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PlayStation 3

Battlefield 1943Let's do this, Marines!07/18/118/10
Castle CrashersHard Rock Knights...09/13/107/10
Demon's SoulsThou seeketh soul power, dost thou not?03/04/117/10
Disgaea 4: A Promise UnforgottenReady for Operation Godlike Characters, dood?01/09/1210/10
Fat PrincessThe cake is a lie!10/12/095/10
Final Fight: Double ImpactSavin' the world, and the girl...04/19/106/10
HamsterballThis ain't your grandmother's hamster in a ball.02/27/127/10
Hydrophobia ProphecyKate should've taken the day off.11/02/113/10
Lumines SupernovaIt's Lumines on the PS3, and with a good price to boot!10/26/098/10
Magic OrbzWe're gonna burn this city, burn this city...04/15/109/10
Marvel PinballNow you can be a superhero's sidekick. With pinball wizardry.03/19/129/10
Namco Museum EssentialsHistory repeats itself.07/23/097/10
Noby Noby BoyEat those objects, BOY!07/15/091/10
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams CollectionIt's not tragic, you have pinball magic!01/06/109/10
Revenge of the Wounded DragonsFear the Grasshopper Kick! Run from the Fire Elbow!04/26/109/10
Soldner-X 2: Final PrototypeIn 3100 AD, war strikes again...05/26/108/10
Soldner-X: HimmelssturmerA developer's first foray into the shoot 'em up world.12/18/087/10
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionChildhood memories come back on Blu-Ray...12/20/097/10
SoulCalibur IVThe fourth installment? Really?10/27/085/10
Street Fighter IVThe fight card is filled in...06/24/094/10
Super Stardust HDIncoming asteroids! Prepare for battle!07/15/0910/10
TrineBound together, they must fight the undead...10/27/098/10
WarhawkA very fun game, despite its many flaws.03/25/097/10
ZEN PinballZEN and the art of flippers and silver balls...06/03/099/10