Commodore 64

Chip's ChallengeExtra Level Passwords05/26/09

Game Boy

Boxxle 2Passwords01/22/02
PuzznicSound Test08/09/05
Snoopy's Magic ShowLevel Select03/18/04
SpirouLevel Password06/08/09

Game Boy Color

LogicalLevel Passwords09/05/08


Bust-A-MoveLevel Passwords04/27/02
Nazo PuyoQuest Mode Passwords07/20/06
The SmurfsLevel Passwords06/09/09


Sonic & KnucklesBlue Spheres Passwords04/27/04
SpirouLevel Password06/05/09
The SmurfsLevel Passwords06/09/09
The Smurfs Travel the WorldSmurf Level Passwords06/09/09
The Smurfs Travel the WorldSmurfette Level Passwords06/09/09

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

2012 Zombies vs AliensAchievements01/04/12
Battle for WesnothAchievements01/04/12
Big Bad Sudoku BookAchievements01/03/11
Blast 4 - Connect boxes in solo and online multiplayer!Achievements01/03/11
Bloons TDAchievements01/04/12
Brain ShockAchievements01/03/11
Buster RedAchievements01/03/11
Cartoon DefenceAchievements01/03/11
Castle FrenzyAchievements08/08/11
Chalkboard JumperAchievements01/03/11
Chemical PixelAchievements01/03/11
Chess OnlineAchievements01/03/11
Chop Chop RunnerAchievements01/04/12
City StoryAchievements01/03/11
Cro-Mag RallyAchievements01/03/11
Defender Chronicles: Legend of the Desert KingAchievements01/04/12
Dice MatchAchievements01/03/11
DJ JonesAchievements01/04/12
Donut Ninja - Tappi BearAchievements01/03/11
Dr. Awesome Plus+Achievements01/04/12
Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey ZombiesAchievements01/04/12
Earth Vs MoonAchievements01/04/12
Farm StoryAchievements01/03/11
FarmVille by ZyngaAchievements01/03/11
Field FencerAchievements01/03/11
Flight ControlAchievements01/03/11
Fruit NinjaAchievements01/03/11
Grolsch GameAchievements08/08/11
Headsup Poker 3G FreeAchievements01/06/11
Hook ChampAchievements01/04/12
Hot Dog Down a HallwayAchievements08/08/11
iMobsters DonAchievements01/06/11
Jewel CraftAchievements01/06/11
Jump Daisy JumpAchievements01/06/11
Labyrinth 2Achievements01/06/11
Little HeroAchievements01/07/11
Map My MindAchievements08/08/11
Mecho WarsAchievements01/04/12
Megaplex Madness - Now PlayingAchievements01/07/11
Millionaire CityAchievements01/07/11
Miner DisturbanceAchievements01/04/12
Mini Touch GolfAchievements01/07/11
N.O.V.A. - Near Orbit Vanguard AllianceAchievements08/08/11
Nanosaur 2Achievements01/07/11
Near-Earth ObjectsAchievements01/07/11
Ow My Balls!Achievements01/04/12
Pang MobileAchievements01/04/12
Panzer ClassAchievements01/10/11
Paper BridgeAchievements01/04/12
Pix'n Love RushAchievements01/10/11
QuizQuizQuiz World FootballAchievements08/08/11
QuizQuizQuiz XmasAchievements08/08/11
Real RacingAchievements01/10/11
Real Soccer 2010Achievements08/08/11
Regent Style vs TromboneAchievements01/10/11
reMovem Halloween EditionAchievements01/10/11
Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden OrchidAchievements01/04/12
Rollercoaster RushAchievements01/04/12
Rope'n'Fly 2Achievements01/04/12
Samegame GravitizedAchievements08/08/11
Saving Private SheepAchievements01/10/11
Sentinel 2: Earth DefenseAchievements01/04/12
Smiley Jump V1Achievements01/10/11
Space DockAchievements08/08/11
Squeeballs PartyAchievements08/08/11
Stack & DeployAchievements01/10/11
StarDunk - Online Basketball in SpaceAchievements01/10/11
Storm AttackAchievements08/08/11
Talesworth Adventure Ep. 1Achievements01/10/11
the Air Hockey gameAchievements01/10/11
The Creeps!Achievements08/08/11
Topple 2 Plus+Achievements01/04/12
Touch Hockey: FS5Achievements01/10/11
Trigger Happy ChristmasAchievements08/08/11
Uggles Match HD (Matching Pairs Game)Achievements01/10/11
Valet HeroAchievements01/04/12
Who Wants To Be A Football Millionaire?Achievements01/04/12
World Series of Poker Hold'em LegendAchievements01/10/11
World War Desert EditionAchievements01/10/11
Worldy WingsAchievements01/10/11
Xmas PlanetAchievements08/08/11
You are the RefAchievements08/08/11
Zero Out 2Achievements01/10/11
Zombie DashAchievements01/04/12
Zombie FarmAchievements01/10/11


Half-Life 2Steam Achievements01/10/11
Half-Life 2: Episode OneSteam Achievements01/10/11
Half-Life 2: Episode TwoAchievements01/10/11
Planets Under AttackSteam Achievements09/28/12


Puyo PuyoMission Mode Passwords07/20/06
PuzznicLevel Passwords03/08/04
PuzznicPuzznic Mode Passwords08/09/05


