10-Yard FightFirst attempt at an NES Football game, and it shows..11/01/994/10
3-D WorldRunnerA Space Harrier ripoff...but a good one.01/07/008/10
8 EyesBad play control plagues this Castlevania clone11/01/994/10
ArkanoidSometimes simple = good.11/01/9910/10
AstyanaxVery nicely done.11/01/998/10
Baseball Simulator 1.000The best baseball game ever!11/01/999/10
Batman: The Video GameWow...a GOOD video game based on a movie!01/09/008/10
BattletoadsDefinitely lives up to the hype given it by Nintendo Power11/01/9910/10
Blades of SteelA very nicely done NES hockey game11/01/999/10
California Games6 games in one...what more could you want? Well...04/26/007/10
CastlevaniaGreat start to the best Action series on the NES11/01/999/10
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestA nice turn for the Castlevania series11/01/9910/10
Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseThe crowning jewel of the NES Castlevanias11/01/9910/10
Cobra TriangleIf this game is no fun, why do I keep playing it??02/07/005/10
ConflictA good first war-sim for the NES11/01/997/10
Crash 'n the Boys: Street ChallengeOne of the great all-time button mashers12/30/009/10
Deadly TowersYes, it has its flaws, but....04/28/005/10
Double DragonOh, what might have been....11/11/016/10
Double DribbleDecent enough basketball game11/01/998/10
Dragon WarriorDoot DOOT doot DOOT doot DOOT doot DOOT......08/22/017/10
Dragon Warrior IIThe Sequel to the first RPG most of us played.11/01/9910/10
Dragon Warrior IIIOne of the Top 10 RPGS of all time.11/01/9910/10
Dragon Warrior IVHuge game, but still not quite as good as DW III11/01/999/10
Duck HuntMuch tougher than either Hogan's Alley OR Wild Gunman..11/01/998/10
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the ElementsGood, difficult first-person RPG11/01/999/10
FaxanaduAn average action/adventure game saved by...bad translations!?01/03/008/10
Flying Dragon: The Secret ScrollSeveral types of fighting action come together into one game.11/01/997/10
GolfFirst golf game ever; Tries but is limited by technology.11/01/996/10
GradiusThe arcade shooter that started it all!11/01/999/10
Hogan's AlleyA shoot/don't shoot simuator for the NES11/01/998/10
HoopsNot as good as everyone says...11/01/994/10
Iron Tank: The Invasion of NormandyDecent tank shooter for the NES11/01/997/10
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors IIThis game is the definition of the word "Platformer"11/01/998/10
Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary EditionAn average TV game show brought to video games.11/01/995/10
KarnovInteresting side-scrolling game.11/01/997/10
Kid IcarusGood game based on mythology11/01/998/10
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaA really short Super Mario clone11/01/996/10
Kirby's AdventureGo little pink vacuum cleaner, go!01/11/029/10
Kung FuRepetitive, mindless action....not entirely unlike Rampage!11/01/996/10
Life ForceJust TRY to beat this game without the 30 life code!01/05/009/10
M.C. KidsIt's not bad, but I think it's too difficult for the target audience.11/01/996/10
MagicianAn interesting blend of Action and RPG11/01/997/10
Marble MadnessSimple, great fun11/01/999/10
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Great game.11/01/999/10
Monster PartyUnusual little game...11/01/998/10
NESSome of the best and worst gaming memories....05/02/008/10
NES Open Tournament GolfOne of the best golf games ever!11/01/999/10
NES Play Action FootballA decent game, but one with several flaws11/01/997/10
Ninja GaidenNinja Gaiden helps me remember my anniversary! Oh, and it's a great game too.02/11/0210/10
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosClassic Sequel to a Classic Game11/01/9910/10
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of DoomAfter 2 years of experience, let's try this review again.10/16/018/10
Pro WrestlingA surprisingly good button-masher for the NES11/01/997/10
R.B.I. BaseballUh, no.....11/01/994/10
R.C. Pro-AmOne of the first "Destruction" racing game ever, and one of the best.11/01/998/10
River City RansomRPG plus!04/22/009/10
Robo WarriorAn average Bomberman type game.11/01/995/10
Rush'n AttackConsider this Contra Beta.10/28/015/10
SeicrossVariant on the classic Space-Shooter theme.11/01/996/10
Snake Rattle 'n RollHuh....well, it is fun....06/26/017/10
StarTropicsEssentially a tropical Legend of Zelda, with some Final Fantasy thrown in.11/01/998/10
StingerPossibly the strangest shooter I've ever played.04/13/007/10
StriderGood game, Bad Translation.01/04/007/10
Sword MasterSome good graphical effects don't make up for an overall average game.11/01/996/10
Swords and SerpentsA great Wizardry clone.11/01/999/10
Tecmo World WrestlingNot bad, but it falls into the standard "Button-mashing" genre....11/01/997/10
TetrisThe mother of all puzzle games..such a simple concept that works so well...11/01/9910/10
Tetris 2Good but it fails to capture the magic of the first Tetris11/01/998/10
The Bugs Bunny Crazy CastlePlays like nothing before it, or since then (Except the sequels for Game Boy)11/01/998/10
The ChessmasterIt's Chess. I mean, really.07/02/0110/10
The Magic of ScheherazadeCool Action/RPG Blend that shouldn't be missed.11/01/999/10
The Uncanny's not Heroes of the Lance08/10/022/10
Tombs & TreasureA game that tries hard to be a friendlier Shadowgate.11/01/997/10
Ultima: ExodusA good, but INCREDIBLY tough role playing game.11/01/997/10
Ultima: Quest of the AvatarThe NES Ultima games reached their peak here11/01/9910/10
Wild GunmanThis game scared me when I was a's not bad though.11/01/996/10
WillowTough game...if you like mapping, you'll probably be pleased.11/01/998/10
Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second ScenarioA worthy follow up to the first Wizardry11/01/999/10
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad OverlordClassic.11/01/9910/10
WWF King of the RingOne of the final NES games, it seems rushed...11/01/995/10
WWF WrestleManiaThe first, and one of the best, of the WWF games on the NES11/01/998/10
YsStaff of Sarana....Mirror of Fact....wha...?04/09/028/10