Arcade Games

NBA ShowtimeMatch-Up Screen Codes07/23/04
NBA ShowtimeSecret Characters07/23/04

Game Boy Advance

Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action!Passwords08/29/05
Batman BeginsUnlockables06/22/05
CorvetteUnlockable Cars05/19/05
Racing Gears AdvanceUnlockable Characters07/27/05
Racing Gears AdvanceUnlockable Licenses07/27/05

Game Boy Color

Batman: Chaos in GothamTrick to beat the first Batcycle level01/31/05
Wendy: Every Witch WayLevel Passwords05/24/11
WWF Wrestlemania 2000Level Passwords - Kane09/21/05


Day Dreamin' DaveyLevel Passwords06/13/05
LemmingsTaxing Difficulty Passwords01/16/04
Pyokotan no Dai MeiroStage Passwords07/28/08
RoboCop Versus The TerminatorLevel Passwords08/20/07
Secret TiesLevel Passwords05/24/05
Starship HectorDifferent Ship07/01/04
Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!Shortcut through World 3-Stage 102/18/05
WidgetLevel Passwords06/30/05


Fortix 2Steam Achievements05/16/11


Bloody Roar IIUnlockables12/11/00
Bomberman WorldBest Equipment07/28/04
Bomberman WorldBonus Modes07/28/04
Nanotek WarriorCheat codes12/05/00
NCAA GameBreakerMisc. Passwords07/12/01
Need for Speed IIBonus Cars07/26/04
NHL 99Misc. Passwords10/25/01
NHL 99View Arenas10/02/03
Spot Goes to HollywoodMisc. Codes11/23/00
Triple Play 2000Misc. Codes02/18/02
VR Sports Powerboat RacingMisc. Passwords11/24/00

PlayStation 2

DRIV3RHidden Cars06/28/04
DRIV3RVarious Cheat Codes06/21/04
Test Drive: Eve of DestructionUnlockable Cars/Tracks10/18/04

Super Nintendo

True LiesMisc. Passwords03/18/04