Arcade Games

Cruis'n WorldExtra Tracks08/01/01

Game Boy

TetrisDisable the 'Next' box08/30/01

Game Boy Color

Tetris DXDisable the 'next' box09/21/01
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DXMissile Shots06/30/01


B.O.B.Level Passwords09/05/01
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge GolfChange the wind conditions09/30/01


FaxanaduEasy Money07/06/01
Pro WrestlingBattle the Great Puma09/01/01


Betrayal at KrondorDuplicate Items06/30/01
Death RallyIn-Game Cheat Codes09/02/01
Death RallyMenu Cheats09/02/01
Deer Hunter 3Codes02/13/02
Monster Truck MadnessCodes08/04/02
NHL 98Codes02/11/03
Pizza TycoonFurniture Bug09/10/01
Pizza TycoonInsurance Fraud09/10/01
Pizza TycoonLong term benifits09/10/01
Pizza TycoonNumbers for 'Ice Cream' dealers09/10/01
SimCity 2000Controlling which kind of military base you will get08/23/01
SimCity 2000Shoot down helicopters09/30/01
Starcraft: Brood WarPlay Secret Zerg Level09/25/01
The Settlers II Gold EditionCheat mode06/30/01
War WindGet 5000 RP09/21/01
War WindMaximize Prestige09/21/01
War WindRecruit people faster09/07/01
War WindRemove Fog of War09/05/01
War WindSpeedy resourse gathering and building09/28/01
War WindWin battle09/21/01
War WindWin campaign09/21/01
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansCheats02/02/04

Super Nintendo

Super Mario All-Stars(SMB1) Fireworks09/19/01
Super Mario All-StarsCodes08/31/01