007 LegendsSteam Achievements11/02/12
10 Second NinjaSteam Achievements03/07/14
10,000,000Steam Achievements01/18/13
100% Orange JuiceSteam Achievements05/21/14
1000 AmpsSteam Achievements12/05/12
1001 SpikesSteam Achievements06/06/14
140Steam Achievements01/02/14
1849Steam Achievements05/09/14
2XL SupercrossSteam Achievements08/06/10
3 Stars of DestinySteam Achievements04/01/14
4 ElementsSteam Achievements08/06/10
6180 the MoonSteam Achievements09/22/14
7 Wonders: Ancient Alien MakeoverSteam Achievements10/26/12
8BitMMOSteam Achievements06/10/14
9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent CreekSteam Achievements07/11/14
99 Levels To HellSteam Achievements02/21/14
99 SpiritsSteam Achievements01/02/14
A City SleepsSteam Achievements10/20/14
A Game of DwarvesSteam Achievements10/24/12
A Game of Thrones: GenesisSteam Achievements10/04/11
A Golden WakeSteam Achievements10/10/14
A New Beginning - Final CutSteam Achievements12/20/12
A Story About My UncleSteam Achievements05/30/14
A Valley Without WindSteam Achievements04/27/12
A Valley Without Wind 2Steam Achievements02/22/13
A Virus Named TOMSteam Achievements08/01/12
A Walk in the DarkSteam Achievements01/02/14
A Wizard's LizardSteam Achievements06/30/14
A-MenSteam Achievements07/18/14
A.R.E.S. Extinction AgendaSteam Achievements06/06/11
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EXSteam Achievements10/06/14
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for GravitySteam Achievements07/07/11
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the AwesomeSteam Achievements12/06/11
Aarklash: LegacySteam Achievements09/13/13
Abyss OdysseySteam Achievements07/17/14
Abyss: The Wraiths of EdenSteam Achievements04/04/14
Acceleration of SUGURI X-EditionSteam Achievements07/01/14
Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Enhanced EditionGames for Windows Live Achievements03/26/13
Ace of SpadesSteam Achievements12/20/12
AchronSteam Achievements08/31/11
Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943Steam Achievements10/14/11
Adam's Venture Episode 2: Solomon's SecretSteam Achievements07/05/12
Adam's Venture Episode 3: RevelationsSteam Achievements07/05/12
Adam's Venture: The Search for the Lost GardenSteam Achievements03/26/12
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!Steam Achievements01/02/14
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake's Epic QuestSteam Achievements04/15/14
Adventurer ManagerSteam Achievements05/06/14
Adventurezator: When Pigs FlySteam Achievements09/22/14
Aeon CommandSteam Achievements07/07/14
aerofly FSSteam Achievements10/19/12
AFL LiveGames for Windows Live Achievements08/09/12
Afterfall: InSanity - Dirty Arena EditionSteam Achievements05/15/13
Afterfall: InSanity Extended EditionSteam Achievements03/04/13
Agarest: Generations of WarSteam Achievements10/08/13
Agarest: Generations of War ZeroSteam Achievements04/17/14
Age of Empires OnlineGames for Windows Live Achievements08/18/11
Age of Empires OnlineGames for Windows Live Achievements: Premium Celt Civilization03/28/12
Age of Empires OnlineGames for Windows Live Achievements: Pro Persian Civilization DLC10/20/11
Age of Empires OnlineGames for Windows Live Achievements: Skirmish Booster Pack03/28/12
Age of Mythology: Extended EditionSteam Achievements05/09/14
Age of Wonders IIISteam Achievements04/01/14
Agricultural Simulator 2013Steam Achievements06/24/13
AI War: Fleet CommandSteam Achievements07/07/11
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersSteam Achievements09/26/12
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsSteam Achievements08/01/11
Air Conflicts: VietnamSteam Achievements03/19/14
Air ForteSteam Achievements07/07/11
AirMechSteam Achievements11/12/12
Airship DragoonSteam Achievements09/02/14
Akane the KunoichiSteam Achievements05/07/14
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's MineSteam Achievements05/13/14
Alan WakeSteam Achievements02/27/12
Alan Wake's American NightmareSteam Achievements05/24/12
Alien Breed 2: AssaultDLC Achievements09/24/10
Alien Breed 3: DescentSteam Achievements07/07/11
Alien Breed: ImpactSteam Achievements06/11/10
Alien HallwaySteam Achievements08/22/11
Alien RageSteam Achievements09/27/13
Alien SpidySteam Achievements03/29/13
Alien SwarmSteam Achievements07/21/10
Alien Zombie MegadeathSteam Achievements10/20/11
Alien: IsolationSteam Achievements10/07/14
Aliens: Colonial MarinesSteam Achievements02/15/13
All Zombies Must Die!Steam Achievements03/21/12
All Zombies Must Die!: ScorepocalypseSteam Achievements04/27/12
Alliance of Valiant ArmsSteam Achievements05/03/12
AltitudeSteam Achievements12/11/09
Always Remember MeSteam Achievements04/23/14
Always Sometimes MonstersSteam Achievements05/30/14
Amazing Princess SarahSteam Achievements08/25/14
Amazing WorldSteam Achievements08/27/14
America's Army 3Steam Achievements06/22/09
America's Army: Proving GroundsSteam Achievements09/09/13
American Mensa AcademySteam Achievements08/08/12
Ampu-TeaSteam Achievements06/02/14
Analogue: A Hate StorySteam Achievements07/30/12
Ancient SpaceSteam Achievements09/24/14
Ancients of OogaSteam Achievements06/06/11
And Yet It MovesSteam Achievements07/07/11
Angry Birds SpaceSteam Achievements03/11/13
AnnaSteam Achievements09/24/12
AnodyneSteam Achievements03/25/13
Anomaly 2Steam Achievements05/17/13
Anomaly DefendersSteam Achievements06/02/14
Anomaly KoreaSteam Achievements01/02/14
Anomaly: Warzone EarthSteam Achievements04/12/11
Anomaly: Warzone Earth - Mobile CampaignSteam Achievements01/02/14
Another PerspectiveSteam Achievements08/11/14
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Achievements04/08/13
AntiSquadSteam Achievements02/28/14
APB: ReloadedSteam Achievements12/12/11
APOXSteam Achievements05/04/11
Appointment With F.E.A.R.Steam Achievements09/03/14
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine DefenderSteam Achievements02/07/14
AquariaSteam Achievements02/27/09
ArcadecraftSteam Achievements05/27/14
ArcadiaSteam Achievements02/07/11
ArchebladeSteam Achievements07/01/13
Archon ClassicSteam Achievements10/14/11
Arena Wars 2Steam Achievements10/16/12
Aritana and the Harpy's FeatherSteam Achievements08/18/14
ArmA II: Operation ArrowheadSteam Achievements08/06/10
Arma IIISteam Achievements03/21/14
Arma TacticsSteam Achievements01/23/14
Ascend: Hand of KulSteam Achievements06/04/14
AscendantSteam Achievements05/21/14
Assetto CorsaSteam Achievements01/02/14
AstebreedSteam Achievements06/02/14
AsteriaSteam Achievements07/18/14
Astro TripperSteam Achievements09/16/11
Atom Zombie SmasherSteam Achievements07/01/11
AudioSurfSteam Achievements07/07/11
Avadon 2: The CorruptionSteam Achievements01/23/14
Avadon: The Black FortressSteam Achievements08/18/11
Avernum: Escape From the PitSteam Achievements04/16/12
Aveyond: Lord of TwilightSteam Achievements02/11/14
Avoid - Sensory OverloadSteam Achievements04/15/14
AVSEQSteam Achievements08/24/12
AwesomenautsSteam Achievements08/02/12
Axel & PixelSteam Achievements07/07/11
Babel RisingSteam Achievements08/09/12
Back to BedSteam Achievements08/07/14
Backstage PassSteam Achievements06/06/14
Bad BotsSteam Achievements05/29/13
Bad HotelSteam Achievements01/02/14
Bad Rats: The Rats RevengeSteam Achievements07/22/09
Ballpoint UniverseSteam Achievements01/02/14
Bang Bang RacingSteam Achievements06/11/12
BanishedSteam Achievements02/19/14
BardbarianSteam Achievements04/03/14
BastionSteam Achievements08/29/11
Batman: Arkham AsylumAchievements09/08/09
Batman: Arkham CityGames for Windows Live Achievements11/22/11
Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's RevengeGames for Windows Live Achievements05/29/12
Batman: Arkham City - Nightwing Bundle PackGames for Windows Live Achievements11/22/11
Batman: Arkham City - Robin Bundle PackGames for Windows Live Achievements11/22/11
Batman: Arkham OriginsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe EditionSteam Achievements04/03/14
Battle Chess: Game of KingsSteam Achievements03/25/14
Battle Group 2Steam Achievements07/18/14
Battle IslandsSteam Achievements08/07/14
Battle NationsSteam Achievements04/23/14
Battle Worlds: KronosSteam Achievements01/02/14
BattleBlock TheaterSteam Achievements05/16/14
BattlepathsSteam Achievements06/02/14
BattlepillarsSteam Achievements05/06/14
Battlestations: PacificAchievements05/12/09
Battlestations: PacificGames for Windows Live Carrier Battle Map Pack DLC Achievements07/20/10
Beast Boxing TurboSteam Achievements01/02/14
Beat HazardSteam Achievements04/21/10
BeatBlasters IIISteam Achievements02/25/14
Beatbuddy: Tale of the GuardiansSteam Achievements09/05/13
BedlamSteam Achievements10/06/14
Bejeweled 3Steam Achievements11/21/11
BetrayerSteam Achievements03/19/14
Beware Planet Earth!Steam Achievements04/15/14
Beyond GravitySteam Achievements09/25/14
Beyond SpaceSteam Achievements07/18/14
Big Brain WolfSteam Achievements11/06/09
Biglands: A Game Made By KidsSteam Achievements09/22/14
Bik - A Space AdventureSteam Achievements10/15/14
Binary DomainSteam Achievements04/27/12
Bionic DuesSteam Achievements10/18/13
Bionic HeartSteam Achievements08/15/14
Bionic Heart 2Steam Achievements09/23/14
BioShock 2Achievements02/11/10
BioShock InfiniteSteam Achievements03/29/13
Bit.Trip BeatSteam Achievements11/04/10
Bit.Trip CoreSteam Achievements12/18/12
Bit.Trip FateSteam Achievements07/24/13
Bit.Trip FluxSteam Achievements06/10/14
Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienSteam Achievements03/04/13
Bit.Trip RunnerSteam Achievements03/01/11
Bit.Trip VoidSteam Achievements12/31/12
Black IceSteam Achievements08/04/14
BlackguardsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Blacklight: RetributionSteam Achievements07/05/12
Blacklight: Tango DownGames for Windows Live Achievements07/28/10
Blackwell DeceptionSteam Achievements01/26/12
Blackwell UnboundSteam Achievements01/03/12
Blade KittenSteam Achievements09/27/10
Blade SymphonySteam Achievements01/02/14
Blades of TimeSteam Achievements04/27/12
BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerGames for Windows Live Achievements02/22/11
BleedSteam Achievements07/08/13
Blob From SpaceSteam Achievements10/20/14
BlocklandSteam Achievements01/14/14
Blocks That MatterSteam Achievements08/23/11
Blood Bowl: Chaos EditionSteam Achievements10/12/12
Blood KnightsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Blood of the WerewolfSteam Achievements01/02/14
BloodBathSteam Achievements07/18/14
BloodRayne: BetrayalSteam Achievements05/06/14
Bloody Good TimeSteam Achievements10/14/11
Bloody TraplandSteam Achievements01/02/14
Bob Came in PiecesSteam Achievements01/27/10
Boo Bunny PlagueSteam Achievements10/13/14
Booster TrooperSteam Achievements04/27/10
Boot Hill HeroesSteam Achievements10/20/14
BorderlandsSteam Achievements08/06/10
Borderlands 2Steam Achievements09/19/12
Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's BootySteam Achievements10/18/12
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelSteam Achievements10/14/14
BorealisSteam Achievements09/03/14
Boson XSteam Achievements09/18/14
Bot ColonySteam Achievements07/18/14
BotaniculaSteam Achievements01/02/14
BraidSteam Achievements04/14/09
BravadaSteam Achievements08/25/14
BravelandSteam Achievements03/19/14
BreachSteam Achievements02/07/11
Breach & ClearSteam Achievements03/25/14
Bridge ConstructorSteam Achievements01/02/14
Bridge Constructor MedievalSteam Achievements09/16/14
Bridge Constructor PlaygroundSteam Achievements07/15/14
Bridge ProjectSteam Achievements04/16/13
BrinkSteam Achievements05/12/11
Brink: Agents of ChangeSteam Achievements08/03/11
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsSteam Achievements09/09/13
Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now (B.U.T.T.O.N.)Steam Achievements05/24/11
Buccaneer: The Pursuit of InfamySteam Achievements11/19/09
Bullet Candy PerfectSteam Achievements02/27/09
BulletstormGames for Windows Live Achievements02/22/11
Bulletstorm: Blood Symphony PackGames for Windows Live Achievements06/14/11
Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata PackGames for Windows Live Achievements06/14/11
BumbledoreSteam Achievements03/30/12
Bunch of HeroesSteam Achievements09/26/11
Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7DevilsSteam Achievements10/11/13
Burn Zombie BurnSteam Achievements08/18/10
Burning CarsSteam Achievements04/04/14
C-RUSHSteam Achievements02/18/14
Cabela's African AdventuresSteam Achievements03/18/14
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro HuntsSteam Achievements03/28/14
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013Steam Achievements11/12/12
Cabela's Hunting ExpeditionsSteam Achievements11/12/12
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted LandSteam Achievements03/07/14
Call of Duty: Black OpsSteam Achievements11/11/10
Call of Duty: Black Ops - AnnihilationSteam Achievements09/26/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - EscalationSteam Achievements09/26/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - First StrikeSteam Achievements09/26/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - RezurrectionSteam Achievements09/26/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops IISteam Achievements11/14/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops IISteam Achievements: Multiplayer11/14/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops IISteam Achievements: Zombies11/14/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown ZombiesSteam Achievements11/26/12
Call of Duty: GhostsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Steam Achievements11/10/09
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Steam Achievements11/08/11
Call of Juarez: GunslingerSteam Achievements05/24/13
Call of Juarez: The CartelSteam Achievements10/14/11
Cannon BrawlSteam Achievements08/05/13
Canyon CapersSteam Achievements05/06/14
CAPSIZEDSteam Achievements05/10/11
CAPSULESteam Achievements06/04/14
Card City NightsSteam Achievements02/18/14
Cargo CommanderSteam Achievements11/01/12
Cargo! The Quest for GravitySteam Achievements04/27/11
Carnage RacingSteam Achievements01/02/14
Carrier Command: Gaea MissionSteam Achievements09/28/12
Castle CrashersSteam Achievements09/27/12
CastleMiner ZSteam Achievements02/05/14
CastleStormSteam Achievements08/05/13
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HDSteam Achievements04/03/14
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Steam Achievements03/07/14
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate EditionSteam Achievements09/05/13
CatanSteam Achievements08/27/13
Cave Story PlusSteam Achievements11/23/11
CentrationSteam Achievements06/30/14
Chainsaw WarriorSteam Achievements10/16/13
Champions OnlineSteam Achievements09/02/09
Champions OnlineSteam Achievements: Attack of the Misfit Toys Winter Event06/14/11
Chaos on DeponiaSteam Achievements01/02/14
Chaos TheorySteam Achievements02/27/09
Chicken Invaders 4Steam Achievements06/10/14
Children of LibertySteam Achievements06/30/14
ChimeSteam Achievements09/09/10
ChipSteam Achievements05/06/14
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareSteam Achievements10/23/12
Choice of the DeathlessSteam Achievements09/02/14
Chompy Chomp ChompSteam Achievements05/21/14
Choplifter HDSteam Achievements01/12/12
Chuck's Challenge 3DSteam Achievements03/04/14
CindersSteam Achievements05/06/14
CircuitsSteam Achievements04/22/14
CitadelsSteam Achievements08/19/13
Cities in MotionSteam Achievements02/22/11
Cities in Motion 2Steam Achievements04/05/13
ClaireSteam Achievements07/18/14
Clan of ChampionsSteam Achievements11/02/12
ClickrSteam Achievements01/07/11
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and InkSteam Achievements04/28/14
ClonesSteam Achievements11/22/10
Cloning ClydeSteam Achievements03/30/11
ClosureSteam Achievements09/10/12
Cloudberry KingdomSteam Achievements08/19/13
CloudbuiltSteam Achievements04/03/14
CLR: Cannons Lasers RocketsSteam Achievements02/11/14
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1 - The HangmanSteam Achievements09/27/13
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 2 - The Wise MonkeySteam Achievements09/27/13
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 3 - The OracleSteam Achievements09/27/13
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 4 - The Cain KillerSteam Achievements09/27/13
CogsSteam Achievements04/16/09
Coin CryptSteam Achievements01/02/14
Colin McRae RallySteam Achievements07/31/14
Colour BindSteam Achievements09/25/12
Commander: Conquest of the AmericasSteam Achievements09/03/10
Company of Heroes 2Steam Achievements06/26/13
ConcursionSteam Achievements06/06/14
Constant CSteam Achievements03/21/14
ContagionSteam Achievements04/03/14
Containment: The Zombie PuzzlerSteam Achievements03/21/12
ContrastSteam Achievements01/02/14
Cook, Serve, Delicious!Steam Achievements10/16/13
Cortex CommandSteam Achievements04/17/14
Costume QuestSteam Achievements11/04/11
Costume Quest 2Steam Achievements10/08/14
Counter-Strike Nexon: ZombiesSteam Achievements09/25/14
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveSteam Achievements08/22/12
Counter-Strike: SourceSteam Achievements05/14/10
Craft the WorldSteam Achievements07/31/14
Cranky CatSteam Achievements06/11/13
CrasherSteam Achievements10/03/12
Crazy Machines: Golden GearsSteam Achievements04/03/14
Crazy Plant ShopSteam Achievements08/07/14
Crazy TaxiSteam Achievements08/01/14
CreaVuresSteam Achievements10/14/11
Creeper World 3: Arc EternalSteam Achievements04/03/14
Crimecraft: BleedoutSteam Achievements10/14/11
CrimeCraft: GangWarsSteam Achievements12/08/11
CrimsonlandSteam Achievements06/17/14
Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITIONSteam Achievements06/09/14
Critical MassSteam Achievements06/27/11
Critter CrunchSteam Achievements09/18/12
Croixleur SigmaSteam Achievements05/06/14
Crusader Kings IISteam Achievements01/02/14
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary LoveSteam Achievements02/18/14
Cubemen 2Steam Achievements04/16/13
CubesisSteam Achievements09/30/14
Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWIISteam Achievements09/04/12
DamnedSteam Achievements07/18/14
Danmaku Unlimited 2Steam Achievements03/19/14
DARKSteam Achievements07/24/13
Dark Matter (2013)Steam Achievements01/23/14
Dark Souls IISteam Achievements04/28/14
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die EditionGames for Windows Live Achievements09/06/12
Dark VoidAchievements02/11/10
Dark Void ZeroSteam Achievements04/13/10
Darkfall Unholy WarsSteam Achievements06/06/13
DarkoutSteam Achievements01/02/14
Darksiders IISteam Achievements08/14/12
Data Jammers: FastForwardSteam Achievements10/25/11
Date WarpSteam Achievements09/10/14
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom WarsSteam Achievements04/02/13
DaylightSteam Achievements05/06/14
DC Universe OnlineSteam Achievements03/04/11
Dead EffectSteam Achievements04/22/14
Dead HordeSteam Achievements08/08/11
Dead Hungry DinerSteam Achievements09/05/13
Dead IslandSteam Achievements09/07/11
Dead Island: EpidemicSteam Achievements07/02/14
Dead Island: RiptideSteam Achievements04/29/13
Dead Man's DrawSteam Achievements02/07/14
Dead PixelsSteam Achievements12/10/12
Dead Rising 2Games for Windows Live Achievements10/04/10
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordGames for Windows Live Achievements10/11/11
Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse EditionSteam Achievements09/08/14
Dead SkySteam Achievements01/02/14
Deadfall AdventuresSteam Achievements01/02/14
DeadlightSteam Achievements10/26/12
Deadly 30Steam Achievements01/09/14
Deadly Premonition: The Director's CutSteam Achievements01/02/14
DeadpoolSteam Achievements06/26/13
Death Rally (2012)Steam Achievements08/06/12
DeathSpankSteam Achievements10/26/10
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueSteam Achievements12/08/10
Deep Black: ReloadedSteam Achievements04/23/12
Deep Dungeons of DoomSteam Achievements10/20/14
DEFCON: Everybody DiesSteam Achievements06/25/10
Defender's Quest: Valley of the ForgottenSteam Achievements10/31/12
Defenders of ArdaniaSteam Achievements03/21/12
Defense Grid: The AwakeningSteam Achievements07/07/11
Defense TechnicaSteam Achievements05/13/14
Defense ZoneSteam Achievements07/17/14
Defense zone 2Steam Achievements06/02/14
Defy Gravity ExtendedSteam Achievements07/27/11
Delve DeeperSteam Achievements10/11/10
Dementium II HDSteam Achievements01/14/14
Democracy 3Steam Achievements01/23/14
Demolition Inc.Steam Achievements09/22/11
DeponiaSteam Achievements08/07/12
Depth Hunter 2: Deep DiveSteam Achievements08/22/14
Derrick the DeathfinSteam Achievements06/30/14
Desktop DungeonsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Detective GrimoireSteam Achievements08/22/14
DETOURSteam Achievements05/17/11
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionSteam Achievements08/29/11
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing LinkSteam Achievements10/20/11
Deus Ex: The FallSteam Achievements03/18/14
DG2: Defense Grid 2Steam Achievements09/23/14
Diamond Dan and the Towers of TreasureSteam Achievements10/13/10
Diehard DungeonSteam Achievements03/07/14
Din's CurseSteam Achievements12/20/12
Dino D-DaySteam Achievements05/10/11
DiRT 2Achievements09/08/09
DiRT 3Games for Winodws Live Achievements05/24/11
DiRT ShowdownSteam Achievements05/24/12
Disciples III: RenaissanceSteam Achievements07/20/10
DishonoredSteam Achievements10/09/12
Disney Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseSteam Achievements09/09/13
Disney DuckTales RemasteredSteam Achievements08/19/13
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoSteam Achievements10/07/14
Distant Worlds: UniverseSteam Achievements05/27/14
DivekickSteam Achievements08/27/13
Divinity: Dragon CommanderSteam Achievements08/12/13
Divinity: Original SinSteam Achievements06/30/14
DmC: Devil May CrySteam Achievements01/28/13
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of TimeSteam Achievements10/18/10
Doctor Who: The Adventure GamesSteam Achievements03/25/14
Doctor Who: The Eternity ClockSteam Achievements11/16/12
Dogfight 1942Steam Achievements09/24/12
Dogfight 1942Steam Achievements: Russia Under Siege DLC09/28/12
Dogfight 1942: Fire Over AfricaSteam Achievements10/11/12
DogFighterSteam Achievements06/25/10
Dogs of War OnlineSteam Achievements06/30/14
Dollar DashSteam Achievements03/11/13
Don Bradman Cricket 14Steam Achievements06/30/14
Doom 3 BFG EditionSteam Achievements10/16/12
Door KickersSteam Achievements10/20/14
DoorwaysSteam Achievements10/11/13
Doorways: The UnderworldSteam Achievements09/22/14
Double Dragon: NeonSteam Achievements02/11/14
Draconian WarsSteam Achievements09/02/14
Dracula: Love KillsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Dragon Age: Origins - AwakeningAchievements03/16/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn ChroniclesAchievements05/20/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Golems of AmgarrakAchievements01/03/11
Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's SongAchievements07/12/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Return to OstagarAchievement03/01/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Witch HuntAchievements01/03/11
Dragon's Lair II: Time WarpSteam Achievements01/14/14
Dragons and TitansSteam Achievements03/19/14
Draw a Stickman: EPICSteam Achievements01/02/14
Drawn: The Painted TowerSteam Achievements01/18/11
DreadOutSteam Achievements05/16/14
DreamkillerSteam Achievements10/13/09
DriftmoonSteam Achievements01/23/14
Droid AssaultSteam Achievements01/15/13
DroplitzSteam Achievements08/14/09
Drox OperativeSteam Achievements02/21/14
Drunken Robot PornographySteam Achievements01/02/14
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton EditionSteam Achievements03/22/13
Duke Nukem ForeverSteam Achievements06/10/11
Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned MeSteam Achievements12/14/11
Dungeon DashersSteam Achievement01/02/14
Dungeon DefendersSteam Achievements11/04/11
Dungeon Defenders EternitySteam Achievements10/13/14
Dungeon HeartsSteam Achievements03/29/13
Dungeon of ElementsSteam Achievements06/17/14
Dungeon PartySteam Achievements03/29/13
Dungeon Siege IIISteam Achievements06/20/11
DungeonbowlSteam Achievements07/05/12
DungeonlandSteam Achievements02/01/13
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraSteam Achievements07/01/13
Dungeons & Dragons: DaggerdaleSteam Achievements05/31/11
Dungeons of DredmorSteam Achievements07/18/11
Dungeons of DredmorSteam Achievements: Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC12/15/11
Dungeons: The Dark LordSteam Achievements10/17/11
Dungeons: The Eye of DraconusSteam Achievements08/22/14
Dust: An Elysian TailSteam Achievements05/29/13
Dusty RevengeSteam Achievements02/18/14
Dwarfs!?Steam Achievements05/10/11
DyadSteam Achievements05/06/13
Dynamite JackSteam Achievements05/11/12
E.Y.E: Divine CybermancySteam Achievements09/09/11
Eador: Masters of the Broken WorldSteam Achievements01/02/14
Earth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonSteam Achievements12/15/11
Echo PrimeSteam Achievements01/31/14
EdgeSteam Achievements08/11/11
Edge Of SpaceSteam Achievements05/21/14
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New EyesSteam Achievements10/17/12
Edna & Harvey: The BreakoutSteam Achievements01/02/14
Eets MunchiesSteam Achievements03/14/14
EldritchSteam Achievements07/09/14
Electronic Super JoySteam Achievements09/09/13
Electronic Super Joy: Groove CitySteam Achievements06/09/14
Element4lSteam Achievements06/04/13
Endless LegendSteam Achievements09/19/14
Endless SpaceSteam Achievements01/02/14
Enemy FrontSteam Achievements06/17/14
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple CreekSteam Achievements10/20/14
Enigmatis: The Mists of RavenwoodSteam Achievements06/06/14
Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestSteam Achievements01/02/14
EntropySteam Achievement12/30/13
Epic Battle Fantasy 4Steam Achievements02/26/14
EpigenesisSteam Achievements01/02/14
EpochSteam Achievements07/18/14
Eryi's ActionSteam Achievements01/02/14
Escape GoatSteam Achievements10/16/13
Escape Goat 2Steam Achievements03/25/14
EteriumSteam Achievements07/21/14
Eternity's ChildSteam Achievements02/27/09
Ethan: Meteor HunterSteam Achievements02/11/14
ETHER OneSteam Achievements03/28/14
ETHER VAPOR RemasterSteam Achievements06/17/14
EufloriaSteam Achievements07/23/10
Euro Truck Simulator 2Steam Achievements08/19/14
Europa Universalis IVSteam Achievements08/19/13
EverQuest II: The Shadow OdysseySteam Achievements10/14/11
EversionSteam Achievements06/09/10
Everyday Genius: SquareLogicSteam Achievements10/26/09
Evil Days: Pound of GroundSteam Achievements11/19/10
Evil Pumpkin: The Lost HalloweenSteam Achievements07/14/14
EvilQuestSteam Achievements02/21/14
EvolandSteam Achievements04/05/13
Expeditions: ConquistadorSteam Achievements06/03/13
ExplodemonSteam Achievements03/28/14
F.E.A.R. 3Steam Achievements06/21/11
F1 2010Games for Windows Live Achievements10/04/10
F1 2011Games for Windows Live Achievements09/20/11
F1 2012Steam Achievements09/19/12
F1 2013Steam Achievements10/16/13
F1 2014Steam Achievements10/20/14
F1 Race StarsSteam Achievements11/14/12
Fable AnniversarySteam Achievements09/15/14
Fable IIIGames for Windows Live Achievements05/17/11
Fable IIITraitor's Keep DLC Games for Windows Live Achievements05/17/11
Fading HeartsSteam Achievements07/10/14
Faerie SolitaireSteam Achievements09/20/10
Faery: Legends of AvalonSteam Achievements07/18/14
Fairy Bloom FreesiaSteam Achievements10/19/12
Fall WeissSteam Achievements07/18/14
Fallen Earth: Welcome to the ApocalypseSteam Achievements07/07/10
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary HeroesSteam Achievements05/24/13
Fallout 3 - Operation: AnchorageAchievements04/23/09
Fallout 3: Broken SteelAchievements05/18/09
Fallout 3: Mothership ZetaAchievements08/03/09
Fallout 3: Point LookoutAchievements07/28/09
Fallout 3: The PittAchievements04/23/09
Fallout: New VegasSteam Achievements10/19/10
Fallout: New Vegas - Dead MoneyAchievements02/22/11
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseSteam Achievements11/26/12
Fancy SkullsSteam Achievements07/14/14
Farm for Your LifeSteam Achievements06/17/14
Farm Frenzy 4Steam Achievements06/30/14
Farming Simulator 2011Steam Achievements10/14/11
Farming Simulator 2013Steam Achievements10/26/12
Fast & Furious: ShowdownSteam Achievements05/28/13
FATESteam Achievements01/02/14
Fate of the WorldSteam Achievements07/07/11
Fate of the World: Tipping PointSteam Achievements10/17/11
Fate: Undiscovered RealmsSteam Achievements04/22/14
Fearless FantasySteam Achievements05/30/14
Fenix RageSteam Achievements10/20/14
Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold - Episode 1Steam Achievements01/02/14
FezSteam Achievements05/02/13
FieldrunnersSteam Achievements05/25/12
Fieldrunners 2Steam Achievements01/14/13
Final ExamSteam Achievements01/02/14
Final Fantasy IIISteam Achievements05/30/14
Final Fantasy IVSteam Achievements09/18/14
Final Fantasy VIIISteam Achievements01/02/14
Final Fantasy XIIISteam Achievements10/10/14
Final RushSteam Achievements05/27/14
Finding TeddySteam Achievements01/02/14
FireburstSteam Achievements04/27/12
FirefallSteam Achievements07/31/14
Firefighters 2014Steam Achievements07/18/14
FIST OF AWESOMESteam Achievements07/21/14
Fist of JesusSteam Achievements10/20/14
Fist PuncherSteam Achievements06/27/13
Fistful of FragsSteam Achievements05/16/14
FLASHOUT 2Steam Achievements06/09/14
FlatOut 3: Chaos & DestructionSteam Achievements12/14/11
FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageAchievements02/17/09
Flight Control HDSteam Achievements11/22/10
Flock!Steam Achievements06/01/09
FlockersSteam Achievements06/06/14
FluttabyesSteam Achievements07/07/10
FLY'NSteam Achievements11/12/12
Foosball - Street EditionSteam Achievements04/22/14
Football Manager 2010Steam Achievements10/30/09
Football Manager 2011Steam achievements11/08/10
Football Manager 2012Steam Achievements10/24/11
Football Manager 2013Steam Achievements11/02/12
Football Manager 2014Steam Achievements01/02/14
FootLOL: Epic Fail LeagueSteam Achievements04/17/14
FORCEDSteam Achievements10/01/13
Foreign Legion: Buckets of BloodSteam Achievements07/07/11
Foreign Legion: Multi MassacreSteam Achievements07/10/12
ForgeSteam Achievements01/02/14
Forge QuestSteam Achievements06/30/14
FortixSteam Achievements04/16/10
Fortix 2Steam Achievements05/16/11
FortressCraft Evolved!Steam Achievements01/02/14
Foul PlaySteam Achievements09/24/13
FRACT OSCSteam Achievements04/23/14
FraySteam Achievements06/19/12
Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-DaonSteam Achievements08/01/14
Frederic: Evil Strikes BackSteam Achievements06/02/14
Frederic: Resurrection of MusicSteam Achievements05/30/14
Freedom FallSteam Achievements01/14/14
Freedom PlanetSteam Achievements07/24/14
Front Mission EvolvedSteam Achievements09/27/10
Frontline TacticsSteam Achievements10/29/12
Frozen SynapseSteam Achievements07/07/11
Full BoreSteam Achievements05/07/14
Full Mojo RampageSteam Achievements01/17/14
FX ElevenSteam Achievements02/05/14
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary EditionSteam Achievements10/20/14
Galactic Arms RaceSteam Achievements01/09/14
Galactic BowlingSteam Achievements02/27/09
Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HDSteam Achievements08/22/12
Galcon FusionSteam Achievements02/12/10
Galcon LegendsSteam Achievements01/23/14
Game of ThronesSteam Achievements05/16/12
Game RoomGames for Windows Live Achievements12/01/10
Garshasp: The Monster SlayerSteam Achievements05/12/11
Gas Guzzlers ExtremeSteam Achievements01/02/14
GatewaysSteam Achievements09/14/12
GAUGESteam Achievements08/29/14
GauntletSteam Achievements09/23/14
Gear UpSteam Achievements01/02/14
Gears of WarAchievements02/19/09
Gemini RueSteam Achievements10/28/11
Gemini WarsSteam Achievements11/05/12
Gettysburg: Armored WarfareSteam Achievements03/30/12
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeSteam Achievements10/14/11
GhostControl Inc.Steam Achievements06/09/14
Ghostship AftermathSteam Achievements09/05/14
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsSteam Achievements10/23/12
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the OwlverlordSteam Achievements10/08/13
Gigantic ArmySteam Achievements03/07/14
Girls Like RobotsSteam Achievements02/18/14
GishSteam Achievements12/06/11
GlareSteam Achievements01/02/14
Global Ops: Commando LibyaSteam Achievements11/04/11
GlowfishSteam Achievements10/14/11
Go Home Dinosaurs!Steam Achievements03/18/13
Goat SimulatorSteam Achievements04/03/14
GoD Factory: WingmenSteam Achievements10/13/14
God ModeSteam Achievements04/22/13
Gods Will Be WatchingSteam Achievements09/15/14
Goodbye DeponiaSteam Achievements10/18/13
Gotham City ImpostorsGames for Windows Live Achievements03/07/12
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay TonyGames for Windows Live Achievements04/13/10
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and DamnedAchievements07/20/10
Gratuitous Tank BattlesSteam Achievements05/24/12
GraviSteam Achievements01/02/14
Gravitron 2Steam Achievements02/27/09
Gravity BadgersSteam Achievements01/02/14
Gray MatterGames for Windows Live Achievements02/22/11
Great PermutatorSteam Achievements09/17/14
Greed CorpSteam Achievements07/07/11
GRID 2Steam Achievements06/03/13
GRID AutosportSteam Achievements06/30/14
Grim Legends: The Forsaken BrideSteam Achievements08/22/14
Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons & DonutsSteam Achievements12/06/11
Grotesque Tactics: Evil HeroesSteam Achievements04/27/11
Growing PainsSteam Achievements05/30/14
Guacamelee! Gold EditionSteam Achievements08/19/13
Guardians of GraxiaSteam Achievements11/15/10
Guardians of Middle-EarthSteam Achievements01/02/14
Guise of the WolfSteam Achievements01/28/14
Gun MonkeysSteam Achievements07/15/13
GuncraftSteam Achievements08/19/13
GundeadliGneSteam Achievements09/28/11
Gundemonium RecollectionSteam Achievements09/28/11
Gunhound EXSteam Achievements07/18/14
Gunman CliveSteam Achievements01/07/14
Guns and RobotsSteam Achievements08/05/14
Guns n ZombiesSteam Achievements06/06/14
Guns of Icarus OnlineSteam Achievements02/01/13
GunZ 2: The Second DuelSteam Achievements02/28/14
Hack, Slash, LootSteam Achievements05/03/12
Hacker Evolution DualitySteam Achievements01/02/14
Half Minute Hero: The Second ComingSteam Achievements04/09/14
Half-Life 2Steam Achievements06/03/10
Half-Life 2: Episode OneSteam Achievements06/03/10
Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate BoySteam Achievements09/28/12
HalfwaySteam Achievements07/23/14
Halo: Spartan AssaultSteam Achievements04/09/14
Hamilton's Great AdventureSteam Achievements06/01/11
HammerwatchSteam Achievements08/19/13
Hand of FateSteam Achievements08/22/14
HangekiSteam Achievements08/18/14
Happy WarsSteam Achievements05/30/14
Hard ResetSteam Achievements09/14/11
Harvest: Massive EncounterSteam Achievements03/06/09
Hate Plus: ~Mutes Golden Days~Steam Achievements08/27/13
Hatoful BoyfriendSteam Achievements09/05/14
Haunt the House: TerrortownSteam Achievements06/09/14
Haunted Memories: Episode 01 - HauntSteam Achievements10/08/13
Heavy BulletsSteam Achievements09/22/14
Heavy Fire: AfghanistanSteam Achievements08/18/14
Hegemony Rome: The Rise of CaesarSteam Achievements04/11/14
Heileen 2: The Hands of FateSteam Achievements06/18/14
Heileen 3: New HorizonsSteam Achievements07/18/14
Heileen: Sail AwaySteam Achievements06/09/14
Heldric - The Legend of the ShoemakerSteam Achievements07/18/14
Helicopter Simulator 2014: Search and RescueSteam Achievements03/04/14
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead RabbitSteam Achievements10/04/12
Hero AcademySteam Achievements08/16/12
Hero of ManySteam Achievements09/22/14
Hero of the KingdomSteam Achievements01/02/14
Hero SiegeSteam Achievements01/31/14
Heroes of a Broken LandSteam Achievements08/08/14
Heroes of Steel: Tactics RPGSteam Achievements07/18/14
Heroes Rise: HeroFallSteam Achievements07/15/14
Heroes Rise: The Hero ProjectSteam Achievements06/30/14
Heroes Rise: The ProdigySteam Achievements06/30/14
Heroine's Quest: The Herald of RagnarokSteam Achievements03/21/14
HexcellsSteam Achievements02/21/14
Hexcells InfiniteSteam Achievements09/02/14
Hexcells PlusSteam Achievements02/21/14
HexodiusSteam Achievements06/24/13
HighbornSteam Achievements02/25/13
HinterlandSteam Achievements02/27/09
Hitman: AbsolutionSteam Achievements11/20/12
Hitogata HappaSteam Achievements09/28/11
HiveSteam Achievements01/17/14
Hoard: Dynamite Roll!Steam Achievements09/26/11
Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the DeadSteam Achievements02/21/14
Home Sheep Home 2Steam Achievements02/18/14
HomefrontSteam Achievements03/17/11
HorizonSteam Achievements01/02/14
Hot Wheels: World's Best DriverSteam Achievements01/02/14
Hotline MiamiSteam Achievements10/24/12
Hour of VictoryAchievements02/19/09
How to SurviveSteam Achievements01/02/14
Humanity AssetSteam Achievements02/21/14
Humans Must AnswerSteam Achievements01/17/14
Hydrophobia ProphecySteam Achievements05/10/11
Ibb & ObbSteam Achievements05/30/14
iBomber AttackSteam Achievements11/02/12
iBomber DefenseSteam Achievements05/27/11
iBomber Defense PacificSteam Achievements03/07/12
IchiSteam Achievements06/18/14
IesabelSteam Achievements01/02/14
Ignite - The Race BeginsSteam Achievements10/31/11
IkarugaSteam Achievements02/19/14
Imagine MeSteam Achievements04/09/14
Immortal Cities: Children of the NileAlexandria Steam Achievements02/27/09
Immortal Cities: Children of the NileSteam Achievements02/27/09
ImpireSteam Achievements02/19/13
IncredipedeSteam Achievements03/22/13
Industry EmpireSteam Achievements08/01/14
Infested PlanetSteam Achievements01/02/14
Infinite Game Works: Episode 0Steam Achievements07/01/14
Infinity RunnerSteam Achievements07/18/14
InfluentSteam Achievements03/21/14
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate EditionSteam Achievements01/02/14
inMomentumSteam Achievements11/04/11
Insane 2Steam Achievements01/26/12
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetGames for Windows Live Achievements05/07/12
IntakeSteam Achievements01/02/14
Interstellar MarinesSteam Achievements01/02/14
Into the DarkSteam Achievements07/08/14
Intrusion 2Steam Achievements09/12/12
Ion AssaultSteam Achievements11/18/10
Iron BrigadeSteam Achievements08/07/14
Iron FisticleSteam Achievements09/22/14
Iron Grip: WarlordSteam Achievements07/07/11
Iron Sky: InvasionSteam Achievements03/25/13
Iron SoulSteam Achievements02/28/14
Ironclad TacticsSteam Achievements01/02/14
IsomerSteam Achievements08/04/14
Ittle DewSteam Achievements08/12/13
J.U.L.I.A.Steam Achievements09/22/14
Jack LumberSteam Achievements05/14/13
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1Steam Achievements09/22/14
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 2Steam Achievements09/23/14
Jagged Alliance: Back in ActionSteam Achievements02/09/12
Jagged Alliance: CrossfireSteam Achievements08/27/12
Jamestown: Gunpowder, Treason, & PlotSteam Achievements11/21/11
Jamestown: Legend of the Lost ColonySteam Achievements06/08/11
JamsoulsSteam Achievements08/25/14
JazzpunkSteam Achievements02/11/14
Jet Car StuntsSteam Achievements07/18/14
Jet GunnerSteam Achievements08/07/14
Jet Set RadioSteam Achievements09/21/12
Jets 'N' Guns GoldSteam Achievements02/07/14
Joe DangerSteam Achievements06/26/13
Joe Danger 2: The MovieSteam Achievements06/26/13
Jolly RoverSteam Achievements07/12/10
JournalSteam Achievements02/18/14
Journey of a RoachSteam Achievements01/02/14
Juiced 2: Hot Import NightsAchievements02/19/09
Jurassic Park: The GameSteam Achievements11/18/11
Just Cause 2Steam Achievements03/25/10
KAIROSteam Achievements04/29/13
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysSteam Achievements08/18/10
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenAchievements02/19/09
KaratekaSteam Achievements12/05/12
KEL: Reaper of EntropySteam Achievements08/22/14
Khet 2.0Steam Achievements10/06/14
Kick-Ass 2Steam Achievements08/19/14
KickBeat: Steam EditionSteam Achievements01/31/14
Kill Fun YeahSteam Achievements05/30/14
Kill the Bad GuySteam Achievements05/30/14
Killer Is Dead: Nightmare EditionSteam Achievements05/27/14
Killing FloorSteam Achievements07/07/11
King Arthur II: The Role-Playing WargameSteam Achievements01/26/12
King's Bounty: Warriors of the NorthSteam Achievements10/26/12
Kingdom ElementalSteam Achievements07/18/14
Kingdom RushSteam Achievements01/23/14
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningSteam Achievements02/08/12
Kingdoms RiseSteam Achievement01/02/14
Knightmare TowerSteam Achievements06/30/14
Knights of Pen & Paper (+1 Edition)Steam Achievements06/24/13
Knock-knockSteam Achievements10/16/13
Knytt UndergroundSteam Achievements01/02/14
KraterSteam Achievements06/12/12
KrissXSteam Achievements07/03/10
KRUNCHSteam Achievements03/21/14
Ku: Shroud of the MorriganSteam Achievements03/18/14
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's RiseSteam Achievements07/27/12
L.A. Noire: The Complete EditionSteam Achievements11/21/11
LA CopsSteam Achievements08/29/14
La-MulanaSteam Achievements04/22/13
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightSteam Achievements09/30/10
Larva MortusSteam Achievements03/24/09
Last DreamSteam Achievements03/14/14
Last Knight: Rogue Rider EditionSteam Achievements05/06/14
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild WestSteam Achievements04/08/10
Left 4 Dead 2Steam Achievements07/07/11
Left in the Dark: No One on BoardSteam Achievements10/03/14
Legend of DungeonSteam Achievements02/19/14
Legend of GrimrockSteam Achievements04/12/12
Legend of Grimrock IISteam Achievements10/20/14
Legends of AethereusSteam Achievements01/02/14
Legends of PegasusSteam Achievements08/13/12
Legends of PersiaSteam Achievements07/18/14
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesSteam Achievements01/02/14
LEGO The HobbitSteam Achievements04/11/14
LEGO The Lord of the RingsSteam Achievements11/27/12
Leisure Suit Larry: ReloadedSteam Achievements07/08/13
Let's SingSteam Achievements02/28/14
Lethal LeagueSteam Achievements08/28/14
Leviathan: WarshipsSteam Achievements05/17/13
LexicaSteam Achievements07/14/14
Lichdom: BattlemageSteam Achievements07/18/14
Life Goes OnSteam Achievements04/18/14
Life is Feudal: Your OwnSteam Achievements10/06/14
Lifeless PlanetSteam Achievements06/09/14
LIGHTSteam Achievements07/18/14
Light of AltairSteam Achievements06/17/09
LightFishSteam Achievements10/24/11
Lili: Child of GeosSteam Achievements05/21/14
LIMBOSteam Achievements08/08/11
Little Racers STREETSteam Achievements02/07/14
LoadoutSteam Achievements03/07/14
LocoCycleSteam Achievements02/18/14
LogiGunSteam Achievements07/23/14
London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic GamesSteam Achievements07/05/12
Long Live the QueenSteam Achievements01/02/14
Long NightSteam Achievements07/10/14
Lords of FootballSteam Achievements04/08/13
Lords of the Black SunSteam Achievements01/02/14
Lost MarblesSteam Achievements06/04/14
Lost Planet 3Steam Achievements04/03/14
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies EditionAchievements03/24/09
LoveSteam Achievements02/11/14
Lovely PlanetSteam Achievements08/04/14
LucidSteam Achievements10/14/11
LuciditySteam Achievements10/12/09
LuftrausersSteam Achievements03/19/14
Lunar FlightSteam Achievements04/16/12
Lunnye DevitsySteam Achievements10/04/13
LUXOR EvolvedSteam Achievements03/07/12
LYNESteam Achievements04/11/14
MacGuffin's CurseSteam Achievements04/23/12
Madballs in Babo: InvasionSteam Achievements09/18/09
Mafia IISteam Achievements08/24/10
Mafia II: Jimmy's VendettaSteam Achievements10/07/11
Mafia II: Joe's AdventuresSteam Achievements10/07/11
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014Steam Achievements06/27/13
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015Steam Achievements07/17/14
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersClaws of Vengence09/03/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersCries of Rage09/03/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersEars of Elves09/03/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersSteam Achievements09/03/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - ExpansionSteam Achievements07/30/12
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013Steam Achievements06/21/12
Magical DiarySteam Achievements06/01/12
Magical Drop VSteam Achievements11/16/12
Magicians & LootersSteam Achievements07/07/14
MagickaSteam Achievements02/09/11
Magicka: Wizards of the Square TabletSteam Achievements01/02/14
MagicmakerSteam Achievements09/29/14
MagnetisSteam Achievements01/08/10
Magrunner: Dark PulseSteam Achievements06/24/13
Mahjong WisdomGames for Windows Live Achievements07/21/10
Major MayhemSteam Achievements02/25/14
Malevolence: The Sword of AhkranoxSteam Achievements07/18/14
Man in a Maze: DeathmatchSteam Achievements10/20/14
March of WarSteam Achievements01/02/14
Mario Teaches TypingUnlock All Levels07/16/09
Mark of the NinjaSteam Achievements10/17/12
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of DeathSteam Achievements01/02/14
Mars: War LogsSteam Achievements04/29/13
Master RebootSteam Achievements01/31/14
MasterspaceSteam Achievements05/06/14
Max Payne 3Steam Achievements06/01/12
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodSteam Achievements05/27/14
Mayhem IntergalacticSteam Achievements03/06/09
McDROIDSteam Achievements09/09/14
Mechanic EscapeSteam Achievements04/17/14
Megabyte PunchSteam Achievements01/02/14
Melissa K. and the Heart of GoldSteam Achievements09/25/14
Melody's EscapeSteam Achievements03/07/14
MeltdownSteam Achievements03/11/14
Memoir '44 OnlineSteam Achievements10/14/11
MemoriaSteam Achievements09/09/13
Men of War: Assault SquadSteam Achievements03/04/11
Men of War: Assault Squad 2Steam Achievements03/25/14
Men of War: Condemned HeroesSteam Achievements04/23/12
Men of War: VietnamSteam Achievements09/09/11
Mercenary KingsSteam Achievements07/29/13
Merchants of KaidanSteam Achievements10/06/14
Meridian: New WorldSteam Achievements04/09/14
Metal DeadAchievements10/08/14
Metal DriftSteam Achievements07/07/11
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceSteam Achievements01/10/14
Metal Slug 3Steam Achievements02/18/14
Metal Slug XSteam Achievements10/03/14
Metro: 2033 ReduxSteam Achievements08/26/14
Metro: Last LightSteam Achievements05/14/13
Metro: Last Light ReduxSteam Achievements08/29/14
Mevo & the GrooveridersSteam Achievements04/03/09
MiasmataSteam Achievements11/30/12
MicronSteam Achievements07/25/14
Microsoft FlightGames for Windows Live Achievements03/07/12
Microsoft Flight - Hawaiian Adventure PackGames for Windows Live Achievements06/28/12
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorSteam Achievements10/01/14
Midnight Mysteries: Devil on the MississippiSteam Achievements04/02/12
Midnight Mysteries: Haunted HoudiniSteam Achievements04/02/12
Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch TrialsSteam Achievements03/30/12
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesSteam Achievements10/14/11
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - I Am the BossSteam Achievements10/14/11
Might & Magic: Duel of ChampionsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Millennium 2: Take Me HigherSteam Achievements07/14/14
Millennium 3: Cry WolfSteam Achievements09/08/14
Millennium 4: Beyond SunsetSteam Achievements09/22/14
Millennium: A New HopeSteam Achievements05/06/14
MillieSteam Achievements04/22/14
MIND: Path to ThalamusSteam Achievements08/07/14
Miner Wars 2081Steam Achievements11/29/12
Mini Motor Racing EVOSteam Achievements05/02/13
MinimumSteam Achievements07/21/14
MirrorMoon EPSteam Achievements09/18/13
Mitsurugi Kamui HikaeSteam Achievements03/14/14
Moebius: Empire RisingSteam Achievements07/18/14
Mole ControlSteam Achievements04/29/10
Momodora IIISteam Achievements07/18/14
Monday Night CombatSteam Achievements01/18/11
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's RevengeSteam Achievements07/07/10
MonochromaSteam Achievements05/30/14
Monster Loves You!Steam Achievements03/22/13
Monsters Ate My Birthday CakeSteam Achievements07/18/14
Montague's MountSteam Achievements01/02/14
MorphopolisSteam Achievements10/13/14
Mortal Kombat Arcade KollectionGames for Windows Live Achievements05/07/12
Mosby's ConfederacySteam Achievements03/24/09
MotoGP 13Steam Achievements06/24/13
Motor RockSteam Achievements12/30/13
Mount & Blade: WarbandSteam Achievements08/31/10
Mount Your FriendsSteam Achievements08/01/14
MouseCraftSteam Achievements07/09/14
Mr. Bree+Steam Achievements05/06/14
Mr. RobotSteam Achievements02/27/09
Ms. 'Splosion ManGames for Windows Live Achievements01/09/14
MUD - FIM Motocross World ChampionshipSteam Achievements03/19/13
Muffin KnightSteam Achievements05/27/14
Multiwinia: Survival of the FlattestSteam Achievements02/27/09
MuninSteam Achievements07/18/14
Murder in the Hotel LisbonSteam Achievements07/18/14
Murder MinersSteam Achievements08/20/14
Murdered: Soul SuspectSteam Achievements06/06/14
Mutant Mudds DeluxeSteam Achievements01/02/14
Mutant Storm ReloadedSteam Achievements04/16/12
MX vs. ATV ReflexSteam Achievements12/16/10
MXGP: The Official Motocross VideogameSteam Achievements04/03/14
My Lands: Black Gem HuntingSteam Achievements09/19/14
Nancy Drew: The Ransom of the Seven ShipsSteam Achievements09/28/09
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly AcademySteam Achievements01/14/10
Napoleon: Total WarSteam Achievements02/24/10
Narcissu 1st & 2ndSteam Achievements05/06/14
Narco TerrorSteam Achievements08/19/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full BurstSteam Achievements01/02/14
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm RevolutionSteam Achievements09/16/14
NASCAR '14Steam Achievements02/21/14
NASCAR: The Game 2013Steam Achievements07/29/13
Nation RedSteam Achievements07/07/11
Naval War: Arctic CircleSteam Achievements04/16/12
NBA 2K15Steam Achievements10/10/14
NekroSteam Achievements06/04/14
Neverending NightmaresSteam Achievements10/03/14
New Star Soccer 5Steam Achievements09/28/12
NexuizSteam Achievements05/10/12
NicoleSteam Achievements07/30/14
NidhoggSteam Achievements01/14/14
Nightmares From the Deep: The Cursed HeartSteam Achievements02/07/14
Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren's CallSteam Achievements05/23/14
NiGHTS into Dreams...Steam Achievements01/14/13
NihilumbraSteam Achievements01/02/14
NimbusSteam Achievements11/03/10
Ninja Cats Vs Samurai DogsSteam Achievements02/25/14
Ninja Reflex: Steamworks EditionSteam Achievements02/27/09
No More Room in HellSteam Achievements01/02/14
No Time to ExplainSteam Achievements01/28/13
Northmark: Hour of the WolfSteam Achievements08/05/14
NosgothSteam Achievements08/22/14
Not The RobotsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Nuclear DawnSteam Achievements10/14/11
NyxQuest: Kindred SpiritsSteam Achievements09/29/10
ObludiaSteam Achievements07/21/14
ObscureSteam Achievements03/11/14
Obscure: The AftermathSteam Achievements03/11/14
ObulisSteam Achievements03/25/09
Octodad: Dadliest CatchSteam Achievements01/31/14
Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeSteam Achievements01/03/11
Oddworld: Stranger's WrathSteam Achievements01/03/11
Of Orcs and MenSteam Achievements10/12/12
Offspring FlingSteam Achievements04/16/13
Oil RushSteam Achievements02/06/12
OknyttSteam Achievements04/09/14
OlliOlliSteam Achievements08/04/14
Omerta: City of GangstersSteam Achievements02/06/13
OMG Zombies!Steam Achievements02/14/14
One Finger Death PunchSteam Achievements03/06/14
One Way HeroicsSteam Achievements03/04/14
OnikenSteam Achievements02/07/14
Only IfSteam Achievements07/30/14
Oozi: Earth AdventureSteam Achievements01/02/14
Orbital GearSteam Achievements08/08/14
Orc Attack: Flatulent RebellionSteam Achievements07/21/14
Orcs Must Die!Steam Achievements10/14/11
Orcs Must Die! 2Steam Achievements07/30/12
Original WarSteam Achievements06/10/14
Orion: Dino HordeSteam Achievements01/02/14
OsmosSteam Achievements08/19/09
OTTTDSteam Achievements08/08/14
Out There SomewhereSteam Achievements05/23/14
OutlandSteam Achievements09/30/14
OutlastSteam Achievements04/11/14
Over 9,000 Zombies!Steam Achievements07/10/14
Overruled!Steam Achievements09/02/14
Pac-Man and the Ghostly AdventuresSteam Achievements01/02/14
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX +Steam Achievements09/27/13
Pac-Man MuseumSteam Achievements06/18/14
Painkiller: Hell & DamnationSteam Achievements10/31/12
Pandora: First ContactSteam Achievements06/30/14
Panzer CorpsSteam Achievements05/06/14
Paper SorcererSteam Achievements01/23/14
Papo & YoSteam Achievements04/22/13
Paranautical ActivitySteam Achievements10/10/14
Paranormal State: Poison SpringSteam Achievements04/11/14
PARTICLE MACESteam Achievements09/30/14
Party of SinSteam Achievements12/20/12
Payday 2Steam Achievements08/19/13
Payday: The HeistSteam Achievements10/21/11
Penguins ArenaSteam Achievements03/06/09
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode OneSteam Achievements02/27/09
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode TwoSteam Achievements02/27/09
PerpetuumSteam Achievements05/06/14
PickersSteam Achievements03/13/12
PidSteam Achievements11/01/12
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsSteam Achievements10/01/14
Pinball FX 2Steam Achievements05/14/13
Pineview DriveSteam Achievements08/01/14
Pirates of Black CoveSteam Achievements08/02/11
PivvotSteam Achievements07/18/14
Pixel BoySteam Achievements07/18/14
Pixel Puzzles: JapanSteam Achievements07/11/14
Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZSteam Achievements07/15/14
PixelJunk EdenSteam Achievements02/06/12
PixelJunk Monsters: UltimateSteam Achievements09/05/13
PixelJunk ShooterSteam Achievements01/02/14
Plague Inc: EvolvedSteam Achievements02/28/14
Plain SightSteam Achievements04/06/10
Planet BustersSteam Achievements02/27/09
Planet StrongholdSteam Achievements05/09/14
Planetary AnnihilationSteam Achievements10/10/14
PlatforminesSteam Achievements04/03/14
Point PerfectSteam Achievements07/18/14
Poker Night 2Steam Achievements04/29/13
Poker Night at the InventorySteam Achievements11/23/10
Poof vs. The Cursed KittySteam Achievements01/02/14
Pool NationSteam Achievements01/02/14
Port Royale 3: Pirates and MerchantsSteam Achievements05/10/12
Post Apocalyptic MayhemSteam Achievements03/28/11
Postal IIISteam Achievements01/04/12
Power of DefenseSteam Achievements08/06/10
PressureSteam Achievements04/01/13
Primal CarnageSteam Achievements11/02/12
Primal FearsSteam Achievements02/01/13
Prime World: DefendersSteam Achievements06/06/13
PrimordiaSteam Achievements12/07/12
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2012: Le Tour de FranceSteam Achievements06/25/12
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2013: Le Tour de France - 100th EditionSteam Achievements08/05/13
Pro Cycling Manager Season 2014: Le Tour de FranceSteam Achievements07/18/14
Pro Rugby Manager 2015Steam Achievements09/22/14
Probably ArcherySteam Achievements02/07/14
ProcyonSteam Achievements05/27/14
Project AftermathSteam Achievements03/11/09
Project RootSteam Achievements07/18/14
Project TemporalitySteam Achievements05/21/14
ProtoGalaxySteam Achievements10/21/10
Prototype 2Steam Achievements07/25/12
Proxy Blade ZeroSteam Achievements10/08/14
PuddleSteam Achievements11/13/12
PulstarSteam Achievements06/18/14
Pure PoolSteam Achievements08/05/14
Puzzle ChroniclesSteam Achievements06/07/10
Puzzle DimensionSteam Achievements06/23/10
Puzzle PiratesSteam Achievements09/02/11
Puzzle Quest 2Steam Achievements08/13/10
Puzzler WorldSteam Achievements06/01/10
Puzzler World 2Steam Achievements10/14/11
Q*bert: RebootedSteam Achievements07/15/14
Q.U.B.E.Steam Achievements01/09/12
Q.U.B.E. Director's CutSteam Achievements05/21/14
Qbeh-1: The Atlas CubeSteam Achievements05/21/14
QoraSteam Achievements10/03/14
QuakeCheat Codes06/24/02
Qualia 3: Multi AgentSteam Achievements07/18/14
Quantum ConundrumSteam Achievements06/21/12
QuantzSteam Achievements09/04/09
Quest for InfamySteam Achievements07/18/14
Quest of DungeonsSteam Achievements03/27/14
QuestRunSteam Achievements04/23/14
R.I.P.D. The GameSteam Achievements07/29/13
R.U.S.E.Steam Achievements09/07/10
Rabbit Hole 3DSteam Achievements05/06/14
Race the SunSteam Achievements01/02/14
RageSteam Achievements10/05/11
Rage RunnerSteam Achievements06/18/14
RailWorks 2: Train SimulatorSteam Achievements10/21/10
Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012Steam Achievements09/23/11
Rain Blood Chronicles: MirageSteam Achievements07/18/14
Rambo: The Video GameSteam Achievements02/25/14
Ravaged: Zombie ApocalypseSteam Achievements01/02/14
Razor 2: Hidden SkiesSteam Achievements07/23/10
Reach for the SunSteam Achievements01/02/14
Real BoxingSteam Achievements07/11/14
Real World RacingSteam Achievements01/02/14
Really Big SkySteam Achievements10/04/13
Realms of Ancient WarSteam Achievements10/15/12
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny RevisedSteam Achievements01/02/14
realMyst: Masterpiece EditionSteam Achievements07/18/14
Reaper - Tale of a Pale SwordsmanSteam Achievements02/11/14
Red Faction: ArmageddonSteam Achievements06/10/11
Red Faction: GuerrillaAchievements06/02/09
Red Johnson's ChroniclesSteam Achievements09/15/14
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of StalingradSteam Achievements09/30/11
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45Steam Achievements03/24/09
RedshirtSteam Achievements01/02/14
ReignMakerSteam Achievements04/17/14
Renegade OpsSteam Achievements11/04/11
Resident Evil 4Steam Achievements02/28/14
Resident Evil 5Achievements09/15/09
Resident Evil 6Steam Achievements03/25/13
Resident Evil: RevelationsSteam Achievements05/24/13
ResidueSteam Achievements08/13/14
ResonanceSteam Achievements06/19/12
Retro City RampageSteam Achievements10/10/12
Retro/GradeSteam Achievements03/29/13
RetrovirusSteam Achievements03/11/13
ReusSteam Achievements05/17/13
Revelations 2012Steam Achievements04/24/12
Revenge of the TitansSteam Achievements10/14/11
Reversion - The EscapeSteam Achievements06/10/14
Reversion - The MeetingSteam Achievements07/09/14
Revolution AceSteam Achievements03/21/14
Rex RocketSteam Achievements08/11/14
Rhythm DestructionSteam Achievements06/17/14
Rhythm ZoneSteam Achievements07/23/10
Richard & AliceSteam Achievements06/09/14
Ride to Hell: RetributionSteam Achievements08/19/13
Ridge Racer DriftopiaSteam Achievements09/13/13
Ridge Racer UnboundedSteam Achievements04/04/12
RigonautsSteam Achievements09/18/12
Ring Runner: Flight of the SagesSteam Achievements01/02/14
Riptide GP2Steam Achievements03/11/14
Rise of Flight: Channel Battles EditionSteam Achievements01/02/14
Rise of Immortals: Battle for GraxiaSteam Achievements09/30/11
Rise of Nations: Extended EditionSteam Achievements07/01/14
Rise of the TriadSteam Achievements08/05/13
Rise of VeniceSteam Achievements01/02/14
Risen 2: Dark WatersSteam Achievements04/27/12
Risen 2: Dark Waters - Treasure IsleAchievements08/17/12
Risen 3: Titan LordsSteam Achievements08/15/14
Rising StormSteam Achievements06/03/13
Risk of RainSteam Achievements01/02/14
RISK: FactionsSteam Achievements03/14/11
Road Not TakenSteam Achievements09/29/14
Road RedemptionSteam Achievements09/19/14
Robot Rescue RevolutionSteam Achievements07/15/14
Robot Roller-Derby Disco DodgeballSteam Achievements04/03/14
RochardSteam Achievements11/16/11
Rock of AgesSteam Achievements09/09/11
Rocket KnightSteam Achievements05/12/10
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenSteam Achievements10/16/12
ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETSSteam Achievement07/09/14
RocksmithSteam Achievements10/16/12
Rocksmith 2014 EditionSteam Achievements01/02/14
Rogue LegacySteam Achievements01/02/14
Rogue WarriorSteam Achievements12/03/09
Rogue's TaleSteam Achievements04/03/14
Roller Coaster RampageSteam Achievements06/19/12
RoommatesSteam Achievements10/20/14
RotasticSteam Achievements10/15/12
RoundaboutSteam Achievements10/02/14
RPG TycoonSteam Achievements09/29/14
Rube Works: The Official Rube Goldberg Invention GameSteam Achievements04/23/14
Rugby ChallengeSteam Achievements10/17/11
Rugby Challenge 2 (The Lions Tour Edition)Steam Achievements09/13/13
RunersSteam Achievements09/03/14
Runespell: OvertureSteam Achievements07/20/11
RUSHSteam Achievements12/08/10
Rush for GlorySteam Achievements06/30/14
Rusty HeartsSteam Achievements10/14/11
rymdkapselSteam Achievements01/31/14
Ryse: Son of RomeSteam Achievements10/13/14
SacraboarSteam Achievements09/10/10
Sacred 3Steam Achievements08/04/14
Sacred CitadelSteam Achievements04/22/13
Saints Row IVSteam Achievements08/27/13
Saints Row: The ThirdSteam Achievements12/06/11
Saints Row: The Third - Genki Bowl VIISteam Achievements01/17/12
Salvation ProphecySteam Achievements01/02/14
Samurai GunnSteam Achievements12/30/13
Sanctum (2011)Steam Achievements04/20/11
Sanctum 2Steam Achievements05/17/13
Sang-Froid: Tales of WerewolvesSteam Achievements04/05/13
Saturday Morning RPGSteam Achievements01/31/14
Savage 2: A Tortured SoulAchievements03/24/09
Savant - AscentSteam Achievements01/02/14
SawSteam Achievements11/02/09
ScarygirlSteam Achievements04/10/12
School Bus FunSteam Achievements07/18/14
Science GirlsSteam Achievements03/25/14
ScoregasmSteam Achievements02/09/12
Scourge: OutbreakSteam Achievements04/04/14
Scribblenauts UnlimitedSteam Achievements11/20/12
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics AdventureSteam Achievements10/04/13
Season MatchSteam Achievements09/16/14
Season Match 2Steam Achievements10/16/14
Second Chance HeroesSteam Achievements07/14/14
Secret of the Magic CrystalsSteam Achievements05/27/11
Secrets of RaetikonSteam Achievement01/23/14
Section 8Achievements09/02/09
Section 8DLC Achievements11/25/09
Section 8: PrejudiceGames for Windows Live Achievements05/05/11
Section 8: PrejudiceGames for Windows Live Overdrive Map Pack DLC Achievements05/31/11
Section 8: Prejudice - Overdrive Map PackAchievements06/01/11
Sega Bass FishingSteam Achievements08/01/14
Selknam DefenseSteam Achievements10/07/14
SentinelSteam Achievements04/23/14
Sentinel 3: HomeworldSteam Achievements02/18/14
SequenceSteam Achievements10/24/11
Serious Sam 3: BFESteam Achievements11/23/11
Serious Sam Classics: RevolutionSteam Achievements05/06/14
Serious Sam Double DSteam Achievements08/31/11
Serious Sam HD: The First EncounterSteam Achievements07/07/11
Serious Sam HD: The Second EncounterSteam Achievements04/29/10
Shad'OSteam Achievements09/05/12
Shadow WarriorSteam Achievements09/27/13
Shadow Warrior Classic ReduxSteam Achievements07/15/13
ShadowgateSteam Achievements08/26/14
Shadowrun: DragonfallSteam Achievements09/18/14
Shadows on the Vatican - Act I: GreedSteam Achievements06/17/14
Shan GuiSteam Achievements08/22/14
ShankSteam Achievements10/26/10
Shank 2Steam Achievements02/08/12
Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's CutSteam Achievements07/18/14
ShatterSteam Achievements03/31/10
Shattered PlanetSteam Achievements07/07/14
Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the BaskervillesSteam Achievements04/27/12
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & PunishmentsSteam Achievements10/02/14
Shiny The FireflySteam Achievements06/30/14
Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and RescueSteam Achievements07/15/14
Shoot Many RobotsSteam Achievements05/03/12
Shovel KnightSteam Achievements07/07/14
Shufflepuck Cantina DeluxeSteam Achievements01/02/14
Sid Meier's Ace PatrolSteam Achievements09/13/13
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific SkiesSteam Achievements01/02/14
Sid Meier's Civilization VSteam Achievements09/23/10
Sideway: New YorkSteam Achievements11/18/11
Signal OpsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Signs of LifeSteam Achievements07/11/14
Simplz: ZooSteam Achievements04/06/10
Sine MoraSteam Achievements11/12/12
Sins of a Solar Empire: RebellionSteam Achievements06/12/12
Ski Region SimulatorSteam Achievements02/07/14
SkullgirlsSteam Achievements08/27/13
Skulls of the ShogunSteam Achievements08/12/13
Sky NationsSteam Achievements07/18/14
SkyDriftSteam Achievements11/23/11
Skyward CollapseSteam Achievements06/03/13
Slam Bolt ScrappersSteam Achievements03/18/13
Sleeping DogsSteam Achievements08/14/12
Slender: The ArrivalSteam Achievements01/02/14
SlipSteam Achievements05/06/14
Smash CarsSteam Achievements10/20/11
Smooth OperatorsSteam Achievements06/18/14
SnapshotSteam Achievements10/24/12
Sniper Elite IIISteam Achievements06/30/14
Sniper Elite V2Steam Achievements05/03/12
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie ArmySteam Achievements03/04/13
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2Steam Achievements01/02/14
Sniper: Ghost WarriorSteam Achievements08/04/10
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Steam Achievements03/18/13
SnowSteam Achievements01/02/14
Snuggle TruckSteam Achievements02/08/12
So Many MeSteam Achievements07/18/14
SokobondSteam Achievements07/23/14
Sol SurvivorSteam Achievements03/24/10
SOL: ExodusSteam Achievements01/26/12
Solar 2Steam Achievements06/20/11
Solar Flux HDSteam Achievements01/02/14
Soldier Front 2Steam Achievements07/15/13
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedSteam Achievements02/06/13
Sonic Adventure 2Steam Achievements11/22/12
Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (2011)Steam Achievements08/01/14
Sonic CDSteam Achievements01/20/12
Sonic GenerationsSteam Achievements11/04/11
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISteam Achievements03/07/12
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IISteam Achievements05/15/12
Soundodger+Steam Achievements01/02/14
South Park: The Stick of TruthSteam Achievements03/05/14
Space AceSteam Achievements01/02/14
Space ArkSteam Achievements03/19/12
Space Channel 5: Part 2Steam Achievements08/01/14
Space FarmersSteam Achievements07/18/14
Space HulkSteam Achievements08/19/13
Space Pirates and ZombiesSteam Achievements08/18/11
Space Rangers HD: A War ApartSteam Achievements01/02/14
Space RunSteam Achievements06/18/14
Space Trader - Merchant MarineSteam Achievements02/27/09
SpaceChemSteam Achievements05/10/11
SpacecomSteam Achievements09/19/14
Spec Ops: The LineSteam Achievements06/26/12
Special Forces: Team XSteam Achievements02/22/13
SpectraballSteam Achievements02/27/09
SpectromancerSteam Achievements01/02/14
Speed KillsSteam Achievements05/21/14
Speedball 2 HDSteam Achievements01/02/14
SpeedRunnersSteam Achievements01/02/14
SpelunkySteam Achievements08/12/13
Spice RoadSteam Achievements04/28/14
SpinTiresSteam Achievements06/18/14
Spiral KnightsSteam Achievements06/16/11
Spirited HeartSteam Achievements06/02/14
SpiritsSteam Achievements09/05/12
SplatterSteam Achievements06/09/14
SpliceSteam Achievements06/15/12
Spoiler AlertSteam Achievements07/02/14
SporeCell Stage Achievements03/24/09
SporeCivilization Stage Achievements03/24/09
SporeCreature Stage Achievements03/24/09
SporeGeneral Achievements03/24/09
SporeSpace Stage Achievements03/24/09
SporeTribal Stage Achievements03/24/09
SPORT1 Live : DuelSteam Achievements06/02/14
Spy Chameleon - RGB AgentSteam Achievements06/18/14
StackingSteam Achievements03/21/12
StainedSteam Achievements07/18/14
Star ConflictSteam Achievements03/04/13
Star RaidersSteam Achievements10/14/11
Star Trek The Video GameSteam Achievements04/29/13
Star Trek: D-A-CSteam Achievements11/17/09
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic HeroesAchievements10/06/09
Starlite Astronaut Academy: G-BallSteam Achievements05/30/14
Starlite: Astronaut RescueAchievement10/09/14
Starpoint Gemini 2Steam Achievements01/02/14
StarscapeSteam Achievements02/27/09
StarvoidSteam Achievements08/31/12
Starwhal: Just the TipSteam Achievements10/01/14
State of DecaySteam Achievements09/27/13
Stealth Bastard DeluxeSteam Achievements11/30/12
Steam MarinesSteam Achievements09/25/14
SteamWorld DigSteam Achievements01/02/14
Steel SoldiersSteam Achievements09/29/14
Stick it to the Man!Steam Achievements12/30/13
StoneridSteam Achievements08/20/14
StormSteam Achievements09/05/13
Storm in a TeacupSteam Achievements01/20/12
StrataSteam Achievements05/30/14
Strategic War in EuropeSteam Achievements03/25/14
Street Fighter IVAchievements07/01/09
StriderSteam Achievements02/21/14
Strike Suit InfinitySteam Achievements05/14/13
Strike Suit ZeroSteam Achievements01/25/13
Stronghold: Crusader IISteam Achievements09/24/14
Styx: Master of ShadowsSteam Achievements10/08/14
Sugar Cube: Bittersweet FactorySteam Achievements11/08/12
SUGURISteam Achievements07/01/14
Super Chain Crusher HorizonSteam Achievements09/23/14
Super CombomanSteam Achievements07/18/14
Super HexagonSteam Achievements11/27/12
Super House of Dead NinjasSteam Achievements02/25/13
Super Laser RacerSteam Achievements04/16/10
Super Lemonade FactorySteam Achievements07/18/14
Super Monday Night CombatSteam Achievements07/30/12
Super MotherloadSteam Achievements03/07/14
Super Puzzle Platformer DeluxeSteam Achievements05/28/13
Super Sanctum TDSteam Achievements05/14/13
Super SplattersSteam Achievements07/15/13
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionGames for Windows Live Achievements07/27/11
Super Time Force UltraSteam Achievements08/26/14
Super Toy CarsSteam Achievements03/05/14
Super Trench AttackSteam Achievements07/30/14
Super Win the GameSteam Achievements10/02/14
Superfrog HDSteam Achievements10/16/13
Supernova 2: SpacewarSteam Achievements01/02/14
SuperPower 2Steam Achievements04/22/14
Supreme Commander 2Steam Achievements03/02/10
Surgeon Simulator 2013Steam Achievements04/22/13
Survivor SquadSteam Achievements01/02/14
Swarm ArenaSteam Achievements08/25/10
Sweet Lily DreamsSteam Achievements05/30/14
Sweezy GunnerSteam Achievements05/07/14
SwipecartSteam Achievements05/09/14
Sword of the Stars II: Lords of WinterSteam Achievements10/31/11
Sword of the Stars: Ground PoundersSteam Achievements04/10/14
Sword of the Stars: The PitSteam Achievements03/11/13
Swords & Soldiers HDSteam Achievements12/23/10
Syder ArcadeSteam Achievements01/02/14
SymphonySteam Achievements08/07/12
System Protocol OneSteam Achievements02/22/11
T.E.C. 3001Steam Achievements04/15/14
Tactical InterventionSteam Achievements09/05/13
Take On MarsSteam Achievements08/19/13
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs AttackSteam Achievements08/16/12
Talisman: Digital EditionSteam Achievements01/02/14
Tank Universal: Challenger EightSteam Achievements02/27/09
Team IndieSteam Achievements10/09/14
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsSteam Achievements09/05/13
Terrian Saga: KR-17Steam Achievements07/14/14
TerrorhedronSteam Achievements07/31/14
TeslagradSteam Achievements12/30/13
Test Drive Unlimited 2Steam Achievements03/04/11
Tetrobot and Co.Steam Achievements01/02/14
Texas Cheat 'EmSteam Achievements08/12/09
The 39 StepsSteam Achievements04/29/13
The Adventures of ShuggySteam Achievements06/14/12
The Age of DecadenceSteam Achievements01/17/14
The Amazing Spider-ManSteam Achievements08/14/12
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Steam Achievements05/06/14
The BaconingSteam Achievements10/14/11
The BallSteam Achievements10/26/10
The Banner SagaSteam Achievements01/17/14
The Banner Saga: FactionsSteam Achievements03/19/13
The Basement CollectionSteam Achievements09/04/12
The Binding of IsaacSteam Achievements09/28/11
The Blackwell ConvergenceSteam Achievements01/03/12
The Blackwell EpiphanySteam Achievements05/06/14
The Blackwell LegacySteam Achievements01/09/12
The Book of LegendsSteam Achievements05/21/14
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2Steam Achievements09/22/14
The Book of Unwritten Tales: Critter ChroniclesSteam Achievements12/07/12
The BridgeSteam Achievements02/25/13
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedSteam Achievements08/27/13
The Cat LadySteam Achievements01/02/14
The CaveSteam Achievements01/25/13
The Chaos EngineSteam Achievements10/04/13
The ClubAchievements02/19/09
The ColliderSteam Achievements09/18/14
The Culling of the CowsSteam Achievements07/14/14
The Cursed CrusadeSteam Achievements10/14/11
The Dark Eye: Chains of SatinavSteam Achievements06/26/12
The Dark Eye: DemoniconSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Darkness IISteam Achievements02/08/12
The Dead LingerSteam Achievements10/04/13
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSteam Achievements11/14/11
The EscapistSteam Achievements10/14/14
The Evil WithinSteam Achievements10/15/14
The Expendables 2 VideogameSteam Achievements09/19/12
The FallSteam Achievements07/07/14
The First TemplarSteam Achievements05/17/11
The Floor is JellySteam Achievements06/09/14
The Flower Shop: Summer In FairbrookSteam Achievements06/30/14
The Flower Shop: Winter In FairbrookSteam Achievements08/07/14
The Forgotten OnesSteam Achievements07/18/14
The Golf ClubSteam Achievements08/22/14
The HarvestSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Haunted: Hell's ReachSteam Achievements10/26/11
The Impossible GameSteam Achievements05/16/14
The Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingSteam Achievements05/28/13
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IISteam Achievements05/23/14
The Inner WorldSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Inquisitor: The PlagueSteam Achievements05/06/14
The King of Fighters XIII: Steam EditionSteam Achievements09/13/13
The Last DoorSteam Achievements05/21/14
The Last ExpressSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Last FederationSteam Achievements04/23/14
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the SkySteam Achievements07/30/14
The LEGO Movie VideogameSteam Achievements02/11/14
The Long DarkSteam Achievements09/29/14
The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthSteam Achievements11/04/11
The Lost Crown: A Ghost-hunting AdventureSteam Achievements07/18/14
The MawSteam Achievements03/11/09
The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret PathsSteam Achievements03/18/14
The Political Machine 2012Steam Achievements07/31/12
The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of TownsvilleSteam Achievements03/18/14
The Raven: Legacy of a Master ThiefSteam Achievements08/19/13
The Red SolsticeSteam Achievements10/09/14
The RoomSteam Achievements07/30/14
The Samaritan ParadoxSteam Achievements07/09/14
The SandboxSteam Achievements07/18/14
The Shivah: Kosher EditionSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Showdown EffectSteam Achievements03/05/13
The Sparkle 2: EvoSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Stanley ParableSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Sun at NightSteam Achievements08/04/14
The SwapperSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesSteam Achievements09/21/12
The Treasures of Montezuma 4Steam Achievements05/27/14
The Typing of the Dead: OverkillSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New DaySteam Achievements04/27/12
The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every CornerAchievements10/12/12
The Walking Dead: Season Two - A Telltale Games SeriesSteam Achievements12/30/13
The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctSteam Achievements03/29/13
The Whispered WorldSteam Achievements05/07/14
The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsSteam Achievements05/17/11
The Wolf Among UsSteam Achievements01/02/14
The Wonderful End of the WorldSteam Achievements07/07/11
They Bleed PixelsSteam Achievements09/04/12
They BreatheSteam Achievements05/27/14
ThiefSteam Achievements02/28/14
Thieves' Gambit: The Curse of the Black CatSteam Achievements10/20/14
Third Eye CrimeSteam Achievements10/03/14
Thomas Was AloneSteam Achievements11/13/12
Three Dead ZedSteam Achievements07/09/14
TidalisSteam Achievements07/23/10
Time Mysteries: The Ancient SpectresSteam Achievements08/01/14
Time Mysteries: The Final EnigmaSteam Achievements09/12/14
TimeLines: Assault on AmericaSteam Achievements01/02/14
Tiny & Big: Grandpa's LeftoversSteam Achievements06/19/12
Tiny Barbarian DXSteam Achievements01/02/14
Tiny BrainsSteam Achievements01/02/14
Tiny ThiefSteam Achievements12/30/13
Tiny TroopersSteam Achievements08/27/12
Titan Attacks!Steam Achievements02/06/12
To the MoonSteam Achievement01/02/14
Tobe's Vertical AdventureSteam Achievements07/20/11
Toki ToriSteam Achievements02/02/10
Toki Tori 2 +Steam Achievements07/15/13
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon PhantomsSteam Achievements01/23/14
Tomb RaiderSteam Achievements03/11/13
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HDSteam Achievements09/19/12
Top Gun (2010)Steam Achievements10/14/11
Top HatSteam Achievements08/07/14
TorchlightSteam Achievements12/20/09
Torchlight IISteam Achievements09/21/12
ToribashSteam Achievements05/30/14
Total War Battles: SHOGUNSteam Achievements09/04/12
Total War: Rome IISteam Achievements09/09/13
Total War: Shogun 2Steam Achievements03/17/11
Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the SamuraiSteam Achievements03/26/12
Tower of GunsSteam Achievements05/06/14
Tower WarsSteam Achievements08/16/12
TowerFall AscensionSteam Achievements03/18/14
Toxic Bunny HDSteam Achievements07/21/14
Toy SoldiersGames for Windows Live Achievements05/07/12
Trace VectorSteam Achievements08/22/14
Train FeverSteam Achievements09/05/14
Train Simulator 2014Steam Achievements01/02/14
Trainz Simulator 12Steam Achievements03/19/13
TranscriptedSteam Achievements09/14/12
Transformers: Fall of CybertronSteam Achievements08/21/12
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkSteam Achievements07/02/14
TransistorSteam Achievements05/21/14
TransOcean: The Shipping CompanySteam Achievements10/09/14
TRISteam Achievements10/10/14
Trials 2: Second EditionSteam Achievements02/27/09
TriBlasterSteam Achievements07/18/14
Tribloos 2Steam Achievements01/31/14
TrineSteam Achievements07/07/11
Trine 2Steam Achievements12/08/11
TrinoSteam Achievements01/28/11
Triple TownSteam Achievements12/07/12
TRON: EvolutionGames for Windows Live Achievements11/30/10
Tropico 4Steam Achievements09/02/11
Tropico 5Steam Achievements05/27/14
Truck RacerSteam Achievements01/02/14
Trucks & TrailersSteam Achievements07/18/14
TrystSteam Achievements09/18/12
TurbaSteam Achievements07/23/10
Turbo DismountSteam Achievements05/27/14
Type:RiderSteam Achievements01/02/14
Ultimate General: GettysburgSteam Achievements10/20/14
Ultionus: A Tale of Petty RevengeSteam Achievements03/04/14
UltratronSteam Achievements03/22/13
UnderrailSteam Achievements09/27/13
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn BattutaSteam Achievements01/07/14
UnepicSteam Achievements06/14/13
Unholy HeightsSteam Achievements10/08/13
Universe at War: Earth AssaultAchievements03/24/09
Universe SandboxSteam Achievements05/05/11
UnmechanicalSteam Achievements01/02/14
Unreal Tournament IIISteam Achievements03/06/09
Unstoppable GorgSteam Achievements01/26/12
UnturnedSteam Achievements08/29/14
Urban Trial FreestyleSteam Achievements09/27/13
Valdis Story: Abyssal CitySteam Achievements01/02/14
Vancouver 2010 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter GamesAchievements01/19/10
VectorSteam Achievements01/02/14
VelociboxSteam Achievements09/08/14
Velocity UltraSteam Achievements01/02/14
VerdunSteam Achievements01/02/14
Vertical Drop Heroes HDSteam Achievements07/30/14
VesselSteam Achievements03/02/12
Viking: Battle for AsgardSteam Achievements10/18/12
ViktorSteam Achievements06/18/14
ViolettSteam Achievements01/02/14
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow WarriorSteam Achievements01/02/14
Viva PinataAchievements02/19/09
Vlad the ImpalerSteam Achievements08/04/14
Volgarr the VikingSteam Achievements09/27/13
VVVVVVSteam Achievements06/11/14
WakeSteam Achievements10/04/13
WAKFUSteam Achievements09/19/14
Waking MarsSteam Achievements12/20/12
Wanderlust: RebirthSteam Achievements07/30/12
War in a Box: Paper TanksSteam Achievements08/28/14
War Inc. Battle ZoneSteam Achievements05/03/12
War of the Human TanksSteam Achievements01/14/14
War of the RosesSteam Achievements10/03/12
War of the VikingsSteam Achievements10/04/13
WarfaceSteam Achievements07/18/14
WarframeSteam Achievements01/02/14
Wargame: European EscalationSteam Achievements02/27/12
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIAchievements02/19/09
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIGames for Windows Live Chaos Rising DLC Achievements07/20/10
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos RisingAchievements03/16/10
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - RetributionSteam Achievements03/01/11
Warhammer 40,000: Kill TeamSteam Achievements05/27/14
Warhammer 40,000: Space MarineSteam Achievements09/07/11
Warhammer 40,000: Storm of VengeanceSteam Achievement07/18/14
Warlock 2: The ExiledSteam Achievements04/11/14
Wasteland 2Steam Achievements10/20/14
Wasteland AngelSteam Achievements09/02/11
WaveformSteam Achievements03/26/12
WavesSteam Achievements11/18/11
WazHackSteam Achievements02/18/14
Where's Waldo? The Fantastic JourneyGames For Windows Live Achievements07/20/10
Whispering WillowsSteam Achievements07/10/14
White Noise OnlineSteam Achievements05/27/14
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special EditionsSteam Achievements06/07/12
Who's That Flying?!Steam Achievements06/01/11
Wings of PreySteam Achievements01/12/10
Wings! Remastered EditionSteam Achievements10/20/14
Winter Voices Prologue: AvalancheSteam Achievements04/12/11
WizorbSteam Achievements03/21/12
Wolfenstein: The New OrderSteam Achievements05/21/14
Wooden Sen'SeYSteam Achievements01/02/14
Woodle TreeSteam Achievements06/09/14
Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie PiratesSteam Achievements10/14/11
World of DivingSteam Achievements08/29/14
World of GooSteam Achievements02/27/09
World of Guns: Gun DisassemblySteam Achievements06/10/14
Worms Clan WarsSteam Achievements09/05/13
Worms Crazy GolfSteam Achievements10/20/11
Worms ReloadedSteam Achievements08/26/10
Worms RevolutionSteam Achievements10/11/12
Worms Ultimate MayhemSteam Achievements10/03/11
WrackSteam Achievements01/02/14
WRC 4: FIA World Rally ChampionshipSteam Achievements01/02/14
WRC PowerslideSteam Achievements02/11/14
X RebirthSteam Achievements01/02/14
X3: Terran ConflictSteam Achievements04/28/10
XCOM: Enemy UnknownSteam Achievements10/18/12
XoticSteam Achievements09/20/11
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZSteam Achievements07/18/14
Yar's RevengeSteam Achievements05/05/11
Year WalkSteam Achievements03/07/14
Yet Another Zombie DefenseSteam Achievements04/03/14
You Don't Know Jack (1995)Steam Achievements01/02/14
You Don't Know Jack (2011)Steam Achievements02/11/11
You Have to Win the GameSteam Achievements05/07/14
Young Justice: LegacySteam Achievements01/02/14
Your Doodles Are Bugged!Steam Achievements05/03/11
Ys I & II ChroniclesSteam Achievements: Ys I04/02/13
Ys I & II ChroniclesSteam Achievements: Ys II04/02/13
Ys OriginSteam Achievements06/01/12
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaSteam Achievements03/21/12
ZSteam Achievements07/07/14
Zack ZeroSteam Achievements05/20/13
Zafehouse: DiariesSteam Achievements01/02/14
ZAMB! Biomutant ExterminationSteam Achievements05/23/14
Zeit SquaredSteam Achievements01/21/11
Zen Bound 2Steam Achievements12/02/10
Zeno ClashSteam Achievements05/01/09
Zeno Clash IISteam Achievements05/20/13
Zero GearSteam Achievements01/15/10
ZigguratSteam Achievements09/03/14
ZiroSteam Achievements06/01/10
Zombie Bowl-O-RamaSteam Achievements10/21/09
Zombie DriverSteam Achievements12/07/09
Zombie Driver HDSteam Achievements10/19/12
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's RevengeSteam Achievements12/30/13
Zoo RampageSteam Achievements07/15/14
Zuma's Revenge!Steam Achievements09/17/09

