PO'edEnable farts12/28/02
Way of the WarriorSpecial Passwords09/17/00


CART Flag to FlagUnlockables05/14/02

Game Boy

Atomic PunkMore money01/12/03
Q BillionInfinite Time03/30/03
RoboCopLevel Skip12/26/02
SupermanLevel Select03/11/03
Wheel of FortuneUnlimited time12/26/02


Ferrari Grand Prix ChallengeUnlock Italian GP03/15/03
FIFA Soccer 96EA Dream Team03/15/03
FIFA Soccer 96Super Power03/15/03

Nintendo 64

Dezaemon 3DGame Mode cheats01/14/03
F1 Pole Position 64Engine Select09/08/04
F1 Pole Position 64Extra Car01/14/03


ArsenalMisc. Codes09/13/04
BedlamAll weapons09/13/04
BlackthorneLevel Select09/13/04
Disney's The Jungle BookFull Health and Level Skip09/14/04
F1 2000More Cars09/14/04
Falcon 3.0Misc. Codes03/30/03
FIFA 99New kits and teams09/14/04
FIFA Soccer 97Misc.Codes09/14/04
Fire FightAccess Cheat Menu09/14/04
Flesh FeastLevel Skip09/14/04
Formula 1Misc. Codes09/14/04
Full ThrottleBypass the Destruction Derby09/14/04
Gender WarsInvinciblitity03/30/03
Grand Prix 3Unlock Unique Cars09/14/04
Grand Prix IICodes03/09/03
Grand Prix LegendsSuper Grip09/14/04
International Cricket CaptainAlways win toss09/14/04
Jeff Gordon XS RacingMisc. Codes09/14/04
Joint Strike FighterMisc. Codes09/14/04
Lucky Luke: Western FeverLevel Codes09/14/04
Machine HunterMisc. Passwords09/14/04
MotorheadMisc. Codes09/14/04
Muzzle VelocityMisc. Codes09/15/04
New York RacerMisc. Codes09/15/04
NHL 2001Misc Codes.09/15/04
NocturneMisc. Codes09/15/04
NorthlandMisc. Codes09/15/04
Oil TycoonUnlimited Money09/15/04
OxydPrint Diploma09/15/04
Pacific GunnerMisc. Codes.09/15/04
Paris-Dakar RallyGet All Cars09/15/04
PGA Championship Golf 2000Big Golfball09/15/04
Political TycoonCountries are nice to you.09/15/04
Pray for DeathMisc. Codes09/15/04
Premier Manager '99All Teams09/15/04
Radix: Beyond the VoidMisc. Codes09/15/04
Rapala Pro FishingUnlock tours and items09/15/04
RevenantMisc. Codes09/15/04
Road WarsMore Money09/16/04
Sensible Soccer '98Cheat Menu09/16/04
Shadow Company: Left For DeadMisc. Codes09/16/04
Silent Hill 4: The RoomMisc. Unlockables09/16/04
SkyNETCheat Codes11/18/03
Skyrealms of Jorune: Alien LogicMisc. Commands09/13/04
Slipstream 5000Extra Cash09/16/04
Small Soldiers: Globotech Design LabMisc. Codes09/16/04
Snowboard Park TycoonMisc. Codes09/16/04
Soldner: Secret WarsUnlimited health and ammo09/16/04
Star RangersMisc. Codes09/16/04
The Yukon TrailCodes01/17/03


Formula 1 98Misc. Passwords12/22/02
Jimmy White's 2: CueballCheat Mode12/28/02
Jimmy White's 2: CueballDefeating Jimmy12/28/02
Renegade RacersGet super hard mode09/15/04

PlayStation 2

Formula One 2002Modes03/09/03
RTL Ski Jumping 2003Others03/24/03
The Weakest LinkCharacter Codes12/29/02
World Championship Snooker 2002Cheat Codes12/29/02
World Tour Soccer 2003Unlock Codes04/30/09

Super Nintendo

Cyber SpinCodes03/23/03


Silent Hill 4: The RoomMisc. Unlockables09/10/04