Arcade Games

T-MekUnlimited Shields07/18/01
T-MekUnlimited Special Weapons07/18/01


BurgerTime50,000 Points08/05/01
Donkey KongClimb ladders faster08/05/01
Donkey KongTeleport08/05/01
IllusionsChange the Music08/05/01
Mr. Do!Codes06/29/03
Mr. Do!Freeze all enemies08/05/01
Root Beer TapperTransport to the Front of the Bar08/05/01
Spy HunterControl the Supply truck08/05/01

Game Boy Color

Harvest Moon 2 GBCFree 1,000 Gold02/01/01
Harvest Moon 2 GBCHidden Warp12/03/00
Harvest Moon 2 GBCHorse Race Game02/01/01
Heroes of Might and MagicHidden "Teleport" Spell11/24/02
Heroes of Might and MagicRandom New Spells12/20/00
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of AgesSecret GBA shop06/22/01
WarlockedSpecial Codes02/01/01

Nintendo 64

Harvest Moon 64Infinite Music Boxes06/28/01
World Driver ChampionshipBird's Eye View02/26/01


Hardball 6Beginning of Game Codes06/30/01
Hardball 6Have Babe Ruth on your team06/27/01
Hardball 6In-Game Cheat Codes07/02/01
Hardball 6Open up secret Tetris game07/01/01
Hardball 6Player Stat Cheats06/20/01
Hardball 6Season Menu Codes07/02/01
Hardball 6Team Stats Cheats07/01/01
Hardball 6Unlockables07/01/01
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of DeathCheat Codes02/03/02
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century CombatLevel Select12/21/01
OutpostDisaster Menu06/27/01
OutpostEdit your colony's morale, education, and crime level06/24/01
OutpostInfinite Resources06/22/01
OutpostMass Driver Crash at the Rebel Colony06/24/01
The Elder Scrolls III: BloodmoonAnother Secret Debug Room07/20/03
The Elder Scrolls III: BloodmoonConsole Cheats07/11/03
The Elder Scrolls III: BloodmoonSecret Debug Room With All Items In It07/19/03
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindCheat codes06/30/02
The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalAnother Secret Debug Room07/18/03
The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalConsole Cheats07/04/03
The Elder Scrolls III: TribunalSecret Debug Room With All Items In It07/18/03
Warcraft II: EditionMutli-Cast Glitch11/24/02
Warcraft II: EditionPasswords02/07/05

Super Nintendo

Ballz 3DCodes08/22/02
Pac-In-TimeStage Select02/27/01
Super Mario All-Stars(SMB1) Warp Zone to Level 2, 3, and 408/23/01
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareExtra Lives in Itchy and Scratchy Game12/20/00