Snow JobIn-game hints07/25/02
Snow JobMore Money07/25/02
Snow JobShow Credits07/31/02
Theme ParkInfinite Cash07/25/02

Arcade Games

Arctic ThunderModes07/22/02
BeatMania IIDX 3rd StyleUnlock 3 new songs07/22/02
Cyber CyclesDrive the NVR 150 RR SP07/23/02
Daytona USAExtra Features07/21/02
Daytona USA 2Extra Features07/22/02
Daytona USA 2 Power EditionExtra Features07/22/02
Galaxy Fight: Universal WarriorsConvert Timer/Score Display07/22/02
Killer InstinctCharacters07/22/02
Power DriftRear View07/23/02
Sega Rally ChampionshipInformational View07/21/02
Sega Rally ChampionshipSkip the 'Join the Race in progress' screen.07/21/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Better Time Display07/26/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Hidden cars07/26/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Turn off linked play handicap07/26/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Turn off music07/26/02
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipMusic Select07/21/02
Silent ScopeChallenges07/22/02


Atlantis: The Last ResortCheat Mode07/25/02


18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerCheat codes01/13/03
Blue StingerUnlockables11/25/01
Daytona USAMirrored Tracks11/25/01
Pen Pen TriIcelonSecret Intro07/25/02
RezUnlock the 'Lost Area' stage in beyond mode03/29/02
RezUnlock the Direct Assault Option in the Beyond mode03/29/02
RezUnlockable Direct Assault Schemes04/30/02
Sega GTWSK Races07/25/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Different Car Colours05/12/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Replay options07/25/02
Sega Rally Championship 2Unlockables11/17/00
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing TourUnlockables05/12/02

Game Boy


Game Boy Advance

Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderMore Veg07/28/03
Rampage: Puzzle AttackAll characters and levels07/26/02

Game Boy Color

Chicken RunPasswords06/01/03
CrocLevel Passwords10/31/03
Pac-Man: Special Color EditionFull Screen View07/23/02


Duke Nukem 3DCodes07/19/01
Indy 500Disable timer07/25/02
Indy 500No damage07/25/02
Mortal Kombat TrilogySecret Menu07/25/02


Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP IILevel Passwords03/30/02
Baku BakuFinal Level Passwords06/20/02
LemmingsOne player level passwords04/01/02
Sonic Drift 2Exit Free Run07/28/03
Sonic Drift 2Final GP07/28/03
Sonic LabyrinthSecret Stage07/25/02
Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball'Sonic-Zilla'.07/28/03
Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple TroubleTime attack and Sound Test07/28/03
Space HarrierBonus Lives07/23/02
Space HarrierLevel Passwords04/12/02
Tails AdventureAll Chaos Emeralds07/23/02
Tails AdventureAll items and level select07/23/02


Breakout 2000No robots07/26/02
Club DrivePlanet Todd07/26/02
Flip Out!Level Select07/26/02
Flip Out!Win match07/26/02
SyndicateFaster Research07/24/02


LemmingsLevel Passwords07/24/02
PonxCheat Codes04/11/03


N-GageFloBoarder Game10/22/03
Super Monkey BallUnlock Mini Games10/22/03


Theme HospitalShoot Rats04/20/02


Croc: Legend of the GobbosSound Test05/18/02
Lucky Luke: Western FeverPasswords07/25/02

PlayStation 2


Baldy LandLevel Select07/26/02
Bomberman WarsSecret Levels07/26/02
Bomberman WarsSmother, Faster Game07/26/02
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade EditionNew introductions07/26/02
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade EditionNew levels07/26/02
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams...Different snow07/26/02
Croc: Legend of the GobbosAll Levels Password05/04/02
Daytona USAClean Pause07/25/02
Daytona USANo computer controlled opponents07/25/02
Daytona USA Championship Circuit EditionCodes07/25/02
Destruction DerbyVarious Passwords07/26/02
Earthworm Jim 2Normal Mode Passwords07/26/02
Fighters MegamixMisc. Codes07/26/02
Fighters MegamixSecret Options07/26/02
Fighting VipersCharacter costumes07/26/02
Fighting VipersClean Pause07/26/02
Fighting VipersInvisible walls07/26/02
Goiken Muyou: Anarchy in the NipponHidden Characters01/14/03
GT 24Various Codes07/27/02
Hang-On GPCodes07/26/02
Manx TT Super BikeClean Pause07/25/02
Manx TT Super BikeCodes09/04/01
NiGHTS Into Dreams...Clean pause07/25/02
Pandemonium!Level Passwords07/26/02
Pandemonium!Password Cheats07/26/02
Road RashCodes07/26/02
Robo PitCheat Codes07/26/02
Saturn BombermanClean Pause07/25/02
Saturn Bomberman Fight!!Clean Pause07/25/02
Saturn Bomberman Fight!!See a level in more detail07/25/02
Saturn Bomberman Fight!!Unlockables07/25/02
Sega Ages: Fantasy ZoneCodes07/27/02
Sega Rally ChampionshipCodes12/22/02
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipCheat Mode07/25/02
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipDifferent coloured car07/25/02
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipUnlockables07/25/02
Sexy ParodiusCodes07/26/02
SimCity 2000Codes07/25/02
Sonic JamCodes11/26/01
Sonic JamLoop 1 movie07/25/02
Sonic JamView movies in order in 'Sonic World'07/25/02
Sonic RCodes05/29/01
Sonic RShrink/enlarge characters in menu screens07/28/03
Space HarrierCodes07/26/02
Spot Goes to HollywoodLevel select07/26/02
Theme ParkCodes05/02/02
Thunderstrike 2Passwords07/26/02
Virtua Cop 2Codes07/17/02
Winter HeatDifferent Costumes07/25/02
Winter HeatEvent Selection Codes07/25/02
WipeoutFirestar Course07/25/02
WipeoutRapier Mode07/25/02

Sega CD


Sega Master System

Back to the Future Part IIILevel skip12/03/02
California GamesNew bike07/23/02
California GamesNew surfboard07/23/02
Dead AngleLevel Select07/23/02
OutRunSound Test07/25/02
PopulousMore Passwords04/27/02
Power StrikeStart With 9 Lives07/23/02
Sonic the Hedgehog ChaosLevel select07/23/02
Space HarrierSound test07/23/02
Space Harrier 3-DContinue gameplay when game is over07/25/02
Space Harrier 3-DLevel Select07/25/02
Space Harrier 3-DSound Test07/25/02
The Lion KingLevel select07/25/02


DownloadLevel Select Passwords07/24/02
Super VolleyballUsa mode passwords07/24/02

Virtual Boy

TeleroboxerFight a secret boxer07/25/02


ESPN International Winter Sports 2002New Costumes11/12/02
Gauntlet: Dark LegacyCheat Codes11/12/02
Smashing DriveUnlock Shifts11/12/02