PlayStation 3

007 LegendsTrophies10/16/12
2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTrophies04/27/10
2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilTrophies04/15/14
3 on 3 NHL ArcadeTrophies02/05/09
4 Elements HDTrophies08/31/11
428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya deTrophies09/21/09
50 Cent: Blood on the SandTrophies08/14/09
A-Men 2Trophies11/12/13
Aabs AnimalsTrophies12/19/13
Absolute SupercarsTrophies11/07/12
Abyss OdysseyTrophies07/17/14
Acceleration of SUGURI X-EditionTrophies02/16/11
Ace Combat InfinityTrophies05/21/14
Ace Combat: Assault HorizonTrophies10/11/11
Adam's Venture ChroniclesTrophies02/04/14
Adidas miCoachTrophies07/13/12
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!Trophies11/15/13
AFL Live 2Trophies09/12/13
Age of BootyTrophies03/06/09
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersTrophies12/07/12
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsTrophies07/08/11
Air Conflicts: VietnamTrophies09/12/13
Akiba's Trip: Undead & UndressedTrophies08/05/14
Akimi VillageTrophies06/17/11
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldTrophies05/23/12
Alice: Madness ReturnsTrophies06/14/11
Alice: Madness ReturnsTrophies: American McGee's Alice DLC06/14/11
Alien Breed 3: DescentTrophies02/24/11
Alien RageTrophies10/25/13
Alien SpidyTrophies05/10/13
Alien Zombie MegadeathTrophies06/22/11
Alien: IsolationTrophies10/07/14
Aliens: Colonial MarinesTrophies02/12/13
All Zombies Must Die!Trophies01/03/12
Alone in the Dark: InfernoTrophies11/29/08
Altered BeastTrophies09/02/11
American Mensa AcademyTrophies12/19/12
Anarchy: Rush HourTrophies03/29/10
Angry Birds Star WarsTrophies11/01/13
Angry Birds TrilogyTrophies09/25/12
Angry Birds TrilogyTrophies: Anger Management DLC12/10/12
Angry Birds TrilogyTrophies: Fowl Tempered DLC02/25/13
Anomaly: Warzone EarthTrophies08/29/12
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionTrophies07/01/14
Apache: Air AssaultTrophies11/17/10
Apples to ApplesTrophies01/03/12
Apples to Apples: Fun to the CoreTrophies03/07/12
Aqua PanicTrophies04/08/10
Aquanaut's Holiday: Kakusareta KirokuTrophies02/05/09
Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn StarTrophies10/07/14
Arcana Heart 3: LOVEMAX!!!!!Trophies09/19/14
Arcania: The Complete TaleTrophies07/16/13
Arkedo Series - 003 PIXEL!Trophies12/08/11
Armageddon RidersTrophies06/03/11
Armored Core VTrophies01/26/12
Armored Core: Verdict DayTrophies09/24/13
Army of Two: The 40th DayTrophies01/08/10
Army of Two: The 40th Day - Chapters of DeceitTrophies04/20/10
Army of Two: The Devil's CartelTrophies03/26/13
Assassin's Creed IITrophies11/17/09
Assassin's Creed IIITrophies10/30/12
Assassin's Creed IIITrophies: The Battle Hardened Pack DLC10/30/12
Assassin's Creed III - The BetrayalTrophies03/19/13
Assassin's Creed III - The InfamyTrophies02/19/13
Assassin's Creed III - The RedemptionTrophies04/24/13
Assassin's Creed III: The Battle Hardened PackTrophies01/08/13
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagTrophies10/29/13
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom CryTrophies12/19/13
Assassin's Creed Liberation HDTrophies12/09/13
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci DisappearanceTrophies03/10/11
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Ancestors Character PackTrophies12/13/11
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Mediterranean Traveler Map PackTrophies01/25/12
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - The Lost ArchiveTrophies03/07/12
Asura's WrathTrophies02/27/12
Asura's WrathTrophies: Episode Pack: Part IV DLC04/26/12
Asura's Wrath: Episode Pack - Part IV: NirvanaTrophies05/01/12
Asura's Wrath: Lost Episode 1 - At Last, Someone Angrier Than MeTrophy05/09/12
Asura's Wrath: Lost Episode 2 - The Strongest vs. the AngriestTrophy05/15/12
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of DuskTrophies05/24/13
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of ArlandTrophies04/18/12
Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of ArlandTrophies07/16/14
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of ArlandTrophies07/27/09
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of ArlandTrophies09/28/11
Atomic NinjasTrophies10/04/13
Auditorium HDTrophies11/23/10
Back to the Future: The GameTrophies10/27/11
Backgammon BlitzTrophies01/31/14
Bakugan: Defenders of the CoreTrophies11/01/10
Band HeroTrophies12/18/09
Bandfuse: Rock LegendsTrophies11/25/13
Bang Bang RacingTrophies06/07/12
Batman: Arkham CityTrophies: Harley Quinn DLC04/03/12
Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Bundle PackTrophies10/24/11
Batman: Arkham City - Nightwing Bundle PackTrophies11/01/11
Batman: Arkham City - Robin Bundle PackTrophies11/22/11
Batman: Arkham OriginsTrophies10/25/13
Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold HeartTrophies04/28/14
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe EditionTrophies04/03/14
Battle FantasiaTrophies01/05/10
Battle of Tiles EXTrophies01/25/13
Battle Princess of ArcadiasTrophies06/17/14
Battle vs ChessTrophies08/22/13
Battle: Los AngelesTrophies03/28/11
Battlefield 3Trophies10/25/11
Battlefield 3: AftermathTrophies11/29/12
Battlefield 3: Close QuartersTrophies06/05/12
Battlefield 3: End GameTrophies03/12/13
Battlefield 4Trophies10/29/13
Battlefield 4: China RisingTrophies12/03/13
Battlefield 4: Dragon's TeethTrophies07/21/14
Battlefield 4: Naval StrikeTrophies04/15/14
Battlefield 4: Second AssaultTrophies03/14/14
Battlefield: Bad CompanyTrophies10/22/08
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Onslaught DLC Trophies06/07/10
Battlefield: Bad Company 2SPECACT DLC Trophies06/07/10
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 OnslaughtTrophies12/14/10
Beat Hazard UltraTrophies10/20/11
Beat SketcherTrophies10/26/10
Beer Pong!Trophies10/25/13
Bejeweled 3Trophies12/12/11
Ben 10 Omniverse 2Trophies11/06/13
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic DestructionTrophies11/02/10
Ben 10: Galactic RacingTrophies10/21/11
Ben 10: OmniverseTrophies11/14/12
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Chess09/24/14
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Mah-jong09/24/14
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Solitaire09/24/14
Beyond: Two SoulsTrophies10/08/13
Big Sky: InfinityTrophies12/13/12
Binary DomainTrophies02/16/12
Bionic CommandoTrophies05/18/09
BioShock 2DLC #2 Trophies06/29/10
BioShock 2DLC Trophies04/26/10
BioShock 2: Minerva's DenTrophies09/07/10
BioShock 2: Protector TrialsTrophies08/09/10
BioShock InfiniteTrophies03/26/13
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode OneTrophies11/12/13
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode TwoTrophies03/27/14
BioShock Infinite: Clash in the CloudsTrophies07/31/13
Birds of SteelTrophies03/09/12
Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienTrophies03/07/13
Black Knight SwordTrophies12/13/12
Blacklight: Tango DownTrophies10/27/10
Blade KittenTrophies09/23/10
Blades of TimeTrophies03/06/12
Blast FactorTrophies12/04/08
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftTrophies07/28/10
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftTrophies: Platinum the Trinity DLC05/17/11
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ExtendTrophies02/14/12
Bleach: Soul ResurreccionTrophies08/03/11
Blitz: The League IITrophies10/13/08
Blood KnightsTrophies06/28/13
BloodRayne: BetrayalTrophies09/06/11
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little RiddleTrophies12/17/09
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode FiveTrophies04/08/10
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode FourTrophies04/08/10
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode OneTrophies12/17/09
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode SixTrophies04/08/10
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode ThreeTrophies02/25/10
Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode TwoTrophies12/17/09
Borderlands 2Trophies: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC10/10/12
Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game HuntTrophies01/15/13
Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon KeepTrophies06/25/13
Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome RiotTrophies01/07/10
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelTrophies10/14/14
Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General KnoxxTrophies02/25/10
Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. NedTrophies12/07/09
Bound by FlameTrophies05/01/14
Brain ChallengeTrophies03/06/09
Brain Challenge DeluxeTrophies12/26/08
Brave: The Video GameTrophies06/19/12
Brink: Agents of ChangeTrophies08/03/11
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsTrophies09/05/13
Brutal LegendDLC Trophies11/28/09
BulletstormGun Sonata DLC Trophies03/29/11
Bulletstorm: Blood Symphony PackTrophies12/08/11
Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata PackTrophies04/20/11
BurgerTime World TourTrophies11/22/11
Burn Zombie BurnIn Space DLC Trophies04/05/10
Burn Zombie BurnTrophies03/31/09
Burn Zombie BurnZombie Sushi DLC Trophies04/05/10
Burnout Crash!Trophies09/21/11
Burnout ParadiseBoost Specials DLC Trophies01/23/09
Burnout ParadiseLegendary Cars DLC Trophies01/23/09
Burnout ParadiseOriginal Trophies09/25/08
Burnout ParadiseParty Pack DLC Trophies01/23/09
Buzz! Brain Of The UKTrophies03/27/09
Buzz! Junior: RoboJamTrophies07/29/09
Buzz! Quiz TVTrophies08/07/08
Buzz! The Ultimate Music QuizTrophies10/25/10
Cabela's Adventure CampTrophies11/04/11
Cabela's African AdventuresTrophies10/18/13
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012Trophies09/28/11
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011Trophies10/25/10
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013Trophies10/23/12
Cabela's Hunting ExpeditionsTrophies10/24/12
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (2009)Trophies09/09/09
Cabela's Survival: Shadows of KatmaiTrophies11/04/11
Call of Duty ClassicTrophies11/16/09
Call of Duty: Black Ops - AnnihilationTrophies07/28/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - EscalationTrophies06/10/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - First StrikeTrophies03/03/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops - RezurrectionTrophies09/22/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops IITrophies11/13/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - ApocalypseTrophies09/27/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - RevolutionTrophies03/04/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - UprisingTrophies05/16/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - VengeanceTrophies08/05/13
Call of Duty: GhostsTrophies11/06/13
Call of Duty: Ghosts - InvasionTrophies07/03/14
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Trophies: Content Collection #1 DLC04/13/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Trophies: Content Collection #2 DLC06/15/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Trophies: Content Collection #3 DLC08/17/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Trophies: Content Collection #3 DLC08/24/12
Call of Duty: World at WarMap Pack 2 DLC Trophies05/28/09
Call of Juarez: GunslingerTrophies05/21/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: 1942 DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: 1943: Battle of Midway DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Avengers DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Commando DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Ghosts N' Goblins DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Gun Smoke DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Legendary Wings DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Pirate Ship Hidemaru DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Savage Bees02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Section Z DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Side Arms DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Sonson DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: The Speed Rumbler DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetTrophies: Trojan DLC02/19/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: All-In-One PackTrophies05/21/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 1Trophies03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 2Trophies03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 3Trophies03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 4Trophies04/02/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 5Trophies04/16/13
Captain America: Super SoldierTrophies07/14/11
Captain Morgane and the Golden TurtleTrophies03/30/12
Carnival IslandTrophies11/15/11
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XLTrophies11/21/11
Castle CrashersTrophies08/31/10
CastleStormTrophies: From Outcast to Savior DLC11/06/13
Castlevania: Harmony of DespairTrophies09/28/11
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HDTrophies11/06/13
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - ResurrectionTrophies06/17/11
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Trophies02/26/14
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - RevelationsTrophies04/01/14
CellFactor: Psychokinetic WarsTrophies06/01/09
Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop RacerTrophies09/06/11
Chaos CodeTrophies01/04/13
Chaotic: Shadow WarriorsTrophies11/18/09
Child of EdenTrophies09/27/11
Child of LightTrophies04/29/14
Chime Super DeluxeTrophies03/30/11
Choplifter HDTrophies01/11/12
Cloudberry KingdomTrophies07/31/13
Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWIITrophies02/15/13
Comet CrashBionic Storm DLC Trophies11/11/10
Comet CrashTrophies04/03/09
Comix ZoneTrophies08/17/11
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Trophies03/24/09
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Commander's ChallengeTrophies09/25/09
Costume Quest: Grubbins on IceTrophies12/21/10
Crash CommandoDLC Trophies08/28/09
Crash Time 4: The SyndicateTrophies03/26/12
Crash Time 5: UndercoverTrophies05/17/13
Crazy Machines ElementsTrophies08/26/11
Crazy Strike BowlingTrophies08/22/12
Crescent Pale MistTrophies11/10/10
Critter CrunchTrophies09/30/09
Crysis 3Trophies02/19/13
Crysis 3: The Lost IslandTrophies06/04/13
Crystal DefendersTrophies03/11/09
Cubixx HDTrophies08/18/11
Cyber Troopers Virtual-OnTrophies02/25/13
Dance MagicTrophies01/09/13
Dance on BroadwayTrophies03/21/11
Dance! It's Your StageTrophies09/30/11
DanceStar DigitalTrophies09/06/13
DanceStar DigitalTrophies: DanceStar™ Digital 1 song downloaded DLC09/06/13
DanceStar DigitalTrophies: DanceStar™ Digital 10 songs downloaded DLC09/06/13
DanceStar DigitalTrophies: DanceStar™ Digital 5 songs downloaded DLC09/06/13
DanceStar PartyTrophies10/21/11
DanceStar Party HitsTrophies10/17/12
Dante's Inferno''Dark Forrest'' DLC Trophies02/12/10
Dante's InfernoTrophies02/04/10
Dare To FlyTrophies06/28/13
Dark SoulsTrophies09/22/11
Dark Souls IITrophies03/11/14
Dark Void: Survivor MissionsTrophies03/01/10
Darksiders IITrophies08/16/12
Darkstalkers ResurrectionTrophies03/12/13
Days of Thunder: NASCAR EditionTrophies02/24/11
Daytona USATrophies10/26/11
DC Universe OnlineTrophies: The Battle for Earth DLC03/09/12
DC Universe Online: Fight for the LightTrophies12/08/11
DC Universe Online: Hand of FateTrophies09/19/12
DC Universe Online: Home TurfTrophies04/29/13
DC Universe Online: Lightning StrikesTrophies12/14/11
DC Universe Online: Origin CrisisTrophies05/20/13
DC Universe Online: Sons of TrigonTrophies11/15/13
DC Universe Online: The Battle For EarthTrophies03/21/12
DC Universe Online: The Last LaughTrophies06/29/12
DC Universe Online: War of the Light Part ITrophies01/28/14
de Blob 2Trophies02/22/11
Dead BlockTrophies07/20/11
Dead IslandTrophies09/06/11
Dead IslandTrophies: Bloodbath Arena DLC09/13/11
Dead Island: Bloodbath ArenaTrophies11/22/11
Dead Island: RiptideTrophies04/24/13
Dead Island: Ryder WhiteTrophies02/01/12
Dead Nation: Road of DevastationTrophies09/28/11
Dead or Alive 5Trophies09/25/12
Dead or Alive 5 UltimateTrophies09/05/13
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordTrophies10/10/11
Dead SpaceTrophies10/14/08
Dead Space 2: SeveredTrophies03/01/11
Dead Space 3Trophies02/06/13
Dead Space IgnitionTrophies10/13/10
Dead Space: ExtractionTrophies01/26/11
Dead to Rights: RetributionGAC Pack DLC Trophies06/01/10
Dead to Rights: RetributionTrophies04/23/10
Deadliest Catch: Sea of ChaosTrophies12/03/10
Deadliest Warrior: LegendsTrophies07/28/11
Deadliest Warrior: The GameFan Favorite Warriors Expansion DLC Trophies02/23/11
Deadliest Warrior: The GameTrophies10/15/10
Deadly Premonition: The Director's CutTrophies04/22/13
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueTrophies09/21/10
Deception IV: Blood TiesTrophies03/05/14
Deep BlackTrophies08/22/12
Def Jam RapstarTrophies10/06/10
Defenders of ArdaniaTrophies03/11/13
Defiance: Castithan Charge PackTrophies09/05/13
Demolition Inc.Trophies12/14/12
Derrick the DeathfinTrophies10/11/12
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutTrophies10/22/13
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing LinkTrophies10/24/11
Devil May Cry HD CollectionTrophies: Devil May Cry 103/27/12
Devil May Cry HD CollectionTrophies: Devil May Cry 203/27/12
Devil May Cry HD CollectionTrophies: Devil May Cry 303/27/12
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionTrophies08/22/14
Digger HDTrophies10/01/09
Diner DashTrophies11/25/09
DiRT 3Monte Carlo Track Pack DLC Trophies05/24/11
DiRT 3Mud and Guts Car Pack DLC Trophies05/24/11
DiRT 3Power and Glory Car Pack DLC Trophies05/24/11
DiRT 3Trophies05/24/11
DiRT 3X Games Asia Track Pack DLC Trophies05/24/11
DiRT 3 Monte Carlo PackTrophies06/30/11
DiRT 3 X Games Asia Track PackTrophies09/06/11
DiRT ShowdownTrophies05/25/12
Disgaea 4: A Promise UnforgottenTrophies *SPOILERS*09/06/11
Disgaea D2: A Brighter DarknessTrophies09/27/13
Dishonored: Dunwall City TrialsTrophies12/11/12
Dishonored: The Brigmore WitchesTrophies08/13/13
Dishonored: The Knife of DunwallTrophies04/16/13
Disney Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseTrophies09/05/13
Disney DuckTales RemasteredTrophies08/13/13
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoTrophies11/19/12
Disney InfinityTrophies08/27/13
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 EditionTrophies09/18/14
Disney Sing It: Party HitsTrophies10/14/10
Disney UniverseTrophies10/25/11
DmC: Devil May CryTrophies01/15/13
DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's DownfallTrophies03/05/13
Do Not FallTrophies07/24/13
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of TimeTrophies04/24/12
Doctor Who: The Eternity ClockTrophies05/23/12
Dogfight 1942Trophies10/18/12
Doki-Doki UniverseTrophies12/13/13
Dollar DashTrophies03/22/13
Don Bradman Cricket 14Trophies04/09/14
Doom 3 BFG EditionTrophies10/16/12
Doom Classic CompleteTrophies11/22/12
Dragon Age II: LegacyTrophies07/27/11
Dragon Age II: Mark of the AssassinTrophies10/12/11
Dragon Age II: The Exiled PrinceTrophies03/09/11
Dragon Age: OriginsLeliana's Song DLC Trophies07/07/10
Dragon Age: OriginsThe Stone Prisoner DLC Trophies11/03/09
Dragon Age: OriginsTrophies11/03/09
Dragon Age: OriginsWarden's Keep DLC Trophies11/03/09
Dragon Age: Origins - AwakeningTrophies03/16/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn ChroniclesThe Darkspawn Chronicles Trophies05/24/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's SongTrophies07/12/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Return to OstagarTrophy03/23/10
Dragon Age: Origins - The Stone PrisonerTrophies11/16/09
Dragon Age: Origins - Warden's KeepTrophies11/16/09
Dragon Age: Origins - Witch HuntTrophies09/07/10
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD CollectionTrophies11/06/12
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZTrophies01/23/14
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2Trophies11/03/10
Dragon Fantasy Book IITrophies09/10/13
Dragon's CrownTrophies07/29/13
Dragon's DogmaTrophies05/22/12
Drakengard 3Trophies12/19/13
DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 2Trophies05/24/11
Dreamworks Madagascar KartzTrophies10/26/09
DreamWorks Puss in BootsTrophies10/28/11
DreamWorks Shrek Forever AfterTrophies05/21/10
DreamWorks Super Star KartzTrophies11/16/11
Driver: San FranciscoTrophies09/01/11
Duck DynastyTrophies10/14/14
Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned MeTrophies12/14/11
Dungeon DefendersTrophies10/20/11
Dungeon Hunter: AllianceTrophies04/07/11
Dungeon Siege IIITrophies06/16/11
Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the SunTrophies10/31/11
Dungeon TwisterTrophies07/03/12
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraTrophies06/20/13
Dungeons & Dragons: DaggerdaleTrophies01/05/12
Dynasty Warriors 7Trophies03/11/11
Dynasty Warriors 7 EmpiresTrophies02/26/13
Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme LegendsTrophies11/14/11
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme LegendsTrophies03/28/14
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2Trophies03/05/09
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3Trophies12/16/10
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam RebornTrophies06/30/14
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceTrophies01/13/10
Earthworm Jim HDTrophies07/29/10
Eat Them!Trophies06/14/11
El Chavo KartTrophies07/01/14
El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronTrophies05/03/11
Elevator Action DeluxeTrophies08/31/11
Enemy FrontTrophies06/10/14
Ethan: Meteor HunterTrophies10/16/13
Everybody DanceTrophies10/18/11
Everyone SingTrophies09/14/12
EyePet & FriendsTrophies11/15/11
EyePet: Move EditionTrophies10/21/10
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginReborn DLC Trophies09/03/09
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginTrophies02/10/09
F.E.A.R. 3Trophies06/21/11
F1 2010Trophies08/06/10
F1 2011Trophies09/20/11
F1 2012Trophies09/21/12
F1 2013Trophies10/04/13
F1 2014Trophies10/02/14
F1 Race StarsTrophies11/13/12
Faery: Legends of AvalonTrophies01/12/11
Fairy Fencer FTrophies09/22/14
Fairytale FightsTrophies10/23/09
Falling Skies: The GameTrophies09/30/14
Fallout 3Trophy List12/18/08
Fallout 3 - Operation: AnchorageTrophies10/01/09
Fallout 3: Broken SteelTrophies09/28/09
Fallout 3: Mothership ZetaTrophies10/08/09
Fallout 3: Point LookoutTrophies10/08/09
Fallout 3: The PittTrophies10/01/09
Fallout: New Vegas - Gun Runner's ArsenalTrophies09/27/11
Fallout: New Vegas - Honest HeartsTrophies05/17/11
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate EditionTrophies02/07/12
Family FeudTrophies07/12/10
Family Feud DecadesTrophies12/14/11
Family Game Night 4: The Game ShowTrophies11/04/11
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseTrophies11/20/12
Far Cry 2Trophies10/21/08
Far Cry 3Trophies11/30/12
Far Cry 3: Blood DragonTrophies04/30/13
Far Cry ClassicTrophies02/11/14
Farming SimulatorTrophies09/06/13
Fast & Furious: ShowdownTrophies05/21/13
Fast Draw ShowdownTrophies07/20/11
Fat PrincessFat Roles Pack DLC Trophies06/25/10
Fat PrincessTrophies07/28/09
Ferrari: The Race ExperienceTrophies10/07/10
Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party GameTrophies09/16/14
FIFA 14Trophies09/24/13
FIFA 15Trophies09/23/14
FIFA Soccer 09Trophies03/19/09
FIFA Soccer 10Trophies10/02/09
FIFA Soccer 10Ultimate Team DLC Trophies02/17/10
FIFA Soccer 12Trophies09/27/11
FIFA Soccer 13Trophies09/25/12
FIFA StreetTrophies03/13/12
Fight Night ChampionAlternate Weight Class Pack DLC Trophies03/29/11
Fight Night ChampionHeavyweight Legends Pack DLC Trophies03/29/11
Fighting VipersTrophies11/28/12
Final ExamTrophies11/12/13
Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual PackTrophies: Final Fantasy XIII09/19/12
Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual PackTrophies: Final Fantasy XIII-209/19/12
Final Fantasy XIII-2Trophies12/15/11
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm RebornTrophies08/27/13
Fit in SixTrophies03/21/11
Flight Control HDTrophies09/15/10
Foosball 2012Trophies07/25/12
Forest Legends: The Call of LoveTrophies01/23/14
Free RealmsTrophies03/30/11
Fret NiceTrophies02/04/10
Fritz ChessTrophies08/10/09
From DustTrophies09/13/11
Fuel OverdoseTrophies12/31/12
Funky Lab RatTrophies11/29/10
Game of ThronesTrophies05/15/12
Gatling GearsTrophies06/30/11
Generator Rex: Agent of ProvidenceTrophies11/04/11
Get Up and DanceTrophies11/14/11
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsTrophies06/20/13
Girl FightTrophies09/25/13
God of War CollectionGod of War II Trophies11/17/09
God of War CollectionGod of War Trophies11/17/09
God of War SagaTrophies: God of War08/28/12
God of War SagaTrophies: God of War II08/28/12
God of War: AscensionTrophies03/12/13
Golden AxeTrophies07/14/11
GoldenEye 007: ReloadedTrophies11/01/11
Gotham City ImpostorsTrophies02/08/12
Gran Turismo 5Trophies11/29/10
Gran Turismo 5 XL EditionTrophies01/17/12
Gran Turismo 5: Academy EditionTrophies09/28/12
Gran Turismo 6Trophies12/06/13
Grand Slam Tennis 2Trophies02/09/12
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay TonyTrophies04/13/10
Gravity CrashTrophies11/25/09
Grease DanceTrophies10/25/11
Greed CorpTrophies02/26/10
Greg Hastings Paintball 2Trophies06/20/11
GRID 2Trophies05/28/13
GRID AutosportTrophies06/24/14
Groovin' BlocksTrophies03/19/10
Guacamelee!Trophies: Skin Pack DLC06/04/13
Guardians of Middle-EarthTrophies12/05/12
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PlusTrophies11/01/12
Guitar Hero 5Trophies09/01/09
Guitar Hero: MetallicaTrophies03/31/09
Guitar Hero: Van HalenTrophies11/02/09
Hamilton's Great AdventureTrophies08/24/11
Happy Feet Two: The VideogameTrophies11/09/11
Hard Corps: UprisingTrophies03/16/11
Hasbro Family Game NightTrophies12/18/09
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva - Dreamy Theater 2ndTrophies08/11/11
Heavy Fire: AfghanistanTrophies11/21/11
Heavy Fire: Shattered SpearTrophies01/30/13
Heavy Weapon: Atomic TankTrophies06/12/09
Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead RabbitTrophies09/25/12
Heroes Over EuropeTrophies09/15/09
High Velocity BowlingTrophies10/16/08
High Velocity Bowling (Move Edition)Trophies09/21/10
History Legends of War: PattonTrophies11/19/12
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin HDTrophies02/06/13
Hitman HD TrilogyTrophies: Blood Money01/30/13
Hitman HD TrilogyTrophies: Contracts01/30/13
Hitman HD TrilogyTrophies: Silent Assassin01/30/13
Hitman: AbsolutionTrophies11/20/12
Hitman: Blood Money HDTrophies02/06/13
Hitman: Contracts HDTrophies02/06/13
Hollywood SquaresTrophies11/22/11
Hot Shots Golf: World InvitationalTrophies07/24/13
Hot Wheels: World's Best DriverTrophies09/20/13
Hotline MiamiTrophies06/27/13
How to SurviveTrophies11/08/13
How to Train Your DragonTrophies03/25/10
How to Train Your Dragon 2Trophies06/10/14
Hunted: The Demon's ForgeTrophies05/31/11
Hunter's TrophyTrophies06/05/12
Hunter's Trophy 2 - AmericaTrophies09/06/13
Hunter's Trophy 2 - AustraliaTrophies09/13/13
Hustle KingsSnooker DLC Trophies05/21/10
Hustle KingsTrophies12/29/09
Hyperballoid HDOriginal World Expansion DLC Trophy07/20/10
Hyperballoid HDTrophies12/11/09
Hyperdimension NeptuniaTrophies02/22/11
Hyperdimension Neptunia VictoryTrophies03/12/13
I Am AliveTrophies04/03/12
Ibb & ObbTrophies08/12/13
Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic GamesTrophies07/05/12
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursTrophies06/26/09
IHF Handball Challenge 14Trophies05/16/14
Ikki OnlineTrophies06/30/10
In Space We BrawlTrophies10/15/14
inFamous: Festival of BloodTrophies10/25/11
Inferno PoolTrophies06/26/09
Injustice: Gods Among UsTrophies04/16/13
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate EditionTrophies11/15/13
International Cricket 2010Trophies06/22/10
Invincible KnightTrophies01/04/13
Invizimals: The Lost KingdomTrophies11/01/13
Ion Assault HDTrophies12/02/11
Iron Man 2Trophies04/30/10
Iron Sky: InvasionTrophies05/06/13
Jak 3 HDTrophies02/07/12
Jak and Daxter CollectionTrophies: Jak 302/07/12
Jak and Daxter CollectionTrophies: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy02/07/12
Jak and Daxter CollectionTrophies: Jak II02/07/12
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HDTrophies02/07/12
Jak II HDTrophies02/07/12
JAM Live Music ArcadeTrophies05/15/12
James Cameron's Avatar: The GameTrophies12/03/09
JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike FightersTrophies11/21/11
Jeopardy! (2012)Trophies10/16/12
Jeremy McGrath's OffroadTrophies06/29/12
Jet Car StuntsTrophies10/07/14
Jimmie Johnson's Anything With an EngineTrophies11/08/11
Joe Danger 2: The MovieTrophies10/11/12
Judge Dee: The City God CaseTrophies07/13/12
Jurassic Park: The GameTrophies: Episode 1 - The Intruder11/16/11
Jurassic Park: The GameTrophies: Episode 2 - The Calvary11/16/11
Jurassic Park: The GameTrophies: Episode 3 - The Depths11/16/11
Jurassic Park: The GameTrophies: Episode 4 - The Survivors11/16/11
Jurassic: The HuntedTrophies11/04/09
Just Dance 2014Trophies10/04/13
Just Dance 3Trophies12/06/11
Just Dance 4Trophies10/08/12
Just Dance Kids 2Trophies10/31/11
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysDoggie Bag DLC Trophies08/18/10
Karaoke RevolutionTrophies11/28/09
Katsuragi Misato Houdou KeikakuTrophies07/15/09
Kick-Ass 2Trophies08/01/14
Killer Is DeadTrophies08/05/13
Killzone 3From the Ashes Map Pack DLC Trophies06/03/11
Killzone 3Reclaimed Territory DLC Trophies02/22/11
Killzone 3Steel Rain Map Pack DLC Trophies06/03/11
Killzone 3: From the Ashes Map PackTrophies06/22/11
Killzone 3: MultiplayerTrophies03/07/12
Killzone 3: Retro-Pack - Reclaimed TerritoryTrophies09/06/11
Killzone 3: Steel Rain Map PackTrophies09/06/11
Killzone HDTrophies10/23/12
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningTrophies02/07/12
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of NarosTrophies04/24/12
Kite FightTrophies06/04/13
Knytt UndergroundTrophies12/19/12
Kung Fu RabbitTrophies08/19/14
L@ve Once: Mermaid's TearsTrophies03/11/11
Labyrinth LegendsTrophies12/18/12
Landit BanditTrophies06/24/10
Le Tour de FranceTrophies07/01/11
Le Tour de France 2012Trophies07/05/12
Le Tour de France 2013 - 100th EditionTrophies06/24/13
Learning With the PooYoos: Episode 1Trophies09/06/11
Learning With the PooYoos: Episode 2Trophies11/28/11
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'HooleTrophies09/16/10
Legends of WrestlemaniaTrophies03/19/09
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7Trophies11/14/11
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesTrophies11/19/09
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesTrophies10/22/13
LEGO The HobbitTrophies04/09/14
LEGO The Lord of the RingsTrophies11/14/12
Let's Dance with Mel BTrophies06/27/11
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIITrophies11/25/13
Lights, Camera, Party!Trophies09/28/12
Lights, Camera, Party!Trophies: Season II DLC09/28/12
Linger in ShadowsTrophies10/10/08
Little League World Series Baseball 2010Trophies07/21/10
LittleBigPlanetDLC Trophies12/10/09
LittleBigPlanet 2Trophies: Cross-Controller Pack DLC12/20/12
LittleBigPlanet 2Trophies: Move Pack DLC08/17/11
LittleBigPlanet 2Trophies: The Muppets Premium Level Pack DLC01/23/12
LittleBigPlanet 2: Special EditionTrophies11/15/11
LittleBigPlanet KartingTrophies11/06/12
LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year EditionTrophies09/08/09
London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic GamesTrophies06/26/12
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutTrophies09/25/13
Lost Planet 3Trophies08/27/13
Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del RingTrophies10/14/10
Mad Dog II: The Lost GoldTrophies04/22/13
Mad Dog McCreeTrophies01/23/13
Mad RidersTrophies05/31/12
Mad Riders: The Daredevil Map PackTrophies09/24/12
Madden NFL 10Legacy Pack DLC Trophies09/21/09
Madden NFL 12Trophies08/31/11
Madden NFL 13Trophies08/28/12
Madden NFL 15Trophies08/26/14
Madden NFL 25Trophies08/27/13
Madden NFL ArcadeTrophies11/25/09
Mafia II: Jimmy's VendettaTrophies09/14/10
Mafia II: Joe's AdventuresTrophies11/29/10
MAGEscalation DLC Trophies10/04/10
MAGInterdiction DLC Trophies06/09/10
MAG: Escalation Mission PackTrophies09/06/11
Magic OrbzJungle Pack DLC Trophies04/16/10
Magic OrbzMagic Orbz Winter DLC Trophies01/05/10
Magic OrbzWicked Witches DLC Trophies03/09/09
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014Trophies06/26/13
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersExpansion One DLC Trophies11/30/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersExpansion Three DLC Trophies11/30/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersExpansion Two DLC Trophies11/30/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersTrophies11/30/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Duel the DragonTrophies06/14/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Expansion 2Trophies06/14/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Expansion 3Trophies06/14/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - ExpansionTrophies09/14/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 - ExpansionTrophies01/04/13
Magical BeatTrophies08/05/14
Magrunner: Dark PulseTrophies10/25/13
Major League Baseball 2K11Trophies03/09/11
Major League Baseball 2K12Trophies03/07/12
Major League Baseball 2K9Trophies03/03/09
Mamorukun Curse!Trophies07/08/13
Mars: War LogsTrophies08/08/13
Marvel PinballTrophies12/15/10
Marvel Pinball: Avengers ChroniclesTrophies09/24/12
Marvel Pinball: Civil WarTrophies11/20/12
Marvel Pinball: Fantastic FourTrophies05/17/11
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and VirtueTrophies12/15/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic CombatTrophies11/21/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletCaptain America Collection DLC Trophies11/17/10
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletDoom on the Loose! DLC Trophies01/03/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletThe Thanos Throwdown DLC Trophies01/03/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletTrophies11/17/10
Marvel vs. Capcom OriginsTrophies09/26/12
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2DLC Trophies10/28/09
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Trophies09/15/09
Mass EffectTrophies12/05/12
Mass Effect 2Arrival DLC Trophies02/22/11
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Pack DLC Trophy01/18/11
Mass Effect 3Trophies03/06/12
Mass Effect 3: CitadelTrophies03/05/13
Mass Effect 3: From AshesTrophies03/06/12
Mass Effect 3: OmegaTrophies11/27/12
Master RebootTrophies03/04/14
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and BeyondTrophies01/08/10
Max & the Magic Marker: Gold EditionTrophies09/29/11
Max Payne 3Trophies05/15/12
Max Payne 3: Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode PackTrophies01/22/13
Max Payne 3: Hostage Negotiation Map PackTrophies10/30/12
Max Payne 3: Local Justice Map PackTrophies07/03/12
Max Payne 3: Painful Memories PackTrophies12/05/12
Mayhem 3DTrophies03/28/11
Medal of HonorTrophies10/12/10
Medal of Honor: WarfighterTrophies10/23/12
Medieval Moves: Deadmund's QuestTrophies11/15/11
Megamind: Ultimate ShowdownTrophies11/03/10
Men in Black: Alien CrisisTrophies05/22/12
Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesTrophies10/22/08
Mercury HgTrophies09/29/11
Mercury Hg: Heavy ElementsTrophies09/29/11
Mercury Hg: Rare Earth ElementsTrophies12/08/11
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceTrophies: Sam's Side Story DLC03/22/13
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceTrophies: VR Missions Expansion DLC03/22/13
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Blade WolfTrophies05/14/13
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - JetstreamTrophies05/02/13
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - VR MissionsTrophies05/02/13
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesTrophies03/18/14
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD EditionTrophies11/22/11
Metro: Last LightTrophies05/14/13
Metro: Last Light - Chronicles PackTrophies07/25/14
Metro: Last Light - Developer PackTrophies09/18/13
Metro: Last Light - Faction PackTrophies07/17/13
Metro: Last Light - Ranger ModeTrophies05/20/13
Metro: Last Light - Tower PackTrophies07/25/14
Michael Jackson The ExperienceTrophies04/13/11
Midnight Club: Los AngelesSouth Central DLC Trophies02/26/09
Midnight Club: Los AngelesTrophies10/20/08
Midway Arcade OriginsTrophies11/07/12
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesTrophies04/14/11
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - I Am the BossTrophies09/19/11
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten WarsTrophies07/23/14
Military Madness: NectarisTrophies11/09/09
Minecraft: PlayStation 3 EditionTrophies12/19/13
Minnya no Putter GolfTrophies02/05/09
Mirror's Edge (2008)Pure Time Trial DLC Trophies01/22/09
Mirror's Edge (2008)Trophies11/11/08
MLB 12: The ShowTrophies03/06/12
MLB 13: The ShowTrophies03/07/13
MLB 13: The Show - Home Run DerbyTrophies07/08/13
MLB 14: The ShowTrophies04/01/14
MLB 2K13Trophies03/06/13
Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record U.C. 0081Trophies09/21/09
ModNation RacersBig City Tour DLC Trophies05/27/11
ModNation RacersFar East Tour DLC Trophies12/16/10
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's RevengeTrophies07/07/10
Monopoly StreetsTrophies10/27/10
Monster Jam: Path of DestructionTrophies12/01/10
Monster World IVTrophies05/23/12
Monsters vs. AliensTrophies03/24/09
Moon DiverTrophies03/30/11
Mortal Kombat vs. DC UniverseTrophies11/17/08
MotionSports AdrenalineTrophies11/07/11
MotoGP 09/10Trophies03/19/10
MotoGP 13Trophies06/24/13
MotoGP 13 CompactTrophies01/22/14
MotoGP 14Trophies06/23/14
MotorStorm RCTrophies02/27/12
MotorStorm RCTrophies: Carnival Festival DLC02/27/12
MotorStorm RCTrophies: Pro-Am Festival DLC02/27/12
MotorStorm: ApocalypseTrophies03/17/11
MotorStorm: Pacific RiftTrophies10/28/08
Move Street CricketTrophies02/17/12
Move Street Cricket IITrophies05/24/13
Ms. GerminatorTrophies08/19/13
MUD - FIM Motocross World ChampionshipTrophies04/30/12
Mugen SoulsTrophies08/13/12
Mugen Souls ZTrophies05/21/14
Murdered: Soul SuspectTrophies06/06/14
Mushroom WarsOnline Add-On DLC Trophies12/16/10
Mushroom WarsTrophies10/16/09
Mushroom Wars OnlineTrophies12/20/10
Musou Orochi ZTrophies09/14/09
Muv-Luv AlternativeTrophies10/26/12
MXGP: The Official Motocross VideogameTrophies03/28/14
My Fitness Coach ClubTrophies03/23/11
MySims SkyHeroesTrophies10/04/10
Narco TerrorTrophies07/31/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3Trophies03/05/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full BurstTrophies10/25/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm GenerationsTrophies03/07/12
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm RevolutionTrophies09/12/14
NASCAR '14Trophies02/18/14
NASCAR 2011: The GameTrophies03/29/11
NASCAR The Game: Inside LineTrophies11/08/12
NASCAR UnleashedTrophies11/04/11
Nat Geo Challenge! Wild LifeTrophies06/01/10
National Geographic Challenge!Trophies05/13/11
Natural DoctrineTrophies09/22/14
Naughty BearChapter 10 DLC Trophies12/06/10
Naughty BearChapter 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard DLC Trophies09/21/10
Naughty BearTrophies06/25/10
Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseTrophies10/11/12
NBA 09 The InsideTrophies10/14/08
NBA 2K10: Draft CombineTrophies09/03/09
NBA 2K12Trophies10/04/11
NBA 2K12Trophies: Legends Showcase10/20/11
NBA 2K12: Legends ShowcaseTrophies12/05/11
NBA 2K13Trophies: All-Star Weekend DLC10/02/12
NBA 2K14Trophies10/01/13
NBA 2K15Trophies10/07/14
NBA JamTrophies11/17/10
NBA Jam: On Fire EditionTrophies10/05/11
NBA Live 10Trophies10/07/09
NBA UnrivaledTrophies04/05/10
NCAA Basketball 10Trophies11/19/09
NCAA Football 10Trophies07/15/09
NCAA Football 11Trophies07/15/10
NCAA Football 14Trophies07/09/13
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitPorsche vs Lamborghini Pack DLC Trophies02/16/11
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitSuper Sports Pack DLC Trophies12/14/10
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies10/30/12
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies: Movie Legends Pack DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies: NFS Heroes Pack DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies: Terminal Velocity Pack DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies: Ultimate Speed Pack DLC12/19/12
Need for Speed: RivalsTrophies11/20/13
Need for Speed: ShiftTrophies09/15/09
Need for Speed: The RunTrophies11/15/11
Need for Speed: The RunTrophies:Italian Pack DLC01/25/12
Need for Speed: The Run - Italian PackTrophies02/03/12
NFL BlitzTrophies01/04/12
NHL 10Trophies09/15/09
NHL 12Trophies09/12/11
NHL 13Trophies09/12/12
NHL 14Trophies09/10/13
NHL 15Trophies09/09/14
NHL 2K10Trophies09/15/09
NieR ReplicantTrophies04/22/10
NiGHTS into Dreams...Trophies10/02/12
Ninja Gaiden 3Trophies03/20/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 1Trophies04/24/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 2Trophies04/27/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's EdgeTrophies04/02/13
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ultimate Ninja PackTrophy04/27/12
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2Trophies09/29/09
Noby Noby BoyTrophies02/19/09
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New 'n' TastyTrophies07/23/14
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HDTrophies12/19/12
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDTrophies01/03/12
Of Orcs and MenTrophies10/11/12
Okami HDTrophies10/30/12
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Trophies08/27/13
One Piece: Unlimited World RedTrophies06/17/14
Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Valley of DeathTrophies06/30/11
Orc Attack: Flatulent RebellionTrophies10/09/13
Order Up!!Trophies02/28/12
OutRun: Online ArcadeTrophies04/16/09
Overlord IITrophies06/23/09
Pac-Man and the Ghostly AdventuresTrophies10/29/13
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2Trophies10/03/14
Pac-Man Championship Edition DXTrophies11/24/10
Pac-Man MuseumTrophies02/26/14
Pacific RimTrophies10/18/13
Page ChronicaTrophies10/11/12
PAINAlpine Ski Lodge DLC Trophies06/11/10
PAIN: Amusement ParkTrophies07/20/10
PAIN: Movie StudioTrophies07/20/10
PAIN: MuseumTrophies08/14/09
PAIN: Sore SpotsTrophies06/30/09
Painkiller: Hell & DamnationTrophies09/05/13
Papo & YoTrophies08/14/12
Payday 2Trophies08/13/13
Payday: The HeistTrophies10/20/11
Payday: The HeistTrophies: Wolf Pack DLC08/02/12
Payday: The Heist - WolfpackTrophies08/14/12
PDC World Championship Darts: Pro TourTrophies11/30/10
Peggle NightsTrophies11/20/09
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode OneTrophies10/23/08
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode TwoTrophies12/16/08
Persona 4 ArenaTrophies07/27/12
Persona 4 Arena UltimaxTrophies08/28/14
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd DimensionTrophies08/03/11
Pictionary: Ultimate EditionTrophies11/21/11
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsTrophies09/30/14
Pinballistik: Made of MoneyTrophies12/08/11
Pinballistik: Sector XTrophies12/08/11
PixelJunk 4amTrophies05/16/12
PixelJunk EdenEncore DLC Trophies04/06/09
PixelJunk EdenTrophies08/01/08
PixelJunk Monsters EncoreTrophies10/27/08
PixelJunk ShooterTrophies11/25/09
PixelJunk SideScrollerTrophies10/26/11
Planet 51Trophies11/17/09
Planet MinigolfStronghold Island DLC Trophies09/09/10
Planet Minigolf: Stronghold IslandTrophies09/21/10
Planets Under AttackTrophies11/14/12
Plants vs Zombies: Garden WarfareTrophies08/19/14
Plants vs. ZombiesTrophies02/10/11
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleTrophies11/20/12
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleTrophy: Fearless DLC01/28/13
PlayStation HomeTrophies03/13/14
PlayStation Move FitnessTrophies11/28/11
Poker Night 2Trophies05/02/13
Polar PanicTrophies12/29/09
Pool NationTrophies05/22/13
Port Royale 3 GoldTrophies09/13/13
Port Royale 3: Pirates and MerchantsTrophies09/07/12
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - Dawn of PiratesTrophies05/15/13
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - Harbour MasterTrophies06/06/13
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - New AdventuresTrophies05/30/13
Premier ManagerTrophies10/07/10
Premier Manager 2012Trophies11/23/11
Press Your LuckTrophies08/26/10
Prince of PersiaEpilogue Expansion DLC Trophies02/19/09
Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HDThe Sands of Time Trophies11/19/10
Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HDThe Two Thrones Trophies11/19/10
Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HDWarrior Within Trophies11/19/10
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsTrophies05/19/10
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeTrophies11/17/10
Prince of Persia: The Two ThronesTrophies12/23/10
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010Trophies10/23/09
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Trophies09/27/11
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013Trophies09/20/12
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014Trophies09/20/13
Pro FoosballTrophies02/25/13
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2010Trophies04/20/10
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 6Trophies08/05/09
Prototype 2Trophies04/24/12
Pure ChessTrophies04/12/12
Pure FutbolTrophies05/27/10
Putty SquadTrophies03/28/14
Puzzle AgentTrophies04/20/11
Puzzle ChroniclesTrophies04/23/10
Puzzle DimensionTrophies06/27/11
Puzzle Quest: GalactrixTrophies05/13/09
Qlione EvolveQlione 1 Trophies12/08/10
Qlione EvolveQlione 2 Trophies12/08/10
Quantum Conundrum: Desmond DebacleTrophies08/14/12
Quantum Conundrum: IKE-aramba!Trophies09/12/12
Quantum of SolaceTrophies10/31/08
Quantum TheoryTrophies09/29/10
Quattro Pack: God of War III / Gran Turismo 5 / Killzone 3 / Uncharted 2: Among ThievesGod of War III Trophies01/31/12
Quattro Pack: God of War III / Gran Turismo 5 / Killzone 3 / Uncharted 2: Among ThievesGran Turismo 5 Trophies01/31/12
Quattro Pack: God of War III / Gran Turismo 5 / Killzone 3 / Uncharted 2: Among ThievesKillzone 3 Trophies01/31/12
Quattro Pack: God of War III / Gran Turismo 5 / Killzone 3 / Uncharted 2: Among ThievesUncharted 2: Among Thieves Trophies01/31/12
Quizball GoalTrophies02/27/12
R-Type DimensionsTrophies11/29/13
R.I.P.D. The GameTrophies07/17/13
Racquet SportsTrophies09/15/10
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of PlasticTrophies04/09/09
RageTrophies: The Scorchers DLC11/29/12
RAGE: The ScorchersTrophies01/04/13
Ragnarok Odyssey ACETrophies04/01/14
Raiden IV: OverkillTrophies04/30/14
Rambo: The Video GameTrophies02/21/14
Ratchet & ClankTrophies08/28/12
Ratchet & Clank CollectionRatchet and Clank Trophies06/28/12
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in TimeTrophies10/27/09
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneTrophies10/18/11
Ratchet & Clank: Going CommandoTrophies08/28/12
Ratchet & Clank: Into the NexusTrophies11/08/13
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your ArsenalTrophies08/28/12
Ratchet: DeadlockedTrophies05/30/13
Rayman 3 HDTrophies03/20/12
Rayman LegendsTrophies09/05/13
Rayman OriginsTrophies11/15/11
Real SteelTrophies10/14/11
Realms of Ancient WarTrophies09/21/12
Record of Agarest WarTrophies04/27/10
Record of Agarest War ZeroTrophies06/14/11
Red Dead RedemptionLegends and Killers Pack DLC Trophies08/06/10
Red Dead RedemptionLiars and Cheats DLC Trophies09/16/10
Red Dead RedemptionOutlaws to the End DLC Trophies06/01/10
Red Dead RedemptionTrophies05/19/10
Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year EditionTrophies10/11/11
Red Dead Redemption: Legends & KillersTrophies08/13/10
Red Dead Redemption: Liars and CheatsTrophies09/22/10
Red Faction: ArmageddonDLC Trophies07/14/11
Red Faction: ArmageddonTrophies06/03/11
Red Faction: Armageddon - Path to WarTrophies08/09/11
Red Faction: BattlegroundsTrophies04/07/11
Red Faction: Guerrilla - Demons of the BadlandsTrophies08/14/09
Red Johnson's ChroniclesTrophies04/20/11
Red Johnson's Chronicles - One Against AllTrophies09/13/12
Renegade Ops: Coldstrike CampaignTrophies01/03/12
Resident Evil 5DLC Trophies03/11/09
Resident Evil 5: Desperate EscapeTrophies03/04/10
Resident Evil 5: Lost in NightmaresTrophies02/19/10
Resident Evil 6Trophies: Onslaught DLC02/22/13
Resident Evil 6Trophies: Predator DLC02/22/13
Resident Evil 6Trophies: Survivors DLC02/22/13
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD CollectionTrophies: The Darkside Chronicles06/26/12
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD CollectionTrophies: The Umbrella Chronicles06/26/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityTrophies03/20/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityTrophies: Echo Six Expansion Pack 1 DLC03/20/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Echo Six Expansion Pack 1Trophies04/27/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Echo Six Expansion Pack 2Trophies05/18/12
Resident Evil: RevelationsTrophies05/21/13
Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesTrophies07/02/12
Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesTrophies07/03/12
Resistance 2Trophies11/05/08
Resonance of FateTrophies02/16/10
Retro City RampageTrophies10/10/12
Ricochet HDTrophies01/10/11
Ride to Hell: RetributionTrophies06/26/13
Ridge Racer DriftopiaTrophies11/25/13
Ridge Racer UnboundedTrophies03/28/12
Rinne no Lagrange: Kamogawa Days Game & OVA Hybrid DiscTrophies08/24/12
Rise of the GuardiansTrophies11/20/12
Risen 2: Dark WatersTrophies08/02/12
Risen 2: Dark WatersTrophies: Treasure Isle DLC08/02/12
Risen 2: Dark Waters - Air TempleTrophies01/04/13
Risen 2: Dark Waters - Treasure IsleTrophies08/17/12
Risen 3: Titan LordsTrophies08/12/14
Robot Rescue RevolutionTrophies12/06/13
Rock Band 2Trophies10/20/08
Rock Band 3Trophies10/26/10
Rock Band BlitzTrophies08/28/12
Rock Band Metal Track PackTrophies09/28/09
Rock Band Track Pack: Classic RockTrophies05/19/09
Rock of AgesTrophies05/15/12
Rocket KnightTrophies05/12/10
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenTrophies10/18/11
Rocksmith 2014 EditionTrophies10/22/13
Rocksmith Bass ExpansionTrophies08/22/12
Rogue LegacyTrophies07/30/14
Rogue WarriorTrophies11/28/09
Rugby ChallengeTrophies09/02/11
Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour EditionTrophies06/21/13
Rugby League Live 2Trophies10/11/12
Rugby World Cup 2011Trophies08/25/11
Rush'N Attack Ex-PatriotTrophies03/30/11
Rust BuccaneersTrophies12/30/13
Sacra Terra: Kiss of DeathTrophies07/15/14
Sacred 2: Fallen AngelTrophies05/11/09
Sacred 3Trophies08/01/14
Sacred CitadelTrophies04/16/13
Sacred CitadelTrophies: Jungle Hunt DLC04/16/13
Saint Seiya: Brave SoldiersTrophies10/18/13
Saint Seiya: Sanctuary BattleTrophies11/23/11
Saints Row IVTrophies08/22/13
Saints Row IV: Enter the DominatrixTrophies11/12/13
Saints Row: The ThirdTrophies11/15/11
Saints Row: The ThirdTrophies: Gangstas in Space DLC02/17/12
Saints Row: The ThirdTrophies: Genki Bowl VII DLC12/06/11
Saints Row: The ThirdTrophies: The Trouble With Clones... DLC02/27/12
Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in SpaceTrophies02/29/12
Saints Row: The Third - Genki Bowl VIITrophies01/17/12
Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with ClonesTrophies03/30/12
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceTrophies: Episode 1: Ice Station Santa10/20/11
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceTrophies: Episode 2: Moai Better10/20/11
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceTrophies: Episode 3: Night of the Raving Dead10/20/11
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceTrophies: Episode 4: Chariots of the Dogs10/20/11
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceTrophies: Episode 5: What's New, Beezlebub?10/20/11
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 1: The Penal ZoneTrophies04/16/10
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-MakTrophies05/19/10
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse - Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain!Trophies06/23/10
Sanctum 2Trophies09/13/13
Savage MoonWaldgeist Expansion Trophies07/16/09
Saw II: Flesh & BloodTrophies10/22/10
SBK 2011Trophies05/13/11
SBK GenerationsTrophies06/05/12
SBK Superbike World ChampionshipTrophies09/17/09
SBK X: Superbike World ChampionshipTrophies06/04/10
Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen!Trophies11/20/09
Scene It? Movie NightTrophies12/08/11
Scene It? Movie Night - Sci-Fi MoviesTrophies02/02/12
Schlag den Raab: Das 2. SpielTrophies01/04/13
Schlag den Raab: Das 3. SpielTrophies01/04/13
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The GameKnives Chau DLC Trophies11/10/10
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The GameTrophies08/11/10
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Knives Chau Add-On PackTrophies06/14/13
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Online Multiplayer + Wallace PackTrophies06/14/13
Scourge: OutbreakTrophies04/29/14
Section 8Trophies03/29/10
Section 8: PrejudiceTrophies07/28/11
Section 8: PrejudiceTrophies: Overdrive DLC07/28/11
Section 8: Prejudice - Overdrive Map PackTrophies12/08/11
Sega Bass FishingTrophies10/05/11
SEGA Rally Online ArcadeTrophies09/06/11
Shadow of the ColossusTrophies09/28/11
Shank 2Trophies02/08/12
Shaun White SkateboardingTrophies11/03/10
Shaun White SnowboardingTrophies11/02/10
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & PunishmentsTrophies09/30/14
Shift 2: Unleashed - LegendsTrophies04/29/11
Shift 2: Unleashed - SpeedhuntersTrophies05/17/11
Shoot Many RobotsTrophies03/13/12
Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest DayTrophies04/22/14
Sideway: New YorkTrophies10/12/11
Silent Hill: DownpourTrophies03/13/12
Sine MoraTrophies11/20/12
SingStar ABBATrophies12/22/09
SingStar DigitalTrophies11/19/12
SingStar MotownTrophies12/22/09
SingStar Take ThatTrophies12/20/09
SingStar Vol. 2Trophies12/22/09
SingStar Vol. 3Trophies12/22/09
Skate 2Trophies01/22/09
Skate 3Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream DLC Trophies06/28/10
Skate 3Maloof Money Cup DLC Trophies06/07/10
Skate 3Party Play DLC Trophies08/31/10
Skullgirls: EncoreTrophies02/11/14
Skydive: Proximity FlightTrophies10/04/13
Skylanders GiantsTrophies10/19/12
Skylanders Swap ForceTrophies10/18/13
Skylanders Trap TeamTrophies10/06/14
Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureTrophies10/13/11
Slam Bolt ScrappersTrophies03/16/11
Sleeping DogsTrophies08/14/12
Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North PointTrophies10/31/12
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the SnakeTrophies10/10/14
Slender: The ArrivalTrophies09/23/14
Smash 'N' SurviveTrophies02/27/12
Smash CarsTrophies08/24/09
Smash Cars: Virus RunTrophies06/08/10
Sniper Elite IIITrophies06/30/14
Sniper Elite V2Trophies05/02/12
Sniper: Ghost WarriorTrophies05/06/11
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Trophies03/12/13
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Trophies: Siberian Strike DLC03/18/13
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Siberian StrikeTrophies04/01/13
Snowy: Treasure HunterTrophies08/27/13
Snowy: Treasure HunterTrophies: Expert Pack DLC08/27/13
Snowy: Treasure HunterTrophies: Mysterious Adventures DLC08/27/13
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs ConfrontationCold Front DLC Trophies12/10/09
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs ConfrontationTrophies01/08/09
Soldner-X 2: Final PrototypeThe Last Chapter DLC Trophies09/07/10
Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype - The Last ChapterTrophies11/15/10
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedTrophies11/15/12
Sonic AdventureSonic Adventure DX DLC Trophies09/21/10
Sonic AdventureTrophies09/21/10
Sonic Adventure 2Trophies10/02/12
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle ModeTrophies01/04/13
Sonic CDTrophies12/14/11
Sonic GenerationsTrophies11/01/11
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ITrophies10/12/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IITrophies05/17/12
Sonic UnleashedTrophies12/09/08
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionTrophies02/10/09
SoulCalibur II HD OnlineTrophies11/25/13
SoulCalibur VTrophies01/31/12
Sound ShapesTrophies08/07/12
Sound ShapesTrophies: 8-Bit Sound Pack DLC12/10/12
Sound ShapesTrophies: 80's Sound Pack DLC03/12/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Acoustic Sound Pack DLC12/10/12
Sound ShapesTrophies: Brass Sound Pack DLC05/01/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Do You Wheelie Want to Hurt Me? DLC03/12/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Drum Kits Sound Pack DLC12/10/12
Sound ShapesTrophies: Dubstep Sound Pack DLC03/12/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Hohokum Art and Sound Pack DLC07/23/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Old School Sound Pack DLC11/12/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Vocoder Sound Pack DLC11/12/13
South Park: The Stick of TruthTrophies03/04/14
Space Channel 5 Part 2Trophies10/05/11
Spare PartsTrophies01/19/11
Spartacus LegendsTrophies06/26/13
Spec Ops: The LineTrophies06/26/12
Spelunker CollectionTrophies05/10/13
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 10 DLC06/19/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 2 DLC01/03/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 3 DLC01/03/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 4 DLC01/03/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 5 DLC05/01/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 6 DLC05/01/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 7 DLC05/01/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 8 DLC06/19/12
Spelunker HDTrophies: Championship Mode Area 9 DLC06/19/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 10: Heinous Creatures LairTrophies01/04/13
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 2: Nasty Cave With a StreamTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 3: Fiendish Ancient RuinsTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 4: Frigid Icy DepthsTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 5: Ancient Creatures FossilsTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 6: Cave of Glowing MossTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 7: Scorching CaveTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 8: Mysterious Mining FacilityTrophies09/24/12
Spelunker HD - Championship Area 9: Unforgiving CharactersTrophies01/04/13
Spider-Man: Edge of TimeTrophies10/04/11
SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic RevengeTrophies10/16/13
Sports Champions 2Trophies10/30/12
StackingThe Lost Hobo King DLC Trophies04/06/11
Stacking: The Lost Hobo KingThe Lost Hobo King DLC Trophies04/07/11
Star Ocean: The Last Hope InternationalTrophies *SPOILERS*02/08/10
Star RaidersTrophies09/06/11
Star Trek The Video GameTrophies04/24/13
Star Trek: D-A-CTrophies11/13/09
Star Wars PinballDLC Trophies05/15/13
Star Wars PinballTrophies05/15/13
Star Wars PinballTrophies: Balance of the Force DLC10/16/13
Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the ForceTrophies10/21/13
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Hoth Mission PackTrophies07/15/10
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Endor Bonus MissionTrophies12/15/10
Start the Party! Save the WorldTrophies11/28/11
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the DarkTrophies07/24/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the DarkTrophies: The Teleporter Chambers07/24/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - The Lost ClonesTrophies12/13/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - The Teleporter ChambersTrophies12/11/13
Stick it to the Man!Trophies11/25/13
Street Fighter IVTrophies02/12/09
Street Fighter X TekkenTrophies03/06/12
Strength of the Sword 3Trophies12/18/13
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar RuinerTrophies12/22/10
Summer ChallengeTrophies09/02/11
Summer Challenge: Athletics TournamentTrophies01/04/13
Summer Stars 2012Trophies06/01/12
Super Hang-OnTrophies05/23/12
Super MotherloadTrophies11/29/13
Super StackerTrophies01/28/11
Super Stardust HDTeam Add-On DLC Trophy07/20/10
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionTrophies06/07/11
SuperCar ChallengeTrophies09/04/09
Superfrog HDTrophies08/05/13
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsTrophies10/13/08
Superstars V8 Next ChallengeTrophies02/26/10
Supremacy MMATrophies09/20/11
Swords & SoldiersTrophies09/29/10
Tales of Graces fTrophies03/08/12
Tales of SymphoniaTrophies02/28/14
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New WorldTrophies02/28/14
Tales of Xillia 2Trophies08/11/14
Tank BattlesTrophies08/21/09
Tears to Tiara Gaiden: Avalon no NazoTrophies03/16/10
Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the OverlordTrophies10/13/14
Tecmo Bowl ThrowbackTrophies06/02/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsTrophies03/05/14
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-ShelledTrophies09/11/09
Tekken RevolutionTrophies06/13/13
Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino OnlineTrophies12/08/11
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing LegendsTrophies07/03/12
Test Yourself: PsychologyTrophies03/10/11
Test Yourself: PsychologyTrophies: Attention DLC08/10/11
Test Yourself: PsychologyTrophies: Memory DLC07/26/11
The Adventures of Tintin: The GameTrophies10/21/11
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Trophies04/29/14
The Bigs 2Trophies07/09/09
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedTrophies08/22/13
The CaveTrophies01/22/13
The CubeTrophies11/16/12
The Cursed CrusadeTrophies10/07/11
The Darkness IITrophies02/07/12
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimTrophies11/11/11
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - DawnguardTrophies02/26/13
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - DragonbornTrophies02/12/13
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - HearthfireTrophies02/19/13
The Evil WithinTrophies10/14/14
The Expendables 2 VideogameTrophies08/02/12
The Eye of JudgmentTrophies09/29/08
The Fancy Pants AdventuresTrophies04/21/11
The Guided Fate ParadoxTrophies10/25/13
The History Channel: Great Battles - MedievalTrophies10/18/10
The House of the Dead 4Trophies04/18/12
The House of the Dead IIITrophies02/15/12
The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended CutTrophies10/25/11
The King of Fighters XIIITrophies11/22/11
The Last Bounty HunterTrophies08/05/13
The Last GuyDLC Trophies06/29/09
The Last GuyTrophies06/26/09
The Last of Us: Left BehindTrophies02/14/14
The LEGO Movie VideogameTrophies02/07/14
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's QuestTrophies09/15/10
The Lord of the Rings: ConquestTrophies01/13/09
The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthTrophies11/01/11
The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns - Again!Trophies09/06/11
The Pinball ArcadeTrophies04/12/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 1 - Medieval Madness and The Machine: Bride of Pin-BotTrophies09/24/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 10 - Attack From Mars and Genie TableTrophies06/28/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 11 - Dr. Dude and His Excellent RayTrophies05/06/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 12 - Cactus Canyon and Central ParkTrophies05/15/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 13 - White Water and Space ShuttleTrophies09/27/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 14 - Centaur and Pin*BotTrophies09/27/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 15 - Champion Pub and WhirlwindTrophies09/27/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 2 - Cirqus Voltaire and FunhouseTrophies09/24/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 3 - Monster Bash and GorgarTrophies11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 4 - Creature from the Black Lagoon and Black KnightTrophies11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 5 - Harley-Davidson and TaxiTrophies11/14/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 6 - Elvira Party Monsters and No Good GofersTrophies04/29/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 7 - Big Shot and Scared StiffTrophies09/27/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 8 - Twilight ZoneTrophies09/27/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 9 - Star Trek: The Next GenerationTrophies06/28/13
The Price Is RightTrophies06/01/10
The Price Is Right: DecadesTrophies04/04/12
The Raven: Legacy of a Master ThiefTrophies01/09/14
The Revenge of ShinobiTrophies05/23/12
The SaboteurTrophies12/03/09
The Simpsons Arcade GameTrophies02/08/12
The Sims 3Trophies10/26/10
The Sims 3: PetsTrophies10/18/11
The Smurfs 2Trophies07/24/13
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesTrophies09/21/12
The UnderGardenTrophies02/02/11
The Unfinished SwanTrophies10/23/12
The Voice of Germany Vol. 2Trophies11/25/13
The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every CornerTrophies10/09/12
The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time LeftTrophies11/20/12
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That RemainsTrophies12/19/13
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - A House DividedTrophies03/04/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - In Harm's WayTrophies05/13/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 - Amid the RuinsTrophies07/23/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going BackTrophies08/26/14
The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctTrophies03/19/13
The Witch and the Hundred KnightTrophies03/21/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - FaithTrophies10/18/13
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke and MirrorsTrophies02/06/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked MileTrophies04/09/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's ClothingTrophies05/27/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry WolfTrophies07/08/14
The X-FactorTrophies11/03/10
Thomas Was AloneTrophies05/06/13
Thor: God of ThunderTrophies04/29/11
Thunder WolvesTrophies06/20/13
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10Trophies06/10/09
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13Trophies03/27/12
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14Trophies03/26/13
Time and EternityTrophies07/01/13
Time Crisis: Razing StormRazing Storm10/20/10
Time Machine: Rogue PilotTrophies01/28/11
Tiny BrainsTrophies12/13/13
Tiny Token EmpiresTrophies04/12/13
Titan Attacks!Trophies05/06/14
TNT RacersTrophies02/28/11
ToeJam & EarlTrophies11/07/12
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on FunkotronTrophies11/07/12
Toki ToriTrophies11/21/11
Tokyo JungleTrophies06/08/12
Tom Clancy's EndWarEscalation Expansion DLC Trophies12/02/10
Tom Clancy's EndWarTrophies11/05/08
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierTrophies05/22/12
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Arctic StrikeTrophies09/05/12
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Khyber StrikeTrophies10/09/12
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Raven StrikeTrophies09/12/12
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HDChaos Theory Trophies09/27/11
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HDPandora Tomorrow Trophies09/27/11
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HDTrophies09/19/11
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HDTrophies01/04/12
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HDTrophies01/04/12
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HDTrophies01/04/12
Tomb Raider: UnderworldTrophies01/29/09
Tony Hawk RideTrophies11/20/09
Tony Hawk: ShredTrophies11/01/10
Top DartsTrophies01/28/11
Top GunTrophies08/18/10
Top Gun: Hard LockTrophies03/09/12
Topatoi: Spinning Through The WorldsPillar of Skies DLC Trophies02/23/10
Tornado OutbreakTrophies09/15/09
Toro to MorimoriTrophies08/05/09
Tour de France 2014Trophies06/23/14
Toy Story Mania!Trophies10/31/12
Transformers: Dark of the MoonTrophies06/14/11
Transformers: Fall of CybertronTrophies08/21/12
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenDLC Trophies08/10/09
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkTrophies06/24/14
Transformers: War for CybertronTrophies06/23/10
Trash PanicTrophies05/09/09
Trine 2Trophies01/03/12
Trinity: Souls of Zill O'llTrophies12/01/10
Trivial PursuitTrophies03/10/09
Truck RacerTrophies11/12/13
Turbo: Super Stunt SquadTrophies07/17/13
TV SuperstarsTrophies10/22/10
Twisted Lands: Shadow TownTrophies01/10/14
Twisted MetalTrophies02/14/12
Two Worlds IITrophies11/29/10
Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY EditionTrophies06/19/12
uDraw Studio: Instant ArtistTrophies11/18/11
UEFA Euro 2012Trophies04/25/12
UFC Undisputed 3Trophies02/14/12
Ugly Americans: ApocalypsegeddonTrophies09/01/11
Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon - Randall's MisadventuresTrophies04/04/12
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Trophies11/15/11
Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Majo to Suiri no RinbukyokuTrophies12/20/10
Uncharted 2: Among ThievesDLC Trophies02/17/10
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Drake's Fortune Multiplayer PackTrophies01/28/11
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Siege Expansion PackTrophies04/26/10
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Co-op Shade Survival ModeTrophies08/08/12
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Drake's Deception Map PackTrophies08/08/12
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Flashback Map Pack #1Trophies08/08/12
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Flashback Map Pack #2Trophies08/08/12
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Fort Co-Op AdventureTrophies08/08/12
Uncharted Trilogy EditionTrophies: Among Thieves06/05/12
Uncharted Trilogy EditionTrophies: Drake's Deception06/05/12
Uncharted Trilogy EditionTrophies: Drake's Fortune06/05/12
Under Defeat HDTrophies02/29/12
Under SiegeTrophies05/17/11
Unearthed: Trail of Ibn BattutaTrophies: Episode 106/04/13
Unreal Tournament IIITrophies03/05/09
Urban Trial FreestyleTrophies02/25/13
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarTrophies06/24/14
Vandal Hearts: Flames of JudgmentTrophies01/22/10
Velocity UltraTrophies01/02/14
Virtua Fighter 2Trophies11/28/12
Virtua Tennis 2009Trophies05/28/09
Voltron: Defender of the UniverseTrophies12/08/11
Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Arena of DoomTrophies12/14/11
Voodoo Chronicles: The First SignTrophies04/05/13
Wanted CorpTrophies12/09/11
Wanted: Weapons of FateTrophies03/24/09
Warhammer 40,000: Kill TeamTrophies08/03/11
Warhammer 40,000: Space MarineTrophies09/06/11
Warhawk - Operation: Broken MirrorTrophies07/20/10
Warhawk - Operation: Fallen StarTrophies07/20/10
Warhawk - Operation: Omega DawnTrophies07/20/10
Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateTrophies07/01/14
Warriors: Legends of TroyTrophies03/15/11
Watch DogsTrophies05/27/14
Watch Dogs: Bad BloodTrophies09/30/14
Watchmen: The End Is NighTrophies03/04/09
Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2Trophies07/30/09
Way of the Samurai 4Trophies08/24/12
We DareTrophies02/22/11
Wheel of Fortune (2009)Trophies03/20/09
Wheel of Fortune (2012)Trophies10/17/12
Wheels of Destruction: World TourTrophies03/27/12
When Vikings Attack!Trophies11/08/12
When Vikings Attack!Trophies: When Vikings Relax! DLC01/28/13
White Knight Chronicles International EditionTrophies02/03/10
Who Wants To Be A Junior Millionaire?Trophies04/01/13
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Special EditionsTrophies10/03/11
Wicked Monster Blast! HDTrophies09/10/12
Winter Sports 3: The Great TournamentTrophies12/08/09
Winter StarsTrophies11/21/11
Wipeout 2Trophies10/12/11
Wipeout HDTrophies09/25/08
Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost SoulsTrophies06/03/11
Wonder Boy in Monster LandTrophies05/23/12
Wonder Boy in Monster WorldTrophies05/23/12
Wonderbook: Book of PotionsTrophies11/15/13
Wonderbook: Book of SpellsTrophies11/13/12
Wonderbook: Diggs NightcrawlerTrophies06/03/13
Wonderbook: Walking with DinosaursTrophies11/15/13
World Gone SourTrophies04/11/12
World of Outlaws: Sprint CarsTrophies05/17/10
Worms 2: ArmageddonTrophies09/14/10
Worms 2: ArmageddonTrophies: Forts Pack DLC07/14/11
Worms 2: ArmageddonTrophies: Puzzle Pack DLC07/14/11
Worms 2: ArmageddonTrophies: Retro Pack DLC07/14/11
Worms 2: ArmageddonTrophies: Time Attack DLC07/14/11
Worms 2: Armageddon - Forts PackTrophies09/06/11
Worms 2: Armageddon - Puzzle PackTrophies09/06/11
Worms 2: Armageddon - Retro PackTrophies08/29/11
Worms 2: Armageddon - Time Attack PackTrophies08/29/11
Worms Crazy GolfTrophies10/20/11
Worms RevolutionTrophies10/10/12
Worms RevolutionTrophies: Mars DLC10/10/12
Worms Revolution ExtremeTrophies10/08/13
Worms Revolution: Mars PackTrophies11/14/12
Worms Ultimate MayhemTrophies02/16/12
Worms: The Revolution CollectionTrophies: Worms 2: Armageddon12/03/13
Worms: The Revolution CollectionTrophies: Worms Revolution12/03/13
WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011Trophies10/10/11
WRC 3: FIA World Rally ChampionshipTrophies10/12/12
WRC 4: FIA World Rally ChampionshipTrophies10/25/13
WRC PowerslideTrophies03/22/13
WRC: FIA World Rally ChampionshipTrophies10/07/10
Wrecked: Revenge RevisitedTrophies03/30/12
WWE '12Trophies11/22/11
WWE '13Trophies10/30/12
WWE 2K14Trophies10/29/13
X-Men Origins: WolverineTrophies04/28/09
X-Men: DestinyTrophies09/27/11
X-Men: The Arcade GameTrophies12/15/10
XBLAZE Code: EmbryoTrophies06/23/14
XCOM: Enemy UnknownTrophies10/09/12
XCOM: Enemy UnknownTrophies: Slingshot DLC11/12/12
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - SlingshotTrophies12/11/12
XCOM: Enemy WithinTrophies11/12/13
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZTrophies03/18/14
Yakuza 3Trophies *SPOILERS*02/26/09
Yakuza: Dead SoulsTrophies03/07/12
Yoostar 2: In The MoviesTrophies03/09/11
You Don't Know JackJack Pack 2: The Best of the Webshow DLC Trophies03/15/11
You Don't Know JackJack Pack 3 DLC Trophies05/17/11
You Don't Know JackJack Pack 4 DLC Trophies06/22/11
You Don't Know JackJACK Pack DLC Trophies02/09/11
You Don't Know JackTrophies02/09/11
Young Justice: LegacyTrophies11/25/13
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels PlusTrophies02/13/13
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium DuelsTrophies04/29/14
Zack ZeroTrophies01/13/12
ZEN PinballDLC #2 Trophies01/05/10
ZEN PinballEpic Quest DLC Trophies11/10/11
ZEN PinballKnights of the Round Table DLC Trophies03/26/10
ZEN PinballParanormal Table DLC Trophies07/26/10
ZEN PinballSorcerer's Lair Trophies03/30/11
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Balance of the Force DLC12/18/13
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Civil War Table DLC11/12/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Doctor Strange Table DLC12/18/13
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Fantastic Four Table DLC11/12/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Guardians of the Galaxy DLC07/21/14
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Original Pack DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Star Wars Pinball DLC02/25/13
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Super League Football Table DLC12/18/13
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Classics DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Originals #1 DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Originals #2 DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2: DeadpoolTrophies06/30/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Fantastic FourTrophies11/14/12
ZEN Pinball 2: Guardians of the GalaxyTrophies08/01/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Marvel Pinball - Civil WarTrophies11/20/12
ZEN Pinball 2: Plants vs. ZombiesTrophies09/05/12
ZEN Pinball 2: South Park: Super-Sweet PinballTrophies10/14/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Star Wars PinballTrophies03/04/13
ZEN Pinball 2: The Walking DeadTrophies08/28/14
ZEN Pinball: Epic QuestTrophies12/15/11
Zeno Clash IITrophies07/29/13
Zombie ApocalypseTrophies08/26/09
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die AloneTrophies10/31/11
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die AloneTrophies: Pure Pwnage Pack DLC11/28/11
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone - Pure Pwnage PackTrophies12/08/11
Zombie Driver HDTrophies12/19/12
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's RevengeTrophies04/30/13
Zone of the Enders HD CollectionTrophies10/30/12
Zone of the Enders HD EditionTrophies07/29/13
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD EditionTrophies07/29/13
Zumba Fitness: Join the PartyTrophies11/30/10

