Bloody RoarA typical fighting game with one extra can really change the complection of the game.02/11/008/10
Chrono CrossA "cross" between tradition and innovation, but some may not prefer the mixture.06/15/029/10
ECW Hardcore RevolutionHmmm, I think i'll play Attitude again.Oops, this is Hardcore Revolution! How could I make such a mistake?07/05/007/10
Final Fantasy VIIHuddle around the fireplace, children. It's time to hear a story.07/29/0210/10
Final Fantasy VIIINew ideas. Embrace them.07/09/029/10
GrandiaAlthough grandia's apparent audience is that of a younger class, it can be an enjoyable experience to all RPG gamers young and old.04/06/029/10
Jeopardy!this game is just too dull and wares off too quick to be fun.05/18/005/10
Madden NFL 2000At least I can still have fun when I'm down 42-3.05/20/009/10
Metal Gear SolidYou'll keep playing the game for the storyline alone, let alone all the other excellent elements.05/06/0010/10
MLB 2000MLB 2000 had potential, but it didn't completely capitalize.07/30/008/10
MLB 2001Although MLB 2001 still falls to EA's triple Play once again, many of the flaws found in MLB 2000 have been improved on, thus a better game.07/08/008/10
Mortal Kombat 3The Playstation port of MK3 finally does a bit of justice to the arcade.07/06/007/10
Mortal Kombat 4Mortal Kombat is falling. falling. Falling. and aren't stopping any time soon either.07/31/004/10
Mortal Kombat TrilogyMy fav MK game of all time.08/02/009/10
Nagano Winter Olympics '98I thought the gold medal is a good thing. pheh.08/03/002/10
NBA Live 2000Bottom line is, NBA live 2000 is the best basketball game on the playstation.08/07/0010/10
NBA Live 99The game that breathed new life back in to thee NBA live series.08/10/009/10
NCAA GameBreaker 99989. football games. I want sony back!08/10/007/10
NFL GameDay '97An old game that is still classic.08/12/008/10
NFL GameDay 98Still one of my favorite football games of all time.08/12/009/10
NFL GameDay 99A flop compared to previous Gamedays.02/14/006/10
PaRappa the RapperA fun musical game.01/17/009/10
PlayStationThe PlayStation is the best system ever, as of 4/6/2000.04/06/0010/10
South Park: Chef's Luv ShackUgh. And this game had potential too.02/29/004/10
Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom MenaceAside from a few graphical glitches, this game isn't that bad.11/01/997/10
Star Wars: Masters of Teras KasiPlease,'re not that good at action/adventure, now you're screwing up in fighting too?07/25/006/10
Street Fighter Alpha 3This game is a great choice for the advanced Street Fighter, but if you're just a beginner perfect your skills first.01/09/008/10
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsStreet Fighter beginners might like this one01/09/005/10
Triple Play 2000These Triple Plays just get better and better!01/22/009/10
Triple Play 98A fun baseball game.01/18/007/10
Triple Play 99Triple Play 99 captures all the high points of Triple Play and expands on them.01/22/008/10
Um Jammer LammyBoy! What a game!01/17/009/10
WCW MayhemEA's first attempt at a WCW game is no short of a success.06/07/009/10
WCW NitroThis game is just.Well, bad.06/04/005/10
WCW vs The WorldThis game sucks, no questions asked.12/07/991/10
WCW/nWo ThunderYes, a game that is worse than the game came before it. Nitro prevails over this.06/08/003/10
WWF AttitudeAttitude does two things well, solidifies the wrestling game as a05/28/008/10
WWF In Your HouseThe WWF meets mortal Kombat.06/04/008/10
WWF SmackDown!One of the most hyped video games I've seen in a while doesn't live up to expectations, yet it's still one hell of a game.06/03/009/10
WWF War ZoneThe beginning of wrestling gaming as we know it.05/29/008/10
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade GameFor a first attempt, this game isn't too bad, but please, pro wrestling not fighting!06/03/007/10
X-Men vs. Street FighterA game that was overshadowed by it's arcade brother too much to be recognized.02/10/007/10
You Don't Know JackOK by yourself, a blast with friends.01/14/007/10