4x4 Evolution4x4 Racing Improves!!!04/08/018/10
AirForce DeltaEveryone should have this game!!!07/09/0010/10
Cannon SpikeClassic Capcom Characters in an All Out Shooter!03/16/028/10
Crazy TaxiThis is the game!!!07/21/009/10
Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Oratorio TangramThis game if for YOU!!!07/21/009/10
Grand Theft Auto 2Kill'em and Steal'em!!!07/22/009/10
Grandia IIA Great Game for my 100th Review!!!04/08/019/10
Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the AshesRealistic Gundam action with lots of eye candy!!!07/21/039/10
Hydro ThunderRacing like this couldn't be better???07/22/008/10
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Renpou vs. Zeon DXGundam+Capcom+DX Version=Killer Action!!!07/20/039/10
Marvel vs. CapcomThis is how it should be!!!07/22/009/10
NFL 2KThe most realistic it'll ever be!!! For now.07/22/009/10
NFL 2K1Does it get better than this? NO!!!11/16/0010/10
NFL Blitz 2000A no holds football game. COOL!!!07/16/009/10
Power Stone3D Just might be!!!07/22/009/10
Sega Bass FishingFishing was never this real!!!07/23/008/10
Sega SwirlLike Tetris but funner!!!07/23/009/10
ShenmueDoesn't have a 10 but is my FAVORITE GAME EVER!!!02/08/019/10
Skies of ArcadiaRPGs at their Best!!!04/01/029/10
Sonic AdventureSonic is back and with a new lightspeed DASH!!!07/23/009/10
Speed DevilsFast Cars, NOS and Gambling! What more could you want?07/18/017/10
Street Fighter III: Double ImpactStreet Fighters back and better than ever!!! Almost07/08/009/10
The House of the Dead 2Short, Sweet, Hard!!!07/22/009/10
The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999Could've been better. Alot!!!07/22/007/10
TNN Motorsports HardCore HeatAverage!!!04/08/018/10
Zero Gunner 2One of the best shooters! Too bad it was so late.01/04/039/10