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BattleshipLevel Passwords (JP Version)11/06/06

Game Boy Color

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXLevel Passwords06/23/03
Flipper & LopakaLevel Passwords06/24/03
Gex 3: Deep Pocket GeckoHoliday TV06/11/03
Gex 3: Deep Pocket GeckoSpecial Code06/11/03
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000250cc Stage Passwords06/12/03
Matchbox Emergency PatrolPasswords06/24/03
Ultimate PaintballLevel Passwords06/12/03
Wendy: Every Witch WayPasswords06/15/03


BarbarianAlternate Costumes06/05/03
Hunter: The ReckoningUnlocking Modes/Ending12/13/02
Legends of Wrestling IIUnlockable Bonuses12/14/02
Medal of Honor FrontlineCheat Passwords01/15/03
NBA Street Vol. 2Bonus Music Track07/30/03
RockyCheat Codes06/13/03
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Final EvolutionUnlockables05/02/03
Worms BlastAll Tournament Modes12/15/02
Worms BlastBonus Characters12/15/02


Bill and Ted's Excellent AdventureLevel Passwords04/04/03
RemnantCheat Codes04/04/03


Twinkle Star SpritesPlay as Dark-Ran07/28/03
Twinkle Star SpritesPlay as Mevious07/28/03
Twinkle Star SpritesPlay as Sprites06/02/03


Achtung! SpitfireInfinite Lives05/29/03
Animorphs: Know the SecretPowerful Attack06/04/03
ATF GoldCheat Mode05/07/03
Emergency: Fighters for LifeCodes05/04/03
Golden AxeCodes06/06/03
I Was an Atomic Mutant!Extra Lives06/25/03
I Was an Atomic Mutant!God Mode06/24/03
KA-52 Team AlligatorRestoration Cheat12/18/02
MageSlayerCheat codes01/26/07
NBA Jam Tournament EditionBig Heads07/26/03
NBA Jam Tournament EditionThree Points Mode07/26/03
Oddworld: Abe's ExoddusLevel Skip12/14/02
Pacific GeneralUnit Editor06/26/03
PGA Tour GolfBad CPU05/02/03
Tarzan Action GameCheat Codes01/22/04
The Fifth ElementCodes07/05/03
Ultimate RideProp codes10/05/01
WarGamesCheat Codes07/08/02
WWE RawUnlockables12/22/02




V-Rally 3Cheat Codes05/31/03
WhiteoutCheat Codes06/07/03