PlayStation 4

1001 SpikesTrophies06/04/14
Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate EditionTrophies07/01/14
Akiba's Trip: Undead & UndressedTrophies08/05/14
Alien: IsolationTrophies10/07/14
Angry Birds Star WarsTrophies11/15/13
Anomaly 2Trophies09/16/14
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionTrophies07/01/14
Arcade Archives: Karate DouTrophies10/15/14
Arcade Archives: Moon CrestaTrophies08/26/14
Arcade Archives: Nova 2001Trophies09/29/14
Arcade Archives: Solomon no KagiTrophies09/05/14
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagTrophies11/15/13
Awesomenauts Assemble!Trophies03/05/14
Battlefield 4Trophies11/15/13
Battlefield 4: China RisingTrophies12/04/13
Battlefield 4: Dragon's TeethTrophies07/21/14
Battlefield 4: Naval StrikeTrophies04/15/14
Battlefield 4: Second AssaultTrophies03/14/14
Blue EstateTrophies06/24/14
Bound by FlameTrophies05/09/14
Call of Duty: GhostsTrophies11/15/13
Call of Duty: Ghosts - DevastationTrophies08/04/14
Call of Duty: Ghosts - InvasionTrophies07/03/14
CastleStorm: Definitive EditionTrophies09/23/14
Child of LightTrophies04/29/14
DC Universe OnlineTrophies11/15/13
DC Universe Online: War of the Light Part ITrophies01/28/14
Dead Nation: Apocalypse EditionTrophies03/04/14
DG2: Defense Grid 2Trophies09/23/14
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionTrophies08/22/14
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 EditionTrophies09/18/14
Divekick: Addition Edition +Trophies10/07/14
Doki-Doki UniverseTrophies12/11/13
Don't Starve: Console EditionTrophies01/07/14
Duck DynastyTrophies10/14/14
Dust: An Elysian TailTrophies10/07/14
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete EditionTrophies03/28/14
EA Sports UFCTrophies06/17/14
Escape PlanTrophies11/29/13
Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party GameTrophies09/16/14
FIFA 14Trophies11/15/13
FIFA 15Trophies09/23/14
Futuridium EP DeluxeTrophies09/30/14
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionTrophies07/01/14
Hotline MiamiTrophies08/19/14
In Space We BrawlTrophies10/15/14
inFamous: First LightTrophies08/26/14
inFamous: Second SonTrophies03/21/14
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate EditionTrophies11/15/13
Just Dance 2014Trophies11/15/13
KickBeat: Special EditionTrophies09/16/14
Killzone: Shadow FallTrophies11/15/13
Killzone: Shadow FallTrophies: Insurgent DLC04/03/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall - InterceptTrophies06/30/14
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesTrophies11/15/13
LEGO The HobbitTrophies04/09/14
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutTrophies10/16/14
Madden NFL 15Trophies08/26/14
Madden NFL 25Trophies11/15/13
Mercenary KingsTrophies04/01/14
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesTrophies03/18/14
Metro: 2033 ReduxTrophies08/26/14
Metro: Last Light ReduxTrophies08/26/14
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorTrophies09/30/14
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten WarsTrophies07/23/14
Minecraft: PlayStation 4 EditionTrophies09/04/14
MLB 14: The ShowTrophies05/06/14
MotoGP 14Trophies06/23/14
Murdered: Soul SuspectTrophies06/04/14
MXGP: The Official Motocross VideogameTrophies10/16/14
Natural DoctrineTrophies09/22/14
NBA 2K14Trophies11/15/13
NBA 2K15Trophies10/07/14
NBA Live 14Trophies11/20/13
Need for Speed: RivalsTrophies11/15/13
NHL 15Trophies09/09/14
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New 'n' TastyTrophies07/23/14
Outlast: WhistleblowerTrophies05/06/14
Peggle 2Trophies10/14/14
Pier Solar and the Great ArchitectsTrophies09/30/14
Pix the CatTrophies10/07/14
PixelJunk Shooter UltimateTrophies06/04/14
Plants vs Zombies: Garden WarfareTrophies08/19/14
Pure ChessTrophies04/15/14
Pure PoolTrophies07/30/14
Putty SquadTrophies11/29/13
R.B.I. Baseball 14Trophies06/24/14
Rayman LegendsTrophies02/18/14
Resogun: HeroesTrophies06/30/14
Road Not TakenTrophies08/05/14
Rogue LegacyTrophies07/30/14
Samurai Warriors 4Trophies10/20/14
Second Chance HeroesTrophies09/30/14
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & PunishmentsTrophies09/30/14
Skylanders Swap ForceTrophies11/15/13
Skylanders Trap TeamTrophies10/06/14
Sniper Elite IIITrophies06/30/14
Sniper Elite III: Target Hitler - Hunt the Grey WolfTrophies07/21/14
Sound ShapesTrophies11/15/13
Sparkle 2Trophies05/21/14
SteamWorld DigTrophies03/18/14
Stick it to the Man!Trophies04/30/14
Strike Suit Zero: Director's CutTrophies04/09/14
Styx: Master of ShadowsTrophies10/07/14
Super MotherloadTrophies11/15/13
Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary EditionTrophies08/12/14
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Trophies04/29/14
The Evil WithinTrophies10/14/14
The Golf ClubTrophies08/26/14
The Last Tinker: City of ColorsTrophies08/19/14
The LEGO Movie VideogameTrophies02/07/14
The PlayroomTrophies11/20/13
The PlayroomTrophies: AR Studio DLC08/20/14
The PlayroomTrophies: My Alien Buddy DLC08/20/14
The PlayroomTrophies: Ninja Bots DLC08/20/14
The PlayroomTrophies: Toy Maker DLC08/20/14
Tiny BrainsTrophies12/03/13
Titan Attacks!Trophies05/06/14
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionTrophies01/28/14
Tour de France 2014Trophies06/23/14
TowerFall AscensionTrophies03/11/14
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkTrophies06/24/14
Trials FusionTrophies04/15/14
Trials Fusion: Empire of the SkyTrophies09/29/14
Trine 2: Complete StoryTrophies11/15/13
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarTrophies06/24/14
Velocity 2XTrophies09/03/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 102/20/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 1010/20/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 202/20/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 303/05/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 403/28/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 505/13/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 606/17/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 707/08/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 808/22/14
WarframeTrophies: Update 909/25/14
Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateTrophies06/30/14
Watch DogsTrophies05/27/14
Watch Dogs: Bad BloodTrophies09/30/14
Worms BattlegroundsTrophies05/30/14
ZEN Pinball 2: DeadpoolTrophies07/07/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Guardians of the GalaxyTrophies08/01/14
ZEN Pinball 2: South Park: Super-Sweet PinballTrophies10/14/14
ZEN Pinball 2: The Walking DeadTrophies08/28/14

PlayStation Vita

1001 SpikesTrophies06/06/14
A-Men 2Trophies11/12/13
Aabs AnimalsTrophies11/29/12
Age of ZombiesTrophies12/30/13
Alien Breed (PS Mobile)Trophies02/01/13
Angry Birds Star WarsTrophies11/01/13
Angry Birds TrilogyTrophies11/12/13
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionTrophies07/01/14
Arcana Heart 3: LOVEMAX!!!!!Trophies09/03/14
Army Corps of HellTrophies02/17/12
Asphalt: InjectionTrophies02/13/12
Assassin's Creed III: LiberationTrophies10/30/12
Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of ArlandTrophies07/16/14
Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of ArlandTrophies03/22/13
Atomic NinjasTrophies10/04/13
Backgammon BlitzTrophies12/19/13
Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateTrophies10/25/13
Ben 10: Galactic RacingTrophies02/16/12
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Chess09/24/14
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Mah-jong09/24/14
Best of Board GamesTrophies: Solitaire09/24/14
Big Sky: InfinityTrophies12/13/12
Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienTrophies10/02/13
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ExtendTrophies03/05/12
BreakQuest: Extra EvolutionTrophies08/12/13
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's CurseTrophies12/30/13
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2Trophies06/06/14
Burn the RopeTrophies10/18/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops DeclassifiedTrophies11/13/12
CastleStormTrophies: From Outcast to Savior DLC11/06/13
Child of LightTrophies07/01/14
Coconut Dodge RevitalisedTrophies07/15/13
Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsTrophies04/22/14
Crazy MarketTrophies10/25/13
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairTrophies09/02/14
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocTrophies02/11/14
Day D Tower RushTrophies07/17/14
Dead or Alive 5 PlusTrophies03/19/13
Deception IV: Blood TiesTrophies03/05/14
Demon GazeTrophies04/22/14
Destiny of SpiritsTrophies03/21/14
Disgaea 3: Absence of DetentionTrophies05/14/13
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoTrophies06/19/13
DJMAX Technika TuneTrophies09/24/12
Doctor Who: The Eternity ClockTrophies05/25/12
Doki-Doki UniverseTrophies12/11/13
Don't Starve: Giant EditionTrophies09/03/14
Doodle DevilTrophies01/17/14
Doodle GodTrophies01/25/13
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZTrophies01/23/14
Dragon Fantasy Book ITrophies04/24/13
Dragon Fantasy Book IITrophies09/10/13
Dragon's CrownTrophies07/29/13
Dragon's Dogma QuestTrophies12/19/13
Draw SlasherTrophies05/06/13
Dungeon Hunter: AllianceTrophies02/13/12
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete EditionTrophies03/28/14
Dynasty Warriors NextTrophies02/27/12
Escape PlanTrophies02/16/12
Escape PlanTrophies: The Underground DLC08/01/12
Escape Plan: Director's CutTrophies01/07/13
Escape Plan: The AsylumTrophies06/19/12
Escape Plan: Underground PackTrophies09/24/12
Ethan: Meteor HunterTrophies04/22/14
Eufloria HDTrophies10/03/12
F1 2011Trophies02/13/12
Farming SimulatorTrophies05/02/13
Farming Simulator 14Trophies06/06/14
FIFA 14Trophies09/24/13
FIFA 15Trophies09/23/14
FIFA SoccerTrophies02/15/12
FIFA Soccer 13Trophies09/25/12
Final Fantasy X HD RemasterTrophies01/03/14
Final Fantasy X-2 HD RemasterTrophies01/03/14
Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD!Trophies08/12/13
Flying Hamster HDTrophies12/19/12
Foosball 2012Trophies07/25/12
Football Manager Classic 2014Trophies04/11/14
Fort DefenseTrophies02/12/14
Fort Defense: North MenaceTrophies02/26/14
Frobisher Says!Trophies11/26/12
Frobisher Says! - Super Fun PackTrophies11/26/12
Frozen Synapse PrimeTrophies09/23/14
Fruit NinjaTrophies08/19/13
FurminsTrophies: Bonus World DLC11/01/13
Futuridium EP DeluxeTrophies09/30/14
God Eater 2Trophies11/15/13
God of War CollectionTrophies: God of War05/06/14
God of War CollectionTrophies: God of War II05/06/14
Gravity BadgersTrophies08/19/14
Gravity Crash UltraTrophies08/13/14
Gravity RushTrophies02/27/12
Gravity RushTrophies: Maid Pack DLC04/12/12
Gravity RushTrophies: Special Forces Pack DLC04/12/12
Gravity RushTrophies: Spy Pack DLC04/12/12
Guacamelee!Trophies: Skin Pack DLC06/04/13
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus RTrophies03/22/13
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva fTrophies09/05/13
History Legends of War: PattonTrophies11/19/12
Hot Shots Golf: World InvitationalTrophies03/19/12
Hotline MiamiTrophies06/27/13
htoL#NiQ: Hotaru no NikkiTrophies10/20/14
Hungry GiraffeTrophies04/05/13
Hustle KingsTrophies02/27/12
Hustle Kings: Snooker Game PackTrophies06/05/12
Hyperdimension Neptunia PP: Producing PerfectionTrophies06/06/14
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1Trophies08/26/14
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters GenerationTrophies09/08/14
Indoor Sports WorldTrophies12/06/13
Infinita StradaTrophies04/28/14
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate EditionTrophies11/15/13
Invizimals: The AllianceTrophies11/01/13
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode One - A Bump in the NightTrophies05/15/13
Jak 3 HDTrophies06/24/13
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy HDTrophies06/24/13
Jak II HDTrophies06/24/13
JAZZ: Trump's JourneyTrophies07/15/14
Jet Car StuntsTrophies10/08/14
Jet Set RadioTrophies10/16/12
Joe DangerTrophies09/02/14
Kilka Card GodsTrophies06/11/14
Killzone: MercenaryTrophies09/06/13
King OddballTrophies01/09/14
Knytt UndergroundTrophies12/19/12
Kung Fu RabbitTrophies07/08/13
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesTrophies06/19/12
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7Trophies03/09/12
LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's JourneyTrophies06/26/13
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in PerilTrophies10/25/13
LEGO Ninjago NindroidsTrophies07/30/14
LEGO The HobbitTrophies04/09/14
LEGO The Lord of the RingsTrophies10/30/12
Lemmings TouchTrophies05/30/14
Lets Fish! Hooked OnTrophies01/22/13
Little DeviantsTrophies02/15/12
LittleBigPlanet PS VitaTrophies: Marvel Arcade Pack DLC03/29/13
Lone Survivor: The Director's CutTrophies09/25/13
Lumines: Electronic SymphonyTrophies02/16/12
Madagascar 3: The Video GameTrophies06/05/12
Magical BeatTrophies07/11/14
Mahjong GoldTrophies08/18/14
Mahjong Royal TowersTrophies07/29/13
Mahjong World ContestTrophies01/14/14
Malicious RebirthTrophies11/26/12
Men's Room MayhemTrophies05/21/13
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD EditionTrophies08/21/12
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD EditionTrophies08/21/12
Michael Jackson The Experience HDTrophies02/13/12
Mind ZeroTrophies04/17/14
Minecraft: PlayStation Vita EditionTrophies10/15/14
MLB 12: The ShowTrophies03/08/12
MLB 13: The ShowDidn't even break a sweat the trophy - MLB 13 The Show - PS Vita03/07/13
MLB 14: The ShowTrophies04/01/14
ModNation Racers: Road TripTrophies02/15/12
Monster MonpieceTrophies04/18/14
Mortal KombatTrophies05/01/12
MotoGP 13Trophies06/24/13
MotoGP 13 CompactTrophies12/30/13
MotoGP 14Trophies06/23/14
MotorStorm RCTrophies02/27/12
MotorStorm RC: Pro-Am FestivalTrophies04/20/12
Ms. GerminatorTrophies08/19/13
MUD - FIM Motocross World ChampionshipTrophies09/19/12
Muramasa Rebirth: A Cause to Daikon forTrophies03/04/14
Muramasa Rebirth: A Spirited Seven Nights' HauntingTrophies07/23/14
Muramasa Rebirth: Fishy Tales of the NekomataTrophies07/23/14
Muramasa Rebirth: Hell's Where the Heart IsTrophies09/08/14
Murasaki BabyTrophies09/18/14
Mutant Mudds DeluxeTrophies12/30/13
MXGP: The Official Motocross VideogameTrophies03/28/14
My Singing MonstersTrophies08/13/14
Natural DoctrineTrophies09/22/14
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameTrophies10/30/12
New Little King's StoryTrophies10/03/12
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PlusTrophies02/26/13
Ninja Gaiden Sigma PlusTrophies04/12/12
Nun AttackTrophies04/01/13
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New 'n' TastyTrophies07/23/14
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HDTrophies03/04/13
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDTrophies12/18/12
OMG HD Zombies!Trophies06/24/13
One Piece: Unlimited World RedTrophies06/17/14
Open Me!Trophies12/31/12
Persona 4 GoldenTrophies10/31/12
Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd DimensionTrophies06/05/12
Pinball Heroes CompleteTrophies07/08/13
Pix the CatTrophies10/07/14
PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HDTrophies08/05/13
PixelJunk Shooter UltimateTrophies06/06/14
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyaleTrophies11/20/12
PlayStation Vita PetsTrophies05/30/14
Pure ChessTrophies04/24/12
Putty SquadTrophies04/22/14
Quell MementoTrophies06/04/13
Ragnarok OdysseyTrophies11/05/12
Ragnarok Odyssey ACETrophies09/05/13
Rainbow MoonTrophies12/13/13
Ratchet & ClankTrophies07/15/14
Ratchet & Clank 2Trophies07/15/14
Ratchet & Clank 3Trophies07/15/14
Rayman LegendsTrophies09/13/13
Rayman OriginsTrophies02/15/12
Real BoxingTrophies09/05/13
Reality FightersTrophies02/15/12
Resistance: Burning SkiesTrophies05/30/12
Retro City RampageTrophies10/10/12
Ridge RacerTrophies03/20/12
Road Not TakenTrophies08/05/14
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenTrophies02/12/13
Rogue LegacyTrophies07/30/14
Rugby ChallengeTrophies06/28/12
Run Like Hell!Trophies09/17/14
Shinobido 2: Revenge of ZenTrophies03/22/12
Silent Hill: Book of MemoriesTrophies10/16/12
Silent Hill: Book of MemoriesTrophies: Extra Memories DLC03/19/13
Sine MoraTrophies11/20/12
Skeleton RiderTrophies07/16/14
Sly 2: Band of ThievesTrophies04/22/14
Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesTrophies04/22/14
Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusTrophies04/22/14
Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeTrophies02/06/13
Smart as...Trophies10/17/12
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedTrophies12/05/12
Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry GodTrophies11/20/13
Soul SacrificeTrophies04/22/13
Soul Sacrifice: The Fallen Knight and the Scornful GazeTrophies07/29/13
Sound ShapesTrophies08/07/12
Sound ShapesTrophies: 8-Bit Sound Pack DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: 80's Sound Pack DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Acoustic Sound Pack DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Brass Sound Pack DLC07/24/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Do You Wheelie Want to Hurt Me? DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Drum Kits Sound Pack DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Dubstep Sound Pack DLC03/18/13
Sound ShapesTrophies: Future Funk 3000 Sound Pack DLC10/16/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Hohokum Art and Sound Pack DLC07/24/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Old School Sound Pack DLC07/24/14
Sound ShapesTrophies: Vocoder Sound Pack DLC07/24/14
Sparkle 2Trophies05/21/14
Spelunker CollectionTrophies05/06/13
Spy HunterTrophies10/10/12
Star Wars PinballDLC Trophies05/15/13
Star Wars PinballTrophies05/15/13
Star Wars PinballTrophies: Balance of the Force DLC10/16/13
Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the ForceTrophies10/29/13
StarDrone ExtremeTrophies02/27/12
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the DarkTrophies07/24/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the DarkTrophies: The Teleporter Chambers DLC07/24/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - The Lost ClonesTrophies12/13/13
Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - The Teleporter ChambersTrophies12/11/13
SteamWorld DigTrophies03/19/14
Stick it to the Man!Trophies12/04/13
Street Fighter X TekkenTrophies10/23/12
Super Monkey Ball: Banana SplitzTrophies06/15/12
Super Stardust DeltaTrophies02/15/12
Super Stardust DeltaTrophies: Advanced Starfighter Pack DLC02/15/12
Superfrog HDTrophies08/05/13
Supremacy MMA: UnrestrictedTrophies03/30/12
Table Ice HockeyTrophies09/26/12
Table Mini GolfTrophies04/12/13
Table Top RacingTrophies08/05/14
Table Top TanksTrophies05/25/12
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs AttackTrophies02/27/12
The Amazing Spider-ManTrophies11/25/13
The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus CharacterTrophies06/04/13
The LEGO Movie VideogameTrophies02/07/14
The Pinball ArcadeTrophies04/12/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 1 - Medieval Madness and The Machine: Bride of Pin-BotTrophies11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 10 - Attack From Mars and GenieTrophies06/28/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 11 - Dr. Dude and His Excellent RayTrophies05/06/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 12 - Cactus Canyon and Central ParkTrophies05/15/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 2 - Cirqus Voltaire and FunhouseTrophies11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 3 - Monster Bash and GorgarTrophies11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 4 - Creature from the Black Lagoon and Black KnightTrophies04/29/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 5 - Harley-Davidson and TaxiTrophies11/14/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 6 - Elvira Party Monsters and No Good GofersTrophies04/29/13
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 9 - Star Trek: The Next GenerationTrophies06/28/13
The Walking Dead: 400 DaysTrophies07/08/13
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That RemainsTrophies04/23/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - A House DividedTrophies04/29/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - In Harm's WayTrophies06/09/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 - Amid the RuinsTrophies07/23/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going BackTrophies08/26/14
Thomas Was AloneTrophies05/06/13
Titan Attacks!Trophies05/06/14
Top DartsTrophies02/27/12
Total RecoilTrophies07/08/13
Touch My KatamariTrophies02/13/12
Toukiden: The Age of DemonsTrophies02/11/14
Treasures of Montezuma: ArenaTrophies05/30/14
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Trophies02/13/12
Uncharted: Fight for FortuneTrophies12/05/12
Uncharted: Fight for FortuneTrophies: Among Thieves Expansion DLC12/05/12
Uncharted: Fight for FortuneTrophies: Drake's Deception Expansion DLC12/05/12
Uncharted: Golden AbyssTrophies02/13/12
Unit 13Trophies03/06/12
Urban Trial FreestyleTrophies02/25/13
Valhalla Knights 3Trophies10/11/13
Velocity 2XTrophies09/02/14
Velocity UltraTrophies05/17/13
Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour EditionTrophies02/13/12
Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateTrophies07/01/14
When Vikings Attack!Trophies11/06/12
Wipeout 2048Trophies02/13/12
Wipeout 2048Trophies: Wipeout HD DLC06/19/12
Wipeout 2048Trophies:Wipeout HD Fury DLC06/19/12
Worms Revolution ExtremeTrophies10/08/13
WRC 3Trophies10/15/12
WRC 4: FIA World Rally ChampionshipTrophies10/25/13
XBLAZE Code: EmbryoTrophies06/23/14
Ys: Memories of CelcetaTrophies11/29/13
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronciles DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Original Pack DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Classics DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Originals #1 DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2Trophies: Zen Pinball Originals #2 DLC09/04/12
ZEN Pinball 2: DeadpoolTrophies07/07/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Fantastic FourTrophies11/14/12
ZEN Pinball 2: Guardians of the GalaxyTrophies08/01/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Marvel Pinball - Civil WarTrophies11/20/12
ZEN Pinball 2: Plants vs. ZombiesTrophies09/05/12
ZEN Pinball 2: South Park: Super-Sweet PinballTrophies10/14/14
ZEN Pinball 2: Star Wars PinballTrophies03/04/13
ZEN Pinball 2: The Walking DeadTrophies08/28/14
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last RewardTrophies10/23/12
Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's RevengeTrophies04/30/13

