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By Mr.Slam
e-mail: slam@tentacle.nl



V    - RINGS



Hello, this is a Faq/Walkthough for Ys 3 - The Wanderers from Ys. This is an
side-scrolling RPG. The game isn't large and it's fairly difficult. Please 
excuse me for my English. I find my English knowlegde quite well, but of
course I make mistakes. If you have any questions, which aren't answered in 
this Faq/Walkthrough, you can always e-mail me at slam@tentacle.nl.



Is his quest to stop evil, Adol will find several swords. Below is a list of
the swords you can find, with the prices and strenght. If there is a price, 
the sword must be found in a dungeon, or given to you by some one.
Also every sword is described.

Sword                Price            Additional Strength
Short Sword          400 Gold                 10
Long Sword            --                      30
Broad Sword         8000 Gold                 60
Banded Slayer         --                      90 
Flame Sword           --                     135

Short Sword   : This sword is light and easy to handle, but it is not                         powerful.

Long Sword    : It is one meter long. This sword belongs to Duran at the mine 

Broad Sword   : This sword is made of pure steel. It is unwieldy and                          powerful.

Banded Slayer : It was the favorite sword of Dogi's Master for many years. It                 is easy to use and very powerful.

Flame Sword   : The most powerful sword in the region. This flame wielding                    sword has no enemy if it is used by an expert swordsman.



Below is a list of types of Armor you can find throughout the game.
Every Armor is described too.

Armor                Price            Additional Strength
Leather Armor        300 Gold                 10
Chain Armor         1500 Gold                 30
Plate Mail            --                      50
Banded Armor       12000 Gold                 70 
Flame Armor           --                      95

Leather Armor : This armor is made of many layers of horse sides. It is light
                and doesn't restrict movements but it lacks as a good
                protective gear. 

Chain Armor   : This is made of chains and is very heavy. It is also counted
                as good protective gear.

Plate Mail    : The Plate Mail is made of pure steel. It is heavy and
                cumbersome, but it can withstand a pretty good fight.

Banded Armor  : It is easy to get and is good protective gear.

Battle Armor  : This is the best armor along with a Battle Shield. You will
                be surprised by the effectiveness of this armor.



Along with an armor, Adol can also use a shield. Below are the shield
describes and listed.

Shield               Price            Additional Strength
Wood Shield          200 Gold                  5
Small Shield          --                      10
Large Shield        6000 Gold                 15
Banded Shield      10000 Gold                 25 
Battle Shield         --                      40

Wood Shield   : It is made of wood. This armor is light and uncumbersome, but
                it's relatively poor as protective gear. 

Small Shield  : This is smaller than a Wood Shield. It is made of an alloy
                and is very strong.

Large Shield  : This is larger than a Small Shield and is also made of an 

Banded Shield : This shield is sufficiant to protect a fighter; therefor
                one who dons the shield will have no worries during the fight. 

Battle Shield : This is the best shield along with the Battle Armor.



Rings can aid you in your quest. They will give you a special ability. Here
are the rings listed, with there ability.

Power Ring   : When you wear this ring, you double your fighting power.

Shield Ring  : When you wear this ring, you double your defensive power.

Time Ring    : This ring governs time and cuts an enemy's speed in half.

Heal Ring    : When you wear this ring, you have the power to revive the dead.

Protect Ring : When you wear this ring, you are protected and void any enemy



In the Wanderers from Ys 3 Adol can get up to 12 levels. You can reach a
higher level by getting experience points. Below is a table with the level
and the experience points needed to reach the level.

Level        Hit Points          Experience points
  1              20                      -- 
  2              40                     300                
  3              60                    1000
  4              80                    3000
  5             100                    6000 
  6             120                   10000
  7             140                   15000
  8             160                   20000
  9             180                   30000 
 10             200                   40000
 11             220                   50000
 12             255                   65535




 - Explore the town.

 - Buy a Wood Shield, Short Sword, Leather Armor and a Herb.

 Here's what the town looks like:

    1   2   3   4   5

 1. Dogi's house
 2. Empty house
 3. Grandma Ada's house 
 4. Item shop
 5. Weapon/Armor shop

 - When you exit the town there will be an injured miner. 

 - Go to the Tigre Mine to save the Mayor.


