Game Boy Advance

BionicleMisc. Passwords02/09/04
CorvetteMini Cars01/20/04
Cruis'n VelocityHot Rod03/01/04
Donkey Kong CountryBonus Stage01/26/04
Lucky Luke: Wanted!Misc. Passwords03/04/04
Rocket Power: Zero Gravity ZoneMisc. Passwords03/16/04
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet FusionLevel Passwords01/27/04
The Fairly OddParents! Shadow ShowdownUgopotamia01/11/05
The Muppets: On With The Show!Level Passwords02/02/04


Broken Sword: The Sleeping DragonExtras01/26/04
Fight Night Round 2Misc. Codes03/15/05
Fight Night Round 2Unlockable Characters03/15/05
Freestyle Street SoccerMisc. Passwords03/08/04
Grooverider Slot Car ThunderMisc. Unlockables03/16/04
Metroid PrimeClassic Passwords01/23/04
NBA Live 2004Shoe Passwords11/02/03
NBA Live 2004Unlock Players02/03/04
Need for Speed UndergroundMisc. Codes03/10/04
NHL 2004Alien Ant Farm01/21/04
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionVarious Codes02/26/04
RollingCheat Passwords01/11/04
Shrek Extra LargeMisc. Codes03/08/04
SSX 3Passwords10/22/03
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeCheat Passwords11/02/03
The Italian JobUnlock items and extras02/09/04
TransWorld Surf: Next WaveMisc. Passwords03/12/04


Nintendo 64

GoldenEye 007Mission Selection Codes02/17/04


Alien Blast: The EncounterAlien Blast Cheat Codes02/01/04
Apache Longbow AssaultVarious Codes02/07/04
Battle MagesMisc. Codes03/12/04
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWIIConsole Commands03/23/04
Big Biz TycoonVarious Cheats11/03/03
BreakQuestMisc. Passwords12/13/04
Cabela's Dangerous HuntsCheat Codes02/10/04
Castle StrikeMisc. Passwords03/15/04
Chicago 1930Misc. Cheats02/20/04
Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero HourMore Starting Money02/27/04
Dead Man's HandCheat Codes03/12/07
Doom 3Custom Flashlights08/18/04
Evil GeniusConsole Cheats for Demo09/28/04
GanglandConsole Commands03/17/04
Immortal Cities: Children of the NileConsole Cheats11/24/04
Immortal Cities: Children of the NileResource Numbers11/24/04
Monster GarageVarious Codes02/26/04
NASCAR Racing 2002 SeasonLeave the track at Sears Point03/10/04
Need for Speed II SEMisc. Codes05/19/04
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the UnderdarkCheats12/12/03
NHL 2004Unlockables12/01/03
Pax RomanaMisc. Cheats01/26/04
Perfect ChessmateMove Queen as a Knight02/02/04
Quake III ArenaThird Person View02/04/04
Secret Weapons Over NormandyCheat Codes02/17/04
Shadow Ops: Red MercuryMisc. Cheats10/01/04
ShellShock: Nam '67Misc. Cheats10/01/04
SpellForce: The Order of DawnDebug Mode03/02/04
Star Trek: ArmadaCheat Codes11/24/03
SWAT 4Developer Tip #103/02/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #203/02/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #303/02/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #403/09/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #503/09/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #603/09/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #703/16/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #803/16/05
SWAT 4Developer Tip #903/16/05
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindSkip Census Office02/07/04
The Sims 2Custom Painting09/28/04
The Temple of Elemental EvilCheat Codes02/11/04
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003Easy Money03/10/04
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Athena SwordConsole Commands03/17/04
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven ShieldCheat Codes03/02/04
Tom Clancy's Splinter CellItem Cheats01/23/04
Two ThronesMisc. Cheats02/20/04


BallisticMisc. Passwords04/07/04
NBA Jam Tournament EditionExtended Rosters08/05/04
Nectaris: Military MadnessCheat Codes02/11/04
Total Eclipse TurboMisc. Codes10/10/01

