A Nightmare on Elm StreetClassic movie, forgettable game.11/01/994/10
CastlevaniaThe beginnings of greatness.02/14/007/10
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestThe red-headed stepchild of the NES Castlevanias.02/14/008/10
Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseInnovative, but the series is beginning to show its age.02/19/007/10
Caveman GamesIs this funny...or just horrible?11/01/993/10
Code Name: ViperExtremely realistic for its time, Code Name: Viper doesn't disappoint.11/01/997/10
CrystalisSometimes the most unexpected games are the ones that pleasantly surprise us.02/23/008/10
Disney's DuckTalesThe Capcom Disney adaptation with the most personality.03/20/007/10
Double Dragon II: The RevengeAn interesting sequel to the original slugfest, marred by quirky control.02/28/005/10
Dragon WarriorThe game that shackled me to Nintendo Power...but I didn't mind.04/01/008/10
Dragon Warrior IIIEnix recovers from a dissapointing first sequel to Dragon Warrior.02/16/008/10
Dragon Warrior IVThis game is saved by the chapter system.02/26/006/10
Final FantasyDragon Warrior began the console RPG phenomenon; Final Fantasy perfected it.05/25/008/10
Gremlins 2: The New BatchAn interesting movie to game adaptation built on a solid game engine.11/01/997/10
Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder HerbsThis is an average mishmash of action and a little bit of adventure.11/01/996/10
Legacy of the Wizardfor its time (and even now), a refreshing game11/01/996/10
Little Nemo: The Dream Masterone of the most overlooked games out there11/01/998/10
Milon's Secret CastleThe Guilty Pleasure Game of 1999. Seriously.11/01/995/10
Monster PartyThis ain't no party, believe me.02/09/003/10
Power BladeIt's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Mega Man clone!11/01/995/10
Robo WarriorIt's time for me to cast a critical eye at my leasy favorite game of all.02/29/003/10
Rush'n AttackRush N' Attack...hmm...Russian Attack?...nah...11/01/995/10
Spy HunterAn influential (and imperfect) game.11/01/995/10
Super Mario Bros. 2I loved this game. Others won't even touch it with a 10-foot pole. That's the price Nintendo pays for doing something different.02/24/008/10
The Battle of OlympusThat's just it, it's a Zelda 2 clone...06/06/006/10
The Karate, can they ruin a movie-to-game adaptation.04/13/005/10
Whomp 'EmNative American heroes get their due in this engaging platformer.11/01/996/10
Willowa good example of a movie adapted to a game11/01/996/10
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkThe Zelda series has never felt so expansive and fantastic.06/12/009/10


Battle Arena Toshinden 2Heh...a blast to play at first.05/24/005/10
Brain Dead 13as FMV games go, this ranks high.11/01/996/10
Breath of Fire IIICapcom updates the Breath of Fire series.05/17/007/10
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightKonami did the right thing with this one.06/13/009/10
Clock TowerIts heart is in the right place...but everything else is missing.05/27/005/10
Crash Team RacingI really wanted to give this game a 10...02/10/007/10
Darkstalkers: The Night WarriorsFrightening good fun from Capcom.02/11/005/10
Final Fantasy AnthologyHmm...Square releases two of its SNES classics for the Playstation.06/16/008/10
Final Fantasy VIIIt's.....good, but certainly not perfect!11/01/997/10
King's Field IIThis is one possible bright future for role playing games.11/01/997/10
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteA refresher course in how good RPGs used to be.11/01/997/10
Pocket FighterPossibly the best Capcom fighter for the Playstation11/01/998/10
Resident EvilCapcom introduces the mainstream to a whole new type of game.06/07/008/10
Resident Evil 2The classic survival horror game loses its feel with this prettier (but shallower sequel).05/10/006/10
SuikodenA refreshing game from Konami.06/05/008/10
Suikoden IIMan, and the first one was my favorite...02/11/006/10
Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboCapcom scores with a fun, easy-to-play puzzle game.03/20/007/10
Tetris PlusTetris is beginning to show its age.01/20/016/10
Theme Hospital"Doctor, attend in psychiatry please."02/08/008/10
Theme ParkA great idea marred by a major flaw.02/08/005/10
Vandal HeartsA flawed but highly enjoyable journey.01/22/017/10
WWF War Zonefinally, a wrestling game that does justice to the theatrics found in on the TV!11/01/998/10

Super Nintendo

ActRaiserA promising first-generation hybrid game for the Super Nintendo.02/19/006/10
ActRaiser 2A company takes their famous series to new heights.02/11/008/10
Breath of FireFinally, a decent RPG that's NOT originally from the brahmins at Square.02/27/007/10
Breath of Fire IIThere are some great ideas here.02/29/007/10
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit RampageThis platformer just needs some structure to hold everything together.04/14/006/10
EarthBoundA mixed bag, but this is an old-school RPG with an off-beat glaze.02/19/007/10
Earthworm Jim 2Puppies and grannies and cows, oh my!03/02/007/10
Fatal FuryStreet Fighter minus innovation equals Fatal Fury11/01/996/10
Fatal Fury 2The best of the pretenders to Street FIghter's throne.11/01/998/10
Final Fantasy IIFinal Fantasy 2 achieves the goal to which every game should aspire.05/09/0010/10
King of DragonsFinal Fight with a fantasy twist and repetitive levels11/01/996/10
Lufia & the Fortress of DoomDon't dismiss this game.03/01/008/10
Mario PaintNintendo scores with an innovative approach to SNES creativity.04/18/006/10
Paladin's QuestThe best RPG that Enix released on the SNES in the United States.02/21/007/10
Secret of ManaI could just sit here and cycle through the menus all day long...02/11/008/10
Street Fighter IIThe game that made me gain 10 pounds as an impressionable teenager.02/11/008/10
Super Adventure IslandA musical masterpiece and a platforming rehash.04/07/007/10
Super Castlevania IVCastlevania continues to age, but it does so gracefully.02/20/008/10
Super Ghouls 'n GhostsCapcom releases one of the best 2D side-scrollers on th SNES next to Actraiser 2.02/21/007/10
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsRole Playing Games go mainstream with a little help from Mario and Square.02/23/007/10
Super Mario WorldThis is what happens when bad games happen to good mascots.02/14/006/10
Super MetroidCould I pleeeease turn off the mapping system?06/20/008/10
Super TennisTennis turns out to be pretty enjoyable on the Super Nintendo.02/22/006/10
The 7th SagaA promising game marred by Enix's chronic flaw.06/01/007/10
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastThe game destined to be a classic.02/09/009/10
The Magical Quest starring Mickey MousePlatformers can sometimes benefit from the right animated franchise.04/20/006/10
Zombies Ate My NeighborsCampy, horrific fun.04/21/007/10