Sega Master System

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachinePuzzle Mode Passwords08/09/05
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineScenario Mode Passwords08/09/05
The SmurfsLevel Passwords06/09/09

Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum

Chip's ChallengeExtra Level Passwords05/26/09
Chip's ChallengeLevel Passwords05/26/09

Super Nintendo

Alien 3Invincibility, unlimited weapons, and no damage codes.11/29/04
Arcus OdysseyBead Passwords07/20/10
Arcus OdysseyDian Passwords07/20/10
Arcus OdysseyErin Passwords07/20/10
Arcus OdysseyJedda Passwords07/20/10
Bobby's WorldPasswords06/18/09
Brett Hull HockeyCPU's Goalie Disappears07/21/10
BS Nintama Rantarou 2Stage Passwords08/17/09
Bubsy IICodes05/30/01
Bust-A-MoveLevel Passwords06/30/01
Champions World Class SoccerFinal Match Passwords07/20/10
Cosmo Gang the PuzzlePuzzle Mode Passwords02/09/09
Daze Before ChristmasLevel Passwords08/11/10
Donald Duck no Mahou no BoushiPasswords06/22/09
Mahou Poi Poi Poitto!Puzzle Mode Passwords02/04/09
Nintama RantarouStage Passwords08/17/09
Nintama Rantarou 2Stage Passwords08/17/09
Nintama Rantarou 3Stage Passwords08/17/09
Nintama Rantarou SpecialStage Passwords08/17/09
Riddick Bowe BoxingPlay Invincible Characters (Only for the Chavez Version)08/06/10
SpirouLevel Password06/05/09
Supapoon DXArea Passwords07/17/09
Super LoopzPuzzle Passwords09/14/05
Super Wagyan LandHitonami Course Passwords05/12/09
Super Wagyan LandKamisama Course Passwords05/12/09
Super Wagyan LandOkosama Course Passwords05/12/09
The Great Waldo SearchLocate Waldo or the Scroll09/09/08
The Great Waldo SearchStop Timer09/08/08
The Smurfs Travel the WorldSmurf Level Passwords06/09/09
The Smurfs Travel the WorldSmurfette Level Passwords06/09/09
Wagyan ParadiseStory Mode Passwords05/29/09

Windows Mobile

3D Brick Breaker RevolutionAchievements05/24/11
Age of Empires: Castle SiegeAchievements10/01/14
Amazing AlexAchievements04/05/13
Angry BirdsAchievements06/30/11
Angry Birds RioAchievements05/28/13
Angry Birds SpaceAchievements11/08/12
Angry Birds Star WarsAchievements11/08/12
Angry Birds: SeasonsAchievements03/04/13
Asphalt 5Achievements07/31/12
Asphalt 7 HeatAchievements03/19/13
Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles HDAchievements06/01/11
Assassin's Creed: PiratesAchievements09/25/14
BABEL Rising 3DAchievements11/06/12
Battleship (2012)Achievements07/31/12
Beards & BeaksAchievements07/18/11
Bejeweled LiveAchievements06/01/11
Bejeweled Live PlusAchievements06/26/13
Big Buck Hunter ProAchievements11/02/12
Brain Challenge HDAchievements05/25/11
Bubble Town 2Achievements06/01/11
Bug VillageAchievements01/13/12
Burn It All!Achievements05/25/11
Burn the RopeAchievements09/30/11
CarneyVale: ShowtimeAchievements06/01/11
Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the NightAchievements05/25/11
Chaos RingsAchievements04/01/13
Chickens Can't FlyAchievements02/28/12
Chickens Can't FlyAvatar Awards05/23/12
Connect 4Achievements06/11/13
Contract KillerAchievements07/23/12
Contre JourAchievements09/25/12
Cracking SandsAchievements10/18/12
Crimson Dragon: Side StoryAchievements09/18/12
Crimson Dragon: Side StoryAvatar Awards09/28/12
Cro-Mag RallyAchievements08/08/11
Cut the RopeAchievements11/08/12
Cut the Rope: ExperimentsAchievements05/17/13
DaVinci PinballAchievements06/26/13
de Blob RevolutionAchievements06/01/11
Deer Hunter 3DAchievements05/25/11
DoDonPachi MaximumAchievements03/14/12
Doodle GodAchievements01/03/12
Doodle JumpAchievements06/01/11
Dream Track NationAchievements06/26/13
Droplitz DelightAchievements06/01/12
Earthworm Jim HDAchievements05/25/11
Extraction: Project OutbreakAchievements10/10/12
Fable: Coin GolfAchievements06/01/11
Farm Frenzy 2Achievements11/28/11
Fast and Furious: AdrenalineAchievements06/01/11
Feed Me OilAchievements05/11/12
FIFA 14Achievements03/14/14
FIFA 15 Ultimate TeamAchievements10/02/14
Fight Game: RivalsAchievements09/01/11
Final FantasyAchievements06/19/12
Final Fantasy IIIAchievements01/07/14
Flight ControlAchievements07/31/12
Flight Control: RocketAchievements06/26/13
Fruit NinjaAchievements06/01/11
Full House PokerAchievements05/25/11
Fusion: SentientAchievements11/14/11
Galactic ReignAchievements03/18/13
Galaga Legions DXAchievements09/06/12
Game Chest: Board GamesAchievements05/25/11
Game Chest: Logic GamesAchievements06/01/11
Game Chest: SolitaireAchievements05/25/11
Game Room - Asteroids DeluxeAchievements05/24/11
Game Room - CentipedeAchievements05/31/11
Game Room - Lunar LanderAchievements06/01/11
Game Room - Pitfall!Achievements05/31/11
geoDefense SwarmAchievements05/17/12
Gerbil PhysicsAchievements03/19/12
Glow ArtisanAchievements06/01/11
Glyder: Adventure WorldsAchievements06/01/11
Gravity GuyAchievements09/09/11
Gravity Guy 2Achievements04/05/13
Guitar Hero 5Achievements06/01/11
Gun BrosAchievements07/17/12
Halo: Spartan AssaultAchievements07/24/13
Harbor MasterAchievements05/25/11
Hasta La MuerteAchievements12/09/11
Hexic RushAchievements05/25/11
Hungry Shark EvolutionAchievements09/25/14
Hydro Thunder GoAchievements06/01/11
I Dig ItAchievements06/01/11
i Love KatamariAchievements05/25/11
iBlast MokiAchievements05/25/11
iBomber DefenseAchievements06/26/13
Ice Age VillageAchievements04/30/13
iStunt 2Achievements04/02/12
Jet Car StuntsAchievements11/14/11
Jet Set GoAchievements06/11/13
Jetpack JoyrideAchievements06/11/13
Kinectimals UnleashedAchievements05/30/14
Kingdoms & LordsAchievements12/06/13
Let's Golf 2Achievements11/18/11
Little AcornsAchievements08/22/12
Lode Runner ClassicAchievements07/23/12
Mass Effect: InfiltratorAchievements06/14/13
Max & the Magic MarkerAchievements06/01/11
Microsoft MahjongAchievements01/07/14
Microsoft MinesweeperAchievements01/07/14
Microsoft Solitaire CollectionAchievements01/07/14
Mirror's Edge (2012)Achievements06/11/13
Modern Combat 4: Zero HourAchievements04/16/13
Monopoly MillionaireAchievements06/26/13
Monster BurnerAchievements06/10/13
Monster IslandAchievements05/09/12
More Brain Exercise by NamcoAchievements05/25/11
N.O.V.A. 3Achievements06/26/13
NBA JamAchievements01/03/14
Need for Speed UndercoverAchievements05/26/11
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitAchievements02/03/12
OMG: Our Manic GameAchievements05/26/11
Order & ChaosAchievements09/05/13
Pac-Man Championship Edition DXAchievements06/01/11
Pac-Man Kart RallyAchievements04/23/12
Parachute PanicAchievements06/01/11
Parking ManiaAchievements06/11/13
Picnic WarsAchievements06/26/13
Plants vs. ZombiesAchievements06/22/11
Pocket GodAchievements06/01/11
Pool Pro Online 3Achievements08/07/12
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011Achievements05/26/11
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Achievements06/19/12
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Avatar Awards06/19/12
Puzzle Quest 2Achievements06/01/11
Rabbids Big BangAchievements03/07/14
Rayman Fiesta RunAchievements04/03/14
Rayman Jungle RunAchievements06/11/13
Real Racing 2Achievements06/26/13
Real SoccerAchievements10/04/12
Real Soccer 2013Achievements03/22/13
Rise of GloryAchievements06/01/11
Rocket RiotAchievements05/26/11
Roll in the HoleAchievements09/05/12
Sally's Salon Luxury EditionAchievements08/02/11
Sally's SpaAchievements08/16/12
Secrets and Treasure: The Lost CitiesAchievements10/02/14
Secrets and Treasure: The Lost CitiesAchievements: Title Update10/02/14
Shark DashAchievements06/11/13
Shoot 1UPAchievements09/05/12
Shuffle PartyAchievements12/05/11
Sid Meier's Civilization RevolutionAchievements04/05/12
Sid Meier's Pirates!Achievements04/10/12
Skulls of the ShogunAchievements02/06/13
Sonic CDAchievements11/16/12
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IAchievements06/17/11
Spider JackAchievements01/04/12
Spy MouseAchievements06/11/13
Star Wars: CantinaAchievements06/01/11
Star Wars: The Battle for HothAchievements05/26/11
Storm in a TeacupAchievements06/26/13
Sudoku (2011)Achievements09/01/11
Super Monkey BallAchievements05/26/11
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura EditionAchievements07/05/12
Temple Run 2Achievements06/10/14
Tentacles: Enter the MindAchievements09/16/14
Tetris BlitzAchievements11/08/13
TextTwist 2Achievements01/20/12
The Amazing Spider-ManAchievements03/22/13
The Dark Knight RisesAchievements04/01/13
The Game of LifeAchievements06/10/13
The HarvestAchievements05/26/11
The Oregon TrailAchievements05/26/11
The Revenants - Corridor of SoulsAchievements05/26/11
The Sims 3Achievements05/26/11
The Sims MedievalAchievements06/26/13
Throne TogetherAchievements05/27/14
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12Achievements06/26/13
Tiki TowersAchievements06/01/11
Time PilotAchievements05/26/11
Tiny PlaneAchievements06/26/13
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionAchievements02/28/12
Tower Bloxx: New YorkAchievements06/01/11
Toy Soldiers: Boot CampAchievements03/13/12
Trivial PursuitAchievements06/10/13
Turn N RunAchievements11/27/12
Twin Blades: The Reaping VanguardAchievements05/26/11
UNO & FriendsAchievements09/05/13
Uno HDAchievements06/01/11
Vampire RushAchievements06/26/13
Where's Waldo?Achievements05/26/11
Women's Murder Club: Death in ScarletAchievements06/01/11
Wordament Snap AttackAchievements05/30/14
Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne)Achievements01/05/12
Zombie Attack 2!Achievements06/01/11
Zombies!!!Achievements: DLC02/28/12
Zuma's Revenge!Achievements06/26/13

