Adventure IslandI kind of see the adventure. But where is the island?04/01/045/10
Adventures of Lolo 2How do Lolo and Lala reproduce? They have no…you know…04/15/048/10
Adventures of Lolo 3Go go Lolo!!!04/15/047/10
ArkanoidArkanoidholics Anonymous, patient # 4,039,693 reporting.04/01/049/10
Arkista's RingHere is a boring review for a boring game. How fitting.02/02/045/10
Baby BoomerSeriously. What the hell is this?03/01/041/10
HydlideThis game has only 1 purpose. To be stored under your bathroom sink in case you ever run out of toilet paper.02/28/042/10
Mega ManOn the seventh day God created Mega Man. Why did he wait so long?.01/17/048/10
Mega Man 2The beginning of too many sequels...03/06/049/10
Mega Man 3The best Mega Man game on the NES, and also where the series should have ended.03/06/049/10
Mega Man 4Watch out Mega Man! Its...Dust Man! Ahhh! O NO! Running out of boss names the 4th time around evidently01/20/046/10
Mega Man 5Mmmmm... Tastes like chicken, and yes that is a good thing.01/20/049/10
Mega Man 6Garbage. One of the worst Mega Man games to date and easily the worst on NES.01/13/044/10
Ninja GaidenNote to Tecmo. Less frustration more fun in games.03/18/047/10
Snow BrothersMario Brothers? Psshhh. More like...Snow Brothers...ok maybe not. This is still quite the nifty game though.03/02/048/10
Super CNo player 2 that’s my spread shot. No player 2. No player 2, that’s a bad player 2!!!04/06/048/10
Super Mario Bros.Egads Luigi tis a Goomba. *Stomps on its head*. Take that!!! What?!? Only 100 points?!? Arghhhh!!!04/15/046/10
Super Mario Bros. 2Almost as fun as taking an already released game, replacing the original characters with Mario characters, then selling it to Americans! Er, wait...03/09/048/10
The Legend of ZeldaAn incredible game, that may be the greatest game ever made.02/28/0410/10
Whomp 'EmCombine the Mega Man level format, with the Zelda 2 gameplay, and you get this very basic side scroller.02/29/046/10
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkHaha, good one Nintendo, now where is the real sequel to The Legend of Zelda… No seriously, where is it…03/16/046/10