4 Get ItLevel Passwords05/19/02
4D Sports DrivingRepair your vehicle for free04/09/03
After BurnerCheat Mode10/03/02
Cannon FodderIncrease the troop's ranks04/09/03
Cannon FodderInvincibility04/09/03
Cover Girl PokerChange the Scenery04/09/03
Desert StrikePasswords04/02/02
Fast FoodUpside Down Mode11/02/06
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool CoyoteStage 2 Level Warp (to Stage 4)12/19/07
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool CoyoteStage 4 Level Warp (to the Hidden Stage)12/19/07
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool CoyoteStage 5 Level Warp (to Stage 6)12/22/07
Frontier: Elite IIEasy Money04/09/03
James Pond 2: Codename RobocodPower Combo03/06/06
LegendLevel Passwords04/21/02
LemmingsSkip the Current Level03/30/03
Mobile WarfareLevel passwords04/09/03
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeCheat04/09/03
Oh No! More LemmingsLevel codes04/09/03
Parasol StarsCheats04/09/03
Pinball DreamsExtra balls on any table04/09/03
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsAccess different Levels04/09/03
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsGoto the last level04/09/03
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsMaximum Power04/09/03
PuggsyLevel Passwords04/13/03
Railroad TycoonGet an easy $500,00004/10/03
Scorched TanksCheats04/10/03
Sensible World of SoccerGet Good Players for Nothing04/10/03
Shadow of the BeastBecome Invincible04/10/03
Sid Meier's ColonizationMega cheat04/09/03
SlamTilt PinballGet 5 extra balls04/10/03
SlamTilt PinballView Hidden Messages04/10/03
SuperfrogLevel Passwords07/03/04
The Adventures of Robin HoodCheat Mode11/28/06
The Chaos EnginePasswords06/19/02
Tiny TroopsLevel Select04/10/03
Ugh!Level passwords04/10/03
Worms: The Director's CutCheat Codes03/22/07
Yosemite SamName entry cheats04/10/03
Yosemite SamOpen the Sprite Editor04/10/03
ZeewolfLevel Passwords04/09/03
Zeewolf 2Mission Passwords04/09/03

Commodore 64

James Pond 2: RobocodInvincibility Combo03/06/06
James Pond 2: RobocodPower Combo03/06/06
James Pond 2: RobocodUnlimited Lives Combo03/06/06


James Pond: Codename RobocodInvincibility Combo01/02/06
James Pond: Codename RobocodPower Combo03/06/06
James Pond: Codename RobocodUnlimited Lives Combo03/06/06

Game Boy Advance

James Pond: Codename RobocodPower Combo03/06/06
James Pond: Codename RobocodUnlimited Lives Combo03/06/06

Game Boy Color

FroggerCheat Mode04/04/03
FroggerStop the traffic and turtles04/04/03
Rugrats: Time TravellersPasswords01/05/01


Big Mutha TruckersCheat List09/16/03


James Pond II - Codename: RobocodPower Combo03/06/06
James Pond II - Codename: RobocodUnlimited Lives Combo03/06/06


Lemmings 2: The TribesLevel Passwords02/20/03
PuggsyBonus level password04/06/03
PuggsyIn game reset04/05/03
PuggsyUnlock all levels04/05/03


A.P.B.Refuel at double rate04/10/03
Chip's ChallengeMandelbrot generator04/10/03
Crystal Mines IILevel Select04/11/03
Crystal Mines IIOne million points bonus04/11/03
ElectrocopPlay mini-games04/11/03
Gates of ZendoconLevel Passwords04/11/03
LemmingsLevel Passwords07/24/02
PonxCheat Codes04/11/03


Oh No! More LemmingsSkip current level03/30/03
The Ultimate DoomCheat Codes04/06/03


1602 A.D.Enable cheat mode03/30/03
Championship Manager 2Manage International Teams12/02/02
LemmingsLevel Select03/30/03
NormalityLevel Select and Video Clips12/02/02
Oh No! More LemmingsDisplay the version number03/30/03
Oh No! More LemmingsSkip the current level03/30/03
SuperfrogLevel Passwords07/03/04


BreakoutUnlock Extra Paddles04/12/03
BreakoutUnlock the Art Viewer04/12/03
Command & ConquerMisc. Passwords04/07/02
LMA Manager 2001Cheat Codes12/03/02
Medal of Honor UndergroundUnlock the Secret Mission12/03/02
Need for Speed: V-Rally 2Hidden Tracks12/19/05
Puma Street SoccerUnlock Teams and Player12/19/05
Robocod: James Pond IIPower Combo03/06/06
Robocod: James Pond IIUnlimited Lives Combo03/06/06

PlayStation 2

Super Monkey Ball DeluxeNew Challenge Modes08/09/06
Super Monkey Ball DeluxeStaff Roll Games08/09/06


3D LemmingsLevel Passwords03/30/03

Sega Master System

LemmingsLevel Select03/30/03

Super Nintendo

Super James PondPower Combo03/06/06


WarioWare: Smooth MovesMinigame Unlockables01/11/07