PlayStation 2

AirForce Delta StrikeRestore HP and Ammo mid mission05/13/05
All-Star Baseball 2003Secret Teams01/30/04
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance IIUnlimited Gold03/05/04
BionicleComplete Kopaka and Onua Levels01/20/04
BlowOutCheat Codes!12/12/03
Butt Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom!Misc. Codes03/23/04
CatwomanMisc. Bonuses07/23/04
CorvetteMisc. Unlockables03/18/04
Dakar 2All Tracks and Cars01/23/04
Downhill DominationGameplay Codes07/28/03
Egg Mania: Eggstreme MadnessMisc. Unlockables03/10/04
ESPN International Winter Sports 2002Cheat Codes02/23/04
FlatOutUnlock Passwords11/16/04
LifelineMisc. Unlockables03/09/04
Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionAll Trucks01/22/04
MTX MototraxMisc. Unlockables03/15/04
MVP Baseball 2004Misc. Passwords03/15/04
MX UnleashedCheats04/02/04
NASCAR Thunder 2004Misc. Unlockables02/07/04
Rise to HonorVarious Unlockables02/19/04
Secret Weapons Over NormandyMaking the game a bit easier12/24/03
Secret Weapons Over NormandyMisc. Unlockables03/02/04
Shadow of RomeMisc. Unlockables02/11/05
SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALsUnlockables11/12/03
Summer Heat Beach VolleyballCheat Codes08/26/03
Super FarmMisc. Codes10/22/03
The Haunted MansionMisc. Codes01/28/04
The SufferingMisc. Codes04/09/04
The SufferingMisc. Unlockables03/11/04
Van HelsingMisc. Unlockables08/03/04
Van HelsingMovie Codes08/02/04
Van HelsingUnlock various cheats08/02/04
World Soccer Winning Eleven 7Misc. Unlockables02/21/04
Wrath UnleashedVarious Unlockables02/19/04


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell EssentialsBonus Mission Codes03/29/06


Amped 2Various game enhancing cheats.11/06/03
Arx FatalisMisc. Cheats02/09/04
ATV Quad Power Racing 2Name Cheats04/22/03
BreakdownUnlock Gallery, Music Player, and Trailer.03/18/04
CatwomanMisc. Bonuses07/23/04
CorvetteUnlock Everything10/14/04
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of CortexAll Levels01/20/04
ESPN NBA BasketballGame unlockables.11/20/03
ESPN NFL FootballCrib & Bonus Items10/02/03
FlatOutMisc. Passwords11/30/04
Grand Theft Auto Double PackGTA:VC Xbox Codes11/06/03
Hunter: The Reckoning RedeemerCheat Codes11/02/03
Legacy of Kain: DefianceMiscellaneous Codes12/09/03
MafiaCompletion Bonuses02/07/04
MLB SlugFest: LoadedMisc. Passwords08/02/04
MTV's Celebrity DeathmatchMisc. Codes03/04/04
MTX MototraxMisc. Unlockables03/09/04
MVP Baseball 2004Legendary Players Glitch03/15/04
MVP Baseball 2004Misc. Passwords03/15/04
MVP Baseball 2004Misc. Unlockables03/15/04
MX UnleashedCheats02/23/04
MX UnleashedPlay Demo Track08/02/04
Ninja GaidenBreathe Underwater03/30/04
Ninja GaidenMisc. Unlockables03/16/04
Outlaw VolleyballCodes08/13/03
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionCheat Codes02/23/04
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeClassic Passwords01/23/04
Red Dead RevolverMisc. Secrets06/01/04
Red Dead RevolverMisc. Unlockables06/01/04
Rogue OpsLevel Codes03/02/04
Secret Weapons Over NormandyMisc. Codes02/05/04
Star Wars Starfighter: Special EditionCheat Codes01/19/02
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindUnlimited Arrows02/13/04
Van HelsingMisc. Unlockables05/18/04
Van HelsingMovie Codes08/02/04
Wakeboarding Unleashed Featuring Shaun MurrayCheat Codes06/13/03
Wrath UnleashedMisc. Codes03/22/04