Alundra 2I refuse to acknowledge this as a sequel02/04/015/10
Beyond the BeyondBeyond boredom04/09/014/10
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain"I bit me a vampire once. Them buggers taste like corn."12/07/008/10
Bushido Blade 2Swords... Blood... and... Katze? *shivers*04/08/018/10
Contra: Legacy of WarDear Contra... You've seen better days...02/07/012/10
Final Fantasy IXIt's Zidane! The Super-Saiya- I mean... Ratboy!02/18/0110/10
GrandiaEpic adventure, epic music... Almost perfectly epic!01/13/019/10
Hexen: Beyond HereticSeriously, who are you kidding?11/01/002/10
Jade Cocoon: Story of the TamamayuWell, I liked it anyway12/29/008/10
Kagero: Deception IIBetter than the first, although it's missing the RPG style11/27/0010/10
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverExcellent, given what was offered11/07/0010/10
Legend of LegaiaA bit underrated, but not the best RPG01/22/018/10
Legend of ManaMissing a bit of the classic feel, but still a great game04/08/019/10
Lunar 2: Eternal BlueA great RPG deserves a great follow-up!05/04/0110/10
Machine HeadI can just hear Gavin Rossdale turning over in his grave...06/16/012/10
Mega Man 8 Anniversary EditionHow does this compare to the previous 7?01/08/018/10
Mega Man LegendsCan't stop the blue boy!01/08/018/10
Monster Rancher 2Is it really so taboo to like monster raising games?06/29/019/10
Official US PlayStation Magazine 28Wow... a stable of mostly sorry demos...07/30/013/10
Parasite EvePretty good game. What more can I say?01/03/019/10
PlayStation ...And to believe that I used to flip off the screen when I saw a Sony commercial on TV.05/31/0210/10
Pocket FighterHoo-ha! My mini-fireball beats your mini-wuss moves any day!08/15/018/10
SaGa FrontierMy poor, underrated baby...02/20/018/10
SilverloadCan anything save this game?01/25/013/10
Soul BladeIt's all about the weapons!03/20/0110/10
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!Who says all sequels are bad?02/03/019/10
Spyro the DragonOne of the best platform games for PSX01/18/019/10
Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to DarknessThe game that teaches wholesome family values... or not...01/24/018/10
The Legend of DragoonIt may not be RPG of the Century, but it is still a fairly good game02/08/018/10
The Misadventures of Tron BonneHighly addictive!01/25/0110/10
Twisted Metal 2Probably one of the only Twisted Metal games worth owning03/11/018/10
Wild ArmsThe first PSX RPG I grew to appreciate05/10/019/10
Wild ARMs 2Worthy sequel, in my opinion!05/23/0110/10
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your RoleWelcome to Your Role 101: Time you knew it!11/22/0010/10

Super Nintendo

Battle CarsAn overlooked racing game that's actually a lot of fun01/21/019/10
Beavis and Butt-headWhy does every pop culture hit have to be a game?01/19/015/10
Brain LordI'm sorry, Enix. I cannot deny my dislike for this game.05/14/014/10
Breath of FireA fair start to the series. Needs some spice, though.01/14/017/10
Chuck RockFairly good action/adventure game11/03/007/10
Double Dragon V: The Shadow FallsThe fighting game that should not be...04/08/012/10
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionA great fighting game, and you don't even need to be a DBZ fan to enjoy it!02/19/029/10
EarthBoundNot bad, but then again, not worth the $50 I shelled out for it11/22/007/10
Fatal Fury SpecialThe best Fatal Fury on SNES01/25/019/10
Illusion of GaiaLive the Illusion...04/25/019/10
King of the MonstersOne-on-one kaiju fighting/wrestling... Who-duh thunk it?07/21/018/10
Natsume Championship WrestlingOkay... So I was a bit harsh on it before, but...04/09/017/10
Primal RageI'm about to rage on some developers04/30/012/10
RobotrekBuilding robots without any basic engineering skills. Oh yeah!11/25/018/10
SkyblazerAnother unnoticed treasure06/01/019/10
Star FoxBack in the day... I was speechless!02/17/0110/10
Street Fighter II TurboSome of the greatest 2D fighting alive...06/01/019/10
Super GodzillaDoesn't the name just bring up a thought of Godzilla in a blue spandex suit with a flapping cape and a huge G on his chest?07/27/017/10
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsWhat genre hasn't the Mario franchise covered?02/05/018/10
Super MetroidBG's favorite non-RPG on SNES? You bet!05/31/0110/10
Super NintendoNintendo's 16-bit marvel07/12/0110/10
Super Smash T.V.A fun game, but seemingly impossible to beat03/03/018/10
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastIn my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever made.06/01/0110/10

Xbox 360