Xbox 360

'Splosion ManAchievements07/22/09
0 Day Attack on EarthAchievements12/29/09
007 LegendsAchievements10/16/12
1 vs. 100Achievements11/16/09
11 Eyes: CrossOverAchievements04/02/09
1942: Joint StrikeAchievements07/23/08
2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilAchievements04/15/14
3 on 3 NHL ArcadeAchievements02/11/09
3 Point ContestAchievements11/21/12
3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2Achievements10/28/10
50 Cent: Blood on the SandAchievements02/20/09
A Kingdom for KeflingsAchievements11/20/08
A World of KeflingsAvatar Awards12/22/10
A World of Keflings: It Came From Outer SpaceAchievements10/26/11
A-Train HXAchievements12/22/06
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EXAchievements10/02/13
Absolute: Blazing InfinityAchievements11/19/09
Abyss OdysseyAchievements07/16/14
Ace Combat 6: Fires of LiberationAchievements10/23/07
Ace Combat: Assault HorizonAchievements10/11/11
Aces of the GalaxyAchievements06/06/08
Adidas miCoachAchievements07/17/12
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!Achievements11/15/13
AFL Live 2Achievements09/12/13
Afro SamuraiAchievements01/28/09
Age of BootyAchievements10/15/08
Air BandAchievements01/12/12
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersAchievements12/07/12
Air Conflicts: Secret WarsAchievements07/08/11
Air Conflicts: VietnamAchievements09/12/13
AirMech ArenaAchievements07/30/14
Akai KatanaAchievements04/13/12
Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi KyojinAchievements03/12/10
Alan WakeThe Signal DLC Achievements07/20/10
Alan Wake's American NightmareAvatar Awards02/27/12
Alan Wake: The WriterAchievements10/12/10
Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash TimeAchievements01/28/11
Alien Breed 3: DescentAvatar Awards11/17/10
Alien Breed: EvolutionAchievements12/16/09
Alien RageAchievements10/18/13
Alien SpidyAchievements03/22/13
Alien: IsolationAchievements10/07/14
Aliens vs. PredatorAchievements02/16/10
Aliens: Colonial MarinesAchievements02/12/13
All Round HunterAchievements09/15/10
All Zombies Must Die!Achievements01/03/12
All-Pro Football 2K8Achievements07/16/07
Alone in the DarkAchievements06/20/08
Altered BeastAchievements06/10/09
Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedAchievements11/15/11
American McGee's AliceAchievements06/17/11
American Mensa AcademyAchievements12/14/12
Anarchy ReignsAchievements07/05/12
Ancients of OogaAchievements07/03/10
Ancients of OogaAvatar Awards07/03/10
Ancients of Ooga - The Forgotten ChaptersAchievements05/24/11
Angry Birds Star WarsAchievements10/29/13
Angry Birds TrilogyAchievements09/25/12
Angry Birds TrilogyAchievements: Anger Management DLC12/06/12
Angry Birds TrilogyAchievements: Fowl Tempered Pack DLC03/11/13
Anna: Extended EditionAchievements05/07/14
Anomaly: Warzone EarthAvatar Awards04/06/12
Apache: Air AssaultAchievements11/16/10
Apples to ApplesAchievements01/12/12
AquaAvatar Awards11/03/10
Arcana Heart 3Achievements08/19/11
Arcania: Gothic 4Achievements10/12/10
Arcania: The Complete TaleAchievements07/24/13
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: Make the GradeAchievements10/29/08
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game TimeAchievements10/26/09
Arkadian WarriorsAchievements12/12/07
ARKANOID Live!Achievements05/06/09
Armored Core VAchievements01/26/12
Armored Core: For AnswerAchievements06/16/08
Armored Core: Verdict DayAchievements09/24/13
Army of TwoAchievements03/04/08
Army of Two - SSC Challenge Map PackAchievements05/15/13
Army of Two - Veteran Map PackAchievements05/15/13
Army of Two: The 40th DayAchievements01/08/10
Army of Two: The 40th Day - Chapters of DeceitAchievements04/20/10
Army of Two: The Devil's CartelAchievements03/26/13
Ascend: Hand of KulAchievements09/25/13
Ascend: Hand of KulAvatar Awards10/04/13
Ashes Cricket 2009Achievements08/07/09
Assassin's CreedAchievements11/13/07
Assassin's Creed IIAchievements11/17/09
Assassin's Creed III - The BetrayalAchievements03/19/13
Assassin's Creed III - The InfamyAchievements02/19/13
Assassin's Creed III - The RedemptionAchievements04/24/13
Assassin's Creed III: The Battle Hardened PackAchievements01/09/13
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAchievements10/29/13
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom CryAchievements12/18/13
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci EditionAchievements03/28/11
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Ancestors Character PackAchievements12/13/11
Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Mediterranean Traveler Map PackAchievements01/25/12
Assault Heroes 2Achievements05/14/08
Asterix at the Olympic GamesAchievements08/22/08
Asteroids & Asteroids DeluxeAchievements11/29/07
Asura's WrathAchievements02/27/12
Asura's WrathAchievements: Episode Pack: Part IV DLC04/25/12
Asura's Wrath: Episode Pack - Part IV: NirvanaAchievements04/26/12
Asura's Wrath: Lost Episode 1 - At Last, Someone Angrier than MeAchievement05/09/12
Attack of the Movies 3DAchievements05/19/10
Avatar KinectAchievements01/12/12
Avatar: The Last Airbender -- The Burning EarthAchievements11/20/07
Axel & PixelAchievements09/30/09
Backyard Football '10Achievements10/21/09
Backyard Sports: Rookie RushAchievements10/21/10
Backyard Sports: Sandlot SluggersAchievements05/19/10
Baja: Edge of ControlAchievements09/22/08
Bakugan Battle BrawlersAchievements10/20/09
Band HeroAchievements12/18/09
Band of BugsAchievements06/20/07
Bandfuse: Rock LegendsAchievements11/20/13
Bangai-O HD: Missile FuryAchievements05/04/11
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsL.O.G.'s Lost Challenges DLC Achievements03/31/09
Bass Pro Shops: The HuntAchievements06/01/10
Bass Pro Shops: The StrikeAchievements09/29/09
Batman: Arkham AsylumAchievements08/25/09
Batman: Arkham CityRobin DLC Achievements10/18/11
Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Bundle PackAchievements11/22/11
Batman: Arkham City - Nightwing Bundle PackAchievements11/01/11
Batman: Arkham City - Robin Bundle PackAchievements11/22/11
Batman: Arkham OriginsAchievements10/25/13
Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold HeartAchievements04/22/14
Batman: Arkham Origins - InitiationAchievements04/22/14
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe EditionAchievements04/01/14
Battle FantasiaAchievements09/11/08
Battle StuffAchievements11/29/11
Battle vs ChessAchievements09/01/11
BattleBlock TheaterAchievements04/04/13
BattleBlock TheaterAvatar Awards04/04/13
Battlefield 1943Achievements07/08/09
Battlefield 3: AftermathAchievements12/04/12
Battlefield 3: Armored KillAchievements01/09/14
Battlefield 3: Back to KarkandAchievements12/13/11
Battlefield 3: End GameAchievements03/12/13
Battlefield 4Achievements10/29/13
Battlefield 4: China RisingAchievements12/03/13
Battlefield 4: Dragon's TeethAchievements07/21/14
Battlefield 4: Naval StrikeAchievements04/15/14
Battlefield 4: Second AssaultAchievements03/14/14
Battlefield: Bad CompanyAchievements06/24/08
Battlefield: Bad Company 2Onslaught DLC Achievements06/24/10
Battlefield: Bad Company 2SPECACT DLC Achievements04/22/10
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 OnslaughtAchievements12/14/10
Battlestar GalacticaAchievements10/24/07
Battlestations: PacificAchievements05/12/09
Battlestations: PacificCarrier Battle Map Pack DLC Achievements07/15/09
Beat'n GroovyAchievements10/09/08
Beautiful KatamariAchievements10/16/07
Bee Movie GameAchievements10/31/07
Bejeweled 3Achievements10/20/11
Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of HexAchievements04/20/10
Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax AttacksAchievements10/27/09
Ben 10 Omniverse 2Achievements11/08/13
Ben 10: Galactic RacingAchievements10/18/11
Ben 10: OmniverseAchievements11/13/12
Beowulf: The GameAchievements11/13/07
Big League SportsAchievements11/08/11
Binary DomainAchievements02/16/12
Bionic CommandoAchievements05/18/09
Bionic Commando RearmedAchievements08/13/08
BioShockAchievements (MAJOR SPOILERS WITHIN)08/21/07
BioShock & The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion BundleOblivion Achievements07/07/09
BioShock 2Achievements02/09/10
BioShock 2Rapture Metro DLC Achievements05/12/10
BioShock 2The Protector Trials DLC Achievements08/04/10
BioShock 2: Minerva's DenAchievements09/07/10
BioShock 2: Protector TrialsAchievements05/15/13
BioShock InfiniteAchievements03/26/13
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode OneAchievements11/15/13
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode TwoAchievements03/25/14
Birds of SteelAchievements03/08/12
Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm AlienAchievements02/27/13
Black College Football Experience: The Doug Williams EditionAchievements09/22/09
Black Knight SwordAchievements12/13/12
Blades of TimeAchievements03/06/12
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' WarAchievements10/25/07
BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerAchievements06/26/09
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftAchievements07/01/10
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftAchievements Valkenhayn R. Hellsing DLC02/17/11
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftAchievements: Additional Playable Character ''Platinum the Trinity'' DLC05/11/11
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift ExtendAchievements02/14/12
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWIIAchievements09/06/07
Bliss IslandAchievements03/12/08
Blitz: The League IIAchievements10/13/08
Blood BowlAchievements11/28/09
Blood KnightsAchievements11/12/13
Blood of the WerewolfAchievements06/11/14
BloodforgeAvatar Awards04/27/12
BloodRayne: BetrayalAchievements08/31/11
Bloody Good TimeAchievements10/29/10
BlurAvatar Awards05/27/10
Bobble HeadAchievements09/06/11
Body and Brain ConnectionAchievements11/30/10
Bomberman Live: BattlefestAchievements12/09/10
Bomberman Live: BattlefestBomb-Up Pack I DLC Achievement01/05/11
Bomberman Live: BattlefestBomb-Up Pack II DLC Achievement01/10/11
Bomberman Live: BattlefestBomb-Up Pack III DLC Achievement01/25/11
Bomberman: Act ZeroAchievements08/14/06
Boogie BunniesAchievements01/16/08
Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game HuntAchievements01/15/13
Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon KeepAchievements06/25/13
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelAchievements10/14/14
Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. NedAchievements11/24/09
Bound by FlameAchievements05/09/14
Brain ChallengeAchievements03/12/08
Brave: A Warrior's TaleAchievements08/04/09
Brave: The Video GameAchievements06/19/12
Brink: Agents of ChangeAchievements08/03/11
Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayAchievements09/23/08
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsAchievements08/08/13
Brunswick Pro BowlingAchievements01/24/11
Brutal LegendAchievements10/13/09
Brutal LegendHammer of Infinite Fates DLC Achievements12/16/09
Bubble Bobble NeoAchievements09/28/09
Build a BuddyAchievements01/12/12
BulletstormAchievements: DLC #206/10/11
BulletstormGun Sonata DLC Achievements04/12/11
Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata PackAchievements06/10/11
Bully: Scholarship EditionAchievements03/04/08
BurgerTime: World TourAchievements11/04/11
Burnout Crash!Achievements09/21/11
Burnout ParadiseBig Surf Island DLC Achievements06/05/09
Burnout ParadiseCops and Robbers DLC Achievements04/24/09
Bust-A-Move Live!Achievements09/30/09
Cabela's Adventure CampAchievements11/01/11
Cabela's African AdventuresAchievements10/16/13
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010Achievements09/29/09
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012Achievements09/27/11
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting PartyAchievements11/01/11
Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro HuntsAchievements03/25/14
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009Achievements09/23/08
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013Achievements10/23/12
Cabela's Hunting ExpeditionsAchievements10/23/12
Cabela's North American AdventuresAchievements09/29/10
Cabela's Outdoor Adventures (2009)Achievements09/09/09
Cabela's Survival: Shadows of KatmaiAchievements11/01/11
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIAchievements11/13/12
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - ApocalypseAchievements08/27/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - RevolutionAchievements01/30/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - UprisingAchievements04/24/13
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - VengeanceAchievements07/02/13
Call of Duty: GhostsAchievements11/06/13
Call of Duty: Ghosts - DevastationAchievements08/04/14
Call of Duty: Ghosts - InvasionAchievements06/09/14
Call of Duty: Ghosts - OnslaughtAchievements01/28/14
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Achievements11/10/09
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Achievements: Content Collection #1 DLC03/12/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 1Achievements05/09/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 2Achievements05/22/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 3Achievements08/09/12
Call of Juarez: Bound in BloodAchievements06/30/09
Call of Juarez: GunslingerAchievements05/22/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetAchievements02/19/13
Capcom Arcade CabinetAchievements: Game Pack 2 DLC03/04/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: All-In-One PackAchievements05/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 1Achievements03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 2Achievements03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 3Achievements03/22/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 4Achievements04/04/13
Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Game Pack 5Achievements04/22/13
Captain America: Super SoldierAchievements07/14/11
CarneyVale: ShowtimeAchievements08/02/10
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do!Achievements: Coasterama Pack DLC08/11/11
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do!Achievements: Monkey Dancin' Pack DLC06/14/11
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do!Avatar Awards04/05/11
Carrier Command: Gaea MissionAchievements09/28/12
Cars 2: The Video GameAvatar Awards06/27/11
Cars Mater-National ChampionshipAchievements10/29/07
Cars Race-O-RamaAchievements10/12/09
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XLAchievements11/21/11
Castle CrashersAchievements08/28/08
Castle CrashersAvatar Awards08/29/11
CastleStormAvatar Awards05/29/13
CastleStorm: From Outcast to SaviorAchievements08/12/13
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HDAchievements10/25/13
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Achievements02/25/14
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - RevelationsAchievements04/01/14
CellFactor: Psychokinetic WarsAchievements06/05/09
Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop RacerAchievements09/02/11
Chaos;Head NoahAchievements06/29/09
Chaotic: Shadow WarriorsAchievements11/10/09
Charlie MurderAchievements08/15/13
Charlie MurderAvatar Awards08/27/13
Chessmaster LIVEAchievements01/30/08
Choplifter HDAchievements01/11/12
Clash of the TitansAchievements06/01/10
Clive Barker's JerichoAchievements10/23/07
Cloudberry KingdomAchievements07/31/13
Cloudy With a Chance of MeatballsAchievements09/11/09
Coffeetime CrosswordsAchievements07/16/08
Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWIIAchievements12/04/12
Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain SmileyAchievements10/06/10
Comix ZoneAchievements06/10/09
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's WrathAchievements06/24/08
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Achievements11/11/08
Commanders: Attack of the GenosAchievements02/13/08
Conflict: Denied OpsAchievements02/08/08
Constant CAchievements03/12/14
Costume Quest: Grubbins on IceAchievements12/21/10
Country Dance All StarsAchievements03/06/12
Crackdown 2Deluge DLC Achievements11/11/10
Crackdown 2Deluge DLC Avatar Awards10/27/10
Crackdown 2Toy Box DLC Achievements09/03/10
Crash of the TitansAchievements10/02/07
Crash Time 4: The SyndicateAchievements03/26/12
Crash Time 5: UndercoverAchievements05/17/13
Crash Time IIIAchievements01/04/10
Crash: Mind Over MutantAchievements10/07/08
Crazy Machines ElementsAchievements08/26/11
Crazy MouseAchievements11/21/08
Crazy TaxiAchievements11/16/10
Crazy TaxiAvatar Awards11/17/10
Crimson AllianceAchievements09/07/11
Crimson AllianceAvatar Awards09/07/11
Crimson Alliance: Vengeance PackAchievements10/12/11
Crimson DragonAchievements06/13/12
Crimson DragonAvatar Awards06/19/12
Crysis 3Achievements02/19/13
Crysis 3: The Lost IslandAchievements06/04/13
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Deadly IntentAchievements10/27/09
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard EvidenceAchievements09/26/07
Cyber Troopers Virtual-OnAchievements02/25/13
Cyberball 2072Achievements09/05/07
Dance Central 2Achievements10/21/11
Dance Central 2Avatar Awards10/24/11
Dance Central 3Achievements10/16/12
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2Achievements12/04/07
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3Achievements10/21/08
Dance ParadiseAvatar Awards11/18/10
Dance! It's Your StageAchievements09/09/10
Dante's InfernoDark Forest DLC Achievements03/05/10
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: ElementsAchievements02/12/08
Dark Souls IIAchievements03/11/14
Dark VoidAchievements01/19/10
Dark Void: Survivor MissionsAchievements01/07/11
Darkest of DaysAchievements09/08/09
Darksiders IIAchievements08/14/12
Darkstalkers ResurrectionAchievements03/18/13
DarkStar One: Broken AllianceAchievements06/07/10
Darts vs. ZombiesAchievements11/21/12
Darwinia+Avatar Awards03/19/10
Dash of DestructionAchievements12/18/08
Days of Thunder: ArcadeAchievements02/28/11
Daytona USAAchievements10/26/11
Dead BlockAvatar Awards07/07/11
Dead Island: Bloodbath ArenaAchievements11/22/11
Dead Island: RiptideAchievements04/24/13
Dead or Alive 5Achievements09/25/12
Dead or Alive 5 UltimateAchievements09/05/13
Dead Rising 2Achievements09/27/10
Dead Rising 2: Case ZeroAchievements08/31/10
Dead Rising 2: Off the RecordAchievements10/11/11
Dead Space 3Achievements02/06/13
Dead Space IgnitionAchievements10/14/10
Dead to Rights: RetributionGAC Pack DLC Achievements04/28/10
Deadfall AdventuresAchievements11/15/13
Deadliest Catch: Alaskan StormAchievements06/17/08
Deadliest Warrior: LegendsAchievements07/07/11
Deadliest Warrior: LegendsAvatar Awards07/07/11
Deadliest Warrior: LegendsDLC Achievements08/09/11
Deadliest Warrior: The GameDLC Avatar Awards02/24/11
Deadliest Warrior: The GameExpansion Pack 1 DLC Achievements02/25/11
Death By CubeAchievements01/20/10
Death TankAchievements02/19/09
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueAvatar Awards10/04/10
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueThe Snowy Mountain Dungeon DLC Achievement09/23/10
Deca Sports FreedomAvatar Awards11/18/10
Deep Black: Episode 1Achievements04/25/12
Deepak Chopra's LeelaAchievements11/08/11
Defenders of ArdaniaAchievements02/27/12
Defense Grid: The AwakeningAchievements09/02/09
Defense Grid: The AwakeningMap Pack 1 DLC Achievement06/01/10
Defense Grid: The AwakeningMap Pack 2 DLC Achievement06/09/10
Defense Grid: The AwakeningMap Pack 3 DLC Achievement07/07/10
Defense Grid: The AwakeningMap Pack 4 DLC Achievements07/07/10
Defiance: Castithan Charge PackAchievements09/05/13
Dennou Senki Virtual-On Force3rd Operation DLC Achievements01/21/11
Dennou Senki Virtual-On Force4th Operation DLC Achievements01/21/11
Dennou Senki Virtual-On ForceAchievements12/22/10
Destroy All Humans! Path of the FuronAchievements12/01/08
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionAchievements: The Missing Link DLC10/18/11
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's CutAchievements10/22/13
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing LinkAchievements10/20/11
Devil May Cry 4Achievements01/31/08
Devil May Cry HD CollectionAchievements: Devil May Cry 103/27/12
Devil May Cry HD CollectionAchievements: Devil May Cry 203/27/12
Devil May Cry HD CollectionAchievements: Devil May Cry 303/27/12
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionAchievements08/22/14
Diabolical PitchAchievements04/04/12
Diabolical PitchAvatar Awards04/04/12
Diner DashAchievements11/18/09
DiRT 2Achievements09/08/09
DiRT 3Achievements05/24/11
DiRT 3Achievements: Monte Carlo DLC06/27/11
DiRT 3Achievements: Mud and Guts Car Pack DLC06/28/11
DiRT 3Achievements: Power and Glory Car Pack DLC06/10/11
DiRT 3Achievements: Shibuya Track Pack DLC06/28/11
DiRT 3Avatar Awards05/25/11
DiRT 3 Monte Carlo PackAchievements01/12/12
DiRT ShowdownAchievements05/25/12
Discs of TronAchievements02/13/08
Dishonored: Dunwall City TrialsAchievements12/11/12
Dishonored: The Brigmore WitchesAchievements08/13/13
Dishonored: The Knife of DunwallAchievements04/16/13
Disney Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseAchievements09/05/13
Disney DuckTales RemasteredAchievements09/12/13
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoAchievements11/19/12
Disney InfinityAchievements08/27/13
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 EditionAchievements09/18/14
Disney Sing ItAchievements10/08/08
Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior YearAchievements02/19/09
Disney UniverseAchievements10/25/11
Disney/Pixar RatatouilleAchievements06/26/07
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3Achievements06/15/10
Divinity II: Ego DraconisAchievements11/20/09
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight SagaAchievements11/19/10
DJ HeroAchievements10/27/09
DmC: Devil May CryAchievements01/15/13
DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's DownfallAchievements03/05/13
DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black LabelAchievements06/03/13
DoDonPachi ResurrectionAchievements11/04/11
Dogfight 1942Achievements: Fire over Africa DLC10/08/12
Dogfight 1942Achievements: Russia under Siege DLC10/08/12
Dollar DashAchievements03/08/13
Dollar DashAvatar Awards03/11/13
Domino MasterAchievements09/17/08
Don Bradman Cricket 14Achievements04/04/14
Doodle Jump for KinectAchievements07/01/13
Doritos Crash CourseAchievements12/09/10
Doritos Crash Course 2Avatar Awards05/28/13
Double D DodgeballAchievements07/16/08
Double Dragon II: Wander of the DragonsAchievements04/05/13
Double Dragon: NeonAchievements09/12/12
Double Fine Happy Action TheaterAchievements02/03/12
Double Pack: Grid / DirtDirt Achievements03/12/10
Double Pack: Grid / DirtGrid Achievements03/12/10
Dragon Age IIAchievements: Legacy DLC06/27/11
Dragon Age II: Mark of the AssassinAchievements10/11/11
Dragon Age II: The Exiled PrinceAchievements03/09/11
Dragon Age: OriginsAchievements11/03/09
Dragon Age: Origins - AwakeningAchievements03/16/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn ChroniclesAchievements05/19/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's SongAchievements07/12/10
Dragon Age: Origins - Return to OstagarAchievement01/19/10
Dragon Age: Origins - The Stone PrisonerAchievements11/09/09
Dragon Age: Origins - Warden's KeepAchievements11/09/09
Dragon Age: Origins - Witch HuntAchievements09/07/10
Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD CollectionAchievements11/06/12
Dragon Ball Z for KinectAchievements10/09/12
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of ZAchievements01/23/14
Dragon Ball: Raging BlastAchievements10/23/09
Dragon's LairAchievements05/18/12
Dragon's LairAvatar Awards05/18/12
Dream C ClubAchievements08/28/09
Dreamcast CollectionCrazy Taxi Achievements02/22/11
Dreamcast CollectionSega Bass Fishing Achievements02/22/11
Dreamcast CollectionSonic Adventure Achievements02/22/11
Dreamcast CollectionSpace Channel 5: Part 2 Achievements02/22/11
DreamWorks Kung Fu PandaAchievements06/03/08
DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 2Achievements05/24/11
Dreamworks Madagascar KartzAchievements10/20/09
DreamWorks Puss in BootsAchievements10/25/11
DreamWorks Shrek Forever AfterAchievements05/19/10
DreamWorks Super Star KartzAchievements11/15/11
Driver: San FranciscoAchievements09/01/11
Duck DynastyAchievements10/14/14
Duke Nukem 3DAchievements09/25/08
Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned MeAchievements12/14/11
Duke Nukem: Manhattan ProjectAchievements06/23/10
Duke Nukem: Manhattan ProjectAvatar Awards07/03/10
Dungeon DefendersAchievements10/20/11
Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon MyreAvatar Awards07/17/12
Dungeon Siege IIIAchievements06/16/11
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraAchievements06/19/13
Dungeons & Dragons: DaggerdaleAchievements05/25/11
Dynasty Warriors 6 EmpiresAchievements06/23/09
Dynasty Warriors 8Achievements07/08/13
Dynasty Warriors: GundamAchievements08/28/07
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2Achievements12/21/08
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3Achievements12/16/10
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceAchievements10/01/09
EA Sports Active 2Achievements11/17/10
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardAchievements02/26/09
Ecco the DolphinAchievements08/15/07
El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronAchievements04/29/11
Elements of DestructionAchievements06/18/08
Encleverment ExperimentAchievements11/11/09
Enemy FrontAchievements06/10/14
Enemy Territory: Quake WarsAchievements05/27/08
Everyone SingAchievements06/26/12
Exit 2Achievements02/26/09
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginAchievements02/10/09
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginReborn DLC Achievements09/03/09
F.E.A.R. 2: RebornAchievements09/08/09
F.E.A.R. FilesAchievements11/06/07
F1 2011Achievements09/20/11
F1 2013Achievements10/04/13
F1 2014Achievements10/02/14
F1 Race StarsAchievements11/13/12
F1 Race StarsAchievements: Canada Track DLC01/08/13
F1 Race StarsAchievements: China Track DLC01/08/13
F1 Race StarsAchievements: India Track DLC01/08/13
Fable AnniversaryAchievements02/04/14
Fable HeroesAvatar Awards05/04/12
Fable IIAchievements10/21/08
Fable II Pub GamesAchievements08/13/08
Fable II: Knothole IslandAchievements09/29/09
Fable II: See the FutureAchievements09/28/09
Fable IIIAvatar Awards10/27/10
Fable: The JourneyAchievements10/09/12
Fable: The JourneyAvatar Awards10/09/12
Faery: Legends of AvalonAchievements11/02/10
Fairytale FightsAchievements10/23/09
Falling Skies: The GameAchievements09/30/14
Fallout 3Achievements10/28/08
Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double PackAchievements: Fallout 304/03/12
Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double PackAchievements: Oblivion04/03/12
Fallout 3: Broken SteelAchievements05/05/09
Fallout 3: Mothership ZetaAchievements08/03/09
Fallout 3: Point LookoutAchievements06/03/09
Fallout 3: The PittAchievements04/23/09
Fallout: New Vegas - Dead MoneyAchievements12/21/10
Fallout: New Vegas - Honest HeartsAchievements05/17/11
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate EditionAchievements02/07/12
Family Feud: 2012 EditionAchievements10/18/11
Family Game Night 4: The Game ShowAchievements11/01/11
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseAchievements11/20/12
Fantastic PetsAchievements03/01/11
Fantastic PetsAvatar Awards03/03/11
Fantastic PetsDLC Achievements04/29/11
Far Cry 2Achievements10/21/08
Far Cry 3Achievements11/30/12
Far Cry ClassicAchievements02/11/14
Farming SimulatorAchievements09/05/13
Fatal InertiaAchievements09/06/07
Field Goal ContestAchievements12/31/12
FIFA 14Achievements09/24/13
FIFA 15Achievements09/23/14
FIFA Soccer 08Achievements09/28/07
FIFA Soccer 10Achievements10/02/09
FIFA Soccer 10Ultimate Team DLC Achievements02/25/10
FIFA Soccer 12Achievements09/27/11
FIFA Soccer 13Achievements09/25/12
FIFA StreetAchievements03/13/12
Fight Night Round 4Achievements06/23/09
Final ExamAchievements11/12/13
Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XI Unlockable Achievements07/25/06
Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate CollectionAchievements11/10/09
Final Fantasy XIIIAchievements03/09/10
Final Fantasy XIII-2Achievements12/15/11
Fire Pro WrestlingAchievements09/24/12
Fire Pro WrestlingAchievements: Legend Series DLC09/24/12
Fire Pro WrestlingAvatar Awards09/28/12
Fire Pro Wrestling - Legend SeriesAchievements10/09/12
Fist of the North Star: Ken's RageAchievements10/01/10
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2Achievements12/20/12
FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageAchievements06/22/07
Football Genius - The Ultimate QuizAchievements09/30/09
Football Manager 2008Achievements03/27/08
Forza HorizonAchievements10/23/12
Forza Horizon 2Achievements09/30/14
Forza Horizon: 1000 ClubAchievements04/16/13
Forza Horizon: Rally Expansion PackAchievements12/18/12
Forza Motorsport 2Achievements05/24/07
Forza Motorsport 3Achievements10/23/09
Forza Motorsport 4Achievements10/11/11
Forza Motorsport 4Avatar Awards10/11/11
Forza Motorsport 4: May Top Gear PackAchievements05/01/12
Forza Motorsport 4: Porsche Expansion PackAchievements08/09/12
Foul PlayAchievements09/18/13
Freefall RacersAchievements09/06/13
Fret NiceAchievements02/25/10
Frogger 2Achievements06/11/08
From DustAvatar Award07/27/11
Front Mission EvolvedAchievements09/28/10
Frontlines: Fuel of WarAchievements02/25/08
Fruit Ninja KinectAchievements08/10/11
Fruit Ninja KinectAchievements: DLC #309/20/11
Fruit Ninja KinectAchievements: Space Capsule DLC09/07/11
Fruit Ninja KinectAvatar Awards08/10/11
Fruit Ninja Kinect: Art BoxAchievements09/05/12
Fruit Ninja Kinect: Space CapsuleAchievements09/20/11
Fruit Ninja Kinect: Storm SeasonAchievements09/07/11
Full House PokerAchievements: Texas Heat, Fall 2012 Season DLC09/20/12
Full House PokerAchievements: Texas Heat, Spring 2013 DLC04/02/13
Full House PokerAchievements: Texas Heat, Summer 2012 Season DLC07/27/12
Full House PokerAvatar Awards03/16/11
Full House PokerTexas Heat, Summer 2011 Season DLC Achievements06/03/11
FunTown MahjongAchievements01/28/09
Fusion: GenesisAchievements11/10/11
G.I. Joe: The Rise of CobraAchievements08/04/09
Galaga LegionsAchievements08/20/08
Game of ThronesAchievements05/15/12
Game Party: In MotionAchievements11/19/10
Garou: Mark of the WolvesAchievements06/24/09
Gears of War 2Achievements11/07/08
Gears of War 2Dark Corners DLC Achievements05/20/09
Gears of War 2Snowblind Map Pack Achievements03/20/09
Gears of War 2: All Fronts CollectionAchievements07/28/09
Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising Map PackAchievements01/17/12
Gears of War 3: RAAM's ShadowAchievements12/13/11
Gears of War: JudgmentAchievements03/19/13
Gears of War: Judgment - Call to ArmsAchievements06/14/13
Gel: Set & MatchAchievements06/03/09
Generator Rex: Agent of ProvidenceAchievements11/01/11
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2Achievements07/30/08
Get Fit With Mel BAchievements11/29/10
Ghostbusters: The Video GameAchievements06/16/09
Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsAchievements03/22/13
Gin RummyAchievements09/03/08
Girl FightAchievements09/25/13
Go! Go! Break SteadyAchievements07/23/08
Golden AxeAchievements07/12/07
Golden Axe: Beast RiderAchievements10/14/08
GoldenEye 007: ReloadedAchievements11/01/11
Golf: Tee It Up!Achievements07/09/08
Gotham City ImpostorsAchievements01/10/12
Grand Slam Tennis 2Achievements02/09/12
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay TonyAchievements10/30/09
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and DamnedAchievements02/17/09
Grease DanceAchievements10/25/11
Greed CorpAchievements02/24/10
GRID8 Ball DLC Achievements02/17/09
GRID 2Achievements05/28/13
GRID AutosportAchievements06/24/14
GripShiftDLC Achievements02/19/08
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionAchievements07/02/14
Guardian HeroesAchievements10/12/11
Guardian HeroesAvatar Awards10/13/11
Guardians of Middle-EarthAchievements12/05/12
Guilty Gear 2: OvertureAchievements11/29/07
Guitar Hero 5Achievements09/01/09
Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockAchievements10/29/07
Guitar Hero World TourAchievements10/27/08
Guitar Hero: AerosmithAchievements06/27/08
Guitar Hero: MetallicaAchievements03/31/09
Guitar Hero: Van HalenAchievements12/22/09
Guitar Hero: Warriors of RockAvatar Awards10/27/10
Gunstar HeroesAchievements06/10/09
GyromancerDLC Achievements01/04/10
Hail to the ChimpAchievements06/24/08
Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo ClimaxAvatar Awards06/29/11
Halo 3: ODSTAchievements09/22/09
Halo 4Achievements11/06/12
Halo 4Avatar Awards11/06/12
Halo 4: Castle Map PackAchievements04/08/13
Halo 4: Majestic Map PackAchievements02/25/13
Halo WarsAchievements02/27/09
Halo WarsDLC Achievements07/01/09
Halo WarsStrategic Options DLC Achievements04/22/09
Halo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryAchievements11/15/11
Halo: ReachNoble Map Pack DLC Achievements12/01/10
Halo: Reach - Anniversary Map PackAchievements11/15/11
Hannah Montana: The MovieAchievements04/07/09
Happy Feet Two: The VideogameAchievements11/08/11
Happy Tree Friends: False AlarmAchievements06/25/08
Happy WarsAchievements: Title Update 2 DLC11/20/13
Happy WarsAchievements: Title Update DLC05/29/13
Harley Pasternak's Hollywood WorkoutAchievements09/18/12
Harms WayAchievements12/09/10
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceAchievements06/30/09
Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixAchievements06/25/07
Harry Potter for KinectAchievements10/09/12
Hasbro Family Game NightAchievements03/03/09
Hasbro Family Game NightDLC Achievements06/24/10
Hasbro Family Game Night Fun PackAchievements11/01/11
Hasbro Family Game Night: BattleshipAchievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: BoggleAchievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: Connect FourAchievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: ScrabbleAchievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: Sorry!Achievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: Sorry! SlidersAchievements03/18/09
Hasbro Family Game Night: YahtzeeAchievements03/18/09
Haunted HouseAchievements10/29/10
Heavy Fire: Shattered SpearAchievements01/24/13
Hellboy: The Science of EvilAchievements06/24/08
Heroes Over EuropeAchievements09/15/09
Hexic 2Achievements08/15/07
High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE!Achievements10/28/08
History Legends of War: PattonAchievements11/06/12
Hitman HD TrilogyAchievements01/30/13
Hitman: AbsolutionAchievements11/20/12
Hole in the WallAchievements08/24/11
Hole in the WallAvatar Awards08/24/11
Hole in the Wall: Deluxe EditionAchievements11/21/11
Home Run StarsAchievements11/05/12
Home Run StarsAvatar Awards11/05/12
Homefront: Fire SaleAchievements06/07/11
Hot Wheels: Beat That!Achievements09/26/07
Hot Wheels: World's Best DriverAchievements09/18/13
Hour of VictoryAchievements06/25/07
How to SurviveAchievements10/23/13
How to Train Your Dragon 2Achievements06/10/14
Hulk Hogan's Main EventAchievements10/11/11
Hunter's Trophy 2 - AmericaAchievements05/30/13
Hunter's Trophy 2 - AustraliaAchievements06/04/13
Hunter's Trophy 2 - EuropaAchievements07/01/13
Hydro Thunder HurricaneAvatar Awards08/03/10
HydrophobiaAvatar Awards11/03/10
Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic GamesAchievements06/29/12
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursAchievements06/24/09
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of PreyAchievements09/04/09
ilomiloAutumn Tale DLC Achievements03/09/11
ilomiloAvatar Awards01/05/11
Indianapolis 500 EvolutionAchievements12/18/09
Infernal: Hell's VengeanceAchievements06/30/09
Inferno PoolAchievements10/30/09
Infinite UndiscoveryAchievements09/02/08
Injustice: Gods Among UsAchievements04/16/13
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate EditionAchievements11/12/13
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetAchievements07/27/11
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetAvatar Awards07/27/11
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Shadow HuntersAchievements10/13/11
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. ChaosAchievements01/08/09
Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han TaoAchievements08/26/09
Ion AssaultAchievements09/24/09
Iron BrigadeAvatar Awards06/22/11
Iron ManAchievements05/05/08
Iron Man 2Achievements04/29/10
Iron Sky: InvasionAchievements12/31/12
Islands of WakfuAvatar Awards03/31/11
James Cameron's Avatar: The GameAchievements12/02/09
JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike FightersAchievements10/21/11
Jeopardy! (2012)Achievements10/16/12
Jet Car StuntsAchievements09/23/14
Jet Set RadioAvatar Awards09/21/12
Jillian Michaels' Fitness AdventureAchievements11/09/11
Jimmie Johnson's Anything With an EngineAchievements11/01/11
Joe Danger 2: The MovieAchievements08/29/12
Joe Danger 2: The MovieAchievements: Undead Movie Pack DLC04/16/13
Joe Danger: Special EditionAchievements12/12/11
Joe Danger: Special EditionAvatar Awards12/13/11
Jonah Lomu Rugby ChallengeAchievements09/02/11
Joy Ride TurboAvatar Awards05/23/12
Jumper: Griffin's StoryAchievements02/13/08
Jurassic Park: The GameAchievements11/15/11
Jurassic: The HuntedAchievements11/03/09
Just Cause 2Achievements03/23/10
Just Dance 2014Achievements10/04/13
Just Dance 3Achievements10/07/11
Just Dance 4Achievements10/02/12
Just Dance KidsAchievements11/04/11
Just Dance Kids 2Achievements10/25/11
Just Dance Kids 2014Achievements10/22/13
Just Dance: Disney PartyAchievements10/23/12
Just Dance: Greatest HitsAchievements06/21/12
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysDoggie Bag DLC Achievements09/07/10
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenAchievements11/13/07
Karaoke RevolutionAchievements11/24/09
Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3Achievements11/22/11
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol EncoreAchievements02/06/08
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2Achievements11/18/08
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi ExtraAchievements04/22/10
Kick-Ass 2Achievements06/06/14
Killer Is DeadAchievements08/05/13
Kinect Adventures!Achievements11/04/10
Kinect Adventures!Avatar Awards11/11/10
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Air Band01/12/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Avatar Kinect01/12/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Battle Stuff01/12/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Bobble Head06/07/11
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Build a Buddy06/07/11
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Googly Eyes06/07/11
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - I Am Super!03/27/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Junk Fu01/12/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Kinect Me06/07/11
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Kinect Rush Snapshot04/09/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Kinect Sparkler01/12/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Mars Rover Landing07/17/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Micro Lab Challenge07/05/12
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Musical Feet10/25/11
Kinect Fun LabsAchievements - Mutation Station01/12/12
Kinect Googly EyesAchievements01/12/12
Kinect Joy RideAvatar Awards11/11/10
Kinect MeAchievements01/12/12
Kinect Nat Geo TVAchievements09/18/12
Kinect PartyAchievements12/19/12
Kinect PlayfitAchievements07/17/12
Kinect PlayfitAvatar Awards07/17/12
Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar AdventureAchievements03/20/12
Kinect Sesame Street TVAchievements09/18/12
Kinect SparklerAchievements07/28/11
Kinect SportsAvatar Awards11/11/10
Kinect SportsCalorie Challenge DLC Achievements04/20/11
Kinect SportsDLC Achievements12/14/10
Kinect Sports Gems: Boxing FightAchievements06/25/13
Kinect Sports: 10 Frame BowlingAchievements03/18/13
Kinect Sports: Penalty SaverAchievements03/18/13
Kinect Sports: Ping PongAchievements03/18/13
Kinect Sports: Season TwoAchievements10/25/11
Kinect Sports: Season TwoAchievements: Basketball Challenge Pack DLC04/03/12
Kinect Sports: Season TwoAchievements: Maple Lakes Golf Pack DLC12/13/11
Kinect Sports: Season TwoAvatar Awards10/25/11
Kinect Sports: Season Two - Basketball Challenge PackAchievements11/01/12
Kinect Sports: Season Two - Maple Lakes Golf PackAchievements01/03/12
Kinect Sports: Season Two - Midnight Mountain Ski PackAchievements04/03/12
Kinect Star WarsAchievements04/03/12
Kinect: Disneyland AdventuresAchievements11/15/11
Kinect: Disneyland AdventuresAvatar Award11/15/11
KinectimalsAvatar Awards11/11/10
Kinectimals: Now with Bears!Achievements10/11/11
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of DoomAchievements12/12/07
Kingdoms of Amalur: ReckoningAchievements02/07/12
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of NarosAchievements04/26/12
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - The Legend of Dead KelAchievements03/22/12
KOF Sky StageAchievements09/15/10
Kung-Fu High ImpactAchievements11/14/11
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightAchievements08/18/10
Lazy RaidersAchievements02/24/10
Lazy RaidersAvatar Awards03/22/10
Le Tour de FranceAchievements07/01/11
Le Tour de France 2012Achievements06/29/12
Le Tour de France 2013 - 100th EditionAchievements06/24/13
Left 4 DeadAchievements11/17/08
Left 4 DeadCrash Course DLC Achievements09/29/09
Left 4 DeadThe Sacrifice DLC Achievements10/04/10
Left 4 Dead 2Achievements11/17/09
Left 4 Dead 2: The PassingAchievements04/22/10
Left 4 Dead 2: The SacrificeAchievements10/05/10
Legends of WrestlemaniaAchievements03/19/09
LEGO Batman: The VideogameAchievements09/23/08
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7Achievements11/11/11
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesAchievements11/17/09
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresAchievements06/03/08
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesAchievements10/22/13
LEGO Rock BandAchievements11/03/09
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaAchievements11/06/07
LEGO The HobbitAchievements04/09/14
LEGO The Lord of the RingsAchievements11/13/12
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office BustAchievements03/27/09
Let's Cheer!Achievements11/08/11
Let's Dance with Mel BAchievements06/27/11
Let's Sing and DanceAchievements10/09/13
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIAchievements11/25/13
LipsAvatar Awards03/22/10
LipsDLC Achievements09/21/09
LipsI (Heart) the 80's DLC Achievements03/02/10
Lips: I Love The 80sAvatar Awards08/03/10
Lips: Number One HitsAchievements11/02/09
Lips: Number One HitsAvatar Awards03/22/10
Lips: Number One HitsDLC Achievements01/05/10
Lips: Party ClassicsAchievements03/02/10
Lips: Party ClassicsAvatar Awards07/20/10
Lips: Party ClassicsAvatar Awards06/16/10
Little League World Series Baseball 2010Achievements07/15/10
Lode RunnerAchievements04/22/09
Lode RunnerJourney Expansion Pack DLC Achievements03/02/11
Lode RunnerSkill Expansion Pack DLC Achievement03/02/11
Lode Runner: JourneyAchievements01/12/12
Lode Runner: SkillAchievements01/12/12
London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic GamesAchievements06/26/12
Looney Tunes: Acme ArsenalAchievements10/09/07
Lost CitiesAchievements04/23/08
Lost Planet 3Achievements08/27/13
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies EditionAchievements05/23/08
Lost: Via DomusAchievements02/26/08
Lucha FuryAchievements06/22/11
Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del RingAchievements10/12/10
Mad Riders: Zambia PackAchievements10/25/13
Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaAchievements11/05/08
Madballs in Babo: InvasionAchievements07/15/09
Madden NFL 08Achievements08/14/07
Madden NFL 09Achievements08/12/08
Madden NFL 10Achievements08/14/09
Madden NFL 10AFL Legacy Pack DLC Achievements09/11/09
Madden NFL 12Achievements08/31/11
Madden NFL 15Achievements08/26/14
Madden NFL 25Achievements08/27/13
Madden NFL ArcadeAchievements11/24/09
Mafia IIJimmy's Vendetta DLC Achievements09/07/10
Mafia II: Jimmy's VendettaAchievements09/14/10
Mafia II: Joe's AdventuresAchievements11/29/10
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014Achievements06/26/13
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014Avatar Awards06/27/13
Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015Achievements07/16/14
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersAchievements06/17/09
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersAvatar Awards06/16/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersExpansion Pack 2 DLC Achievements05/13/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the PlaneswalkersExpansion Pack 3 DLC Achievements01/03/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Duel the DragonAchievements11/02/09
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Expansion 2Achievements07/12/10
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012Achievements: Expansion 1 DLC09/01/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012Avatar Awards06/17/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - ExpansionAchievements09/14/11
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013Avatar Awards06/20/12
Magna Carta 2Achievements08/07/09
Magna Carta 2Bonus Pack Achievements10/15/09
Magrunner: Dark PulseAchievements10/25/13
Major League Baseball 2K10Achievements03/02/10
Major League Baseball 2K10Avatar Awards03/22/10
Major League Baseball 2K12Achievements03/06/12
Major League Baseball 2K8Achievements03/03/08
Major League Baseball 2K9Achievements03/03/09
