Arcade Games

Alpine SurferCharacters05/15/02
Aqua JetPlay as a Penguin05/15/02
Crazy TaxiAlternate Starting Point05/15/02
Crazy TaxiSpeed Boost05/15/02
Daytona USA 2Extra Features07/22/02
Guitar FreaksMisc. Codes05/15/02
HyperDriveNew Modes05/15/02
JoJo's VenturePlay as Dio05/15/02
JoJo's VenturePlay as Shadow Dio05/15/02
JoJo's VenturePlay as Young Joseph05/15/02
Ninja MastersTime Attack Mode05/12/02
Samurai Shodown IVCheats05/12/02
Street Fighter Alpha 2Background Select05/12/02
Top SkaterEnter at character select screen05/12/02
Top SkaterPlay as Body Boarder05/12/02
Top SkaterSuper Deformed Mode05/12/02
Vampire Savior: The Lord of VampireCharacters05/12/02


Dead or Alive 2Taunt Opponent03/19/02
MDK2Alternate Camera Angles03/19/02
Sega Smash Pack Volume 1Virtua Cop 2 Codes10/03/02
Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power BattlesUnlockable Characters12/29/01
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixEnter these codes during gameplay and enter all buttons at the same time03/19/02

Game Boy

Adventure IslandStage Select11/22/01
Battle Unit ZeothInvulnerability and Stage Select11/18/01
Castlevania II: Belmont's RevengePasswords08/18/02
Mega Man IICodes04/11/03
Mega Man IVPasswords04/14/03
Mega Man VArm Cannon Upgrade11/17/01
Mega Man VUltimate Password11/17/01

Game Boy Advance

BackTrackCheat Passwords08/25/02
Men in Black: The SeriesOther Passwords03/30/02
NickToons RacingCheat Codes07/20/02
Star XCheat Passwords07/20/02
Tetris WorldsCodes08/25/02
The Scorpion King: Sword of OsirisStage & Character Select07/20/02
Wario Land 4Unlockables08/18/02

Game Boy Color

Army Men 2Level Passwords01/06/02
Chicken RunPasswords06/01/03
Disney/Pixar Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandLevel Passwords01/06/02
RaymanGameplay Codes04/07/01


Fantasy ZoneInvincibility05/12/02
LemmingsLevel Select05/12/02
Mega ManFinal level passwords01/03/02
Shining Force: The Sword of HajyaHard Mode05/12/02
Sonic LabyrinthStage Select05/12/02


Ecco: The Tides of TimeHard Mode03/19/02
Jurassic ParkDebug Mode03/19/02
Mega Man: The Wily WarsUnlock Wily Tower08/16/02
NBA Hang TimePINs05/19/02
NBA Hang TimeTonight's Match-Up Codes05/19/02


Twinkle Star SpritesFight as Memory05/15/02
Twinkle Star SpritesFight as Sprites05/15/02


Mega ManThe Select Trick12/30/01
Mega Man 2Passwords04/13/04
Mega Man 3Passwords02/10/02
Mega Man 4Pharaoh Shot Energy Trick01/02/02
Mega Man 5M-Tank Trick01/06/02
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosCodes12/09/02
SeicrossStage select11/20/01
Star Trek: The Next GenerationPasswords02/05/02
Super CCodes08/28/00
Tecmo World WrestlingCodes06/30/02
Tetris (Tengen)Codes11/20/01

Nintendo 64

All-Star Baseball 2001Cheat Codes09/12/00
Asteroids Hyper 64Codes10/09/00
In-Fisherman Bass Hunter 64Passwords02/18/02
NFL QB Club 2001Passwords05/11/02
Robotron 64Codes05/29/01
Robotron 64Passwords04/17/01
Top Gear Rally 2Code03/16/02
Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionPasswords05/01/06
Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of FateFight Codes03/16/02


C-12: Final ResistanceCodes09/22/02
Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse JamesCheat Menu09/22/02
Largo Winch .//Commando SarCheat Menu09/22/02
Mega Man 4Passwords06/04/03
Mega Man 4Unlockables01/02/02
Pitfall 3D: Beyond the JunglePitfall 2600 Codes03/21/02
Playstation Underground Vol. 4 Issue 2Metal Gear Solid 2 Trailer03/21/02
PO'edMisc. Codes11/26/01
Power Rangers: Lightspeed RescueCodes11/22/03
RockManMusic Remix12/29/01
RockManUnlock Boss Attack Mode01/02/02
RockMan 2Music Remix12/29/01
RockMan 2Passwords06/04/03
RockMan 2Unlockables01/02/02
RockMan 3Misc. Passwords06/04/03
RockMan 3Music Remix12/29/01
RockMan 3Unlock Boss Attack Mode01/02/02
RockMan 5M-Tank Trick02/03/02
RockMan 5Passwords06/04/03
RockMan 5Unlock Sound Room01/02/02
RockMan 6Passwords06/04/03
RockMan 6Unlock Sound Test Mode01/02/02
RockMan Battle & ChaseMisc. Unlockables06/20/03
SkullMonkeysMisc. Codes11/23/00
Street Fighter CollectionVarious secret characters11/18/01
Tecmo World GolfMisc. Codes03/21/02
TekkenGalaga Mini Game Continue Code12/30/01
Tekken 2Misc. Codes03/18/01
The Simpsons WrestlingButton Combination Cheats10/21/01
Thunder Truck RallyMisc. Codes12/30/01
TNN Motor Sports Hardcore 4x4Misc. Passwords03/21/02

PlayStation 2


AstalHelpful Codes07/07/01
Crusader: No RemorseMission Passcodes07/22/01
Cyber SpeedwayHide Gauges and Meters05/14/02
Dark SaviorKeyboard Sound Test05/14/02
DoomLots Of Goodies05/13/02
Grid RunnerPasswords05/13/02
GunGriffonVarious cheats codes.11/18/03
LoadedCheat Menu05/13/02
Machine HeadCheat Passwords05/13/02
Magic Knight RayearthCodes11/18/03
Road & Track Presents: The Need for SpeedSecret Password05/13/02
Tempest 2000Stage Select05/13/02
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkPasswords09/23/01
Virtual-On: Cyber TroopersCodes08/23/01

Super Nintendo

Mega Man 7Different Shade Man Music12/30/01
Mega Man 7Level Passwords12/16/02
Mega Man X3Passwords12/16/02
RockMan & ForteErase CDs Code02/13/02


Bonk's RevengeCheat Codes06/02/02


Bruce Lee: Quest of the DragonBruce Challenges08/25/02
Hunter: The ReckoningCheat Codes08/22/02
Mad Dash RacingIn-game cheats05/28/03
The Simpsons: Road RageButton Codes01/22/02