Brave Fencer MusashiWHAT WERE THEY THINKING?11/01/994/10
Chocobo's Dungeon 2Get throught the beginning and it is very good.01/03/008/10
Chrono CrossUndeniably the best 32-bit release for Squaresoft since Final Fantasy VII and an excellent addition to Chrono Trigger.08/21/0010/10
Colony WarsA wicked action shooter03/07/008/10
Colony Wars: VengeanceA descent space shooter, but it fails to retain the quality of the first.03/18/006/10
Dragon Ball GT: Final BoutBetter than Ehrgiez? Best Fighting game on Playstation? Best Fighting game out there? Yes02/29/0010/10
EhrgeizWicked Fighting Engine for the PSX08/19/009/10
Final Fantasy AnthologyBest game ever?..... Oh Yeah!!!11/01/9910/10
Final Fantasy CollectionWhy oh why didn't this game make it the American shores? The best 3 FFs in one box and we missed it!03/07/0010/10
Final Fantasy IXOld school RPGers rejoice! This is probably Squaresoft's best effort on the PSX08/21/0010/10
Final Fantasy TacticsThe Pinnacle of tactics gaming!!!!11/01/9910/10
Final Fantasy VIISquaresoft is a god!!!03/15/0010/10
Final Fantasy VIIISquaresoft is triumphant yet again.08/21/009/10
Gran TurismoThe most comprehensive, realistic, and addictive racing game ever04/15/0010/10
Gran Turismo 2Despite its numerous flaws, Gran Turismo 2 retains the title as the most complex, realistic, and greatest racing game.04/16/0010/10
GrandiaFrom the makers of Lunar comes an even greater accomplishment01/07/009/10
Legend of Legaia1999 RPG of the year? COULD BE!!!!11/01/999/10
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteYour Shooting Star has arrived11/01/999/10
Metal Gear SolidIntensely fun gameplay that is REALLY hard to find....Don't pass this one up!!!02/13/0010/10
Parasite EveScience class meets Steven King= Parasite Eve11/01/997/10
SaGa FrontierOne of the most under appreciated as well as diversely rated games ever.08/30/009/10
SaGa Frontier 2Squaresoft's other series has got a new masterpiece.03/03/0010/10
Shadow MadnessA very poorly constructed RPG........11/01/993/10
Silent HillThe Most Disturbing Game Ive Ever Played!10/17/019/10
Star Ocean: The Second StoryAnother candidate for 1999 RPG of the year!!!11/01/999/10
Syphon Filter 2An awesome action game, but only for those who have mastered the original Syphon Filter.03/19/0010/10
Tales of DestinyThis Tale was destined to be at the top11/01/998/10
The Legend of DragoonSony V.S. Square....Who will win?07/02/0010/10
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterThe best Non-RPG game ever made!01/24/0010/10
Vandal Hearts IIBest tactics game since FF Tactics.02/02/009/10
Wild ARMs 2Am awesome RPG adventure that blows its predecessor right out of the water.06/16/009/10
XenogearsSquare doesn't stop spitting out great games!11/01/998/10