ArkanoidA classic, and fun11/01/998/10
Bad News BaseballDon't be fooled by the kiddie look; this is one of the best NES baseball games11/01/999/10
Balloon FightInteresting idea but hampered by spotty control11/01/996/10
BaseballMade around the same time as Urban Champion and Golf.... and it shows11/01/993/10
Baseball Simulator 1.000One of the best baseball games on the NES....... Ultra Plays too11/01/998/10
Blades of SteelThe best NES hockey game11/01/998/10
Cyber Stadium Series: Base WarsGreat concept and tons of options, but the gameplay on the field is lacking11/01/996/10
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaCertainly a unique concept.........not bad11/01/997/10
Disney's The Little MermaidDefinitely a kids game; very easy11/01/996/10
Double DragonNot a bad punch and kick game, a classic, worth a look11/01/997/10
Double Dragon II: The RevengeA worthy follow up to the first game, much of the same11/01/998/10
Double Dragon III: The Sacred StonesToo hard................. disappointing11/01/995/10
Dr. MarioAddictive puzzle game, but second to Tetris11/01/998/10
ExcitebikeIt's old, but fun...... it has a track editor!11/01/998/10
GolfThe flaws make this game too hard.............11/01/993/10
Ice ClimberAn old NES game, nothing spectacular11/01/996/10
Ice HockeyVery early hockey game.........average11/01/995/10
Ikari III: The RescueAverage, average, average..................11/01/994/10
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship GolfNot a bad NES golf game11/01/997/10
Kung FuSimple game.............. too simple to recommend11/01/993/10
Lunar PoolA bizarre, fun pool game11/01/998/10
Mario Bros.Before Super Mario Bros, this game existed..........11/01/997/10
Mighty Final FightVery fun side scroller11/01/999/10
Nuts & MilkNot much depth, but it is a little fun11/01/996/10
Pac-ManA classic, and unchanged... whether that's good or bad is up to you11/01/998/10
PaperboyA unique concept and a fun game11/01/997/10
PinballSimple yet very fun game11/01/998/10
R.C. Pro-AmYears later, still a fun racer11/01/997/10
R.C. Pro-Am IIA great racing game that adds to the original11/01/999/10
Rad RacerWell done racer11/01/997/10
Rainbow IslandsVery fun hop'n'bopper11/01/998/10
RampageA fun action game that's worth a look11/01/997/10
River City RansomMaybe the most underrated game ever.............11/01/999/10
Skate or DiePretty fun skateboarding game11/01/997/10
Smash T.V.A simple game that's pretty fun11/01/997/10
Snow BrothersA nice but average action game11/01/996/10
Solomon's KeyA nice and very hard maze game11/01/997/10
Super Dodge BallA very fun sports game11/01/999/10
Super Mario Bros. 2Different from the other Mario games......... but still a good game11/01/998/10
Super Mario Bros. 3Possibly the best NES game11/01/9910/10
Super SprintSimple but fun racer11/01/997/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)An average game, with a few bright spots sprinkled in11/01/997/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade GameGreat side scroller11/01/998/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectBest of the three NES Turtle games11/01/999/10
TennisLike Baseball and Golf, only Tennis11/01/994/10
TetrisStill as fun today as it was when it came out11/01/9910/10
The Bugs Bunny Crazy CastleNot a bad game........ but nothing great11/01/996/10
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsHard game, doesn't appeal to everyone11/01/996/10
Trog!Very fun action/maze game11/01/999/10
Urban ChampionSets a new standard for shallow gameplay..............11/01/992/10
Who Framed Roger RabbitA pretty good adventure/RPG11/01/998/10
WWF WrestleManiaReally, really old, but still has a charm11/01/995/10
WWF Wrestlemania ChallengeAn average NES wrestling game11/01/997/10

Super Nintendo

ActRaiserA very unique game in which you play a God11/01/997/10
American GladiatorsNot a deep game, not very good either.............11/01/993/10
Battletoads & Double DragonSometimes fun, but difficult game11/25/006/10
Cool SpotAn average platformer11/01/996/10
D-ForceAn early SNES shooter, but worth a look11/01/996/10
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfChallenging helicopter game11/01/997/10
Donkey Kong CountryGreat graphics, fun platformer11/01/998/10
Final Fantasy IIA great RPG, worth playing11/01/9910/10
Final FightVery good side scroller11/01/997/10
Final Fight 2Not as good as the first11/01/996/10
Jurassic ParkGood adventure game with some slight RPG elements11/01/998/10
Killer InstinctImpressive graphics, big combos...... not as good as Street Fighter11/01/997/10
Mario PaintUnique "game", worth a look11/01/998/10
Mega Man XMaybe the best Mega Man game of them all11/01/999/10
Mega Man X3Another awesome X game from Capcom12/02/019/10
Mortal KombatMostly hype with little substance11/01/996/10
Mortal Kombat 3Not as good as the second game............11/01/997/10
Mortal Kombat IIThe best of the SNES MK games.........11/01/998/10
NBA JamNot a bad game...... but NBA Jam T.E. is a better bet11/01/997/10
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionBetter than the first, and fun11/01/998/10
NHLPA Hockey 93The worst of the long line of EA Sports hockey games11/01/995/10
Pac-Man 2: The New AdventuresNot your regular Pac Man; an adventure game that's not too bad11/01/997/10
PilotwingsOne of the first SNES games, but still a great one.11/01/998/10
Pit-FighterWorst SNES game ever12/30/001/10
Saturday Night Slam MastersHalf wrestling, half fighting11/01/997/10
SimAntVery unique game.... some flaws, but worth a look11/01/997/10
SimCityIf you like simulations, this is one of the best11/01/999/10
Sonic Blast ManA solid side-scrolling fighter12/29/007/10
Street Fighter IINothing wrong with it, just that Turbo and Super Street Fighter 2 are better11/01/997/10
Street Fighter II TurboA great fighter..... only better one for the SNES is Super Street Fighter 211/01/998/10
Super Adventure Island IIHas RPG elements, but mostly a side scroller11/01/997/10
Super Baseball Simulator 1.000Unrealistic, but very fun baseball game11/01/997/10
Super Bomberman 2Fun game, multiplayer is great11/01/998/10
Super Mario All-StarsCombines four Mario games in one cart, great idea11/01/998/10
Super Mario KartAfter much thinking, I gave this game a rare 10.............11/01/9910/10
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsA lighthearted, fun and well made RPG11/26/0010/10
Super Mario WorldFirst SNES game, well made11/01/998/10
Super Punch-Out!!One of the best games on the SNES11/01/999/10
Super R-TypeA VERY hard shooter................11/01/996/10
Super Smash T.V.Addictive, mindless fun11/26/008/10
Super Street Fighter IIThe best fighting game for the SNES, period11/01/999/10
Super TennisFun game, one of the first SNES games11/01/997/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeAbove average, though easy, side scroller11/01/999/10
Tetris AttackAn amazingly addictive puzzle game12/30/0010/10
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastThe best game ever created11/23/0010/10
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareNot deep enough to recommend11/01/996/10
Total CarnageSmash TV in a different setting11/01/997/10
Wolfenstein 3DIf you're buying a SNES first person shooter, get Doom11/01/996/10
WWF RawThe best of the WWF SNES games11/01/998/10
WWF Royal RumblePretty fun wrestling game, worth a look11/01/998/10
WWF Super WrestlemaniaNot as good as Royal Rumble or Raw...........11/01/996/10
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade GameNot worthy of the WWF name..............11/01/995/10