries him over to Ellena. Chester tries to convince Ellena
that they must destroy Galbalan or the world will be destroyed. As Galbalan is
preparing to kill them, you intervene. You say that you'll give him the statues
if he doesn't harm Chester or Ellena. He tells you to board a platform that
appears. Get on it. It carries you up to another screen where the final
confrontation will take place.

   !!!!! BOSS FIGHT !!!!! GALBALAN !!!!!

     Finally, the final confrontation. First off watch out for his double hand
attacks. He can hit you on either side. Also beware of him when you see a bar
of lightning under him. If that happens, he'll go straight at the ground and
may sweep to one side. Try to avoid running into him, or you'll lose health
pretty quickly. The first 68matter of business is to destroy his hands. Jump up
and strike his hands until you've destroyed them both. It's easiest to focus on
one until it's gone, that way you can have an almost safe side when he attacks.
when both hands are gone, he changes his attack pattern and weakness. When his
red eye opens, he'll fire a stream of lightning at the ground, which splits on
impact. He also shoots blue fireballs, which hit the ground and cause a stream
of pillars in one direction. Stay away from him until you see his red eye
appear. When it does, use the Amulet three times, then begin attacking it with
your sword. Have fun, because this can be a long battle. When his HP gets to 0,
you win! Game over!

     Part VIII - The Ending

     Sorry, but you'll have to get this part on your own. It's not a bad
ending, though.

---Experience Levels---
Level 1
HP - 20
STR / DEF - 10
Exp. Required - 0

Level 2
HP - 30
STR / DEF - 15
Exp. Required - 100

Level 3
HP - 40
STR / DEF - 20
Exp. Required - 200

Level 4
HP - 50
STR / DEF - 25
Exp. Required - 400

Level 5
HP - 60
STR / DEF - 30
Exp. Required - 700

Level 6
HP - 70
STR / DEF - 35
Exp. Required - 1000

Level 7
HP - 80
STR / DEF - 40
Exp. Required - 2000

Level 8
HP - 90
STR / DEF - 45
Exp. Required - 4000

Level 9
HP - 100
STR / DEF - 55
Exp. Required - 6000

Level 10
HP - 120
STR / DEF - 65
Exp. Required - 8000

Level 11
HP - 150
STR / DEF - 75
Exp. Required - 10000

Level 12
HP - 170
STR / DEF - 85
Exp. Required - 20000

Level 13
HP - 190
STR / DEF - 95
Exp. Required - 30000

Level 14
HP - 210
STR / DEF - 110
Exp. Required - 40000

Level 15
HP - 230
STR / DEF - 128
Exp. Required - 50000

Level 16
HP - 255
STR / DEF - 145
Exp. Required - 65535


- - Short Sword - ATK - 10
- - Long Sword - ATK - 35
- - Broad Sword - ATK - 50
- - Banded Sword - ATK - 85
- - Flame Sword - ATK - 110

- - Leather Armor - DEF - 10
- - Chain Mail - DEF - 20
- - Plate Mail - DEF - 32
- - Banded Armor - DEF - 44
- - Battle Armor - DEF - 55

- - Wood Shield - DEF - 10
- - Small Shield - DEF - 20
- - Large Shield - DEF - 32
- - Banded Shield - DEF - 44
- - Battle Shield - DEF - 55

- - Power Ring - Increases damage dealt with attacks.
- - Shield Ring - Decreases damage dealt from enemy
- - Time Ring - Makes enemies move in slow motion.
- - Healing Ring - Gradually recovers HP.
- - Protection Ring - Makes you invincible.

- - Medicinal Herb - Refills HP completely.
- - Brocia's Secret Medicine -
- - Mirror of Illusion - Stops all enemies for a short
        period of time.
- - Amulet - Damages all enemies on screen. Three shots.
- - Fairy Necklace -