Atari 2600

AirlockWe all llive in a sinking submarine... a very rapidly sinking one.04/10/016/10
Beat 'Em & Eat 'EmThis game makes me sick just thinking about it!04/09/011/10
BoxingLet's get it on!08/22/007/10
Cathouse Blues/Philly FlasherHot coffee, anyone?10/31/066/10
CheckersFor a game this old, it puts up a great challenge.04/21/088/10
Crypts of Chaos3D RPG on the 2600? Don't ask me how they did it!06/23/007/10
Custer's RevengeWhat were they thinking?!05/11/001/10
Dodge 'EmA crashing good time!01/01/009/10
Double DragonThanks but no thanks!02/20/012/10
E.T.: The Extra TerrestrialIf you think the programmer is to blame, think again!12/30/034/10
Elevator ActionIt had the plans for a great game, yet the mission was aborted too soon...09/19/018/10
Haunted HouseShinji Mikami should try this game!05/11/0010/10
Ice HockeyHe shoots, he scores...again?!08/22/006/10
Kaboom!He set us up the bomb!05/29/0310/10
KarateYou call THIS a fighting game?!08/30/002/10
Kung Fu MasterFor such an old system it's a surprisingly good port!05/03/028/10
Math Gran PrixWhat a wasted effort...04/09/013/10
Pac-ManWell what can I say?02/20/018/10
Pitfall II: Lost CavernsA shame that few people will experience this great classic!08/21/0010/10
Pitfall!If it weren't for Harry, video games may never have taken off!08/21/0010/10
Pole PositionThe best racing game for Atari 2600!08/10/0010/10
Space InvadersSave the world for the umpteenth time!08/22/0010/10
StarmasterIt's like Star Raiders, only less filling, but still tastes great!02/09/0010/10
The Activision DecathlonPitfall Harry goes to the olympics!07/30/018/10
X-ManI need scissors! 61!05/04/021/10


A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600Been there, seen it, played it, so I'll play it again!09/26/0110/10
Arcade Party PakParty like it's the 1980s!04/16/019/10
Battle Arena ToshindenI remember when I first saw this game!09/06/009/10
Battle HunterA ten dollar game that receives a ten!08/15/0110/10
BoxingI tried to make a good tagline, but I couldn't think of any ways to parody Punch-Out!!08/17/018/10
Castlevania ChroniclesVampire hunters wanted, only limited spaces available, apply ASAP!01/03/0210/10
Clock TowerLook behind you before you open that door!04/06/008/10
Clock Tower II: The Struggle WithinEr, this is a Clock Tower sequel?04/26/017/10
Contender 2Boxing for those (like myself) who are on a budget.10/16/008/10
Dino CrisisSurvival horror goes back in time!08/10/0010/10
Dino Crisis 2I wish the days were longer so I could enjoy this more before I become extinct!09/25/0010/10
EhrgeizA perfect arcade port with so much more!08/22/0010/10
Fear EffectThe only thing you have to fear is..well, you know!02/26/0010/10
GekidoIt's better than Fighting Force!08/09/008/10
Konami Arcade ClassicsA classic package that's truly worth the price!06/05/0010/10
Looney Tunes RacingWhat's up? How about a great racing game!01/03/0110/10
Namco Museum Vol. 1Part one of an addiction!02/02/009/10
Namco Museum Vol. 2I actually went out of my way for this one!07/30/007/10
Namco Museum Vol. 3Easily the best out of the five!09/26/0010/10
Namco Museum Vol. 4Mediocre, but fun nonetheless!10/28/008/10
Namco Museum Vol. 5Well at least it ended on a positive note!10/30/009/10
PersonaHey, Persona!04/23/0010/10
Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentPersona, you're back for more!01/12/0110/10
Pitfall 3D: Beyond the JungleSomething about this game...05/09/008/10
Resident EvilAfter wiping the zombie bits off his jacket, Larcen got to work on his review...10/12/0110/10
Resident Evil 2After returning from an unexpectedly extended vacation in Raccoon City, Larcen writes his latest review...01/08/0210/10
Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock EditionThis isn't a director's cut, but it is good nonetheless!11/01/9910/10
Resident Evil 3: NemesisSomebody get this guy a new cable provider!10/12/019/10
Resident Evil: Director's CutAfter getting his jacket cut off, Larcen returns to the mansion...10/13/018/10
Resident Evil: Director's CutEnough already, Capcom!10/13/017/10
Resident Evil: SurvivorNo gun? No problem!09/01/009/10
Runabout 2Note2Self: Mustn't let the registry see me playing!08/18/008/10
Soul BladeSoul Edge, Soul Blade, what's in a name as long as it's a great port?10/02/0110/10
Space ShotWho shot the Star Shot?08/15/017/10
Starfighter SanveinNow I know why I was only charged five dollars!09/06/016/10
Street Fighter EX2 PlusThe second round staggers through!03/05/017/10
Striker Pro 2000This game gets booked for lacking the international team licenses FIFA had!04/27/009/10
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth AssassinsLearning to be a ninja can be so fun!08/24/0010/10
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsBecome a ninja and learn to strike without being seen!08/11/009/10
Time Crisis: Project TitanIf you can complete this mission, then you should be a secret agent!07/16/017/10
Tobal No. 1Sega has Virtua Fighter, and we have Tobal!04/23/009/10
Tomorrow Never DiesNot even Bond can save this game!08/10/004/10
Trap Gunner: Countdown to OblivionSomebody set me up the bomb again!02/05/028/10
Wu-Tang: Shaolin StyleWho down wit' O.D.B.? Well, it sure ain't me!04/25/002/10

PlayStation 2

Auto ModellistaGoes to show you should never judge a game by it's looks!05/19/039/10
BullyIt doesn't pay to be a bully, unless you're playing this game.10/24/068/10
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2A great game, whether you're a fan or not.04/17/078/10
ESPN MLS ExtraTime Call your cable provider instead...04/30/014/10
Intellivision Lives!Not bad, but could've been better...02/16/046/10
Kengo: Master of BushidoBushido Blade it ain't...12/29/018/10
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertySnakin', not stirred!11/26/0110/10
Midway Arcade TreasuresTreasure was meant to be discovered!10/14/0410/10
Midway Arcade Treasures 2All that glitters isn't always gold!10/15/048/10
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonStill not quite flawless, but a good effort anyway.10/17/067/10
Namco MuseumHey, it looks like they finally got the translation right! For once I- Wait a second! You botched it again?! OK, it's not perfect, but it's good!01/02/028/10
RedCard 20-03Red Red Card, you never hit me so hard!05/01/0210/10
Resident Evil Code: Veronica XWould the word 'Director's Cut' have sufficed here?08/27/0110/10
Resident Evil OutbreakAnother bad day in Raccoon City, film at 11!04/13/0410/10
Ridge Racer VTake the controls in for a tune-up and you've got a game worthy of the name Ridge Racer!01/08/029/10
SirenIf you think you can handle it, then heed the call of the Siren.08/08/068/10
SoulCalibur IIIEven with some setbacks, the soul still burns brightly.07/24/068/10
Street Fighter Anniversary CollectionFifteen years already?09/14/048/10
Tekken Tag TournamentThe way to do an arcade-to-console port!05/05/0110/10
Time Crisis 3Third time's always a charm!10/30/0310/10
Time Crisis III couldn't ask for anything more, but they gave me more!10/03/0110/10
Time Crisis: Crisis ZoneIt was good for its time, but now its age is starting to show.07/25/067/10
TimeSplittersThere just isn't enough time for all of this!05/22/017/10