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of DeathAchievements09/24/13
Mars Rover LandingAchievements07/18/12
Mars Rover LandingAvatar Awards08/16/12
Mars: War LogsAchievements07/29/13
Marvel Avengers: Battle for EarthAchievements10/30/12
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic CombatAchievements11/15/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletAchievements11/16/10
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletDoom on the Loose DLC Achievements03/09/11
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity GauntletThanos Throwdown DLC Achievements02/16/11
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Achievements07/01/09
Marvel vs. Capcom OriginsAchievements09/26/12
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance / Forza Motorsport 2Forza Motorsport 2 Achievements04/06/10
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance / Forza Motorsport 2Marvel Ultimate Alliance Achievements04/06/10
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2Achievements09/15/09
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2DLC Achievements10/30/09
Mass EffectDLC Achievements08/20/09
Mass Effect 2Achievements01/26/10
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Network DLC Achievement10/04/10
Mass Effect 2: OverlordAchievements06/24/10
Mass Effect 3Avatar Awards03/06/12
Mass Effect 3: CitadelAchievements03/05/13
Mass Effect 3: From AshesAchievements03/06/12
Mass Effect 3: OmegaAchievements11/27/12
Mass Effect: Bring Down the SkyAchievement08/20/09
Mass Effect: Pinnacle StationAchievements08/28/09
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and BeyondAchievements01/06/10
Max Payne 3: Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode PackAchievements01/22/13
Max Payne 3: Hostage Negotiation Map PackAchievements10/31/12
Max Payne 3: Painful Memories PackAchievements12/05/12
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodAchievements04/15/14
Medal of HonorAchievements10/12/10
Medal of Honor: WarfighterAchievements10/23/12
Mega Man 9Achievements10/01/08
Memories Off 6: Next RelationAchievements11/01/12
Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesAchievements09/01/08
Mercury HgAchievements09/28/11
Mercury HgAchievements: Heavy Elements Pack DLC10/18/11
Mercury HgAchievements: Rare Elements Pack DLC10/18/11
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceAchievements02/19/13
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Blade WolfAchievements05/14/13
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - JetstreamAchievements04/22/13
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesAchievements03/18/14
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD EditionAchievements11/22/11
Meteos WarsAchievements12/11/08
Metro 2033Achievements03/16/10
Metro: Last LightAchievements05/14/13
Metro: Last Light - Chronicles PackAchievements07/25/14
Metro: Last Light - Developer PackAchievements09/18/13
Metro: Last Light - Faction PackAchievements07/16/13
Metro: Last Light - Tower PackAchievements07/25/14
Michael Phelps: Push the LimitAchievements10/11/11
Midnight Club: Los AngelesAchievements10/20/08
Midway Arcade OriginsAchievements11/06/12
Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesAchievements: Heroes of Might & Magic: I am the boss! DLC08/29/11
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - I Am the BossAchievements11/18/11
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten WarsAchievements07/23/14
Military Madness: NectarisAchievements09/30/09
Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionAvatar Awards05/09/12
Minesweeper FlagsAchievements02/12/09
Mini NinjasAchievements09/08/09
Minute to Win ItAchievements10/18/11
Minute to Win ItAvatar Awards10/18/11
Mirror's Edge (2008)Achievements11/11/08
Mirror's Edge (2008)Pure Time Trials DLC Achievements03/02/09
Missile CommandAchievements07/05/07
MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo PackAchievements: MLB 2K1203/06/12
MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo PackAchievements: NBA 2K1203/06/12
MLB 2K13Achievements03/05/13
MLB Bobblehead BattleAchievements09/28/11
MLB Bobblehead ProsAchievements07/07/11
MLB Bobblehead ProsAchievements: Bobblehead Stars DLC07/15/11
MLB Front Office ManagerAchievements01/26/09
MLB StickballAchievements10/08/08
Mobile Ops: The One Year WarAchievements06/26/08
Moe Moe 2-Ji Daisenryaku * Ultra DeluxeAchievements03/18/10
Monaco: What's Yours Is MineAchievements04/24/13
Monday Night CombatAchievements08/11/10
Monster Hunter Frontier OnlineAchievements06/25/10
Monster JamAchievements11/13/07
Monster Jam: Path of DestructionAchievements11/09/10
Monster Madness: Battle for SuburbiaAchievements06/13/07
Monsters vs. AliensAchievements03/24/09
Mortal Kombat Arcade KollectionAchievements08/31/11
Mortal Kombat vs. DC UniverseAchievements11/17/08
Motion Explosion!Achievements10/25/11
MotionSports AdrenalineAchievements10/28/11
Motocross MadnessAchievements04/12/13
Motocross MadnessAchievements: Trick Jam DLC09/27/13
Motocross MadnessAvatar Awards04/12/13
MotoGP '07Achievements08/24/07
MotoGP 08Achievements10/24/08
MotoGP 09/10Achievements03/18/10
MotoGP 13Achievements06/24/13
MotoGP 14Achievements06/23/14
Mr. Driller OnlineAchievements04/02/08
Ms. 'Splosion ManAvatar Awards07/14/11
MUD - FIM Motocross World ChampionshipAchievements04/26/12
Murdered: Soul SuspectAchievements06/04/14
Musical FeetAchievements01/12/12
Muv-Luv AlternativeAchievements10/31/12
MX vs. ATV AliveAvatar Awards05/25/11
MX vs. ATV ReflexAchievements12/02/09
MX vs. ATV UntamedAchievements12/18/07
MXGP: The Official Motocross VideogameAchievements03/28/14
My Horse & Me 2: Riding for GoldAchievements10/31/08
MySims SkyHeroesAchievements09/28/10
N3II: Ninety-Nine NightsAchievements06/29/10
nail'dAchievements: Detonator Mode and Track Pack DLC06/27/11
Narco TerrorAchievements08/05/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3Achievements03/05/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full BurstAchievements10/22/13
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm GenerationsAchievements02/27/12
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm RevolutionAchievements09/12/14
Naruto: Rise of a NinjaAchievements10/30/07
Naruto: The Broken BondAchievements11/18/08
NASCAR '14Achievements02/18/14
NASCAR 08Achievements07/23/07
NASCAR 09Achievements06/10/08
NASCAR The Game: Inside LineAchievements11/06/12
NASCAR UnleashedAchievements11/01/11
Nat Geo Challenge! Wild LifeAchievements06/01/10
Nat Geo Challenge! Wild LifeDLC Achievements07/03/10
National Geographic Challenge!Achievements11/28/11
Naughty BearAchievements06/25/10
Naughty BearEpisode 10 DLC Achievements12/03/10
Naughty BearEpisode 9 DLC Achievements12/03/10
Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseAchievements10/09/12
NBA 2K10Achievements10/06/09
NBA 2K10: Draft CombineAchievements08/26/09
NBA 2K12Achievements10/04/11
NBA 2K12: Legends ShowcaseAchievements12/05/11
NBA 2K13Achievements: All-Star Weekend DLC10/02/12
NBA 2K14Achievements10/01/13
NBA 2K15Achievements10/07/14
NBA 2K8Achievements10/02/07
NBA 2K9Achievements10/07/08
NBA Ballers: Chosen OneAchievements04/21/08
NBA Jam: On Fire EditionAchievements10/05/11
NBA Live 08Achievements10/01/07
NBA Live 09Achievements10/07/08
NBA Live 10Achievements10/06/09
NBA UnrivaledAchievements11/11/09
NCAA Basketball 09Achievements11/17/08
NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness EditionAchievements03/11/09
NCAA Basketball 10Achievements11/16/09
NCAA Football 08Achievements07/17/07
NCAA Football 09Achievements07/15/08
NCAA Football 10Achievements07/15/09
NCAA Football 11Achievements07/15/10
NCAA Football 14Achievements07/09/13
NCAA March Madness 08Achievements12/11/07
Need for Speed ProStreetAchievements11/13/07
Need for Speed UndercoverAchievements11/17/08
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitPorsche vs Lamborghini Pack DLC Achievements02/15/11
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitSuper Sports Pack DLC Achievements12/14/10
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameAchievements10/30/12
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameAchievements: Hero DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameAchievements: Movies DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameAchievements: Ultimate Speed Pack DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion GameAchievements: Velocity DLC02/25/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Movie LegendsAchievements06/14/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - NFS HeroesAchievements06/14/13
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Ultimate SpeedAchievements06/14/13
Need for Speed: RivalsAchievements11/20/13
Need for Speed: ShiftAchievements09/15/09
Need for Speed: ShiftExotic Racing Series DLC Achievements03/19/10
Need for Speed: ShiftFerrari DLC Achievements02/17/10
Need for Speed: The RunAchievements11/15/11
Need for Speed: The RunAchievements: Italian Pack DLC02/06/12
Need for Speed: The Run - Italian PackAchievements01/07/13
NFL BlitzAchievements01/05/12
NFL Head Coach 09Achievements09/03/08
NFL TourAchievements01/08/08
NHL 09Achievements09/09/08
NHL 10Achievements09/15/09
NHL 12Achievements09/13/11
NHL 14Achievements09/10/13
NHL 15Achievements09/09/14
NHL 2K10Achievements09/15/09
NHL 2K9Achievements09/08/08
Nickelodeon DanceAchievements11/08/11
Nickelodeon Dance 2Achievements11/06/12
Nicktoons MLBAchievements09/13/11
Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianAchievements05/05/09
Nike+ Kinect TrainingAchievements10/30/12
Ninja BladeAchievements01/30/09
Ninja Gaiden 3Achievements03/20/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 1Achievements04/19/12
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 2Achievements06/06/13
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's EdgeAchievements04/02/13
Ninja Gaiden 3: Ultimate Ninja PackAchievement01/07/13
Ninja Gaiden IIAchievements06/03/08
No Fate! Only the Power of WillAchievements02/25/10
No More Heroes: Heroes ParadiseAchievements04/16/10
NPPL Championship Paintball 2009Achievements11/25/08
Of Orcs and MenAchievements10/11/12
Omega FiveAchievements01/09/08
Omerta: City of GangstersAchievements11/09/12
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai SquadAchievements12/18/06
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon RisingAchievements10/06/09
Orc Attack: Flatulent RebellionAchievements10/18/13
Orcs Must Die!Achievements10/05/11
Orcs Must Die!Avatar Awards10/05/11
Otomedius ExcellentAchievements11/01/11
OutRun Online ArcadeAchievements04/15/09
Over G FightersAchievements09/25/08
Overlord IIAchievements06/23/09
Pac-Man and the Ghostly AdventuresAchievements10/29/13
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2Achievements10/03/14
Pac-Man Championship EditionAchievements06/07/07
Pac-Man Championship Edition DXAchievements11/17/10
Pac-Man MuseumAchievements02/26/14
Pacific RimAchievements07/15/13
Painkiller: Hell & DamnationAchievements07/01/13
Panzer General: Allied AssaultAchievements09/16/09
Payday 2Achievements08/13/13
PDC World Championship Darts 2008Achievements09/26/08
Peggle 2Achievements05/07/14
Peggle NightsAchievements11/18/09
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode OneAchievements05/21/08
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode TwoAchievements10/29/08
Persona 4 ArenaAchievements07/27/12
Persona 4 Arena UltimaxAchievements09/30/14
Phantasy Star IIAchievements06/10/09
Phantom BreakerAchievements03/07/12
Phantom Breaker: Battle GroundsAchievements02/27/13
Phantom Breaker: Battle GroundsAchievements: Kurisu Pack DLC03/19/13
Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool StuffAchievements08/19/13
Pictionary: Ultimate EditionAchievements11/15/11
Pinball FXNightmare Mansion Table DLC Achievement07/20/10
Pinball FXRocky and Bullwinkle Table DLC Achievement07/20/10
Pinball FX 2Avatar Awards10/27/10
Pinball FX 2Fantastic Four Table DLC Achievements05/16/11
Pinball FX 2Ms. Splosion Man Table DLC Achievements08/24/11
Pinball FX 2Sorcerer's Lair DLC Achievements10/11/11
Pinball FX 2: Epic QuestAchievements02/15/12
Pinball FX 2: Guardians of the GalaxyAchievement08/18/14
Pinball FX 2: MARSAchievements04/20/11
Pinball FX 2: Marvel PinballAchievements12/09/10
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Avengers ChroniclesAchievements06/25/12
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Captain AmericaAchievements06/29/11
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Civil WarAchievements11/21/12
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Doctor StrangeAchievement08/18/14
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Fantastic FourAchievements05/17/11
Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball - Vengeance and VirtueAchievements12/14/11
Pinball FX 2: Ms. 'Splosion ManAchievements08/31/11
Pinball FX 2: ParanormalAchievements10/27/11
Pinball FX 2: Sorcerer's LairAchievements10/26/11
Pinball FX 2: Star Wars PinballAchievements02/27/13
Pinball FX 2: Star Wars Pinball - Balance of the ForceAchievements08/18/14
Pinball FX 2: The Walking DeadAchievement09/02/14
Pinball FX 2: Zen ClassicsAchievements02/15/13
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams CollectionAchievements09/15/09
Pirates vs Ninjas DodgeballAchievements09/03/08
Planet 51Achievements11/17/09
Planets Under AttackAchievements11/14/12
Plants vs Zombies: Garden WarfareAchievements02/25/14
Poker Night 2Achievements04/24/13
Poker Night 2Avatar Awards04/29/13
Poker SmashAchievements02/06/08
Polar PanicAchievements12/29/09
Port Royale 3: Pirates and MerchantsAchievements09/07/12
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - Dawn of PiratesAchievements06/06/13
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants - Harbour MasterAchievements06/06/13
Portal 2Avatar Awards04/20/11
Portal: Still AliveAchievements10/22/08
Power Rangers Super SamuraiAchievements11/20/12
PowerUp ForeverAchievements12/11/08
PowerUp HeroesAchievements10/06/11
Prince of PersiaAchievements12/02/08
Prince of PersiaEpilogue DLC Achievements04/01/09
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsAchievements05/19/10
Prize DriverAchievements12/31/12
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009Achievements10/17/08
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010Achievements10/23/09
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012Achievements09/27/11
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013Achievements09/20/12
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014Achievements09/20/13
Project Gotham Racing 4DLC Achievements02/19/08
Prototype 2Achievements04/24/12
Prototype 2Avatar Awards04/24/12
Pure FutbolAchievements06/01/10
Putty SquadAchievements06/30/14
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsAchievements10/15/07
Puzzle Quest: GalactrixAchievements04/08/09
Quantum Conundrum: Desmond DebacleAchievements08/16/12
Quantum Conundrum: IKE-aramba!Achievements09/12/12
Quantum of SolaceAchievements10/31/08
QubedEvery Extend Extra Extreme Achievements09/15/09
QubedLumines Live! Achievements09/15/09
QubedRez HD Achievements09/15/09
R-Type DimensionsAchievements02/04/09
R.B.I. Baseball 14Achievements04/09/14
R.I.P.D. The GameAchievements07/17/13
Race ProAchievements02/17/09
Radiant SilvergunAchievements09/14/11
Radiant SilvergunAvatar Awards09/14/11
Radirgy Noa MassiveAchievements11/01/10
RageAchievements: The Scorchers DLC12/20/12
RAGE: The ScorchersAchievements01/07/13
Raiden Fighters AcesAchievements03/27/08
Rambo: The Video GameAchievements02/21/14
Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009Achievements09/16/08
Rapala for KinectAchievements11/15/11
RaskullsAvatar Awards01/03/11
RaskullsDLC 1 Achievements01/21/11
RaskullsDLC 2 Achievements04/11/11
Raven Squad: Operation Hidden DaggerAchievements08/18/09
Raving Rabbids: Alive & KickingAchievements11/04/11
Rayman LegendsAchievements09/05/13
Rayman OriginsAchievements11/15/11
Reaction RallyAchievements12/31/12
Real SteelAchievements10/12/11
Record of Agarest WarAchievements07/10/09
Red Bull Crashed Ice KinectAchievements01/07/13
Red Bull X-FightersAchievements09/14/11
Red Dead RedemptionLegends & Killers DLC Achievements08/11/10
Red Dead RedemptionLiars and Cheats DLC Achievements09/20/10
Red Dead RedemptionOutlaws to the End DLC Achievements06/22/10
Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year EditionAchievements10/11/11
Red Dead Redemption: Legends & KillersAchievements08/13/10
Red Faction: ArmageddonAchievements06/03/11
Red Faction: ArmageddonAchievements: Path to War DLC07/28/11
Red Faction: Armageddon - Path to WarAchievements06/07/13
Red Faction: BattlegroundsArmageddon Pack DLC Achievements05/26/11
Red Faction: BattlegroundsOrigins Pack DLC Achievements05/26/11
Red Faction: GuerrillaAchievements06/02/09
Rekoil: LiberatorAchievements12/13/13
Remember MeAchievements06/04/13
Renegade OpsAvatar Award10/04/11
Renegade Ops: Coldstrike CampaignAchievements01/03/12
Resident Evil 5Achievements03/05/09
Resident Evil 5Lost In Nightmares DLC Achievements02/17/10
Resident Evil 5: Desperate EscapeAchievements03/04/10
Resident Evil 6Achievements: Onslaught Mode DLC12/18/12
Resident Evil 6Achievements: Predator Mode DLC12/18/12
Resident Evil 6Achievements: Survivors Mode DLC12/18/12
Resident Evil 6: Additional 3-Mode PackAchievements: Onslaught Mode01/07/13
Resident Evil 6: Additional 3-Mode PackAchievements: Predator Mode01/07/13
Resident Evil 6: Additional 3-Mode PackAchievements: Survivors Mode01/07/13
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityAchievements03/20/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Echo Six Expansion Pack 1Achievements05/17/12
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Echo Six Expansion Pack 2Achievements05/18/12
Resident Evil: RevelationsAchievements05/21/13
Resonance of FateAchievements03/01/10
Retro City RampageAchievements01/04/13
Retro City RampageAvatar Awards01/04/13
Rhythm PartyAchievements02/01/12
Ride to Hell: RetributionAchievements06/25/13
Ridge Racer UnboundedAchievements03/28/12
Rise of NightmaresAchievements09/06/11
Rise of NightmaresAvatar Awards09/06/11
Rise of the ArgonautsAchievements12/16/08
Rise of the GuardiansAchievements11/20/12
Risen 2: Dark WatersAchievements08/02/12
Risen 2: Dark WatersAchievements: Treasure Isle DLC08/02/12
Risen 3: Titan LordsAchievements08/12/14
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne ConspiracyAchievements06/03/08
Rock BandAchievements11/20/07
Rock Band 2Achievements09/14/08
Rock Band Country Track PackAchievements07/21/09
Rock Band Track Pack Classic RockAchievements05/19/09
Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2Achievements11/17/08
Rock of AgesAchievements08/31/11
Rock RevolutionAchievements10/14/08
Rocket RiotAchievements06/17/09
Rocketmen: Axis of EvilAchievements03/05/08
Rocksmith 2014 EditionAchievements10/22/13
Rocksmith Bass ExpansionAchievements08/20/12
Rocky and BullwinkleAchievements04/16/08
Rogue WarriorAchievements11/28/09
Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour EditionAchievements06/14/13
Rugby League LiveAchievements09/03/10
Rugby League Live 2Achievements10/11/12
Rugby World Cup 2011Achievements08/25/11
Sacred 2: Fallen AngelAchievements05/11/09
Sacred 3Achievements08/01/14
Sacred CitadelAchievements04/22/13
Sacred CitadelAchievements: Jungle Hunt DLC04/22/13
Saints Row 2Corporate Warfare DLC Achievements05/28/09
Saints Row 2Ultor Exposed DLC Achievements04/17/09
Saints Row 2: Corporate WarfareAchievements06/26/09
Saints Row 2: Ultor ExposedAchievements06/26/09
Saints Row IVAchievements08/21/13
Saints Row IVAvatar Awards09/05/13
Saints Row IV: Enter the DominatrixAchievements10/25/13
Saints Row: The ThirdAchievements11/15/11
Saints Row: The ThirdAchievements: Gangstas in Space DLC02/06/12
Saints Row: The ThirdAchievements: Genkibowl VII DLC01/05/12
Saints Row: The ThirdAchievements: The Trouble With Clones DLC03/01/12
Saints Row: The ThirdAvatar Awards11/15/11
Saints Row: The Third - Genki Bowl VIIAchievements01/17/12
Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with ClonesAchievements01/07/13
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and SpaceAchievements10/14/09
Sam & Max: Save the WorldAchievements06/17/09
Samurai Shodown IIAchievements09/11/08
Samurai Shodown SenAchievements12/29/09
Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme LegendsAchievements03/19/08
Sanctum 2Achievements05/15/13
SBK 2011Achievements05/13/11
SBK GenerationsAchievements06/01/12
SBK Superbike World ChampionshipAchievements06/26/08
SBK X: Superbike World ChampionshipAchievements06/04/10
SBK-09 Superbike World ChampionshipAchievements05/29/09
Scene It? Box Office SmashAchievements10/30/08
Scene It? Box Office SmashDLC Achievements02/17/09
Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen!Achievements11/17/09
Scene It? Lights, Camera, ActionAchievements11/05/07
Scene It? Movie NightAchievements01/12/12
SCORE International Baja 1000Achievements10/28/08
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The GameAchievements: Wallace Wells Add-on Pack DLC01/23/13
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Knives Chau Add-On PackAchievements06/14/13
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game - Online Multiplayer + Wallace PackAchievements06/14/13
Scourge: OutbreakAchievements07/08/13
Sea Life SafariAchievements06/18/08
Secret ServiceAchievements11/05/08
Section 8Achievements09/02/09
Section 8DLC Achievements11/25/09
Section 8: PrejudiceAchievements: Frontier Colonies Map Pack07/14/11
Section 8: PrejudiceAvatar Awards04/20/11
Section 8: Prejudice - Frontier Colonies Map PackAchievements07/15/11
Section 8: Prejudice - Overdrive Map PackAchievements06/01/11
Sega Bass FishingAchievements10/05/11
Sega Bass FishingAvatar Awards10/05/11
SEGA Rally Online ArcadeAchievements05/18/11
SEGA Rally Online ArcadeAvatar Award05/20/11
Sega Rally RevoAchievements09/27/07
Sega Superstars TennisAchievements03/18/08
Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.Achievements05/23/12
Sega Vintage Collection: Golden AxeAchievements05/30/12
Sega Vintage Collection: Monster WorldAchievements05/23/12
Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of RageAchievements05/30/12
Self-Defense Training CampAchievements11/08/11
Serious Sam 3: BFEAchievements: Jewel of the Nile DLC10/18/12
Serious Sam Double D XXLAchievements02/22/13
Serious Sam HD: The First EncounterAchievements01/13/10
Serious Sam HD: The Second EncounterAchievements09/22/10
Sesame Street: Once Upon a MonsterAchievements10/11/11
Shadow Assault -Tenchu-Achievements10/09/08
Shadow ComplexAchievements08/19/09
Shaun White SnowboardingAchievements11/14/08
ShellShock 2: Blood TrailsAchievements02/13/09
Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the RipperAchievements11/20/09
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & PunishmentsAchievements09/30/14
Shift 2: UnleashedLegends Pack DLC Achievements04/18/11
Shift 2: UnleashedSpeed Hunters DLC Achievements05/12/11
Shift 2: Unleashed - LegendsAchievements05/12/11
Shift 2: Unleashed - SpeedhuntersAchievements05/17/11
Shoot Many RobotsAchievements03/14/12
Shooting Love, 200XAchievements07/10/09
Shotest ShogiAchievements09/11/08
Shred NebulaAchievements09/03/08
Sid Meier's Civilization RevolutionAchievements06/13/08
Silent Hill: DownpourAchievements03/13/12
Silent Hill: HomecomingAchievements09/30/08
Skate 2Achievements01/22/09
Skate 2Dyrdek's Fantasy Plaza DLC Achievements03/02/09
Skate 2Maloof Money Cup DLC Achievements07/16/09
Skate 3Danny's Hawaiian Dream DLC Achievements07/07/10
Skate 3Maloof Money Cup DLC Achievements06/09/10
Skate 3San Van Party Pack DLC Achievements09/24/10
Ski Doo: Snowmobile ChallengeAchievements04/01/09
Ski RaceAchievements11/20/12
Skullgirls: EncoreAchievements04/30/14
Skulls of the ShogunAchievements02/01/13
Skydive: Proximity FlightAchievements03/05/14
Skylanders GiantsAchievements10/17/12
Skylanders Trap TeamAchievements10/02/14
Skylanders: Spyro's AdventureAchievements10/13/11
Sleeping DogsAchievements08/14/12
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the SnakeAchievements06/10/13
Slender: The ArrivalAchievements07/15/14
Smash Court Tennis 3Achievements08/01/08
Sniper Elite IIIAchievements06/30/14
Sniper Elite V2Achievements05/02/12
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2Achievements03/12/13
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Siberian StrikeAchievements04/01/13
Snoopy Flying AceSnoopy Flying Ace Achievements06/02/10
Soldier of Fortune: PaybackAchievements11/13/07
Soltrio SolitaireAchievements05/16/07
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedAchievements11/15/12
Sonic & KnucklesAchievements09/09/09
Sonic AdventureAchievements09/15/10
Sonic Adventure 2Achievements10/08/12
Sonic Adventure 2Achievements: Battle Mode DLC10/08/12
Sonic Adventure 2Avatar Awards10/09/12
Sonic CDAchievements12/14/11
Sonic Free RidersAvatar Awards11/11/10
Sonic GenerationsAchievements11/01/11
Sonic GenerationsAvatar Awards11/01/11
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Achievements06/10/09
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IAchievements10/13/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IIAchievements05/16/12
Sonic UnleashedAchievements11/20/08
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionAchievements02/10/09
SoulCalibur II HD OnlineAchievements11/25/13
SoulCalibur IVAchievements07/29/08
SoulCalibur VAchievements01/31/12
South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!Achievements10/07/09
South Park: The Stick of TruthAchievements03/04/14
Space Channel 5 Part 2Achievements10/05/11
Space Channel 5 Part 2Avatar Awards10/05/11
Space ChimpsAchievements07/15/08
Space GiraffeAchievements08/22/07
Space Invaders ExtremeAchievements05/06/09
Space Invaders Infinity GeneAchievements07/15/10
Spare PartsAchievements01/19/11
Spartacus LegendsAchievements06/26/13
Special Forces: Team XAchievements02/06/13
Speedball 2: Brutal DeluxeAchievements10/17/07
SpelunkyAvatar Awards07/05/12
Spider-Man: Edge of TimeAchievements10/04/11
Spider-Man: Friend or FoeAchievements10/02/07
SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic RevengeAchievements10/11/13
SpongeBob's Surf & Skate RoadtripAchievements11/08/11
SpongeBob's Truth or SquareAchievements10/26/09
StackingLost Hobo King DLC Achievements03/14/11
Stacking: The Lost Hobo KingAchievements04/06/11
Star Ocean: The Last HopeAchievements02/19/09
Star RaidersAchievements05/12/11
Star Trek The Video GameAchievements04/24/13
Star Trek: D-A-CAchievements05/13/09
Star Trek: D-A-CDeluxe Edition DLC Achievements12/04/09
Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the ForceAchievements10/21/13
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic HeroesAchievements10/06/09
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedAchievements09/16/08
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedDLC Achievements07/17/09
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Tatooine Mission PackAchievements09/28/09
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith EditionAchievements11/03/09
State of DecayAvatar Awards06/05/13
State of Decay: LifelineAchievements06/04/14
Stoked: Big Air EditionAchievements11/17/09
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online EditionAchievements08/24/11
Street Fighter IVAchievements02/12/09
Street Fighter X TekkenAchievements03/06/12
Street Trace: NYCAchievements08/22/07
Streets of Rage 2Achievements08/30/07
Stuntman IgnitionAchievements08/28/07
Summer Athletics 2009Achievements08/07/09
Summer Athletics: The Ultimate ChallengeAchievements07/29/08
Summer Stars 2012Achievements06/01/12
Super ContraAchievements07/25/07
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD RemixAchievements08/29/07
Super Star KaraokeAchievements07/10/09
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixAchievements11/26/08
Super Time ForceAchievements05/14/14
Superstars V8 Next ChallengeAchievements02/26/10
Superstars V8 RacingAchievements06/26/09
Supremacy MMAAchievements09/20/11
Supreme CommanderAchievements06/24/08
SwarmAvatar Awards03/28/11
Takedown: Red SabreAchievements09/24/13
Tayutama: Kiss on my DeityAchievements11/05/09
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAchievements10/22/13
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training LairAchievements07/23/14
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-ShelledAchievements08/05/09
Tekken 6Achievements10/27/09
Tenchu ZAchievements12/13/06
Tengai Makyou Ziria: Harukanaru JipangAchievements07/10/09
Terminator SalvationAchievements05/19/09
Tetris SplashAchievements10/03/07
Texas Cheat 'EmAchievements05/13/09
The Adventures of ShuggyAchievements06/15/11
The Adventures of Tintin: The GameAchievements10/21/11
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Achievements04/29/14
The BaconingAchievements08/31/11
The Beatles: Rock BandAchievements09/09/09
The BigsAchievements06/25/07
The Bigs 2Achievements07/07/09
The Black Eyed Peas ExperienceAchievements11/08/11
The BridgeAchievements10/23/13
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedAchievements08/21/13
The CaveAchievements01/23/13
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianAchievements05/15/08
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark AthenaAchievements04/07/09
The ClubAchievements02/07/08
The Cursed CrusadeAchievements10/07/11
The DarknessAchievements06/25/07
The Darkness IIAchievements02/07/12
The Dishwasher: Dead SamuraiAchievements04/01/09
The Dishwasher: Vampire SmileAchievements04/06/11
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimAchievements11/11/11
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - DragonbornAchievements12/04/12
The Evil WithinAchievements10/14/14
The Expendables 2 VideogameAchievements08/17/12
The First TemplarAchievements05/06/11
The First TemplarThe Arena DLC Achievements05/06/11
The Godfather IIAchievements04/07/09
The Golden CompassAchievements11/30/07
The GunstringerAchievements09/13/11
The GunstringerAvatar Awards09/13/11
The Gunstringer: El Diablo's 'Merican AdventureAchievements03/19/12
The Gunstringer: Real Big Shootin'Achievements: Real Big Shootin' DLC01/03/12
The Hip Hop Dance ExperienceAchievements11/13/12
The History Channel: Civil War - Secret MissionsAchievements11/05/08
The History Channel: Great Battles - MedievalAchievements06/14/10
The Incredible HulkAchievements06/06/08
The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate MatchAchievements07/01/09
The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited MatchAchievements11/03/10
The King of Fighters XIIAchievements07/15/09
The King of Fighters XIIIAchievements11/22/11
The Last RemnantAchievements11/20/08
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the DragonAchievements10/21/08
The LEGO Movie VideogameAchievements02/07/14
The Lord of the Rings: ConquestAchievements01/13/09
The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthAchievements11/01/11
The MawAchievements01/22/09
The MawDeleted Scene - Brute Force DLC Achievement03/02/09
The MawRiver Redirect DLC Achievement03/10/09
The MawSpeeder Lane DLC Achievement04/28/09
The Misadventures of P.B. WinterbottomAchievements02/17/10
The Orange BoxAchievements10/10/07
The Path of GoAchievements12/16/10
The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns - Again!Achievements09/06/11
The Pinball ArcadeAchievements04/04/12
The Pinball ArcadeAchievements: Two table add-on pack #108/06/12
The Pinball ArcadeAchievements: Two table add-on pack #208/06/12
The Pinball Arcade: Gorgar and Monster BashAchievements11/05/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 1 - Medieval Madness and The Machine: Bride of Pin-BotAchievements08/29/12
The Pinball Arcade: Table Pack 2 - Cirqus Voltaire and FunhouseAchievements08/29/12
The Price Is Right: DecadesAchievements11/15/11
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Episode 1Achievement12/06/13
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Episode 1Achievement: Chapter I: The Eye of the Sphinx DLC12/06/13
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Episode 1Achievements: Chapter II: Ancestry of Lies DLC12/06/13
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Episode 1Achievements: Chapter III: A Murder of Ravens DLC12/06/13
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief Episode 2Achievements01/02/14
The SaboteurAchievements12/03/09
The Simpsons GameAchievements10/30/07
The Smurfs 2Achievements07/24/13
The Spiderwick ChroniclesAchievements02/06/08
The SplattersAchievements04/11/12
The SplattersAvatar Awards04/12/12
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesAchievements09/24/12
The Testament of Sherlock HolmesAvatar Awards09/24/12
The UnderGardenAchievements11/11/10
The UnderGardenLudwig Pack DLC Achievements03/28/11
The Walking Dead: 400 DaysAchievements07/08/13
The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New DayAchievements04/25/12
The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road AheadAchievements08/29/12
The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time LeftAchievements11/21/12
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That RemainsAchievements12/20/13
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - A House DividedAchievements03/05/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 - In Harm's WayAchievements05/14/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 - Amid the RuinsAchievements07/23/14
The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 - No Going BackAchievements08/27/14
The Walking Dead: Survival InstinctAchievements03/19/13
The War of the WorldsAchievements10/26/11
The Warriors: Street BrawlAchievements09/24/09
The Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsAchievements04/18/12
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - FaithAchievements10/11/13
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke and MirrorsAchievements02/06/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked MileAchievements04/11/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's ClothingAchievements05/30/14
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry WolfAchievements07/09/14
Things on WheelsAchievements11/21/08
Things on WheelsCars DLC Achievement01/18/11
Things on WheelsDLC #1 Achievement06/16/10
Things on WheelsRooAR DLC Achievement01/18/11
Thor: God of ThunderAchievements04/28/11
Thrillville: Off the RailsAchievements10/09/07
Ticket to RideAchievements06/25/08
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08Achievements08/28/07
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09Achievements08/26/08
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10Achievements06/08/09
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11Achievements06/08/10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13Achievements03/27/12
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14Achievements03/26/13
Time LeapAchievements06/26/09
TNA iMPACT!Achievements09/09/08
TNT RacersAchievement: Drift Package DLC11/28/11
TNT RacersAchievement: Formula TNT Package DLC11/28/11
TNT RacersAchievements02/09/11
Tom Clancy's EndWarAchievements11/05/08
Tom Clancy's EndWarEscalation Expansion Pack DLC Achievements03/02/09
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierAchievements: Raven Strike DLC09/05/12
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Arctic StrikeAchievements09/05/12
Tom Clancy's HAWX 2Achievements09/03/10
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2Achievements03/18/08
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: BlacklistAchievements08/21/13
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - Deniable Ops Insurgency PackAchievements06/03/10
Tomb RaiderAchievements03/05/13
Tomb Raider Underworld: Beneath the AshesAchievements03/02/09
Tomb Raider Underworld: Lara's ShadowAchievements03/10/09
Tomb Raider: AnniversaryAchievements10/23/07
Tomb Raider: UnderworldAchievements11/18/08
Tony Hawk RideAchievements11/17/09
Tony Hawk's Proving GroundAchievements10/15/07
Too HumanAchievements08/20/08
Top Gun: Hard LockAchievements03/06/12
Top Hand Rodeo TourAchievements11/15/12
Top Spin 3Achievements06/20/08
TorchlightAvatar Awards03/09/11
Tornado OutbreakAchievements09/29/09
Tour de France 2009Achievements07/15/09
Tour de France 2014Achievements06/23/14
Tower Bloxx DeluxeAchievements10/21/09
Toy SoldiersAchievements03/03/10
Toy SoldiersAvatar Awards03/22/10
Toy SoldiersThe Kaiser's Battle DLC Achievements07/03/10
Toy Soldiers: Cold WarAchievements: Napalm DLC04/25/12
Toy Soldiers: Cold WarAvatar Awards08/17/11
Toy Soldiers: Cold War - Evil EmpireAchievements04/25/12
Toy Soldiers: Cold War - NapalmAchievements10/26/12
Toy Soldiers: InvasionAchievements12/14/10
Toy Soldiers: The Kaiser's BattleAchievements12/14/10
Toy Story Mania!Achievements10/30/12
Track & FieldAchievements08/08/07
Transformers: Fall of CybertronAvatar Awards08/21/12
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenAchievements06/23/09
Transformers: Revenge of the FallenDLC Achievements08/12/09
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkAchievements06/24/14
Transformers: The GameAchievements06/25/07
Trials EvolutionAchievements04/18/12
Trials Evolution: Origin of PainAchievements10/05/12
Trials Evolution: The Riders of DoomAchievements12/19/12
Trials FusionAchievements04/17/14
Trials HDAchievements08/12/09
Trials HDBig Pack DLC Achievements01/05/10
Trials HD: Big ThrillsAchievements01/07/13
Triggerheart ExelicaAchievements02/27/08
Trine 2Achievements01/03/12
Trivial PursuitAchievements03/10/09
Tropico 3Achievements10/16/09
Tropico 4Achievements10/07/11
Tropico 4: Modern TimesAchievements04/02/12
Trouble Witches Neo!Achievements04/27/11
Turbo: Super Stunt SquadAchievements07/16/13
Turning Point: Fall of LibertyAchievements02/26/08
Twister ManiaAchievements11/01/11
Two WorldsAchievements08/23/07
Two Worlds IIAchievement: Multiplayer Map Pack 1 DLC09/30/11
Two Worlds IIAchievements11/30/10
Two Worlds II: Multiplayer Map Pack 1Achievement05/18/12
Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying FortressAchievements10/20/11
uDraw Studio: Instant ArtistAchievements11/15/11
UEFA EURO 2008Achievements04/17/08
UEFA Euro 2012Achievements04/26/12
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness SystemAchievement: Urijah Faber Workout Pack DLC01/05/12
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness SystemAvatar Awards06/28/11
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System - Urijah Faber Workout PackAchievement01/31/12
UFC Undisputed 2009Achievements05/19/09
UFC Undisputed 3Achievements02/14/12
UFC Undisputed 3Achievements02/16/12
Ugly Americans: ApocalypsegeddonAchievements08/31/11
Ugly Americans: ApocalypsegeddonAvatar Awards08/31/11
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3Achievements11/15/11
Ultra Street Fighter IVAchievements06/10/14
Unbound SagaAvatar Awards12/01/10
Under Defeat HDAchievements02/28/12
Undertow: Path of the ElectAchievements03/05/08
Universe at War: Earth AssaultAchievements03/25/08
Uno RushAchievements03/25/09
Unreal Tournament IIIAchievements07/03/08
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarAchievements06/30/14
Vampire RainAchievements01/29/07
Vancouver 2010 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter GamesAchievements01/12/10
Vandal Hearts: Flames of JudgmentAchievements11/02/09
Velvet AssassinAchievements04/30/09
Victorious: Time to ShineAchievements11/15/11
Vigilante 8: ArcadeAchievements11/05/08
Viking: Battle for AsgardAchievements03/25/08
Virtua Fighter 5 OnlineAchievements10/25/07
Virtua Tennis 2009Achievements05/28/09
Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram Ver.5.66Achievements04/29/09
Viva Pinata: Party AnimalsAchievements10/30/07
Viva Pinata: Trouble in ParadiseAchievements09/02/08
Voltron: Defender of the UniverseAchievements11/30/11
Voltron: Defender of the UniverseAvatar Award11/30/11
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 1: Fright of the BumblebeesAchievements05/28/09
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 2: The Last ResortAchievements06/26/09
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 3: Muzzled!Achievements11/16/09
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 4: The Bogey ManAchievements11/16/09
Wanted: Weapons of FateAchievements03/24/09
War WorldAchievements10/01/08
WarfaceAchievements: Title Update06/23/14
Warhammer 40,000: Space MarineAchievements09/06/11
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - Chaos UnleashedAchievements06/13/13
Warhammer: Battle MarchAchievements09/02/08
WarlordsAvatar Awards05/04/12
Warlords (2012)Achievements11/19/12
Warriors OrochiAchievements09/12/07
Warriors Orochi 2Achievements09/04/08
Warriors Orochi 3Achievements01/04/12
Warriors: Legends of TroyAchievements03/21/11
Watch DogsAchievements05/27/14
Watch Dogs: Bad BloodAchievements09/30/14
Watchmen: The End Is NighAchievements03/04/09
Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Part 2Achievements08/26/09
Way of the DoggAchievements05/06/13
Way of the Samurai 3Achievements07/10/09
Wheel of FortuneAchievements10/16/12
Where the Wild Things AreAchievements10/13/09
Who Wants To Be A Junior Millionaire?Achievements05/22/13
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special EditionsAchievements11/23/11
Wing Commander ArenaAchievements07/25/07
Winter Sports 2: The Next ChallengeAchievements11/18/08
Winter Sports 3: The Great TournamentAchievements11/28/09
Winter StarsAchievements11/10/11
Wipeout 2Achievements10/11/11
Wipeout 2Avatar Awards10/11/11
Wipeout 3Achievements09/25/12
Wipeout: Create & CrashAchievements10/16/13
Wipeout: In the ZoneAvatar Awards06/14/11
Wits & WagersAchievements05/07/08
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3Achievements06/11/08
World Gone SourAchievements04/11/12
World of Outlaws: Sprint CarsAchievements02/11/10
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionAchievements01/28/14
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionAchievements: Title Update 1.2 DLC09/19/14
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionAchievements: Title Update 1.4 DLC09/19/14
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionAchievements: Title Update 1.5 DLC09/19/14
World Series of Poker: Full House ProAchievements09/05/13
World Series of Poker: Full House ProAvatar Awards09/05/13
Worms 2: ArmageddonAchievements07/01/09
Worms 2: ArmageddonBattle Pack DLC Achievements07/20/10
Worms 2: ArmageddonPuzzle Pack DLC Achievements08/08/11
Worms 2: ArmageddonRetro Pack DLC Achievements08/08/11
Worms RevolutionAchievements10/10/12
Worms RevolutionAchievements: Mars Pack DLC11/12/12
Worms Revolution: Mars PackAchievements11/15/12
Worms Ultimate MayhemAchievements: Customization Pack DLC04/13/12
Worms Ultimate MayhemAchievements: Multi-player Pack DLC04/13/12
Worms Ultimate MayhemAchievements: Single-player Pack DLC12/14/11
Worms Ultimate MayhemAvatar Awards09/29/11
Worms: The Revolution CollectionAchievements05/15/13
WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011Achievements10/17/11
WRC 3Achievements10/12/12
WRC 4: FIA World Rally ChampionshipAchievements10/25/13
WRC PowerslideAchievements03/12/13
WreckateerAchievements: Callonburg Level Pack DLC01/23/13
WreckateerAchievements: Mt. Adalmant Level Pack DLC11/16/12
WreckateerAvatar Awards07/25/12
Wreckateer: Callonburg Level PackAchievements06/14/13
WSC Real 09: World Championship SnookerAchievements07/23/08
WSOP: Full House ProAchievements09/05/13
WSOP: Full House ProAchievements: DLC Achievements02/14/14
WSOP: Full House ProAchievements: Title Update #203/25/14
WSOP: Full House ProAvatar Awards09/05/13
WWE '12Achievements11/22/11
WWE '13Achievements10/30/12
WWE 2K14Achievements10/29/13
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008Achievements11/09/07
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009Achievements11/06/08
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010Achievements10/20/09
X-Men Origins: WolverineAchievements04/29/09
X-Men: DestinyAchievements09/27/11
XCOM: Enemy UnknownAchievements10/09/12
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - SlingshotAchievements01/07/13
XCOM: Enemy WithinAchievements11/12/13
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZAchievements02/28/14
Yar's RevengeAchievements04/14/11
Yar's RevengeAvatar Award04/20/11
Yie Ar Kung-FuAchievements07/18/07
Yo-Ho KablammoAchievements09/02/09
Yoostar on MTVAchievements11/01/11
Yosumin! LIVEAchievements05/28/09
Yosumin! LIVEDLC Achievements06/23/09
You Don't Know JackAvatar Awards02/14/11
You Don't Know JackDLC Achievements02/09/11
You're in the MoviesAchievements11/17/08
Young Justice: LegacyAchievements11/20/13
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012Achievements11/08/11
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012Achievements: Bundle Pack: Back in Shape Lose It & Jump Rope DLC12/13/11
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012Achievements: Weight Control DLC01/17/12
Your Shape: Fitness EvolvedAchievements11/04/10
Your Shape: Fitness EvolvedG Series FIT Workout with Gunnar Peterson DLC Achievements04/05/11
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels PlusAchievements01/07/13
Zeno Clash: Ultimate EditionAchievements04/26/10
Zero D Beat DropAchievements11/11/09
Zombie ApocalypseAchievements08/19/09
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die AloneAchievements10/26/11
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die AloneAchievements: Pure Pwnage Pack DLC11/28/11
Zombie Driver HDAvatar Award11/05/12
Zombie WranglersAchievements05/06/09
Zone of the Enders HD CollectionAchievements10/30/12
Zoo TycoonAchievements11/25/13
Zuma's Revenge!Avatar Awards07/12/12
Zumba Fitness CoreAchievements10/16/12
Zumba Fitness RushAchievements02/13/12
Zumba Fitness World PartyAchievements11/06/13
Zumba KidsAchievements11/20/13