 Items : - Power Ring   
         - Roy's Pendant
         - Key to the Warehouse
         - Long Sword (After boss)

 Boss  : Duran

 - Go to the miner he will give you the Warehouse Key
 - Enter the Warehouse and defeat Duran. You'll need to be about level 3 to
   beat him.  

 - Go back to the miner and go all the way down. When you have Roy's pendant,
   go back to town

 - Show Roy's pendant to Grandma Ada and she'll give you the Shield Ring.

 - Return to the Tigre Mines. 

 - Go all the way down, where you see a waterfall.

 - Defeat the second boss and you'll get the Sunset Statue.

 - Talk to Mayor Grady. You'll also encounter Chester. When the conversation
   is over return to town.


 - Go to Dogi's house.

 - Elena will tell you about Chester, the man you have met at the Mines.

 - Go to the Alcaino Ruins.


 - Walk all the way across the ruins.

 - After a while you'll see brother Reine and Chester and listen to their

 - You are captured and thrownin the Lava Pit


 - Speed your way to the left.

 - Get the Herb in the top left corner.

 - Train levels if you need to, the Herb returns after you have left the

 - Go down and exit right. A Lava flow will follow you.

 - Keep walking and beat the Fire Dragon at the end.
   You'll receive the Stone Idol. 

 - Go to the point where you were dropped and exit to the right. Now you can
   walk across the lave waterfall.

 - You'll meet Elena and hear Chester. You hide behind a door. There you will
   find a hidden door.

 - Move all the way to the right and beat the Wyvern. You get the 2nd Statue.

 - Head back to the hidden passage. You'll meet Chester there who prepares
   to fight you. Elena talks him out of it and Chester leaves.

 - Head back to town.


 - When you enter the town, Dogi tells you he's leaving. He's going to
   Mt.Seko to his teacher.

 - Go to the 'empty house' to meet the Mayor.

 - When he asks you to join, say 'yes'.

 - He'll give you the Time Ring.
 - Return to the Tigre Mine


 - Go to the door which you couldn't enter at first.

 - Walk all the way through to the left, take the Crystal.

 - Walk back and go down.

 - At the miners open the treasure chest by using the crystal and obtain
   the tablet.

 - The Miners leave, the one that remains tell you about a legend.

 - Walk on and get the Plate Mail. Then go down.

 - At the end you'll have to fight the boss. After hiss defeat, you get the
   light statue.

 - Return to Mayor Grady.


 - When you arrive you hear a conversation between King McGuire and Mayor

 - He asks you to take a letter to Dogi's Master at Mt.Seko.

** MT.SEKO **

 - Walk directly to the Cave of Evil.

 - Go all the way to the right until to leave the cave.

 - Go to the house. You'll receive the Banded Slayer.

 - Now move all the way to the right until you have to fight the Wing Bird.

 - After beating it, you'll get the flame statue. 

 - When you get back to the statue you've passed, the road down will open.

 - Go into the second cave and defeat the dragon to get the last statue.

 - Chester finds you in the cave, but the curse causes the cave the cave-in.
   He explains why he needs the statues. Then Dogi digs you out of the cave.
   Together with Dogi you return to town.


 - The people are kidnapped by the King and you must rescue them. You also 
   get the Healing Ring.


 - Don't go to the barrier, but go upstairs.

 - Take the Battle Shield on your way to the boss.

 - Defeat him and you receive the Red Bracelet.

 - Go back to the barrier. Now you can pass.

 - First go down and take the Battle Armor, the move on and fight the

 - Enter the church. You will encounter Elena, who followed you, and Merland,
   a servant of the King. He'll open the passage and escape. Follow him.

 - Walk all the way passed the dungeon cell to the Blue Knight. Beat him and
   use the prisoncell key to open the prison. 

 - Talk to the soldier, Roy and Pierre. They will give you the Blue Bracelet
   and a Herb 

 - Go to the Bell Tower


 - Move your way up to the top of the Bell Tower. There you must defeat       
 - The King calls you. He will give you the Goblin Statue.

 - When you leave Elena is kidnapped. Go back to town.


 - Go to the Mayor's house. From him you will get the Fire Jewel.

 - Now you will have to go to Demanicus Island.


 - Equip the Red Jewel to create a ray of light.
 - There are no item, so you can just go to Demanicus and fight the Final
   Battle. Beware though, you'll walk in a circle easily. But I'll leave the  
   way up to you.