Xbox One

1001 SpikesAchievements06/11/14
Alien: IsolationAchievements10/07/14
Angry Birds Star WarsAchievements11/25/13
Another World: 20th Anniversary EditionAchievements06/30/14
Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagAchievements11/25/13
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom CryAchievements12/18/13
Battlefield 4Achievements11/25/13
Battlefield 4: China RisingAchievements12/04/13
Battlefield 4: Dragon's TeethAchievements07/21/14
Battlefield 4: Naval StrikeAchievements04/15/14
Battlefield 4: Second AssaultAchievements12/06/13
Call of Duty: GhostsAchievements11/25/13
Call of Duty: Ghosts - InvasionAchievements06/06/14
CastleStorm: Definitive EditionAchievements09/24/14
Crimson DragonAchievements11/25/13
Crimson DragonAchievements: Cloud Update07/01/14
D4: Dark Dreams Don't DieAchievements09/19/14
Dance Central SpotlightAchievements09/02/14
Dead Rising 3Achievements11/25/13
Dead Rising 3: Chaos RisingAchievements02/26/14
Dead Rising 3: Fallen AngelAchievements02/12/14
Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken EagleAchievements01/23/14
Dead Rising 3: The Last AgentAchievements03/19/14
DG2: Defense Grid 2Achievements09/24/14
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil EditionAchievements08/22/14
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 EditionAchievements09/18/14
Divekick: Addition Edition +Achievements10/09/14
Duck DynastyAchievements10/14/14
EA Sports UFCAchievements06/17/14
Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party GameAchievements08/22/14
FIFA 14Achievements11/25/13
FIFA 15Achievements09/10/14
Fighter WithinAchievements11/25/13
Forza Horizon 2Achievements09/30/14
Forza Motorsport 5Achievements11/25/13
Forza Motorsport 5Achievements: Long Beach Circuit DLC06/10/14
Forza Motorsport 5Achievements: Nurburgring DLC06/10/14
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionAchievements07/02/14
Halo: Spartan AssaultAchievements12/30/13
Just Dance 2014Achievements11/25/13
KickBeat: Special EditionAchievements09/29/14
Killer InstinctAchievements11/25/13
Killer InstinctAchievements: Fulgore DLC04/09/14
Killer InstinctAchievements: Spinal DLC04/09/14
Killer Instinct 2 ClassicAchievements09/25/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Banjo-Kazooie Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Battletoads Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Blast Corps Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Killer Instinct Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Perfect Dark Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievement: Viva Piñata Challenge Pack DLC06/23/14
Kinect Sports RivalsAchievements04/09/14
LEGO Marvel Super HeroesAchievements11/25/13
LEGO The HobbitAchievements04/09/14
Madden NFL 15Achievements08/26/14
Madden NFL 25Achievements11/25/13
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodAchievements12/30/13
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesAchievements03/18/14
Metro: 2033 ReduxAchievements08/26/14
Metro: Last Light ReduxAchievements08/26/14
Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorAchievements09/30/14
Minecraft: Xbox One EditionAchievements09/05/14
Murdered: Soul SuspectAchievements06/04/14
NBA 2K14Achievements11/25/13
NBA 2K15Achievements10/07/14
NBA Live 14Achievements11/25/13
Need for Speed: RivalsAchievements11/25/13
NHL 15Achievements09/09/14
Peggle 2Achievements12/11/13
Peggle 2: Jimmy Lightning DLC PackAchievements07/02/14
Peggle 2: The Windy's Master PackAchievements06/17/14
Pinball FX 2Achievements08/28/14
Pinball FX 2: Guardians of the GalaxyAchievement08/25/14
Pinball FX 2: South Park: Super-Sweet PinballAchievements10/17/14
Plants vs Zombies: Garden WarfareAchievements02/25/14
Plants vs Zombies: Garden WarfareAchievements: Legends of the Lawn DLC10/01/14
Powerstar GolfAchievements11/29/13
Powerstar GolfAchievements: Coyote Canyon DLC05/23/14
Project SparkAchievements10/07/14
Project SparkAchievements: Champions Quest Create Bundle10/07/14
R.B.I. Baseball 14Achievements06/24/14
Rayman LegendsAchievements02/18/14
Ryse: Son of RomeAchievements11/25/13
Ryse: Son of RomeAchievements: Duel of Fates DLC05/30/14
Ryse: Son of RomeAchievements: Mars' Chosen DLC05/30/14
Ryse: Son of RomeAchievements: Morituri DLC05/30/14
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & PunishmentsAchievements09/30/14
Sixty Second Shooter PrimeAchievements06/23/14
Skylanders Swap ForceAchievements11/25/13
Skylanders Trap TeamAchievements10/02/14
Sniper Elite IIIAchievements07/01/14
Stick it to the Man!Achievements08/29/14
Strike Suit Zero: Director's CutAchievements04/09/14
Styx: Master of ShadowsAchievements10/09/14
Super Time ForceAchievements05/14/14
Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus AlphaAchievements06/10/14
The Evil WithinAchievements10/14/14
The Golf ClubAchievements08/20/14
The LEGO Movie VideogameAchievements02/07/14
Titanfall: ExpeditionAchievements07/18/14
Titanfall: Frontier's EdgeAchievements08/01/14
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionAchievements01/28/14
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkAchievements06/24/14
Trials FusionAchievements04/17/14
Trials FusionAchievements: Empire of the Sky DLC07/25/14
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